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Andrew McCutchen

Andrew Stefan McCutchen (born October 10, 1986), nicknamed Cutch , is an American professional Major League Baseball (MLB) outfielder with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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Andrew mccutchen faced Aroldis chapman and didn't get plunked. This is definitely a weird year
This is setting up for another opportunity for Andrew McCutchen with the bases loaded. Something about third time being a charm?
Did some one suck the life out of Andrew McCutchen? Used to be fun to watch, because he used to have fun!
Justin Grimm walks Andrew McCutchen with the bases loaded Jordy Mercer scores from 3rd Pirates trim the lead to 5-2 top 7 2 outs
Andrew McCutchen RBI walk makes it 5-2
Andrew McCutchen is not the man you want up to bat when the bases are loaded.
Willson Contreras of the Chicago Cubs celebrates after Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates...
I have always been a fan of Andrew McCutchen but he looked uninterested in both Solar's double and then Haywards single.
I don’t understand why Andrew McCutchen plays so shallow. He’s lost a ton of speed and still can’t make plays on balls just like that.
How do people still not know how to spell Andrew McCUTCHEN. GOD ***
New artwork for sale! - "ANDREW MCCUTCHEN Pittsburgh Pirates ART" -
Andrew McCutchen striking out with the bases loaded, down one run in a huge game 👍🏼
Literally all of Andrew McCutchen's skill was stored in his dreadlocks
It feels like Andrew McCutchen has left the bases load over 100 times this season. Dude forgets how to hit when he's in that situation.
Jason Hammel and Willson Contreras pumped up after striking out Andrew McCutchen.
Is anyone genuinely surprised that Andrew McCutchen just struck out in the biggest situation of tonight's game?
The curious case of andrew mccutchen is a sad movie
Hammel walks the pitcher and 2 more and allows Josh Harrison’s RBI single. But he fans Andrew McCutchen with the bases full to end 5th. 2-1
I remember when Andrew McCutchen would come up with the clutch hit.
Andrew McCutchen is the definition of a bum
Andrew McCutchen is just not the same Andrew McCutchen this year
Lol remember when Andrew McCutchen was good?
Disappointing season, and at bat for Andrew McCutchen.
Andrew McCutchen has yet to hit a grand slam in his career.
Now Bell walks to load the bases for Andrew McCutchen...
Don't get me wrong, there are role model athletes for sure. Aaron Rodgers, Steph Curry, Steve Nash, Andrew McCutchen, etc...good dudes
Andrew McCutchen shouldn't return to the lineup this weekend. Matt Joyce should stay. He's better right now, plain and sim…
Poll-Is Clint Hurdle's decision to bench Andrew McCutchen for a three-game series the right move?
Mired in a season-long slump, Andrew McCutchen has been benched by the again.
Pirates planning to bench Andrew McCutchen for entire Braves series: Manager Clint Hurdle doesn't even want to use…
Here's what manager Clint Hurdle said about sitting Andrew McCutchen for this three-game series in Atlanta.
He has a FanGraphs WAR of 1.5 this year. Better than Giancarlo Stanton, Andrew McCutchen and Adam Jones.
After the game, Tommy La Stella should ask Andrew McCutchen for tips on clutch hitting.
Boomer Esasion just said he wouldn't trade Matt Harvey for Andrew McCutchen but would for Starlin Castro or Didi Gregorius?
...line drive to CF Andrew McCutchen. Dae *** Lee out at home on the throw, CF Andrew McCutchen to SS Jordy Mercer to C Chris Stewart [2/2]
Andrew McCutchen or Bryce Harper or both who would u sign
Andrew McCutchen cued up for his two-homer, coming-out party last night.
As Pirates’ struggles continue, would they actually trade Andrew McCutchen? (by
What's going on with Andrew McCutchen's slow start?
"What about Andrew McCutchen, Cliff Floyd or Devon White, Harold?". "No, man, he's another Mike Cameron."
I mean I love Andrew mccutchen. He throws so many touchdowns. But these fake fans are awful. You know?😂
When did Andrew McCutchen become the 3rd best OF on the Pirates? I guess thats a good thing tho.
My favorite pirates player is Andrew mccutchen
We'll see, I guess. He'll have to put up a fight with Andrew McCutchen first.
I'm giving away something for you on 2016 topps perspectives andrew mccutchen . Get it here -
To go along with that, Andrew McCutchen and Jay Bruce went No. 11 and No. 12. To put that in perspective.
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A lot of people say Kyle Lewis reminds them of a RH Jason Heyward but I see more of an Andrew McCutchen type. Best hitter in draft
Andrew McCutchen is 1 of the best baseball players in the game. He is & needs your votes to get there.
Finally getting to watch Andrew McCutchen play
A look at what is going on with Andrew McCutchen:
Hurdle will wear his Mario Lemieux jersey, and Andrew McCutchen his Evgeni Malkin jersey.
trade opinion: Joe Ross and Andrew McCutchen for Jay Bruce and Sonny Gray. Who wins?
Hurdle plans to wear his Mario Lemieux jersey. Andrew McCutchen will rock his Evgeni Malkin gear.
Andrew McCutchen Pittsburgh cool base black New sz…
Fun fact: Andrew McCutchen is tied for 31st among active players with 53 career intentional walks.
In Sept,Oct 2expl& April, May and June of 2016, Andrew McCutchen is hitting .250. Unless he has an undisclosed injury, expect him to explode
hey Andrew McCutchen you're my favorite pirate player
RBI triple by Gregory Polanco(40th RBI) plates Andrew McCutchen as the take a 4-3 lead in the 7th inning.
Andrew McCutchen may be the worst base runner ever.
Hard to fathom that Andrew McCutchen only has one stolen base this season.
Jun 8, AB 2: Yoenis Cespedes flies out to center fielder Andrew McCutchen.
It may be possible that Andrew McCutchen is the 3rd OF off the board next season.
Andrew McCutchen's batting average slides to .249
Syndergaard notches first K of the night to close out the opening inning. lead 2-0. John Jaso and Andrew McCutchen scored.
RBI single by Jung *** Kang(23rd RBI) plates Andrew McCutchen as the extend the lead to 2-0 in the 1st inning.
Jung *** Kang lines a single over Neil Walker’s glove and into right field, scoring Andrew McCutchen. Two runs in, no outs.
Andrew McCutchen just worked a 9-pitch walk off of Noah Syndergaard, by the way.
Syndergaard's slider is mystifying to Andrew McCutchen
Andrew McCutchen is very good at baseball, I hear!
Jorge Soler has more votes than Andrew McCutchen
Even Jorge Soler gets more All Star votes than Andrew McCutchen lol
Oh and also per the NL All Star Balloting, Jorge Soler > Andrew McCutchen. You know, former MVP
Fantasy baseball rankings: How to value the Pirates outfield: In addition, are fantasy owners as a whole over...
How to value Starling Marte, Andrew McCutchen, Gregory Polanco in ranki..
Jurickson Profar makes a huge jump & which Pirates OF would you prefer to own?. Going Forward Rankings:
How should you value the awesome outfielders against one another? take, plus updated ranks:
Andrew Mccutchen's fan? Go to and join Andrew Mccutchen fans
Andrew McCutchen makes a nice sliding catch to rob Miguel Rojas of a hit.
still unsure why Andrew McCutchen plays while Matt Joyce sits on the bench.
Andrew McCutchen is now PNC Park's All-Time hits leader with 613 hits, passing Jack Wilson.
I am being offered Andrew McCutchen and Roberto Osuna for Starlin Castro and Aaron Nola in a 10 team h2d, your thoughts?
The two current Pirates with good career numbers against Jake are Andrew McCutchen and Matt Joyce.
.Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole don't need to be Pirates for life
Pirates get Adam Lind. Angels get John Jaso. Mariners get Mike Trout, Andrew McCutchen. Who loses? The Cubs in 5.
In 19 of Jake Arrieta's 33 starts last year, he walked either 0 or 1 batter(s). Tonight: Leadoff walks to John Jaso and Andrew McCutchen.
Some of my fav baseball players are with the Pirates...John Jaso, Matt Joyce...both former Rays, and Cutch (Andrew McCutchen).
Andrew McCutchen is this year's winner of the prestigious Roberto Clemente Award.
Braves hit more home runs today than Andrew McCutchen. cc:
Crazy Stat of Day: Andrew McCutchen had as many HR (3) in 5 at-bats on Tue. as Braves do in 674 at-bats this season. http…
Bryce Harper has 9 HRs this year. Andrew McCutchen had 3HRs tonight. The Braves have 3 HRs this year.
u brag about a 3 run homer from Stanton, whilst Andrew McCutchen hits 3 home runs maybe I should be bragging
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Well at least Andrew McCutchen is carrying my fantasy team tonight bc Freddie Freeman sure isn't 😢 bae needs to get it together
Make it 3!. Andrew McCutchen now has 3 HRs tonight. It's his 2nd career game with 3 HR (1st since 2009).
It's interesting that in the same day Andrew McCutchen ties Andy Van Slyke w/ 1057 games played he passes him for 19th in RBI w/568
Andrew McCutchen: 3rd player to have 10 multi-HR games while spending his entire career with the Pirates.
Andrew McCutchen is playing in his 1057th game for the tying Andy Van Slyke for 30th place in team history
5 fav baseball players rn not from the reds or dodgers . Dee Gordon , Andrew Mccutchen , Carlos Correa , Robinson Cano , Big Papi
Andrew McCutchen, don't he remind fans of The "Toy Canon" Jimmy Wynn who played for The Astros in The 60s&70s? Small But Powerful!
Nolan Arenado vs. Andrew McCutchen for fantasy keeper…who should I pick?
McCutchen in top form this spring - BRADENTON, Fla. – Andrew McCutchen could not do what he did Thu...
Odorizzi sharp, Motter homers vs. Pirates: Andrew McCutchen blasted his first home run of the spring and Gift ...
Jake Odorizzi comes out to start the 4th inning. Andrew McCutchen detonates his first pitch over the LF boardwalk. 1-0,
Andrew McCutchen with a long HR to left on first pitch B4 against Jake Odorizzi, 1-0 Pirates.
Andrew McCutchen just destroyed a baseball. Unloaded on his first homer of the spring off Rays starter Jake Odorizzi.
I think the most underpaid player in the game is Andrew McCutchen.
Andrew McCutchen arrives at Ravens Spring training practice via
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Andrew McCutchen is currently in the Fort
Andrew McCutchen was only shifted a few times last year. Here's his GB spray chart next to player starting position
Andrew mccutchen is one of the good dudes in all sports. Hard not to root for a guy like that.
LRT made my day, I love Andrew McCutchen 😊
In other news, Andrew McCutchen is the best.
On the Giants - Brandon Crawford. Just in general - either Prince Fielder or Andrew McCutchen
Pirates Outfield Andrew McCutchen (AM) with Polanco (P) and Marte (M) Should be AM/PM or Day and Night. What do you think Pirate fans? JC
Ten years after his first spring, Andrew McCutchen remembers being the wide-eyed rookie —
What does Gregor Blanco have in common with Mike Trout and Andrew McCutchen?
Andrew McCutchen (sat down w The Fan Morning is the interview:
The sits down with Andrew McCutchen now, live from spring training in Bradenton! Listen:
The will chat with CF Andrew McCutchen live from McKechnie Field coming up at 9a.
Andrew McCutchen will join the live from spring training in Bradenton at 9a.
[Beaver County Times] 3 Thoughts: No rush for Pirates to negotiate with Andrew McCutchen
McCutchen had some weird duplicate years pre-breakout. Is Adam Eaton actually Andrew McCutchen?
I added a video to a playlist Andrew McCutchen 2015 Home Runs
Andrew McCutchen is no fan of the one-game Wild Card Game: "Baseball is built for a series," he said.
plus young African American kids do not see Andrew Mccutchen or Matt Kemp or David Price doing commercials like NBA/NFL ...
** GIVEAWAY TIME ** - We're giving away a prize to one lucky person. This is a Topps Gerrit Cole/Andrew McCutchen...
Pirates owner Bob Nutting said he would love to see Andrew McCutchen stay with the franchise forever.
The are trying to buck the trend for small markets, and yes, would love to keep Andrew McCutchen forever. https:…
According to a report, owner Bob Nutting what's Andrew McCutchen to be a Pirate for life:
Find out why isn't so hot on Andrew McCutchen at his early price. Latest pod:
[USA Today]The only outfielders who have played more games during that stretch are Andrew McCutchen,…
If this is what Justin Upton is worth on the open market, can you imagine what Andrew McCutchen would get?
All-Star robbed a home run from Andrew McCutchen last night and it was incredible:
We are blessed in Pittsburgh Sports, Jamie Dixon, Andrew McCutchen, Ben Roethlisberger, and Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin.
The Pirates + Andrew McCutchen need to figure out whether they share a long-term future together. …
Holy cow, why doesn't Andrew McCutchen have his own TV show yet?
Pirates star Andrew McCutchen receives heartfelt gift from boy he visited in hospital:
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Pirates OF Andrew McCutchen was gifted a signed HR ball by young fan he visited in hospital:
This is awesome! Thanks to for giving back!. Kid Sends Andrew McCutchen Heartfelt Souvenir To Say Thanks
Trending Link: McCutchen gets HR ball from fan he visited in hospital
Andrew McCutchen gets heartwarming gift from a boy he visited in the hospital: You might remember the tim...
Andrew McCutchen receives HR ball from healthy kid he cheered up in hosp.. Related Articles:
LOOK: Andrew McCutchen gets HR ball from boy he visited in hospital
Andrew McCutchen got a signed home run ball from a kid he visited in the hospital
“I am sending my first home run ball to you as a thank you.”
Andrew McCutchen receives HR ball from Former Childrens patient
Andrew McCutchen received an amazing letter from a kid he met in the hospital. (PIC):
A fan that was visited by Andrew McCutchen in the hospital sent the Pirates OF his HR ball:
Andrew McCutchen got a HR ball from a healthy kid he cheered up in the hospital last year. https:/…
Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen gets signed HR ball from now-healthy kid he visited in hospital https…
What if Jake Arrieta is Henry Rowengardner and loses it. Can he float it? Will he call Andrew McCutchen chicken and coax him off the base?
let's see, John Phillips, Dan Zangrilli, Greg Brown, Andrew McCutchen, Mark Melancon are celebs who follow me. I WANT TAB!
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I just realized that Anthony Rizzo has more stolen bases (15) than Andrew McCutchen and Bryce Harper combined (13)
End of the 6th still 1-0 Bucs over gets us to stretch time. Neil Walker help Andrew McCutchen with that score but can we come back
Andrew McCutchen grounds out, shortstop Jhonny Peralta to first baseman Brandon Moss.
Josh Harrison starts in LF tonight. Starling Marte moves to CF for Andrew McCutchen who is out of the lineup.
Anthony Mackie and Andrew Mccutchen. Possible long lost brothers?
ICYMI: Andrew McCutchen breaks out his best impression of the player he got his "swagger" from, Ken Griffey Jr.
ICYMI: Andrew McCutchen, who played in his 1000th game Monday, compares favorably to a Pittsburgh legend.
A heart condition hasn’t stopped Sean Campbell’s love of baseball or Andrew McCutchen, who made his day for
Andrew McCutchen, who's playing in his 1000th game, compares favorably to a beloved Pittsburgh legend.
Tonight will be Andrew McCutchen's (1,000th game in Major League Baseball. Proud to be a fan of him & the
Andrew McCutchen wearing what appears to be part of a printed stirrup sock on his right arm tonight.
the Australian players rock wit Andrew McCutchen that's hard
.hit a BUCktooth'd homer last night! ~
Andrew McCutchen homers as Pirates top Giants 5-2.
Remember Diamondbacks threw intentionally at Andrew McCutchen and basically broke his rib. Retaliation for goldy
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Josh Donaldson Jays offense is sick he is the best player in baseball. Andrew McCutchen after a slow he has turned it around.
I watch that Andrew McCutchen homer in the 14th against St. Louis at least seven times a day. This is healthy and normal.
What was up with mouth last night? who is NOT a dentist, has the answers...
Pirates beat Giants behind McCutchen, Alvarez and Liriano -
Andrew McCutchen hits his 19th home run in 5-2 against Giants via
Last 3 grafs explain something we've noticed. Rest is interesting, too.
What was up with A tale of a superstar, a protein bar and a BUCktoothed homer:
Andrew mcCutchen inspires me so much and is so determined every time he comes up to the plate. He is so generous and amazing!
From last night - Andrew McCutchen hits a solo homerun as the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the San Francisco Giants...
Andrew McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez both homered in the Pirates' 5-2 win over the Giants, who fall to 1 1/2 games...
Here's your 3 a.m. explainer of why Andrew McCutchen was covering his face, and whether that was a sock on his arm: ht…
Andrew McCutchen is a Pedro apologist confirmed
Andrew McCutchen on his buddy Pedro Alvarez’s up and down night: “He hit a homer. I think he’s OK."
McCutchen’s power drives Pirates to win over Giants: Andrew McCutchen hit his 19th homer and Pedro Alvarez mad... http:…
The reason was covering his mouth a lot last night (Details
Andrew McCutchen clubbed his 19th home run of the season on Sunday, helping to power the Pirates to a 5-2 victory over the Giants.
Andrew McCutchen covered his mouth because of protein bar incident
Andrew McCutchen hits his 19th HR of season as beat Giants, 5-2, to take 3 out of 4 in the series.
MLB: Andrew McCutchen and Pirates host defending champion Giants in finale of 4-game series 8 pm ET on ESPN/WatchE…
Jason Heyward, Andrew Mccutchen, Paul Goldschmidt, and Bryce Harper(in that order) are my MVP candidates for NL.
Yadier Molina scores two with a line drive single to center, but Andrew McCutchen guns down Jason Heyward at third base.
Outside of Posey or anyone on the Giants, Andrew McCutchen is easily my favorite player in the game right now.
Andrew McCutchen does his best Ken Griffey Jr., Pedro Alvarez and Albert Pujols ... with some Tim Kurkjian mixed in:
Andrew McCutchen goes 2-6 with HR and 4 RBI as Pirates explode for 9 runs in 7th inning to top Dodgers, 13-6.
Andrew McCutchen goes 3-3 and P Francisco Liriano hits 1st career HR as Pirates top Dodgers, 6-5.
Andrew Mccutchen had the best story he played madden with the kid on the jumbotron in the stadium GOAT
Which Outfield would you choose?. RT- Mike Trout, Carlos Gomez, and Adam Jones. FAV- Andrew McCutchen, Giancarlo Stanton, …
I'm pretty much a combination of CoCo Crisp and Andrew McCutchen so 😈
VIDEO: Andrew McCutchen scores a little league home run after multiple errors from the Twins htt…
Neil Walker, Gregory Polanco & Andrew McCutchen drove in runs to support a dominant effort by Gerrit Cole as the beat the Nats 3-1,
Reaction on the Aramis Ramirez deal from Neal Huntington, Clint Hurdle, Andrew McCutchen and Neil Walker coming up at 11 on
I have a Rickey Henderson, Dave Parker and Andrew McCutchen. Trout, Gehrig, Raines and Kaline are among ones i want most.
Archer gives up a long home run to Andrew McCutchen, then gets champ Todd Frazier to ground out to end his appearance.
Fireworks for Andrew McCutchen at Cincinnati is like fireworks for at turner field lol
Making the All-Star team is nothing new for OF Andrew McCutchen, who stands alongside a baseball legend
Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates does a good impression of It's the Video of the Day.
Andrew McCutchen's impromptu impersonation of Tim Kurkjian had the analyst barely holding it together. WATCH:
Andrew McCutchen: REALLY good at baseball, and also REALLY good at impersonating VIDEO:
Andrew McCutchen>Michael Jordan. I'm sorry but it's true
Andrew McCutchen shoulda dropkicked home plate umpire Vic Carapazza just before touching the plate.
Clutch 22! Andrew McCutchen his a walk-off home run as Pirates beat Cardinals in the 14th inning, 6-5.
this is just false. Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Russell Wilson, Andrew McCutchen, Joel Ward all regarded that way
pit, 1, Andrew McCutchen singles on a ground ball to center fielder Tommy Pham. Neil Walker to 2nd.
Justin Upton goes up the ladder and robs Andrew McCutchen of his 11th HR of the season.
Andrew McCutchen & other Pirates players jump in to help the grounds crew cover the field at PNC Park.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Neil Walker, Andrew McCutchen and Jung *** Kang will face Brandon Maurer in the ninth.
Andrew McCutchen waits on deck during a Gregory Polanco at-bat at PNC Park as glows in the background
Andrew McCutchen is ready to dropkick a pitcher if it means he stops getting hit.
Andrew McCutchen has left the game after being hit by a pitch in the first. Jung *** Kang will replace him on the bases.
Former NL MVPs Andrew McCutchen and Ryan Braun are 0-for-7 with 5 strikeouts against rookie Joe Ross. Story:
Andrew McCutchen gets a nice round of applause from the home crowd after robbing Ryan Howard with a leaping catch at the wall.
Great catch by Andrew McCutchen. Ryan Howard scalded that ball, he thought it was gone.
Andrew McCutchen makes a leaping catch at the wall in center, stealing extra bases from Ryan Howard and a run from the Phillies.
Andrew McCutchen knocks cover off ball... no seriously he did!
Kris Bryant has a higher WAR than Freddie Freeman, Eric Hosmer, Andrew McCutchen, and Prince Fielder.
Brandon Cuniff intentionally throws at Andrew McCutchen, allowed to stay in game. Alex Wood argues about balls and strikes, gets tossed.
Michael Keaton confronts Andrew McCutchen heckler in Atlanta: - - - - - - - Mark Townsend is a writer for Big ...
Michael Keaton confronts Andrew McCutchen heckler in Atlanta: Friday night was a pretty wild night at Turner F...
Cameron Maybin says "I was drafted right ahead of Andrew McCutchen and I need 3 hits tonite."
I don't know how I feel about Andrew Mccutchen's yellow batting gloves he looks like a yellow jacket 🐝
A great moment from Andrew McCutchen creates a memory, and stirs another. Plus news, notes and links.
ESPN's Buster Olney knows the batting gloves Andrew McCutchen gave to two young fans will have a l... - via App
players of the week:Mike Napoli of BOS. Redsox, Ryan Braun of MIL. Brewers and Andrew McCutchen of PIT. Pirates.
Andrew McCutchen's walk-up song is now Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' via
Stephen Vogt has more WAR than Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera, Andrew McCutchen, Anthony Rizzo, Josh Donaldson, Jose Altuve, and Adrian Gonzalez
Pete Rose helps Andrew McCutchen out of hitting slump | Sporting News
1. Andrew McCutchen. 2. Billy hamilton. 3. Bryce Harper. Those would have to be my top favorite baseball players tbh
Rodriguez pops out, Stewart to bat with two outs. Andrew McCutchen on deck to hit if he can get on.
Andrew McCutchen, Chase Utley, Alex Rodriguez, Christian Yelich and Starling Marte all out of the day-game lineups Thursday.
Andrew McCutchen is one of the most recognizable stars in Major League Baseball. Or, rather, he was one of the mos…
Would you rather build around: Andrew McCutchen or Giancarlo Stanton?
2015 Fantasy Baseball: Ranking the National League outfielders: Giancarlo Stanton and Andrew McCutchen top a t...
“We won’t let history define our future. Our actions will do the talking."- Andrew McCutchen
Andrew McCutchen has a new look for a new season. (via
Andrew McCutchen cut his dreads off
Andrew McCutchen the +400 favorite to win the NL MVP. Giancarlo Stanton close behind at +450. Odds>
Andrew McCutchen got his first haircut in about 8 years!!
Pirates star Andrew McCutchen is sporting a new look... (via
In other news, Andrew McCutchen will no longer be confused with Larry Fitzgerald. He'll now be confused with Charlie Murphy.
Some dude in my auction league just traded away Giancarlo Stanton AND Andrew McCutchen in the span of one week!
Andrew McCutchen, Giancarlo Stanton, and Jose Bautista were top 5 in OBP last year. I don't think they "only took walks"
Is there really a difference between Adam Jones and Mike Trout or Andrew McCutchen? You might be surprised.
No update on McCutchen from Hurdle, who says they will take it "one day at a time" -
Clint Hurdle had no update on Andrew McCutchen (lower body discomfort). "We'll take it one day at a time," Hurdle said.
who should be drafted first... Andrew Mccutchen or Giancarlo Stanton?
'Lower body soreness' keeps McCutchen out of lineup, commenter on edge of seat
PIT mlb .com: McCutchen scratched with 'lower body soreness'
Pirates: McCutchen scratched with 'lower body soreness'
It's rare to see Andrew McCutchen scratched from lineup even in spring training. But says he's just a little sore. If it was April he'd play
Wire: McCutchen scratched with 'lower body soreness'
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McCutchen scratched with 'lower body soreness'
Andrew McCutchen was scratched from Friday's lineup due to lower body soreness per
Game thread: Andrew McCutchen scratched as Casey Sadler takes on Twins
Andrew McCutchen scratched with lower body soreness, doesn’t appear to be anything serious: htt…
This makes complete sense because Andrew McCutchen is to the Pirates in 2015 what Roberto Clemente …
Interesting take on the Jackie Robinson West Little League Baseball team by Andrew McCutchen. Exposes more issues.
In response to Chicago little league situation, great piece on baseball & african american kids by Andrew McCutchen:.
This is some really good stuff from Andrew McCutchen on the divide in Little League baseball.
Someone pointed this out and it is a tremendous read from Andrew McCutchen about the Jackie Robinson West LL team.
Andrew McCutchen on Jackie Robinson West Little League and the American youth baseball industry: h/t
This is great RT/Andrew McCutchen on the Jackie Robinson West team: Andrew…
Andrew McCutchen has some thoughts on the Jackie Robinson West team: Andrew's really smart.
Much respect to Andrew McCutchen for unapologetically standing up for Jackie Robinson West.
The scary thing about yinzers is some truly believe that Neil Walker is more important to the Pirates than Andrew McCutchen.
Andrew McCutchen is the only player in baseball history with 25+ 2B, 5+ 3B, 10+ HR, & 15+ SB in each of his firs…
Andrew McCutchen: hall of fame class of 2030. Andrew McCutcheon on the other hand, will not get in.
I bet Andrew McCutchen will never make the HOF because his votes will be split with Andrew McCutcheon.
Mark my words: Paul Goldschmidt will RKO Clayton Kershaw, Andrew McCutchen, and Giancarlo Stanton out of nowhere to win 2015 NL MVP.
2014: Brandon Moss hit as many HRs as Miguel Cabrera. Marlon Byrd had two more RBIs than Andrew McCutchen
Charlie Morton and Jose Tabata will make 12 mil this year... Andrew McCutchen and Starling Marte will make 11 million... Seems about right
Bless the get a chance to showcase my work at Andrew McCutchen's ( Baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates...
Andrew McCutchen is getting married literally 50 feet away from me right now
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I don't care what Andrew McCutchen says, don't ever get T-Mobile. Every month my bill has mistakes and it takes forever to fix
Since 2011, players with a BA of at least .290, 130+ 2B, and 50+ steals:. Michael Brantley. Andrew McCutchen. Dustin Pedroia. DANIEL MURPHY
Ya always hate to see the face of a franchise sign with or even show interest in another team. Another reason why I love Andrew McCutchen.
.andrew mccutchen gave himself to the Lord. Watch:
do u ever just randomly see Andrew McCutchen in the Fairmont's lobby
“Get me a black baseball player and I'll be happy 😂🌚🍑” like Andrew mccutchen 😍
Andrew McCutchen is cool and all, but nobody had better dreads than Royce Clayton with the D-Backs
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I hope Andrew McCutchen doesn't realize Giancarlo Stanton's contract is worth 6X more than his own.
Breaking News Andrew McCutchen traded to the Oakland A's for soda
Josh Donaldson was on a travel team in HS w/ Billy Butler. "He was a beast," Donaldson says. Also on team: Andrew McCutchen.
My dream is to meet Andrew McCutchen. ⚾😍
“I submit, I give it to you” andrew mccutchen lives in the Increase. Pls RT
Thisgirl is having Andrew McCutchen withdrawal. Got anything that can help her out?
Someone put an Andrew McCutchen nightlight in my room today 😂👌
Moving forward, MLB has some tremendous stars to market: Andrew McCutchen, Kershaw, Trout, Stanton, Bumgarner, Jose Abreu,…
“Andrew McCutchen is the only man in this world that likes white women more than I do”find my comments on his pics 😂😂
Andrew McCutchen has led the NL in Offensive WAR for 3 straight years. Last player to do that, Honus Wagner from 1902-09(yes,8 yrs)
Andrew McCutchen had highest fWAR among non-pitchers in NL this yr at 6.8, lowest league-leading number since Andy Van Slyke's 6.4 in 1988.
"Not even Snoop Dogg can be upset" - Andrew Mccutchen on the The Pittsburgh Steelers TOMORROW on 11am/ET on FOX Sports 1
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