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Andy Carrol

Andrew Thomas Carroll (born 6 January 1989) is an English footballer who plays for Premier League club Liverpool and the England national team as a striker.

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I thought about Andy Carrol too. But he is very injury prone. And would like to see him more fit first
mine and granddad thinks Andy Carrol is better because he is aggressive!
Andy Carrol loves a bit of Swansea tho ;)!? Hatrick?
When I captained Giroud in xmas (RC) or decided to Triple Captained Andy Carrol in last seasons DGW.After reading t…
it must be to make Andy Carrol look good
No way, them 2 are behind Andy Carrol 😂
If Spurs had any sense they would go in for Andy Carrol
Come to think of it Fellaini should just go to West Ham, he will replace Andy Carrol who cant seem to stay...
he had inform Milner lb and zabaleta rb and Andy Carrol up top
definitely agree Chris, the way we lost rather than fact we lost. Hopefully we can pick our selves up for the Andy Carrol show
yeah, I rather Payet score than that muppet Andy carrol!
Andy Carrol who spends 75% of each season injured? Exactly why it seems plausible.. if it wasnt from the Daily Dtar
Andy Carrol will have fun if your not on it from set pieces. Lol
Cant wait to play West Ham, Andy Carrol hat-rick of bullet headers
Off to watch the annual resurrection of Andy Carrol career. Guaranteed to get at least one
can't score against us yet Andy Carrol can we all know who's better out the two of them
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⚽️Payet, Noble , Ogbonna and Musuaku had an evening to forget. Good to Andy Carrol Back COYI
Constants every season for arsenal - Andy Carrol goal, knock out of efl/carling cup by Southampton
is this the West Ham v Arsenal game or the Andy Carrol diaries
Wah! Andy Carrol celebrated as if his goal was relevant 😂😂😂😂
I still can't believe Liverpool paid 40m for Andy Carrol. Biggest joke ever
One of the funniest things I heard today, was Andy Carrol being referred to as a secret weapon.
Can anyone explain to me how Andy Carrol bent down that low to head that in wasn't the ball at knee height
Literally the entire game the commentators are talking about Andy Carrol... Meanwhile, Arsenal won 5-1...
Great to see that Andy Carrol score on his return. On a side note, West Ham lost the game 5-1.
he has a pony tail, he is the holy grail, we've got Andy Carrol
Andy Carrol shoulda respected himself...he brought more ruin to his team with that goal, was like, 'what arrant nonsense'.
We've hammered 🔨 the hammers. Impressive performance , and we've scored the 2nd goal just before Andy Carrol came on!!!
Some things never change - and that is Andy Carrol scoring against Arsenal FC
Andy Carrol is gonna score so many in the championship, can't wait!
Andy Carrol scored on a header from about 6 yards out and within the next minute, Oxlade-Chamberlin scored
The announcers have said "Andy Carrol" 48000 times. While Alexis has an assist and a Goal. Screw that ponytail boy. 2-0
Andy Carrol has managed to score with his head at knee height. Sick of this guy.
Forget Fletcher, with Payet's quality of corners, just leave Andy Carrol in an easy chair in United's 18 yard box!
Andy Carrol and Kevin Nolan announce retirement from International football
So much for Levy being a hard bargainer though. Guess he got a taste of his own medicine. 30m for Sissoko? That's like 35m for Andy Carrol!
this happened a lot in Premier League, i remember Andy Carrol scored two goals and bum to the national team
vernin out of europe and apparently the reason Andy Carrol is out for 6 weeks due to him taking part in the para Olympics
All the big teams are strengthening..Even Everton.. And you think you can carry on with Enner Valencia and Andy Carrol..etc
so true, typical panic buy that is, made me remember when we brought Andy Carrol
Rashford dropped to U21. Then Andy Carrol comes in to the England Setup. Big Sam logic 😒
That guy looks like the woman version of Andy Carrol
You could say the same thing about Andy Carrol...
you support Arsenal and you call Andy Carrol a fraud you're whole squad is full of frauds
We have an injured Andy Carrol anyways🙄
Andy Carrol is out for a month again! Jesus, players are not made of stern stuff these days!
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These days any injury news on andy carrol z jus news
Don't know what's funnier: Andy Carrol saying he's a "20 goal man" or the BBC's eagerness to point out he's not.
They are missing England's Giroud Andy Carrol and that set-piece man Payet, Whu will nick dis
The finishing prowess of Andy Carrol? Jesus Christ I've heard it all now
FootballliveNG Guten Abend Guys,With Andy Carrol, Andre Ayew, Dimitri Payet and Fangouli out,WestHam will surely at all 3points
With Andy Carrol and Andre Ayew both out injured, will West Ham get the taxpayer to buy them a new striker?
actually Andy Carrol was a great striker. Its because he plagued by injuries thats why he a little bit slow now.But he struggle now
Andy Carrol has been ruled out for about 5 weeks. Is he made of glass or something?
you are a fan? Short memory! Andy Carrol v Les Ferdinand? Les as good in the air and overall better player!
Love Andy Carrol gutted for him but surely he has to retire now
Where's the constant repeats of Andy Carrol holding his head when Azpilicueta didn't touch him at all. Got away with that Dive.
We just need to cut our loses with andy carrol its beyond a joke now
you Don win, my striker out for 6weeks. Andy carrol
Andy Carrol injured again? Great player WHEN fit but ultimately a huge liability
he's never going to be able to hold the ball up or win it in the air. With the Ox and Walcott out wide we need an Andy Carrol type
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I wonder what the line-up going to be... There was a rumour going a round about Andy Carrol being Injured
After VsSouthampton game,I realised that Andy Carrol doesn't look like & definitely doesn't score like
not even close to kun.ibra is just like Andy carrol with a character
Still not extremely impressed with Zlatan. Swedish Andy Carrol to me. But Pogba looks like a level above everyone else. Top signing.
Arsenal made Andy Carrol look like Suarez, Coutinho look like Ronaldo & might make Ahmed Musa look like Messi.
Asked an english customer about andy carrol he just doesnt understand
"Andy Carrol, he's big, fast, strong and a rocket shot"...
They called him Andy Carrol. Overrated and all that but are now screaming his name!!😀😀 He's ZLATAN
Arsene Wenger is majority of times criticized for refusing to throw 35M for a Andy Carrol or 50M for one season wonders!
Ha ha. We'll throw in Nolito as well, trade him for Andy Carrol.
Taking a punt on Andy Carrol for Super Sunday at 57p.
Big sam plays Andy carrol and he's a long ball merchant, super-slav does the same,tactical genius 🤔
Remember a certain Andy Carrol who couldn't even make the England squad ? Liverpool bought him for €35 bruh..
Andy Carrol in a jet pack would not have got near that Harry Kane free kick
ur gonna make a profit on Andy Carrol?
your club record signing is Andy Carrol
Bad squad selection poor tatics and no plan b no different striker ala Andy carrol when we need a goal
Andy Carrol 2.0 Sadio Mane for 34 million. This ends in tears I'm afraid. Not getting my hopes up for the inevitable dissapointment
Andy Carrol mate. They were on about taking championship players cos they are more passionate. Ridiculous...
Sadio Mane becomes the third most expensive Liverpool signing after Andy Carrol and Christian Benteke.
wee Joe has a radar-like brain and can pick players like Andy Carrol and Iago Asha's out from anywhere on the planet
been saying that since the squad was announced chap. Plus Andy Carrol for plan b
get Lee Cattermole in CM, Scott Dann and Ryan Shawcross CB's and Andy Carrol up top
Ryan Babel, Andy Carrol, Dirk Kuyt. They're not afraid to spend big bucks of duds that lot
Liverpool complete deal to sign Sadio Mane for £34m. Another Andy Carrol and Benteke?
Andy carrol should have been considered for his power in the air and his size
Mark noble, aaron cresswell, andy carrol which could help england for plan B. All didnt make it, while they more deserved to be on the plane
I still don't understand why we didn't take andy Carrol ahead of Ross Barkley
u don't play your best XI in tournament football. u play your players that are in form. drinkwater, and andy carrol would've made a diff
best example: Take Andy Carrol. He's the best English target man. He provides a genuine alternative but Roy bought into
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open your window, hear the song on the breeze, that beautiful truth drifting in: "WHY DIDNT WE TAKE ANDY CARROL YOU SOFT TW…
Roy's loyalty to certain players his cost him dear😪. I would of stuck Rashford on earlier and taken Andy Carrol⚽️. Jack Wilshire a joke 😪
Everyone Runs on about the no 10 role and the best no 10's- we have 5 in the England squad and I would have swapped them all for Andy Carrol
Why didnt we bring mark noble or andy carrol to the euros would of been a good game for them to play in
We're doomed !!! I would of had Andy Carrol on the bench 👍
crying out for Andy Carrol.plan b ..mix it up !!! Play to our strengths so poor 😱
Andy Carrol would of caused problems this tournament
Defo Drinkwater, Townsend for wing play also and Andy Carrol if I needed someone big and strong as a plan B.
Kermit Erasmus can't wait to c u competing with Andy Carrol for top goal score
Liverpool changed the game, when they paid 30 for Andy Carrol the Prem got excited
Andy Carrol is the Mitchell Johnson of the football world
I was proper bemused by Andy Carrol's hair yesterday lol. Do your thing though g
If you remember the price of Andy Carrol, this is reasonable
Bilic: Consistency will see Carroll play for England at Euro 2016: By SoccerNews Andy Carrol...
I'm so very happy we didn't get Memphis Depay. He'll be like a cross between Raheem Sterling, Ravel Morrison and Andy Carrol.
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A lot Has Changed, AI.: Paying homage to Andy IronsWords by Nick Carrol .  . Image: DJ Struntz.  . Some of us here...
Rudy - anyone who has seen Andy Carrol play will know you need more than height to be a premier league player
If Hodgson calls up Andy Carrol then I give up.
Just seen Andy Carrol on Watfords first goal 🙈😂
Andy carrol: at fault for first goal for being an *** AND then guilty of awful miscontrol that he tried to rectify with a shameful dive.
was Andy Carrol doing that lead to the Watford goal?
That's Andy Carrol skill just made my day, LFC PAID £35m lol
LMAO. Andy Carrol has no ability to his game other than heading the ball. . Fella looks a mess when having the ball at feet .
Andy Carrol, from scoring the winner against Chelsea to... that
Andy Carrol. He's had a mare there X
Andy Carrol the gift that keeps giving
Andy Carrol is jokes looking forward to creasing all over again when watching MOTD later
Well played Andy Carrol you long haired ***
Jamie Vardy is probably gonna be another Andy Carrol
Andy Carrol you are a liability, stay forward & you are less damaging!. Sakho get well soon.. Please!!. . C'mon you Irons!
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Im gonna dress up as andy carrol and scare chelsea fans tonight
Not sure if starting Andy Carrol would be wise tomorrow.
Slaven Bilic is struggling to keep a leash on red-hot Andy Carrol
who's the most deadliest striker in the pl for headers except Andy carrol
Bilic: Carroll a great player: West Ham manager Slaven Bilic says that an in-form Andy Carrol...
WestHam better give us Andy Carrol in return
andy carrol was rude at Basildon dint talk to anyone part from Randolph all tho Randolph spoke to me
John obi Mikel, Andy Carrol and moussa sissoko forever the greatest lol
he is in awe of a certain Andy Carrol. Explains everything
Andy Carrol type player who Rodgers didn't like?? Humm
I'm sure he'll be less of a mistake than £35mil Andy Carrol
Seriously... If true, that's desperation above and beyond the levels of lunacy we reached when we signed Andy Carrol!
He won't he's become a cow,maybe always was,just had beta is worse than Andy Carrol
they laughed at is over Andy Carrol
This Anthony Martial deal is reminding me a lot of the Andy Carrol one... Hopefully it works out better for than it did for
Panic buy of the highest level bigger than andy carrol by a hundred miles
didn't realise we'd signed Andy Carrol!?!
Welcome Anthony Martial, I'm sure he'll be a lot better than Andy Carrol for the money we paid!
Martial gon be lyk the French version of Andy carrol (I hope not),welcome to Manchester,the place Van gaal is destroying, good luck.
Liverpool spent 36 million on Andy Carrol. How did that turn out?
Sakho, Valencia, Moses & Jelavic. Think I'd happily swap Andy Carrol for a bag of skittles right now
Except for andy carrol, who was more expensive and added litlle to nothing
Being a fan on is boring. Biggest deadline day excitement we've had recently is Andy Carrol
not at all, but would you just wanna spend on anything available? Dangerously close to wanting to spend 35m on Andy Carrol?
EGAFC are also in talks with Andy Carrol. A like for like replacement for Mark Broughton, both injured all the time and absolutely useless
I love transfer deadline day! Harry Redknapp doing interviews from the car, and Liverpool spending £35m on Andy Carrol!
u want him too? after balo, Lambert, andy carrol. jokers
panic buy, just like Liverpool did with Andy Carrol a few seasons ago
No matter who utd sign its gona be a better deal than paying 35 mill for andy carrol # lfcprem trophy EVER
Which means we're signing somebody like andy carrol? A cb? Wengers unborn grandson?
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Hm a panic buy that's worse than ours I E Andy Carrol !!
thanks for taking Mignolet and Andy Carrol from the Mags
How much did you pay for Andy Carrol?
£36 million for Anthony Martial!!! Now I don't feel so bad as a Liverpool fan that we signed Andy Carrol for £35 million
But £35 mill on Andy Carrol was not desperate right? Or £29 mill on Firmino. LOL
liverpool fans before laughing at us for paying 36M for Martial, just remember you lot paid 35M for andy carrol
and £35m on Andy Carrol, don't forget about that.
me too Jack, great on his own but I reckon he'd play well off of Andy Carrol.
Him, Dzeko and Andy Carrol are poachers. Good in the air and holding the ball etc but lack finishing..
This is on par with Liverpool signing Andy Carrol for €40M in terms of sheer stupidity. These Premier League clubs are a massive joke.
Andy Carrol accidentally signs for Man Utd after Van Gaal went on a shopping spree even though his Neymar order didn't go through
that won't happen, cavani or Andy carrol😏
Has Rooney passed Andy Carrol's time for not scoring goal ?? needed 20 min only i guess
rooney just equalled Andy Carrol's record of 878 minutes without an goal.
I'm telling you now 2 loses or not .. No hammer Misses Big Sam or Andy Carrol right now the Bilic era has well and trul…
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35mil for andy carrol is actually so so jokes lol. How was that allowed to happen? why didn't someone think for a couple seconds at least
Kouyate doing his best Andy Carrol impersonation there...
some *** will use im in a 433 him in rw and Andy Carrol up front
If in a crossing team maybe but he wouldn't bring much to the team, he'd be a disabled version of Andy Carrol
message to spurs team Stewart Downing think his team just as good as spurs ... i think andy carrol been putting stuff in his drink
Carroll undergoes knee surgery. Carrol is unlucky with injuries get back soon Hammers fans want you scoring for them
Andy Carroll posts pictures of his post-op knee on Instagram. Gnarly:
BTW guys. Andy Carrol IF is Class lllooovvve hhiim . scored an amazing powershot agains my oponent... RAge quit XD
When last did Andy Carrol play a full season on football? That guy is at clubs to spend his wages nje
Andy Carrol, worst sick note for our club since Kieron Dyer, not his fault but as I said we should of moved him in January and got Bony in
Andy carrol is a bit of a tosser for that😂😂
Andy wins the argument with a 3.5 GPA while putting in over 30 hours a week with collegiate athletics
Sky sports confirm interest from Manchester united, PSG and Real Madrid in striker Andy carrol
a little torn. I once saw Spud Carrol outside a corner store. He was more than happy to sign the manly shirt i had on
If Andy Carrol is genuinely injured for months and months on end again, I'll point DG to the shredder with his contract
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West Ham after adebayor where does that leave carrol 😂
yeah but let's face it, it was no Andy Carrol was it!! Or u still claiming he was -£15m 😜 Zaha was *** thou, £3m decent!!
Im an LSU fan, Pete Carrol can diaf for all I care but it was a good call. just look at it in slow motion
Andy, Darrell Bevell is the one that called the play, not Pete Carrol.
Chip would've ran the ball, Carrol threw it, Andy wouldve triple reversed pump fake goal line fade Hail Mary flee flickered it.
Danny Ings is a one season wonder we should not be signing that kind of player .. Andy Carrol all over again
loser has to discard there beasts and replace them with ANDY CARROL
6'4, can't run, can't finish, all the qualities of Andy Carrol so Liverpool could take a punt for around £35million
Worst. Unfortunately, it's what Pete Carrol will be remembered for more than his SB win.
Andy Carroll set to miss Manchester United clash as West Ham striker faces two weeks on sidelines: Andy Carrol...
Pete Carrol likes slants as much as Andy Reid does
Pete Carrol must have Asked Madden b. You know how Madden loves those quick slants at the goal line
Pete Carrol calls for a slant with Marshawn in the backfield. Andy Reid calls for a slant with Deuce in the backfield. Same call Same result
It was nice of Pete Carrol to let Andy Reid call that last offensive play.
Andy Reid phoned that play into Pete carrol
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Pete Carrol that was a Andy Reid move have Lynch and you at the goal line
Pete Carrol... I don't even know what to say
Everyone ripping Pete Carrol Prime Eagles Andy Reid would've punted that ball so it's not the worst decision ever
Pete Carrol get goat of the game for that Andy Reid like *** call
Are you kidding me Pete Carrol!? That's some Andy Reid play calling.
At last we’ve found a career for Andy Carrol, gotta be kicker. He’d smack it over that bar every time.
listed andy carrol club name is Jack FC
And when Martin Keown chooses to ignore as a potential England striker on Mentioned Ings, Kane, Sturridge & Andy Carrol
I can't believe liverpool wanna buy sturridge. He's gonna be more of a flop than andy carrol
3 minutes in & already have a player blooded. Andy Carrol should have received a yellow card for that. Go Reds!
Andy Carrol says Brendan Rodgers 'messed with his head' during ...
I like it before it was 'cool' when andy carrol had it
Andy Carrol injured is a disaster for West Ham
Andy Carrol is the record signing for two separate clubs and a Tinie Tempah fan, better than that thing you've done.
eh, I wouldn't say the same about Torres..Denilson, Mutu, Andy Carrol...
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Andy Carrol is a big bell end and I support you on that, you've spoken well!
Liverpool were always going to win. It was Jordan Henderson's marvelous hair versus Andy Carrol's Man Bun.
Today we pay attention to the hottest players who were on the field. My picks all had managed to get at least a goal during the game. Andy Carrol was looking particularly good as he got two goals during today's game against Swansea. Not to mention Diafra Sakho, he is also super cute. Ciaran Clark was also the star of the day for Aston Villa whilst looking tempting for all the ladies. Stay tuned for next week's hottest picks!!
Your striker scores 6 goals in 6 games and you replace him for Andy Carrol and Carlton Cole? Stupidness
I can't believe Andy Carrol, Peter Crouch or Robbie Keane didn't move!!
The Torres and Andy Carrol saga was my favourite in recent years.
When next they mention Andy Carrol, I'll tell them Ozil
See ehn, Andy Carrol's transfer fees are in the excess of £50M and he currently earns £100k/pw
When Andy carrol was labeled world class n they paid 30 mil for him i knew i cudnt take em seriously
Dunno who's worse... Balotelli or Andy carrol 😩
Balotelli will be like Andy Carrol & Lambert. 😂
Why can't Liverpool go back to the days when they had Andy Carrol, Ngog, Downing, Spearing, Shelvey and Bellamy..
And the one over Andy Carrol ? It was a normal reaction back then James. Hindsight is too easy.
2) how is 59m 'over-priced' for said world class player? (Will not resort to Andy Carrol comparison. Whoops).
I went to subway and asked for the greasiest, biggest, and most expensive sub they had. They game me Andy Carrol
grant holt and danny graham scored 15 goals in PL before euro 12 he took andy carrol way 2 cause he played way Liverpool
Alex Song went from playing with Messi and Iniesta to playing with Mark Noble and Andy Carrol😂
From pinging balls to Lionel Messi to hoofing it forward to Andy Carrol's greasy ed.. Alex Song doesn't have a clue.
lol.. But he is better than Andy Carrol wouldn't u say? ... I hope he finds his soul in Italy
Hate it when liverpool fans forget they signed Andy Carrol and Robbie Keane
Thanks to Allardyce We became reliant on Andy Carrol. A man who has seen more doctors than West Ham fans
Come on West Ham plz .. Where is that donkey Andy carrol when u need him
From Barcelona playing with Messi Iniesta and Neymar to WestHam playing with Andy Carrol, Stewart Downing and Kevin Nolan
you are to kind how about another striker to compliment Torres and Matri, maybe Andy Carrol
All this Long ball, Andy Carrol playing up top for
great signing of Andy Carrol every big teams had done it so how are we any different
Mario Gomez to Liverpool. Carragher lifted the lid on Liverpool wanting to sign Gomez, but ended up with Andy Carrol
Andy Carrol is the worst signing among the afforementioned names.
he was a replacement of Giroud but he injured too so finally we can sign Andy Carrol
Going by that Andy Carrol cost Liverpool about £3.4m per goal!
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Can we have a Torres testimonial match... With Honorary guest celebrities being Andy Carrol and Bendtner
Its like Lfc balotelli for 1 million and andy carrol 51million
He's not even been here a year you moron, has Andy Carrol ever reached his price tag?
Accordin andy carrol is th worst transfer ever..westham so unlucky gettin players..let see if enner valencia can do it..dont think so
Andy Carrol? Don't know who made him a footballer.
Unless he improves dramatically this season worst would have to be Soldado. Worst ever definitely Andy Carrol
For me it's a tie between Fernando Torres and Andy Carrol.
We also forget Andy Carrol was 35mil while Van persie was 23mil
best buy has got to be and worst buy definitely no other than Andy deadwood Carrol.
I think Suarez was Liverpools best buy and Andy Carrol our worst
you'll be waxing lyrical about how Carlton cole, Stewart Downing and Andy carrol aren't in the England team next!
well I guess you bought failure that Andy carrol season
This Kane lad for is below average, Andy Carrol type of striker.
As fat and lazy Anderson is I dont think we can give him away. Him and Andy Carrol should team up.
How West Ham can criticise any player signing for us when they paid 16m for Andy Carrol is beyond me.
Ferdinand, Shearer, Andy Cole, Collymore and Gazza! Carrol wasn't a record - Torres had gone for 50m just before him!
Remy must have Douglas Baders knees to fail a medical at a club that signed Rob Jones, Harry Kewell, Marcus Babbel & Andy Carrol.
=Man Utd are set to finalise a £10m move for Stefan De Vrij of Feyernood =Liverpool are keen to bid for Unhappy James Milner of Man City =Chelsea are set to bid for Athletico Madrid defender Miranda =Man Utd are set to up their bid to £10m for Thomas Vermaelen of Arsenal =Newcastle are readying a £15m bid for Andy Carrol of Westham =Sunderland have agreed with Liverpool over Fabio Borini's £14m deal =Ac Milan are pöndering a move for Man Utd winger Luis Nani =Liverpool are plotting a move for Fiorentina Keeper =Barcelona are preparing a bid for Tottenham defender Ian Vertongen =Swansea defender Ben Davies is set for a medical for Tottenham =Arsenal are close on completing a £15.8m Mario Balotelli's move =Liverpool rival Arsenal for Athletico defender Javier Manquillo =Southampton are set to bid for Aston Villa defender Ron Vlaar
Not taking Andy Carrol, Emile Heskey n Peter Crouch 2 d was a big mistake by
England fans saying we should of took Andy Carrol who's scored 3 goals in 2 seasons are the same ones who wanted Shaw over Cole
Looking at the state of the Manus pitch lets get big Andy Carrol out there.
From the archive: 2011/12 season Liverpool was a ridiculous stockpiling of international centre midfielders as if they're the scarcest of commodities in planet football, it would appear that Kenny Dalglish was embarking on a policy of assembling a team to really frighten opponents… with their physical weirdness. Not content with having Uncle Fester in goal, there's Martin Skrtel sporting a Travis Bickle haircut and a biker attitude in defence, while Glen Johnson with dreadlocks was and still is a mean predator and Paul Konchesky looked – and played – like a corpse, little wonder he was shifted out at the very 1st opportunity. (The less said about Jamie Carragher's shrieking the better.) Then there's quite possibly the most hideous midfield in world football, with Dirk Kuyt shuffling down the flank like sloth from 'The Goonies', Raul Meireles tattooed & inked from head to toe like a goth, the forehead-less Captain Steven Gerrard running all over the pitch, Alberto 'Vampire' Aquilani (he still plays f ...
While captain Steven Gerrard and right-back Glen Johnson have long been England regulars, Jordan Henderson, Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling have only emerged as potential starters in the past year. Henderson, 23, arrived at Liverpool at around the same time as Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing and his Anfield career looked set to pursue a similar downward trajectory after an unconvincing debut campaign.
Sloane Stephens reveals her love for 'cute' Andy Carroll... he has a ponytail, right?: Andy Carrol... (DailyMail)
The chances that England get past the group stage of the world cup, is the same as Andy Carrol being the premier leagues top goal scorer.
£35 million for Andy Carrol. That is all from me.
QUESTION 3 How much did Liverpool pay for Andy Carroll? (millroid)
Lmfao nishawahi support england only coz i had a crush on Andy Carrol. Stupid decisions
Apparently pitch for England V Italy is a cabbage patch, I say give Andy Carroll a late call up and play the true English way, lump it to the big man and get players in and around him!
No Danny Welbeck for England!!! Oh no now we don't stand a chance!!! Jokes!! How he ever got called up is beyond me!!! Over Andy Carroll, come on!
No body is remembering King Kenny brought in Suarez, Henderson to Liverpool instead he was fired for paying £35m for Andy Carrol.
This pitch would suit a BFS side as the ball is mostly in the air being lumped up to Andy Carroll
Andy Carroll's reputation has suffered since Euro 2012 because of his scarcely-mentioned
Hopefully danny welbeck still be injured and then we can call up Andy Carroll!
Gary Atherton has just tried to argue that Andy Carroll is better than Ronaldo! No more day release for him!
That Was The Season That Was 2013-14 - Part One: looks at all the happenings in pre-season. Expect to see stuff about Andy Carroll, transfer rumours and the strange bizarre world of Joe Kinnear.
The problem with the transfer window: Many West Ham supporters appear to be disappointed with the progress made so far in the transfer window. Eight players have left outbound and yet only one has joined inbound so far. Joe Cole, George McCartney, Jack Collison and Matty Taylor have been released while loan signings Pablo Amero, Roger Johnson, Antonio Nocerino and Marco Borriello have also returned to their parent clubs. The eight players are believed to have released approximately £9m from the annual wage bill while Mauro Zarate has added just under £2m per year. Many agents, players and chairman are away on holiday for the first few weeks of the transfer window with the added complication this year of the World Cup which many players and agents will attend too whether they are playing or not. I am being told that many clubs will do the bulk of their transfer business after the World Cup rather then before it. I understand the club is also keen not to do all their business too early in case a late oppo ...
Andy carrol"oh no Danny Welbeck may be injured, who will fail to make an impact now?"
I will be in town (Orlando)from Thursday to Sunday morning and would love to hang with as many of you as possible. I am in town to perform at Kap Kallous's release party at peacock room. I hope to see you out there for a nice reunion even though it's only been a few months. Lol what can I say I've missed you all! Andy Carroll Kenny Gray Jon Jon Clements Donnie Powell Hillery Brooks Marcus Calvin Shawn Newman Shawn Witherspoon Brittany L Arelt Greg Brown Luis Sanchez Eixa Rivera
Rooney is as much use as Andy carrol
only problem was we went on a Thursday and most of the girls mid week look like andy carrol the hot ones work weekends
im losing 0:3 to West Ham xD that andy carrol doe
+ I think i could score these chances Sturridge has had. Rather have Andy Carrol up top
This is a andy carrol or Peter crouch moment with the long balls that are gonna happen
0-0 against Honduras after an hour is not world beating form. If the Ox don't make it Andy Carrol must travel.
yea that's a point mate. You surely have Andy Carrol first goal then and England to lose 4-0?
Don't like our starting 11! Why is Welbeck even in the squad? Andy Carrol would be better. Nai Henderson and we should rest rooney
it's just so annoying having the best players in the game but the only thing that can beat me is Andy Carrol😂
Reus out of world cup! Thats him, Ronaldo, ribery and andy carrol.
David Luiz has got to b the worst value for money transfer in history followed quickly by Andy Carrol ffs
Always bump into scousers on holiday off our *** end up having lengthy convo's about Nobby Solano, Andy Carrol and Keegan.
ha have you won the prem yet?? You spent 30 mill on Andy carrol.. you can't talk about money
I think Andy Carrol makes it conclusive it does
Kenny how do u get up every morning knowing that u signed andy carrol and downing
I know I know!;) imagine Heskey in that beastly kit along with Andy carrol!
Who was better in their Prime, Del Piero or Andy Carrol? — Del Peiro was good but he ain't no Carroll. Is there ...
I'm playing a guy with Andy Carrol at CB
Then ofcourse there's the Anfield faithful, the brigade who support their Reds through Andy Carrol to StevieG
BREAKING: My sources are telling me that Andy Carrol has had a hair cut.
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