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Andy Dalton

Andrew Gregory Dalton (born October 29, 1987) is an American football quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League.

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Earlier I wrote about how Andy Dalton won't be able to overcome his OL.
He really might be the most underrated WR in the NFL imagine how his numbers would be if he didn't play und…
I guess David Price is just like Andy Dalton, fails in the big games.
"Sakar didn't stop until the metal pole was so badly dented and bent, he couldn't hit Andy..."
You can't tell me Andy Dalton doesn't look like Syndrome from the Incredibles😂
This was a good breakdown -- "Andy Dalton Can't Mask Cincinnati's offensive line" by ...
I wrote about how the Cincinnati OL is a mess and Andy Dalton isn't the caliber of QB that can overcome it.
Andy Dalton and Alex Smith were on the Pro Bowl roster last season
Fatherhood bringing AJ Green and Andy Dalton closer together.
It's more the fact that both 1st round picks from last year + Bledsoe IMO. Would be like Cards tradin…
Glad to see Andy Dalton and his dad celebrating Fathers Day
Fatherhood has brought Andy Dalton, AJ Green closer -
Fatherhood has brought A.J. Green and Andy Dalton closer together
I'm pretty sure at Minnesota isn't a good matchup for Andy Dalton.
Found this quote from Andy Dalton - father of two - interesting on his connection with Green as a dad now.…
I changed picture in my phone to Andy Dalton and every time he calls me I die laughing
Andy Dalton won't be able to make up for Cincinnati's offensive line.
Andy Dalton + a sub-par Cincinnati Bengals O-Line = a recipe for disappointment in 2017, according to ...
My thoughts on Andy Dalton, Joe Mixon, A.J. Green, and Tyler Eifert in this season:
That's true. Andy Dalton isn't a bad QB but he's like Kirk Cousins: he won't win you anything.
Tom Brady and Ameer Abdullah or Andy Dalton and Todd Gurley? Carson Palmer I like at his value.
"Andy Dalton says new Bengals WR John Ross is 'the fastest guy in the NFL'" via { } (by Will Brinson)
Yeah like when they passed on Andy Dalton because they had Tarvaris Jackson
Andy Dalton noodle arm not getting the ball to John Ross 😭😭😭
Bengals got John Ross so Andy Dalton can underthrow him 5 times a game.word to Kirk Cousins. Right?
To me when it comes to ceiling for QB's in the draft. Do you want a chance at Andy Dalton, Alex Smith or Brett Favre?
Kevin Byard vs. Andy Dalton will yield a much better result than Blidi Wreh-Wilson vs. Andy Dalton did 6-3
how good of a QB would Kap have to be to get signed? Would Alex Smith or Andy Dalton get signed? Tyrod Taylor?
you could point out the would never let Andy Dalton break his nose.
Hugh Jackson made Andy Dalton look really good for a few seasons. Just remember that
AJ Green, Andy Dalton, Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, George Iloka..extending Gio..not sure I would hanging on too long..
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QBs of the highest paid WRs in the NFL, at the time they signed their deals: Big Ben, Andy Dalton, Matt Ryan, Peyto…
If the are going to build around Andy Dalton, then it should start with the ninth pick: h…
Andy Dalton has the most points of any player through 5 weeks (116). Deviant Freeman second with 112.
is the or greatest WR ever statistically of all time with Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, McNabb, Romo and Andy Dalton at QBs
Hue will work wonders for Watson, but Tribusky I think is a better fit. More athletic version of Andy Dalton.
Phillip Rivers, Alex Smith and Andy Dalton are the AFC Pro Bowl QBs lol
The AFC Pro Bowl QBs have gone from Brady, Big Ben, and Carr to Andy Dalton, Philip Rivers, and Alex Smith. This is why no one cares.
Tyrod Taylor, Alex Smith, and Andy Dalton are representing the AFC in the Pro Bowl. . LOL
Andy Dalton replaced Tom Brady on the Pro Bowl roster. That's like replacing a Lamborghini with a minivan.
Andy Dalton is a Pro Bowler while Matt Stafford is not🤗🤗
Andy Dalton is headed to the Pro Bowl; if 2 more AFC QBs drop out then Deshaun Watson will be also be headed to the Pro Bowl.
Andy Dalton and Ty Montgomery as your backfield, throwing to 32-yr-old Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams and Jared Cook is a bad offense
Andy Dalton looks like a Tim Burton movie villain.
No Ryan is very good but just like Andy Dalton having A Sanu is the perfect compliment for a Green or Jones
Brock Osweiler really won a playoff game before Andy Dalton.
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I blame the Bo Jackson curse, same reason we have Bryan Price as our manager and Andy Dalton at QB. Where's Theo Epstein when needed
would you start Andy Dalton vs Houston, or Alex Smith vs Denver? This is a playoff game.
.nothing says MVP candidate like a guy whose QBR is sandwiched in between Alex Smith and Andy Dalton
Hes got some Andy Dalton to him. Little bit of Alex Smith. I think he has more guts to try and fit a ball in a tight window tho
Ben, Flacco, Alex Smith and Luck run the AFC more than Andy Dalton. At least they've won multiple playoff games.
QB is a black hole on my roster. I have Andy Dalton and Alex Smith.
I would take Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Dak Prescott, Alex Smith and Andy Dalton over him.
Marvin Lewis is going to take the heat, but Andy Dalton and Ken Zampese are who fans should be looking at.
I've been vultured by Andy Dalton, Robert Turbin, and Akeem Hunt. Give me a bone here...
The only starting NFL QB's not on rookie deals, that would have a lesser cap hit than Tyrod Taylor in 2017: Andy Dalton, Tom Brady, RG3
sinking LA team. Ryan should grab 300+ yds 2 TD passes. JOHN: I like Andy Dalton vs. the Browns. Andy pretty steady most of the year.
Andy Dalton is one of two QBs in NFL history (Peyton Manning being the other) to throw for 3,000 yards in each of his firs…
to Andy Dalton and another reason why he’s our Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee 📰:…
Andy Dalton, nominado al Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award -
Sean Lee is Cowboys Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee & TCU-ex Andy Dalton is Bengals nominee
Andy Dalton nominated for Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award
name Andy Dalton their nominee for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award.
12-7 QB Andy Dalton press conference: Discussing Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year nomination:…
Andy Dalton is nominee for NFL Walter Payton man of the year. "It means a lot. For me and my family, it's importa…
Kirk gonna start looking like Andy Dalton in 3 years
Kirk Cousins is like the reverse Andy Dalton. Looks like a Hall of Famer on national television
Andy Dalton always looks hall of fame against us.
I added a video to a playlist Role Reversal: Mohamed Sanu throws touchdown pass to Andy Dalton (Week
Andy Dalton scrambles in for a touchdown. Bengals get the goal line score against Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams.
Andy Dalton throws an INT. Eli Manning throws an INT the following play. MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!
yeah, well when you hire a head coach because of the work he has done with Andy Dalton that was predictable.
I have Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer and Matt Ryan. Jeremy Hill will process today on the 9th.
Here is how Casserly ranked the QBs when I talked to him: Gabbert, Ryan Mallett, Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton, Cam Newt…
I might need more of a miracle (I'm the right). David Johnson, Andy Dalton, Martellus Bennet, Julian Edelman
The media has completely ignored Matt Ryan's MVP caliber season but bends over backwards for a glorified Andy Dalton in…
Bengals' Andy Dalton: 'A big reason I'm here is because of Jay Gruden' via App
My team is Andy Dalton, Zeke Elliot, Allen Robinson, and a bunch of paperweights.
Andy Dalton threw for 308 yards today against Charlie Brown and the peanuts!
A.J. GREEN WHAT A CATCH!!. Andy Dalton throws a Hail Mary at the end of the half and A.J. Green comes down with it for Ci…
Top 3 Quarterback starts this week are. Alex Smith, Andy Dalton and Blake Bortles.
okay but Andy Dalton will never lead the Bengal's to a championship
so do you think Andy Dalton is viable for 4-6 week replacement? Or should I drop him and grab: Hoyer, A. Smith, Bradford?
QBs with the most similar usage (% of pass depths per) to Matthew Stafford are Andrew Luck, Andy Dalton, and Alex Smith. Weird group.
Cowboys have faced Eli Manning, Kirk Cousins, Andy Dalton & now Aaron Rodgers. Not one of them has surpassed 20 points on thi…
Tom Brady: 29 of 35 for 376 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT. After the game, he shakes hands with Andy Dalton, Eric Winston & AJ McCarron on field.
Andy Dalton looking like Tommy Frazier on that option
What I tell yall bout the Rangers? They're Peyton Manning in the regular season and Andy Dalton in the post season.
.brings Dalton Wilcox to 'Conan' for a beautiful poetry reading
10-8-76 after Sleepwalker done John Dalton officially leaves in December Andy Pyle replaces Dalton on bass for…
Paxton Lynch's NFL debut included a 94.1 QB rating. Higher QB rating vs Denver in their last 6 games was 72.8 for Andy Dalton
I think you can put Fuente in there, too - he has Andy Dalton and Paxton Lynch in the NFL - and he’s doing well with Evans
Andy Dalton or Carson Palmer this week? Help pls
Andy Dalton against Miami or Carson Palmer against LA? I know Andy is on a short week but it's Miami
it's obviously the year of the red rifles. Carson Wentz, Andy Dalton, and Carson Palmer...
Who do I start Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton? Please ask Matthew for me
Who to this week Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton?
ICYMI: says the Cowboys absolutely can't play Dez Bryant on Sunday & talks Andy Dalton vs Ryan Tannehill
Who would you start, Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton?
Palmer is better than Andy Dalton but they both suck.
Stick with Tyrod Taylor or possibly trade M. Ingram for Andy Dalton?
Demaryius Thomas out performed AJ Green in the second half. Trevor Siemian out performed Andy Dalton. Dalton played in a p…
Stephon Tuitt with the big hit on Andy Dalton!!
We say "sack" because the Steelers 1 sack this season is by Arthur Moats on a play where Andy Dalton fell down at the line of scrimmage
Of concern for the Jets: Tyrod Taylor and Andy Dalton threw for 663 yards on 60 attempts in two weeks.
Andy Dalton had a perfect passer rating of 158.3 when targeting Darrelle Revis while he was covering AJ Green Sunday. 10…
Do I play Andy Dalton or Ben Rothlisberger this week...going up against each other
First, Tony Romo and now Teddy Bridgewater? Somewhere, right now, Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton are being bubble wrapped.
We talked with over at about the vs. game, Andy Dalton, and the AFC North. https…
RGIII, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Mariota, and Derek Carr just to name a few.
We should've drafted AJ Green and Andy Dalton in 2011 and not Dareus and Aaron Williams. I guess Go Bengals
in my last apartment I tried to have a Cincinnati bengal tiger and they told me that I couldn't legally keep Andy Dalton as a pet
Ryan tannehill , Alex Smith, Andy Dalton are mediocre qbs. Romo not in that xlass
what about Ben Rothlesburger, Andrew Luck, Andy Dalton, Payton Manning, Dan Marino and John Elway didnt they start as rookies?
Andy Dalton looks like a villainous character on the Candy Land board game.
Andy Dalton really bout to play QB for the Cincinnati Harambes
Andy Dalton doesn't choke in the playoffs it's the play calling
Jameis Winston will win the super bowl before Andy Dalton, Andrew Luck and Carson Palmer. Mark my words 🙌🏼
Coming up 3pm you will hear from GM *** Williams, Ryan Hewitt, Jeremy Hill, Andy Dalton, Mets AAA voice and more.
Quick, slick one on one by second-round pick Tyler Boyd from Andy Dalton.
Tyler Boyd just bombed a pass to Mario Alford on a reverse pitch from Andy Dalton ... Versatility on display
And there is the Kessler hot take! Yeah we don't need a Cam Newton level QB. We might have Andy Dalton.🙈😂
The size of John Lopez’s *** for Andy Dalton still amazes me to this day.
Even if the Broncos had John Elway in his prime/ Andy Dalton and the Bengals are going to tear you all up!
David has signed Andy Dalton and Dwayne Allen for $1 each.
I too am Andy Dalton and I'm not happy about it one bit.
Andy Dalton also. I wanted to be Teddy, dammit.
If anyone is ever going to be Andy Dalton it is
The "Which NFL QB Are You?" quiz. I got Andy Dalton. Time to start reevaluating my life choices.
ICYMI: Bengals QB Andy Dalton discussed how he is playing for a greater purpose:
Rare picture of Selena Gomez taking Andy Dalton for a walk
I was just at the gas station with Andy Dalton at the pump next to me and HE DROVE AWAY WITH THE PUMP STILL IN HIS LAND ROVE…
Andy Dalton: future MVP? Most fans believe he will be in contention:
just so I don't lose my sanity, who is a better quarterback, Andy Dalton or Tim Tebow?
Hue Jackson using the Andy Dalton plan on Kessler.
Cam's bunched in here with Jay Cutler, Kirk Cousins, Drew Brees, Colin Kaepernick, Sam Bradford and Andy Dalton.
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Favorite LRQBs right now are Philip Rivers, Andy Dalton, Eli Manning, Kirk Cousins. Also kinda like Cutler with Alshon & Kev White healthy.
Kirk Cousins may not had be freakish talented like Mariota,Luck,Winston but I'll take a Andy Dalton type
How much will Andy Dalton miss the average but steady Sanu & Marvin Jones?
2016 WEST SIDE SPORTS BREAKFAST. Special thank you to our event sponsors, our keynote speaker Andy Dalton and...
QB Andy Dalton here at West Side Breakfast at Wunderland in Colerain. Told me he really enjoys these events
Isn’t what the Browns are aiming for is there Andy Dalton at best? Worst case is more like Ken Dorsey.
He gave the 2010 class (Chancellor, Earl, etc.) an A but gave 2011 a D-plus largely for passing on Andy Dalton and taking Carpenter.
By this measure Curtis Painter and Andy Dalton have stronger arms than Joe Flacco
I'd Take Romo all day but today's question who's the better Qb when Healthy Tony Romo or Andy Dalton???
Is Braxton Miller gonna throw the football there? Andy Dalton is a bus driver that's all
The entire Cincinnati Bengals starting offense just got say next to me at Jeff Rubys. Including Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis.
right now Steve Mason is Andy Dalton to me. Win a *** playoff series, then tell me he's better than average.
Watch out, Steph Curry. . Andy Dalton is out here getting buckets from deep. WATCH:
Robert Griffin III reportedly is working with Tom Brady and Andy Dalton's former QB coach.
Report: Robert Griffin III will work with QB guru Tom House, who's helped Andy Dalton, Tom Brady
can't even front , Hue Jackson had Andy Dalton looking like the truth , so why not RGIII ?
After watching what Hue has done with Jason Campbell, Andy Dalton, and AJ Mcarron, we really think a 3rd is too high for Kaepernick?
If Cincinnati would trade aj McCaron I don't want them too but Cardale Jones would be a great backup behind Andy Dalton
Lets see how good Andy Dalton is with no Sanu and no Jones
The Bengals lost Hue Jackson, Marvin Jones and Sanu. Good luck to Andy Dalton
Vontaze Burfict & Adam Jones once lost a playoff game so Andy Dalton didn't have to.
If Sanu and Marvin Jones are really that good, then it may say more about Andy Dalton. AJ Green, Jeremy Hill, Gio Bernard, & Eifert as well
Sam Bradford is set to make more than Tom Brady, Matthew Stafford, Tony Romo, Carson Palmer, and Andy Dalton next season. Mind boggling.
Jason Campbell best year with Hue, Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco all had best years with Hue
honestly I think he's a poor mans Andy Dalton with some room to grow.
A little Cousins talk with Kiper.Compared him to Andy Dalton. Says of KC: "Is he a good QB yes? Can he be great that's debatable."
Colin Cowherd is not a fan of Andy Dalton...
Andy Dalton lost his suitcases again: It’s been six days since Andy Dalton’s suitcases fell out of the…
. was Andy Dalton heading to Wally World like Clark Griswold?
Andy Dalton's luggage possibly found by Johnny Manziel "Thanks for the booze, dude, blasted again"
maybe Cam was looking for that air lift evac you proposed after the Andy Dalton injury.
Andy Dalton : KY9KILLERZ. Did u know that u could get an iPh0ne 6s without buying it? Read my bi0. Thanks
The Cardinals gave A.J. Green one-on-one coverage. 42 yards and an Andy Dalton deep ball later...whoops
Next year, if I have a job, I promise to leave my Andy Dalton playoff skills at home
correction, Andy and Dalton are beating Nadia up 😒
Nadia is beating Andy and dalton up 😳😳
Just overheard a dude try to pull something by saying he looked like Andy Dalton. Jesus
Dalton now favors as a main target over
Second generation wrestler "Dirty" Andy Dalton is one of the best pro wrestlers on the indie scene.
Andy Dalton really improved as a QB... Mostly because of Tyler Eifert.
I've been saying Carolina since Andy dalton took himself out but idk right now I just got this feeling the Broncos want this more
I added a video to a playlist VCCW - Lightning in a bottle (pt2) -- THE MATCH -- Andy Dalton vs. JT
Dalton hit in 2011 Plates and Patches Andy Dalton Rookie auto patch at
Sounds kind of like mine, although in one I lost in the first round by literally .18 point. Andy Dalton can rot in ***
the bengals had the 2nd best record until they lost Andy dalton Lmaoo
Coworker just said Andy Dalton is better than Romo. What's worse is that he's a fellow cowboy fan too.
More playoff wins than Matthew Stafford and Andy Dalton combined!
he might squeeze in. Lol nahh he good regular season just a older Andy Dalton he pots up though
I'll pick Blaine Gabbert and Andy Dalton over Cam Newton anyday
Andy Dalton is the worst kind of snap.
This kid in my stats class looks straight like Andy Dalton 😂
He's not average. Matt Ryan is average. Or Jay Cutler. Or Andy Dalton. Sam Bradford is be…
Andy Dalton had 1000 more yards passing and 25 touchdowns when Peyton has 9 this season.
Not Vince Young, Colt McCoy, Ryan Tannehill, RGIII, or Johnny Manziel. Andy Dalton has been best QB from a TX university in last decade.
Andy Dalton looks like the human embodiment of a recessive gene.
Mel Kiper 2011 re-draft has A.J. Green and Andy Dalton in top 10
Suffers from having Andy Dalton forcing the ball to A meow J Green. Brady on those in cuts/deep outs 1-1? Like Matthews more.
drew brees, Phillip rivers, and Andy Dalton. *** I'll even say the winner of that division Kirk
I don't like Cook he could be Andy Dalton at best but I don't want him in Dallas which I feel may happen
Andy Dalton must be so jealous of this Carson Palmer playoff meltdown
Tom Brady in full Andy Dalton mode today
Andy Dalton couldn't motivate me to make a sandwich 😂
Andy Dalton couldn't motivate me to pour a glass of water
Then Again Hue Had Jason Campbell & Andy Dalton lol now he would get a Hall of Fame QB hes not takin the Ball away
After Saturday's game starters, Domata Peko, Reggie Nelson, Dre Kirkpatrick, and possibly Andy Dalton all would have been out vs the Pats...
Marvin Lewis was missing Andy Dalton, Nelson and Bernard. Great comeback. But Burfict was looking for any excuse to hurt a steeler today
Burfict and Pac Man made big plays. . Now up to the kid who gonna turn Andy Dalton into Wally Pipp. . .
1 playoff win is more than Stafford, Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton. Same number as Ryan, Newton, Smith, Cutler.
Andy Dalton out there looking like Sam Smith.
Alex Smith has more playoff wins than Andy Dalton though.
That moment you realize Alex Smith has more Postseason wins than Andy Dalton.
Andy Dalton makes Tom Brady look like the Archbishop Desmond Tutu, am I right Al?
Look who stopped by on the way to the game. gonna treat Alex Smith like Andy Dalton.
Andy Dalton has been ruled out for the Bengals playoff game. Now if they can rule out Marvin Lewis the Bengals might ha…
Andy Dalton is out vs. the Steelers. But Pittsburgh is missing a playmaker of their own:
Bengals officially rule out Andy Dalton for Saturday's game vs Steelers. AJ McCarron will start for Cincinnati.
Hue Jackson has worked w/all manner of QBs: Carson Palmer, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Jeff George, Jake Plummer, Byron Leftwich, plenty more..
Pittsburgh Steelers film study: How the Cincinnati Bengals attacked with Andy Dalton
Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton out of his cast
The know which QB they will be facing, and it isn't Andy Dalton.
NE Philly dream scenario: Eagles hire McDermott, trade for Andy Dalton, sign Shayne Graham to sure up ST, bring in Matt Light to play G.
Andy Dalton finished 2nd in passer rating at 106.3 (Russell Wilson 110.1). AJ McCarron's 97.1 would be 9th if he had enough …
Bengals are minus Andy Dalton in prime time against a deadly Steelers squad... I'm taking a knee on this game
It doesn't matter how bad the Pats look, they're not losing at home to Andy Dalton, Alex Smith, or Brian Hoyer in a playoff game.
I hope that The King of the North, the Red Rifle, Andy Dalton is ready for next week but that doesn't mean A.J. McCannon can't get it done.
Andy Dalton and Julian Edelman return for a game at Gillette Stadium? I really want to see that..
Out of Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Carson Palmer & Andy Dalton, Who will be on their "A Game" in the
"will struggle to make it to AFC Championship game without Andy Dalton. They need his leadership back." -
Looks like AJ McCarron has learned a lot from Andy Dalton
Rex Burkhead has future Patriot written all over him. Also, AJ McCarron is better than Andy Dalton
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Andy Dalton better hurry back from injury or he may find himself Alex Smith'ed right out of town.
McCarron keep this up Andy Dalton might get Alex Smith'd.
I remain steadfast in my belief McCarron can be a good NFL quarterback. Like Alex Smith or Andy Dalton good. Not amazing, but can win games.
Let's reminisce how many good players I lost to injury this year: . Steve Smith. Matt Forte. Andy Dalton. Eagles D/ST (2 to suck). (Carlos Hyde)
As Bengals, others prep for playoffs, the injured loom large: IRVING, Texas (AP) -- Andy Dalton was thriving, producing by far...
Brendan Gallagher being a Bengals fan and his favorite player being Andy Dalton pretty much sums it up.
Injury Report:. Rudolf is listed as doubtful for Christmas Eve. . Andy Dalton is likely to get the start, leading my sleigh …
Highlight of Road To The Winter Classic so far is Brendan Gallagher nearly jizzing himself while talking to Andy Dalton. . Andy Dalton.
Worth it for a scene in which Brendan Gallagher fanboys Andy Dalton on FaceTime.
The real story: Andy Dalton and Brendan Gallagher hurt one another's hands playing an overly physical, yet passionate game of diddleydicks.
Habs forward Brendan Gallagher returns to the ice and afterwards gets a call from Andy Dalton.
Brendan Gallagher being starstruck by Andy Dalton is ... something.
I used to be a huge Brendan Gallagher fan. Now that I know he's an Andy Dalton fan? Not so much.
Brendan Gallagher facetimes with Andy Dalton and calls him his "idol." I don't know where to begin.
In light (or what some would say dark) of the announcement that Scott McKenzie would be taking on Andy Dalton,...
Julian Edelman has thrown the same number of playoff TDs as Andy Dalton
and ICYMI, my dad never refers to Andy Dalton as Andy Dalton. He only knows him as "Carson Palmer's son."
Top passer ratings 2015: Russell Wilson, Carson Palmer, Andy Dalton, Tom Brady, Not bad for first-time starter.
Andy Dalton and Cam Newton placed higher than Carson Palmer. Voting is a joke bro
"Andy Dalton is a younger version of Carson Palmer."
I lost Andy Dalton and in my semi final playoff game I need to start either Derrick Carr or Alex Smith? Who do I start? Thanks
Russell Wilson or Cam Newton?. Ben Roethlisberger or Carson Palmer?. Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers?. Andy Dalton or Eli Manning?
Bengals' Andy Dalton fractures bone in hand vs. Steelers
Andy Dalton, of course, isn't practicing. Shawn Williams, Wallace Gilberry, Jake Fisher and Andrew Whitworth are practicin…
Kenyon Martin and Johnny Cueto and Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton are responsible for my unreasonable pessimism
I do. Right next to Carson Palmer's knee and Andy Dalton's thumb. Still. You're comparison is both insulting & ridiculous.
Andy Dalton better start chugging milk and stop beatin it... We need that hand healthy.
.QB Andy Dalton will not require surgery on right thumb fracture. I think it is unlikely that he plays this year ev…
Andy Dalton will not need surgery on his fractured right thumb. Hopefully means he can return Week 17. 👍 https:/…
I can see the future!! wins a playoff game, and the Dalton Haters come out in force an begin to trash talk Andy Dalton again!
In speaking with he believes Bengals QB Andy Dalton is out a minimum of four weeks, with six weeks more likel…
Andy Dalton season over?. Marshawn Lynch back in time to replace Rawls?Injury rundown.
ICYMI, sums up what everyone is thinking. Kenyon Martin, Carson Palmer, Johnny Cueto ... Andy Dalton. https:…
Report: Andy Dalton could miss remainder of the season: (Photo: Aaron Doster , USA TODAY Sports)No on...
Andy Dalton, Rawls and Jonathan Stewart all got injured and I still won in fantasy 😅
Report: Andy Dalton could be out for rest of the regular season: [
Report: Andy Dalton could miss remainder of season
Andy Dalton, Marshawn Lynch, Thomas Rawls, Larry Donnell...just the tip of the iceberg for my injury department.
Andy Dalton possibly out for year. That changes everything for them, they might actually win a playoff game now
No official timetable on Andy Dalton's thumb fracture until Monday, but the feeling in the locker room is that it's li…
The latest on the big names that went down with injuries in Week 14, including Andy Dalton:
Bengals coach Marvin Lewis says Andy Dalton will be out next week after suffering a fracture in his hand.
Injuries have plagued my fantasy team this season. Here's a list:. 1. Jamaal Charles. 2. Marshawn Lynch. 3. Jimmy Graham. 4. Andy Dalton
Take away Darquez Dennard, Adam Jones, George Iloka, half of Burfict, Andy Dalton, Tyler Eifert, and Jake Fisher, then the steelers can win
Andy Dalton has never been this appreciated in Cincinnati.
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It's still early and there are injuries all over the place. Andy Dalton, Tyler Eifert, Jonathan Stewart, Spencer Ware, Greg Olsen, C Clay
Looks like Andy Dalton was giving AJ McCarron tips at halftime
Andy Dalton is clearly in some kind of rip van winkle scenario
WATCH: Andy Dalton ruled out with thumb injury after throwing an interception vs. Steelers
First Luck, then Mark Ingram, and now Andy Dalton...idk how I'm gonna bounce back but I'll figure it out. I'll win that championship. Bet.
Arian Foster, Rishard Mathews, Mark Ingram, now Andy Dalton? Who's next?!?! My fantasy team is screwed
Move over Andy Dalton. There's a new sheriff in town.
first Romo, then Arian Foster, then Leveon Bell, now Andy Dalton. Lol wow
Andy Dalton, Tyler Eifert, George Iloka and Vontaze Burfict all hurt for the Bengals.
Andy Dalton is out...It's a Christmas miracle for Bengals fans
Andy Dalton out for the game. Dang:(
INJURY UPDATE: Andy Dalton has been downgraded to out
Andy Dalton was tired of all the Andy Dalton jokes so he's got a new name. (via
on another team, Football Experts: This Week 14 who should I start at QB: Andy Dalton, Ryan Fitzpatrick?
In Week 2 Andy Dalton threw for 214 yds, 3 TDs, 0 INTs. Resulting in a QB Rating of 126.12 vs the
Andy Dalton / Bengals, Steelers pass catchers have put up gaudy numbers
Andy Dalton achieves a very rare feat, for now
Andy Dalton finished 1st in week 3 Passing Yds with 383 Yds.
and im also pretty sure Andy Dalton used to bully *** kids in middle school.
That Andy dalton thing is so funny 😂
what if the Bengals gave up on Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton? They wouldn't be where they are now. I can guarantee you that.
I know, that Marvin Lewis-Andy Dalton playoff narrative that actually seems to be more than just a narrative
Hue Jackson. Man turned Andy Dalton into a god this season lol
Top 4 in QB Rating: Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer, Russell Wilson, Tyrod Taylor. What were the preseason Vegas odds on that?
Matt Staford is the poor mans Andy Dalton.
Andy Dalton now has 12 career games with both a Rush TD & Pass TD. Only Cam Newton has more since 2011 (30).
Andy Dalton and AJ Green are bending the Browns over
Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, and Peyton Manning on one end, Derek Carr, Andy Dalton, Josh McCown on the other
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