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Andrew Miller

Andrew Mark Miller (born May 21, 1985) is an American professional baseball pitcher with the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball.

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In the defense of trading Andrew Miller...we got a guy named Miggy...If anyone can have an off year…
Congrats to former New Orleans Zephyrs for making the Marcell Ozuna, Daniel Murphy, Brad Hand, Jason Vargas, and Andrew Miller.
I think Andrew Miller might hate the Dodgers. And Erik Gonzalez. 😬
6-2 Dodgers because quad-A at best player Erik Gonzalez can't field, and Andrew Miller didn't have his best stuff. Tribe down to .500 soon.
Should we change Andrew Miller's name to Bryan Shaw?
Oh believe me I know. I was 11-1 with my 12 game being Andrew Miller and Todd Frazier blas…
Cody Bellinger is the first guy to homer off Andrew Miller in 2017. He became the first LHH to do so since Joe Mauer…
.just took Andrew Miller deep for his 16th HR of the year. And that solo shot gives the 3-2 lead…
Andrew Miller. Although Alex White was also a first rounder for UNC
You could make a strong case that the two most exciting pitchers to watch right now in baseball are Craig Kimbrel & Andrew Miller.
It's just a pleasure watching Andrew Miller work
And yet, no one on the planet thinks Cody Allen is better than Andrew Miller.
Andrew Miller is in a tier of his own & he's 100% the closer if something happens to Allen. Devenski isn't untoucha…
Andrew Miller is the best reliever in baseball and doesn't have saves and that's BS! But also totally O…
Cuz Matt Barnes *** He only gets lucky. But no nooo they never even tried to sign Andrew Miller back a few years ago.
David Ross didn't win DWTS, but I still can't believe he homered off Andrew Miller.
Don't sweat it. Andrew Miller is a deadly beast, and he's also the most valuable relief pitcher in baseball.
Yankees should groom Chad Green into the next multi-inning Andrew Miller type reliever...but chances are he'll just be Jo…
This is what Cleveland fans looked like after David Ross hit a home run off of Andrew Miller in Game 7 of the World Series
Logan Morrison delivers a sac fly off Andrew Miller in the 8th. The last guy to get an RBI off Miller wound up on Dancing wi…
Andrew Miller, you beautiful tropical fish.
They're right, Kevin. Phils have to trade their stud relievers, Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman, for…
We're finally seeing some smart/"creative" usage of top relievers between Devenski, Andrew Miller, Raisel Iglesias.…
what if maybin became willie mays and Andrew Miller became Randy Johnson?
Indians 7, Astros 6: 13 Walk-Off Thoughts on going the other way, Michael Brantley, Andrew Miller
Dad: Andrew Miller looks like Randy Johnson out there. . Mom: The Big Eunich! . . Mom: Wait, is that right?
From ..the Indians improve to 29-2 all-time (incl postseason) when Andrew Miller and Cody Allen appear in the same game
Only people we have heading into FA over the next 2 years is Santana, Andrew Miller, Brantley, & Cody…
It's nice knowing your team employs Andrew Miller and Cody Allen after watching that.
Excellent! Cody definitely became overshadowed by Andrew Miller, but folks forget..all is for nothing i…
Also can we start recognizing that Cody Allen is on the same level as Andrew Miller. He's been absolutely filthier than ever so far.
I'll say this about Andrew Miller. Hard work has paid off, he's a *** good NHL defenseman.
Friendly reminder the Tigers gave $8 million to Mike Pelfrey but wouldn't give $9 million to Andrew Miller.
Andrew Miller just stared at Tito Francona. And in that stare, he said, "If you send him to Columbus, I'll pitch right handed"
Dan Altavilla's legs and Andrew Miller's legs should star in a buddy cop film
my prediction? Alex Wood will become the Andrew Miller for the Dodgers
Really intrigued by a possible Andrew Miller like role for Wood. He looked great out of the pen.
could Wood be the next Andrew Miller?
Wow. Can Alex Wood be the Dodgers' version of Andrew Miller? I know I know I'm getting ahead of myself
Fair point. Definition might have some underrated value. That's why I love Andrew Miller's attitude so much.
Idk. Andrew Miller, Chapman, Hoffman are/were all pretty rock solid
Me, stupid: Seth Lugo might have a decent career as a reliever. Cerrone, wise: he's basically Andrew Miller
An incredible postseason run puts Andrew Miller firmly in the top tier of relievers heading into 2017
David Ross broke Andrew Miller's back and made him humble
I guess Andrew Miller is morphing into left handed Ubaldo Jimenez
Andrew Miller still not over giving up that homer to David Ross
Just curious because I don't know that much about him, is Jacob Lindgren similar to Andrew Miller at all?
.going toe-to-toe with is like me trying to get a hit off Andrew Miller in a playoff game
Jim Leyland has David Robertson and Andrew Miller in his bullpen and he is going to Luke Gregerson for the save? Ok.
David Robertson and Andrew Miller have sucked major monkey balls in this tournament!!
Sure, the Bobby Valentine who is widely credited for resurrecting Andrew Miller's career
The only thing better than seeing the Dominicans take the lead: seeing them do it against Andrew Miller.
The Jackie Robinson in me giggled at Andrew Miller getting smoked 2x by the Dominican team
The bigger question is how will Andrew Miller's poor outing impact what the Browns do with the No. 1 pick?
I have a feeling this is gonna end up with Jake McGee playing Houston Street and Andrew Miller playing Joe Beimel
Andrew Miller allows HR to Nelson Cruz and Starling Marté of Dominican Republic. He had allowed 2 HR in relief only once…
did you know Andrew Miller's team blew a 3-1 lead in the World Series, just like the Golden State Warriors in the N…
Clayton Kershaw, Corey Kluber and Andrew Miller never peed on a moving carpet.
Andrew Miller out here looking like Glen Perkins right now in the WBC.
... and didn't have to use Andrew Miller... saves him for Dominican game tomorrow.
"Once in a while I see a pitcher on the mound & I kind of miss hitting. Not so much with this guy." . Paul Molitor on FSN re: Andrew Miller
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Jared Price exits. Andrew Miller enters to face a lefty with one on and one out.
Hats off to the Tribe, Terry Francona, Andrew Miller, Mike Napoli and Coco Crisp! Red Sox forever.
Nolan Arenado is the best player on the USA team (aside from MAYBE Andrew Miller). Why is Hosmer always treated as…
Mlb:UNC alum Andrew Miller pranked by Duke-loving teammate at I..
Andrew Miller's slider was untouchable in the playoffs this past season, but it has been nasty for a long time! Clip from…
Andrew Miller is lookin filthy already
cleveland​.com >> Terry Francona plans to talk to Team USA manager Jim Leyland about Andrew Miller's
I added a video to a playlist Terry Francona on Andrew Miller pitching in the WBC
One sad comeback. We hit you up for Andrew Miller and for that, we thank you. Few Tribe fans are still butt-hurt about Game 7.
Terry Francona keeping Cody Allen as Indians' closer and postseason star Andrew Miller as setup man
Terry Francona keeping Cody Allen as Cleveland closer, Andrew Miller in ..
If Zack Wheeler is going to have his innings limited to the low 100s this year for the put him in the bullpen a la Andrew Miller.
[The Sports Daily: Metstradamus] - Addison Reed wants to be Andrew Miller
Addison Reed saw how Andrew Miller was used in playoffs and thought: Aha!
ICYMI: Andrew Miller giving the introductory speech before Francona accepts his BBWAA AL Manager of the Year Award this past w…
Yankees stud Clint Frazier: I'm done watching Andrew Miller via
"Whenever u get a chance 2 work with a director like Alejandro Inarritu and deal 4 a lock-down closer like Andrew Miller.."
"You put Corey Kluber in a Giants uniform and Andrew Miller in Packers both at QB, you've got yourself a *** of a ball game" -Joe Buck
Mariano Rivera, Aroldis Chapman, Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller, Francisco Rodriguez, Zach Britton and the list goes on.
Click here to support Help Support Jason Hart and Family by Andrew Miller
Paul Dolan has always maintained when it was the time to spend, he would oblige. Andrew Miller and Edwin Encarnacion in the…
No. 16 on our Top 50 list is commit Trevor Rogers, who's drawn comparisons to Andrew Miller: https…
Really think Michael Wacha could become a righty Andrew Miller. Highly touted starter, limited pitch selection, but lights out from bullpen
they said the exact same thing about Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller.
The players' union has elected its player-representative leadership: Curtis Granderson, Carlos Villanueva, Matt Harvey and Andrew Miller.
Dec. 4, 2007: trade Andrew Miller, Cameron Maybin, and 4 other prospects to Marlins for Miguel Cabrera and…
Good lord (Andrew Miller) there's nobody at Nationwide Arena tonight.
you mentioned Robbie Ray as a possibility to be the next Andrew Miller. How about Patrick Corbin?
I'm originally from Boston. Live in Charlotte now. We have Andrew Miller on the Checkers. Former Providence Bruin
"Zach Duke is to Andrew Miller as Brett Cecil is to Aroldis Chapman"
Theo wouldn't even give up Schwarber for Andrew Miller correct? He's not going anywhere.
So many other names from those drafts...Zimmer, Bradley, GregAllen, Papi, and the guys we traded for Andrew Miller too. They count.
Trade idea of the day:. Andrew Miller to LAD for Puig and Jose De Leon
Cody Allen didn't get the attention Andrew Miller did, but Allen tallied 25 strikeouts in 13.2 scoreless innings during the playoffs.
Chapman, Cody Allen and Andrew Miller all have appointments with Dr. James Andrews scheduled for next week.
Add in two more years of Brantley, Andrew Miller and Cody Allen and there is no reason this team can't compete for title again.
.what do you think about the trying to give Brandon Morrow the Andrew Miller treatment?
All this World Series did for me was make me miss Theo Epstein, Terry Francona, Jon Lester, Andrew Miller,John Lackey, Mike Napoli
Why use Andrew Miller and Cody Allen when you coulda used the wild thing
Andrew Miller has my respect. Shaw and Allen...I am not ready to endorse them just yet. not hating, just not endorsing
I'm down with Zobrist being Lafayette. Maybe Jefferson is... Andrew Miller? Allen is James Madison.
I know we are all excited about Andrew Miller and rightfully so but Cody Allen only gave up one earned run since August 21 to World Series.
As great a Andrew Miller was the entire playoffs Cody Allen may have been better, he is so over looked on this team and he s…
Cody Allen just threw his 30th pitch and there's only one out in the 9th. He and Andrew Miller both logged some hard innings…
Positive news: Cubs have gotten Kluber, Andrew Miller and Cody Allen out of this game now.
Corey Kluber & Andrew Miller each allowed more runs in Game 7 than they had in the entire postseason.
If David Ross can hit a home run off Andrew Miller with a concussion, Alex Smith can go back into a football game without one.
It's only one inning, but he has to have some support from the offense, Andrew Miller, Bryan Shaw, and Cody Allen.
Andrew Miller, Bryan Shaw and Cody Allen are fresh. Aroldis Chapman is not
Andrew Miller, Cody Allen and Bryan Shaw will all have two days of rest heading into Game 7. Guessing they'll be ready by the…
If we keeping it a buck. Kluber, Cody Allen and Andrew Miller about to 3 piece the cubs tomorrow
I really hope the can score on either Andrew Miller,Bryan Shaw, or Cody Allen. I am sick of hearing about those 3.
Joe buck can't stop bringing up the fact that Andrew Miller, Cody Allen and Bryan Shaw are all fresh if there is a game 7
As Aroldis Chapman & Andrew Miller dominate in the the prospects they were traded for cheer them on.
.the big news I hear is that Andrew Miller fellow is going back to same with Jon Lester and that Anthony Rizzo guy 😃
I want to convert a starter into Andrew Miller. I'm thinking Brandon Morrow
BCA Gamer News: CHICAGO -- Cleveland Indians star Andrew Miller isn't the only reliever who can shut down the...
Exactly. It's a roll of the dice when Andrew Miller might appear.
Andrew Miller, Bryan Shaw and Cody Allen have a combined 0.87 ERA this Postseason. They shut it down last night. Filthy.
Would Mark Shapiro have made the trade to get Andrew Miller in order to win World Series? It would appear not
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Andrew Miller's streak of 24.1 consecutive shutout innings in his postseason career has come to an end.
Andrew Miller is the anti David Price in the . . JaysVSCubs probably would have been a better series
I want an Aroldis Chapman vs Andrew Miller game 7! Can this happen? 🔥
Good. Please make me feel better about losing Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman.
Breaking: with Andrew Miller possibly unavailable tonight, the Indians have activated 75-year-old Eddie Harris.
Corey Kluber, Andrew Miller and Cody Allen have thrown 49 1/3 innings of the Indians' 98 innings this postseason. All 3 li…
Andrew Miller can hit a bases empty grand slam
Andrew Miller's slider is gross. Just nasty.
Terry Francona is more trigger happy to put in Andrew Miller than Joseph McCarthy was to accusing people of being Communists
Andrew Miller could use some grooming tips from Brandon Morrow.
In big picture, Cubs ought to benefit from Terry Francona's turning to Andrew Miller in 5th. Long way to go in this one ... and the Series.
Do you agree with Terry Francona's decision to bring Andrew Miller in for the fifth inning?. — ESPN (espn) October 29, 2016
Andrew Miller is filth, and I mean that literally now that he grew out his gross beard
Cody Allen makes the Andrew Miller experiment possible
[Andrew Miller off base saying Joe Girardi made 'mess' of Yankees bullpen
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I hear lots of talk re: Montgomery as a SP but why not let him be Sean Marshall or the poor man's Andrew Miller?
also, the chance Andrew Miller would be Miller on the Red Sox under Farrell? Zero.
Screw Andrew Miller for not signing with the Astros, man
Andrew Miller got me curious about Mariano Rivera's best postseason stretch, which is probably this:
Cubs fans are pivoting, saying the big victory was wearing out Andrew Miller and getting a look at Cody Allen. You still lost Game 1.
The Indians take Game One the thanks to Andrew Miller's ability to wiggle out of…
you can eat poptarts on Whole30, right?
Andrew Miller with bases loaded last 4 seasons: 1 for 23.
The Canes have waived Andrew Miller, who I forgot was with the team
Batters are 8-71 against Andrew Miller in the playoffs. 😳
Andrew Miller in the postseason in his career: 78 batters faced, 34 strikeouts, 0 runs.
Andrew Miller look's like Mac from Allways Sunny if he played for a MLB baseball team w a racist mascot
the Bluejays could really use Andrew Miller... oh wait.. wrong one? My bad 😳
Things seem to be going a wee bit better for the baseball throwing Andrew Miller
The have placed Andrew Miller on waivers. The have placed Emerson Etem on waivers
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do i really have to hear u out here? Lite? More like Andrew Miller non-alcoholic
Andrew Miller now healthy enough to be sent back to Charlotte.
Andrew Miller: Has been placed on waivers.
want another shot at Andrew Miller after shutout loss:
hear me out here. But I could see Wood being an Andrew Miller Lite.
Andrew Miller escaped bases-loaded jam in Game 1. Hitters against him w/ bases loaded since 2013: 1-for-23 with 12 strik…
Our only Andrew Miller cover. Flash back to 2006, when he led to Omaha as College POY
Andrew Miller threw 46 pitches last night, most since he was a starter in 2011. Can he pitch tonight? "It's the World Serie…
Andrew Miller is being overworked, unless he’s not via
Andrew Miller walked Kyle Schwarber yesterday. Before that, the last left handed DH he had walked was Adam Dunn in 2014.
Andrew Miller after that rough start
Andrew Miller actually left unc after his junior year..
That's the first time Andrew Miller allowed multiple hits AND multiple walks in 77 appearances this season.
Corey Kluber, Andrew Miller and Cody Allen have worked 58.3% of the innings thrown by Indians' pitchers in this postseason…
letsgotribe​.com >> Andrew Miller is the video game boss that you could never beat.
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Andrew Miller has allowed one run in his last 12 bases-loaded situations now.
The walk Schwarber drew against Andrew Miller last night is one of my favorite plate appearances I've ever seen.
Andrew Miller and Roberto Perez can get a free meal in St. Louis anytime they want.
Joe Maddon said he liked David Ross against Andrew Miller with the bases loaded in the seventh inning in Game 1...
Andrew Miller got out of a crucial jam with his signature Slider that David Ross just couldn't resist. Crazy.
The greatest trick Andrew Miller ever pulled was convincing the Chicago Cubs they had a chance with 0 outs and the bases…
No Cubs noo,. No Cubs noo,. Hey Chicago whaddya say,. You're gonna get shut out by Corey Kluber, Andrew Miller, and Cody Allen
"In Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller, Yankees’ Influence Is Felt at the World Series" by DAVID WALDSTEIN via NYT …
Some people just have it all: 6'7", nice beard, sick flow, and a southpaw god of pitching. F you Andrew Miller
HUGE escape by the new Mo Rivera, Andrew Miller.
Andrew Miller is the most dominant reliever I've seen probably since K-Rod or Mo Rivera in his prime. He enters game, its a wrap
Andrew Miller is like, a good Joba Chamberlain.
I hope John Farrell texted Joe Kelly today and said "keep an eye on Andrew Miller, that will be you next year."
He's the MVP, he's a Tar Heel and now he's going to the World Series!!! Congrats to Andrew Miller!
World Series: Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller reunited but on opposite sides: On...
domain names
.Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller will be reunited at the World Series, but on opposite sides:…
Jon Lester. David Ross. Theo Epstein. Mike Napoli. Andrew Miller. Terry Francona. I love so many people in this World Series
Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller are going to play in the World Series. The are not. Shame on you, Brian Cashman.
Brian Cashman watching Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller leading their teams to the World Series
Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman thanking Brian Cashman about now.
Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman in the World Series. Word to Brian Cashman.
fans waking up this morning to nightmares of Andrew Miller...
We could have / should have resigned both Lester and Andrew Miller
can't wait to tune into Andrew Miller tomorrow. Rooting for the Indians and Cubs (because of Chapman) Both from Yankees!
I want to see Andrew Miller position player and Bauer definitely has to bat again. I'll call dinger
Cleveland has been crushing with RISP in these playoffs. That and Andrew Miller are pretty much why they’ve been unbeatable.
Thought for next week - expect to see Andrew Miller possibly bat. I hate the national league. Hate.
Orioles fans dont need reminder of dominance
ugh. Dont wanna think about it but youre gonna see andrew miller bat
"I want to know everything there is to know about Andrew Miller."
I think Andrew Miller should come out wearing the glasses. And a leather jacket!
Terry Francona talks about Merritt, Andrew Miller and the Indians in the moments after winning the AL title.
Welcome back, Mr. President. How about that Andrew Miller kid.
Why didn't the Cubs bring in Andrew Miller yet? Isn't that how baseball works???
With 6-3 lead, can Packers go to Andrew Miller now?
Andrew Miller has made 13 pitches to get 5 outs. Today, he might just be the closer, after all.
1 pitch, 2 outs for Andrew Miller. So, uh, I think you'll probably see him next inning, too.
Andrew Miller is warming up in the bullpen.
uh...yeah? Why do you think Andrew Miller pitched early? If he didnt use the numbers..miller would only pitch 8th or 9th..
Why didn't anyone correct Reggie Jackson today--Andrew Miller is a UNC grad!!
Project-based learning lends itself to differentiating instruction. Here are 6 examples:
Might have too be Andrew Miller for Halloween
I was sure he was going to somehow bring in Andrew Miller...
So confused. When I saw them call time I was convinced it was going to be Kenley, or at least Andrew Miller.
Eduardo Rodriguez had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with why Andrew Miller is not with Boston. He signed w/ NY thru F.A.
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It's scary just how good Andrew Miller and Cody Allen have been. This wasn't shutting down the Twins.
Andrew Miller didn't get a Win or a Save..yet was somehow the ALCS MVP. . The New Old-School:.
My Favorite Room: Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller's library is too whimsical for words
Andrew Miller on throwing Sliders behind in the Count.
The knew Andrew Miller was great, but this is still amazing. on his playoff dominance:
I think Andrew Miller is NOT a Stanford grad!! Check UNC!
Just this year, Andrew Miller, Dan Otero, Mike Napoli, and Marlon Byrd before he got suspended.
1 - to make Tigers fans sad. 2 - Making it with two former Tigers in Rajai Davis and Andrew Miller. 3 - Tigers kept L…
"We just want to win. I don't think anybody cares how we get there.". - pitcher Andrew Miller
Assuming he doesn't have one already, how long until Andrew Miller has a Miller Lite endorsement for Miller Time?
Blue Jays just needed two more Indians starter injuries and Andrew Miller to work on a drone and they would have been in…
Edwin Encarnacion takes Andrew Miller to base of wall in LF where Rajai Davis reels it in.
Andrew Miller is great, but he isn't yet Mo's equal. Miller has 19.2 post-season IP. Rivera = 141 post-season IP, 0.70 ERA.
Andrew Miller looking like Marino Rivera looks like MO taught him well.
14 of CLE's 25-man ALCS roster have only played for CLE at MLB level. Yan Gomes & Rajai Davis ex-TOR. Andrew Miller pitched for 5 others.
I am irrationally FRIGHTENED that Pedro will reveal that he loves Andrew Miller more than he loves Noah Syndergaard.
As a Carolina fan, it puts a smile on my face to see Andrew Miller shut down Darwin Barney.
Andrew Miller looks exactly like Walter White in the last episode of
Andrew Miller doesn't look he's playing in the ALCS he looks like he's playing catch in the park with his dad. This is beyond easy for him.
Recently I had the chance to attend the wedding of Jill and Andrew Miller. Jill is the daughter of my oldest...
Who has a better chance of hitting Andrew Miller, Russell Martin or Andrew Miller?
This will be the game that Russell Martin hits a dinger off Andrew Miller tbh
Farrell thought he has his own Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller and Clayton Kershaw, the best two pitchers of the 2016 postseason, went back-to-back (6th and 7th) in the…
Can we just give Andrew Miller the Cy Young Award? I know postseason doesn't count, but please?
My best Andrew Miller comparison is High School LeBron vs. 5'8 white kids.
Could James Paxton be the next Andy Pettitte, Cliff Lee, or Andrew Miller? Before answering, read this.
Andrew Miller can shut down high powered offenses.
Andrew Miller can fold a fitted sheet perfectly with one hand.
Too early to say that Andrew Miller is the most filthy postseason reliever since Mo Rivera?
Can we just make a new award for relievers similar to the Cy Young and call it the "Andrew Miller?"
Andrew Miller breathed in the direction of home plate and Russell Martin was out.
Andrew Miller with that beard looks like a raging alcoholic especially when he starts yapping.
Andrew Miller vs Russel Martin is the equivalent of Me vs a Big Mac!
Does anybody else think Andrew Miller looked exactly like Ryan Dunn during that interview?
According to my Yankee fan friends, Michael Kay has insisted that the Yankees think Andrew Miller is an injury waiting to happen
Andrew Miller climbs the bullpen mound, and he starts to throw.
Live feed of Andrew Miller waiting in the bullpen.
Is a 25 out save from Andrew Miller crazy or what?
Andrew Miller's slider breaks more than Derrick Rose's knees.
Andrew Miller is Kelvin Herrera and Wade Davis combined except even less human.
A-Rod said Andrew Miller would be up on the team plane at 3 a.m. studying film on his iPad. Pete Rose was shocked A-Rod flies with the team
Sometimes I wonder what it would have taken to get Andrew Miller. This is the Yankees listening to Bobby Evans' off…
. Andrew Miller opens new restaurant in Cleveland. Specializing oven rosted birds.
David Beckham bends it like Andrew Miller's slider.
Andrew Miller has struck out 10 batters in 3.2 inning in this NLCS he's a monster
Pete Rose would walk through *** in a gasoline suit to avoid facing Andrew Miller.
Pick your poison Andrew Miller edition. Fastball vs Slider
Andrew Miller's slider breaks more than Derek Rose's' knees
baseball is so rooted in traditions thats hitters still take their bats to the plate against Andrew Miller even though the…
Andrew Miller is Mo Rivera circa 1996 setting up John Wetteland. Complete Domination
Haven't seen playoff parenting like this Andrew Miller stuff since Tristan Thompson adopted Paul Millsap in 2015
The Indians have Andrew Miller for two more years after this, too. What a killer acquisition.
Andrew Miller's slider just turned Josh Donaldson inside out! LETS GO
The Indians are going to overuse Andrew Miller and be screwed if they make the World Series
Andrew Miller is incredible. is all the time.
Everyone thought of Randy Johnson with that last Andrew Miller slider, right? Not just me? Ok cool
Andrew Miller on Francisco Lindor: "He's a star. He deserves all the credit he gets. He deserves more, honestly."
Andrew Miller on Francisco Lindor: "He's a star." Said he gets less love than he deserves.
Andrew Miller on Francisco Lindor's national perception: "He should already be broken out "
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So far this postseason Corey Kluber, Andrew Miller, and Cody Allen have pitched 23 of the 36 possible innings.
Yankees trading Andrew Miller could potentially end up as a *** block for two AL East rivals getting into the World Seri…
Andrew Miller is gonna be the World Series MVP
Any off speed pitch thrown by Andrew Miller breaks more then Derek Rose's knees.
What a performance by Corey Kluber, Andrew Miller and Cody Allen. What a job.
Final: Cleveland 2, Toronto 0. Corey Kluber was brilliant. Andrew Miller was better. Cody Allen was *** good, too. The Jay…
Y'know what woulda been awesome. A bullpen with Joaquin Benoit and Andrew Miller.
and then on the third day, Andrew Miller rose again
meanwhile in American League, Andrew Miller and Roberto Osuna look on...
I missed Andrew Miller pitching!!! 😩. But I got to hear Tom Hamilton call it on the radio, which is the next best thing
Great job Tomlin! Now hand it off to Andrew Miller and the rest of the Bullpen. It's Lites Out Time!
I was wondering why Michael Martinez looked so small but then I remembered Andrew Miller is like 7'2
Peter Gammons, needs to go, just compared Drew Pomeranz to Andrew Miller. Gammons has been useless since 1978
Plankton: "Go out there and throw 40 pitches...because I told you to.". Andrew Miller: "BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME TO!"
Moody ISD says "THANK YOU" to our Principals! Tina Eaton, Caleb Bell, Eric Cox and Andrew Miller you ROCK!
Terry Francona's decision to bring Andrew Miller in early turned out to be genius.
Yeah the PAPI and Andrew Miller matchup scares me. A lot. Throws it across the zone and down. Almost impossible for a lefty to hit.
This is the first time seeing Andrew Miller on the mound as an Indian
If Ben Cherington or Andrew Miller want to start to win over fans, leads on last minute playoff tickets would be a good start.
just thought of this wasn't it Ben Cherington's idea to convert Andrew Miller into a reliever. He was still starting in 2011
Andrew Miller is a national treasure.
Eduardo Rodriguez pitching is a good time to remind everyone that even if he wins the Cy Young, the Andrew Miller trade was still a good one
Casey McGehee against Andrew Miller, aka "meh, yeah, we don't need that out, you can have it Cleveland"
2 games in a row Betances chokes and blows the Yankees chances. Where is Andrew Miller?
Andrew Miller just sent us video of the driver of the dangling vehicle climbing out of it.
Tanaka just walked a batter. Andrew Miller, Carlos Beltran, and Alex Rodriguez were all the last time Tanaka walk…
Andrew Miller will break your ankles, in Baseball:
Andrew Miller with some ankle-breaking filth to end Monday's win in Oakland. Sheesh.
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