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Andy Burnham

Andrew Murray Burnham (born 7 January 1970) is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Leigh since 2001. He served in the Cabinet under Gordon Brown from 2007 to 2010 as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Culture Secretary and Health Secretary.

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“too much Hampstead and not enough Hull” in today’s Labour Party. Said by Andy Burnham
Theresa May is about to find out what Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham found out in 2015. Corbyn comes aliv…
You do realise there'd be no Labour Party by now without him? Andy Burnham's Labour? Yvette Cooper's…
Well, how would you say Jez's politics differ from, say, Andy Burnham or Yvette Cooper?…
Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Gordon Brown, Andy Burnham, Ed Milliband? Come on Bruce, you're not trying
I voted for Andy Burnham last time but I think Chris Lesley can appeal to the electorate too.
Hearing that Andy Burnham is pleased/disappointed with the vote.
Only ppl who were responsible for justice was Anne Williams, Steve Rotherham, Andy Burnham and Margaret Aspinall
No, Andy Burnham- solution not to ditch Free Movement & add bureaucracy, but to re-invest £ benefits of FM into improvin…
Nice one! Only person who's ever blocked me is Eoin Clarke after I slagged off his beloved Andy Burnham. I think.…
Ken Clarke,Andrew Lansley, Andy Burnham join Norman Lamb,Alastair Campbell and Andrew Mitchell with demand for Govt action…
As a man who supported Gordon Brown, AV, Ed Miliband, Andy Burnham, Bernie Sanders, remaining in the EU and Owen Smith, Trump…
Names that do:> Mel Brown, Ron Seal, Jimmy Nail,Asim Khan or can't, Brian Cox his leg, Andy Burnham (home dinners), . cont
So Diane Abbott will better service Corbyn than Andy Burnham - twas always so...
Being Andy Burnham mustn't be great . but being Andy Burnham being replaced by Dianne Abbott . . .
Diane Abbott replacing Andy Burnham. That's all you need to know. Unelectable.
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I'm happy Andy Burnham is coming to Manchester, but then I'm not happy that Diane Abbott is replacing him. Swings and roundabouts.
I see your glass is half empty again. Andy Burnham out and Diane Abbott in. Andy being a man replaced by a woman in a top job.
Diane Abbott replacing Andy Burnham could signal big change in Labour's position on - she's likely to want to push back against gov
I'd almost rather have Andy Burnham than Diane Abbott
Shadow Health Secretary Diane Abbott is the new Shadow Home Secretary, replacing Andy Burnham who has left the frontbench.
I have a moderate relationship with Labour. I like Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott and Andy Burnham. Dislike the rest.
Diane Abbott replaces Andy Burnham as Shadow Home Secretary
Jeremy Corbyn has moved Diane Abbott from Shadow Health Secretary to replace Andy Burnham as Shadow Home Secretary
Andy Burnham has served every leader loyally. He knows unity is strength. As Manc Mayor, he will teach us a masterclass in…
Who's had a good summer?. centre left / soft left:. Andy Burnham, Angela Rayner, Ayesha Hazarika, Rebecca L-Bailey, Andrew Gwynne, Clive Lewis
The year is 2018. Andy Burnham is walking down Market Street in Leigh when a car pulls up alongside him. 'Get in' says Al…
So why vote for Owen Smith who supports the and Andy Burnham who also does!
Imagine clapping the sentence "I worked very well with Andy Burnham." That's your cult right there.
Jeremy Corbyn's examples of people who disagreed with him who he's successfully reached out to - Andy Burnham, Owen Smith and John McDonnell
Steve Rotheram giving his victory speech. Says he and Andy Burnham will not let Theresa May ignore the North West. htt…
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Andy Burnham becomes the Labour Party candidate for mayor of Greater Manchester
Andy Burnham wins the Labour Candidature for Greater Manchester Mayor in the first round. A resounding mandate to fight for…
Andy Burnham has been nominated as candidate for next year's Greater Manchester mayoral election
Too much Hampstead, not enough Hull, as Andy Burnham said.
5. Andy Burnham running for the Labour nomination for England assistant manager, but losing to Sammy Lee
Poor anti-Corbynites, instead of voting for the real life version of Nicola Murray, they've got a second rate reincarnation of Andy Burnham
Johnson, the "Whistling Postman" throws his weight behind Ivan Lewis rather than Andy Burnham for the position of...
Alan Johnson = no guts to defend Gary McKinnon, wants Ivan Lewis to be mayor of Greater Manchester!. So loyal Andy Burnham will be a shoo-in?
Three alums in the news - Norman Lamont, Vince Cable and Andy Burnham. Proud of my old college
Andy Burnham, one of v few Shadow Cabinet members who didn't resign, just headed to Jeremy Corbyn's office with Chief Whip Ro…
Andy Burnham is the obvious next labour leader. Experienced in cabinet and can unite the Blair/Brown factions, respected to
The way politics is headed right now, Andy Burnham will run for mayor of Greater Manchester and then get crowned King in the North instead
Andy Burnham doesn't care about King's Landing, he just wants to be Warden of the North.
Secret photo of Andy Burnham enjoying a seaside holiday (Ine the North of England, of course)
Andy Burnham will vote to oppose the No Confidence motion against Jeremy Corbyn. Loyal to the core & a good man.
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Andy Burnham was my choice, tremendously talent MP who has a massive future in the Labour Party. Running for Manchester mayor
corbyn has done great at reversing Tory plans. Labour needs Andy Burnham for 2020
Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson writes for us about how he was insulted by Andy Burnham
Andy Burnham insulted me with his line about local politicians
'Andy Burnham insulted me with his line about local politicians'
When Andy Burnham implied politicians like me who stay out of Westminster are inferior, I…
Mayor of Liverpool hits out at Andy Burnham over 'ignorant and insensitive' comments
As the Mayor of Liverpool, I was insulted by what Andy Burnham said about me
Joe Anderson has called remarks made by the Leigh MP 'disrespectful'
Not sure this was the wisest choice of words Joe> Liverpool mayor attacks 'ignorant, insensitive' Andy Burnham
Understand point but not sure what it has to do with elites? Andy Burnham & Yvette Cooper more elite than you & Chris (or I)?
Definitely need commitments to 21st Century links for
...and with a bound Andy Burnham transforms from a national into a (would be) local politcian
‘It’s not about big hitters, like Burnham’ A lot of passion from & admission Tories right on devo
Can you beat Andy Burnham in our Greater Manchester quiz? . In a word, yes.
delighted to read Salford support for and Liverpool mayor on the arrogance of Andy burnham claim to be GM MAYOR
Attacking Andy Burnham? Who is currently trying to stop Manchester hospital closures & negotiate funding for the region. Poor.
Presumably he uses the binoculars to watch the ships go by on t'river.
This Liverpudlian wants to be the mayor of Manchester. Can you beat him in this Greater Manchester quiz? I got 6/10
Andy Burnham warns of 'backdoor closures' after Manchester hospitals merger plan revealed
Cant help wondering, given rush towards Mayoral roles. wheth some Labour MP's are giving up on national fight!
Wirral: Mayor Joe: Andy Burnham comments 'ignorant and insensitive'
Labour shows it's still one big happy family: Liverpool mayor attacks 'ignorant, insensitive' Andy Burnham
Suspect if we had directly elected executive mayors, the really talented ones wouldn't want to go near the Dail.
Liverpool mayor slams 'ignorant and insensitive' Andy Burnham
Could not agree with Joe Anderson any more: Liverpool mayor attacks 'ignorant, insensitive' Andy Burnham
I'm inclined towards Andy Burnham for GM mayoral selection as I think someone of his national profile is needed...
Joe: Andy comments 'ignorant and insensitive'.
Mayor Joe: Andy Burnham comments 'ignorant and insensitive'
I've got my fingers crossed they don't select scousers know the real craic on SR MP fixed it
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No coverage of Joe Anderson's attack on Andy Burnham?
Burnham is desperate for any type of power. Disagree with view local leaders can't be challenged by others though. .
A spat within the Labour Party!- what does Andy Burnham stand for? trust him in charge of Health after Stafford? http…
Blair didn't order H'boro inquiry as not to offend Murdoch, says Andy Burnham:.
Joe Anderson, Liverpool mayor: ‘It’s not about big hitters, like Andy Burnham’: interview by
No doubt more of this to come (on all sides?).. .mayor attacks 'ignorant, insensitive' .
"We’ve built 15 new schools that I’m proud of and I don’t need anyone to come and tell us what to do"
Cracking interview with Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson – warning to Lab heavyweights looking to swoop for devo roles
Incumbent Labour Mayor attacks 'ignorant, insensitive' would-be Mayor Burnham
Someone clearly thinks he has a job for life. Liverpool mayor attacks 'ignorant, insensitive' Andy Burnham
Enjoying watching Andy Burnham's campaign. Refreshing to see a leader who doesn't enjoy campaigning for power as his focus is the people.
Guardian interview with - " It's not all about big hitters like Andy Burnham."
Policy North Andy Burham demands half of Manchester Leadership are women. In North East it is 1 in 7:
Joe Anderson, Liverpool mayor: 'It's not about big hitters, like Andy Burnham': There is no doubt Joe Anderso...
Liverpool mayor slams 'ignorant and insensitive' Andy Burnham: Joe Anderson says Shadow Home Secretary is dis...
hang on a sec... the guy Prescott's punching looks a LOT like Andy Burnham with a bad haircut...
Millionaire London pseudo Janet Street-Porter criticises our hard working MP Andy Burnham in the i paper to…
Liz Kendall is toting a gun, Andy Burnham talking about it being tough up North. What intervention is Yvette Cooper goin…
Former St Helens schoolboy Andy Burnham bids to become Mayor of Manchester: Westminster has… http…
Looking forward to Andy Burnham running his yer da for Greater Manchester campaign
All in favour of Andy Burnham opposing the Westminster Village but without an anti-austerity stance, it's same old triangulation.
Remember: after Cambridge, Andy Burnham was Tessa Jowell’s special adviser. He has marinated in Westminster for almost all of his adult life
Daniel Craig: born in Chester, brought up on the Wirral. Closer to a Scouser than Andy Burnham is.
Andy Burnham to stand for mayor of Greater Manchester. 'Labour must not lose north of England.' By
Andy Burnham bids to be Labour's candidate for mayor
Andy Burnham will do his canvassing for Mayor in the style of Kathy Burke as Perry after that visit to Manchester.
Phil Scraton, Andy Burnham, Kenny Dalglish, Anne Williams, Margaret Aspinall, Trevor Hicks, all the families - the real…
Here's Andy Burnham saying Blair binned lab manifesto pledge for Hillsborough enquiry so as not to offend Murdoch: https:…
North West MP Andy Burnham is considering running for Mayor of Greater Manchester next year
Tom Watson tells me if Andy Burnham goes for Manchester mayor 'the Shadow Cabinet's loss will be the north west's gain...great job to do'
Andy Burnham,the yesterday man grabbing headlines whenever he can to keep himself in favour David Miliband is coming
This is what you want in politics, imagine Andy Burnham windmilling in and Dennis Skinner elbow dropping Jez Hunt
As all on that side of the house. Dennis Skinner Punch, Andy Burnham the string of sausages. Guess who is the clown?
Angela Eagle, Hilary Benn, Lisa Nandy, Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham - even McDonnell would be an improvement
Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper, Lisa Nandy, Hilary Benn, Angela Eagle - all would do far better jobs. We're becoming irrelevant
the Andy Burnham who when Minister caved in 2 NOT holding an inquiry in2 Stafford Hospital? YES!
Let’s make this miscarriage of justice a watershed moment | Andy Burnham
Loads of people. Andy Burnham or Yvette Cooper would be doing a better job, so would Ed. The SNP are frauds
Police volunteers could be used in cases of terrorism and child sexual abuse, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham h…
Labour too slow dealing with antisemitism claims, says Andy Burnham: Shadow Home Secretary joins predecessor ...
Andy Burnham: Labour too slow in dealing with antisemitism allegations The Guardian. Shadow Home Secretary joins p…
Andy Burnham and surprisingly both Alex Salmond and Greg Clark have been excellent tonight. Paul Marshall is an absolute disgrace
just a shame that Andy Burnham did nothing despite warnings about Stafford Hospital where 10 times as many died.
Great panel V interesting. Andy Burnham who has been a hero campaigner for JFT96, plus the founder of Marshall Wace + my local MP!
Great - Andy Burnham and Alex Salmon on This will be dull z...
I saw that speech by Andy Burnham and heard Steve Rotheram on the radio and just wept really. I couldn't believe it
Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram hold up a banner with the verdicts from the inquest.
Applause as the crowd spots Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram
The 96 names will now be read by MPs Derek Twigg, Maria Eagle, Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram.
Hillsborough disaster verdict leads to British Police Chief suspension as Andy Burnham calls for…
Andy Burnham on links with Orgreave, and need for full disclosure -
Commendable and powerful speeches by both Andy Burnham and Theresa May today in the House of Commons on the Hillsborough disaster.
Don't ask Andy Burnham about the Stafford Hospital cover up
Anne Williams, Margaret Aspinall, Trevor Hicks, Andy Burnham, Steve Rotherham &all the other campaigners, deserve so much respect, thank you
New post: "This has been the greatest miscarriage of justice of our times. But, finally, it is over - Andy Burnham"
or Frank Dobson? Come to think of it Andy Burnham was pretty popular?
well more truthful than the likes of Andy Burnham
imagine a cross between Morissey, Richard Ayoade and Andy Burnham, that's my life goal
Andy Burnham coming across very well on thus far.
So today's been a bit busy,. I was invited by Andy Burnham (Shadow Home Secretary) to give evidence in The Police...
Andy Burnham's up now. He's the Shadow Home Secretary you know. Or maybe just a shadow. It's hard to be sure.
.Isn't Andy Burnham saying Labour will abstain anyway?
I can do that but not right now as I don't have the list to hand. Andy Burnham will outline this in the Commons.
Yes and Andy Burnham's team are talking to the industry about their concerns.
Labour's Andy Burnham calls for EU Remain campaign to make the 'emotional' case: The Shadow Home Secretary, wh...
Andy Burnham Shadow Home Secretary has every confidence in a win for
I'd bet on a Brexit, Andy Burnham says: Andy Burnham, the Shadow Home Secretary who is in favour of Britain st...
"If I was to lay money on it now, tonight, I would bet that Brexit is going to win" — Andy Burnham, Shadow Home Secretary.
Snooper's charter: Labour threatens to delay bill over privacy fears: Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham says ...
. Andy Burnham advises his local constituents not to visit Local Wildlife park .
you forgot to mention Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall..
In a world of true catharsis, this is the exact receptacle that would eventually be used to glass Andy Burnham in a Liverpool pub.
I see Jeremy Hunt being humble not BMA What do you want him to do let people die like Andy Burnham ?
All my Tory followers who rightly attacked Andy Burnham when he pandered to the base wetting themselves over Johnson doing the same.
Jeremy Corbyn, Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram arrive at Hillsborough inquest in Warrington where Coroner is summing up e…
That Stephen Crabb looks like someone has tried to describe, down the phone to someone else, what Andy Burnham...
News - Labour Trident deal 'may be impossible' - Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham says it may be "i... https…
It may be "impossible" for Labour to reach Trident agreement, Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham tells
Getting an agreed Labour position on 'may be impossible', says Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham -
Andy Burnham says Labour may need a "hybrid" solution on Trident nuke deterrent as party can't agree either way - this is just one issue
Andy Burnham calls for public inquiry into death of second Russian supergrass
Derek Hatton, Joe Anderson, Andy Burnham, Gary Lineker, Sylvester Stallone and Riddick Bowe, that's whats up
Great to see Andy Burnham and Alan Johnson there too, but was so impressed by the smaller names. Particularly northern a…
Andy Burnham has said the sacking of his friend Michael Dugher is wrong but the right thing to do. http…
Jeremy Corbyn could SWAP Hilary Benn and Andy Burnham to ease Labour tensions over a revenge 'purge' of top te...
Whadday mean there is no Tony Blair??!! What, no Cherie either?? Ok, let me check for Andy Burnham and Owen Jones!:)
Alan Johnson says he isn't interested. Who do you want instead? Andy Burnham? Ed Balls? Chuka Umunna? Yvette?
Andy Burnham at Health got the closest but cure versus prevention culture persists
Was watching Victoria Derbyshire this morning as she interviewed Andy Burnham on the Isil vote and constituents` angry reaction to this! She
You shouldn't 'give way' to the left either. Andy Burnham would of united both wings of the party.
If I was I'd be planning a Night of the Long Knives with Andy Burnham the first to be despatched.
Dan Jarvis, Caroline Flint, Hilary Benn, Andy Burnham. There are many that could.
So, did they have the new Tony Blair lined up from start, to stride in and save the day? Andy Burnham, of course? Corbyn is gone in a week.
Andy Burnham turning up in a few seasons in a leather jacket as Christopher Eccleston, with sidekick Liz Kendall.
Andy Burnham, the Shadow Home Secretary, claims the decision to protect police budgets is a win for Labour .
...That's the rabbit, and a blow to Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham, who said the police could live with cuts of 10%
Wow. What brilliant skewering of Andy Burnham by Osborne, who will protect police budgets despite "Shadow Home Secretary wanting to cut 10%“
Syria air strikes: Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham hasn't ruled out voting for action
GMP may be unable to cope with terror threat after planned budget cuts, warns Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham
Andy Burnham should really focus on the fact he's the Shadow Home Secretary and not the Everton manager really
Andy Burnham fears devastating cuts to sports funding in review: The Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham has wa...
What have we learnt from . 1. Evgeny Lebedev is a moron. . 2. Anna Soubry loves bombs. . 3. Andy Burnham would've been a wack leader.
Excuse me, Scott Tracy is not a loser!! He is the captain of Thunderbird 1! You can't use him to represent Andy Burnham..
Kudos to Tim Cook for articulating clearly, as Andy Burnham should have done, why parts of the charter are so risky, indeed silly.
Starring: Daniel Craig as Jezza, Meryl Streep as Yvette Cooper, Steve Buscemi as Andy Burnham...When does the football start?
Little Giant Ladders
The Tories have no mandate to cut Tax Credits for 8.3m families says Andy Burnham
Theresa May's landlord immigration checks 'like saying no dogs, no blacks, no Irish' claims Andy Burnham - Mirror
Labour's Andy Burnham vows to fight to uncover the truth about Battle of Orgreave
Every burglar in Newcastle will love George Osborne warns Andy Burnham
Andy Burnham's jet black hair displays all the natural manly virility of 70-year-old Ray Reardon or 80-year-old Ronald Re…
Andy Burnham: I'm going to win back UKIP voters by promoting a "social Europe".. Yeah. Good luck with that.
Andy Burnham finally recognises the obvious - Mass immigration does depress low wages
Great day out in Brighton with Lindsay Hoyle, Andy Burnham, Tom Watson, Diane Abbott, Graham Jones,…
Andy Burnham urges Labour to fight the Bullingdon Boys, not Tony Blair, as candidates chase last-minute votes in the leadership contest.
good to see Andy Burnham putting a brave face on it.
Very proud to have backed Andy Burnham. Proud of how he conducted himself, under pressure. He has big policy ideas for the …
is great on NHS but that would be great if he could also incorporate yr recs not bloody andy burnham x
who precisely is criticising staff ?I criticised Andy Burnham for the mid-staffs debacle . The NHS has to work for all economically
I love that BNE thinks Tim Farron and Andy Burnham are assets to their campaign. Comedy gold.
perhaps he's trying to attract Andy Burnham
Considering he has been an MP since age of 22 just as much part of the Westminster Bubble as Andy Burnham is
Farron does this non-Westminster outsider-on-the-inside shtick better than Andy Burnham did.
Tim Farron plunders Andy Burnham's playbook, declaring war on the "Westminster echo chamber"
Tim Farron is basically a turbocharged Andy Burnham
Great speech by Andy Burnham at ldconf. "I'm from the north west, me".
Ok so Andy Burnham didn't get elected but . this is the voice of the mysterons...we will destroy you Cameron .
Great news! Shadow chancellor says leadership will reject http:/…
Why is Diane Abbott as famous as Andy Burnham, who came 2nd in the Labour leadership election **innocent face**
Well, he’s appointed her to the front bench (she’s in Andy Burnham’s Home Office team).
Only a matter of time before Andy Burnham is cut out of the hustings photos...
For the full list of Corbyn's cabinet campaigning in Scotland use Keep scrolling until Andy Burnham.
Andy Burnham on the train to support the BT Tory Coalition on the walk in Glasgow
Andy Burnham's 1000 yard stare (from Buzzfeed article on Sadiq Khan
yes ring fencing the nhs money and stopping Andy Burnham killing everyone in Staffordshire must have really clipped morale .
Well done Andy Burnham for being the only Minister to privatise an NHS hospital.
Andy Burnham seems like a nice bloke - but I haven't a clue what he stands for
Not sure I agree. Liz Kendall's supporters had ruled themselves out. Andy Burnham's supporters have joined but provoke being sacked.
Andy Burnham new Shadow Home Secretary
Andy Burnham is to be Labours Shadow Home Secretary in new leader Jeremy Corbyns first Shadow Cabinet.
omg. she's the Democratic Party version of andy burnham.
There's a bit of Andy Burnham about Tim Farron
* Jeremy Corbyn names Andy Burnham Shadow Home Secretary on
attach your pic with Andy Burnham and you're set!
Andy Burnham's campaign chief has launched a scathing attack on Labour HQ
there's obviously a difference between the left position of Andy Burnham and
REAL man ;) Shame he doesn't look like andy burnham but u can't have everything .. (sigh)
On the Project Fear movie trailer? Aye. And I was Corbyn, Rennie, Ruth, Andy Burnham, Corbyn, Cameron, Ken Mac and Robertson.
Benefits of Corbyn leadership. No one has to listen to Andy Burnham saying 'Westminster bubble' every Wednesday for forever.
Get Pfi king Andy Burnham to take them in.
You want to see Yvette Cooper's expenses? Andy Burnham puts his council tax on his expenses.
Looking at the post mortem, Scott Walker was the US's Andy Burnham.
I once got blocked by Andy Burnham & one of his cohort. I was very thrilled
Jeremy Corbyn appoints ally John McDonnell as shadow chancellor
The time has come for the 60% who gave Jeremy Corbyn THREE TIMES as many votes as Andy Burnham to expose warmongers.
- Congratulations to 4 appointment as New EDM 4 …
Spot on Andy Burnham. "Working people haven't drifted away from Labour, Labour has drifted away from working people." http:…
When Andy Burnham was health minister, the politicians were ultimately accountable. What changed?
would you call Andy Burnham a 'great'?
Jeremy Corbyn reveals his Shadow Cabinet with top jobs for Andy Burnham, Hilary Benn, John McDonnell
Andy Burnham's behavior during made him unpopular.. Now he uses his power to make Jeremy Corbyn unpopular? Go away please!
Andy Burnham's supporters have joined the Shadow Cabinet to destroy Jeremy Corbyn. He's popular. They're not. They want to strangle him.
On the plus side, at least the pig still has more dignity than Andy Burnham
Scott Walker has run the worst campaign since Andy Burnham.
Fair play to who campaigned hard for Andy Burnham but has got behind new leader. Wish all comrades would do …
Wrong again! Gordon Brown, Alan Johnson & Andy Burnham apologised for Mid Staffs. The action of honourable men.
Fair to say Jon Culshaw's impression of Michael Portillo is rather better than his Corbyn or Andy Burnham. 😐
What's big, red and empty? . The hall booked for Andy Burnham's celebration.
This new war that David Cameron is hatching with Harriet Harman, Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham and Hilary Benn will crush human rights.
Just shared a carrot-juice with Andy Burnham. He says he's getting quite used to wearing M&S cords and sandals. With white …
Great news. Hilary Benn as shadow foreign secretary and Andy Burnham as Shadow Home Secretary.
People trying to be clever by being like "Jamie Reed is the shadow health sec and no-one knows who he is"... No he isn't. Andy Burnham is.
In the Wake of Corbyn's Leadership victory Entomologists are demanding Andy Burnham returns his Eye brows back to London zoo Insect House.
Just seen Andy Burnham by the bins. Taking off his fake eyelashes, mascara streaming down his cheek.
And every time Andy Burnham looked in the camera all you could see in his eyes was Me.
"Andy Burnham was popular with the right wing. Until they found out it was just his surname and not his policy on immigration." -Hugh Dennis
Stunned anyone would even think meeting Andy Burnham was worth 5k, 50p more like it.
Although my google-fu tells me that lots of women have the hots for Andy Burnham & Kendal's is the comedian Greg Davies.
Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper, still ok with the 'war on Iraq'? Such credentials are no plus
f Pixie Cooper — or Andy Burnham, the Grim Reaper of Mid-Staffs — does manage to pull off a surprise win, they're ...
Labour's Andy Burnham: 'Cameron's refugee plan an inadequate and disappointing response'
The SNP's Humza Yousaf looks like the *** offsping of Andy Burnham and Yasser Arafat...
In the Great Hall at Aston University waiting for Andy Burnham. Smaller than what it was 36 yrs ago when last here !
Andy Burnham's brother in law lives in my parish. I can only hope this means he'll be in my ASDA one Sunday. Oh yes.
that asked Andy Burnham a question about Northern Powerhouse. Andy thinks it's devolution; Hanif was asking him to a *** club.
that said, Andy Burnham is making me a bit loved up generally. This is a good performance, credit where it's due.
got to ask Andy Burnham where our next woman leader is coming from if he's elected Leader. Not a _great_ answer.
at an Andy Burnham event. Apropos of nothing, the entry music is 'if you tolerate this then your children will be next'.
In the latest BBC News profile of the Labour leadership candidates, Vicky Young went to meet Andy Burnham.
David Miliband has endorsed Liz Kendall? Working for 'International Rescue' I thought he would back Andy Burnham http:/…
there are moments I feel genuinely sorry for him and then I remember its Andy Burnham and laugh my *** off
Andy Burnham's starting to sound like Dennis Skinner. All the Worlds problems EVER are Thatcher's fault.
literally no idea why Andy Burnham just said but I think he votes Labour.
Andy Burnham: in case I didn't win. I also voted Kendall, Cooper and myself. And Chuka Umunnu. I abstained on David Miliband.
Andy Burnham won't ridicule Dermot suggestion that Jeremy Corbyn should be denied a vote for the same reason…
omg Andy Burnham gets to every 3rd interview and drags Alan Milburn. I love this so much.
Got an email to vote Andy Burnham and it started with 'Hello Comrades'
Genuinely just got an email from John Prescott saying 'hello comrade' to show me voting for Andy Burnham was actually a left wing choice 🙈
I've received an email from John Prescott which begins "Hello Comrade". Nice start, but unfortunately he wants me to vote for Andy Burnham.
John Prescott just emailed me with the subject "Hello Comrade!" and then told me to vote for Andy Burnham.
Andy Burnham is disillusioned .. claims £17k rent for flat whilst owning another walking distance from Westminster http…
I'm joining Andy Burnham in Manchester on September 5th. Book your place here.
Andy Burnham is still labour health secretary disgraceful after mid staffs he has ultimate responsibility .
John Harris on Andy Burnham, who launched his campaign in City offices of Ernst & Young, slamming social security. htt…
Martin Freeman is only backing Corbyn because Andy Burnham reminds him too much of David Brent.
Andy Burnham in Edinburgh. Like 'An Afternoon with Alan Partridge' at the Travel Tavern, when Sue Cook pulled out. http:/…
Gordon Brown endorses Yvette Cooper for Labour leader as Andy Burnham warns wrong cho
George Foulkes, who is hosting Andy Burnham's event, has now referred to Burnham as "Jeremy" for a second time
"Andy Burnham gave the example of a ‘land value tax, taxing unearned income as we should in this country’"
Lord Mandelson is said to have approached Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall privately last week to argue that the …
I've voted for Andy Burnham 1st, Jeremy Corbyn 2nd, Yvette Cooper 3rd. Andy Burnham is right ideologically and will win the GE.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
For those expressing outrage about Andy Burnham's comments on female leadership - listen to the clip. Andy is open to female leadership...
It's clearly sexist of Andy Burnham to be more popular than Cooper or Kendall, he should pull out of the contest
Andy Burnham hits Scotland 10 days after Jeremy Corbyn. Looks like Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall will rely on phonebanks for Scottish votes
Andy Burnham accused of sexism after 5 Live's Labour leadership hustings
It's not 'abusive' or 'insulting' to point out that Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper voted for the Iraq war. It's just a fac…
Liz Kendle , Yvette Cooper are look cute, Andy Burnham seems nervous and Jeremy Corbyn is hard left winger .
What absolute nonsense this is. Andy Burnham accused of sexism after 5 Live’s Labour leadership hustings
"When is the right time" for a female politician to lead Labour, Andy Burnham?
Labour leadership: Gordon Brown votes for Yvette Cooper ahead of Andy Burnham
Andy Burnham confirms he'd be more than happy to abstain in Jeremy Corbyn's cabinet.
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