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Andy Capp

Andy Capp is a British comic strip created by cartoonist Reg Smythe (1917–1998), seen in The Daily Mirror and The Sunday Mirror newspapers since 5 August 1957. Originally a single-panel cartoon, Smyth later expanded it to four panels.

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not to sound dramatic or anything but i would kill someone for some Andy Capp's Cheddar fries right now
It didn't happen in the 1950's when Andy Capp is set. I'm in Scotland,part of B…
My breakfast today, the day of a performance, was a bag of Andy Capp's Hot Fries
Also are there any Andy Capp Hot Fries in that machine? Fascists.
As I sit here with a Nardone's family size all to myself (don't judge), I'm reminded of when I was in a parochial g…
Didn't you ever read the old Andy Capp comic strips?
If a genie gave me 3 wishes I’d wish for Bk chicken tenders, Andy Capp’s salsa fries, and tangerine altoids to come back :o)
I need to slow down on the Pepsi and Andy Capp Hot Fries. 😂 This is usually my snack while I watch the soaps but I…
😂😂😂😂 it would look a bit like Andy Capp having a fight 😂 x❤️
I've got me northern flat cap on, think peaky blinders meets Andy Capp, just missing a whippet.
Andy Capp's Hot Fries will forever be the death of me
The food that I currently miss the most: Andy Capp cheddar fries.
Andy Capp - 8th December 2017: Andy Capp has been a favourite part of the Daily Mirror since 1957. Enjoy the advent…
There's plenty weegies still buying them for the daily dose of hagar and Andy capp...
These joints are trash... if it ain’t Andy Capp Hot Fries don’t do it !!
Me old mate Barnaby - dont be too worried, I know how it is - 'It's made round to go around' said Andy Capp
For what it's worth, I'm a heavy drinker who grew up with Foster Brooks (among others, like Andy Cap…
Andy Capp's Hot Fries were my jam in high school!
I regret not getting some Andy capp’s while I was in Jersey a few weeks ago
i only feel satisfied giving a top 5, there are too many good chips out there!!. 1. Munchos. 2.…
I love your Andy Capp pic, where did you find it💕
Help send rare 1970s art work to Museum of Hartlepool. Please on and RT. Thanks!…
“Why is it that the people who know the least always seem to know it the loudest” - Andy Capp
I was doing good eating a healthy meal after the gym until I grabbed a bag of hot fries.. *** you Andy Capp’s frie…
From 9pm. All the hits and more from THe Brilliant Corners. Camille. Let's Wrestle. The…
Trust in Andy Capp, he has the best writing advice you'll ever hear.
Snooker always makes me think of good ol' Andy Capp.
On a random note there's apparently an Andy Capp game on Spectrum and C64 where beating your wife is a game mechanic.
WOW!! Rare 1970s Soap Stone Sculptures of Andy Capp and Flo via
I wish. Andy capp lived the sweet life of luxury.
Thanks, are you a Bloke like in Andy Capp
I'm more of an Andy Capp's hot fries kinda girl😋🔥🍟 more hot Cheetos for YOU.
Q:Who played Andy Capp on television in 1988
Pistonhead lager and a bit of Ogri & Andy Capp glass, luvvly jubbly
Add an alcoholic husband & a rolling pin and your Mrs. Andy Capp.
*looks around* Oh, it's not the Andy Capp fan club?. Good day, sir.
Somebody bring me a fountain Mountain Dew and Andy Capp's hot fries. I'm broke and my taste in snacks hasn't changed since I was 12
Sometimes you just gotta bust out the Andy Capp's Hot Fries™
Who does that outside of an Andy Capp cartoon??
None of them appear to look like Andy Capp
You have the most comprehensive Andy Capp video where no progress was made released 10 years ago.
Ah, remember that Buster was originally the "Son Of Andy Capp"?
From earliest to latest, I did 80% of my cash in these- . Andy Capp . Road Hog. Only Fools . Spiker t…
I'd say 50% responsible for the life I now lead. 50% the Andy Capp fruit machine.
yeah im going to call him Andy Capp 😆 by the way England are fookin useless 😊
Dumb question. Stick to old Andy Capp cartoons.
👍. Very Andy Capp'ish. Just need a rolly hanging off yr lip and a copy of the Daily Mirror ...
in a chicago style Hot Orangie you crush up a bunch of andy capp hot fries, put em in the bottom of the hot orange juice ins…
So it was not just super excited guys?
Friday: linear macerated andy capp's fries with a splash of peeled sardines (pilchards) .
What was the ORIGINAL "spicy" food that help spark your love for the heat? Mine? Andy Capp's Hot Fries! Loved them sinc…
It's a shame that Andy Capp has been reduced to this.
Teacher: Sola, come and collect your script, you got 26/100. *class laughs*. Teacher: why are you laughing?He got the highest…
1964: The BBC ventured into the North East, Andy Capp country, to find a region in the midst of social change
Shocked that a guy with an Andy Capp hat, camo getup and a deathgr…
Andy Capp, a gaggle of Georgette Heyers and James Dickey's Deliverance. Love zooming in on old book, comic and magazine pics.
You'd think he'd know me better than that
His million is a quid to you or he will pay. How is my lingo? Learned that one from Andy Capp!
James Bolam and I share the Andy Capp connection too! Politically incorrect o…
Andy Capp is from Hartlepool, is that the next town you're gonna pretend to live in?
*** And there was me thinking he was the spawn of Florrie and Andy Capp. 😉
maybe Andy Capp was his acquaintance at Hillsborough or his PhD supervisor or estate agent in Stoke
. A strange sartorial mixture of Andy Capp and Nigel Farage seems to have e…
Life lesson. So if you are angry or sad turn to alcohol and people will remember you fondly. Is this an Andy Capp comic 🥃=🤣
Was it you or a press officer who decided that dressing like Andy Capp was a solid strategy to secure working class votes?
He was the hillbilly answer to Andy Capp.
For every bloke who makes his mark, there's half a dozen waiting to rub it out.-- Andy Capp
I love those Andy Capp hot fries in the blue bag! 😩
Don't forget after us it's Sean "Andy Capp" Patrick with the 12 days of Christmas at NOON! 103.7 WMGM Rocks
Rock Calendar 11-29-72: Pong, the first commercially successful video game, is introduced at Andy Capp's Tavern in Sunnyvale, California
How about Andy Capp and Beetle Bailey having a staring contest?
I don't always eat Andy Capp's Cheddar Fries, but when I do I'm on a road trip!
that Man City were out of wins at a point didn't make Man United qualify for Champions League
the statue in Hartlepool is of Andy Capp . Monkey was French though .
Sometimes, when I think of what that girl means. to me, it's all I can do to keep from telling her. -- Andy Capp
Hard workers like Jack are rightly annoyed
Andy Capp hot fries exist and people think won't possibly become president.
.Yo, here's my relative status as an art collector: I own an original Andy Capp ;-)
Ever noticed you'll never see Andy Capp's mother in-law? Just like Wolowitz's mum?
If it staged a walkout it would be last
one time I tried buying andy capp hot fries and it got declined
who originated the Beetle Bailey/ Andy Capp tornado with feet coming out to represent fights thing? I LOVE BARFIGHT TORNADO!
Wow. I had forgotten Andy Capp was a thing. That neuron in my brain hadn't fired in a couple decades.
goal of andy capp game: "consume as much alcohol as possible and avoid getting arrested for various crimes" [Wikipedia]
Andy Capp never appeared in a Buster strip past the 60s, making him a neglectful father as well as a wife-beating drunk.
Years later, I found out that Buster had started out as the "son of Andy Capp"
Lotta Andy Capp talk in my timeline. Did his wife finally kill his drunk *** with a rolling pin?
Avoiding arrest for domestic violence was, apparently, an objective of Andy Capp: The Game (1987).
at uni I knew a guy who had cut out an Andy Capp comic and stitched it into a tshirt
Andy Capp is from my home town. We're so proud we built a statue:
the Andy Capp Wikipedia entry is astonishing btw
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
it was good for the comics and I was a Spidey n Andy Capp fan. They simply copied and pasted everything from AP...
I think the guy doing the voiceover is trying to affect a Cockney accent. . Which is weird because Andy Capp is from Yorkshire.
if they ever cancel Andy Capp an army of ghost hobos will destroy the newspaper industry... By God!? It's already begun!!
Andy Capp is still being created to the delight of his fans
good ol Andy Capp, who we fondly remember for the many characteristics other than hitting his wife that he probably had, such as
Th Andy Capp cartoon used to run in UK's Daily Mirror. Yikes. So much for the good old days.
aww.. How can you hate a man who looks like Andy Capp?
Th Andy Capp cartoon used to run in the Daily Mirror, this 'humour' was socially acceptable at one time in the UK
Andy Capp was the comic strip character who (lowers voice) hit his wife
The DeNiro - Pacino Heat restaurant scene only with Chester Cheetah and Andy Capp
I want some Andy Capp hot fries and a cherry vanilla coke with extra cherries from stripes 😩
Also late Sat night: and some andy capp cheddar fries
Keeping the relative peace. With a Beehive State decal and Andy Capp Fries. "Truck Stop" by Hamilton Bohannon
that's really cool. Here in Bristol I've only got I'll swap you Banksy for Andy Capp ;)
I bought some curlers that you wear in your hair over night lol. You never know I might attract Andy Capp :)
How much longer will be running the decidedly unfunny Andy Capp in Ring strip? It's about as relevant as the man himself.
Andy Capp's hot fries are the best hot fries😍
Like a man that returns to a bag of Andy Capp's Hot Fries, is a fool who repeats his folly.
have you ever had Andy Capp hot fries
Andy Capp's BBQ Fries have 420 calories per bag. Coincidence? I think not.
Loved the "Andy Capp nap" line from fight blog. I might have to use that one
joke. Andy Capp tho? That's more subversive than He was my grand'da
What about Flo, in an Andy Capp style?
"Released on Christmas of 1987, Andy Capp: The Game was intended to be a holiday blockbuster in both North America and Europe"
do as I do, don't read the newspaper tazama picha, read Andy capp and check classifieds toss it away, that's what I do
Seriously, it's like they opened a bag of Andy Capp's fries and dumped them on a tray next to a pre-packaged microwave burger.
If you're my true friend, you automatically know Andy Capp hot fries are my all time favorite snack. 😍👌🏼
My mum has a plastic Andy Capp talcum powder dispenser that is "worth a fair bit". A tenner on eBay.
Who'd have thought it, an Andy Capp.
agree but as a kid I did love Andy Capp's wife. She was the bees knees.
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Anyone watching Is it me or does Djokovic look like his cap is a bit Andy Capp ish??
Andy Capp's hot fries are heaven in a bag.
I suspect they're like the old "Andy Capp's Hot Fries," since nobody remembers who Andy Capp was...
Probably ate too many Andy Capp hot fries.
Actually she referred to him in court as, "a bleedin' great Andy capp"
We Only have 3 days left till Record Store Day here at PlayDeRecord! Our Selector Andy Capp has picked out a few...
The food source that got me thru college! :9 Can't deny 'em tasty Andy Capp's Hot Fries or Cheddar Fries! =)
Ed Milliband will get trodden on akin to Andy Capp from Sturgeon.
only allowed tuse grawlix if you also use an Andy Capp hurricane arm fighting style
aye ,Terry Collier is a working class hero mate ,he was Andy Capp
great Radio last night! A reasoned voice stating Newcastle fans ambitions, Champions league or Andy Capp not amongst them
these probably aren't the best ones around according to juice snobs but look it's this or Andy Capp's Hot Fries
Eat a bag of Andy Capp's hot fries. That'll clear you out. lol Get better soon.
hound lies like andy capp. Funny wee hure.
I nearly bought 72 bags of Andy Capp Hot Fries on Amazon, since they're 19 bucks. I held off, since I'm not an overt pig, but I came close.
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Game of Thrones and Andy Capp's Hot Fries. Get on my level.
Probably the most outlandish golfer in Leeds fashion-wise is rocking the neon Andy Capp look in his avatar
I know what you mean, but it was from Chesterfield. The Wise brothers are Geordies btw, hence the choice of Andy Capp
She must have somewhere to go in a hurry
great picture ,great talent Darren. I hope you do many more. The Andy Capp.
I'll be joining the STUNNING in the clubhouse tomorrow night! 😝😝😝 Tune in Live at 11pmEST ON
I must be also...I know Andy Capp. Never looked him in the eye, but I know him.
I'm not much of a fan of bloody Mary's but *** that looks like a meal built for Andy Capp.
Andy Capp for 1/11/2015 | Andy Capp | Comics | ArcaMax Publishing via with his lawyer
He's not confident about my chances, then?
I bet you say the same thing about Andy Capp!
In solidarity with cartoonists, Rob Ford did his best Andy Capp imitation
oh Andy Capp, you wife beating drunk...
For years in churches the jerks have applauded; In the Sixties just Andy Capp.
"I thought he was going to hit me, so I hit back first" (Andy Capp)
And what's more on the cutting edge of comic strips than Andy Capp?
With that name, I feel like he should have a flat cap. Because Andy Capp.
I know that ain't Andy Capp on them joints
Captain Britain in the style of Andy Capp UK represent!
Blue Beetle and Booster Gold in the style of Andy Capp
Andy Capp statue. One of Hartlepool most famous exports
the Andy Capp position has to be the greatest position created to sleep in.
He's very sarcastic for a man of the cloth .
"Oh Andy Capp, you wife beating drunk!"
Some hav said "Buhari sent soldiers to arrest my father".Name ur father let's us research and see if he was corrupt.We can t…
If you really hood wit it, you going for them Andy Capp's Hot Fries like a true O.G.!
Check out Andy Capp and all the comics on Yahoo. via needs Rehab and that's where he is going.
Muslim Andy Capp still beats his wife, but sober and with a shoe.
You never had any of this trouble with Peanuts and Andy Capp. :-(
yeah I tried to do the same thing to the author of Andy Capp
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Does anyone know what channel the Andy Capp's Hot Fries Incredible Bowl is on?
I'm really in the mood for Andy Capp's Hot Fries right now.
Took a nap on a couch. That Andy Capp fellow had the right idea!
Love watching Danny Cipriani play rugby. Stuart Little and Andy Capp don't deserve him.
If he was to shave his hair off and wear a donkey jacket with a *** from the corner of his mouth & change his name to Andy Capp
Today in 1972- Nolan Bushnell (co-founder of Atari) releases "Pong" in Andy Capp's Tavern in Sunnyvale, California.
Argos. Fun. Quite tempted by the Andy Capp 2015 year book though.
Happy birthday, launched the game at Andy Capp's Tavern on this day in 1972.
The game was first tested at Andy Capp's tavern. Two weeks later, the machine stopped working due to... (1/2)
In 1972, the coin-operated video arcade game Pong, created by Atari, made its debut at Andy Capp's Tavern in Sunnyvale, California.
. Nov 29, 1972 Andy Capp's Tavern, Sunnyvale, CA becomes site of first public coin-op video game - "Pong" released by a co-founder of
Andy Capp is hilarious. They should make short video clips.
Lol, no no, just payback for Andy Capp lol...
Hey Andy Capp thanks for following Cloverhill, much appreciated. Cheers and keep rockin' from Cloverhill
25% off new CD releases 'Worzel Gummidge', 'Tess Of The D'Urbervilles', 'Andy Capp' for 24 hours only!
Just got some Andy Capp's Hot Fries . EVERYTIME I eat one I cry 😩
Andy Capp's hot fries are the reason for life.
Andy Capp | Comics | ArcaMax Publishing via he does have to standup
It brings me out in a cold sweat every time
Looking forward to meeting Andy Capp tomorrow - still an icon after all these years!
Cheetos hot fries ain't got nothin on Andy Capp's hot fries!
*intense movie guy voice* "In a world where Andy Capp's Hot Fries are available in a big bag..."
so, Andy Capp's now a member of British First?
and I take covert measures when we nourish ourselves with the blessed and holy Andy Capp's Hot Fries.
The "thuggish looking characters," one of which appears to be Andy Capp Nice :o)
Our vending machine currently has Andy Capp's Hot Fries... only 7 black ppl in this entire building and yet they're in there *sideye*
Andy Capp for 10/11/2014 | Andy Capp | Comics | ArcaMax Publishing via time we take away those pigeons
Honestly, sometimes I despair of Chalkie's musical knowledge. Well, just knowledge, actually.
Andy Capp | Comics | ArcaMax Publishing via Andy you are so in trouble
Saladitos, Andy Capp hot fries and Arizona yea with the ginseng and honey
Andy capp's hotfries in the blue bag are a disgrace! 🙅 I gotta have the Chester cheeto ones
Anyone who thinks being working class is beer, *** and racism obviously hasn't got a clue. What next, Andy Capp?
Gleesh remind me of Andy Capp from the Hot Fries bags
Think Andy Capp have lotsa things in common. Like a midnight beer run just after leaving the pub.
He's probably so rich he's never had to plead
Ha ha! All I can ever think of re: AC is Homer's summary: "oh Andy Capp! You wife-beating drunk!"
And a *** And a headscarf. Have Andy Capp's wife Flo in my head now.
Andy Capp for 10/2/2014 | Andy Capp | Comics | ArcaMax Publishing via andy cant let go of his bottles
Andy Capp for 10/8/2014 | Andy Capp | Comics | ArcaMax Publishing via oh he high on somefin
Andy Capp for 10/9/2014 | Andy Capp | Comics | ArcaMax Publishing via that's the best he can do.
Andy Capp | Comics | ArcaMax Publishing via nice one chucky
Do you have Andy Capp Hot Fries where you are? Fill’er up on the way to Canada for us! //
Thanks to Andy and Donna at for making me the most delicious dbl short Capp on
i now imagine one of those Andy Capp clouds.
hmmm Andy Capp cheddar fries not bad pretty good but not the best either .
Hamilton Collection
So the weapon of choice is a rolling pin? You will avenge the death of no one. Except maybe Andy Capp.
I saw a 'andy capp' book and a strange 'winky' pink van today after collage
Today's Andy Capp... priceless. Go check it out :-D
How's your Tavvy patois coming along? I don't expect u blend in that well with an accent halfway between John Simm and Andy Capp.
I don't know how I ever get drunk on Jack's beer
Do you remember, Andy Capp? Sure it was one of his 'Kin' who buzzed me, lunchtime, Coventry city centre today.
Our anniversary was rainy all day, which combined with our activities led to relatively few photos. However we were delighted and warmed by all the good wishes on our silver anniversary. Thanks to everyone. We began the day at The British Library, where there were two very interesting exhibits neither of which allowed photography. The first was a paid special exhibit on British comic book history (so that despite its thoroughness it had Andy Capp but no Manga, which if you're discussing comic books is like reviewing the Solar System and including the asteroids Vesta and Europa, but just leaving out Venus and Neptune). It was a good exhibit, but too expensive in my opinion. The second was the free special collection, wherein one gets to set eyes on a couple of copies of the Magna Carta, one still bearing its official seal. If you don't know what the Magna Carta is, it's the Lionel Barrymore to the Bill of Rights' Drew Barrymore. Yes, this is the strained-metaphor edition of status updates. After the Britis ...
*turns up bag of Andy Capp's Hot Fries*. *spicy orange chettle burns eyes and throat*. *dies*
I want a bag or two of Andy Capp hot fries so bad right now
Looks like a young Andy Capp with that hat on.
Ha!! - Nice one in Andy Capp cartoon. Thanks Gowan Collins.
Today's the day! After 32 years, the 'Andy Capp' London cast recording is finally released on CD. Order your copy now …
Being born Richard *** Head or Michael (mike) Hunt would certainly be an Andy Capp !
My St Valentine's Day top ten romances: Antony and Cleopatra, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Forrest Gump and Jenny, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, Andy Capp and Flo, Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane ., Sampson and Delilah, Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, Glenn and Jane McGrath.
Playing the part of Ruth Steiner in the upcoming Collected Stories is Noreen Fynes: Noreen has been performing in drama and musical theatre for 26 years, mainly in the Millbank Theatre, Rush with Rush Dramatic Society and Rush Musical Society. Noreens musical credits include: Lady Hadwell in "Charlie Girl", Laurey in "Oklahoma", Flo in "Andy Capp", Madame Dubonnet in "The Boyfriend", Yenta in "Fiddler on the Roof", Miss Hebe in "Hollywood Pinafore" and Ruby in "Andy Capp". Her Drama credits include: Vera in "Women on the Verge of HRT", Rita in "Educating Rita", Katie in "Love in the Title", Breda in "Eden", Evelyn in "En Suite", Linda in "Tom, *** & Harry", Shirley in "Frozen", Amanda in "Private Lives" and Mrs Higgins in "Pygmalion".
Today's 'Andy Capp' in 'Deccan Chronicle' is superb. Only he can be so rude and satirical towards poor "Guitarist Bob". OK, world: Leaving for gym. Would catch up with you after returning. Start your days enjoyingly with 'Andy Capp'. He never disappoints ;-)
Thoz 'Andy Capp' cartoons daily on Nation papers...wea the *** z the humour?? in rilly au ni mi Cshiki any?
Today Deccan Chronicle: "The Joy of Cemeteries" - Deborah Ross from "The Spectator, London" is pretty interesting. It talks of the graves of both ineffable and ordinary. :-) "Holiness is wholeness" - Francis Gonsalves under Mystic Mantra - Super-like :-) Comics - All are good. Somehow, 'Calvin & Hobbes' could not live up to the expectation. "Wizard of Id"'s take on 'Snowden - the NSA agent' is brilliant. Andy Capp scored the winning goal :-), as he does always (not in actual sport, of course ;-) ).
Now this calls for a drink: takes on iconic comic character
SLS/Obyzeks ?“Any other better option than Buhari Fashola (my preference) to lead this country ?”
I had half an hour on the sofa, Andy Capp style. Not sure it's enough :-\
.plans U.K merchandisng program for .character
two chicken fingers, a bag of Andy Capp's Hot Fries (not all hot fries are created equal), and a lil bit of gin and's a good one
Andy Capp knew *** he was doin when he made his hot fries
What's pasted on your vision board? Mine's got an ad for scotch, an old 'Andy Capp' comic strip and a half-eaten pair of edible panties.
I hate these Andy Capp's hot fries in the blue bag!! Ewww. But im hungry as *** so ill eat em! :/
My Brummie flatmate has been at the pub since I got in. I've been catapulted into the Flo characterisation in this Andy Capp situation.
downloaded a c64 emulator, the beautiful memories of 'Andy Capp' and 'Paperboy' came flooding back
Contraflow (n) : Nicaraguan rebel married to Andy Capp.
Andy Capp and discounted cash Flo. No, you shut up..!
Andy Capp hot fries and a Fruitopia
I do to my liver what Andy Capp's Hot Fries do to my colon.
Sorry y'all P:B is over forever, not speaking to ever again, nobody disses Andy Capp hot fries
Currently leaning towards "passed out from crying in the corner, arm buried to the elbow in a bag of Andy Capp fries"
I'm sure I'm too young to guffaw at an Andy Capp reference. And yet... "'Lo Flo".
Eating a big bag of andy capp's hot fries
Nice of the vicar to recommend it, though
I especially like Hagar the Horrible. but i'm not averse to Archie, or even Andy Capp. Andy never learns, what a crap up.
just remember that the first Pong machine premiered at Andy Capp's Tavern in Septermber 1972...while we were still gearing up for Apollo 17.
was talkin to ur mum in Debenhams lmao Mandy the wee andy Capp
What I would do for some Andy Capp's hot fries right now . 😍🍟😋
I remember I beat a *** s *** in summer camp because he stole my Andy Capp fries. Had he stole my green juice, I'd still be on the run smh
Andy Capp is a British comic strip created by cartoonist Reg Smythe (1917–1998), seen in The Daily Mirror and The...
Bezos buys Washington Post, says "just loves that Andy Capp and his wife Pet."
If you haven't put andy capp hot fries in your sandwich, then you haven't lived
Who writes Andy Capp these days? Tell him he can have that one for free.
5th August - 1957 - Comic strip "Andy Capp" made its debut. I did this later because Andy was never much of an early riser
Andy Capp, who spent his life in a pub, while his wife Flo did housework. I remember!
First Andy Capp cartoon appeared today in 1957
Today in 1957, "Andy Capp" appeared in an English newspaper. Celebrate with as many pints as the old lady will let you get away with.
Who remembers Andy Capp? Not a bit like the modern men I work with in the media! Today in 1957 he made his debut in the Mirror n/paper
On this day in 1957 both American Bandstand w *** Clark & the comic strip "Andy Capp" debuts.
Today in 1957 cartoon characters Andy Capp and his wife Flo first appear in northern editions of the Daily Mirror
Chowing down on the largest bag of Andy Capp's Hot Fries I could purchase
Andy Capp's Hot Fries just saved my life
"The character is also licensed as the mascot for a line of snack foods (Andy Capp’s fries) and a..."
i know the handy is the nickname bit. Handy andy or andy capp
The Nurse and the Muslim Patient – A True Story from the United Kingdom: via
I just woke up. My computer says it's Tuesday. The last thing I remember is hangin' from a disco ball at the Knickerbocker Sat. night, watching the entire McCutcheon class of 1994, all clad in someone else's underwear (except for Scott Gilkey, who was lettin'er dangle like an Andy Capp cigarette), tryin' to catch a two-peckered billygoat. That the way you guys remember it, as well?
Great newspapers have great cartoon strips -Fred Bassett,Andy Capp,Beau Peep... Meet Paws for Thought by Joe Matthews
Website Builder 728x90
Our current exhibition is called "Drawing the Curtain" and is a visual history of the Cold War as seen from the perspective of the former Soviet Union. The Cartoon Cafe will be hosting regular exhibitions from some of the biggest names in the business, including The Guardian’s Steve Bell, Chris Riddell from The Observer, Peter Brookes from The Times and the Independent's Dave Brown. We will also feature shows including Andy Capp, Snoopy, Fred Bassett and the Giles Family from the late and much-loved Daily Express cartoonist. We're also pleased to announce that every (living) cartoonist who exhibits in the cafe will also be contributing to a giant mural inspired by Sir John Tenniel's Mad Hatter's Tea Party illustration for Alice in Wonderland. All this and tea, coffee and cakes!!
Andy Capp, the flat-capped cartoon-strip legend, became a television star as James Bolam brought the loveable Northern layabout to life in this hilarious Tha...
Poor that Martin, you're more Andy Capp than Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein aren't you.Shocking, lazy journalism.
Reading about Andy Capp, and his creator Reg Smythe. Turns out Piers Morgan tried to kill off Andy Capp. What a ***
Andy Capp's plugs on the cheese fries.
That free andy's cheesesteak was the best news all day
Roses are red, violets are blue Let's go out tonight,the drinks are on you. ~Andy Capp~
My boss doesn't understand that the open bag of Andy Capp's Hot Fries under my desk IS my air freshener.
It's peak for this one guy at work, ALL DAY everyones been asking him if he's parked in disabled parking because his name is Andy Capp, lool
Here is my question of the day: What was Andy Capp's appeal, exactly? You know, the British comic strip dude.
It must be all that beer Jack keeps serving me
'Roses are red, Violets are blue, let's go out tonight, the drinks are on you; pure poetry- Andy Capp :)
dragged kicking and screaming down the boozer. Andy Capp and Flo ?
This Marvin strip is jus hilarious better than andy capp
That body can be all that and a bag of Andy Capp's Hot Fries, but if your face looks like the got *** monster from The Goonies.. FOH
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