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Andrew Napolitano

Andrew Paolo Napolitano (born June 6, 1950) is a former New Jersey Superior Court Judge. He is a political and senior judicial analyst for Fox News Channel, commenting on legal news and trials.

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Andrew Napolitano: Trump has committed the most revolutionary act I've seen in 45 years | he's right
I hope replaces Megyn Kelly with Andrew Napolitano or Shannon Bream.
"When the president acts like a king and Congress looks the other way, it is as culpable as he is."--Andrew Napolitano
The Big Lie: That to “protect” us, the Gov Must violate the innocent Andrew Napolitano
Jenna Lee does Jon Scott as a hilarious stoner, beer gut middle-aged teen, with a touch of Roberts. Move over, Andrew Napolitano.
Big screen success has always been just around the corner for Neil Cavuto and fellow guerrilla talking head Andrew Napolitano...
Someone recommended Ron Paul for Treasury. That sounds reasonable. Anthony Watts for EPA. Andrew Napolitano for AG. I like this
Suggested appointments for Sec of State-Ron Paul. Sec of Treasury-Rand Paul. SCOTUS-Andrew Napolitano
Oh, no, please no. or Andrew Napolitano. Cruzes still want North American Union. SCOTUS would give him power in that.
POLL U support the Trump appointment of a tough cons like Judge Andrew Napolitano to the SC via
Government is, in essence, the negation of Liberty ~ Andrew Napolitano, Dangerous to Be Right When Gov Wrong p187
Greg Gutfeld and Andrew Napolitano have reconvened to bring us this belated, yet very welcome sequel.
Judge Andrew Napolitano says that Hillary Clinton is "laughing" at the FBI when she claims that agency is conducting a "security review"
Very informative article written by Judge Andrew Napolitano.
.is the biggest problem in America today.
I liked a video from Obama Admin Gun Control Power Grab? - Judge Andrew Napolitano -
Trump would nominate Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown much to the chagrin of judges Andrew Napolitano & Jeanine Pirro
Fox News Judge Andrew Napolitano admits to having "a financial relationship" with Donald Trump
Geraldo Rivera's Geraldo At Large is one of the best political thrillers ever, with a top notch turn from Andrew Napolitano.
keep Judge Andrew Napolitano in mind when it is time for one of those liberals to vacate the bench.
Analysis by Andrew Napolitano, a former NJ Judge. If the facts are as he describes, criminally negligent
What If US Gov is Run by Gangs of Criminals by Andrew Napolitano
The president and the rule of law via
yet the media spent the entire week afterward, foolishly proclaiming her "testimony" on Benghazi was "victorious"
Underrated farce... Sean Hannity and Andrew Napolitano are terrific.
that's because he put Republicans on. Not John Stossel nor Andrew Napolitano, not Lew Rockwell. He's an ***
The president is not above the law via
As always, nice article by Is the President a Dictator?
: Is the President a Dictator? catoletters: Is the President a Dictator?
ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Hillary Clinton's new Benghazi lies could lead to indictment - Washington Times
The President and the Rule of Law . Judge Andrew Napolitano - Page 1
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Judge Andrew Napolitano - The President and the Rule of Law. Amen & thank GOD!.
The first -- and best -- of the witty, well-produced sex comedies starring Megyn Kelly and Andrew Napolitano.
Harris Faulkner is personable as Carl Cameron, and Andrew Napolitano is even more so as William Kristol.
: My first choice for president would be Judge Andrew Napolitano or Trey Gowdy. Napolitano would also make a great S.O.S.
"Good to see Scott returning to his roots. Varney and co-stars Andrew Napolitano and Trace Gallagher give good performances".
What if The Feds Arm Terrorists? What if the Gov constantly lies to the Masses? by Andrew Napolitano
Hillary’s 2 Secret Wars by Andrew Napolitano "What if former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary...
Memorable, with a terrific performance by Bret Baier as Andrew Napolitano that burns in its contained rage.
Hear Ron Paul, Andrew Napolitano, and Tom Woods from Paul’s 80th Birthday Celebration.
If you can vote for this woman, you have no soul. . This is evidence viewed and described by Andrew Napolitano,...
Every time Neil Cavuto, Andrew Napolitano, and Peter Doocy connect in a scene, we hear the happy ding!
Jenna Lee is cool. Jon Scott is cool. Gregg Jarrett playing Andrew Napolitano? Cool.
(VIDEO) You've been duped! Fox News' Judge Andrew Napolitano explains how the Freedom Act just makes it EASIER... http:/…
Will Senators Hamstring the Patriot Act? It must be eliminated by Andrew Napolitano
Dark, dazzling turns by Greta Van Susteren and Trace Gallagher, and Andrew Napolitano makes it achingly romantic.
Not according to former Judge Andrew Napolitano :-p
To or not to vaccinate? The gov't does not own our bodies, Andrew Napolitano says
If Andrew Napolitano doesn't find you wishing you had a gun on you, this is one of his better efforts.
Judge Andrew Napolitano gives a great analysis on Ted Cruz vs. Rand Paul. Unexpectedly he also gives a nice...
They are fired Must leave media now
Peter Doocy makes Andrew Napolitano's story of a deadbeat rocker with marriage problems his own.
Judge Andrew Napolitano: "...arguing that Paul would be the only candidate who shares his views on only fighting…
Fueled by Greta Van Susteren and Andrew Napolitano, this enjoyable romp has plenty of kick.
QUOTE OF THE DAY: "My heart stirred... and then.. my heart sank" - Judge Andrew Napolitano . The Judge speaks on...
Sounds like he should run FOR PRES IF FOX FIRED HIM‼️
. No way. Andrew Napolitano would be a fine Supreme Court Justice. Cruz--no. He doesn't get it.
The monologue that allegedly was responsible for The Judges’ departure from Fox News .
Geraldo Rivera proves that Andrew Napolitano was no fluke.
The ambiguous fates awaiting Bret Baier and Andrew Napolitano are resonant and unforgettable.
Andrew Napolitano returns to his horror roots in the unrelenting and cheerfully macabre *** tale.
I liked a video from Judge Andrew Napolitano - Debt Destroys
Wide ranging discussion from last year when Judge Andrew Napolitano Goes with :
The second, charming teaming of Andrew Napolitano and Megyn Kelly, probably his best dancing partner
Searing - if manipulative - potboiler that catches Bret Baier and Andrew Napolitano in peak form.
John Shadegg proved his quirky leading man charm here. Andrew Napolitano is sublime.
Andrew Napolitano on Senate report on torture: "I want to preserve the Constitution". via
Andrew Napolitano lives to make you melt, and his latest, The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson, should just about do the trick.
The performances by Bill Hemmer and Andrew Napolitano were superb.
Rand Paul's latest outreach effort to black voters is writing foreword to Confederate apologist Andrew Napolitano's new book.
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) wrote the foreword for a new book from Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano. Napolitano has promoted 9-11 conspiracy theories, attacked President Abraham Lincoln, and defended a former Paul aide with "neo-Confederate" and "pro-secessionist" views.
This is the TV show that, rightfully, catapulted both Sean Hannity and Andrew Napolitano into the superstar arena.
Greta Van Susteren gets metrosexual in Andrew Napolitano's surreal and unique costume drama.
A chilling thriller with first-rate performances by Shep Smith, John Gibson and Andrew Napolitano.
The jury's still out for me on who would make the best presidential candidate; there are a few I could definitely get behind (Paul and Cruz being among them). But other "dream team" positions for me would include: Dr. Ben Carson as Surgeon General; Judge Andrew Napolitano as Attorney General; Trey Gowdy as Speaker of the House; Joe Arpaio as some kind of border security director; Mitt Romney as director of Fed Reserve, director of IRS, or something substantial in finance; Rick Santorum as HHS; Mike Huckabee as Secretary of State; Don't know who yet for Department of Homeland Security (any suggestions?); and NOBODY for the Department of Education - because I'd get rid of it... your thoughts on these or any others? -- Pastor Chad Carter
Stossel is a modest success for John Stossel, due in large part to the charm of Monica Crowley and Andrew Napolitano.
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Michelle Nelson Just now · Keller, TX · On Fox News, Shepard Smith asked legal analyst (and former Judge) Andrew Napolitano whether or not the Taliban Gitmo prisoner exchange was legal under the NDAA H.R. 1960 Statute. Napolitano explained that the swap was illegal because taxpayer dollars were spent to remove these prisoners from Guantanamo Bay without giving Congress 30 days’ notice. However, Napolitano goes a step further by pointing out that Obama has provided material assistance (human assets) to the Taliban, which has been identified by Congress to be a non-state terrorist organization. This is a crime punishable by imprisonment of 10 years to life for any American who violates this law, including the President of the United States
Excellent thriller. Gretchen Carlson and Andrew Napolitano are outstanding.
“The Daily Show” destroys Fox News libertarian Andrew Napolitano for blaming the Civil War on Abraham Lincoln
A hugely enjoyable French farce with a witty script and terrific performances from Bret Baier and Andrew Napolitano.
NEXT → Andrew Napolitano: Letting voters harm minorities the "beauty" of affirmative action ban.
On Monday night, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show along with regular correspondent Larry Wilmore, shredded Fox "News" regular Andrew Napolitano for pushing his revisionist views on Abraham Lincoln on the network. Napolitano a regular legal analyst on Fox, recently claimed in a segment that slavery woul...
Sean Hannity and Andrew Napolitano do great work as father and son.
Coming up in 2minutes The 100th Episode of the Tom Woods Show. Judge Andrew Napolitano will be Tom's guest today.
Harris Faulkner calls Ed Henry a "saint," and Andrew Napolitano's roundtable makes a strong case for his canonization.
Bill Hemmer's Andrew Napolitano is such an unconventional character it's not hard to be drawn into his world.
I suggest listening to Judge Andrew Napolitano.
So-so character study anchored by Chris Wallace, featuring Stuart Varney, Andrew Napolitano.
Supporters of Ben Carson, Andrew Napolitano run draft efforts for 2016
Republicans look to draft Andrew Napolitano and Ben Carson for 2016 | Sunshine State News
God wants you to conduct yourself properly and in moderation with everything, and then you go out and get so drunken state of being, with God knows what is in cocaine, and you give up control over yourself, you allow Satan to take control with possession!, if you know what I mean. And God calls the Fallen Angel's, Demon's!. Andrew Napolitano shared a link. November 7 near New York, NY, United States Great discussion last night on the political ramifications of botched # Obamacare roll out w/ Charles Krauthammer & AB Stoddard on Special Report with Bret Baier Bret Baier The left arm, or the right arm, of the same! Beast!. Satan's short time to rule. Demon's control their government systems. Bigger picture. The system is not broken, its designed this way. going to ask Humanity to do me a big favor. This is what I need from you. At 8 o'clock am in the morning, and 8 pm at night, what I need for you! to do, is go outside, and out loud say so that God can hear us all, "Jesus Christ Help us Please" The Demon's ...
"Fox News pushed myths about the economic impact of raising the minimum wage as New Jersey voters decide whether to increase it. A ballot measure in the November 5 election would, if it passes, increase New Jersey's minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $8.25 and change the state constitution to tie future increases to inflation. According to The Washington Post, public opinion polls show an overwhelming majority of voters support the measure. But the morning of the election, Fox & Friends misled New Jersey residents about the increase in wages. Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano falsely claimed the measure would reduce employment in the state and increase poverty...".* As a side note, it looks like Elisabeth Hasselbeck is fitting right in. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.
Close your eyes for 30 seconds. Visualize the world with Andrew Napolitano as President. Open your eyes & get involved:
Andrew Napolitano | July 4, 2013 Do you have more personal liberty today than on the Fourth of July 2012? When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, he used language that has become iconic. He wrote that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, and among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Not only did he write those words, but the first Congress adopted them unanimously, and they are still the law of the land today. By acknowledging that our rights are inalienable, Jefferson’s words and the first federal statute recognize that our rights come from our humanity — from within us — and not from the government. The government the Framers gave us was not one that had the power and ability to decide how much freedom each of us should have, but rather one in which we individually and then collectively decided how much power the government should have. That, of course, is also recognized in the Declaration, wherein Jefferson wrote that the government ...
Photos from Ron Paul's BBQ on Saturday with Vince Vaughn, Andrew Napolitano, Lew Rockwell, Kane, and many others.
The Truth Shall Keep Us Free: Judge Andrew Napolitano takes on the entire establishment over NSA spying - and ...
Whose side are we supposed to be on? Article by Andrew Napolitano.
Fox News host Bill Hemmer noted on Monday that the Supreme Court sent an affirmative action case back to the lower court and that the voting rights and *** marriage decisions weren't yet forthcoming. Senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano commented, "Well, they have to give us something to talk about the rest of the week." Hemmer then defined the entire Fox strategy in four words: "We'll make something up." How's that for pithiness? Watch:
I would say my favorite libertarians of today would be Ron Paul, Andrew Napolitano, and Bill Kauffman.
- thinking about going Gluten Free... whether I need to or not.
If politicians had to follow their own laws, says Andrew Napolitano.
In the last 24 hours, it has been revealed that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been indiscriminately monitoring all Verizon phone records for the past seven years. The stunning revelation sent Fox News host Shep Smith and Judge Andrew Napolitano into a frenzy on Thursday. In fact,...
What if offensive wars are illegal and morally wrong? What if killing is evil when not done in self-defense? What if those who kill not in self-defense are prosecuted and punished, except when they do so in large numbers and to the sounds of trumpets blaring? What do we do about a government that breaks the laws we have hired it to enforce? -
anybody surprised over anything this *** will do? New post on Obama White House Spying on Half of America. by Amy By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or Affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons […] Read more of this post Amy | June 6, 2013 at 6:05 pm | Categories: US Politics | URL: See all comments Unsubscribe or change your email settings at Manage Subscriptions. Trouble clicking? Copy and paste this URL into your browser:
NSA officials have lied under oath when asked if they are collecting mass private records on American citizens. And of course Senator Lindsay Graham is perfectly okay with this unconstitutional invasion of privacy as long as it keeps us safe and catches some bad guys. That's why I EXTREMELY dislike Senator Lindsay Graham and people like him. Thomas Paine once said the following in 1795: “[h]e that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” Well, it's happened people, unconstitutional invasions of privacy have reached back to ourselves with the NSA phone records grab.
We are witnessing the greatest act of treason we have ever witnessed in our Nation’s history. Obama and his Hench men have seized over 113 Million private cell phone records…and the most disturbing part is, this is only what we can verify! Benghazi, AP Phone grab, the naming of a trusted reporter as a “Co-Conspirator” in a crime, The IRS targeting individual citizens and conservative groups…and today we find out Obama has seized AT LEAST 113 cell phone records. How much is it going to take before “We the People” wake up and do something? The video below Shep Smith and Judge Andrew Napolitano Explode about the issue.
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What if government officials have written laws that apply only to us and not to them? What if we gave them the power to protect our freedoms and our safety and they used that power to trick and trap some of us? What if government officials broke the laws we hired them to enforce? What if they prosec...
This is an Email that is a committee to draft the judge. I would like him to run. Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano for President in 2016 Help us fund the effort to Draft the Judge! America stagnates while our government prints and spends money like there's no tomorrow. . . and there won't be if they keep it up. America remains mired in the quagmire of perpetual war abroad while it careens toward a police state at home, all in the name of public safety and national security. The more money we spend on war and law enforcement, the more bad guys we create. The more people we kill and lock away in prisons, the more fearful and distrustful we become. America seems on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and our leaders bicker and bluster over meaningless trivia. Meanwhile, the IRS targets innocent citizens, NSA eavesdrops our private conversations and DOJ uses its immense powers to squash freedom of the press. Bureaucrats run rampant, government oppresses the people, and the people fear and despise the government .. ...
I hope that Everyone who has a Verizon Phone is happy to know that Your Government has access to Everyone You speak to. I hear no outrage .
And the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Republican Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan, said the NSA search of telephone records had thwarted an attempted terrorist attack in the United States in the past few years. He said it was a “significant case” but declined to provide further details.
Hi all you VERIZON SUBSCRIBERS--thought you might be interested to know that the Govt has been monitoring phone (cell and landline) usage of all Verizon subscribers. Somehow, the National Security Agency managed to get a blanket court order for ALL phone records from Verizon (and probably other servers as well), using the Patriot Act as cover. However, the Patriot Act, enacted under Bush, limited such action to those actively being investigated for espionage and/or treason. So now, we have the IRS in charge of our healthcare and monitoring our political affiliations, the NSA monitoring our phone usage, the Justice Dept. obtaining court orders to monitor phone usage and travel of news reporters by making false allegations against them as "flight risks" and "co-conspirators", and God knows what else! Sounds more like Nazi Germany than America, doesn't it? Apparently, we don't have a Constitution or a Bill of Rights anymore. Of course, you wouldn't know any of this unless you tuned into Fox News since ...
Which potential 2016 presidential candidates have caught your eye?
Andrew P. Napolitano says it best in response to Obama's Administration spying on our Verizon Phone Calls now. "The Republic has been lost. It is now a Dictatorship".
Musta been a "glitch", indeed. 39 posts between when I made my "no posts since Monday?" comment and when I began this one (including Andrew Napolitano sharing a link I posted). Or... someone at New Spying Authority (formerly No Secrets America) forgot to turn of "the intercept switch".
Judge Napolitano: Obama more threatened by journalism than terrorism
Here’s what Dr. Paul said on the Alan Colmes Show on Fox News Radio today when asked about Attorney General Holder and the James Rosen/AP scandal: “If he doesn’t resign [...]
Where is Andrew Brietbart? I wish he were here to see these last few days in Court. He'd be SCREAMING the connection between the DOJ (Holder) and DHS (Napolitano)'s "New Domestic Terrorist" Hit List. And the totally Random fact that the MSM and the IRS call the plays from that Same List. Come ON!!! Someone Stand UP for US! Call me Conspirator, but they were wise to Off him, our 'Watchman.' It's a 2 part serum, needing to be administered no more then 3 weeks apart, it's untraceable in toxicology and feigns a heartattack. Andrew had dinner with Bill and Bernadine Ayres THREE WEEKS prior to his death.
" Warriors are not made theyre born " Rand Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano for President 2016
Tonight on the Special Report panel we have Judge Napolitano, AB Stoddard and Charles Krauthammer
By William R. Toler A Florida man arrested in 2011 for pamphleteering has been released from his cage. Mark Schmidter left jail Tuesday after serving 104 days in jail for passing out jury nullifica...
on set today for Organic by John Patrick (!!!)
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I would pay to see Judge Andrew Napolitano do this job!
Judge Andrew Napolitano told Megyn Kelly on America Live that the issue has resurfaced because "this administration has a penchant for seeking vengeance agai...
FBI Created 17 False Flag Terrorist Attacks According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, in the past 10 years, there’ve been 20 Terrorist plots against the US. Three of those plots were real but were discovered and stopped by private Americans. The other 17 were created–and then stopped–by the FBI. The apparent purpose of these false flag operations was to deceive Americans into believing we’re under attack by foreign or domestic terrorists who are fictional. Based on the false belief that we’re being persistently attacked, Americans tend to accept and even our government’s invasions of foreign countries and our own growing police state. If you want to fly on an airplane, you must first be x-rayed or groped based, in part, on 17 plots created by the FBI to prove the existence of terrorists who don’t actually exist. Every government agent–right up to the President–who authorized or participated in such fraudulent terrorist attacks should be tried for treason and, if found guilty, hanged by the n ...
Go tell it on a mountain!!! Their stinky corruption has surfaced much more these days, thanks to the evolution of the Internet-era and slow erosion of "mass media." I'm grateful for NEW politicians suiting up, ready to slay the beast that pulls the strings for things like the military industrial complex, prison industrial complex, pharmaceutical-industrial complex, and other unholy alliances that oppress our great country and people. Thanks Lindsey Bolton for Delegate, Judge Andrew Napolitano, David Earl Williams III for U.S. Congress 2014, Libertarian Ann Archist, LGBT Libertarians, Nathaniel Branden, Kennon Gilson, Don Dezarn for NJ State Senate, Reason Magazine, Ron Paul!
One of our users has claimed that anarchy is a death sentence. How might you respond? I'll start: 300 million killed by the State in the last century alone, including wars, more than all private violence. It's Statism that is the death sentence.
The QUESTION OF THE DAY: Is the U.S. constitution an outdated document?
if I learned anything from Andrew Napolitano, it was to never be nice, but for some reason I am here helping his no good, lazy *** out.
Asking questions as Judge Andrew Napolitano did in a recent broadcast on his now cancelled Daily Show may very well be the reason behind his recent dismissal from Fox. Though specific details are har
Judge Andrew Napolitano on misleading Congress at a Congressional hearing and why it matters
I would REALLY like to see Judge Andrew Napolitano do the job, but frankly I would settle for Judge Judy, or any other judge!
I would love to see both Judge Jeane Pirro and Judge Judge Andrew Napolitano. involved
John Gaultier MORE ERIC HOLDER ANTI-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES: The New Black Panther Party threatened Philadelphia voters with billy clubs and Eric Holder’s justice department couldn’t be bothered. CAIR was accused of fundraising for Hamas, and Eric Holder shrugged. But back when Fidel Castro demanded the return of an escaped slave, Eric Holder snapped to attention, clicked his heels, and sprung to action. Scrupulous legality, we’re given to understand by Mr Holder, prevents his Department from prosecutions against the New Black Panthers and CAIR. But regarding scrupulous legality, FoxNews Andrew Napolitano had (then Deputy) Attorney General Eric Holder’s number way back in April 23rd, 2000. Here it is thanks to The Media Research Center: Napolitano: Tell me, Mr. Holder, why did you not get a court order authorizing you to go in and get the boy (Elian Gonzalez)? Holder: Because we didn’t need a court order. INS can do this on its own. Napolitano: You know that a court order would have given you the cl ...
Andrew Napolitano: Tyranny just around the corner - Washington Timesvia
Tyranny Around the Corner by Andrew P. Napolitano -- Andrew Napolitano weighs in on Rosen, DOJ
Thomas DowlingJudge Andrew Napolitano  6 minutes ago ·   You are hearing about the Benghazi & IRS scandals, but there’s even more... 34. I visited Hawaii twice and continued our investigation. After further in-depth computerized testing and discovering additional information, we concluded in mid-2012 that Mr. Obama’s identity documents were not only forged beyond the legal standard of probable cause, but due to loop holes in the state of Hawaii’s vital statistics reporting laws, there was the distinct evidence suggesting that Hawaii’s statutes appeared to be in conflict with federal immigration law and posed an independent threat to the national security of the United States. 45. Investigators have determined beyond probable cause that the computer image released on April 27, 2011 by the White House, and purporting to be a true computer copy of Mr. Obama’s long form birth certificate, is not a scan of an original hard copy document. It is, in fact, an undeniable computer generated forgery cr ...
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Wherein I agree with Fox's Andrew Napolitano: Obama Continues His War on the Fourth Amendment
BTW Andrew Napolitano is a former New Jersey Superior Court Judge and an American Patriot.
Dennis Kucinich and former judge and Fox host Andrew Napolitano joining Ron Paul foreign policy think tank.
Okay, now that the Rand Paul fun has slowed down, I'm looking for some assistance. I'm trying to compile a list of well-known Catholic libertarians. Here's what I have so far off the top of my head: St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine, St. Josemaria Escriva, Alexis de Tocque, J.R.R. Tolkien, Tom Woods, Andrew Napolitano, Lew Rockwell... I know there's more, who am I forgetting? ~Mark
John Stossel and Andrew Napolitano are my least favorite FOX persons. Ron
Obama's Secret Court for Killing The White House shows little respect for due process. Andrew Napolitano | February 14, 2013 President Obama willingly admits he dispatched CIA agents to kill an American and his teenage son and the son's American friend while they were in a desert in Yemen in 2011. He says he did so because the adult had encouraged folks to wage war on the United States and the children were just "collateral damage." He says further that he'll do this again when he is convinced that killing Americans will keep America safe. He says he knows the adult encouraged evil, and his encouragement caused the deaths of innocents. The adult was never charged with a crime or indicted by a grand jury; he was just targeted for death by the president himself and executed by a CIA drone. International law and the law of war, to both of which the U.S. is bound by treaty, as well as federal law and the Judeo-Christian values that underlie the Declaration of Independence (which guarantees the right to live) ...
Andrew Napolitano - Interviewed by Ralph Nader Discussing the book "Lies the Government Told You" and more... 'After Words' C-SPAN JUN 2, 2010 orig source: h...
There is no other person in the country as respected and popular within the Liberty Movement as Andrew Napolitano, a former jurist, constitutional scholar, New York Times best-selling author and TV celebrity. There is no other person in the Movement with the gravitas and name recognition outside th...
Andrew Napolitano talks to Lew Rockwell about lessons from the American revolution.
Losing Liberty and Gaining It - Andrew Napolitano talks about lessons from the American revolution. Judge Andrew P.
Is An Urgent Alert By Devvy Kidd Exclusive To 1-29-13 "If anyone's going to be deported, it's going to be you! ... Get out! We are the future. You're old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you - leave like beaten rats. You old white people, it is your duty to die. Right now, we're already controlling those elections, whether it's by violence or nonviolence. Through love of having children we're going to take over." --Augustin Cebada, information minister of Brown Berets, militant para-military soldiers of Aztlan shouting at U.S. citizens at an Independence Day rally in Los Angeles. Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Jon Stewart Show, November 15, 2012: He is for open borders. Said people are born to move freely about. Right, judge. That includes rapists, murderers and terrorists. You've probably heard there is yet another immigration "reform" agreement headed up by four members of the Democratic/Communist Party USA and four Republicans: Schumer, *** Durbin of Illinois, Robert Menendez of New Jersey a ...
The Fox News crowd are up in arms over comments by Andrew Napolitano. He said on air that immigration is a "natural right", and I couldn't agree more. As sovereign individuals born on this planet, we should have the right to travel wherever we please as long as we are willing to live by the rules established by the people of that land. Look, libertarianism must be embraced by the GOP in order for the party to survive. Libertarianism IS true republicanism...Not the bastardized version created by generations of George Bush's. Rightfully so, minorities deplore the "Republican" brand, because the GOP treats them as 2nd class individuals. Bringing more libertarian views into the party platform is the only way to restore trust in the GOP from minority voters. The problem with our country has NOTHING to do with "illegal immigration". It's simply excessive spending, never ending wars & too much government. So-called "illegal immigrants" contribute just as much to this country on a daily basis as lawful "citizens" ...
An uncomfortable pop quiz. "Who has killed more children, Adam Lanza or President Obama?" ~ Andrew Napolitano
Ira Wtcseventruth Steinhart QUESTION: Is the role of folks like Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Andrew Napolitano (& the like), to taunt the truth movement on behalf of the power structure?!? It seems like there is an emerging consensus that "The Elite" want to isolate the "Truth Seeker" from society & place them in a fight or flight state. This is why they expose things like 9-11, Sandy Hook, etc... The "TRUE PSYOP" on the American Truth Seeker is the script that a critical mass of citizens can be "woken up". Is it FALSE?!? Does it work to only break our solidarity with society when we see that mankind, in the majority, have no love of truth and cannot process information but run on memes? (i.e. The "truth" of our quandary is that we are alone in a society of programmed beings... For example; If the net result of Alex Jones was to help our side, do you think ABC's "The View" would have him on as a guest? Or Time Warner would fund Jesse Ventura's show to expose NWO without intelligent forethoug ...
I think I can make a gallery of my oil painting artworks about the scenes of American history. Newt Gingrich, Glenn Beck, Andrew Napolitano, Mark Levin, and Bill O'Reilly can write American history into books. I can write American history into oil paintings, Lego, and ceramic sculptures.
On The O’Reilly Factor Wednesday night, Senator Marco Rubio said that President Obama’s gun control proposals are proof that he doesn’t believe in the Second Amendment. Judge Andrew Napolitano agreed with Rubio this morning on Fox and Friends. “Senator Rubio has the political courage, in my view, to...
In a video published Thursday on the Gretawire blog, Andrew Napolitano, the senior judicial analyst for Fox News, said the Second Amendment allowed Americans to kill “tyrants.”
Who would you want to be Andrew Napolitano running mate?
While many gun control opponents have fallen silent following the Newtown school massacre, one of Sussex County's biggest celebrities — Fox News commentator Andrew Napolitano — has shown no such re
Welcome to the US of East Germany. Article by Andrew Napolitano.
The Judge, Andrew Napolitano stepping up with this share.
Andrew Napolitano discusses Constitutional history and his book, "Theodore and Woodrow."
Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano told The Daily Caller that, during its investigation of former CIA Director David Petraeus and his biographer, the FBI appears to have wrongfully treated a
you watch Judge Andrew Napolitano? He has a new? Book out I suspect shows how we lost our nation
If there is Enough Dissension to the Out of Control Govt, Will They Listen? Judge Andrew Napolitano on
Judge Andrew Napolitano said the FBI cd not investig top CIO official w/o Srch warnt, issd by Federal Judge, w/natl sec. treat
Four more years to crush personal freedoms By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
"Either The Constitution means what it says or it doesn't. If it doesn't mean what it says then it's meaning less." - Andrew Napolitano
This week welcomes and Andrew Napolitano (at 11/10c on
Judge Napolitano: Four More Years for the Unwitting Authoritarian: by Judge Andrew Napolitano | Reason Only in...
States do have right to succeed from the U.S. video on No Compromise Foundation
In for we adjudicate the fate of Jesse Jr., Gen. Petraeus and the GOP w/ Judge Andrew Napolitano, 5-9am.
Exclusive: Why Judge Andrew Napolitano Was Fired!: via I won't take this video for granted!
The Monsters Teddy and Woodrow Andrew Napolitano on 2 evil presidents.
I liked a video Judge Andrew Napolitano on Texas Secession
I added a video to a playlist Judge Andrew Napolitano on Texas Secession
I favorited a video Judge Andrew Napolitano on Texas Secession
2016 WISHLIST. Let's make it happen: Rand Paul for President. Tom Woods for Vice-President. Alan Keyes for Secretary of State. Ron Paul for Secretary of the Treasury. Kevin Gutzman for Secretary of the Interior Lew Rockwell for Secretary of Labor. Richard Mack for Secretary of Justice. Jim DeMint for Senate Majority Leader. Justin Amash for Speaker of the House. Andrew Napolitano for Supreme Court Justice.
Yikes... I'm not sure what I'll do with my free time starting Nov. 7th. I've been engaged with watching/listening to Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, Michael Savage, Bret Baier, Karl Rove, Joe Trippi, Charles Krauthammer, Shep Sheppard, Greta Van Sustren, Andrea Tarantaros, Dana Perino, Jonathan Hunt, Eric Bolling, Greg Gutfeld, Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Brian Kilmeade, Andrew Napolitano, Bill O'Reilly, Dennis Miller, Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy, Fred Barnes, Stephen F. Hayes, A.B.Stoddard, Megyn Kelly among others for the past few years on what would seem to be a religious basis. I think I see withdrawls occuring in my not too distant future.
Can one morally vote for the lesser of two evils? In a word, no. A basic principle of Judeo-Christian teaching and of the natural law to which the country was married by the Declaration of Independence is that one may not knowingly do evil that good may come of it.-Andrew Napolitano
There's precious little, I suspect,on which you could get agreement from the following cast of characters: Pat Robertson, Bill O'Reilly, Michael Moore, Howard Dean, David Koch, Robert Reich, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Grover Norquist, Ron Paul, Neal Boortz, George Soros, Rachel Maddow, The Economist, Tom Tancredo, Barney Frank, Andrew Napolitano, Jesse Jackson. (Oh, and Snoop Dogg, of course.) The list of quotes goes on and on. In fact, I'd bet this is about the only thing you could get everyone on this page to agree on. Which just goes to show how absolutely crappy the "War on Drugs" is as a policy, especially against marijuana. No matter where you sit on the political spectrum, take another look at this issue. Our status quo is pointless and harmful.
Tonight at 5:30, kicks off a statewide tour of FLA at the UNF Fine Arts Center. Judge Andrew Napolitano will speak.
My "dream team" for Romney's cabinet: Secretary of State-John Bolton or Rand Paul, Secretary of Defense- Alan West, Secretary of the Treasury-Ron Paul, Attorney General- Judge Andrew Napolitano, Secretary of the Interior- Bobby Jindal, White House Press Sec.- Michael Berry or Neal Boortz
Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote about this months ago!
“The short answer is they are breaking the law. It’s wrong, it’s illegal, it’s unconstitutional, but he’ll get away with it. He has very little respect for the Congress, very little respect for the Constitution, very little respect for laws that he disagrees with.” -- Supreme Court Justice, Andrew Napolitano, talking about President Obama’s plan to bypass Congress and waive work requirements for welfare.
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Judge Andrew Napolitano shared the following link and had this to say about it: Jenna Lee Fox News Andrew Napolitano was on Happening Now to discuss the latest on the “Fast and Furious” investigation. Earlier, Fox News Channel’s William LaJeunesse detailed information contained in the Justice Department In...
Guess they gotta get to know each other.
Uh-oh, Mitt. research doesn't seem to be yours or your supporters' strong suits.
In Obama’s vision for America, no one will be permitted to become too rich, no matter his skills and hard work. He somehow believes that government seizures and transfers of wealth generate prosperity. We know, of course, that the opposite occurs. Seizing wealth through taxation removes it from the private sector for investment. That produces job losses and government dependence on a massive scale.Judge Andrew Napolitano
Vote your conscience, and go to
November’s Choices - by Judge Andrew Napolitano - We are in terrible straits this presidential election. We have a c...
There is no such thing as lesser of the two evils.
Judge Andrew Napolitano sees in Obama "...a president who has posed more of a danger to personal freedom than any in the past 150 years..."
No you don't... You want to see Judge Andrew Napolitano as Mitt's AG.
The Bush years were bad for freedom; without them, we would not have had an Obama administration.
November's Choices - Judge Andrew Napolitano - [page] We the people and our elected leaders have to find our bearings.
Judge Andrew Napolitano 'In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.' -Thomas Jeffer
Judge Andrew Napolitano will make a great Attorney General or a Supreme Court Justice. He is a patriot and a great American.
There aren't any Wall Street banks left in the Wall Street bailout.But there are hundreds of Main Street banks--many unable to fully repay the Treasury Department nearly four years after the program's launch.What do they think of the Troubled Asset Relief Program?
A Pennsylvania judge just refused to block a tough new voter ID law from going into effect in the state. Civil rights groups are arguing that the law discriminates against minority and elderly citizens, while Republicans believe that it will crack down on voter fraud. Judge Andrew Napolitano joined ...
awesome! please do it! I KNEW THIS WAS WHY HE LEFT, TO PREPARE! source:
Attorney General: Andrew Napolitano Secretary of the Treasury: Peter Schiff Chairmen of the Fed: Ron Paul
Alex Jones and Judge Andrew Napolitano talk good clear sense about the New World Order, a Police State, The Constitution, Freedom and what to do when cops co...
Judge Andrew Napolitano - "What if Democrats and Republicans were two wings of the same bird of prey? What if elections were actually useful tools of social control? What if they just provided the populace with meaningless participation in a process that validates an establishment that never meaningfully changes? What if that establishment doesn’t want and doesn’t have the consent of the governed? What if the two-party system were actually a mechanism used to limit so-called public opinion? What if there were more than two sides to every issue, but the two parties wanted to box you in to one of their corners?"
You know what Jew Doctor maybe you need to stop your childish games ! I will let sweet Lee in the gym know you are making fun of her ... so rude ! here on my screen comes the Italians posting here together ... Italo Americano Newspaper and Judge Andrew Napolitano ... I am sure Judge here would agree with me on this ! Cute Lee has a learning disability and talks to herself all the time ... she can not help this ... here comes Sam here from India ... I will see Sam at the gym ...
At the same time, some of the right's leading political and media lights have heaped praise upon Rand. The author of the Republicans' new budget plan to gut Medicare and Medicaid, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), has said Rand is the reason he entered politics. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) have both declared themselves devotees of her writing. Conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has his law clerks watch the film adaptation of Rand's book The Fountainhead. She's also received accolades from right-wing pundits Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, John Stossel, and Andrew Napolitano. During her lifetime, Rand advocated "the virtue of selfishness," declared altruism to be "evil," opposed Medicare and all forms of government support for the middle-class and the poor, and condemned Christianity for advocating love and compassion for the less fortunate: Rand also dismissed the feminist movement as a "false" and "phony" issue, said a female commander in chief would be "unspeakable,"
The Judge was fired from Fox News for telling the people just what this government was up to and how the government was scamming the people.
I liked a video What Ever Happened to the Constitution? | Andrew Napolitano
How Many Ways Does the Government Spy on You? Uncounted and maybe uncountable. Article by Andrew Napolitano.
From a true speaker for justice that the elite machine had fired for telling you!
Andrew luck first pass ever is a touchdown.
What Ever Happened to the Constitution? | Andrew Napolitano via -- Anonanne (
Join us next weekend for The Conservative Leadership Summit with Andrew Napolitano and Ann Coulter! Register Now!
How many way's does the US Gov't Spy on You? By Judge Andrew Napolitano
A Nation of Sheep by Andrew P. Napolitano (2007, Hardcover): Some recent andrew napolitano…
If (when) Ron Paul Becomes the Republican Nominee, here are some of the ideas on who his VP will be: 1.)Andrew Napolitano 30% Likely 2.)Jesse Ventura 26% Likely 3.)Rand Paul 24% Likely 4.)Ralph Nader 11% Likely 8.)Colin Powell 9% Likely (THESE ARE SPECULATION PERCENTAGES)
Judge Andrew Napolitano fired from Fox News freedom watch.we need to him back on the air
Dec. 21, 2010 - Host of "Freedom Watch" on Fox Business, Judge Andrew Napolitano, lays down the plain truth of the Federal Reserve and exposes the "den of vi...
Sheriff Mack, Adam Kokesh, Gary Franchi & Jordan Page open up to Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange about Life, Love & Liberty. Follow Luke @
This is a set of clips from 2009 exposing the new world order, Barack Obama, and the fraudulent Federal Reserve system. Watch as great American patriots like Alex Jones, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Jeremy Scahill, Jesse Ventura, Dennis Kucinich, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff and Ron Paul speak truth to
How is Andrew Napolitano a constitutional scholar? Because he was a state judge? Why not cite Batman's opinion on Article I?
Neither Thomas Jefferson nor Andrew Napolitano were present at the Constitutional Convention.
Andrew Napolitano: “Chief Justice Roberts’ view finds no support in the Constitution or our history.” Sad but true!
Where the just powers of government derive.
We are dedicated to continuing the Ron Paul rEVOLution through Andrew Napolitano in 2016.
Elaine Kagan, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, & Stephen Breyer need to go. We need people like Andrew Napolitano & Janice Rogers Brown.
What if enough is enough? What do we do about it? What if it’s2 late? Andrew Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey,
Judge Nap: Can Obama rewrite federal law?: By Andrew P. Napolitano | Washington Times Here we go again. Is the C...
Can the President Rewrite Federal Law? by Andrew P. Napolitano: Who the heck IS this Obama guy?
King Barack - Obama thinks his word is law. Article by Andrew Napolitano.
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"Executive privilege protects communications with the president, not with people that work for him." Judge Andrew Napolitano
Judge Andrew Napolitano on why Obama has some explaining to do
Nice executive privilege article by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
One more short video. This time it's Judge Andrew Napolitano speaking at a Mises event.
Wait, Andrew Napolitano just goes by "Judge"? Also, who is Andrew Napolitano?
Judge Andrew Napolitano says executive privilege only applies if the president was personally involved.
Judge Andrew Napolitano Says this is not a proper application of Executive Privilege !
Instead of what did Holder know, question now becomes what did Obama know? Judge Andrew Napolitano: Not acceptable material to apply priv to
have you ever thought of getting Judge Andrew Napolitano on the podcast?
No, no, no they mean share the OTHER guys wealth. on comes Judge Andrew Napolitano ... everytime why is that? The Name Andrew ? Because he also is Italian ? This is something Andrew Dovoli has posted in the past ... He posted a video of homeless people ... You think people with wealth share some do ... some GREED! well can not take money with you when you die ... well give me a JOB ... Heck with Love and Romance .. health and wellness and Life here ...
Way Up North: Judge Andrew Napolitano on Drones: "Where is the o...
Quote of the Day: Killing vs. Squealing Edition: Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote an excellent article in yesterday...
Via Cam Tinley: To be honest, Rand Paul always looked pretty wooden. Rand Paul is going nowhere, if his dad doesn't become the nominee it will be Andrew Napolitano who gets the Ron Paul support next time. I've never really warmed to this guy. If he thinks this announcement will secure a Vice-Presidential nomination he doesn't have a clue.
FOUR STAR LEADERSHIP WITH GENERAL TOMMY FRANKS is a world-class summer leadership program that allows 50 of the top high school students in the US to have a face-to-face experience with national and international leaders. King Abdullah of Jordan, Governor Mike Huckabee, Governor Mary Fallin, General Tommy Franks, Secretary Jack Kemp, Governor Bill Richardson, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Senator James Inhofe and Olympic gold-medalist Michelle Smith are a few of the program participants over the past three years. The National Center for Policy Analysis, Oklahoma Christian University and the General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute & Museum are partnering to create this opportunity for our next generation of leaders. Students receive the same policy briefings world leaders receive and then are challenged to address those issues individually in a persuasive speech and editorial, and collaboratively in a Student Congress format. The program includes teambuilding exercises, spontaneous problem solving and coachin ...
Appearing on Fox and Friends Tuesday, Judge Andrew Napolitano took a swipe at President Obama's demand to the Supreme Court to not overturn his health care law, calling it incomprehensible and desperate. What was he doing yesterday?? shuddered Steve Doocy .
"Thhe Judge" (Andrew Napolitano) schools Juliette Huddy on freedom of speech on re UN proposal to regulate the internet.
Great speeches by Ron Paul, Adam Kokesh, and Andrew Napolitano. Is this the America we've known and loved? Is this the America we want to raise our children ...
It is often said that people like Ron Paul, Andrew Napolitano, Lew Rockwell, Julian Assange, Justin Raimondo, and the dozens of others who write on a variety of websites across the Internet, are "speaking truth to power." If this is all they were doing, the established order would have little to fear. Those who exercise coercive "power" already know the "truth," and no changes would occur from letting them know that you know. ~Butler Shaffer~
Judge Napolitano: First Patriot To Shoot Down A Government Spy Drone Will Be A Hero Blasts illegal use of “plastic drones” to spy on Americans in their backyardsJudge Andrew Napolitano has warned Congress not to act “like potted plants” regarding the increased use of unmanned surveillance drones without warrants over US skies by military, government, and law enforcement agencies. Echoing the recent comments of his Fox News colleague Charles Krauthammer, Napolitano also said that “The first American patriot that shoots down one of these drones that comes too close to his children in his backyard will be an American hero.” The federal government is rolling out new rules on the use of the unmanned drones this week, with the Federal Aviation Administration announcing procedures will “streamline” the process through which government agencies, including local law enforcement, receive licenses to operate the aircraft. Privacy advocates have warned that the FAA has not acted to establish any priva ...
Very true of most (if not all) networks...maybe Frontline from PBS should start doing political updates cuz they seem very objective, informative, and unbiased. I do catch Fox, tho, whenever the Judge (Andrew Napolitano) is on because he is a veritable braintrust on the protection and explanations of our freedoms, liberty, and the just society. Thanks for posting, Legs McNeil!
"The Judge" Andrew Napolitano is not happy with the TSA and their lack of accountability or responsibility.
Andrew Napolitano recently showed a clip in which Rick Santorum explained his views on libertarianism. His comments are also instructive in understanding his animosity (politically) towards Ron Paul. Santorum said:
here comes the brown shirts ... green shirts what ever .. now they can criminalize you for just words . further taking away personal freedoms and liberties ... i say impeach and repeal everything he has signed in !!! Obama signed into law Bill HR 347 that makes free speech a felony where secret service agents are present. FOX: "HR 347 gives federal agents sweeping powers to arrest and bring felony charges against citizens engaged in protest where the secret service is present." Andrew Napolitano: This "allows secret service agents to decide where there are no free speech zones". "I can think of three violations: a) speech violations, b) association violations, c) the right to petition the government for a redress of you grievances. What good is free speech if the people in the government are so far away from you that they can't hear you?" "I think it is one of those laws that's going to be enforced where the government wants to enforce. The problem there.. it puts a lot of unbridled discretion in the hand ...
As you watch the movie, the theater may be watching you. Shepard Smith, Andrew Napolitano.
When Gary Johnson becomes president he should give Andrew Napolitano and Ron Paul cabinet positions, maybe czars.
All supporters should watch/read stuff by Milton Friedman, John Stossel, Ludwig von Mises, Andrew Napolitano, and Lew Rockwell.
Now on Fox News, Andrew Napolitano fears that Barack Obama may act just like George W. Bush regarding protests against the president.
Ron Paul for President. Andrew Napolitano for Vice president. Doug Weed for Secretary of State!!!
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