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Andrew Sachs

Andrew Sachs (born Andreas Siegfried Sachs; 7 April 1930) is a German-born British actor. He made his name on British television and is best known for his portrayals of Manuel in Fawlty Towers, a role for which he was BAFTA-nominated, and Ramsay Clegg in Coronation Street.

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“Society is collapsing” it is when tormenting elderly Andrew Sachs for entertainment was an integral…
From hosting big brother's little brother to humiliating Andrew Sachs granddaughter to the…
Remember "your choice is Donald Trump or Goldman Sachs"? That was a GREAT take. Well done.
Thank you! Andrew Sachs did the voices in Varjak better than I could. But so do many teach…
Is that the Varjak Paw audiobook, read by Andrew Sachs? I do like the way he does the voices!
Andrew James Rivera: The market cap for bitcoin is higher then Goldman Sachs.
Why is this fool even invited on tv? We all remember the disgusting and painful things he said…
after what Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross did to Andrew Sachs neither should be on TV or radio ever!
mention banking. Goldman Sachs. Threats from them will go down like a lead balloon. Crash springs to mind.
Goldman Sachs: 99% of the time since 1926, current valuation levels lead to poor returns over the following decade https:/…
Andrew, you lost me there. Everything about those lies were egregious.
My favourite Russel Brand moment was when he called Andrew Sachs on live Radio to tell him how much s…
9 years on - but impact still felt. This Day: 2008. Ross and Brand unwisely broadcast ‘Sachsgate ‘.…
Ready to feel old? Remember THAT phone call that Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand made to Andrew Sachs? That was NINE years ago today.. 😳👀
Andrew Sachs, aka The Guardian having to explain that he didn’t guard the box and it’s been found!…
We were saddened to learn of the passing of much loved actor and 'Manuel' from Fawlty Towers, Andrew Sachs. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Well they've got one thing going for them: the commute's better for Goldman.
has hired a former Silicon Valley executive from to recruit tech talent…
And Miriam Margolyes as practically any female character they bumped into 😁 Andrew Sachs di…
is also a *** or have we forgotten what he did to poor Andrew Sachs?
Sad to hear of the passing of Andrew Sachs, so great as Manuel. 😞
To become you need engineers in leadership positions: hired Andrew Tout from
Break News: Goldman Sachs hired Andrew Tout from Square - Business Insider see more
Goldman Sachs has hired a former Silicon Valley executive to lure tech talent
Andrew Sachs, bumbling Manuel from Fawlty Towers, dead at 86
Andrew breitbart was killed by leftists and his successful news site taken over by Goldman Sachs(bannon).
"He knows nothing. Nothing at all. Absolutely nothing". In tribute to the late, wonderful Andrew Sachs.
It was a sad day Andrew Sachs (Manuel) passed. Didn't realize he wasn't Spanish for a number of years 😆
news. Same thing happened with that Russell Brand and Andrew Sachs thing, I reckon
And where is the late Andrew Sachs when you need him? "I know nerthing!"
Goldman Sachs shares are soaring as Donald Trump fills his team with the bank's former employees
Goldman Sachs shares at highest since Oct 2007 The banking crisis is but a distant memory
Andrew Sachs, famed for playing Manuel in Fawlty Towers, died recently. He spoke in 1979 about life and playing the man who…
Watching Fawlty Towers and makes me so sad that Andrew Sachs is no longer with us 😢💔
A salute to with Clive Merrison and Michael Williams, Merrison and Andrew Sachs.
maybe it's the no of ways with the digital age there are to bully\antagonise folk now, a bit like you did to Andrew Sachs.
Actually, hang on. Terry Wogan, Andrew Sachs, Ronnie Corbett & Carrie Fisher are gone. Bruce Forsyth is still around?!
'Fawlty Towers' star Andrew Sachs dies at 86. British actor Andrew Sachs, famous for his role as bumbling waiter
Andrew Sachs, the actor best known for his iconic role as Manuel in the classic British sitcom Fawlty Towers, died Nov. 23 aged 86.
📻 London Mozart Players perform the Fawlty Towers theme tune in tribute to Andrew Sachs. 🎶🎻 Courtesy of
Gutted for Andrew Sachs that he wont be able to watch the Rude Tube Christmas special.
A fond farewell to the man who gave us Manuel. Thank you Andrew Sachs, for the years of laughter.
BBC one are paying a fitting tribute to Andrew Sachs by a classic episode of ☺️👍🏻
Have Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand joined in the tributes to Andrew Sachs today?
For the many, many laughs. Thank you Andrew Sachs
Sachsgate: The obscene prank calls from Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross that 'haunted' Andrew Sachs before his death
The Mail mourns Andrew Sachs on its front page today. Here’s what it published in 1938, the year he came to Britain with…
Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross and the voicemails that 'deeply hurt' Andrew Sachs: how Sachsgate unfolded
Looking forward to interviews with Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross re: death of Andrew Sachs
Goodbye to a great character actor, notably Manuel. RIP Andrew Sachs. Wonder how Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand ar…
Haven't noticed too much reaction to Andrew Sachs death from Russell Brand or Jonathan Ross.
RIP Andrew Sachs. Hopefully he'll spent the afterlife haunting the balls off Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand
Why did need to bring in that Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross thing? We want to remember Andrew Sachs not what those wankers did!
How ppl can take Brand seriously after this I've no idea Andrew Sachs = Legend Russell Brand = be…
Andrew Sachs dies but Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross are still alive. There's no justice in this world. RIP.
I won't be the first today to point out that Andrew Sachs was a migrant, having fled Nazi Germany.
Andrew Sachs was 'haunted' by obscene calls from Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross
Andrew Sachs' wife vows she'll 'hit Jonathan Ross one day' to get revenge:
Andrew Sachs's work will live on for a very long time yet. Russell Brand is already being forgotten and Jonathan Ross is p…
Andrew Sachs ‘haunted’ by prank calls from Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand
Andrew Sachs one regret was not getting to punch Jonathan Ross , would've been fully deserved if he did as well as a kick in the head
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John Cleese pays tribute to Andrew Sachs: 'I could not have found a better Manuel'
The long and varied career of Andrew Sachs .
Sorry to hear that an "unsung hero" of our industry the great Manuel has passed away. RIP Andrew Sachs
Andrew Sachs talking to John Wilson on in 2014
RIP Andrew Sachs. By the way Daily Mail, he was an immigrant, a refugee to the UK escaping the Nazis. Great headline place…
So sad to hear of the death of Andrew Sachs. Will forever be remembered from Barcelona. Rest In Peace, Manuel.
So sad to hear that Andrew Sachs has died, absolutely loved him in Fawlty Towers. Too many legends have died this year.
RIP Andrew Sachs, one of the voices of the first children’s series I worked on “Star Hill Ponies”.
Good by Andrew Sachs. I will always remember your great character Manuel in Fawlty Towers.
I'm sad today. 'Fawlty Towers' star Andrew Sachs dies at 86
So sorry to say goodbye to Andrew Sachs, from "Fawlty Towers" who had dementia. Extra sad to me that Prunella Scales is sufferi…
Andrew Sachs, known for playing Manuel in Fawlty Towers, dies aged 86
Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs dies - Reports by via
Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs dies at 86. Sad news. . Rest in peace
RIP Andrew Sachs who we all remember as Manuel in Fawlty Towers. via
domain names
Andrew Sachs who played Manuel in Fawlty Towers dies at 86 | Daily Mail Online -
I loved him as Manuel, (esp. Siberian hamster episode!) RIP Andrew Sachs, 'Fawlty Towers' Actor, Dies at 86
Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs dies aged 86 , another sad loss but leaving fond memories for many of us. RIP.
Just heard about the passing of Andrew Sachs. Such a legend of British TV. "I'm from Barcelona"
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs dies aged 86 -
Thanks for all the laughs Andrew Sachs!
Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs has passed away at the age of 86.
Andrew Sachs, the actor who played Manuel, the Spanish waiter in 'Fawlty Towers' in no more. He passed away last week. H…
Andrew Sachs and his family emigrated to the UK from Nazi Germany in 1938...
.I did Andrew Sachs and Warren Mitchell together for Amnesty International in character, my life was enri…
RIP Andrew Sachs best known as Manuel from Fawlty Towers
Andrew Sachs, aka Manuel, was one of many immigrants to come from Europe during the rise of Nazism. has zero…
Andrew Sachs who was best known for his role as Spanish waiter Manuel in the 1970s sitcom 'Fawlty Towers' has died aged 86
Actor Andrew Sachs, best known for playing Spanish waiter Manuel in has died aged 86 ht…
Fawlty Towers co-star John Cleese leads tributes to Andrew Sachs who has died aged 86
All purpose parts banner
The Daily Mail stokes fears about migrants to Britain from Europe while paying tribute to Andrew Sachs, a migrant to Brita…
Of all the people 2016 had to off, WHY Andrew "Manuel" Sachs!? :(
RIP Andrew Sachs - yet another immigrant to have made a wonderful contribution to British life
Andrew Sachs, the much loved Fawlty Towers actor for Manuel role, dies age 86
The brilliant Andrew Sachs. 'You are a hideous orangutan' (
Oh no! RIP Andrew Sachs. Surely everyone liked him, except the repulsive and
Andrew Sachs came from a German-Jewish Migrant family. How bad taste for the Daily Hate to have that title next to him
Sad news tonight, as Andrew Sachs, the actor who played Manuel in has sadly passed away. Our thoughts go out…
I can't believe it. Andrew Sachs too? What a truly awful year this has been.
NO! NO! NO! Not Manuel 😭 nearly everyone agrees he was their favourite character. Thank you for the great laughter.…
"Que?"... the loss of another great, Torquay (by way of Barcelona)'s most famous waiter and bellboy.…
Very sorry to hear of the death of actor Andrew Sachs. He introduced the legendary figure, waiter Manuel, in just 12 episod…
Yes that was the one, the announcer said, starring Andrew Sachs as, The Man. Great stereo, wonderful sound effects too.
Tributes flow for comic genius Andrew Sachs who played the bumbling waiter Manuel in Fawlty Towers:
So sad to hear about Andrew Sachs. Thanks for all the laughs, fella. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. ht…
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Sad andrew sachs the waiter from the great Fawlty Towers . Died last night made us all laugh will be missed by all. R.I.P
Incidentally, Andrew Sachs fled to the UK from Nazi Germany in 1938. The same time that the Daily Mail owner pledged his s…
Dance like everybody's watching: the heart of the greatest modern TV farce, Fawlty Towers, has died. Vale the original Manuel…
Remembering our beloved Andrew Sachs. . Thank you for Manuel and all the laughs. .
Me when I heard Andrew Sachs had died
We're very sorry to learn of the death of Andrew Sachs.
Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs, who played Spanish waiter Manuel in the sitcom, has died at 86, his family confirms https…
Just heard of the passing of Andrew Sachs at the age of 86. 2016 takes another iconic figure.
RIP Andrew Sachs. Another great who gave joy to our lives. Thank you for the laughs.
RIP Andrew Sachs who spun comic gold as Manuel in 'Fawlty Towers'.
Very sad news this evening, as the actor Andrew Sachs has died aged 86.
Daily Mail reporting tonight that Andrew Sachs, Manuel in Fawlty Towers, died last week aged 86. He was buried earlier…
And now 2016 takes Manuel too. Good night & goodbye Andrew Sachs.
RIP Andrew Sachs, a great actor who made his name playing French PM Manuel Valls in his younger days:
Had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Sachs at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.
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How Rich has Jonathon Ross become now from his investments? Probably a *** of a lot richer than Andrew Sachs ever will be who he humiliated
I've successfully convinced that Fleur East's Sax is about Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross ringing Andrew Sachs on Radio 2!
and now Nikki's talking about the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand prank/scandal on Andrew Sachs
Agreed! Andrew Sachs makes a fine Watson with the sad loss of Michael Williams. We'll get listening yet...
The US didn't mind either of course. (Andrew Cockburn and Jeff Sachs have covered that)
There's an amazing one thru London's canals where they travel w her old Fawlty Towers co-star Andrew Sachs and then Ian McKellan
Four Square from when I watched the show, was hosted John Sachs the son of Andrew.
Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives-- Andrew Sachs
What next for Top Gear? I suggest drag racing past the house of national treasure Andrew Sachs. Shouting "How you doin?"
Sellers looks EXACTLY like Andrew Sachs in that.
[Quote]..."rise this year has surprised many and this week almost threatened to embarrass the mighty Goldman Sa…
The Doctor finally meets his match when he battles a hairy prince played by Andrew Sachs
How dare anyone call an establishment org? It's not like it honored Goldman Sachs after the foreclosure crisis http…
Where Sellers manages to look exactly like Andrew Sachs
TRIVIA: Melody Lang, who plays Mrs. Taylor in the episode "Basil the Rat", is actually Andrew Sachs' (Manuel) wife. ht…
Fawlty Towers. John Cleese as BASIL. Prunella Scales as SYBIL. Andrew Sachs as MANUEL. Connie Booth as POLLY
*Even "Wow"er*. Miriam Margolyes was the voice of Prince Tripitaka!. (Andrew Sachs wasn't Pigsy he was Horse.).
Remember when Timothy West and Andrew Sachs has scenes together in Eastenders when Stan was in hospital the guy next to him was Andrew x
A credit to John Clesse,Connie Booth,Prunella Scales,Andrew Sachs &ll who starred in Fawlty Towers
"that went worse than when Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand called Andrew Sachs"
Whenever I hear Russell Brand's name I think of Andrew Sachs. That tells me everything about Brand.
New men's basketball coach Andrew Sachs has built bonds that lead to winning.
alum Andrew Sachs returning from to coach men's hoops squad.
ICYMI: Sachs 'elated' to return to as head hoops coach
his radio 1 show for abusing Andrew Sachs in a phone call
When will the scumbag apologise for abusing Andrew Sachs?
Sachs 'elated' to return to SU as head hoops coach via
Andrew Sachs "elated" to return to SU as head hoops coach.
hires alum to replace Josh Merkel via
announces new head coach in Andrew Sachs, who lead Bethany College to 2 NCAA Tournament appearances and a 117-49 record.
Welcome to our neighbor 's new head men's basketball coach Andrew Sachs. Look forward 2 meeting you
BREAKING: SU hires alum to replace head of men's hoops program via
Andrew Sachs has been named the next men's basketball coach at SU.
Salisbury University has announced the hiring of Andrew Sachs as the new head coach of men's basketball. He is a grad of SU.
.announces alum Andrew Sachs as new men's basketball coach. Details momentarily.
reporting that Bethany College head basketball coach Andrew Sachs is leaving to take the head job at Salisbury in Maryland.
Shouldn't he have voted for Andrew Sachs then?
Nothing compared to what he did to Andrew Sachs and his granddaughter. He is a vile man.
I remember Andrew Sachs hosted a doco on Barcelona the city for '92. Not really so far from having Greg Ritchie host one on the subcontinent
Alison Steadman and Andrew Sachs capture the many guises of Clowns in Words&Music
I honestly wondered what Andrew Sachs was doing with our Kaffy.
I'm just a hunka hunka burnin' love, Andrew Sachs, just ask your granddaughter.
There's able support from Andrew Sachs and Laura Solon as well as a welcome appearance by Katerina Olsson as the Head Hunter
Andrew Sachs,Pinstripe no moustache unbothered by prank callers.
*First day at job*. *Sees Andrew, Shelly, Mr.Cooley, Mrs.Zeffiro, Ms.Sachs, and my neighbor who I haven't seen in about nine years*
has now *reduced* the working day for interns to a mere 17 hours. What is it, a bleeding charity?
How does Andrew Sachs feel about Russell Brand's tshirts, I wonder.
by association does support Russell Brand behaviours in abusing Andrew Sachs ?? what next support JIMMY SAVILLE
Tim West is married to Prunella Scales who starred in Fawlty Towers with Andrew Sachs who stars with Tim in 20.30
Fawlty Towers with a manic John Cleese and great performances by Prunella Scales and Andrew Sachs, a
Manuel&soap swap! Andrew Sachs leaves Corrie behind for guest role in EastEnders
After his noxious treatment of Andrew Sachs & his family, I don't know how anyone gives Russell Brand the time of day...?
Andrew Sachs has left Jonathan Ross an answer phone message to tell him that he bummed Nick Ross.
Last year, Russell Brand caused another to-do. This time he wasn’t playing nasty jokes on Andrew Sachs, or boasting about the millions of people he’d slept with; he wasn’t calling George Bush a “retard”, or giving a Nazi salute at the GQ awards, or turning up to work dressed as Osama bin Laden (as h…
Leslie's like a cross between Andrew Sachs and Ronnie Corbett
Urgh Keith Duffy, that man, Patricia routledge, Donna nobles grandad, Andrew Sachs
I can't stand Russell Brand or Johnathan Ross, this was wrong not funny: Transcript prank to Andrew Sachs -.- ❤ xxx
The remarkable Andrew Sachs will be @ W H Smith Kingston signing books tmo from 2pm. Details here
Broadcast Beat Magazine speaks with Andrew Sachs, VP Product Management at Volicon about their latest product at the 2014 NAB Show.
Andrew Sachs will sign copies of his autobiography at WHSmith from 2pm on Saturday, 19Apr
Thanks for the pushback, Check the article as I think the research applies to invest banking only.
We are expecting a limited number of books signed by actor Andrew Sachs, approximately only 10 copies, next...
Film starring Frasier's Kelsey Grammer, Fawlty Towers' Andrew Sachs shooting in Croydon today
Andrew Sachs discusses the new Observer Media Intelligence Platform with at .
no but to be fair it IS a bit funnier than calling up Andrew Sachs
The theme is hotels, so they have Andrew Sachs as a guest star. Not playing a waiter.
I can't stop singing "traditional German favourites" I feel this might be your best musical work since that Andrew Sachs song.
Just met Andrew Sachs. Quite possibly the loveliest man I've ever met.
The one and only Andrew Sachs will be signing his autobiography at WHS tomorrow from 2pm. One not to be missed!!!
DORKING: Tamsin Greig, Matthew Horne and Andrew Sachs shoot new movie in Dorking - Dorking and Leather...
. Please give Andrew Sachs the opportunity to remind your listeners of the dispicable behaviour of Ross and Brand.
Andrew Sachs: 'My wife is still very angry with Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross'
Yep Russell and Johnathan Ross with a little cameo from Andrew Sachs
then I think the judges are stupid Johnathan Ross an inspiration after his calls to Andrew Sachs And Gove ! the list is crap
during the two editions of Russell Brand broadcast on 18 and 25 October 2008 offensive references were made to the actor Andrew Sachs
Mastermedia Prayer Calendar for February 1, 2014 Media Leaders: Linda Bell Blue; Executive Producer, Entertainment Tonight & The Insider. Bell Blue, executive producer of “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider,” will be recognized for revolutionizing the field of entertainment news, particularly the ways in which news is produced and consumed. After 19 years as a producer on “ET,” Bell Blue was named president of Entertainment Tonight Studios in November. Cultural Influencers: Russell Brand; Stand-up, television, film, radio. Brand has received significant media coverage for controversies such as his dismissal from MTV, his controversial behaviour as a presenter at various award ceremonies, and his drug use. In 2008, he resigned from the BBC following prank calls he made to actor Andrew Sachs on The Russell Brand Show. He has incorporated his drug use, alcoholism, and promiscuity into his comedic material. "Through Transcendental Meditation, twice daily I feel the bliss of the divine. I co . ...
Just in: 'I Know Nothing' by Andrew Sachs landed on our desk this afternoon!
Here it is,must listen to Andrew Sachs naration x
Have you heard them? once gave me the tapes. Richard Pearce (Jeremy Fitzoliver)as Tintin & Andrew Sachs as Snowy
Apparently, I have taken the b-dial to a new level. I was on the phone with my husband Andrew Sachs and managed to conference b-dial ... my pastor ... Oy!
A recap of Sunday morning's feud btwn & on aid/poverty: I'm w/Andrew on this one
Aid debate aint going nowhere- sundat it was jeff sachs Vs andrew mwenda... Jeff had a bad sunday
I can bet Andrew Mwenda now has his tail between his legs! Sachs showed him who the 'old man of the clan' actually is!!!
Prof. Jeffrey Sachs to Andrew Mwenda this morning: "You apparently not only write in slogans, but think in slogans too." >> and it's true!
And the aid debate rages on. Andrew Mwenda and Jeffrey Sachs are not of the same mind. Africa should continue to to have these debates.
Just read about Jeffrey sachs profile. The guy was an ocean while a basin but Andrew put up a spirited fight. Bravo
By the way, between Prof Jeffrey Sachs, Andrew Mwenda and Late James Mulwana,who among them really understood how to fight poverty?
But that 1st year economics jibe by at No no no! I have seen Andrew's maaanny books! Sachs tali fair!
Andrew Mwenda vs. Jeffrey Sachs shows why we need to defend social media. It is a market place of ideas that can...
Andrew Mwenda and Sachs' debate on the Economics of foreign Aid to Africa has surely made my Sunday in ways I prefer not to explain
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Jeffrey Sachs though... when Andrew Mwenda calls him out for being a paper savior on poverty. Typical response.
OK, I think need to follow the Andrew mwenda Jeffrey Sachs saga. Stuff of legend
If you mean by "Prof" Jeff Sachs, it's most certainly me. Enough of Andrew's ideological harangues.
just listened to that phone call to andrew sachs.Dont really know what all the fuss was about"
There should be a pantheon of children's entertainers including DBP, the Chuckle Brothers, Simon Bodger, John Cunliffe and Andrew Sachs
The spooky tales of M.R. James - read by Andrew Sachs, directed by me, with music by RT!
Um? boasted he'd slept with Andrew Sachs Granddaughter & expected AS to hang himself! Hilarious? ppl have short memories :(
So you approve of his behaviour over Andrew Sachs? Have never once heard him be funny. Offensive, smutty but never funny.
For which he said sorry and Andrew Sachs graciously accepted.
But not the sort that makes morally dubious prank phone calls to Andrew Sachs.
A bit like those prank phone calls to Andrew Sachs?
I'm no right-winger, but where do those prank calls to Andrew Sachs fit into this idealized view of Brand?
Wasn't this the same guy who abused Andrew Sachs of Fawlty Towers? Now holier than thou!
Remember, last time he was being interviewed by Paxo it was because of what he told Andrew Sachs' voicemail
from History - Andrew Sachs, Actor, 'Manuel' from Fawlty Towers -
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[ Current Events ] Open Question : what was as thrown at andrew sachs on stage?
DEFINITELY avoiding on Wednesday. That girly drug-taking weirdo who called up Andrew Sachs on the radio is a guest.
If you only see one video featuring Pat Sharp, Andrew Sachs, Ian Rush and Mark Hamill today, make it this one.
"Everyone dies but not everyone lives" -Andrew Sachs
Tintin fan types: R4extra at 9.30 this morning. I'm afraid that Andrew Sachs is an irritating Snowy but even so, it's Tintin!
Did he not learn his lesson with the Andrew Sachs case?
OK. Which came 1st? Andrew Sachs as Carlos in Are You Being Served movie or Manuel in Faulty towers? No peaking on the net!
we seem to have become q nation of professionally offended. Its like the Jonathan Ross/ Andrew Sachs thing again.
Hosted by Andrew Sachs' dad Leonard. Remember it at New Years' but not as normal prog.
I know. History of persecution-20% of population killed in WWII. Prog narrated by Andrew Sachs, an emigrant from Nazi Germany
Willy Brandt, accused of prank calling Andrew Sachs with Jonathon Ross.
there's more chance of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross being invited to Andrew Sachs' christmas do, than Bale going Arsenal
Tim Vine hosts the Best Of British Comedy Lunch this afternoon, with Leslie Phillips, Barry Cryer, Andrew Sachs and Ian Stone expected.
Graham Norton has to be the most boring throwback on TV. No hang on, that's Jonathan Ross and his Andrew Sachs 'joke' of course!
doubt it I'm afraid. Russell is based in the US now & his UK appearances are few & far between cos of Andrew Sachs
Watching all the Episodes of Fawlty Towers makes me remember why I want to be an actor. Andrew Sachs what a legend.
my brother he thought Noel was a bad unfluence on me and the Russell thing is because on Andrew Sachs
thought he was suspended without pay for 12 weeks? After the phonecalls to Andrew Sachs or something!
how long are Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross going to continue to milk the Andrew Sachs Gate?
Jonathan Ross, dining out on the Andrew Sachs debacle for the rest of his career?
Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand are both featuring on the same program. Someone let Andrew Sachs know.
I would pay good money for Ross and Whitehall to phone up Andrew Sachs live on air.
I wish Ross would get over the Andrew Sachs thing, even Sachs is over/has forgotten it
I love him but if he was my dad, I'd hate my life
Andrew Sachs, Anthony Head, David Schofield, Romola Garia.. Im getting RSI here, but I could go on!
Andrew Sachs as Manuel narrates the visual bits
Blimey you've got a talking book read by Andrew Sachs! That's the first step to superstardom and appearing on Alan Titchmarsh.
„Given that this is the BBC and I’m playing with someone’s phone, we’re already well into risky territory“ Ha! Just don’t call Andrew Sachs
I miss my Sachs-O-Beat ): plus I probs gotta clean your room again soon..o:
  QUARTET   1 hr 38 mins   WHY WE CHOSE IT - The first movie directed by Dustin Hoffman. It’s practically must-see stuff for someone who grew up watching his awesome performances for 45 years.   ONE SENTENCE PLOT -- Legendary English opera diva Maggie Smith moves into an idyllic old folks’ home for (apparently well-heeled) retired classical musicians in the English countryside, and is forced to deal with her ex-husband who left her for another woman many years earlier, while distracted by the partying shenanigans and wishful thinking of her fellow guests.    SUBTEXT – Ego begets regret. Conquer regret, and you conquer your future.   CAST -- Billy Connolly, Pauline Collins, Michael Gambon, Tom Courtenay, Maggie Smith,  David Ryall, Michael Byrne, Andrew Sachs; Director: Dustin Hoffman; Writer: Sir Ronald Harwood. Based on the Harwood play. (We list actors by the quality of their performance in the given movie, not their star billing). WARNINGS - Rated: R PG-13 - Correctly Rated - British seni ...
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Dustin Hoffman's first turn at directing a film and with a dream moviola cast: Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Pauline Collins, Michael Gambon, Billy Connolly, Andrew Sachs and Trevor Peacock. This is a version of Roland Harwood's much-loved play, set in retirement home for ageing musicians where preparations for the annual gala are thrown into chaos by the arrival of opera diva, Jean (Maggie Smith). One reviewer called this film 'a shed-load of fun'. And one can see how much everyone involved enjoyed the thing. Pauline Collins steals the film from everyone - a lovely, fragile performance - but there are so many memorably sweet and poignant moments.
Faulty Towers - The Dining Experience Having played numerous sell out shows at Galway Comedy Festival over the last two years Basil, Sybil and Manuel return with their feast of comic delights. Some familiar, some off the cuff but all with a “Faulty” seasoning and a guarantee to keep you laughing all the way to the desert. Basil is manic, Sybil domineering, and Manuel – of course – is hopelessly language-challenged. Everything that can go wrong, does, in some beautifully controlled chaos. Just don’t mention the war! Featuring all the best gags and a great meal, Faulty Towers….the dining experience is a loosely-scripted, pitch-perfect '13th episode' of the TV series which develops the characters made famous by John Cleese, Prunella Scales and Andrew Sachs. Faulty Towers - The Dining Experience Sunday 21st April Salthill Hotel 8pm, €45 (includes 3 course dinner & show) Tickets from Salthill Hotel reception & only
BAD NEWS for BRIT FILM: 'Run For Your Wife', the new comedy starring Danny Dyer and Denise Van Outen, made just £602 on its opening weekend. The film, which has also been mauled by the UK critics, made just £67 per screen, plus another £320 from previews. [Related story: Run For Your Wife - Is this the worst movie ever filmed?] Dyer... Run For Your Wife makes just £602 (Copyright: Ballpark Films) It will be rolled out to a further 65 screens, but in late morning and early afternoon slots. Directed by the writer of the original stage play, 80-year-old Ray Cooney, it also features Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding, and a wealth of British stars in cameo roles. Harding and Van Outen play the wives of bigamist taxi driver John Smith, played by Dyer, while elsewhere there are appearances from Neil Morrissey, Lionel Blair, Barry Cryer, Maureen Lipman, Judi Dench, Rolf Harris, Andrew Sachs, Dennis Waterman, Cliff Richard, Prunella Scales, Christopher Biggins, Ray Winstone and the late Richard Briers. Many of those ...
Famous people who have stayed at the big hoose before us: Russell Brand, Andrew Sachs, Alex Salmond and Neil Tennant
Andrew Sachs is in this Jonathan Creek playing an old slapstick comedian long past his sell by date. Himself basically
In new BBC abuse outrages, apparently John Cleese really used to hurt Andrew Sachs
Directed by Jon Jones. With Richard Coyle, David Suchet, Claire Foy, Andrew Sachs. A con artist is conned into taking the job as Postmaster General in the Ankh-Morpork Post Office.
You know what ? I was very vocal about condemning Russell Brand and Wossy over the radio 2 scandal about Andrew Sachs granddaughter , YET , they have appeared to have brushed aside what seems to be years and years of cover ups and " oh well these things happen " with Savile and more presenters it seems.hypocrisy and double standards of the highest order.
Richard Coyle, Claire Foy, David Suchet, Andrew Sachs and Charles Dance were all exceptional, as expected.
Renowned comedians John Cleese and Andrew Sachs, who famously worked together in the iconic Fawlty Towers show during the 70's, reunite on stage in character...
I favorited a video John Cleese and Andrew Sachs in 2008 during "We Are Most Am
What would be really good is if Jonathan Ross and Andrew Sachs joined him on top of the bus for a sing-a-long!
Fawlty Towers is a British sitcom produced by BBC Television and first broadcast on BBC2 in 1975 and 1979. Twelve episodes were made (two series, each of six episodes). The show was written by John Cleese and his then wife Connie Booth, both of whom also starred in the show. The first series was produced and directed by John Howard Davies; the second was produced by Douglas Argent and directed by Bob Spiers. The series is set in Fawlty Towers, a fictional hotel in the seaside town of Torquay, on the "English Riviera". The plots centre around tense, rude and put-upon owner Basil Fawlty (Cleese), his bossy wife Sybil (Prunella Scales), a comparatively normal chambermaid Polly (Booth), and hapless Spanish waiter Manuel (Andrew Sachs) and their attempts to run the hotel amidst farcical situations and an array of demanding and eccentric guests.
I'm not so keen on Mr Brand. I'm tempted to buy Rubicon now I know Andrew Sachs is reading it. Rubicon is one of my favourites.
Joe Pescali, Lily Savage or Robbie Savage!!! And your own your very own Andrew Sachs down at the old bull n bush.   10% Off
Terry Jones is in Hitchikers somewhere. We've got Andrew Sachs ;__;
Pity Russell Brand did not show the respect he clearly expects, to Andrew Sachs. Graham Norton is hosting a chat show! What did he expect?
Russel Brand, you absolute hypocrite. I bet Andrew Sachs is jumping for joy right now!
Manuel is a fictional character from the BBC sitcom Fawlty Towers. Played by Andrew Sachs, he is an iconic character in British comedy history. He reappeared for a small sketch with John Cleese in We Are Most Amused in November 2008.
Worse than that dreadful business with Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand and Andrew Sachs.
The Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross prank call to Andrew Sachs never fails to cheer me up
Andrew Sachs suffered burns on set of Fawlty Towers
Changing my name to "Russell Brand On Sunday" then giving Andrew Sachs' ansaphone the time of it's life.
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