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Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen is an American television executive, host, and author. As of 2012, he is the Executive Vice President of Development and Talent at the Bravo cable television network, a subsidiary of NBC Universal.

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Andy Cohen to Replace Kathy Griffin on CNN New Year's Eve Celebration CNN has found a new partner for Anderson Coo…
Andy Cohen will replace Kathy Griffin on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show
Andy Cohen to replace Kathy Griffin for CNN New Year's Eve special
Anderson Cooper will co-host its New Year's Eve celebration teamed with Andy Cohen
Honestly Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen, and Lizzie McGuire is my dream NYE lineup but I won't get my hopes up since o…
Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen to Co-Host CNN’s New Year’s Eve Celebration We'll have a really *** New Year!
Oh man -- and brought Andy Cohen on to discuss the Ivana /Melanie story. Bc we now live in a Real Hous…
I want Kelly Ripa, Anderson Cooper, and Andy Cohen to host a talk show together
Andy Cohen's Instagram story of watching Woody Allen & Selena Gomez film on his street is already better than whatever the final cut is
Andy Cohen said he's about had it w *** accusations about the men of Housewives. Those accusers…
Andy Cohen is all fun and games until he talks NORTH KOREA!!
Here’s what Cohen and had to say about Benjy infamous *** pic -
who does ur research RHOA is ANDY COHEN NOT Mona Scott Norman needs to get on the job happens too much
(2) and Andy Cohen, not is associated with RHOA, I know it's Monday but come on get your facts right
Andy Cohen: Have you ever kissed co-star Liam Hemsworth when the cameras weren’t rolling?. Jennifer Lawrence: Liam…
If anyone deserves some R&R, it's new parents Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk. The couple joined Andy Cohen,...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Wrong producer is produced by Cohen. is is not Joseline.
googling shirtless photos of Andy Cohen early on a Monday morning so it can really only get better from here
GM! Mr. Cohen do you have the unedited cut of the NYHW Brooklyn Lunch gathering! was very enter…
. The FOMO is real, folks. Some of your favorite A-listers have joined forces for the ultimate s……
I ♡ Cohen + his dog Wacha are bringing joy to classrooms! Thanks so much.🐶🐕 via
"The vibe at this reunion is a little different..."
The ☀️ side to Sunday coming to an end? There’s an all-new Cohen Live tomorrow from 10a with he hilarious
The WWHL host is friendcation goals with Anderson Cooper.
I feel like Andy Cohen is an older version of Josh Peck 😮😊
Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Are Best Friend Goals While on Vacation in Bora Bora via
I may sound extra, but I'm tried of seeing a white man host reunions for a predominately black cast 🙂🙂🙂🙂 I can do without Andy Cohen
Finished the audiobook for Superficial by today and I am so sad that he is done with the Andy Cohen diaries. So enjoyable!
I can't wait for Andy Cohen to host the four-part reunion show after the series finale of trump's presidency
Jane Krakowski + to appear on the June 20 Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.
Andy Cohen made VHS copies of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's sex tape and gave it to all his friends for Christmas that year. SO SWEET! 😂❤️
Update your maps at Navteq
Andy Cohen was at Groundhog Day in row N side orchestra seats with TKTS ticket holders. Guess he's not as big of a celebrity as he thinks.💅🏾
Are we gonna have a conservative Andy Cohen on our hands here!?? Love it! Josh, message me if you ca…
Jeezus. How much attention does Andy Cohen need? Are you that scared to live off camer…
Late Night Video: Andy Cohen asks Sarah Jessica Parker what is was like to kiss former boyfriend JFK Jr.
.Cohen: Bringing dogs into classrooms changes the lives of the students involved.
Hardcore missing watching the Andy Cohen show and real housewives with my mom tonight
Andy Cohen has an attitude never met the genius but it's sure he's totally different off camera probably bougie and stuck up
Andy Cohen yeah he should have trained comedians then can't even see Andy hosting Love Connection he's a heart breaker
Andy Cohen is such a heart breaker . not because he's *** but because he's a fraud too he might as well be an informant or somethAng
Eeeww why is Andy Cohen hosting Connection on It's sure the lunatics will hijack their crazy donkey wives are maniacs too
Your "special corresp" may b right. There is a bestie forever connection of O'Connel, Ripa, AC & Andy Cohen. O'Connel has nrg
"Is this Survivor?" Andy Cohen asks in the historic 4-part RHOA reunion. Here's my look at how we got here: .
Andy Cohen is messy and has all the tea. I love him. That is all.
The last thing I wanna do is see Andy Cohen get more exposure by being the token dating game host.
Chuck is the love Doctor Andy Cohen didn't realize Andy was so darn messy reality TV is so ghetto but entertaining like Fake news
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Oh Andy Cohen secret agent it's about time you host somethAng meaningful it's probably fake reality TV there's only ☝ Guru
Porsha needs a Mona Scott-Young check...not a Andy Cohen check. She's clearly built for one show and it's not the one she's on now.
Cohen. Hey Andy I was the one that went to Grand Lake yelling out my car window for PUMP PUMP WHERE ARE YOU?? Love that show
you were priceless on Andy Cohen's tonight! Looove you!
Porsha is ON Dish Nation. She's funny, witty, bright, and gorgeous. Not like Andy Cohen's mess of a show.
NeNe can come on Andy Cohen show and hold it down BY HERSELF , every time 😍😍🙌🏽
(INTERVIEW) Ricky Martin and Andy Cohen on Sirius XM | Vegas Residency (... vía
Andy takes it old school with a fresh batch of episodes of Cohen's
Andy Cohen was childish for entertaining Kenya remark on Porsha looking like Elvis 😂😭😂😂
My new career goal is to be a real housewife I just want Andy cohen to interview me
Andy Cohen if you stretch another 2 episode reunion into 4 parts again, I will find and slap you! Don't do this with crap w/ Potomac!!
Andy Cohen needs to let Wendy Williams moderate a Reunion some point, that would be entertaining.
Andy Cohen gets away with showcasing black women at their worst because he's cisgay
An open letter to Andy Cohen: We need to talk about homophobia # via
You stories on the show are really boring,all center around your self. I wouldn't be surpirsed if Mark r…
Hamilton Collection
You remind me of a younger, funnier Andy Cohen. I just know you will find your niche. ☺
Lemme tell you something. Shonda Rhimes, Mona Scott, Kris Jenner, and Andy Cohen have the recipe!
Andy Cohen, for the last 2 weeks, has pulled a for TV viewers. .
Andy Cohen can take this 4 part BS somewhere else 😒
So, you mean to tell me, it has taken FOUR parts to this stupid *** reunion to get to this BS!!?!? Andy Cohen Sit yo *** down
"I'm shocked," Andy Cohen says, gleefully imagining the ratings and dragging out the reunion for this moment.
Has anyone started a petition addressed to Andy cohen about kicking Phaedra & porsha off the show? Bc my pen READY
I agree these women are showing no class I fail Andy Cohen for being so messy This st…
Love Andy Cohen but he is too busy.
I hate Andy Cohen. He is messy as *** He don't care about these woman. He just wants 2 exploit the f*** outta them.
Andy Cohen must have kids to feed at home or something. More jobs than a Jamaican father.
Andy Cohen is well overdue for an Emmy. is magic.
I really need Andy Cohen to holla at me if he ever wants to be with a woman, I love him 😩
Andy Cohen is on his way to Ryan Seacrest money.
Andy Cohen better get ALL those coins 💰💰💰
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Andy Cohen is my *** cousin who makes sure I don't drunk text my ex.
IDK. I feel like Andy Cohen hosting that is a miss. You need somebody messy, but not corny.
Oh how I’d love to see black *** men get as much tv success as Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper
Okay but Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.why is this not a thing?!?
Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen are coming to providence!!
Last month, Karen and I attended an event called “An Intimate Evening with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen: Deep...
Sorry, nothing can redeem Andy Cohen in my eyes, for ripping off 'Andy Warhol Diaries'…
Andy Cohen is helping the model get back in the dating game.
Win more Free AC2 Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen tickets all day on WLBC's Live Line with Kim Morris & Simon! 289-WLB…
Zosia Mamet and Patrick Wilson in the Bravo Clubhouse with Andy Cohen. (September 8, 2014)
Andy Cohen grills Rita Ora about exes Calvin Harris and Rob Kardashian — plus, Taylor Swift: "Can we not go there?!…
Real Housewives of Atlanta have Andy Cohen and we have April Ross. Wishing our host a very Happy Birthday.
Listen to Wepecket Radio for free on Spotify: Jim McGrath, Andy Cohen, Alex Smith, Deb Fisher, Flynn Cohen, more..
Andy Cohen looks like Dan Akroyd on an old Saturday Night Live episode from 1978. De ja vu
tonight? You know I've yet to go to cobalt on a Thursday night. Aaron went and he met Andy Cohen recently
Mike Darnell, Mike Fleiss, Andy Cohen: More on reality TV's axis of awesome teaming up to revive
Andy Cohen will host revival of the show 'Love Connection,' w/Mike Fleiss ('The Bachelor') as EP. Coming this summer
Dear lord, Andy Cohen is going to host a new One of the EPs will be Mike "Joe Millionaire" Darnell.
.is remaking this summer from producer Mike Fleiss, with host Andy Cohen.
Andy Cohen to host "Love Connection" revival for Fox. 15 eps ordered from EP Mike Fleiss
And that's not all... we're also seeing Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen in convo.
THANKS EW! Andy Cohen is not high on 'Watch What Happens Live' via
We had the best time tonight with Andy Cohen and Thomas Canestraro and Sean Alexander and we really hope you...
Andy Cohen made a scary discovery thanks to some nudging from Kelly Ripa.
Andy Cohen has the juiciest story about TSwift shading Katy Perry
I've really hung in there with my BlackBerry. The main reason I like it...
Andy Cohen reveals skin cancer diagnosis on "Live with Kelly" via
Andy Cohen Says He's Been Diagnosed With Skin Cancer. See how a good friend made him get tested. Watch your spots!…
Andy Cohen reveals he was diagnosed with skin cancer via
Self-described ‘tanorexic’ Andy Cohen reveals he has skin cancer
Andy Cohen thanks Kelly Ripa in early diagnosis
Self-described 'tanorexic' Andy Cohen reveals he has skin cancer
That time told Cohen to get a skin cancer check— was diagnosed with skin cancer!…
A fun night listening to Andy Cohen and Dave Holmes @ Skip Viragh Center for the…
So excited for Andy Cohen and Dave Holmes! (@ Chaminade College Prep in St. Louis, MO)
This week on guy gets *** waxed,Ellis talks about guys blowing him, Kathy Griffin and Andy Cohen . I don't think this is for me.
Glad is standing up to Andy Cohen. Gr8 to c him every morning on GMA nsted of an hour of "All Kelly"
benefit, Cohen, and more in our LGBT Atlanta Best Bets calendar!…
to at the See him w/ in conversation this Sunday. Tix still avail…
Join us for a video speaker broadcast featuring ANDY COHEN!. Thursday, Nov. 17. 4pm - 5pm. Marian Barefoot Room
I just signed this petition. Madonna on WWHL with Andy Cohen via
he's tired of her already but she was on Andy Cohen other night and she said they're working it out The show is scripted
Andy Cohen recalls awkwardly bringing up Katy Perry to Taylor Swift in new book
Andy Cohen is thinking about become a dad
Please follow me. follow accounts who love idols. follow back 100%. Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Love how confessional you are here in this new book "Wow, I feel lonely and this doesn’t feel good."
This explains why Carole "I Have No Storyline" Radziwill has been invited back to for season 9
In his new book, Cohen talks about how he fueled "the feud" between and Jennifer Lopez:…
Have you checked this out? Read our latest JScoop News & Support the J TODAY, Give Miami Day
Cohen and team up to bring SUPERFICIAL to tonight at 730! Get on the waitlist:…
In addition to protecting the Hudson, we help protect the drinking water for 9 million NYers. Just ask Cohen.…
Andy Cohen has revealed Taylor Swift immaturely shaded Katy Perry while at the Met Gala. Maybe she's upset Katy has a h…
When Andy Cohen actually writes a useful book that's good - let me know, I'll buy it. Until then I'll wait.
Speaker broadcast of Andy Cohen, Emmy and Peabody Award Winner, and New York Times best-selling author. LAC - Rm 16…
About that time Andy Cohen sent Kelly Ripa a *** pic...
I'm starting to agree with you on Stern channel 100, guests this week: Jason Ellis, Kathy Griffin and Andy Cohen. Horrible.
sorry Andy Cohen. Thank u. My Holy Spirit told me u would come. But I hear New York souls calling me and God.
Andy Cohen to appear Nov. 25 on KMOX with Charlie Brennan
It's been a crazy good week. Interviewed Trevor Noah, Heidi Klum, Elton John, and Jeffrey Tambor, Steve Tisch and Andy Cohen.
Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez!! They did an amazing job MCing the Awards Gala!!…
The Real Housewives of New Jersey star stopped by Watch What Happens Live on Sunday and told host Andy Cohen and fellow gue…
New Releases in Television. Superficial: More Adventures from the An... by Andy Cohen .
Mario Lopez & Andy Cohen just said they want to quit their jobs & come work for Rodan+Fields! AMAZING! Best company…
.on Star studded gala with Andy Cohen, Mario Lopez & Meghan Trainor! How we celebrate at…
"I think we're going to quit our jobs and go work for Rodan + Fields". - Andy Cohen & Mario Lopez.
Wow! Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez and the amazing aerialists!!
Enjoying my last night of my Hosts Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez!! Fun night.
Mario Lopez and Andy Cohen playing Plead the Fifth at 😂 @ MGM Grand Garden Arena
We are having so much fun! Mario Lopez & Andy Cohen are killing it! This is like the Oscars but way way more FUN!...
Reminds me of a show I watch RHONY?&even more so of the 3 part reunions with Andy Cohen LOL…
"He's going to get eaten alive in there, he's going to come out with bite marks" -Andy Cohen on sending Mario into the crowd
Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez are in the house! @ MGM…
The R+F party has started!!! Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez are the Masters of…
Just hanging out with Mario Lopez, Andy Cohen, and will be ending the night dancing and singing…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Hanging out with Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez at our gala!
THE Red Dress is getting down with Andy Cohen, Mario Lopez, & Meghan…
Sooo when Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez are our hosts and Meghan Trainor is our musical guest...…
I may not be able to watch Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez in person in…
So Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez are here tonight to celebrate with us! so …
Mr. Cohen and killing it at the tonight! ♥️
What an RF event!! Mario Lopez and Andy Cohen in the house!!!
Gala event hosted by Mario Lopez and Andy Cohen!! .
Seriously! and Andy Cohen hosting the RF Awards Gala!!! Jackpot! And I'm a part of this!
Andy Cohen is in search of the Real House Wives of Rodan + Fields!!
Sat night hanging in vegas w Mario Lopez and andy cohen
Pre-Gala VIP red carpet event! Ready for more awesome announcements, Mario Lopez, Andy Cohen and Meagan Trainor!
My moms chillen in Las Vegas at an event for her skin care line, with Meghan Trainor, Mario Lopez & Andy Cohen... 😫😍😫
We are having so much fun in Vegas! Celebrating before the Gala. Can't wait to see Mario Lopez, Andy Cohen &...
I'd bet Andy Cohen has grab men like that because, you know, he's Andy Cohen, gossip girl. Like Perez Hilton, only tackier
loads of you guys have been asking, here is my phone background, thank you ❤️ - Andy
I saw u brag on Andy Cohen that u did "straight news". I think you meant straight tabloid news.
Gala-ready, Vegas style!! We are a bit excited for Mario Lopez, Andy Cohen, and Meghan Trainor! Eek!
Until next time. Last night's final performance of the Andy Cohen musical was bittersweet and I love you all.…
Anderson Cooper fake and phony and hangs with pigs is Kathy Griffin Andy Cohen
Fox News blocked Andy Cohen! Wow! God forbid you stream other opinions outside your own. We love Andy!!!
Look who has arrived in Las Vegas!! Our emcee tonight, along with Andy Cohen and we will dance…
But Bravo (Andy Cohen) loves Hillary! He, like so many Jews, are so confused-or maybe they hate Jews & *** Why??…
Rodan + Fields is the fastest growing premium skincare company in the U.S! Andy Cohen, Mario…
Getting my Amy Cuddy power pose on!. What's next?! Celebrating with Mario Lopez, Andy Cohen &…
Andy Cohen has been unblocked by Fox News. Social media is awesome.
The best interviewers: Charlie Rose, Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams. I never watch their interviews say "why didn't they ask about _"
Andy Cohen should moderate debates. He used to work at CNN he has the background to do it!
If Trump is faking to throw the election for Hillary, Sacha Baron Cohen and Andy Kaufman's ghost should offer him a beej…
Andy Cohen said yes to Donald Trump on DWTS.
Seriously Are you afraid of Andy Cohen? What's going on over there? Love him!
Andy Cohen, any of the real housewives :)
Andy Cohen is an openly *** man, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, and the top executive producer at Bravo...
Kim Kardashian told Andy Cohen the story behind her stolen diamond ring days before the robbery…
Tomorrow night will be an all time low in US History. Maybe Andy Cohen should host!!
Lupita and David were just on Andy Cohen's show and I loved them! They are so cool!
I think Andy Cohen has he creds after all those Real Housewives Reunions.
This feels like a Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, where's Andy Cohen at?
real housewives of New Jersey gives me life. and if you don't agree, Andy Cohen will sue you
love Andy Cohen and Kelly together! I would watch everyday w as cohost
Kelly rippa would never pick Andy Cohen as a co-host for more than a day because he has more personality than her. + he's nicer
Chuck Berry wants you back. Andy Cohen wants you back. AB wants you back. And Mayor Francis Slay want you back (la la la la)
Andy Cohen on coming out at 22: 'I didn't think my friends would accept me': . .
Andy Cohen will host Bravo's new awards show
Complaint on behalf of Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick & Andy Cohen: "The Village has become less Village-y"
.& Andy Cohen (joins to talk about their upcoming appearance in Austin! - .
This job is neat! We got to talk to Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper! Listen to the interview here.
"My first *** bar": Rachel Maddow, Andy Cohen and others share their coming-out stories
Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen uncensored in Austin - Dan's got the info on their Saturday night antics
Andy Cohen on Live w Kelly said he knows it's summer because he can smell dog poop on the street. NYC needs:
Kelly Ripa is thrilled as she shares silly Instagram photo alongside dream Live! co-host Andy Cohen
Anderson Cooper on New Orleans, ‘the greatest city in America,’ his live show with Andy Cohen and his new memoir
Donald Trump interview with Megyn Kelly and Mariah on Andy Cohen! Good tv night
"I feel like I should flip a table or something." - Joe Mantello on The Humans panel moderated by Andy Cohen
Megan Kelly on Watch What Happens Live. Class act. Andy Cohen has been a perfect gentleman.
Get excited: Andy Cohen is joining Live!. But wait, before you get too excited, the Watch What Happens Live! ...
Customer: racist remark. Me: I feel the same way about white *** that's so funny! Can't tell Andy Cohen from Anderson Cooper.Y'all lookalike
If real housewives is bad, what does that make Andy Cohen?
Cohen is such an annoying try hard during Reunions. Stick to asking the questions, and leave the drama to the ladies.
Andy Cohen would be good. But I don't think there's room there for Ripa's and Andy's egos.
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Can't take credit for this- why not call it Kelly & Friends? Mario, Anderson, NPH, Andy Cohen rotate as co-hosts. 📺
Jeffery is the Andy Cohen of The Voice. If he says you're in, you're in
Andy Cohen's on Jimmy Fallon's tonight show? I have to see that!
Congrats on your new podcast.Miss you on MTP. We all miss Tim.😂 Enjoyed Sam Harris & Andy Cohen interview. subscribed 😎
Watch Bravo's Andy Cohen make Dolly Parton blush in this...
Watch Bravo’s Andy Cohen make Dolly Parton blush in this brand new interview
why is your name on the schedule for Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live? I tune in and you aren't there. Oh I see.
Thank you Andy for your support! Listen to Andy Cohen's Live Lotus Elixirs Read On SiriusXM
I'm sorry THIS is amazing & out of all the mad hatters is killin' it as shady O'Cohen in that amazing hat 😘
The sexiest Instagram snaps of the week: Stars from NeNe Leakes to Andy Cohen to Kendra Wilkinson show off th...
Thanks 2 4 posting this fab pic of & at my new show Trans-Jester, now through June!
All the guys hosting with Kelly next two weeks aren't what I expect to see as a host. Maybe Andy Cohen but that's it. Also why no ladies?
Singer Meghan Trainor talks to Andy Cohen about the unauthorized photoshopping that was in her new “Me Too” music...
Amy Sedaris makes me laugh harder than anybody.
A taste of the Town Hall with The full interview airs at 4 pm ET this Friday https:…
let's be honest though, Andy Cohen isn't always correct. Just look at the disaster cast of season 6.
.Cohen's mom does NOT hold back when commenting on his projects...
For an interesting look at another investor, check out.
watching you on Andy Cohen. Simply beautiful! Love you in everything you do but Angela has a special place! Mwah!
Playlist: Jon Cohen: Photo by Andy Cozier; courtesy of the One Man Band Festival Jon Cohen, an ex-member of the…
My brother styling. He's on the housewives of NYC & Sarah recognized him at Andy Cohen's after party http…
who knew Andy Cohen is so freaking FIT. Im a little shocked 😱
.kinda miss Laureen Harper about now. Andy Cohen once said the B-list stars always demand lots of bodyguards.
There's Andy Cohen ratchet and then there's Mona Scott ratchet
.Cohen blamed Jimmy's dog's poop smell on
Airing at 4 p.m. today! Andy Cohen, fans interview Dolly Parton for SiriusXM show
The first contestant on this season is a famous talk show host and radio show host, please welcome Andy Cohen!
Hey folks, if you're around a tv I'll be on Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live" w/my buddy, tonigh…
Can't wait! Get a sneak peek at the Town Hall here:
Andy Cohen thought Cameron Diaz pooped her pants...but that's not *quite* what happened:
Would love to see Andy Cohen, Jimmy Fallon, maybe even Elizabeth Berkley again.
Andy Cohen opened up about the reunion drama
People are sooo tired watching on Live Kelly n Michael. People want to see Josh Groban and Andy Cohen. Make this SHOW GREAT !
Andy Cohen and Sarah Jessica Parker = friends with benefits?!
Andy Cohen's friendships with Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa, and SJP...friendship goals.
Report: Kelly Ripa could leave 'Live!' if Anderson Cooper or Andy Cohen doesn't join What a lady tramps we see it hm
Here are the 10 best candidates to cohost 'Live' with Kelly Ripa when Michael Strahan leaves I vote for Andy Cohen
Worked with Tia Mowry today...falls in line with nicest celebrities I interacted with as well as Kelly Ripa and Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen expects Michael to be Kelly's sidekick forever.Making 5X less money.
'Her refusal to come into work was a negotiation tactic recommended by pal Andy Cohen.'
Kelly Ripa's BFF Andy Cohen thinks Michael Strahan is crazy to leave Live! for GMA
Kelly Ripa may quit Live unless Andy Cohen or Anderson Cooper sign on to co-host:
besides Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen who obviously want michaels spot now? I mean good grief! Your audience isn’t as dumb as you think andy
I'd do unspeakable things to get tickets to see an Intimate Evening With Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen successfully squashes nationwide revolt over casting National Guard returns to base
Will Kelly Ripa only stay on LIVE! if her new co-host is Anderson Cooper or Andy Cohen? Details tonight on
Josh Groban, Seth Meyers, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen to Fill in as Kelly Ripa's Live! Co-Host
NY go see this show! with repostapp. ・・・. My musical tale of Andy Cohen and…
Dallas and Potomac are not Andy Cohen production and I can tell. I think he and Scott Dunlop are two of a kind at this.
The face Mike Epps made when Andy Cohen told him the Feds watch the show after saying he smoked with Snoop Dogg.
Someone from Nicki's camp leaked it n revenge for Iggy Azalea taking shots @ Nicki Minaj on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live" last week
Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen dish on the Judds, Nick Jonas, David Beckham, love, sex,...
Loretta Lynn on WWHL with Andy Cohen - Dishing on Elvis Presley!
also, she was on Andy Cohen's show; he asked her about Mike, and she said, "Oh, I know *too* much..."
Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen @ Arlington Theatre: The media giants share conversation and friendship with AC²:…
Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen will be in my city on March 12. I want to go, but these ticket prices are $350 a piece! Nothing cheaper!
I ship Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper so hard
Andy Cohen touts touring show with pal Anderson Cooper...
Would be so dope if bit off Andy Cohen's and did after show w/ actual Marcia Clark, Cochran, Shapiro, etc.
“The key is using the power of design to make a better world" -Andy Cohen of
Panelist on AC360 post-group cheer for black woman praising Bernie:"That doesn't look like the audience for Anderson Cooper, but Andy Cohen"
oh he had a major fallout with Andy Cohen over the nola season.
Teresa Giudice to unload an emotional interview with Andy Cohen — why Joe may not show:
All I ever wanted was to be Andy Cohen and Kim Richard's love secret love child.
It's become it's own reality show. Andy Cohen will have them on 'Watch What Happens Live'. Karl Rove can tend the bar.
Chris Harrison stop trying to be Andy Cohen , it's ridiculus
well look at that Andy Cohen is taking over Jane Lynch for celebrity game night New Years Eve with John Stamos and Bob Saget
I can't believe that Andy Cohen is pretending to be Jane Lynch like a celebrity game
Tonight ring in the New Year with Kathy Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb, Andy Cohen and Carson Daly
(3) Omar Kelly and Miko Grimes will sign on with Andy Cohen and Bravo ...
Mark Shrayber on Andy Cohen's couch is really all I want out of this wretched life.
Andy Cohen: My ears are full of silicon! Getting fitted for special ear pieces so I can…
Andy Cohen bans Lala Kent & James Kennedy from after sloppy, drunk appearance: "It was gross!"
Sits at Andy Cohen and Anderson Coopers table once
ICYMI: Claudia Jordan Shades the heck outta Andy Cohen and Ricky Smiley! LMAO.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Ooh, how fun! Andy Cohen is hosting a live episode of Hollywood Game Night for New Year's on NBC's New Year's Eve!
I wanna take Andy Cohen out on a proper date.
I'm pumped for Andy Cohen's new series. His story of covering the OKC bombing for CBS news in his book was so good.
Aww thanks for the response Mr. Cohen! ♡
H. You're Andy can wear PJs if you want. lol
Sad! reveals how her illness played a part in her divorce on
Dan Rather talks bourbon and badly behaved housewives with Andy Cohen
I'm sorry but how is Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live seen airing?
I added a video to a playlist Bumbler by Andy G. Cohen - Happy Instrumental Music
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