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Andy Garcia

Andrés Arturo García Menéndez (born April 12, 1956), professionally known as Andy García, is a Cuban American actor.

Al Pacino George Clooney Kevin Costner Gloria Estefan Jessica Fletcher Sean Connery Hugh Grant Diane Keaton Michael Keaton Stanley Tucci David Letterman Claire Danes San Fernando Richard Gere Robert De Niro Andre Allen

But then again chance is always impressive
Gotta listen some more but quavo play might have the best verse
Ruben Garcia Villalpando. Feb 20, 2015. Shot twice in the chest after he disobeyed an officers commands during a traffic stop…
"White Palace." Keanu Reeves in "Something's Gotta Give." (Oh had I been Diane Keaton in that movie) Richard Gere, Andy Garcia (Okay,
Andy Dalton noodle arm not getting the ball to John Ross 😭😭😭
How do you know you're paying too much for Nespresso? They can afford George Clooney, Andy Garcia, The Muppets
Watching Ghostbusters w kids / best line when Andy Garcia says not to ever compare him to Jaws major. Crack up every single time!
There's a movie about this starring Andy Garcia but it doesn't apply if you're alive.
Agreed. The baby can go tumbling down the stairs and even be shot at, but Andy Garcia must always…
Andy Garcia, George Clooney, Gary Stevens & Seabiscuit all appear in this new TV commercial:
My friend commented on one of my posts the other day that I look like Andy Garcia. What a compliment, what do you g…
Great ad featuring George Clooney and Andy Garcia! by via
Shooting BENT in Rome. I've just been shot by Andy Garcia. He had no mercy, he killed me in cold…
Had the pleasure of painting this for my boy vision_co_2015 Andy Garcia aka…
Coffee... George Clooney... Andy Garcia... and some of my favorite classic movies. What's NOT to love about this?!
Great ad featuring George Clooney and Andy Garcia! https…
The Line (2009)-ray liotta from andy garcia from godfath
The Line (DVD, 2009)-ray liotta from shades of blue. andy garcia from godfather
Cook is the perfect back for Andy Reid’s offense. He’d be a strong rookie of the year candidate here. -
OMG the new commercial with Andy Garcia taunting Clooney is awesome
The second thing on my intellect when I woke this morning, putting in work! On my knees giving thanks to my lord & savi…
Al Franken should brag more about cowriting the Andy Garcia & Meg Ryan movie When a Man Loves a Woman
The scene in Stand and Deliver where Olmos threatens to kick Andy Garcia's ***
Lawrence of Arabia, starring Olivia Wilde and Andy Garcia. Directed by Danny Boyle, music by Nickelback. Budget: $75m
Padraig Harrington & Sergio Garcia are 'in a great place' after resolving their feud which started 10 years ago.
George Clooney and Andy Garcia appear in classic Hollywood film scenes in latest campaign
In my opinion you didn't need any other cast members so it was gr…
Coloring book was 🔥🔥 and if u dont agree your music opinion is trash and you should go listen to country music
Im gone praise him praise till im gone
Scary albums this year so far cant lie
I hope chance drops some fire for us this year.
Snail race. Pick a snail and then RT. 😭
DNA one of the hardest songs of all time smh
Hilarious that the Untouchables one, super Italian, squad member (Andy Garcia) is 100% Cuban. Take THAT Tony Montana/Pacino.
⚡️ “Andy Garcia, Gloria Estefan and more reflect on Fidel Castro's death”.
I just realized Stanley Tucci and Mark Strong arent the same person. And then learned that Andy Garcia and Mark Strong arent the same person
Yeah if I get it, will know by the end of the month
How is it possible that somebody is lazy in this environment. Stupid, I can understand. But lazy?
Andy Garcia going from 0 to absolutely furious over nothing will never not be hilarious to me. 😂😂😂
If they could cast their own unseen parent, Camila picks Andy Garcia for Veronica's dad and Cole picks Eva Green for Jugheads mom
Andy Garcia could be Rick Grimes long lost father.
Had a bit of a 70s conspiracy movie vibe to it but they didn't really commit to it. Great to see Andy Garcia though.
Andy Garcia in Passengers is my spirit animal.
Well Ann, we get people like Steve Jobs, Einstein, Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Malala, Fermi, Andy Garcia, Gloria Estefan...
. Hello! Great friend Andy Garcia . remember me? I am Alejandra. at the EDC. I send you many greetings! Hoping you are fine!
Watch from talk social anxiety, being forgetful, weird pet peeves, and his tattoos!
When she brings up one your ex's while y'all play fighting.
Great practice on Thursday to Andy Garcia. Way to work.
These guys are swinging it! Roman Garcia of (4 bombs). Andy Atwood of No. 1 got two big hits…
at one point in BLACK RAIN, Andy Garcia tells a fat cop "grab your *** and count to infinity, baby". no idea what this means
"We owe these victims...These cases are tough to investigate. It's heart breaking." -Sgt. Andy Garcia via
did Grandma bring Andy Garcia back from Italy
Andy Garcia fans are in for a real treat if they sit down to watch the movie Passengers...
Drake's 'More Life' (coming Sat.) will reportedly not be an exclusive Apple Music release. https:…
When played SMU in November, head coach Enfield knew that they'd be one of the top teams in the country. https…
Y'all chose correctly. They were both horrible, but Godfather 3 gave us Andy Garcia. Amen.
Robin Hood: Men in Tights, starring Selena Gomez and Andy Garcia. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, music by Dean. Budget: $3m
Josh Gad is to Jonah Hill as Andy Garcia is to Al Pacino
Watch the first trailer for the disaster movie Geostorm, starring Gerard Butler, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia, Jim Sturges
It's that time of year ray romano been working hard. Andy Garcia might be tough to beat
At one point, Andy Garcia was attached to star in this -
For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the 1981 Cowboys, Grace Kelly, Eugene Cernan, and Andy Garcia
If you can, watch the movie , The Lost City, with Andy Garcia. Very hard to fine.
I want you to be Andy Garcia to my Al Pacino, so I know its not real. I'm imbibed.
I really wonder how much Andy Garcia was paid to open a door and look at something in Passengers.
Lies! As though white latinos like Cameron Diaz, Andy Garcia, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, or exist!
Easiest couple of bob Andy Garcia's ever earned I'll wager though, eh?
I got to say hi to that guy Friday.told him he's got nothing on Andy Garcia!
Starting week with this lovely woman Gloria Estefan (once in coma, sadness in me, in prayer) presence Andy Garcia.
Watched last night. Can't believe Andy Garcia hasn't been nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the
It is hard to get senior in Academia for women
My question when Captain Norris completed his scene in Passengers: How much was Andy Garcia paid to make such a glimpse of appearance?
The director said Andy Garcia had a bigger role before they changed the ending, so maybe the crew discovered more
Andy Gil Garcia and Lady Gaga on the Super Bowl show! 💥💥
Pelosi-Nazi.Muslim lover-boycott superbowl-watch Andy Garcia in the classic film Cristeros war-VIVA CRISTO REY!
is the or greatest WR ever statistically of all time with Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, McNabb, Romo and Andy Dalton at QBs
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Buick Envision ad has a guy that looks like Andy Garcia married 2 a woman who looks like Diane Keaton mom of a guy who looks like Matt Bomer
I did a film which was considered an independent movie with Dustin Hoffman and Andy Garcia called Confidence, and thats the
Ive been talking to god like thats my therapist 🙌🏽💯
Andy Garcia. I like this picture of him and his dog looking very relaxed instea…: google_ad…
When your side chick hits you with the " What are we ? "
.Ha! It's actually a poster from the movie "For Greater Glory," signed by Andy Garcia, whom I interviewed.
This wanna-be gangsta is way past his prime, as seen in his deluded judgement. I'd rather deal with Andy Garcia any…
And for anybody who says he is wack its bc your not intelluctually capable enough to comprehend half the stuff he says
Eminem showing everybody why hes the goat 🐐 lyrically nobody messing with the white boy
Al Pacino as Michael Corleone the Mafia kingpin, Andy Garcia (right) and Eli Wallach (seated second from right) on…
Before POTUS sends all the Feds to Chicago at once, lets start with Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia and Charles Martin Smith.
Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia and Sean Connery are at the ready!
Andy Garcia called Al Pacino "Uncle Michael" when they're out of character so leave me alone to cry
Now watching a good suspense thriller with Andy Garcia and Michael Keaton.
Picked up this cheap from the supermarket today because, you know, I'm a big fan of Andy Garcia.
I'm obsessed with andy warhol now. Thanks garcia
Hey Andy Garcia played Arturo Sandoval in an awesome HBO movie called For Love or Country.
lmaoo unfollow me if your gonna get mad every time someone has a different opinion Andy
I'm an exile. My father had the courage to leave with his wife, his m...
Erm... Andy Garcia, John Leguizamo, Benjamin Bratt... all better careers than Ramirez.
I really enjoyed but can someone please explain to me Andy Garcia's prominent billing?
Our 2016 King of Carnaval Miami, Andy Garcia on the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana Stage! 📷 by Karli Evans
'Tonight i can write the saddest lines' read by Andy Garcia via
Lil Wayne gonna drop a whole mixtape full of Kodak beats and make people forget Kodak made the original songs 😂
Watching OCEAN'S TWELVE & marveling that Andy Garcia from 1990 has aged far better than Andy Garcia from 2004.
That was Blythe Danner and Andy Garcia as the parents right? Or whatever it was.
Andy Garcia's entire PASSENGERS performance could fit in a gif and yet he gets an individual title card in the credits.
...---... is it true Andy Garcia got paid more than you did for Passengers?
We saw Andy Garcia and the Cineson Allstars last night in L.A. This photo is from…
Watched courtesy of How much did Andy Garcia get paid for the walk on part?
Spoiler alert 🚨 Andy Garcia is in hibernation the whole *** film!
Wrong Garcia Barack Obama?You needed Sudanese beheading like Andy Garcia in that movie,to make Steph Hubbard St Sim…
The only reason why I'm disappointed with passengers is that they gave Andy García a one minute screen time.
Andy Garcia & Jeffery Dean Morgan are also on the "he's old enough to be my daddy but."
Find someone who looks at you like Gael García looks at Diego Luna
Re peludo Andy Garcia en the godfather parte III!
What's the crack with Grealish's hair, proper does my head in. . Poor mans Andy Garcia/Berbatov
However, I'm still trying to unravel the mystery of why they'd cast an actor like Andy Garcia for three seconds of screen time?
Andy Garcia & CineSon All Stars on stage at Geffen Playhouse
Today is the day Eli Manning's bum *** gets exposed. No he is NOT a elite QB
Saw Passengers. Kinda liked it. Stunned by the subtle but complex performance of Andy Garcia.
Congratulations Andy James Garcia from graduating from Purdue university!! We love you 😘
As a fan of yours I would like to suggest you make a movie with Andy Garcia about peoples' lives destroyed in Cuba by Castro.
Movies are very hard to make, to get it all to come together. So man...
Kevin Costner is his usual straight-guy self, but the actors he is surrounded by Sean Connery, Andy Garcia, & Robert De Niro are fantastic.
andy garcía and vincent cassel are the two biggest boys id like to SLAP!
Ok but srsly. Tho. Andy Garcia is an extra now?
Amy Ryan joins Andy Garcia's PASSENGER turn for best support player this movie season
One of my favorite pictures. Andy Garcia and Julia Margulies in "City Island" .
i have cousins over and they're watching this now i'm noticing he's andy garcía omg
You want to talk about 10 seconds of Andy Garcia.
let's talk about Andy Garcia's role in "Passengers" though
Varsity with a 1-0 victory over San Fernando. GK Jake Amigo earned the shut out. Andy Garcia scored his 3rd goal of the season. ECR is 2-1-1
Boys Soccer has a 1-0 lead over San Fernando at halftime. Andy Garcia scored for ECR
ECR Boys Soccer leads 1-0 at the half. Andy Garcia with the lone goal so far in the non-league @ San Fernando HS.
Andy Garcia about to beat up Jessica Fletcher
📷 Cate Blanchett, Sandy Powell and Andy Garcia at the 18th Costume Designers Guild Awards. https:…
Welcome to Fife : Jamie Dornan, Andy Garcia and Hugh Grant take centre stage at St Andrews
Never really expected to be in the same place as Hugh Grant, Steve Redgrave and Andy Garcia! Bring on Sunday.
has been awesome this season, really stepped it up. Andy Garcia has been a brilliant addition.
Andy GARCIA will play Brancusi in The Sculptor, a new movie prepared by Scottish film director *** Davis.
Man. Andy Garcia's not letting go of that beard! Lawrence and Pratt's Passengers Gets a Trailer
Still waiting for some childish gambino music
I am starting Ballers this week (not because of Andy Garcia as an aside)
Andy Garcia in Ballers is still my favourite thing.
Oh it's going to look awesome on a big screen. Also Andy Garcia's space captain facial hair!
Andy Garcia is so good as Andre Allen on
You are defined by who you are, by your choices in life, in all regards, not just in doing m
Director *** Davis says Andy Garcia will play in movie. Looking forward! 🙏
Becoming a producer enables you to empower yourself, to make the film that you want to make.
Different people have different styles. That's hers. It works. She told me she has the hots for Andy Garcia. And I was like, . . .
Do you know Andy Garcia? I know you do. Well, let me tell you something. I have a friend . .
Andy Francis with the Garcia family and their brand new Congratulations from Evergreen Kia and your...
Floyd Mayweather Jr. says he has given up trying to make a fight happen with Conor McGregor.
Nobody even knows who that is so nobody cares what hes gotta say. Ignorant af
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
who is dressing Andy Garcia? The tailored clothing he's wearing on the show is absolutely fabulous. Its the look I revere.
There's always like a 40% chance I'm going to confuse Andy Garcia and Hank Azaria.
Andy Garcia is the third human we see not Larry Fishburne. lol. Unless you think Garcias a robot lol.
Andy Garcia and Mike Fernandez Brought Ernest Hemingway's Boat to the Miami Boat Show via
The best part of this trailer is Andy Garcia's facial hair.
Children make you a better everything. Daughters open up a whole different sensibility to you
. I like it but I got to hear meek response cuz I think meek won round 1
Looked good until I saw that shot of Andy Garcia.
Andy Garcia's also in this movie. I remembered this cast being huge.
.yeah, he is. 😊. Andy Garcia, Castillo and director on the Set of
I had no idea Andy Garcia is in this film
Wait is that Andy Garcia?. He wasn't in the cast list. Sony...explain this.
Andy Garcia to play Romanian sculptor Constantin in *** Davis film
Andy Garcia to play sculptor, Constantin Brancusi, in *** Davis film:
Woody Looking smooth w/ the . Were Bringing it Back You, Me & Andy Garcia.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Ballers may have turned a corner for me. That convo w/ Andy Garcia had me consider the bad Guy's POV. Keep this up
Just watched last nights episode of Great scene with Andy Garcia and Rock showing what a great actor he is
Catching up on Ballers. That scene with the and Andy Garcia was better than anything I've seen lately.
Congrats to freshmen Kushal Shah, David Roloff, and Andy Mei on personal bests, and Antonio Garcia with a great 1st race!
My first interest was always music, and somehow that channelled itself into films and acting
My son loves my carbonara. I've tried to master that recipe - it's very simple but very deli
Andy Garcia's beard on is a thing of actual beauty
I don't think lying has any ultimate justification. I don't think it ever leads to anything pos
Andy Garcia to play a Romanian sculptor in an upcoming movie -
Andy Garcia and Stanley Tucci look so much alike
Only when Robert Downey Jr is confirmed as Perry Mason do I realise that Andy Garcia would be terrific in the role.
being Cuban myself I'd like to vote him and Andy Garcia.
Can we use someone else as representative of the Cuban community other than always going with Pitbull? Andy Garcia? He available?
And on top of a fantastic tournament the undercard has Kron Gracie, Andy Souwer in MMA and Gabi Garcia. This card has that pride feel
My grandfather was a very elegant individual. My father also. He was a lawyer and farmer in Cuba
. actually you r replacing Al Pacino & Andy Garcia cuz Andy replaced Pacino in the end of the movie
The Cardinal family wishes to extend our condolences to the family and friends if ECC Alum Andy Garcia.
The cousin-on-cousin lust-fest in the Godfather Part III would have been better if Andy Garcia had been replaced with Nicolas Cage.
My wife is watching MURDER, SHE WROTE and Angela Lansbury is being straight-up menaced by a very young Andy Garcia!
The odd couple of Open Meetings activists teams up against a closed City Council: Andy Thayer and Rick Garcia…
Homemade potato gnocchi for the love of Andy Garcia.
I love it. Andy Garcia Richard Dreyfuss and Ian Holm. With a great appearance by James Gandolfini.
You cannot move forward without taking chances 💭💭
decent movie. possibly Andy Garcia's finest role after Black Rain 👍
yea she's pretty bad, I like Andy Garcia tho
What an honor to have interviewed these two great actors Andy Garcia and Michael Peña. 16 Annual…
Exciting next two weeks. I have my last bullpen tomorrow and Sunday I face hitters and again days after. Can't wait to…
artists I want to write for (in no order and fully relating I'll be missing some out): GARCIA-LOPEZ, ANDY KUBERT, GREG CAPULLO, JR jr...
Andy Murray reminded the world that women play tennis, too (s/o to the Williams sisters) 👋 http…
- Just tell me when this ledger drama culminates in an Untouchables-style train station shoot out scene with Andy Garcia & Costner.
Andy woke up hungover and grabbed a water bottle that is for some reason filled with bong water and took a big chug
Mr.Andy Garcia's not here also Mr.Russel killed him...I remembered it happened last year summer.
daughter is havin an affair w/ sonnies *** (Andy Garcia) who wants to be mobbed up. Vatican, Pope gets killed.
the mob guy from Simpsons was rather unremarkable too. Andy Garcia could have been awesome if not for Sofia
BTW...If anyone has the tool free number for Richard Gere, Andy Garcia, Sam Shepard or Esai Morales in-person-...
loving the acting between you and Andy Garcia season 2 of
*my mom got to meet Andy Garcia & shake his hand. *my parents were present for but not in the panic in the casino toward the film's climax
Andy Murray is the first tennis player to win two Olympics singles gold medals.
You not out working me, I want it too bad.
"Endless Night" (2016). Mark Andy Garcia. oil on canvas. 84x48in See more of Garcia's work in "Human Nature"...
congratulations for your gold medal, a gold medal for Scotland , no for . Thanks, Murray
About to watch my boy lead off and kill it at the All-American game ‼️⚾️ Proud of you…
is it wrong that I wanted to smash Andy Garcia's character's face before he even said a word on season 2 best show ever 😎
How much did Geico have to pay Andy Garcia to play Marco Polo??
I'm giving away something for you on OPEN ROAD BLU RAY (ANDY GARCIA, CAMILLA B. Get it here -
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I love to cook, and my wife loves to cook. Sometimes it's the appeal of the simplest of dishes
Monster, starring Jennifer Lopez and Andy Garcia. Directed by Tyler Perry, music by Stone Temple Pilots. Budget: $2000
also Andy Garcia as crap mayor really worked for me
The legendary Andy Garcia plays archnemesis in the new season of premiering July 17 at 10 PM.
Not gonna lie: my favorite part of Ghostbusters was discovering the comedic timing of Andy Garcia.
I may have to give HBO's a shot just to stare at Andy Garcia and his awesome salt/pepper beard. LOL
Is that Andy Garcia & The Rock in the same frame? In which direction do I throw the pannies? . Decisions. Decisions.
Andy Garcia's line about the Jaws mayor gets my vote
If Andy Garcia ran for mayor I would be his press secretary
Andy Garcia looks very Miami. And what team did the Rock win a "Ring" with?
That's class right there. "Henrik Stenson shows up at Sergio Garcia's charity event a day after winning "
I thought Andy Garcia was really funny in Somebody get him to do more comedy!
Bruh 😂😂 I needed this night with Andy and and 😁
All I know is that Andy Garcia is one of those people who started a twin but absorbed the brother into HIMSELF!
(light chuckles) "Never compare me to the JAWS Mayor. NEVER COMPARE ME TO THE JAWS MAYOR!" Andy Garcia did a really good job selling that.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
And by the same token, proves itself akin to Peck and Andy Garcia's Mayor by allowing said trolling in the first place.
You have to love the guy that you play, even if you play the villain, you've got to love him.
The weirdest part about the new is that the biggest laugh comes from Andy Garcia. He had me in tears during one scene.
That Jaws joke in Ghostbusters 👌 Also, I was pleasantly reminded of the crush I had on Andy Garcia in high school.
At Middleton looked like such a fun movie to film especially with Andy Garcia and 😍😂
Saw Ghostbusters with my sis on the weekend. It was fun. McKinnon is as great as everyone says. Plus we both love an Andy Garcia cameo.
I feel like his character is just a continuation of Ocean's Eleven Andy Garcia.
If U gotta question they ain't on ya side.
So thrilled to be featured in last night, with Andy Garcia &
Even Andy Garcia has made an appearance in 👌
Andy Garcia only wears his own clothes. Ballers had no say in what the man wears.
Andy Garcia got the best line in new Ghostbusters and delivered it like one of his gunshots in The Untouchables
That is just Andy Garcia's clothes. 100% his own wardrobe.
Andy Garcia was full on Benicio Del Toro from THE USUAL SUSPECTS--in that, he was both incoherent and amusing.
hey, is Andy Garcia supposed to be drew rosenhaus in ballets or what? Did you see it last night?
.& tell Andy Garcia abt a team that plays and winning games I think it's the Astros They have scores too
i didn't even peep dude was Andy Garcia until the end
that shows up again named Andre Allen played by Andy Garcia, and then an old teammate of his "Sizzle", still playing football, whom he got
The reality is that the work I do is not private work. I bring all my secrets, my life, to m...
Thank U Tina. Andy Garcia became the perfect antagonist for me. Enjoy the show. 10pm tonight. 🔥
Andy Garcia is an OG I see you big bro
Dany Garcia anagrams to Andy Garcia. I should be president of MENSA.
Too many people are wasted, like Andy Garcia, Michael K. Williams (what's w/ closing dance number?) & Cecily Strong, who's no Kurt Fuller.
Just watched Andy Garcia mug Jessica Fletcher in an episode of Murder She Wrote.
I feel that one two! Keep it real is my favorite cause Andy Garcia is so good in it and the old Michael Corleone J's goat
I Andy Garcia will finally admit the truth and say Lebron James is a better player than Dirk Nowitzki.
Awful script, miscast Andy Garcia, whatever the f*** Sophia Coppola was supposed to be doing. Just a mess.
Riz Ahmed is what the baby of Andy Garcia and Ralph Macchio would look like:
Why he is 1 of my favorite bigs in the NBA, he is always having fun with ...
Pretty cool the Andy Garcia of Oregon is there
Keep the crown, Steph just wants rings
Mookie Betts has 5 home runs in his last 7 at-bats
One Of Your First movies With Andy Garcia In cast. I never watched Stand and Deliver. Do you like It?
The King’s journey to Golden State is not without its dangers...
It's the last movie by Hal Ashby, written by Oliver Stone and (uncredited) Robert Towne. A young Andy Garcia! Rosanna Arquette!
I wish we didn't have to tell this story.
Have you seen the movie? Disappearance of Garcia Lorca? It gives lots more background and Andy Garcia is very good as Lorca.
Game 7. Cavs up 1. 4 sec left. For God knows why Andy is in the game, inbounding. Calls over Lebron. Sheds tear. Hands…
Happy birthday to the one and only Alvino, Andy in the cut, Andysha, much love bros have a good day 👌
LMFAOOO this video is never not gonna be funny
I think if the movie has resonance and stimulates the viewer to talk a...
ICYMI - joined the crew before yesterday's huge Game 7.
Andy Taylor se prend Aiden Garcia: Your browser does not support inline frames or is…
Everything I do in my life is very instinctual and in the moment. If I...
It end on demand today. Great performances all the way around, especially Andy Garcia's recital of a poem called...
Your desire to change must always be better than your desire to stay the same.
You have to remind yourself of the ultimate VISION for your life, company, family, team etc everyday. Make decisions & cho…
so you have seen my screen husbands, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Andy Garcia... Hehe
me and of course ..Danny swift Garcia
Children need parameters, know what's right or wrong.
Come Join us tonight for . MONDAY MOJITO MOVIE NIGHT. Tonight, we are going to watch The Lost City by Andy Garcia...
Warriors are going to blow out OKC tn lmao
This always happens at the worst time 😐.
Baseball is an emotional roller coaster, so you have to try not to get too high and not to get too low because things…
Ray Liotta in Field of Dreams. I'd such high hopes for him. He didn't, tho. Andy Garcia the same. And Casey Affleck. Chris pine too? Wasted.
📷 ohgodfather: Al Pacino, Andy Garcia and Francis Ford Coppola on location for The Godfather Part III...
Oh my God. Jessica Fletcher just almost got mugged by a young Andy Garcia. He's credited at "1st White Tough." She hit him with her purse.
I really want to watch Ballers because of Richard Schiff and Andy Garcia but I kind of hate myself for it.
there's a movie to be made about Rafa's year. "From Madrid to Tyneside." Played by Andy Garcia. Tom Hardy as Mitrović
San Miguel Pérez, on Tres, playing last Saturday at The Dolby Theater, with Andy Garcia and Cineson All Stars at...
Herbie Hancock, David Letterman, Andy Garcia & Claire Danes. Find out what they have in common. Today in history.
4/12/16. Ed O'Neill is 70. David Letterman is 69. Andy Garcia is 60. Shannen Doherty is 45. Claire Danes is 37. Ted Ginn Jr is 31
Andy Garcia represents for and the Purdue LB's
The thing about Blue Skies again, I really did like the movie!! I mean it had Harry Hamlin, Andy Garcia and Mimi Rogers in it!!
Andy Garcia, the A-List actor is at Sweet Salt in toluca lake right now. too bad you guys are at
I did a film in which Andy Garcia and Michael Keaton both played the leads,...
Know you love a lookalike, I found the Iranian Andy Garcia in
Easter Salad (with Andy Garcia, Kevindra, and 5 others at Best Western Grand Palace Kemayoran) [pic] —
Dear Andy Garcia. It's not like I'm going away forever it's just that I need some time with Sam Hunt. . Will you wait?
..Chris Pine, Common, Ray Liota, Alica Keys, Tommy Flanagan, Taraji P Henson, Andy Garcia and others I recognise but dont know the name of!
Well, Andy was wrong on maybe he's wrong on HEAD/Pova. 😉
Maybe Kubiac (like Andy Reid: AJ Feeley, Jeff Garcia, KOY Detmer, Kevin Kold) can make QB's better,,,better enough to win games.
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