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Andrew Nicholson

For the Canadian basketball player with the same name see Andrew Nicholson (basketball)

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Calling all Andrew Nicholson fans pls vote New Zealander of the Year: People's C…
Random: I thought Mahinmi was the 2nd worst signing in '16. I was wrong. Here's the 10 worst:. 10) Andrew Nicholson…
Wow! Get sharing and get voting - Andrew Nicholson is in the running to be New Zealander of the Year and needs...
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It’s really incredible how dumb the Wizards have been w/ Wall’s backup PG situation. It’s basically t…
Nets getting a first had a lot to do with the Wizards getting to dump Andrew Nicholson.
The NZ Herald have Andrew Nicholson as one of their NZers of the year that you can vote on for the people's...
Really? So you think signing Andrew Nicholson, Ian Mahimi and Jason Smith while trading anot…
Very happy for 'Here Goes Nothin' to make its Amrap debut at - in the fine company of Paul Kelly, Shane Nicholso…
Moz is really the only guy who's salary I can complain about. Carroll has been great and crabbe has been solid and…
He gave Ian Mahinmi 64 mil. He gave Andrew Nicholson that god awful deal that he needed to attach a f…
Also had a guy drafted in the first round a few years back, Andrew Nicholson, went 19th overall to the Magic in 2012.
Free agent forward Andrew Nicholson has agreed to a four-year, $26 million deal with the Wizards, league source tells
Nets are sending Bogdanovic and Chris McCullough to the Wizards for Andrew Nicholson and a 2017 first-round pick, sources tell…
Andrew Nicholson may well be a lovely man, but does he realise what a prize oaf his employer is making of him?
I'm confused as to why Andrew Nicholson, Melvin Ejim and Kyle Wiltjer aren't playing for team canada?
Portland has traded G/F Allen Crabbe to the Brooklyn Nets for F Andrew Nicholson. (Via.
The Blazers sent Allen Crabbe to the Nets in exchange for Andrew Nicholson. Let’s examine why the trade went down.
Portland has traded Allen Crabbe to Brooklyn for Andrew Nicholson, league sources tell ESPN.
Blazers trade Allen Crabbe to Nets for Andrew Nicholson, per
Trevor Booker, Justin Hamilton, Andrew Nicholson, and our late 1st Round Picks for Paul George
Always liked Booker. Great advise. Id just show the Andrew Nicholson or Solomon Hills contract and say you dont hav…
Wizards getting Bojan Bogdanovic, Chris McCullough from Nets for Andrew Nicholson, 2017 first-round pick (first reported…
Do you think the Nets could trade either Marcus Thornton or Andrew Nicholson and try and get a second round pick?
rather have him than Jason Smith or Andrew Nicholson starting.
The moment you realize Andrew Nicholson is a actually a former member of the 80s and is now back with us a…
Andrew Nicholson was a player who gave St. Bonaventure a chance to win any game. It's now obvious Jaylen Adams is in that c…
Michael Nicholson, war correspondent - who gave us an awful lot more than a back catalogue of pop songs.
Another sample photo from my shoot with the amazing Andrew Nicholson! I think he should be my staff photographer.…
Happy to Andrew Nicholson and Wiz fans in Commonwealth nations!.
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why y'all holding on to Shabbaz, take this Jason Smith, Andrew Nicholson least one GM thinks they're "blue chippers"
Andrew Nicholson because he's also a more cost effective option than a 🇫🇷 man on the roster.
*** hitting Andrew Nicholson on the break smh
... Andrew Nicholson still plays for the Wizards?
Is Andrew Nicholson still eligible for the D-League?
Now Jason Smith has an injured wrist, still no Andrew Nicholson, player signed for 4 years last July
More or less than the total of millions in Andrew Nicholson's contract (which is 26)?
Watching game with who points out that Andrew Nicholson could not be more buried on the bench (& w/ go…
Andrew, this is Chinatown. Forget it. ( Apologies to makers of the Jack Nicholson classic)
Mavs Considering Offer To Andrew Nicholson 19th pick in the Tip:
- it's certainly not the $22mm they are spending on Ian Mahinmi and Andrew Nicholson this year
He jumped straighter LTO than he ever did. I appreciate Andrew Nicholson has been down there helping out.
We not giving up kelly for adequate *** will Barton and a power forward that's possibly worse than Andrew Nicholson
Nuggets could pursue a stretch-4 in Andrew Nicholson, who I love, and try to get a 1st round pick out of the deal.
Oh Craig decided (wrongly) that I'd reported that weasel Andrew Nicholson..
Wizards can't trade Jason Smith/Andrew Nicholson/Ian Mahinmi until Dec. 15, but I don't hate this idea.
Look at Andrew Nicholson in there logging valuable minutes !!
Somebody in the Redskins press box was happy with that Andrew Nicholson 3-ball.
Andrew Nicholson is the third-leading scorer on the with 6. Meanwhile, the have four players with exactly 8 points.
Washington's Andrew Nicholson is the first player in NBA history with a physics degree.
End 1st: lead 36-29 and hit four 3-pointers, including one from Andrew Nicholson (his 1st 3 since the team's first 3 of the yr)
Scott Brooks was despondent over the Andrew Nicholson travel lol Glad he came back and hit a three
Andrew Nicholson's shot release is the polar opposite of Steph Curry
413 by Bit of Britain – Max & Joe: Great Meadow, Lynn Samansky, Clark Montgomery, Andrew Nicholson at Barbury
Number 5 is Badminton Horse Trials 2013 and Brave by Josh Groban . I love the section with Andrew Nicholson and...
Otto, Trey Burke, Andrew Nicholson, Jason Smith, gortat and first for boogie
Thank you, kindly, for the follow, Andrew.
The 11-12M (10-12% of cap) to Jason Smith/Andrew Nicholson for the next three years already looks wasted.
[Kennedy] .Andrew Nicholson's Wizards deal is $26 million, starting at $6,088…
I think we get Crawford on a 1 year deal. Hoping for Crabbe, Anthony Bennett, and Andrew Nicholson
Little Giant Ladders
Remember how they used to have Tobias Harris and Victor Oladipo and Andrew Nicholson?
Next to Thomas Robinson, I will have a belief that Andrew Nicholson can turn into something useful.
Video: Jonty Evans caught up with Andrew Nicholson at Badminton...
Andrew Nicholson scores 24 points, Aaron Gordon adds 20 and the defeat the 139-105.
Aaron Gordon, Andrew Nicholson, Jason Smith, and Dewayne Dedmon have 73 on 38 attempts. Hang that banner in Barclay's tomorrow.
Aaron Gordon, Andrew Nicholson and Jason Smith have combined to make 17 of their 19 shot attempts.
. foxpitteventing & Andrew Nicholson into bhorsetrials Read who's in & who's waitlisted
. & Andrew Nicholson into Read who's in & who's waitlisted
Great to see William Fox-Pitt & Andrew Nicholson, both suffered serious falls last season, on the entry lists for
Congratulations to last year's Challenge winner Andrew Nicholson, who has…
Andrew Nicholson still plays basketball apparently. And he did this tonight!
Andrew Nicholson (Mississauga,ON) had 13 pts,6 rebs,1 blk in 15 mins in ORL's loss to BOS.
Scott Skiles is really doing a great job of developing Jason Smith and Andrew Nicholson in a rebuilding season 😞
Anytime Andrew Nicholson's getting minutes I know it's time to find something else to watch
Scott Skiles thinks Andrew Nicholson is the next LaMarcus Aldridge
Andrew Nicholson should have been playing all year. I don't think I'm out of bounds when I say he's a starting caliber player.
Andrew Nicholson is going to make a team very happy next season. It probably won't be this one.
Winning post-injury comeback for Kiwi eventer Andrew Nicholson
Great to see Andrew Nicholson win on his return to the saddle. Absolute machine
So exciting to see Andrew Nicholson return to the sport we all love.
Andrew Nicholson makes winning return to eventing after his cross-country fall last summer
Mama's home cooking 🍛 does just the trick for 🍁 Andrew Nicholson who shined in his return home with 15p & 9r for ORL.
Welcome to the world Luke Andrew Nicholson 19/3/16 at 2:40am
A flock of for Friday! Image by Andrew Nicholson Wildlife Photography.
Delon Wright just cooked Andrew Nicholson. Lulled him to sleep and then blew by him.
Andrew Nicholson (Mississauga,ON) had 15 pts,9 rebs,1 ast,2 blks in 21 mins in ORL's 105-100 loss to TOR.
Andrew Nicholson surprises with 15 in loss to Raptors via
Andrew Nicholson gave the Magic a spark off the bench, posting 15 points & 9 rebounds.
New Zealand equestrian star Andrew Nicholson makes winning return to action in England (Sport)
If Raptors want to add more Canadian content pending FA Andrew Nicholson would be interesting and likely cheap option at…
Wins for & Andrew Nicholson. Any other Gatehouse riders got reason to celebrate this w/end? 👏🍾
Andrew Nicholson needs to get Ersan Ilyasova’s minutes tomorrow.
Andrew Nicholson was set up for the charge and Ersan just ran into Derozan.
TJ Ross is bleeding after banging heads with Andrew Nicholson, who looks like a guy who has a very hard head.
Andrew Nicholson treating the Raptors like they are Uruguay.
Nicholson Huge Dunk Andrew Nicholson drives in for the strong and-one dunk.
Here's a nugget, because everyone loves nuggets: In 4 prior games in Andrew Nicholson had 14 pts. Today has 15…
I'm been calling for Andrew Nicholson to get minutes all season, every time he plays he puts up a ton of points in no time.
Andrew just thinks Canada-Argentina when he faces up against Scola. 9 in the fourth for Nicholson.
Andrew Nicholson with a 10-0 run of this own for the midway through 3. 🍁
Andrew Nicholson continuing to own the left block, and the defense in general.
Too bad Andrew Nicholson's uncle Jack couldn't make it to tonight's game.
Heard Andrew Leoncelli and Alistair Nicholson were running around too?
We are still Thin at the PF spot. I cant lie im kinda glad we didn't get rid of Andrew Nicholson
with Andrew Nicholson not being traded, does that mean he'll finally get some consistent playing time?
Andrew Nicholson is here. No sign of Shabazz.
If Andrew Nicholson makes it through this deadline I'll be ecstatic. They better give him some PT again though
Orlando Magic were in talks to make a small deal involving Andrew Nicholson, but it's looking more likely he stays past the deadline.
Wanting to turn your hoof to indoor cross-country? Look at this preparation with Andrew Nicholson
Andrew Nicholson could be a quiet target for the Wizards. He's young and fits into their exception. Can space the floor too.
If nothing else, Heat should try to find a way to flip McBob for Andrew Nicholson and get under luxury tax threshold
Andrew Nicholson's res are pushing the Magic to trade him elsewhere in order for him to get more playing time. (Via Basketball Insiders)
The Orlando Magic are open to trading Andrew Nicholson and Shabazz Napier. (Via Basketball Insiders)
Report: PF-C Andrew Nicholson's camp pushing for a trade to a team that would give him more playing time.
Andrew Nicholson's camp pushing for trade, per
Report: notified PG Shabazz Napier and PF-C Andrew Nicholson they will likely be traded.
practice just opened to the media. Andrew Nicholson and Shabazz Napier are here.
The Magic have reportedly told Andrew Nicholson he will likely be traded. THANK F'ING GOD. Make it happen---Send to PHL (selfish).
Dear please make a trade for Andrew Nicholson...
The Orlando Magic have notified Shabazz Napier and Andrew Nicholson they will likely be traded, sources tell Basketball…
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Since he came: Andrew Nicholson, Oladipo, Aaron Gordon, Mario Hezonja are his 1st round picks
what do you think the magic get for Shabazz Napier and Andrew Nicholson and frye in a trade. and are they on the trade block?
For those asking - I think Orlando would seriously consider deals involving Channing Frye, Andrew Nicholson and Shabazz Napier
With 7:03 to go, Scott Skiles has put Keith Appling, Shabazz Napier, Mario Hezonja, Andrew Nicholson and Dewayne Dedmon into the game.
This Gatehouse baseball cap signed by Mary King, William Fox-Pitt, Tina Cook, Andrew Nicholson and more, will be...
Yeah but how else are you gonna get in those precious Andrew Nicholson and Channing Frye minutes?
Once defensive liabilities, Channing Frye & Andrew Nicholson now are making valued contributions:
Defensive improvements by Channing Frye, Andrew Nicholson have hel - OrlandoSentinel
Defensive improvements by Channing Frye, Andrew Nicholson have helped the Magic
Andrew Nicholson walks down the lane for an easy dunk. Brad Stevens immediately points at Jae Crowder and Amir Johnson as su…
Shabazz Napier and Andrew Nicholson are he first subs off the Magic bench.
Canada, w/ players Andrew Nicholson and Melvin Ejim, came up short in FIBA Americas
Leo Rautins completely correctly assessing the play of Andrew Nicholson tonight. It all started when he took the charge.
I... I didn't know Andrew Nicholson could do this.
Whoa Andrew Nicholson with the facial. Thought he was going for the jump hook and he extended and crammed it. Impressive!
Andrew Nicholson, such an enigma. When he's on his game, watch out. But he's hotheaded and has to stay calm to succeed.
Andrew Nicholson puts the exclamation mark on this one w/ a empathic one-hander over Panama!
That Andrew Nicholson slam just made Rod Black's voice crack on the call.
Nice to see Andrew Nicholson not trying to force things. a great learning experience.
Canada's up by 28 midway through the 3rd Q and we have our first Andrew Nicholson sighting
Melvin Ejim has taken over Andrew Nicholson's minutes. A sign of things to come this season fans?
Andrew Nicholson appears to be completely out of the Canadian rotation. Wouldn’t shoot and they weren’t happy with his effort = no bueno.
Walking With The Wounded charity group stops off in Newcastle as part of UK tour: Andrew Nicholson, Virgin Mon...
William fox pitt, oliver townend and andrew nicholson are my favourite eventers
Yeah, I am putting together a quick recap on today's games and a recap of Andrew Nicholson's first round at FIBA Americas.
All I can say is WOW - good save by the horse and amazing "stick-ability" by Andrew Nicholson
Thursday evening saw Andrew Nicholson and the legendary Avebury inducted into the Burghley Horse Trials and...
MSU tries the deep kick to Phillips. This time, Montae Nicholson and Andrew Dowell take him out early, at the 9.
Instead of Where's Waldo, MSU is playing Where's Darius? Montae Nicholson and Andrew Dowell find the WMU kick returner there.
Deep kick goes to Phillips, but Nicholson and freshman Andrew Dowell bring him down
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Hot take here but Andrew Nicholson isn't even the best Orlando Magic player on Canada.
Andrew Nicholson has been buried by Jay Triano. Behind Ejim and Sacre now.
Dave Smart having a chat with Andrew Nicholson about defence. Think Scott Skiles will have a few this season too?
Hey who do you want to see play for 🇨🇦 Robert Sacre or Andrew Nicholson?
If Dwight Powell can’t go, Canada will need Andrew Nicholson to become a contributor.
Andrew Nicholson reveals he could have been paralysed by neck injury
Jack Nicholson's said that - comedy's way tougher! Nowhere to hide if there's no laughter
Interesting insight from Andrew Nicholson-UK firms are enthusiastic about M&A deals, despite global slowdown
Canada is asking Andrew Nicholson to step up:
Canada is asking Andrew Nicholson to step up: The FIBA Americas Championship kicked off ...
Canada is asking Andrew Nicholson to step up - Orlando Magic Daily
Canada is asking Andrew Nicholson to step up Andrew Nicholson has struggled in the first three…
Canada is asking Andrew Nicholson to step up
>> Canada is asking Andrew Nicholson to step up
Standing in the Hall of Fame...Andrew Nicholson inducted into the Burghley Hall of Fame and what an honour and a...
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The Guku is heading to Calais later this month to deliver some much needed supplies. Care to help us?
Fabulous evening at the ERA dinner at Burghley for Andrew Nicholson to be awarded a place in the Hall of Fame for both hims…
It was a tough day at the office for Eventing Team NZ, but the silver lining being Jonelle Price & Andrew...
Andrew nicholaf44 Nicholson catches Venezuela sleeping under the rim and absolutely posterizes his…
Met Dan Collins of when horse named after Bonnie's star Andrew Nicholson was running. He knew
Gatcombe: a surprise win for Chris Burton, a winning weekend for Oliver Townend and an injury for Andrew Nicholson
EVENTING: Marlborough's Andrew Nicholson is being treated for a neck injury at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford after a fall at Gatcombe
Kate Sullivan looking ask Andrew Nicholson for ref
Andrew Nicholson will return to defend his British Eventing Open Championship crown at this year's Festival of...
The roster for Canada's men's basketball team at Pan Am Games is set. NBA players Anthony Bennett, Andrew Nicholson & Sim Bhullar
No need to go to Vijnanabhikshu and Vivekananda or read Rajiv Malhotra and Andrew Nicholson. Rely on the authentic works of Sri Aurobindo.
Try out roster for in the Pan Am Games. Headlined by Anthony Bennet, Andrew Nicholson and Sim Bhullar.
Andrew Wiggins not on Pan Am Games basketball team for Canada: Anthony Bennett, Andrew Nicholson and Sim Bhullar
Pan Am try-out roster players who were in NBA last year: Anthony Bennett, Andrew Nicholson, Sim Bhullar.
Andrew Nicholson is still on top going into the final afternoon of dressage - can he hang onto the lead?
Neil Olshey should call Rob Hennigan of the , and inquire about the availability of Andrew Nicholson
Bramham CCI3* video showing all the fences. Caroline Powell & Andrew Nicholson feature right towards the end...
Probably going to be Willie Green, Ben Gordon or Andrew Nicholson. Oladipo and Fournier can play point in spurts.
**AUCTION CLOSED**. The winning bid goes to Andrew Nicholson with a winning bid of £110! Thank you Mr Nicholson!
Youssou Ndoye will join the Orlando Magic for summer league, Woj reports. Like Andrew Nicholson, Ndoye a big from St. Bonaventure.
Andrew Nicholson will have a Bonnie with him...
I kind of figured the Magic would at least trade Andrew Nicholson
still waiting on Andrew Nicholson and Mo Harkless to do something
said it about andrew nicholson bruh. We drafted andrew freaking nicholson.
Last time the Magic drafted a foreigner in the 1st rd we got Andrew Nicholson and Lior Eliyahu. Please let this be different
Wonder if this means the end of Andrew Nicholson in Orlando ...
sorry zero network for us this evening in Killyclogher! But know that Andrew Nicholson got silver :)
Next piece on the board - Andrew Nicholson and MHS King Joules
when he gets to the nba and has to bang with people you will see the truth. Andrew Nicholson is better than him as well imo
With not available for this summer, Andrew Nicholson will be a key piece for Team Canada. NBA vets add so much.
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BARBURY HORSE TRIALS: Nicholson's ride honoured by Trials: ANDREW Nicholson’s famous ride Avebury is set to be...
Andrew Nicholson (NZ) currently leads the BE rider rankings on 1006 points. See full list on
We'll be making a very special announcement today celebrating Avebury & Andrew Nicholson hatrick of wins at
Dylan Huck of Hartland & Andrew Nicholson of Novi earn the hardware in the 12-14 year division at Ironwood
"Work Smarter" Birmingham UK - An Event for the Enterprise by on July 15th 2015
Qwanza Andrew Nicholson (NZL) goes clear but time 90:24 end result 74.40
Andrew Nicholson and Qwanza finish with 3 time penalties and leave all the poles up
Andrew Nicholson and Qwanza rattle the double at 4 but are clear so far
I hack out with some pretty cool dudes these days ;) my latest buddy is a cross between Andrew Nicholson and AP...
Andrew Nicholson and Qwanza glance off at same fence as Blyth
Goodness! Quanza and Andrew Nicholson pick up 20 at the Ariat horses close to home Countryman Blyth did the same earlier
Andrew Nicholson glances off at part b of the final combination, the tricky Ariat Horses, severely angled parts b and c, where Blyth faulted
Quanza skips through the arena fences very easily for Andrew Nicholson, really relishing this course
Quanza and Andrew Nicholson out there making it look easy. Joseph and Electric Cruise clear through the water in fine style
I remember how bad I wanted the Magic to take Draymond Green over Andrew Nicholson in the 2012 NBA Draft.
Andrew Nicholson retains first place at Badminton: William Fox-Pitt second [VIDEO]
Veredus invites you to meet our testimonials Andrew Nicholson (equestrian) & Oliver Townend (Official) in...
Will be tough for Nets to win this one if Andrew Nicholson continues to destroy Thaddeus Young at both ends, as he has so far.
Andrew Nicholson been sitting on the bench while we have had to watch Channing Frye do worse
Recommendation by :Andrew Nicholson, in his third season...
Nerlens got outscored by Andrew Nicholson. Basketball makes no sense.
Andrew Lincoln was channeling some Jack Nicholson there at the end of that episode! So *** good!
Andrew Nicholson was a fill in starter for Orlando today due to injuries; 22 minutes, 13 points, 6/9 shooting, 6 rebounds, 3 dimes
Andrew Nicholson: Andrew Nicholson scores 13 as fill-in starter -
Injuries press Andrew Nicholson into Magic's starting five: Orlando Magic big man Andrew Nicholson is set to m...
Nicholson to start for shorthanded Magic on Sunday
Andrew Nicholson just picked up his fifth foul. Victor Oladipo has four too. Just not a good day for the
Injuries press Andrew Nicholson into Magic's starting five
Andrew Nicholson: still useful. I do think he can be a rotation guy in this league.
So my highest scoring player is ...Andrew Nicholson...Ill take it!
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Magic race out to a 17-11 lead.Andrew Nicholson with 7 points in his 1st start of the season.
An Elfrid Payton, Andrew Nicholson pick and roll shouldn’t be this difficult to stop.
Uh oh, Andrew NIcholson has that offensive game going early. 7 points. And Elfrid doing Elf things, throwing alley oops to Moe.
making Andrew Nicholson look like an all star right now
Andrew Nicholson with an Arron Afflalo -- long two with a foot on the line.
>> Injuries press Andrew Nicholson into Magic's starting five
The down several players, have moved to their starting five
The shorthanded Magic will start Andrew Nicholson on Sunday
Andrew Nicholson will start at PF on Sunday with Dewayne Dedmon (ankle) and Channing Frye (illness) bot...
Andrew Nicholson will start in place of Channing Frye tonight. Aaron Gordon and Kyle O’Quinn will get more minutes. big winner-Manimal!
Tonight's game will be Andrew Nicholson's first start this season and the 34th start of his three-year NBA career.
Channing Frye sick as well. Out tonight. Harkless and Andrew Nicholson starting at F spots.
Lineup note: Magic will start Harkless and Andrew Nicholson with Harris and Frye out.
So, with Frye out, Magic starters: Elfrid Payton, Vic Oladipo, Moe Harkless, Andrew Nicholson and Nik Vucevic
to start Andrew Nicholson for first time all season tonight vs. Nuggets. Channel Frye is out (illness).
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With Channing Frye out of the lineup, Andrew Nicholson enters the starting lineup.
Our latest training videos include advice from Andrew Gould, Ben Hobday and Andrew Nicholson
Andrew Nicholson making it look easy!
Tips for Andrew Nicholson!!He's only one of the greatest horsemen to grace this planet..
"Harder!" commands AP as he puts Andrew Nicholson through his paces ahead of the charity race at Cheltenham
Uh oh Andrew Nicholson hesitated with that wide open 3. He isn't confident in his 3 point shot now rip
. Andrew Nicholson on training a strong, spooky, talented horse! And some valuable training exercises :)
give eventing legend Andrew Nicholson a lesson in race riding tom am on
“fitness advice frm AP 4the great Andrew Nicholson - if only ppl realised how supremely fit jockeys are!
The great Andrew Nicholson getting some fitness advice from AP
Andrew Nicholson with three time Burghley winner Avebury gearing up for in aid of
Find out how Andrew Nicholson worked with Mary King's former ride to make him less strong across-country
Please rescue Andrew Nicholson from the Orlando Magic. A great young player they are wasting.Bring him to Dallas
Andrew Nicholson & 3 times Burghley champ Avebury ahead of his debut for
If you've been enjoying all our Andrew Nicholson videos, turn over to Sky 253 now to watch more from the International Eventing Forum...
Andrew Nicholson: Teaching a horse to listen ...
'"At the Dying Atlantic's Edge": Norman Nicholson & the Cumbrian Coast': paper from Prof Andrew Gibson http…
VIDEO: Andrew Nicholson talks about taking on the ride on King Joules, and teaching the gelding to listen on the XC
Andrew Nicholson: Teaching a horse to listen
Yo if don't come with that delay I'm bouta make a diss track ft. Ryan Nicholson, Andrew Symons, George Neef, Adan Dominguez, and Pac
Video: Andrew Nicholson: Riding a fence at speed via
Aaron Gordon with the call over Andrew Nicholson in the second half.
Who do you want as the final player on our roster?. Ray Allen. Gary Neal. Tayshaun Prince. Enes Kanter. Andrew Nicholson
Kiwi equestrian star Andrew Nicholson has hinted at switching allegiances and riding for Britain after being...
Despite his photo still gracing the "home page" of Team NZ's website, Andrew Nicholson is considering all his...
Is kiwi Olympic equestrian medalist Andrew Nicholson about to switch horses in mid-stream and ride for Britain?
Kiwi equestrian Andrew Nicholson hints at switching to British team
Hey John, the Magic might as well trade Andrew Nicholson if they r going to let him waste away on the bench..
Jonas Jerebko and Andrew Nicholson trading bricks to start the quarter.
Andrew Nicholson requests his removal from high performance squad - Horse & Hound
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Getting really fed up with Andrew Nicholson not playing in Orlando. Trade him to the and he would be starting
Doesn't look like Maurice Harkless or Andrew Nicholson will play in Orlando's game tonight. They're gonna lose by 15-plus.
Surprising DNPs so far tonight for Andrew Nicholson and Maurice Harkless for the Orlando Magic
*** Andrew Nicholson hasn't got into the game yet. I like his game.
at least with Payton, VO, and Gordon they have some real upside fantasy-wise. It's beats daydreaming about Andrew Nicholson.
So ... is Andrew Nicholson going to play tonight?
No Mo Harkless or Andrew Nicholson for the in the first half. Jacques Vaughn... keeps fans on their toes!
Maurice Harkless played in 80 games last season, Andrew Nicholson 76. Thus far, neither has gotten off bench.
Mo Harkless & Andrew Nicholson are just out of the rotation, huh?
Not sure why bums like Ben Gordon and Willie Green are seeing time over Moe Harkless and Andrew Nicholson.
I remember last season were the first two players to make a good impression on me were Andrew Nicholson and Vitor Faverani. Good times.
Andrew Nicholson begins his third season in the . He averaged 5.7 pts and 3.4 reb in 15.4 min per game last season
Green Square is Andrew Bolt’s most hated of the train stations.
Alright i lied i got another, Andrew Nicholson vs Diaw both $4200 and Channing Frye is out most likely
Andrew James and Andrew Nicholson both have one here in the UK.
Andrew Nicholson?? Lls I could've sworn he was 7 or at least 6'10. Lol I got em mixed up with someone else
Ten bucks that Andrew Nicholson and Anthony Davis are the NBAs first hour MVPs.
At least it’s another chance for Andrew Nicholson to be First Hour NBA MVP.
If you don't have Andrew Nicholson on your fantasy basketball team are you even a Bonnie BRAH
Way to go Andrew! Andrew Nicholson Takes the Game to OT | Magic vs Heat via
Wrote about the Pelicans' tough decision on Austin Rivers fourth-year options here:
Orlando Magic: Exercised the fourth-year team option on the contract of forward Andrew Nicholson.
have exercised team option for the 4th year on the contracts of Evan Fournier, Maurice Harkless & Andrew Nicholson.
Andrew Nicholson is not wrong about small business owners. As bad as big business is, at least everyone there has...
Formality: Orlando earlier announced it has exercised the team options on Evan Fournier, Moe Harkless, Andrew Nicholson, and Victor Oladipo.
The only guy I had option doubts about was Nicholson, but Andrew has had a lot of good moments this month.
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