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Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern (born July 4, 1961 in New York City) is a television personality, chef, food writer, and teacher.

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Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods will be exploring food along the Erie Canal, episode airing next week! .
I truly hope that Andrew Zimmern has dressed as Smee for Halloween.
Watching Andrew Zimmern in Senagal, and, boy, do they like rotten fish.
I love watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern 😭
🤢🤢 Nothing kills my appetite faster than an episode of Hoaders and Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern 🤢🤢😷
No one knows and better than this man, who offers tips that you should always follow
♠ Sorry, you have a Kreisis with your Hair. Now, your 6-head is entering Andrew Zimmern territory. O…
American and world food adventurer, Andrew Zimmern talks about Filipino food.
The best finding advice from an experienced traveler
Andrew Zimmern's dad look is so comforting
Where have these past 11 days gone? Before the ends, special thanks to for 👍👍!!
I was watching Guy's Grocery Games and since when is Andrew Zimmerman's last name 'Zimmern', Mandela effect, his last name is Zimmerman idc
Gosh that's hilarious bc I've tried filling a show hole with chopped and it didn't do it for me either…
Make this recipe with key limes, lemons, grapefruits, sour oranges… any citrus that is super tart.
Check out episodes 26-30 of My North - featuring Steve Zahn, Lindsay Whalen, Andrew Zimmern, Tom Lehman and Jim...
Andrew Zimmern says Filipino food is the next American food trend via
Hamilton Collection
Yeah, saw a show with Andrew Zimmern re: MN state fair. The bucket of choco chip cookies sticks in my mind ...
Copy Andrew Zimmern's Pollo al Carbon recipe immediately. . Inspired by this not-so-bizarre season of Tue…
Here's why you should avoid the chicken salad in Nairobi:
A one-way plane ticket saved Andrew Zimmern's life
I have not even bothered watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I would rather watch Ghost Adventures,…
As far as I know, Andrew Zimmern only has one account?
In our latest podcast, joins to discuss how to find the best food on your next trip: https:/…
Ich mag das Eating Thai Food with Andrew Zimmern in Bangkok!
Andrew Zimmern is all about eating his steak after it has cooled off
Today's quote of the day comes from Andrew Zimmern.
Seems similar to Andrew Zimmern's complaints about Yelp. Check out local writers vs rating site…
Getting high then watching enviously as andrew Zimmern does my dream job top three favorite hobby of mine.
‘Yelp drives me crazy’ — Andrew Zimmern​ goes on an epic rant against the restaurant review site
How It's Made. Antiques Roadshow. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. Inside the Actor's Studio. Dining with the Chef
Alzina’s Kitchen – Our very own “Bayou Mama” to be featured on Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
Big News: I'll be on the Travel Channel program Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on August 29th at 9:00pm EST - Dr…
my fried Alec was on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, i missed it yesterday but it shows again today at 6pm
This interview with Andrew Zimmern on why he doesn't like Yelp is spot on. Join instead!
when did Andrew Zimmerman change his name to Andrew Zimmern
Getting to spend the day with Andrew Zimmern on the set of his new show! Having a blast!
Watching Andrew Zimmern eat fresh stroopwafel from the streets of Amsterdam. I could kill for one of those
I just want a super cut video of Andrew Zimmern using adjectives
On page 26 of 288 of The Bizarre Truth, by Andrew Zimmern
Andrew Zimmern I'm prettier but otherwise... whatta life
It's your last day to get 25% off everything at Shop Andrew Zimmern. Use code: AZBDAY25 -->
Andrew Zimmern from Bizzare Foods is the only person I know of that would literally rather eat *** than eat spam
What a complete and utter lie! Who doesn't like Andrew Zimmern?? Nobody, you're practically a national treasure! 😉
I believe Andrew Zimmern calls it passive aggressive Lutheranism...we tend to do that rather than direct confrontation.
Andrew Zimmern would eat them worms
1kept has introduced me to Andrew Zimmern and fed me delicious food, so you could say I'm…
"How cute is that!? Little goat *** *consumes them*" - Andrew Zimmern, a man who gets paid for doing what he loves I guess.
Andrew Zimmern’s Ultimate Turkey Burger with Tomato, Ricotta & Basil from
Wasn't sure what it was at first, and you'd been talking about Andrew Zimmern...but that looks GOOD!
the One thing im still confused abt is how andrew zimmern can all eat all of those weird *** food but when it comes to durian? a sore loser
Flash back to 2007 and TV appearance with Andrew Zimmern Go 19 minutes in
But if you cover her hair she looks like Andrew Zimmern from Bizzare Foods
Need to find me someone who loves me as much as Andrew Zimmern loves food
Love the show in Travel Channel called "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern"
Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern have dope jobs
Andrew zimmern has the best job in the world, how do I work for Travel Channel?
Hey Kevin! We're shooting a new Andrew Zimmern show for the Travel Channel. I'd love to pick your brain. Can you DM me?
Couldn't find the clip on YT, but one of my fav "gendered product panic" moments came f…
Chefs/Restaurateurs & more discuss company culture at Classic in Aspen
Nobody describes food like Andrew zimmern
I love how Andrew Zimmern can eat anything but hates spam 😂😂😂
I like Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, he's a jolly, fun fat guy in the old style. Bourdain is a pompous faqqaot wh…
Happy Pride 2017 and if you follow Andrew Zimmern...just know that he has awesome recipes online, is a very cool...
A curator spoke with Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods.
Come on the closest to MN you're going to get is MI don't ya wanna visit your bubby Andrew Zimmern.
I looked at this really fast and thought it said something about Andrew Zimmern and Russia lol
I meant with durians. Because everyone knows that if andrew zimmern spits it out, it's bad.
Keep an eye out for who's currently filming his new show in Boston:
It's always culture that makes a company great & inspire employees and customers -
Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern was on my flight. I didn't bother him, although I really, really wanted to.
Start your day with a better cup of coffee.
Andrew Zimmern but whatever fam you can butcher his name nbd
Oh and Andrew Zimmern is here too. The ppl next to me are on camera. Being a disaster, I was not asked to participate.
Jeffrey Rubel ready for Camera time in the Travel Channel with Andrew Zimmern
Oh I guess Andrew Zimmern is shooting at work today; figures it's on my day off
Very excited to have Andrew Zimmern filming on-site at the Browne Trading Market today. Always a pleasure!
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Creating a strong company culture is at heart of building a restaurant empire. How Restauranteurs inspire Employees
How Danny Meyer, Alon Shaya, Andrew Zimmern and more inspire their employees
If Andrew Zimmern was on this show he'd eat the whole forest
Another beautiful day at the Travelers Championship for womens day! Got to watch Andrew Zimmern…
made this Hot Crab Artichoke Dip for us, and we can't wait to make it for our next party. RECIPE:…
Fried rat time just ask Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods
Celeb chef Andrew Zimmern at Women's Day Practice! Who knew you could do that…
VP Production needed in ATL. Check out for details
Thrilled to be watching Andrew Zimmern at Women's Day at the Travelers Championship!
On the road again: greenlights new series
Come for the bug eating and get a lesson in humanity
Feed your hunger for freaky food on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. Monday-Friday at 8 PM. Only on TLC.
And Andrew Zimmern thinks he tries Bizarre Foods.
At the risk of sounding like Andrew Zimmern, they were very good!
Andrew Zimmern is a straight up mooch
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
When both Rick Bayless and Andrew Zimmern come to where you're eating, you can bet it's gonna be pretty darn good.
All my homies came to the job yesterday I was in there like Andrew zimmern
Saddle Up for More American Adventure when 'Bizarre Foods' with Andrew Zimmern Returns on Tuesday, July 25 at...
We're live at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen with Chef Andrew Zimmern where he's sharing his passion for making...
Andrew Zimmern's new show will highlight his favorite foods
I just watched the last 4 new episodes. Did you hurt your right arm? andrew zimmern
You think Andrew Zimmern ever just eats a burger and fries?
Andrew Zimmern's new show will explore non-Bizarre Foods for a change
I'm a Regular at Guadalajara Orginal Grill on It's too hot to cook, plus we were watching Andrew Zimmern in …
I want to watch the Georgia results, but Andrew Zimmern is in Croatia, and from all the wood cooking, I believe that really is home
I would be the most content if I could have Andrew Zimmern & Anthony Bourdain's career
The day Andrew Zimmern eats dog I want the show cancelled
Bizarre Foods” host Andrew Zimmerman talks about using food to connect people of all cultures in his TV show:
Come for the Bug Eating and Get a Lesson in Humanity from Andrew Zimmern
.has a new show featuring all his favorite foods. Fingers crossed for ambrosia.
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Highlight of my morning. My patient on a huge rant on how Andrew Zimmern from Bizzare Foods doesn't like Spam! "That Fricka no eat Spam!" 😂😂
Secret's out: Andrew Zimmern will feature his personal picks for deliciously memorable food and ex ...
Rick Steves when sober. Anthony Bordain when buzzed. Andrew Zimmern when hung over. Can't wait to pick up your guest's book!!
I am a coy millennial who is playing chill about being in the same restaurant as Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Andrew Zimmern. So chill.
Congratulations to Andrew Zimmern for his James Beard Foundation award for "Outstanding Personality/Host" & all...
Dear Travel Channel, why do I pay for you to watch Andrew Zimmern 24/7? Love the guy - but come on. U r taking advantage.
To gain an insight on taste and texture of sheep lungs, Andrew Zimmern told me that…
I saw it on that Andrew Zimmern show Bizarre Foods. In NZ that's how they gave him in a market. My…
i would love to do an internship with Andrew Zimmern on Bizarre Foods
These Andrew Zimmern reruns make me want to hit the hills & look for wild game to grill. I'd grill anything now... Idk I'm high...
LOL Im watching SA on andrew zimmern now Im hungry
"Andrew Zimmern will be there, probably eating weird things… Bugs! Things like that"
Andrew Zimmern just described the grease on pepperoni pizza as rendered fat
looks so disrespectful while her guest Andrew Zimmern is on her show today showing her all the wonderful food she wnt even try!
Please be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what’s right in front of you-…
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Had no clue Andrew Zimmern followed me!!!
Watching Andrew Zimmern go through Shealey's over in South Carolina on the Travel Channel. Went many times as a kid.
Andrew Zimmern got some country *** black folks cooking raccoon, squirrels and possum on Bizzare Foods. Is this what equality looks like?
"I've always loved this particular phrase from "Bizarre Foods" host Andrew Zimmern: "If it looks good, eat it."
I liked a video Eating Thai Food with Andrew Zimmern in Bangkok!
My girl's favorite tv show is Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. And I be watching it too😂
I make a pretty good travel companion...
by coming to Korean fried pork belly with gochujang
Andrew Zimmern will never eat cookie dough but "loves fermented walrus ***
I added a video to a playlist Eating Thai Food with Andrew Zimmern in Bangkok!
Vote on a Do you like to watch the show Bizarre Foods with Andrew .
Alan Shearer looks like a slimmer version of Andrew Zimmern 😋
My aunt Claudia once called Andrew Zimmern "the Jewish guy who eats anything"
Andrew Zimmern is currently 20 feet away from me in this northeast coffee shop.
Does that make Andrew zimmern a follower of voldemort?
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he's arrogant and a bit pompous for me. He thinks he's the end to end all. I'd rather watch Andrew Zimmern.
There are some prairie dogs shot for food, but only Native Americans may do so. Andrew Zimmern had a program featuring it.
If you get slammed by Andrew Zimmern, you gotta rethink your life.
"Don't knock it til you've tried it-"Andrew Zimmern. He was right. Yum on a ***
Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern shares his top travel tips
Celebrity chef 👨🏼‍🍳 shares his top travel tips. https:/…
Uncle Bruce Bruce Cohen? That IS a weird name. . I think I look like a better fed Andrew Zimmern
Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods...this dude has eaten everything that has life!!
Andrew Zimmern you are a filthy disgusting nasty pig for promoting needless animal suffering on Shame on you
Andrew Zimmern was in New Orleans. It looked delicious except for the blood pizza.
They should really have Andrew Zimmern judging this.
... Girl! Andrew Zimmern is in your homeland! ❤️😊
I'm Andrew Zimmern, and this is South Bend, another delicious destination.
This is exciting!!! Andrew Zimmern's Bizzare Food: Delicious Destinations is in Cleveland! Awesome!!
Helena Henry Richardson - watching Andrew Zimmern eating Louisiana foods...I know you would like this episode
Andrew Zimmern says that "no" is the most powerful word in the English language. More on productivity:
My man is a lot thinner than Andrew Zimmern.better comparison is Michael Chiklis.
"Don't be the best, be the only" says Andrew Zimmern, is by far the greatest avenge in my opinion.
Andrew Zimmern has a unique way of making my diaper seem more appetizing than the food he's describing.
I'd watch Andrew Zimmern eat a pit smoked BBQ horse any day of the week.
People who have definitely tasted human flesh:. 1. Andrew Zimmern. 2. cannibals . 3. probably your uncle Ted
I saw that on 'Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern'...
I like to watch Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern, because I like them when ...
Follow in Chef Footsteps around and plan your tour! Here:
as well? like Pokemon Andrew Zimmern probably travels from unova to alola & tries some slowpoketail & narrates abt the taboo
My goal in life is to be like Andrew Zimmern and just travel the world and eat
I haven’t eaten red meat since I was 14, but I still find Andrew Zimmern’s quest to consume all mammals fascinating. (Currently: groundhog)
50 minutes in and I am still waiting for the "bizarre" part of Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern...
Andrew Zimmern and Morimoto's chest bump on was 10/10
why are only Andrew Zimmern & Expedition Unknown shows the only thing that play on your channel?
I love how an Andrew Zimmern show is the most popular here, when he's from MN, lmao.
Learn how to make grilled vegetables with miso sabayon:
TV show puts San Diego's dining scene in spotlight, including this popular taco shop. has details:…
Francisco Perez Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, LA Times & Andrew Zimmern rave about his food; get it at
Salmon fishing with a Travel Channel celeb: When John Dunn, who produces Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, c...
Andrew Zimmern, Kristen Kish and More Are Coming to Babson Food Day: Did you catch Anthony Bourdain in town on…
Some great recipes for Rosh Hashana from our friend Andrew Zimmern. We've got a great selection of beef, lamb and...
Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern have my dream jobs.
I think the fish shake episode is the best of each season. Andrew Zimmern would chug it down and say he loved it! LOL.
Chance the Rapper and Andrew Zimmern are two of my most loyal followers.
Embarks on an All-American Road Trip for New Season of 'Bizarre Foods' Our Cov
Morimoto just jumped into Andrew Zimmern's arms after finishing the cooking part of Iron Chef America and it was so cute.
Do you? Learn to cut properly with in this video. via
...Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in.”. -Andrew Zimmern
$6 later I'm back where I started. Hungry. Andrew Zimmern- that whole show on taxis know the greatest food-dead wrong
Update your maps at Navteq
andrew zimmern may be the most self-important *** I have ever interviewed. You are not changing the world by eating your way through it.
I just lost the best thing that ever happened to me. If you read this just know that I miss you already. Pls follow me again Andrew Zimmern
that's a negative Ghost Rider. Not gonna Andrew Zimmern me ma'am
Andrew Zimmern's Driven by Food is my new Travel Chanel addiction
To quote Andrew Zimmern is just a guy with really low standards for food.
Working on Turks heads for Andrew Zimmern, love their color choices!
Jarred eats sushi and thinks he's Andrew Zimmern
Andrew Zimmern’s Driven by Food Season 1 Episode 4 - Nashville and Chicago.
Follow host Andrew Zimmern as he checks out where the locals go in Nashville . On Travel Channel . Driven by Food...
Andrew Zimmern's Driven by Food. Our very own Andy shows off some of his favourite haunts.
Andrew Zimmern rocking the suppressed APO SABER with Leupold M4 in .308 at the Razorbacks
Andrew Zimmern is in Dubai and I'm getting hungry 😩
Andrew Zimmern has like 10 different shows and I love every single one of them
let me be like Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern
Andrew Zimmern get on my nerves always trying different foods of all the animal parts 🙄😭
Ready for more Watch a preview of his new show "Andrew Zimmern's Bucket List" premiering tomorrow at 9|8…
to borrow Andrew Zimmern's phrase... "if it looks good, keep it"
Gert loves Andrew Zimmern, and she so enjoyed seeing CHS Field featured on his Travel Channel bucket list.
Can you guess what city eats his way through on tonight's "Andrew Zimmern's Bucket List" premiere?
I'd love to talk to Andrew Zimmern and ask him how he got to a point in his life where he can travel the world free and eat everyone's food.
I've lost count of shows. Can't wait for his new show "Andrew Zimmern's Indentured Servitude" next spring.
Catch back-to-back episodes of my new show Andrew Zimmern's Bucket List! Tune in 9/8c on htt…
Andrew Zimmern has THREE separate shows on Travel Channel that are all basically the same show - and I proudly watch all of them
Andrew Zimmern doing a NYC BUCKET LIST Right now on travel network . I have never been to DiFara what kinda New Yorker am I
Can someone PLEASE tell me why Andrew Zimmerman changed his last name to Zimmern?
We have lift off... Andrew Zimmern's Bucket List debuting NOW on
Not nationally known, but has a quote about him from Andrew Zimmern on the front of his website.
Sometimes I get George Zimmerman and Andrew Zimmern mixed up and I'm like "wow people must really hate Bizarre Foods"
It always trips me out when Bizarre Food's Andrew Zimmern can eat goat brains and insects but he can't stand Spam.
Ooo, next time you're in Memphis, we should go play!
Electronic Device Insurance
"It is a passion point for me as a sport because it gave me peace of mind."-
Someone get me and out of Andrew Zimmern's mentions
Shawn has been preparing for our travels by watching as much Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern as possible. We've...
Yet another amazing article from our friends at This time featuring Bizarre Food's
Wow! Thank you . Big news Monday from coming as well. .
Loved by Martha Stewart and Andrew Zimmern! Easily manage countless grilling and cooking s…
Want the scoop on the best places to eat in ? Here's take:
Steak kinda looks like Andrew Zimmern at the beginning of this clip.
Learn how to make andrewzimmern's dashi-braised shellfish stew:
Watching tiff and case is like whenever I watch Andrew zimmern in his travels, they all take me into their adventures, it's amazing
Shanghai... . Man, I don't which one, but either Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern has the greatest job on the...
Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern is literally my crack
Bizarre Foods’ Andrew Zimmern Gives us a Taste of Rio’s Local Delicacies in New Show: What better way to wash down…
On his show, some people be lookin at Andrew Zimmern like they want him to stop talking or like he the only one eating weird stuff 😂
Andrew Zimmern shares his best tips for making ice cream at home.
...if I were to live the life of a TV celebrity, it would definitely be either Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain...
I LOVE Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern... They should both collaborate and do a show together👬
Andrew Zimmern, lol I love your show, cant remember what bug is your favorite to eat? True most of the rest of the world consume insects.
I love your show and the history lessons that we also get. It is so interesting. Do you have an Andrew Zimmern fan club?
I am watching Andrew Zimmern in Bizarre Foods. I love the history that comes along with it.
I love the history lessons that come with the interesting food. Love Andrew Zimmern and his commentary.
Andrew Zimmern's scarf budget on Bizarre Foods has gotta be crazy
Andrew Zimmern is eating a walking taco on Bizarre Foods America and acting like he's never heard of one before. 😑
Andrew Zimmern had some tasty combos on his Bizarre Foods show-I'd try em fried or slathered in 🌶
Andrew zimmern just related the giving of food to a drug deal like when he was in college lol
Andrew Zimmern eats a Tuna Head in Tokyo via
Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods have my dream job. Being paid to see the world and taste awesome food!
Andrew Zimmern is doing Bizzare Foods in the Bronx!
Tonight on the Travel Channel at 9pm watch as Andrew Zimmern from Bizzare Foods Season 14 visits Randazzo's...
Long Island Weekly's Steve Mosco gets to know Andrew Zimmern, of Bizzare Foods fame.
Andrew Zimmern raves about that place. I have yet to go.
I'm twisted . B and D. S and M. Alton Brown: B and D. Andrew Zimmern: S and M. Justin Warner: S and M. Simon Mujumdar:Both. Tony Bourdain:B and D
I like this show. It's actually really good — watching Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern
Sorry for any misunderstanding. Neither Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern or Andrew Zimmern himself are shooting here tomorrow.
You should do a show with Andrew Zimmern "Bizarre Foods" guy... You seem adventurous enough!
I saw one on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern in Austin, TX that had real pig blood in it & I was mortified.
How can I be a guest on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern 🤔
Andrew Zimmern on Bizarre Foods and the Power of Travel: Listen to this episode of The Moment with guest Andr...
Vikings unveil new stadium foods, partnering with celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern.
Different cultures in food prep, — watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
My dream is to try foods around the world with Andrew Zimmern
Pro tip: don't watch Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern while working out
Travel Channel's - Andrew Zimmern - take a Swim with Sharks in Belize at Shark Ray Alley - . .
Andrew Zimmern shared with us his favorite black bean dish that he brought back from his travels to
I was talking about Andrew Zimmern. I love the Travel Channel lol
See which San Diego spots will be featured on Andrew Zimmern's 'Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations'.
Sometimes I get Mike Zimmer and Andrew Zimmern confused. They're both on tv so you can see where I'd mix them up.
Andrew Zimmern it's actually pretty cool that he's on the show because I don't think I've ever seen him cook.just travel lol
That makes a lot of things I've seen recently from Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern make sense!
If I'm ever worthy of a biography, Id like John Grisham, Andrew Zimmern, & Michael Eric Dyson to be the co-authors. And Morgan Freeman...
I have the pleasure of working with Andrew Zimmern today at 6 pm ET a three-time James Beard award-winner, a...
This Pho place has the audacity to flip to the Travel Channel where Andrew Zimmern is cooking turtle soup 😷
I want 2 travel the world in eat Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern... I love this show!!!
Airs: January 05 at 9:00 PT/9:00 ETTravel the world and explore its cuisine with host Andrew Zimmern in the ... -
I wish I could be Andrew Zimmern's sidekick on Bizarre Foods
Am I disgusting if I watch Bizarre Food but get hungry while Andrew Zimmern eats some old *** expired 1,000 yrs Asian …
One of these days I will meet you Andrew Zimmern. I've been inspired to try new things by watching you!
Great sharing the stage w/ Andrew Zimmern at the Chicago Magic Lounge!. Pic is of the moment we shared a brain.
Purchase $49 or more CHEFS Spices or Andrew Zimmern spices & receive a FREE Stainless Steel Turntable:
Just ran into Andrew Zimmern filming in Small Cheval right now
Breast Cancer Awareness
This is why I was on a video shoot with on Thursday. .
Here are some more great from Andrew Zimmern to get you prepped for the first day of
Here are some details about the show that taped at the Chicago Magic Lounge this week. Big THANK YOU to everyone...
Andrew Zimmern should do a Bizarre Foods holiday special where he goes to office potlucks.
Andrew Zimmern on Bizarre Foods admitted on tv to being a Dead Head and doing LSD back in the day lol
This dude andrew zimmern is an african village. I hope to God hes not going to eat what he said the grandfather had to ea…
Ran into Andrew Zimmern at a local burger joint! Watched his camera crew film him ordering four spiked milkshakes. Bizarre.
you and Andrew Zimmern are on the same page today.
Some dude on the Travel Channel refuses to eat crickets. Somewhere, Andrew Zimmern laughs
Federal Donuts and Zitners "Butter Crack"... I need to get to Philly. — watching Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern
Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern is a vegans version of a nightmare
Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern at the Arizona State Fair - Deep F...
Here's a cool review from Andrew Zimmern after he filmed with me last year for Bizarre Foods America.
First teaser trailer of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern in Guatemala for season 9. The show will air on...
I love watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. He's the good, cultured and well-traveled twin of Guy Fieri.
'Bizarre Foods' Returns to Weird You Out on September 28: Andrew Zimmern is back. Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zi...
& you could win an ultimate wknd at the Chicago Food + Wine Festival & meet Andrew Zimmern: http:/…
Erin to Lisette - Me: Why do you always watch Man vs. Food and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern when...
Andrew Zimmern is now on air with Robert Rees Tune in now to hear about his new season of Bizarre Foods!
There should be a second show the day after Bizarre Foods airs called Bizarre Poops with Andrew Zimmern
Catching up on some Bizarre Foods w/the GOAT, Andrew Zimmern
Finding myself really enjoying this "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern" marathon...maybe I'm just hungry?
Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern is tight
Andrew Zimmern is eating Rocky Mountain oysters on this episode of Bizarre Foods, and now I have a new sound clip for the show.
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