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Andrew McCarthy

Andrew Thomas McCarthy (born November 29, 1962) is an American actor and award-winning travel writer. He is known for his roles in the 1980s films St.

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like I've watched it a million times like their fashion and like Andrew McCarthy 😍😍😍😍
That's why Andrew McCarthy's hair is rank in the final scenes - it was a wig! He'd shaved his head for another role by then
Are you still hiding this video of Obama?
Thanks, Chris. Hope you read column tonight. It's a great one. Also check Andrew McCarthy excellent writers
I suppose if I had a "style role model" it'd have to be Andrew McCarthy's character from Mannequin, Jonathan Switcher
So can you now release Obama's Khalidi Bash Tape? .
Then there was the time ripped conservatives for daring to ask how got a security clearance.
The best book on Omar Abdel Rahman & America's early reaction to jihadism is Willful Blindness:.
.speaks with Andrew McCarthy about the 9th Circuit Court ruling stopping Donald Trump's travel ban.
Omar Abdel Rahman, ‘Blind Sheikh,’ Is Dead Abdel Rahman,responsible for much of last quarter century of terrorism.
People, this piece by McCarthy is a MUST READ. Thank you, Andrew, for your dedicated service to USA & your comment…
In conclusion, Andrew McCarthy lived in Rome for 5 years without learning any Italian so probs had all this coming tbh
Been sitting on this one for decades: Andrew McCarthy in Pretty in Pink *** big time.
Andrew McCarthy is just trying to have a nice time in Rome but the *** red brigades keep showing up and ruining things
hmm so Andrew McCarthy has decided to surprise his gf by breaking into her flat, sitting there in the dark when she shows up
Watching 'Pretty in Pink' and determined that Andrew McCarthy is the acting equivalent of your foot falling asleep.
I would die for young Andrew McCarthy
But credit must be given to Andrew McCarthy for finding him guilty
Dang i would say Keanu Reeves and Andrew McCarthy but it's haraam to have two husbands so nah
Andrew McCarthy:"Why Was the FBI Investigating General Flynn?"Surely Trump will want to reevalua…
it's not just that u don't know what's going on,it's that you're not even curious.This is a few yrs ago:.
ICYMI, here's Andrew McCarthy trying to claim FBI had no valid basis to even interview Flynn
Andrew McCarthy says "Omar Abdel Rahman was physically incapable of doing anything that would be useful to a...
TY, but I'll wait until all the facts come out. Don't trust this McCarthy
Andrew McCarthy is one of the brightest and HONEST writers out there. Learn a lot by reading him. Thank you Mr. McCarthy
Didn't BEE say he had recorded podcasts with more Brat Pack actors, like Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy? Did I make this up?
Andrew McCarthy & Jonathan Silverman team up in this 1989 classic movie about a dead guy?
Are there real-life guys out there like Steven Weber from WINGS and Andrew McCarthy from WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S? Where do I meet them?
it's called Mannequin...starring the wickedly talented, Andrew McCarthy and old woman Kim Cattral.
I've defended McCarthy for too long. Time for a whole front office and coaching overhaul. Wasting years of one of the best QBs prime.
I respect and am grateful for everything McCarthy has done for us, but he has to go tbh
Hi Andrew, given he has a GOAT Rodgers at Qb, what is the minimum expectation for McCarthy please?
The bleat of the Neo-liberal elite:. Terrifying Trump will turn into Tamed Trump? It’s an illusion | Andrew Rawnsley ht…
"Back in MY day the 'mannequin challenge' was something completely different." - Andrew McCarthy, thinking about having sex in the 80's
I was fascinated that everybody in the story thinks that they're ...
Just watched pretty in pink and Andrew Mccarthy looks so good 😍
Not clear what HRC-friendly sources you read. Read Andrew McCarthy of Nat Review for better analysis of email
A Pardon for Hillary?May be in Trumps best interest to pardon her By Andrew C. McCarthy .
The Maine Red Claws have waived Isiah Umipig, Tommy Mason-Griffin, Andrew McCarthy and Ricky Tarrant. Roster now at 12.
Andrew McCarthy explains exactly how Loretta Lynch is quashing the FBI's Clinton Foundation probe
Andrew McCarthy - Former Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of New York,on w . streaming
Andrew McCarthy is unaccountably still employed. Stanley Kurtz was even worse, re: conspiracy theories.
I could see him as a lit professor, CIA analyst,depressed artist,or an Andrew McCarthy emo in a John Hughes,or any James Spader par
Andrew McCarthy on and the Must see presentation Watch Here
Send Lawyers, BleachBit, and Money: Andrew McCarthy, National ReviewImagine a mafia don who…
I waited for a question to be followed by Andrew McCarthy waving Sergei's lifeless arm and answering in a bad Russian accent
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Andrew C McCarthy on HRC Impeachment: "A legacy void of accomplishment but rich in the abuse of power". Pls wait til AFTER debates?
My husband just said this nonsense to me: "That was directed by Andrew Mccarthy. You know, the Weekend at Bernie's guy." (•__•)
Revealed: Jacket and excerpt for spring 17 novel, JUST FLY AWAY:
Hey Andrew McCarthy thanks for the follow!
I have a very big crush on Andrew McCarthy in 'pretty in pink' and 'st Elmos Fire' 💖
Packers HC Mike McCarthy and the Packers' organization announced they have partnered to each donate $100,000 to Green Bay…
Malzberg | Andrew McCarthy on Hillary health and FBI interview via
Stunned when read this article. You fooled me.
Because you need William Ragsdale to balance out Andrew McCarthy.
If he were a CEO in the private sector, he’d be prosecuted for such deception. Read more at:
Photo of the Day. Andrew living large 2015.
Franco Harris, Andrew McCarthy spend zany weekend trying to convince boosters JoePa is still PSU coach material.
As Andrew McCarthy states well, something stinks when it comes to Clinton's emails & ethics
Andrew C. McCarthy argued that impeachment was not just about removal from office but also about disqual from future office
right? Andrew McCarthy's is out soon. Brat Pack LIT
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
It's here! Head to to read an exclusive excerpt and see the cover for YA novel, https:…
Congress can Impeach and make sure she can't be president. Call and demand it
Andrew McCarthy on Huma Abedin, Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood via
Excited to reveal the cover art and an excerpt from my YA novel on via
-Michael you need to read Andrew McCarthy's piece in the National Review today.
Andrew McCarthy: If Congress can't impeach and can't use the power of the purse, "you are green-lighting misconduct"
A movie with Elizabeth Shue, Penolope Ann Miller, Andrew McCarthy, and Martin Donovan together called "Which is Which?" would dry me crazy
her and Allison Pill were terrific and Andrew McCarthy was great too. Ben was the legit worst character (maybe twas the actor)
Andrew Mccarthy and Ally Sheedy have sex on a coffin. I always thought that was pretty sweet and goth.
Junee native Andrew McCarthy is keen to play in front of Nowra locals this weekend. STORY:
Watching a fav & seeing my teen crushes: Judd Nelson, Andrew McCarthy, Emilio Estevez. They're all still HOT! 🔥🔥
Just bought BLOOD MERIDIAN by Cormac McCarthy, THE LONEY by Andrew Michael Hurley and THE LIE TREE by Frances Hardinge.
I think somebody should alert James Spader and Andrew McCarthy just on general principle.
Registered independents should be punished for not having undying loyalty to a party founded around Andrew Jackson and Jo…
📷 redandlizzie: Andrew McCarthy on working with James Spader.
My talk with one of my favorite actors and directors, about his work on the excellent
Great interview with Andrew McCarthy and his transition from to
Good, detailed interview with Andrew McCarthy (yes, that one) on the nuts and bolts of directing episodic TV.
Our "friends," the Saudis, "the world's chief propagator of sharia supremacism," writes Andrew McCarthy
Enjoyed this interview with (no joke) Andrew McCarthy about directing TV. Full of real talk
Andrew McCarthy on Directing TV: “Acting is Just Being the Drunk Uncle Who Shows Up On the Couch With a Bag of...
A very nicely written article by Andrew McCarthy at the National Review.
Yet another dishonest and cowardly Trumptard. .
Thanks! I already read it. Love Andrew McCarthy, and love that he's on Ted's team of advisers.
Hmm I can never decide who's my 80s crush. or Andrew McCArthy. It's a difficult choice I tell ya!
This line made my blood run cold and immediately put me in mode.Andrew McCarthy deserves an
It's official; Month in NL, a 1st 4 the province htt…
Would be delighted to chat with Mr. McCarthy? Andrew, please contact me.
My crush on Andrew McCarthy is so great that I even find him attractive on The Family.
is there any questionable chance of Andrew McCarthy being sectioned in it?
Couldn't put my finger on it & it finally dawned on me: Emory Cohen is the spitting image of a young Andrew McCarthy
Watching "Pretty In Pink" makes me really miss the 80's and Andrew McCarthy is super dreamy. Also John Hughes is pure genius.
Recognise this bloke? No, not Andrew McCarthy, it's Mickey Rourke in Nicolas Roeg's 'Eureka' (1983):
Our latest blog featured Andrew McCarthy's article and he was interviewed on FOX News today. Understand real Islam
Opps Nikki, it is not Michael J Fox who was in the 80's Mannequin movie, it was Andrew McCarthy, one of my fav. 80's actors
That's fine. I'll have Andrew Mccarthy and James Spader all to myself, no problem. He can take Jon Cryer though
he's named Elliot Abrams and Andrew McCarthy. Credit where credit's due. Focus, man:
Andrew McCarthy from ABC's will be at this July. He kicks off the festival with PRETTY IN PINK movie.
Andrew McCarthy knocks it out of the park. via NRO
Andrew McCarthy is great though in a disturbing way, and Joan Allen is really good, and the kid freaks me out. lol
If I'm feeling up to it .going to watch the Family. Wasn't planning on it but the commercials look interesting. Andrew McCarthy & Joan Allen
I KNOW THIS ONE!!! Same as: Name a 80s movie starring Andrew McCarthy, Jami Gertz, and Robert Downey, Jr. as a drug addict.
Andrew McCarthy looks a lot like Ed Norton
Spencer Gray and Andrew McCarthy up next in heat three. Gray in lane five, McCarthy lane seven.
Class was the film debut of Andrew McCarthy, John Cusack, & Virginia Madsen. And Rob Lowe and Alan Ruck's 2nd
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The only people that can be legitimately called Bernie Bros are Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman.
Exactly:readers might see Andrew McCarthy on the "Constitutional Perversion" that was Corker's scheme
Not just him. Andrew McCarthy looked like he had 2 kids, a mortgage and was in a bowling league
I like when you were the manaquin with Andrew McCarthy and what his name
...because I had a dream about Andrew McCarthy last night, and was reminded that the only good part of Pretty in Pink was Duckie dancing...
In doing everything, from coming up with the ideas and putting them on pape...
ABC has this show they are promoting as starring Joan Allen and ANDREW MCCARTHY and that's actually neat BUT ...
had a real Andrew McCarthy thing going when he was 17...
Republicans: Listen up!. You have caved on the Constitution, and the voters have figured it out.
andrew mccarthy on gossip girl . WHAT?!
Fell asleep for the last half hour of class today and Mr. McCarthy didn't wake me up till class was over
A movie only bested by that other Andrew McCarthy classic... Mannequin...
OH MY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD. and you love Andrew McCarthy and you actually know St. Elmo's Fire. 200/10
Throwback to when *** McCarthy got scared by absolutely nothing.
Pretty in Pink’s Andrew McCarthy talks about overcoming fear.
My warped ideas on love stem from seeing Andrew McCarthy fall for a stunning mannequin, then refusing to settle for anyth…
The Meaning of Life by Andrew McCarthy - yes, that Andrew McCarthy from the 1980s
Andrew McCarthy talks with Psychology Today about his life and career!
The Meaning of Life by Andrew McCarthy: As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of "Pretty in Pink", Andrew McCar...
Congratulations to senior Andrew J. McCarthy who has received an appointment to the United States Naval Academy...
Hi Chris, is there anything we can help you with? - Andrew
Andrew is really looking forward to speaking at Visit to learn mor…
and andrew mcCarthy was so cute rip
Realize voter that Senator Is the One Candidate Who Can Face down the -- & Win
Christie didn't hug everyday pro-American Muslim. He hugged Hamas guy and put his Islamist lawyer on the bench. https:…
Happy to hear that McCarthy is looking for more players via loan market need stronger depth in squad especially after Fraser getting injured
Andrew McCarthy will be open with a special screening of PRETTY IN PINK.
This morning I got to teach mom about what a terrible guy Andrew Jackson was, The Trail of Tears, and Joseph McCarthy's fear mongering
: I'm really surprised that the article's author, Andrew McCarthy, would support Cruz.
Just found my wallet from Junior High ('85-'87) containing school ID's & pics of Simon LeBon, Andrew McCarthy, and Richard Dean Anderson.
About to see SWISS ARMY MAN, Daniel Radcliffe plays a dead body on a deserted island. Hope it's weird! (I hope Andrew McCarthy has a cameo.)
A guy at my gym actually looks like the child of Rosalind Chao and Andrew McCarthy's characters in the Joy Luck Club. I am fascinated.
Boy, Matthew Modine and Andrew McCarthy really made the most out of their careers, huh? . -thoughts sponsored by my insomnia.
Quinn Snyder answering the age old question - "What would it look like if Andrew McCarthy coached an NBA team"
Him, Aidan Quinn & Andrew McCarthy, my teenage lust objects! And grown up ones, now that I think of it! 😍
Ally Sheedy in St. Elmo's Fire. Not a good movie, but she does dump both Andrew McCarthy and Judd Nelson.
Pretty in pink a 80s classic movie starring Molly Ringwald 😍 and Andrew McCarthy and John cryer
USA "willfully blind" to obvious security threat. Andrew McCarthy: "Refugees and the Jihadist Fifth Column" via
Andrew McCarthy's wig in the final scenes of almost let the whole film down.
The Video lie was bigger than Benghazi... Obama's lies like a dog or rug if you don' have a dog..
.Andrew McCarthy man of match in tonights 3-1 win in premier league over
You can't be for real. Like, you're a mannequin that came to life in that four star gold of a movie starring Andrew McCarthy.
Ohhh. Look at you with your Andrew McCarthy knowledge!! 😉👓
"I'd say James is our back right now...He's played very well & he's earned that opportunity.". - Mike McCarthy
Geoff Hodgson Brady Wooten Here's your next conspiracy theory. Brad Haywood, what do you think about this?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Hey Mizzou, Where’s the Poop?: I noted earlier that I will not believe the incidents of racism happened as all...
Hey where's the poop? Produce witnesses of swastika in feces!.
I think we can guess from comrade Andrew Murray ...
Most of us come from the due process culture that campus leftists wish to eradicate... —>
"The university is no longer a center of learning. It's a cauldron of hard Left indoctrination, victim narratives:"
Exactly the right way to go. Stop Paying for College via
"Figure out how to keep the “spaces of healing” without the support of the society they want to destroy.": via
coach Mike McCarthy told reporters he considers James Starks his top back, based on what he's earned. Even healthy, …
📷 80s-madonna: Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy and Jon Cryer on set of Pretty In Pink, 1986
Sick, but St. Elmo's Fire is on. Lord, I had such a crush on Andrew McCarthy in this movie.
You got what I like to call the Pretty in Pink problem Chasing the Andrew McCarthy not noticing Jon Cryer
The '90s are a *** named Bernie and we're all Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy, desperate to make the most out of the weekend. his WINTER WALTZ song...used in Hallmark Christmas Show with Andrew McCarthy,…
Andrew McCarthy thoroughly documents how Obama has germinated the seeds of belief he is indeed a Muslim:
They won't, Dan.They're bought and paid for. Andrew McCarthy 's recent National Review article about the Iran Deal sums it up
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
read Andrew McCarthy's article in National Review about 14th amendment
but Andrew McCarthy was the one 😂 bit of a *** in St Elmos Fire but loved him in this film
In which Andrew McCarthy has no idea what he's talking about, & blames the Corker bill for the Iran deal.
check it out though. Andrew McCarthy, Robert Downey Jr, James Spader
"Mannequin" (1987) - ineffably daft film with Andrew McCarthy & Kim Cattrall rescued by its soundtrack:
Sometimes I identify intensely with Andrew McCarthy in St. Elmo's Fire. Feel free to unfollow me.
I think has the best ensemble of any of next season's pilots: Joan Allen, Alison Pill, Zach Gilford, Liam James, Andrew McCarthy
I watched St.Elmo's Fire 3 times today solely for Andrew McCarthy, Rob Lowe, and Judd Nelson.
Andrew McCarthy and Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink" has to be the worst onscreen kissing ever. Looks like they're eating corn on the cob.
MAJOR MANCRUSH MONDAY goes out to James Spader and Andrew McCarthy!!! BAES since Pretty in Pink ♥♥♥
Ralph Macchio, Andrew McCarthy, John Schneider, and C. Thomas Howell are all going to be at Motor City Comic Con? 80s me might just explode.
Sitting backstage cross-legged with Andrew McCarthy. He's my second favorite McCarthy. After Paul and before Jenny.
Andrew McCarthy, sounding about right: "The Disgraceful Republican Cave-in on Loretta Lynch"
The Sight (2000) with Andrew McCarthy and Honor Blackman is very good! I'm sorry it never made it to a series, much like Nimoy's '73 Baffled
the first four are as follows (this is a secret) Alex Ross Perry, Molly Ringwald, Ariel Pink, and Andrew McCarthy. Get excited.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
stop by the Wilson Rec center next to Cameron. I have my UK banner up. Big KSR fan & good friend of Andrew McCarthy
Mum on Pretty in Pink: "I don't understand why Molly Ringwald can have Andrew McCarthy and I can't". 😂😂😂
all the avengers needed to stop Ultron was Andrew McCarthy.
Andrew McCarthy and Jon Cryer quietly keeping to themselves
Just in case you think there is any 'real' in the Iran 'deal' - Obamas Iran Framework Is a Chimera
“Weekend at Bert and Ernie's.” Can't wait to see Andrew McCarthy as Ernie.
loved that movie. James Spader was a badass jerk even way back when. And whatever happened to Andrew McCarthy??
Wacky Andrew McCarthy is way better than brooding, emotional Andrew McCarthy
On non-deal, details of O's phony 'framework' are beside the point. My weekend column
Happy for the kid McCarthy with his first win with the union
Hey Bring back and the ad campaign can have Emilio Estevez as Comcast and Andrew McCarthy as Dish Network.
Watching as many Brat Pack movies over the weekend as I did, I have one conclusion - Andrew McCarthy's one ability is to look confused.
I got a full time job. My b-day is June 7, I'm aiming to be in LA on that day! P.S. I still look like Andrew McCarthy
Hmm.Who should Andrew McCarthy, Steve Guttenberg, Elizabeth Shue, Lea Thompson, Martha Plympton and Anthony Michael Hall play in the MCU?
Andrew McCarthy: 'Nonsense' to equate Hillary email to Jeb: (Newsmax) - Apologists for Hillary Clinton are spo...
Update your maps at Navteq
In 1989, the movie Weekend at Bernie’s, starring Andrew McCarthy, Catherine Mary Stewart, Jonathan S
I don't think Andrew McCarthy built Kristy Swanson for boning
Michael J. Fox .. Andrew McCarthy .. Jason Bateman & all members of :-)
I can't even remember his name now! My crush soon moved onto Andrew McCarthy in Pretty in pink. Elisabeth Shue is pretty...
he's the best. I used to watch Andrew McCarthy movies on Comedy Central when I got home from school.
massive sucker for Andrew McCarthy movies!
We delude ourselves at great peril.
Don’t Blame the Charlie Hebdo Mass Murder on ‘Extremism’: Islam ! http:/…
On Feb. 16, travel writer offers tips to discover your ancestry in JOURNEYS HOME:
“Why is Obama emptying of trained terrorists? -”
'Moderate' 1000 lashes for civil rights activist (sentenced to 10yrs) for insulting Islam.My …
jihadist atrocity rooted in sharia, not 'extremism.' Don't trust me ... READ WHAT IT SAYS - my col …
Yes, that would be Andrew McCarthy & Vincent Chase's brother Johnny Drama in the 1985 "classic" Heaven…
The rich one? I think they cast him because Andrew McCarthy wasn't cheap. ;) But 1D guy looks like a young Jamie Bamber
"Christmas Weekend at Casey's" what is Andrew McCarthy up to now days? Better yet the reboot s/b Vaughn/Wilson
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I still don't understand how Molly Ringwald could have both James Spader and Andrew McCarthy wanting her; I wish John Hughes could rewrite my life 😕
Andrew McCarthy on the season’s travel books, including David Greene’s “Midnight in Siberia”:
Stalker is awesome, loving it so much. The young stalker college guy reminds me so much of Andrew McCarthy (80s Brat Pack)
Reminder: National Review's Andrew McCarthy has written an *entire book* on how the GOP should be impeaching Obama
A must read article in National Review Online by Andrew McCarthy discussing the credible threat of impeachment.
One of either Molly Ringwald or Andrew McCarthy is a really bad kisser... I'm no expert but that was ugly looking.
The reason is Andrew McCarthy is my hero and Annie Potts is hotts..
I have been against impeachment for 6 years (longer, actually), but it is time to put this card on the table.
PLAYER MOVES: Less than an hour from face-off, Chris McCarthy has been recalled by and d-man Andrew Himelson has been signed
Yes, but no Andrew McCarthy in that. I've had to compete with AM, Swayze and Matthew McConaughey over the years.
I bet Andrew McCarthy had something to do with it.
Andrew McCarthy (st Elmos fire) talking to AmEx agents about chaos of travel
Beth's stalker looks like Andrew McCarthy Jr! He plays the part so well it is so eerie!
anyone else think Perry looks like a young Andrew McCarthy?
Andrew McCarthy's last credited role? Guest gig on now-cancelled CBS show Unforgettable. Spader? Fronts NBC show, balls deep in Avengers.
Andrew McCarthy had a HUGE lead on James Spader as the 90's began. But nowadays, it's a Spader ROUT.
Absent the credible threat of impeachment, Obama will pardon millions of illegal aliens. via
good article from Andy McCarthy on impeachment
Bottom line: either credible threat of impeachment or mass - my weekend column http…
Up-tempo offenses square off on Sunday. Read:
Watch Prof. Andrew McCarthy compare & and don’t miss his Innovation & Creativity Workshop at
POTUS is not IMMUNE FROM LAWS governing every CITIZEN. Fraud is punishable by prison. NO, YOU C…
Yanks need to do everything in their power to re-sign McCarthy and pursue Andrew Miller and Hanley Ramirez.
Absent a credible threat of impeachment, Obama cannot be stopped
By promising people they could keep their insurance/doctor, BHO LIED, COMMITTED FRAUD.punishable by prison term.
Jeff Lynne, Pete Townshend, and Andrew McCarthy say "Go see the Bob Mould Band in Europe". http:…
Marvel's Less then Zero 2.if only Andrew McCarthy and Jami Gertz had a cameos
Where's Andrew McCarthy and Jami Gertz's big Marvel movie. I ask you? They ain't busy!
So let me get this straight, Captain America is replacing Andrew McCarthy, and Hulk is replacing Jami Gertz in the Less Than Zero sequel?
The missteps and dissembling of the Obama administration in contending with the Ebola epidemic is sharply eroding whatever confidence the public still reposes in the President. Now, as Andrew McCarthy notes at National Review Online, Mr. Obama has tapped Ron Klain as his Ebola “czar” – even though Klain is certain to mismanage it and lie about the consequences. After all, Klain brought us the ultimate example of crony capitalism: a black hole for taxpayers called Solyndra. First, he got a half-a-billion dollar government investment in an Obama contributor’s failing solar panel business, then repeatedly obscured its incipient bankruptcy through the 2012 election. Ebola is not just another political crisis for Team Obama and the President’s party. Given the immense stakes, we require, and deserve, competent crisis management – and the truth.
Just seen my Aunty Donna in the hospital and I think we brightened her day by visiting. Not out of the woods yet but she will make it out even if I have to go in there and get her. I love you Andrew McCarthy and I am so proud of How you are handling everything. Thank you Joseph A Pezone for being by my side. U are amazing. I can't thank you enough for being by my side when I need you. More tests tomorrow for Aunty so PRAYERS
For a second, I mistook the name of NRO's Andrew McCarthy as Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen.
In his well-reasoned book in support of the movement to impeach and remove Barack Obama titledFaithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama's Impeachment, Andrew McCarthy — a former federal prosecutor who got the "Blind Sheik" convicted in 1995 for the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center — argues basically two things:   1. Barack Obama deserves to be impeached and removed for his deliberate subversion of the Constitution and the rule of law, resulting in a multitude of threats to our national security, material strength, and moral stability; and   2. Impeachment of the dangerously lawless Mr. Obama should not be attempted until there is sufficient "public will" to do so — otherwise the attempt might fail to produce his conviction and removal.   Here are a few excerpts from McCarthy’s book —“There is no doubt in my mind that President Obama ought to be impeached and removed from office.” (p.21)  “I believe the president should be impeached because I am not con ...
FINAL WARNING: Night of the Running Man (1995) starring Andrew McCarthy, Scott Glenn, John Glover and more, will be removed in the next couple of days!
Andrew McCarthy is adorable in this m
memories of last time in the prem *** McCarthy making vast changes to his wolves side against utd in preparation for us
If I were McCarthy when asked how Clay looks I would have said "Fabulous, love what he did with his hair today!"
Andrew McCarthy was honestly the crush of my childhood.
After binge watching 80s movies, I am totally in love with Andrew McCarthy.
Obama addressing UN had had formal talks with Muslim Brotherhood -a political front of ISIS
Wait, "year-round sports" are liberal? Why am I reading stuff like this all week?
Big Congrats to Jess Andrew for your dancing your ballet solo beautifully today at Mattara, and Molly McCarthy...
State sponsors of jihadists are our enemies - not our friends.
Obama bombs: "degrading the Sunni jihadists for the benefit of the Shiite jihadists."
Andrew McCarthy notes the law allows attacks on al-Qaeda affiliates, which making legality of attacks on ISIS ambiguous.
Hamilton Collection
Last few weeks: ISIS beheads 3, the "moderate" rebels behead 6, the "moderate" Saudi's behead 8. Who are we fighting? htt…
Andrew McCarthy: "Where [Khorasan Group] are operating in Syria, we have, appalling, little intelligence."
Andrew McCarthy: "The competition between [Khorasan and ISIS] is who can attack the US the fastest and the worst."
Rob Lowe gives Andrew McCarthy $100 and tells him to go and get laid.
Judd Nelson, Andrew McCarthy & Rob Lowe were just so darn beautiful in the 80s, they're my favorite actors! 💛
Luv it to bits. How I Travel: Andrew McCarthy -->
"I do carry a guidebook. It doesn’t make you a hero not to avail yourself of information."
Moderate Muslims. The term “moderate Islamist” is contradictory: an Islamist wants government by sharia, Islam’s...
Anti-vaxxers in Hollywood mapped. Well done, Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy.
SEPTEMBER 11, 2014 10:00 PM It’s Not a Misnomer The Islamic State has everything to do with Islam.
Islamic State has everything to do with Islam. "moderate Islamists”& violent sharia..ideology"
Obama & Kerry denial that is Islamic sounds idiotic but promotes 'moderate Islamist' illusion. Me
Not even the struggling writer Andrew McCarthy aka Kevin?
There are times when I wish there was a *** so Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy could go to it. What morally filthy swine.
ICYMI: great post last wk on Mary McCarthy's novel. Not too late to join the reading/discussion! http:/…
Robert Downey Jnr is a junkie who is friends with Andrew McCarthy
I like him in it. Andrew McCarthy in "Pretty In Pink" is my least favorite casting in a John Hughes movie.
Andrew McCarthy is perfect in this movie. Duckie will always be greater than Blaine, but Kevin beats all.
it really does! I didn't like Andrew McCarthy before I watched it because of Pretty in Pink. Duckie>Blaine. Buuut, Kevin = 😍.
Just looking for the Andrew McCarthy to my Molly Ringwald
...wrote before he returned to quietly whispering every word of Molly Ringwald's dialogue in her scenes w/Andrew McCarthy.
right! My favorite is Ally Sheedy who plays Leslie and Andrew McCarthy who plays Kevin
Aaaah, the sex scene between Ally Sheedy & Andrew McCarthy... still as good as it was inb my 20's!
Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor of terrorists, took alarm at the John Brennan choice: Making John Brennan the director of the Central Intelligence Agency is the most monumental mismatch of man and mission that I can imagine. The point of having our intelligence agencies is to make sure that we have a coherent, accurate idea of the threats that confront the United States. Unfortunately, Mr. Brennan's career, and certainly the signature that he has put on the national security component of the Obama administration has been to blind the United States to the threats against us.
"Add Paul Ryan to the List of GOP Leaders Who Don’t Know What ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’ Means" Andrew McCarthy
Andrew McCarthy nails it in this article... . Paul Ryan: Obama's Exec Amnesty Not 'High Crimes'
RDJ and James Spader are both in the new "Avengers" movie. Stay through the credits for a scene with Andrew McCarthy and Jami Gertz.
I bet you did that 20 times so you got Kevin! Tried to get Andrew McCarthy, ended up with Emilio Estevez. Absolutely gutted.
She was supposed to, but Molly Ringwald pitched a fit b/c she thought she should end up w/Andrew McCarthy. John Hughes changed it!
Dayum young Andrew McCarthy in "Pretty in Pink" is a total babe. If only we were born in the same decade 😍😍
St. Elmo's Fire is one of my favorite 80's movies. I would love to hangout with Andrew McCarthy and Ally Sheedy 🙆
I feel like Andrew McCarthy in but look as chic as Demi Moore in St Elmo's Fire
On Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula, howler monkeys rule the rain forest and locals still pan for gold. Andrew McCarthy explores the region's wild side. Read more:...
Robert Downey Jr: Less Than Zero: Returning home from college for Christmas vacation, Clay (Andrew McCarthy) is eager
Clearly, Kim Cattrall is eliminating everybody involved with "Mannequin", one by one. Andrew McCarthy, you better watch your ***
RIP Meshach Taylor, best known as Anthony on Designing Women. Loved the shades he wore in Mannequin w/Andrew McCarthy & Kim Cattrall
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