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Andrew Neil

Andrew Ferguson Neil (born 21 May 1949) is a Scottish journalist and broadcaster.

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Thought I was odds on to get Mark due to my Andrew Neil love but my stomach pH has once again let me down and I got…
Good grief. Why is this Andrew Neil *** still a thing?
Italy's economy SMALLER than 15 years ago. Italian economic output LOWER than it was in 1984, notes Andrew Neil. Welco…
Had a day at work which insisted on watching Robert Mitchum & Rory Calhoun war movies. Andrew Neil is a *** poor propagandist.
"Labour more divided on Brexit than Tories" says Andrew Neil. " I don't think so" says Shadow Justice Secretary. 49 rebels say different
He does to both labour and tory politicians Imo apart from Andrew Neil the BBC…
wait till you hear about Nick Robinson, Laura Kuenssberg and Andrew Neil!
I swear it. Andrew Neil, Laura Kuensberg(sp?), Nick Robinson get untold stick for giving the Tories an easy ride.
If you're gonna fire Jon Snow, then fire Andrew Neil, Laura Kuennsberg, Nick Robinson too.
As is with Nick Robinson, ex Oxford Uni Tory Assn + Andrew Neil, Chair of Telegr…
Andrew Neil, John Humphreys, Andrew Marr, David Dimbleby, Nick Robinson. do you see any demographic limitations in you…
Add to that Andrew Neil, David Dimbleby and the rest of the BBC News team
"Your chance to marry an inappropriately young woman from the Philippines like Bruce Forsyth and Andrew Neil did!!"
Don't ask why, but has stuck a bunch of politicians' mouths on Andrew Neil for your quizzing pleasure…
Although I made this yesterday, I simply can't ignore an Andrew Neil trend -
Andrew Neil destroys Labour for wanting to abolish MI5 & constant opposition to anti terror laws
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
. No, she was recommended by Andrew Neil and Andrew Marr ...
A cross between an Andrew Neil format and a bbcqt from Dundee. Farcical coverage of devolved issues.
Daily Mail calls out the BBC for being left wing. Yes, Kuenssberg, Andrew Neil and Nick Robinson are clearly Marxists
Andrew Neil repeatedly looked REALLY cross with Farron during that interview. Farron just wasted time. Deliberately.
Andrew Neil just didn't listen he tended to cross talk over Tim from start to finish.
Fact-checking what Nicola Sturgeon told Andrew Neil about education:
In all 3 interviews - Andrew Marr, Andrew Neil, Jeremy Paxman - was found wanting…
Watch the 30 seconds with Andrew Neil that could cost Theresa May the general election [VIDEO] via
After his performance with Andrew Neil, I doubt that!
Andrew Neil is a national treasure.
On a scale of 0-3 how did Jeremy Corbyn perform in his interview with Andrew Neil?
'The time for rhetoric is over' Andrew Neil makes powerful demand for action on terror
Andrew Neil asks Jeremy Corbyn six times if he supports the renewal of Trident .
Andrew Neil gave a forensic examination of Theresa May on Mon. I'm told he gave Corbyn an equally rigorous going over. Excell…
Andrew Neil is Dr. Tough McToughson of Tough Interviews, but Corbyn held up under fierce fire.
Andrew Neil: "The IRA killed 1,800 people." Corbyn: "Yes, and people were killed by Loyalist bombs as well."
" Neil Walker homers twice against former team in Mets 8-1 win "…
Disappointing from Andrew Neil. 15 minutes on a topic that JC adequately answered in 30 seconds. Embarrassing.
Andrew Neil asks Jeremy Corbyn why he linked foreign policy and terror attacks .
Tough Jeremy Corbyn interview with Andrew Neil - but why concentrate 2/3 of the interview on the 1980s and not on our kids…
The public felt rather sorry for Jeremy Corbyn being grilled by Andrew Neil on his birthday - the Irish News
Considering Andrew Neil is a massive Tory biff, Corbyn was a lot more assured and a lot less evasive than May was in the sa…
One adjective to describe JC's speech on tackling terrorism & his interview by Andrew Neil today: PRIME-MINISTERIAL. https:…
'I never met the IRA!' flounders as Andrew Neil lays into him over links to IRA…
Just saw you on the BBC, you squirmed there and could not answer Andrew Neil's questions! No wonder you won…
Andrew Neil has revealed Corbyn for what he is: a dangerous, slippery, Marxist pied piper, who would lead this country…
who else saw the corbyn under the lights with andrew neil and thought he came out better than Theresa May?
interviewed by Andrew Neil. how about kidnap No ransom to be paid
The day Andrew Neil displays anything other than blatant Tory bias, I'll start taking him seriously. Ridiculous.
ex times editor and high earner Andrew Neil did a fantastic job at failing to look at Labour's policies featured in NBC s Science of Love
General election: Jeremy Corbyn interviewed by Andrew Neil – as it happened.
Andrew Neil gets more rattled by Corbyn's confident presidential answers
Im no labour supporter but fair play to ... he's just smashed Andrew Neil to smithereens.
Did you miss the week of headlines about the "dementia tax"? Or Andrew Neil i…
So, he "never met the IRA". But he met many members of the IRA (not to mention the INLA or PIRA)
. . watch own Andrew Neil when he asked why should back him 😉 https:…
Andrew Neil - possibly the last remaining voice of reason on the BBC
Jeremy Corbyn: 'I am making no promises' to cut immigration
Andrew Neil is so disrespectful he chooses to ignore completely Manchester Bombing trying to score political points for TM using IRA?
I thought Jeremy Corbyn came out of his Andrew Neil interview better than Theresa May did.
I liked a video Andrew Neil's explosive interview with Katie Hopkins (Daily Politics)
Andrew Neil: What was the foreign policy of Sweden that resulted in Sweden being attacked?.
Against a combative, interrupting Andrew Neil, Jeremy Corbyn comes out fighting and is very clear on the choice Labour is offe…
Now that both Corbyn and May have been interviewed by Andrew Neil. Who would you vote for to be PM?
Thanks Andrew Neil, I wasn't sure but I'll be voted Labour now.
Several factual inaccuracies in Andrew Neil's assertions this evening around the Northern Ireland conflict. I factually corre…
Just caught up with Andrew Neil interviewing Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn was very good in spite of hostile pointed questioning
Corbyn looked an awful lot more relaxed in that Andrew Neil interview than when the Prime Minister did the same thing on M…
Andrew Neil: You break promises constantly, so why should voters trust you?. Theresa May: Strong economy. Don't trust La…
I never thought I'd decide to vote Labour but, after seeing Theresa May tonight with Andrew Neil, it seems to be the best…
This is the 'gotcha!' moment they wanted from the Andrew Neil interview that you were talking about Abi,…
Andrew Neil revealing his Tory bias and Corbyn shutting him up at the end, a success for Corbyn. 👏🏼 https…
Funniest thing about all this noise from the Torie account is May was *woeful* during her Andrew Neil interview!…
If we really want to find out what happened to Maddy McCann they need to get the parents on live tv & stick Andrew Neil in front of them...
"Why should we believe you a third time?" Andrew Neil asks Theresa May her plans on immigration
Here's the 12 times Andrew Neil skewered Theresa May over her 'manifesto meltdown' . # via
There were beads of sweat on my forehead just reading it! Full marks to Andrew Neil *gulps*
OMG! I've just watched the car crash Theresa May interview by Andrew Neil. . 'What's the time, Prime Minister?' . 'Pimms o'clo…
Very evident why May didn't want to go head-to-head on the basis of this Andrew Neil interview
If that interview with Andrew Neil was anything to go by, Brexit negs led by the Tories would be a disaster for the UK. .
I am living for watching Theresa May crumble on the BBC u GO Andrew Neil
If this is what Andrew Neil can reduce Theresa May to imagine what the EU will do. What an absolute shambles
May malfunctioning in Andrew Neil interview is biggest robot disaster since Westworld.
Theresa May is answering Andrew Neil's questions like an employee who is having a terrible appraisal from their boss.
Did Theresa May answer a single question in that 30 minute interview with Andrew Neil?
I feel sorry for Andrew Neil. Interviewing Theresa May is like interviewing the Speaking Clock but rather less informati…
She's dreadful! Andrew Neil cannot get the PM to answer a question. She just doesn't know the answers. Thick as a brick.
Can't we just get Andrew Neil to negotiate with the EU?
Sorry not impressed with Andrew Neil. He let waffle on and on.She didn't answer questions.Will he let Corbyn do same.will he 💩
Theresa May wriggling and writhing and completely failing to answer Andrew Neil's questions.
Andrew Neil looking dashing in an ASI tie on the this afternoon. Grab your own here:
After a wobbly time in Wrexham, Theresa May gets a bit of a break ton .. oh wait she's got Andrew Neil tonight on BBC1 https:/…
Andrew Neil is the best & most knowledgeable presenter on TV right now.
I've only heard Evan Davis and Andrew Neil challenge the Tories over the lack of costings.
Absolute credit to BBC's Andrew Neil. He just demolished the entire Tory Tax Ideology in 2 minutes flat.
Andrew Neil is too right wing and bias for his own good. Depressing how right leaning the BBC has come.
Andrew Neil asks Alex Salmond how many hours the Scottish Government have spent discussing education...
Nuttall with NO MPs gets an Andrew Neil interview - the Greens - with one get nothing. That is ridiculous.
Asim Qureshi is exposed by the BBC's Andrew Neil as a fraud and Jihadist... via The mask slipped!
Giving Katelyn one last stern look, Neil turned his full attention to Andrew. "Andrew," he called once…
I think the reason why Andrew is my is because I relate to Neil like I AM NEIL so obviously I fell in love with Andrew.
Andrew and Neil are so beautiful. Their development makes me so emotional.
Have you spoken to Neil Mitchell, who thought she should be sacked and was part of the over…
Andrew leans in to catch Neil's lips in a kiss that is anything but gentle; it's fire and gasoline burn…
Still amazed by Andrew Neil's claim Gina Miller campaigns for parliamentary democracy as a 'hobby' & to give her an inte…
— asked for time and patience to get used to Neil's touch, Neil had soon found out that he craved the w…
Neil paused to consider his answer, blue eyes carefully watching Andrew's face for any sign of unease.…
I think JCs lawyers should take action against Andrew Neil/BBC for the IRA/Hamas smears they televised
what the Tories really think of *** people - Along side Theresa 's voting record on these issues 🤔 -
her Andrew Neil interview, the fact none of her documents mention any hard brexit measures
Andrew Neil says Corporation Tax rate was lowered yet take went up. False correlation. There must be other factors.
Unfazed by Andrew Neil's aggressive interviewing style, explains why a makes sense https…
Andrew Neil calls Alan Johnson out on itching for Corbyn to fail A really sad state of affairs.
John Nicolson MP is dismissed by Andrew Neil (again). After pontificating on EU membership, does not know if it's SNP p…
Combining Andrew Neil's huge Tory bias and his BBC ubiquity, is an election legal with so much influence from the national…
Arsenal's record transfer fee in March 1924 was when they paid £3000 to Brighton for a player called... Andrew Neil. Who knew?
I'm coming over to support you Neil. We want you back in Westminster fighting for the people of Southwark and beyond. See…
Andrew Neil is sharp - not your text book Tory but certainly no leftie.
Andrew Neil, (Evening) Standard is not "handed out on every street corner in London". Just in the busy central bits you pass through.
the Torygraph took Andrew Neil's monologue and mixed it all up, adding music and commentary. ***
You MUST watch and share this. Powerful and awe inspiring from Andrew Neil. .
Andrew Neil praised for blistering monologue by via…
For those who are interested read Littlejohns piece in the D.M. today,absolutely spot on.
I usually find Andrew Neil an insufferably smug git, but I take my hat off to him for this, & he named the problem…
I added a video to a playlist Andrew Neil branded 'Churchillian' after incredible monologue on London
Powerful opening with a heartfelt speech from Andrew Neil to open tonight's This Week 👍🏻.
Andrew Neil's strong message to terrorists on BBC's This Week
Good speech from Andrew Neil. But it's meaningless each time he shares airtime with K***e H*s.
I see that Andrew Neil clip has gone viral on faceb.wait what?!
Westminster attack: Andrew Neil branded 'CHURCHILLIAN' after incredible monologue - video
REVEALED: ISIS propaganda film urging terrorists to attack Parliament made 8 MONTHS AGO . We have huge respect for Andrew Neil & his Message
BBC’s Andrew Neil delivers incredible response to ‘pathetic Poundland terrorist in an estate car with a knife’ Kha… https:…
Never been a huge fan of Andrew Neil, but he hits just the right note here.
Should the UK security services be given more anti-terror powers? 4 079 users have voted. Share your opinion!
A tribute as memorable as the one Andrew gave after the Paris slaughter Bravo again, Mr Neil
Andrew Neil praised for blistering monologue
OK -  you're shouting the odds  -  so what are you doing about it apart from sitting safe at home doing nothing ?
I see  -  so the First and Second World Wars were all the fault of Churchill and his "war-mongering fetish" were...
BBC's Andrew Neil delivers lacerating response to 'jumped-up jihadis'
BBC journalist Andrew Neil broadcasts seething message to 'jumped up  jihadis' via
A must watch! Viewers hail Andrew Neil's INCREDIBLE monologue on Westminster attack
Message to every jumped up jihadist out there: We won't be cowed by pathetic Poundland terrorists.
Watch: Andrew Neil’s message for the jihadi johnnies out there
The BBC's Andrew Neil saying how it is.
neil: I didn't think I was a personal problem. You hate me, remember?. andrew:
Andrew Neil can be a bit of a knob but he got this right ...
Pam, suggest you listen to this short clip of famed broadcaster and journalist Andrew Neil htt…
I hope there is an election in May. It's been too long since Andrew Neil hosted a party on a boat with Joan Collins and Christopher Biggins
If Blair, Nick Cohen, Andrew Neil, Murdoch, Marr, Humphrys, Telegraph, Branson etc don't like you, you're doing something right.
Andrew Neil talks to Angus Robertson SNP MP and Murdo Fraser T... via
Not for the squeamish: Andrew Neil v the SNP's Angus Robertson on via Try not t…
With exception of Andrew Neil, one wonders why the BBC so agresseively avoided looking into the Tory Election expnses scanda…
"Sources" will probably turn out to be Andrew Neil and Nick Robinson.
Owen Jones is right. Andrew Neil, John Humphrys, Rupert Murdoch & Laura Kuennsberg should choose the leader of the
James Harding, head of BBC news is an ex Murdoch employee, as is Andrew Neil . Robbie Gibb, brother is a Tory MP
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LOL, did Andrew Neil just bite on the Nicola Sturgeon parody account ?
Andrew Neil hitting out at a fake Nicola Sturgeon account. 🙄
Andrew Neil, Kuenssberg, Norman Smith, Rita Chakrabati, Dimbleby et al must be so pleased that their work has payed…
It is desperate! We have Andrew Neil & Gordon Brewer up here who scrutinise, but FM wont appear with either.
If Kirsty Wark, Andrew Neil, James Naughtie, James Cook, Eddie Mair etc stayed in Scotland would they and BBC Scotl…
Question Time, 16/02/2017 Who would like to see Andrew Neil .or replace David Dibbleby ?.
I know Andrew Neil said 'queue' as did many reports. Junckers said 'list'. Little in it in this context.
Tory next to Andrew Neil squirming wishing studio floor would open up and swallow him. I wish it would too.
do him and Andrew Neil share the same rug doctor?
. £145 is cheap,you have Andrew Neil,in austria it's . €312 annually for a party prayer wheel🙃.
Had a good night completing GTA5 and nearly died laughing at Neil Mundy Stephen Johnson and Andrew Marshall hilarious antics online.
A small but not widely known fact is that Andrew Neil is so far up Trumps *** that he can see Nigel Farage!
Pubs that don't match his own hair colour are sold to the BBC's Andrew Neil.
Love the quote from Alex Neil on Wildschut: "On his day, he can create ABSOLUTE HAVOC."
NEW: Two "finalists" for Pres. Trump's pick for SCOTUS, Neil Gorsuch & Thomas Hardiman, will be at WH tonight, source confirms…
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The elephant in the room - Andrew Neil bursts John Nicholson's balloon.
Please why has Andrew Neil not been closed down ?
look at Andrew Neil's letter about tax reform.
Andrew Marr tells that voters DID know leaving the EU would mean leaving the single market!
I see that Andrew Neil is appearing on Nigel Farage's Sunday Politics again today. .
"and now, in a change to our scheduled programmes, Nigel Farage and Andrew Neil slowly *** each other off while Nazis feed the…
Liars all of them and the only person ever to call them out on it is Andrew Neil.
Andrew Neil savages James McGrory of Open Britain over EU Single Market ... via
1st time I saw the Matrix for about half the film I thought his name was Neil!
Nick Clegg claimed (when speaking to Andrew Neil in December 2016) that the EU is the world's largest single market. It…
Andrew Neil at least did not pick like Tony Blair & Peter Mandelson who parachuted them in b4
I would love to see him field questions from Stephen Sackur or Andrew Neil or Jon Snow or Jeremy Paxman
" Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn leave SNP MP red-faced as EU trade argument is destroyed " ...
Imagine having to eat haggis at a dinner listening to Andrew Neil & Fraser Nelson drone on whilst Alistair Campbell…
Are you joking? Have you read/watched Andrew Neil, Laura Kuenssberg, Nick Robinson?
Andrew Neil versus Alex Jones on Sunday Politics. Subject - Bilderberg meeting in Watford. Turn your volume down !.
Kuensberg, yes...but what about Daily Politic's Andrew Neil & Jo Coburn & Question Time Young & Left wing people
The Barclay Brothers, Andrew Neil and Johnston Press have a lot to answer for in willfully alienating potential readers.🙁
Having a wander down memory lane ahead of this year's Christmas special. Have some Andrew Neil 😂.
if you're sick of Andrew Neil and Gordon Brewer with their predictable negative approach to Scotland
. Tell me you picked up the Gordon Brewer's smart *** comment on Andrew Neil's Salmond's Bridge.
Chas and Dave, Brian Blessed, Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo, never mind Trump, all is well with the world
Just watching Andrew Neil and Michael Portillo wrap it up on the best political show on TV - This Week BBC1
23:45 This Week: A political review of the week presented by Andrew Neil, with Michael Portillo and guests.
I give you Nick Robinson, Andrew Neil, Kaye Adams, Louise White, Kirsty Wark etc. I could go on. (Usually do)
Andrew Neil on second referendum: . "Isn't it time for a rebrand, why don't you just drop the democrat?". Nick Clegg:. *si…
'DON'T misrepresent me!' Daily Politics boils over as Andrew Neil rages at Tim Farron
Can't wait for a.good grilling by Andrew Neil master griller in chief!
Andrew Neil supplying the only coherent commentary on Castro all day
Not surprising. Andrew Neil looks like a low-rent Trump impersonator, right down to the bad combover and ludicrous…
Go show Andrew Neil what an outdated old fashioned female-bullying presenter he is! disgraceful sexist intimidation!
you're the one fixated on Jews, I'm referring to Laura Kuennsberg, Andrew Neil, Andrew Marr, Nick Robinson, David Dimbleby...
i just watched Andrew Neil take that video apart brutally. Look it up. Chap called Macgrory or something roasted.
Andrew Neil's questions are now nearly as long as those of James Naughtie. Eventually one question will last until 1 O'Clock News.
When Melanie Phillips said she was trying to follow what Hilary Benn way saying, Andrew Neil burst out laughing. So did I…
Now watch this. Andrew Neil is an appalling & patronising man. A pathetic BBC stooge, & former Murd…
coverage ruined by Andrew Neil's inability to not hear his own voice for more than 10 seconds
I wish Andrew Neil would shut up so we can actually hear the new President speak
I swear though if I ever have to hear Andrew Neil present an election upset ever again I will lose it. This is the third time in a year.
Andrew Neil, BBC, as Trump slimes on: "Let's just savour the atmosphere, soak it up!" No, Andrew, you soak it up.
Watching Andrew Neil on the Beeb. What's with all the 'Donald Trump' and '*Mrs* Clinton'?
Andrew Neil just described a man who thinks homosexuality can be "cured" by EST as "a relatively moderate Republican". Holy mother of God.
Andrew Neil just called Pence a moderate republican
My God, Andrew Neil just described foetus-burying VP-Elect Mike Pence as 'a moderate'. Go to bed, Andrew.
Did Andrew Neil just refer to Pence as a "moderate" Republican? He supports conversion therapy for Christ's sake
Andrew Neil now calling Hillary a "sore loser" for not conceding her country to a fascist who doesn't even have 270 elector…
andrew neil's mystified chuckle is such a Mood
I think Andrew Neil's sleepy... that's definitely Mike Pence
Andrew Neil on BBC interupts interview to announce Fox News has declared the election. BBC now reporting what Rupert has said
and much more candid. BBC presenters apart from andrew neil almost in tears.
Watching news. 2yo wakes. Pundit talking. 2yo: "I like that man. I don't like the orange man." The latter is Andrew Nei…
tell Andrew Neil to stop behaving like a game show host - bring back Dimbleby
BBC and Andrew Neil slammed over 'terrible' and 'biased' US election coverage htt…
Andrew Neil is outstanding at his job.
at least Andrew Neil's haemorrhoid face is happy
Just heard Andrew Neil say to the US embassador in London: 'The world knows very little about Donald Trump in politics'..
The BBC's panel consists of one expert, one reporter, Andrew Neil, a Dem and a Republican who didn't vote Tr…
Looking forward to Andrew Neil's 20th hour on air. They can't handle this delay at all.
Andrew Neil must have taken SO MUCH cocaine to still be going after 8 hours of this.
Once heard someone describe Andrew Neil as "always looking like he's squashed between two people in the back seat of a c…
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soon as Andrew Neil`s off the BBC will shut down for a 3 day mourn.
Brilliantly dry BBC reportage from Andrew Neil: "So far tonight we've had no complaint from Donald Trump about the election…
Andrew Neil on the BBC is making me laugh with his facial expressions. Bewildered and astonished!
The sound of BBC journalists (not Andrew Neil but the rest) sobbing through their reports fills me with deep joy.
BBC slammed for biased US election coverage- just like with Brexit & they were beaten twice
The very sophisticated lady in the glasses with Andrew Neil is v v good - not seen her before
Not sure if I'm watching Andrew Neil or Henry Davenport
Andrew Neil batting away cybernats with facts sure makes the day go quickly 😃👍
Balance on has the left represented by Michael Dugher MP among Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo and Katie Hopkins!
Andrew Neil's good point spoiled by Michael Dugher's attempt to sound as though *he* knows about Russia. Send him back to Nottingham.
No wonder Michael Dugher got sacked. He's having to be told how it works by Andrew Neil!
Yes but then Andrew Neil is more involved in the LOL BACON SANDWICH side of political broadcasting. The Grange Hill theme for educashion...
Shadow attorney general... Shami Chakrabarti grilled by Andrew Neil at Labour conference via
And now the BBC hands over to Fox News as they present This Week with Andrew Neil
Nora's answers to what if andrew or neil died honestly had me so emotionally shook im cruing
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📷 callmequeenbae: Andrew & Neil + Favorite Scenes Andrew stubbed his cigarette out. “I hate you.”
Ask Andrew if he knew Neil? Also my cousin Sheriff Walter Morse lives in Henniker?
Andrew Neil kicks off the big discussion with good humour -breaking into the future
"Neil is so happy and just wants to kiss his Andrew". actual faves
Andrew Neil complained Corbyn didn't raise arms sales to Saudi at He's raising it now in reply to the statem…
Hi Andrew. You'll just have to pick your boarding pass up at the airport. ^Neil
Rev Neil Hopkins now officially new Vicar. of & . installed by Andrew
I bet Andrew Neil is spinning in his grave
Hey Andrew. Thank you for your input. Is there anything I can help you with? ^Neil
New series starting Sunday. On BBC.Presented by Andrew Neil? Another 'Britain' title. That'll be balanced then.
1/2 As Andrew Neil put it to Cameron "You don't want selection on ability... only on wealth."
The role of the BBC, Andrew Neil, Laura Kuenssberg and a number of faceless editorial staff continues to be crucial
Morning Andrew. This is due to a train fault. Your next service will be 07.33. Very sorry for this. ^Neil
Neil knows Andrew is *** and doesn't know what to think of it. Neil is the only one who can get Andrew to do anything just by asking nicely.
GOODNIGHT!!! i Love neil josten ,andrew minyard , bia and My Little Man ™ lots of people .
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is still useless. He's the leader supposedly, not Andrew Neil. Delegation? Or abrogation?
Me - "my favorite thing about fall is when the leaves change". Neil DeGrasse Tyson - "they are the same leaves"
And Tom Ridge just went there too on Your World with Neil Cavuto wth?!
andrew: i would die for neil. neil: what. andrew: I HOPE YOU DIE NEIL
Fish but no chips as chef Andrew opens new restaurant in https:/…
Saving Carrie currently on Fill up on for zip, nada, nowt!.
Me and Andrew Neil have your card marked. Would love him to interview you. That petted bottom lip would be...
Andrew Neil must be a silly nat too. Away for a run son. You are wasting your life.
If Euan McColm and Andrew Neil had been Ian Hislop and Paul Merton, they'd have supported Angus Deayton. I think. Maybe. I'm not sure.
YouTube Andrew Neil interview George Osborne if you want to look at how Remain gets torn apart over fictional statistics!!
I earn more than the Prime Minister and I’m good value for it, says BBC political presenter Andrew Neil
I think it's the cutest thing that Andrew can't sleep without Neil. It's almost like he's human and has feelings.
I was wondering when the tension would break and Neil and Andrew would finally make out AND NOW SNDBNANSKKD
Um andrew wants to take neil on vacation? Intressing.
I'd like to hear Andrew Neil's opinion of him.
Fiery positive performance interview by formidable Andrew Neil. . Video.
im gonna read neil and Andrew fanfic goodbye
you know what? this reminds me of Neil and Andrew and how much I love them
are you even mad, I'm talking about the Andrew Neil thing
Cheerleader: you're very interesting Neil :). Neil, in thought: oh man would a sober Andrew think that too
andrew and neil love each other so much It's disgusting
"neil couldn't be himself, but maybe he could be the neil he'd given andrew in wymack's living room" OK OH MY GOD
Andrew Neil seems to become more hyper-nationalist Tory by the day.
"andrew touched neil's back on his way by, fingers light enough to give neil goosebumps" AAAHHH
the foxes probably changed their bets from renee/andrew to Andrew/Neil I'm howling
I trust Andrew Neil & John Humphrys to report Brexit stories in an impartial way. I do not trust the West London dinner party set
Neil "why would Andrew want to tie me down" josten dbsbsksnsbdbdd
Tbh, I just can't stand Andrew Neil, for many reasons. :-D
Andrew Neil gets paid to do this stuff. Good eh?
Rewatched Daily Politics. Based on premise Andrew Neil is a serious journalist. Unsustainable in light of everything he says. Outdated
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why do I think it's romantic that Andrew is all "I'm gonna push you off the roof" and Neil is like "I'll tag you down with me"? hah.
Did you listen to the last series of Dead Ringers? Worth it just for "Andrew Neil"
Even wrestling can handle the concept of Baddie vs Baddie but not Serious Political Thoughtsman Andrew Neil
Is there a journo in Britain who's more obviously on an Mi5 retainer than Andrew Neil?
Owen Jones isnt he the male version of Carolyn Lucas on acid, Andrew Neil keeps inviting him to gas on TW
"Wow Nicky you start early". "Can you blame me?". *nicky looks at neil*. *andrew throws Nicky against the wall* Don't touch him you understand?
2 most important/heartbreaking things in tfc:. -when Neil asked Andrew why 'this' is okay& it was bc Neil ALWAYS stopped when Andrew told him
when Neil asked Andrew who said 'please' so much to make him hate it and Andrew says 'I did'. have you ever read a more heartbreaking line
Because they can mean anything you want them to mean, it will be easy for Andrew Neil, for instance, to expose them.
Can you DM some more info Andrew? I'd like to arrange for a Mortgage advisor to discuss this further with you. Neil
There’s still time to participate in the Surveys!
It starts as an offhand PDA from Andrew and Neil pretends its no big deal while dying internally
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