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Andy Garcia

Andrés Arturo García Menéndez (born April 12, 1956), professionally known as Andy García, is a Cuban American actor.

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Andy Garcia mate. We need a man who battled the Ocean's team.
Hey, Andy Garcia and Ed Harris are in Geostorm. Did anyone know that? Were we keeping this secret? Is there a twist…
Look, you cannot spoil GEOSTORM, and also they SCREAM it, so JIM STURGESS YOU FOOL OBVIOUSLY Ed Harris IS PLAYING Y…
I guarantee whichever rapper taps into the "conscious mumble rap" style gonna surpass the Kendrick Lamar's & the Lil Pump's…
GBX will be at in today for the Briefing Seminar. An afternoon of insights and discussi…
"Wringing you out at the end of an evening is not as much fun as it used to be" (but said in Andy Garcia's inimitab…
Yes. I watched 1 and 2 last week. Started watching 3 but got sidetracked. Andy Garcia was savage.
After 30 years in US, metro Detroit immigrant deported to Mexico - Detroit Free Press
Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia’s performance in When A Man Loves A Women, is pretty underrated. There, I said it. All the…
Not to be confused with Passengers where Andy Garcia is seen walking through a door.
What is it that you support in this country Andy? where is your voice?
After 30 years of living in the U.S, 39-year old Jorge Garcia was deported today from Detroit Airport to Mexico. His wif…
Silky smooth voice. At first I thought it was Andy Garcia.
In the UK they have Harry Styles. In Spain we have Alfred García
Lol same here! I once name my pet rabbit after Andy Van Slyke. Two of my favorite players as a kid wer…
Is there a sheet size that’s smaller than Full, but larger than Twin? Like, Conjoined Twin?. Andy Garcia: Dude, wha…
Watching Black Rain. One of my fav Ridley Scott films. Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia at their best. For some rea…
Anyone ever noticed he sounds just like Andy Garcia?
Lance Henriksen, Andy Garcia and Bruce Robinson on the set of 'Jennifer 8'.
why does the woman look like Meryl Streep and the guy looking down looks like Andy Garcia
I'm still hopeful that Andy Garcia will get his comeuppance by then end of the film...
Hi Jesse, I enjoy watching Waters World and like your true and authentic style. Keep up the great wo…
I’m trying to win a super bowl...I can care less about what happens after this biggest thing I’m focused on is th…
I hope to see Andy catching some women's matches this week. There are bound to be some really good ones in week 1.…
Have you explored the Inkitt Writer's Blog? Discover writing tips, updates on contest winners and interviews with authors inclu…
Another scene that for some reason always stuck with me was from Hoodlum.. when Andy Garcia, playing Lucky Luciano…
Andy Garcia will star together with Udo Kier the third movie in the Iron Sky saga, "Iron Sky: The Ark". I can't wai…
Surely, someone had to suggest shelving right? I feel bad for Andy Garcia & Ed Harris but hop…
Andy Garcia was a big heartthrob back in the day. A movie with him and Ellen barkin. Fire! Can't remember which one. .
I've just seen a picture of Michael Imperioli with a grey beard. He's turning into Andy Garcia.
Thursday night on you want some? 8.30pm start - with. Ray Dicko . Andy Garcia. Gav Oompa. Phil Up. any top…
I think I just really need to meet Andy Garcia & so I can just laugh and admire them all day long. I would cry. 😭❤️
Literally my favorite part. Andy Garcia & together was a brilliant idea. I need more!
I know he was cast as someone else in one of the later movies, but I've always thought Al Pac…
Andy García and I taking in the LA Rams vs Houston Texans
When I became the sun, I shone life into the man's hearts 🙇
Actually. I take that back. It was Andy Garcia
George Clooney and Andy Garcia are the new Chris Farley and David Spade
Fair point. Contrary to that, my mum (my anecdotal proxy for ppl who g…
Blake Shelton is the sexiest man alive? I guess they forgot about George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadl…
He also gets murdered in casually vicious fashion ala Andy Garcia in Black Rain in a 'punch the air' mom…
I suppose his role is the antagonist or villain in Ocean's 8, such as Andy Garcia(O11), Vincent Ca…
Raft reminds me of Andy Garcia. And Garcia's name in The Untouchables is George. Hmm.
I was broke making sure people were straight. Don't talk to me about loyalty
Would I lose if I bet my heart on you? ❤
Andy Garcia's career has really taken a turn for the worse if he is stuck doing a Green Bay/Northern Illinois game on ESPN3...
The single best ‘being shot and rotating slowly into a swimming pool death with Andy Garcia’ scene EVAH.
I really keep considering a new hair style but idk what's the move. Hair down and pulled back looks like a pakista…
Ed Sullivan Andy Garcia and the uncle from Greenleaf lol
Hi Andy!!, 4 words for you. Prospera, Ariel, PURE MAGIC. Thx you. (With a speecial mention to Nathan as Caliban. 100% Sick)
Only 4 surfers have won the multiple times. Andy Irons, Sunny Garcia, Mark Richards and Michel Bourez…
He recruits DiCaprio, who is working in Japan where Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia are caught in a triad blood feud.
When this movie was planned as a theatrical release they wanted Andy Garcia to play the lead
Andy Garcia is in Godfather Part III. I really do obsess over Italian men now that I'm really thinking about it.
Just saw Geostorm. Totally realistic except Andy Garcia would be a Republican POTUS, not a Democratic one. Come on.
The movie is great, if you know, bullet heavy action is your thing. It also has beardy Ryan Reynolds, badass Taraji…
Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia, some guns, some stairs, and a baby carriage. "Yeah, I got him.". Cinematic perfection.
Sunday dinner with my dad, watching the untouchables. Oh my god, Andy Garcia
Best thing about GEOSTORM: For two hours, Andy Garcia was “the *** President of the United States!”
Richard Gere at his oil slick bad *** best. In there much missed, but brilliantly tense film. Andy Garcia is a stan…
Congratulations my boy. Second place at the Andy garcia memorial…
Joe Russo's Almost Dead completed their West Coast swing by debuting a Jerry Garcia Band tune and playing not one, but two enc…
Jayden at the Andy Garcia tournament. Got the Pin!!
it’s hard hearing the horrible things that happen to your childhood friends. rip Andy 😪
My condolences to all the family and friends of Bri and Andy, may they Rest In Peace. ❤️
Saw Geostorm (Lennay bday pic). I presume that you and will wait for sequel? Andy Garcia, Ed Harris, Gerard Butler await!
The box office hit this weekend is 'Geostorm' staring Gerard Butler and Andy Garcia. Full of…
Wonderful evening listening to Andy Garcia. He is so talented. Peaceful with Evelyn Rolfe and John, Sandra...
Holy wow- don't remember it/will watch-any relation to Andy Garcia asking Jeff Bridge…
Pierce Brosnan and his wife arrived on Vis recently, a long with new cast member Andy Garcia.
Richard Shiff and Andy Garcia sharing a scene is magical. Ballers brings it!
You should re-watch it. It's far better than the first glance. Especially Andy Garcia. Y…
and Gaby Garcia loves you and always support you Success and Blessings with Aksar 2
will arrive on the island of Vis this week to join the film crew:.
Andy Garcia and Gerard Butler are starring in a new political thriller/disaster film. We have failed as a species.
"When u COMMIT 2 something,u don't want 2 let your fellow people & yourself down."-Andy Garcia . Word of the week Commit-entrust yourself.
Update your maps at Navteq
Andy Garcia fresh off his role in a Buick commercial
Also, as a huge fan of the Ocean's movies, I appreciate all the re…
"If I have reservations, those don't change till they're resolved. My first impression is how I go." Andy Garcia
Been opening doors and riding in elevators like Andy Garcia in Ocean's Eleven all day
Exclusive: Andy Garcia, Frank Grillo, to star in action thriller 'Decoy'
Andy Garcia to join Mamma Mia crew on Vis
THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Did you ever see the movie, "Modigliani" Great movie…
Im just so excited to see Jane Fonda Lilly Tomlin and Miss Dolly Parton.
That Andy Garcia as the President thing was a gag, right?
Young Andy Garcia had the prettiest face.
Andy Garcia in a movie with Sofia Vergara
A special one of a kind art work for Ofcr Rowan courtesy of Andy Garcia
Back side of this years shirt 2017 design courtesy of Andy Garcia
People often go after Sofia Coppola in GODFATHER PART III while ignoring that Andy Garcia stars as Poochie.
Andy Garcia and Miranda Cosgrove play a banker running a Ponzi scheme and the young au pair he leaves his wife for in San Francisco
This is truly bothering me. Am I the only one that notices in the trailer. When she takes the gun and points it at Andy Garcia
This must be that feeling Clooney had when he realized he had to team up with Andy Garcia.
N I'll leave it at joey 22 years old logic 27 years old n u can put them in the same category at the moment
See that's a whole mother debate let's not get into bc we've been arguin for 5 years…
We've been saying that since freshman year joey is what's up
Aint even gonna front you were always tellin me
Love how logic included in all these lately... been tellin yall man he really out here
I produced Andy Garcia in a press junket and I told him my FAVE movie of his was glad to see u recommend it
I am unquestionably attracted to Andy Garcia in DEAD AGAIN.
Geena Davis is aces as the reporter who falls in love with the fake-hero (Andy Garcia). Hoffman's perf is some of his best comedic work.
Wow that's too bad I liked Andy Garcia in that
I got beef with u said on national tv with a straight face and Andy dalton is the same player u n…
Andy Garcia on why he's never had a bad day on the golf course
Me: Easy. Those were the German voice artists for Andy Garcia and Talia Shire talking to someone called Michael.
If anyone knows the hollywood actor andy garcia could you ask him to phone my mum & wish her a happy 80th birthday. She pure loves him 😍😂
Knife - Rockwell [Music Video with Lyrics feat. Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan] vía
Awesome seeing Andy Garcia in the Blade Runner shorts.
? *** what? Wit Lawrence fishburne as bumpy Johnson. Vs Dutch Schultz. ? Andy Garcia.
Excl: Andy Garcia, Frank Grillo & TEEN WOLF star team up for action thriller DECOY
That one gets real silly. Wait until you see Andy Garcia's collars
Leftovers last episode: Old Kevin looks like Andy Garcia
Dunkirk was over fore I knew it.Senseless.Andy Garcia's potus in a movie out it they control weather.big waves.Why.I'll watch Alpha.
If hes the greatest right now hes the greatest alive lmao
Why couldn't they just say right now? Greatest alive? That's stupid
Bc who raps better than him rn lmao nobody 😭😭
That was a pretty good movie, although they took some liberties.…
Similar to a Scene from great Andy Garcia movie "Things to do in Denver when you're dead". No joke
Every time I write Zaza, I want to say it like Andy Garcia said "Za-sa!"
I'm so glad Andy Garcia is in this movie. He’s not boring. He's like Tom Cavanagh in Flash.
Andy Garcia's performance in Passengers was amazing!
Desi Arnaz wasn't much of a singer so I'd be happy with them just casting a Cuban. Andy Garcia is prob…
LOL Andy Garcia join in My dinner with Herve too 😂
I mean, depending on age they're casting for, this is Andy Garcia all the way.
This pic looks like Andy Garcia's casino boss character at the end of Oceans Eleven
The Documentary Celebrating Life in Union, narrated by Andy Garcia about the opresive regime is now here!.
Andy Garcia and Al Pacino on the set of The Godfather III, 1990.
Andy Garcia and Daisy Ridley play a reclusive novelist and the young fan of his work who tracks him down in Venice
I remember thinking Andy Garcia had to shave & now every guy…
Sure... but don't remember them acquiring depth as mediocre as Garcia in Andy Pettitte's rookie year
Gerard Butler is the poor man's Clive Owen. Just as Andy Garcia is the poor man's Al Pacino
what about Andy Garcia to play Desi Arnaz opposite Cate Blanchett as Lucille Ball in your Aaron Sorkin written movie.
One time for a couple Rams who hold down the brand! Welcome home Andy and Mikayla. If they did why can't you?
Looks like Tom Hanks and Andy Garcia has a kid who went back in time
Oy. As long as it's not andy garcia. u know, tho, he would kill for the part...
thinks that he is Catholic culture. As Andy Garcia said in 8 Million Ways to Die, "You don't make the rules here today, baby."
Website Builder 728x90
Andy Garcia and Jamie Dornan in a movie together might too much to handle. 🔥🔥
As Garcia Report details emerge: a routine reminder of the crooks & clowns who voted to send the 2018 and 2022 World Cup…
Spread the word and spread some love for Garcia Productions, I'm just an artist trying to show my art through pics and…
Its grand. Not as bad as people make out at all just nothing on the first 2. Andy garcia is mighty in it.
Congratulations to the Week 3 Award Winners: Sean Rausch of and Chase Borowitz of https…
Andy Garcia was a hunk in the Godfather!😉
she really was. Still is. Andy Garcia did a great job w his role.
Idk that is Andy Garcia in the TV ad 4 Nespresso with Geo Clooney. He's 1 of my favs & I didn't recognize him.
Andy Garcia netted 2 goals for DRDFC in his debut for the club.
And Andy Garcia in 3 trying to do Pacino in 1/2 is not the same as Pacino in 1/2.
IRONMANLive: matthansontri dismounts his bike first followed by Timboreed +0:44, KempyTri +1:23, Andy_Potts +1:29 and Garcia +2:0…
dismounts his bike first followed by +0:44, +1:23, +1:29 and Garcia +2:01.
and Garcia off the front at 35 miles into the bike. 4 min gap to 6th position
So I was happily going about my life innocently crushing on Andy Garcia until my god friend hit…
and lead the men's field at 14 miles into the bike. and Garcia 1/2 min back.
Today was the last 90s class to go thru high school... wow that's wild
Agreed! And how is it Andy Garcia isn't in All the Movies???
Andy Garcia definitely contributed to the 'best-looking' part 😍
I think the biggest underreported thing about the Chicago Fire is Andy Garcia is doing color commentary.
Let them eat gnocci with Andy Garcia
I believe it but not worse that coach ***
My high school coach was the worst coach i ever had lmao so trash he ruined a lot of kids on top of it 🖕🏽
Awesome video - Lonzo Ball finds out he's a Laker.
Before a busy day at coffee. in room at Just missing George Clooney & An…
Agree. But Andy garcia is more. You'll find him on the third movie
Oscar looking like Andy Garcia homeless dad more and more
the George Clooney x Andy Garcia espresso commercial caused my nose to bleed
The White House banned cameras from the daily press briefing so CNN sent a sketch artist 😭😂.
Thank you coach andy for everything you have done for me ! Wish you the best of luck
This week: cohosted drag queen bingo, MCed an auction w/ Andy Garcia, was audience to the Dalai Lama & a headlined a roller rink.
Game 2 begins. Rausch with a solo homer!
Relationships are built on small, consistent deposits of time. You can't cram for what's most important. -Andy Stanley.
I got some Grateful Dead Kush and thought of y'all!! Jerry Garcia may pop out like on baked the movie !!
KathNiels, let's give Direk Cathy Garcia Molina a round of applause for the great way she directed this episode.
This is going to be a blast watching this duo. OBJ and B.Marsh🔥
Chiefs and GM John Dorsey are parting ways. Andy Reid gets extension, Dorsey is out.
She developed into a good director, but her acting in G3 was awful, esp when faced with Andy Garcia.
Watched movies today with some old greats - Richard Gere, Andy Garcia, Val Kilmer... What happened to them??
Me too. Dean's my fav actor then it's Andy Garcia lol
Andy Reid went to playoffs with Jeff Garcia.
But then again chance is always impressive
Gotta listen some more but quavo play might have the best verse
Ruben Garcia Villalpando. Feb 20, 2015. Shot twice in the chest after he disobeyed an officers commands during a traffic stop…
"White Palace." Keanu Reeves in "Something's Gotta Give." (Oh had I been Diane Keaton in that movie) Richard Gere, Andy Garcia (Okay,
Andy Dalton noodle arm not getting the ball to John Ross 😭😭😭
How do you know you're paying too much for Nespresso? They can afford George Clooney, Andy Garcia, The Muppets
Watching Ghostbusters w kids / best line when Andy Garcia says not to ever compare him to Jaws major. Crack up every single time!
There's a movie about this starring Andy Garcia but it doesn't apply if you're alive.
Agreed. The baby can go tumbling down the stairs and even be shot at, but Andy Garcia must always…
Andy Garcia, George Clooney, Gary Stevens & Seabiscuit all appear in this new TV commercial:
My friend commented on one of my posts the other day that I look like Andy Garcia. What a compliment, what do you g…
Great ad featuring George Clooney and Andy Garcia! by via
Shooting BENT in Rome. I've just been shot by Andy Garcia. He had no mercy, he killed me in cold…
Had the pleasure of painting this for my boy vision_co_2015 Andy Garcia aka…
Coffee... George Clooney... Andy Garcia... and some of my favorite classic movies. What's NOT to love about this?!
Great ad featuring George Clooney and Andy Garcia! https…
The Line (2009)-ray liotta from andy garcia from godfath
The Line (DVD, 2009)-ray liotta from shades of blue. andy garcia from godfather
Cook is the perfect back for Andy Reid’s offense. He’d be a strong rookie of the year candidate here. -
OMG the new commercial with Andy Garcia taunting Clooney is awesome
The second thing on my intellect when I woke this morning, putting in work! On my knees giving thanks to my lord & savi…
Al Franken should brag more about cowriting the Andy Garcia & Meg Ryan movie When a Man Loves a Woman
The scene in Stand and Deliver where Olmos threatens to kick Andy Garcia's ***
Lawrence of Arabia, starring Olivia Wilde and Andy Garcia. Directed by Danny Boyle, music by Nickelback. Budget: $75m
Padraig Harrington & Sergio Garcia are 'in a great place' after resolving their feud which started 10 years ago.
George Clooney and Andy Garcia appear in classic Hollywood film scenes in latest campaign
In my opinion you didn't need any other cast members so it was gr…
Coloring book was 🔥🔥 and if u dont agree your music opinion is trash and you should go listen to country music
Im gone praise him praise till im gone
Scary albums this year so far cant lie
I hope chance drops some fire for us this year.
Snail race. Pick a snail and then RT. 😭
DNA one of the hardest songs of all time smh
Hilarious that the Untouchables one, super Italian, squad member (Andy Garcia) is 100% Cuban. Take THAT Tony Montana/Pacino.
⚡️ “Andy Garcia, Gloria Estefan and more reflect on Fidel Castro's death”.
I just realized Stanley Tucci and Mark Strong arent the same person. And then learned that Andy Garcia and Mark Strong arent the same person
Yeah if I get it, will know by the end of the month
How is it possible that somebody is lazy in this environment. Stupid, I can understand. But lazy?
Andy Garcia going from 0 to absolutely furious over nothing will never not be hilarious to me. 😂😂😂
If they could cast their own unseen parent, Camila picks Andy Garcia for Veronica's dad and Cole picks Eva Green for Jugheads mom
Andy Garcia could be Rick Grimes long lost father.
Had a bit of a 70s conspiracy movie vibe to it but they didn't really commit to it. Great to see Andy Garcia though.
Andy Garcia in Passengers is my spirit animal.
Well Ann, we get people like Steve Jobs, Einstein, Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Malala, Fermi, Andy Garcia, Gloria Estefan...
. Hello! Great friend Andy Garcia . remember me? I am Alejandra. at the EDC. I send you many greetings! Hoping you are fine!
Watch from talk social anxiety, being forgetful, weird pet peeves, and his tattoos!
When she brings up one your ex's while y'all play fighting.
Great practice on Thursday to Andy Garcia. Way to work.
These guys are swinging it! Roman Garcia of (4 bombs). Andy Atwood of No. 1 got two big hits…
at one point in BLACK RAIN, Andy Garcia tells a fat cop "grab your *** and count to infinity, baby". no idea what this means
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
"We owe these victims...These cases are tough to investigate. It's heart breaking." -Sgt. Andy Garcia via
did Grandma bring Andy Garcia back from Italy
Andy Garcia fans are in for a real treat if they sit down to watch the movie Passengers...
Drake's 'More Life' (coming Sat.) will reportedly not be an exclusive Apple Music release. https:…
When played SMU in November, head coach Enfield knew that they'd be one of the top teams in the country. https…
Y'all chose correctly. They were both horrible, but Godfather 3 gave us Andy Garcia. Amen.
Robin Hood: Men in Tights, starring Selena Gomez and Andy Garcia. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, music by Dean. Budget: $3m
Josh Gad is to Jonah Hill as Andy Garcia is to Al Pacino
Watch the first trailer for the disaster movie Geostorm, starring Gerard Butler, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia, Jim Sturges
It's that time of year ray romano been working hard. Andy Garcia might be tough to beat
At one point, Andy Garcia was attached to star in this -
For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the 1981 Cowboys, Grace Kelly, Eugene Cernan, and Andy Garcia
If you can, watch the movie , The Lost City, with Andy Garcia. Very hard to fine.
I want you to be Andy Garcia to my Al Pacino, so I know its not real. I'm imbibed.
I really wonder how much Andy Garcia was paid to open a door and look at something in Passengers.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Lies! As though white latinos like Cameron Diaz, Andy Garcia, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, or exist!
Easiest couple of bob Andy Garcia's ever earned I'll wager though, eh?
I got to say hi to that guy Friday.told him he's got nothing on Andy Garcia!
Starting week with this lovely woman Gloria Estefan (once in coma, sadness in me, in prayer) presence Andy Garcia.
Watched last night. Can't believe Andy Garcia hasn't been nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the
It is hard to get senior in Academia for women
My question when Captain Norris completed his scene in Passengers: How much was Andy Garcia paid to make such a glimpse of appearance?
The director said Andy Garcia had a bigger role before they changed the ending, so maybe the crew discovered more
Andy Gil Garcia and Lady Gaga on the Super Bowl show! 💥💥
Pelosi-Nazi.Muslim lover-boycott superbowl-watch Andy Garcia in the classic film Cristeros war-VIVA CRISTO REY!
is the or greatest WR ever statistically of all time with Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, McNabb, Romo and Andy Dalton at QBs
Buick Envision ad has a guy that looks like Andy Garcia married 2 a woman who looks like Diane Keaton mom of a guy who looks like Matt Bomer
I did a film which was considered an independent movie with Dustin Hoffman and Andy Garcia called Confidence, and thats the
Ive been talking to god like thats my therapist 🙌🏽💯
Andy Garcia. I like this picture of him and his dog looking very relaxed instea…: google_ad…
When your side chick hits you with the " What are we ? "
.Ha! It's actually a poster from the movie "For Greater Glory," signed by Andy Garcia, whom I interviewed.
This wanna-be gangsta is way past his prime, as seen in his deluded judgement. I'd rather deal with Andy Garcia any…
And for anybody who says he is wack its bc your not intelluctually capable enough to comprehend half the stuff he says
Eminem showing everybody why hes the goat 🐐 lyrically nobody messing with the white boy
Al Pacino as Michael Corleone the Mafia kingpin, Andy Garcia (right) and Eli Wallach (seated second from right) on…
Before POTUS sends all the Feds to Chicago at once, lets start with Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia and Charles Martin Smith.
Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia and Sean Connery are at the ready!
Andy Garcia called Al Pacino "Uncle Michael" when they're out of character so leave me alone to cry
Now watching a good suspense thriller with Andy Garcia and Michael Keaton.
Picked up this cheap from the supermarket today because, you know, I'm a big fan of Andy Garcia.
I'm obsessed with andy warhol now. Thanks garcia
Hey Andy Garcia played Arturo Sandoval in an awesome HBO movie called For Love or Country.
lmaoo unfollow me if your gonna get mad every time someone has a different opinion Andy
I'm an exile. My father had the courage to leave with his wife, his m...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Erm... Andy Garcia, John Leguizamo, Benjamin Bratt... all better careers than Ramirez.
I really enjoyed but can someone please explain to me Andy Garcia's prominent billing?
Our 2016 King of Carnaval Miami, Andy Garcia on the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana Stage! 📷 by Karli Evans
'Tonight i can write the saddest lines' read by Andy Garcia via
Lil Wayne gonna drop a whole mixtape full of Kodak beats and make people forget Kodak made the original songs 😂
Watching OCEAN'S TWELVE & marveling that Andy Garcia from 1990 has aged far better than Andy Garcia from 2004.
That was Blythe Danner and Andy Garcia as the parents right? Or whatever it was.
Andy Garcia's entire PASSENGERS performance could fit in a gif and yet he gets an individual title card in the credits.
...---... is it true Andy Garcia got paid more than you did for Passengers?
We saw Andy Garcia and the Cineson Allstars last night in L.A. This photo is from…
Watched courtesy of How much did Andy Garcia get paid for the walk on part?
Spoiler alert 🚨 Andy Garcia is in hibernation the whole *** film!
Wrong Garcia Barack Obama?You needed Sudanese beheading like Andy Garcia in that movie,to make Steph Hubbard St Sim…
The only reason why I'm disappointed with passengers is that they gave Andy García a one minute screen time.
Andy Garcia & Jeffery Dean Morgan are also on the "he's old enough to be my daddy but."
Find someone who looks at you like Gael García looks at Diego Luna
Re peludo Andy Garcia en the godfather parte III!
What's the crack with Grealish's hair, proper does my head in. . Poor mans Andy Garcia/Berbatov
However, I'm still trying to unravel the mystery of why they'd cast an actor like Andy Garcia for three seconds of screen time?
Andy Garcia & CineSon All Stars on stage at Geffen Playhouse
Today is the day Eli Manning's bum *** gets exposed. No he is NOT a elite QB
Saw Passengers. Kinda liked it. Stunned by the subtle but complex performance of Andy Garcia.
Congratulations Andy James Garcia from graduating from Purdue university!! We love you 😘
As a fan of yours I would like to suggest you make a movie with Andy Garcia about peoples' lives destroyed in Cuba by Castro.
Movies are very hard to make, to get it all to come together. So man...
Kevin Costner is his usual straight-guy self, but the actors he is surrounded by Sean Connery, Andy Garcia, & Robert De Niro are fantastic.
andy garcía and vincent cassel are the two biggest boys id like to SLAP!
Ok but srsly. Tho. Andy Garcia is an extra now?
Amy Ryan joins Andy Garcia's PASSENGER turn for best support player this movie season
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