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Andrew Marr

Andrew William Stevenson Marr (born 31 July 1959) is a British journalist and political commentator.

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Andrew Marr's excellent insider perspective on stroke rehabilitation
Huge thanks to Andrew Marr for an honest and inspiring look at the reality of stroke recovery.
Really interesting BBC prog on Andrew Marr's stroke. You notice how ~all the experts & scientists were women?? HT
Brave and poignant documentary from Andrew Marr & narrating his and other survivors' recoveries. The brain is endlessly fascinating.
Watching BBC2's programme on Andrew Marr. Very insightful into how can affect survivors.
Rewiring the brain, neuroplasticity and more! . Andrew Marr: My Brain and Me
Andrew Marr A - some woman refuses to acknowledge David Davis was sexually harassing Diane Abbot. Apparently it's OK becaus…
When stroke survivors plateau, carry on looking for answers - physiotherapy, strength and determination Andre…
*ARE YOU WATCHING?* BBC2's special focus on stroke care through the eyes of journalist
Andrew Marr talked about funds research into this and new ways to Join us a…
Andrew Marr: My Brain and Me was television at its most cerebral – review
Well done to BBC2 and Andrew Marr for highlighting stroke recovery. Small insight into a vast, scary world
Don't miss survivor Lorraine on with Andrew Marr - BBC2, 9pm tonight or catch up on
The woman Andrew Marr interviewed on Remembrance Sunday - but his questions were nice!
After discussing David Davis & his vile behaviour towards Diane Abbott, Andrew Marr describes it as 'trouble with the la…
Join author Bernadette Murphy and Andrew Marr as they discuss recent discoveries regarding Van Gogh's ear:
Andrew Marr tells that voters DID know leaving the EU would mean leaving the single market!
Andrew Marr talks to Robert Douglas-Fairhurst about the life of Lewis Carroll and the Story of Alice.
Andrew Marr lacked the persistence of Jeremy Paxman when he interviewed Michael Howard on Newsnight.
Andrew Marr talks about "vast cultural change" in Stoke from recent immigration. 3% of Stoke's population from elsewhere in E…
Did you know?. Andrew Marr asks Theresa May four times about a reported Trident misfire in June. More:
Any other state secrets Andrew Marr wants to know, in passing?
Theresa May refusing to tell Andrew Marr if she knew about the Trident fiasco is damaging to democracy
Andrew Marr repeatedly presses the PM in awkward exchanges. Leaves impression she almost certainly knew
Theresa May looks like someones Gran who has been let out of the home for the day on the Andrew Marr Show imagine her stand…
Andrew Marr asks Jeremy Corbyn if he believes immigration needs to be reduced. Answer: waffle.
So here we are! After Start The Week with Martin Sixsmith, Andrew Marr and Dipo Agboluaje. Oh my…
A stronger, better informed interviewer than Andrew Marr would have had Nicola Sturgeon on toast this morning.
I have never seen such an incompetent show-host!. Please sack Andrew Marr. He stinks!. . .
Andrew Marr edited a newspaper, was BBC political editor of the BBC, hosts a TV show, and knows zilch about the EU: https:/…
Remainers are paralysed by fear of leaving the EU. But it offers huge opportunities for change, says Andrew Marr.
Ade Adepitan, Andrew Marr, Frank Gardner - some of the names on the 2017 Power 100 list for disabled people
Watching Diane Abbott taken apart by Nick Robinson on Andrew Marr is painful. Labour has been destroyed by these leftie…
Andrew Marr Show, Nick Robinson deputising, Tory Tim Montgomery (again!!!) And a stiff upper lip hack, with an array of anti Corbyn remarks
Nick Robinson is far far far better than Andrew Marr. BBC should man up and keep him there permanently
'Cuba killed children trying to escape!' Marr SLAMS Thornberry for PRAISING Fidel Castro
Boris Johnson on Andrew Marr has spoken up for maintaining Erasmus and Horizon 2020 funding
So I take it Tim Farron, Andrew Marr and Faisal Islam will now lose their minds at this caginess and incompetence.
Anything Bojo says should be instantly discounted as a lie.
Boris Johnson 'not worried' about Donald Trump's friendship and admiration for Vladimir Putin
"People voted for a clean Brexit" says UK needs to leave the single market
Remarkable piece by Andrew Marr from 1997 on Tony Blair, The Sun, Labour and the EU dragon which cannot be slain -
This is BBCs Andrew marr on how you and your race should be wiped out... If you are white
Would UK make EU contributions after Brexit? Andrew asks
'You want to FRUSTRATE the will of the people' Boris in heated clash with Labour Remoaner. https:…
UKIP: No NHS privatisation by UKIP, says paulnuttallukip
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Currently digesting Andrew Marr's gritty study on the inner workings of the Spy Novel. With a tub of jelly.
Did my OAP LBGT volunteering this eve. Topic of conversation: Bojo's alleged epic manspreading on Andrew Marr yday...
For good or ill, it's wrong to say that people weren't told by the PM what Brexit meant:.
Great to hear on Radio4 Any Questions and to watch on Andrew Marr Labour are…
Every single answer of Marine Le Pen's interview with Andrew Marr begins with "non mais, pardon..." yeah that's right Marine pardon ya sen
Perspectives on life with retired Special Forces Operator Andrew Marr
ANDREW MARR is a conservative muppet he has essays in his brain what to say who to say it to and I bet he's Christi…
Our own Andrew Marr retired Special Forces Operator discusses his experience on the
Words come out of Johnson's mouth. But not in any order known to the English language. For a whole minute. At 54m. https…
Andrew Marr retorts: " It’s quite clear you want to privatise the NHS."
Utter tosh Andrew People did NOT vote in the UK EU referendum based on how 'hacked off' we are. We are NOT ignora…
Boris Johnson says he isn't worried about Trump cosying up to Vladimir Putin
We’ll fight against 'hard' Brexit, says
Comparing with Andrew Marr. Would be better to emulate forensic questions with a pretty face
you did very well on Andrew Marr Show it was great to watch your a star 🌟
Click to watch my appearance on today’s Andrew Marr Show. . Topics: Brexit, Labour, the NHS, immigration, welfare and…
Jo Cox's widower on coping with grief: 'The kids are strong'. The husband of Jo Cox speaks to the BBC's Andrew Marr about how he and his f
hmmm why are affluent, white hacks like Cathy Newman and Andrew Marr so obsessed w/ economic nonsense about migration suppressing wages
Say Hello to our fab voice best known for his work on Andrew Marr's History of the World & S…
you're the one fixated on Jews, I'm referring to Laura Kuennsberg, Andrew Neil, Andrew Marr, Nick Robinson, David Dimbleby...
Bravo Robert ...watching minute 17 now.. light years ahead of bbc ...sorry Andrew Marr it is obviously evide…
Now that Andrew Marr has a new found interest in French politics, I look forward to Hollande, Sarkozy, Macron and Juppe…
Having lectured Donald Trump on the US economy during his Andrew Marr interview, Jeremy Corbyn lays out his vision for the…
Andrew Marr says interviewing Marine Le Pen is necessary to understand the growth of far right. Realism or normalis…
Andrew Marr introduces Marine Le Pen as "The next biggest challenge to Western security". Welcome to "The Impartial BBC"
Le Pen tells Andrew Marr that Europe is 'full up' and cannot accept more migrants | World | News |
On Remembrance Sunday, Andrew Marr has fascist Marie Le Pen on his show. BBC should be ashamed.
The BBC has invited a neo-fascist - Marine Le Pen - to be a guest on the Andrew Marr Show this Sunday. Remembrance Sunday.…
Pleased to be listening to Alan Bennett & Andrew Marr chatting about the HistoryBoys & Mr Hector etc tonight
Andrew Marr just called an American politician a 'Sleezebag'... btw that's not his wife ¯\_ 🎃_/¯
Andrew Marr having an echo chamber conversation with Brendan Cox Zzzz...
01:05 Andrew Marr's Great Scots: The Writers Who Shaped a Nation: Exploring the life of Walter Scott, the novelist,…
Looking forward to Andrew Marr's Paperback Heroes on BBC4 tonight...
"He managed to turn his final chapter into art" Michael C Hall on David Bowie
Lest we forget . a drunken, married .groping a BBC colleague. Oh the hypocrisy! .
"People like me are called 'bremoaners', I think they are in a state of 'brenial' says
Brexit means leaving the single market, as David Cameron said on tape on Andrew Marr Show.
Watched Andrew Marr's program, you really can be worryingly pleasant
No idea what Andrew Marr's accents are about but good telly. Nicky was my tutor last year 🤓
Fantastic first ep of 'Sleuths, Spies & Sorcerers: Andrew Marr's Paperback Heroes'
.Brexiteers are denying the mendacity of their original campaign as it's coming back to haunt them
Watch Andrew Marr's Paperback Heroes. on 9pm!. by the excellent by me
Enjoyed the Andrew Marr programme tonight -seemed an entertaining and accessible way to ask questions about the history of detective fiction
Wasn't enlightening! Andrew Marr Show, telling us what we know about crime novels. Very uninspiring, won't bother with others.
Great programme on BBC4 - Andrew Marr's Paperback Heroes. Love a good murder mystery.
on tonight at 9pm Andrew Marr's Paperback Heroes - snapped by me on location
Tonight 9 pm, BBC 4 - prog about detective fiction. Includes, among other things, me arguing with Andrew Marr about Ag…
Andrew Marr to examine recovery from stroke for BBC documentary. .
Andrew Marr in Sleuths, Spies and Sorcerers. A fascinating exploration of crime fiction, totally undermined by the final half-minute...(1/2)
Andrew Marr's Paperback Heroes on BBC4 was very enjoyable. Always had a soft spot for the atmosphere of the Hammett/Chandler crime novels.
Fantastic Andrew Marr programme on detective fiction. Worth a catch up.
Enjoy our co-production Andrew Marr's Find out your perfect whodunit plot in our quiz.
That sleuthing thing would have great if not presented by Andrew Marr.
just had Andrew marr on BBC one the sleuths very good !
The problem is Paxman's writing. It's flat and lifeless. No feeling for the subject or insight. Imagine how Andrew…
Re Andrew Marr's Paperback Heroes. Good to see Mike Phillips. Would like to see a history of crime fiction told thru black writers alone.
Sleuths, Spies and Sorcerers .Andrew Marr BBC4 . At last! and Rebus x
Crime readers and crime authors - this looks like an interesting watch. BBC4 9pm this evening, Andrew Marr looks... http…
Watching Andrew Marr on a documentary not get it. Grrr
Sleuths, Spies and Sorcerers .Andrew Marr BBC4 . Really like the shirt
I do like andrew marr but hes an odd choice for a program on poirot...
The OU’s and lend their expertise to Andrew Marr’s Paperback Heroes...
Christ. Welcome to the Andrew Marr one man am dram revue. No refunds.
I am loving the Andrew Marr programme on Sleuths, Spies & Sorcerers - however do feel I have seen it before... Previously trodden ground?
I recommend turning over to Andrew Marr talking about detective novels on BBC Four. Substantially less enraging.
Also currently being investigated beautifully by Andrew Marr on BBC4!
Please, Andrew Marr, no more attempts at an American accent.
How lovely to see PD James on Sleuths, Spies and Sorcerers. Andrew Marr's Paperback Heroes -
Andrew Marr says he doesn't like Agatha Christie. I'm a bit disappointed in you Andrew
Andrew Marr is exploring the world of fictional detectives on as we speak, but we want to know: who's your fav…
Saw Priti Patel on Andrew Marr, the woman who wants to replace European NHS workers with S.E. Asian curry cooks.
Andrew Marr has FOUR ultra-right-wing Tories reviewing the papers. Refuses to let Jeremy Corbyn expose Angela Eagle or Ow…
Andrew Marr questioning Michael Gove on NI about 54 minutes in via
I beg to differ and this weekend's press and Andrew Marr spot will show some of her qualities.
Andrew Marr quotes Chesterton about the new Matter of Britain.
An expression of Andrew Marr, and not a bad one at all. Cameron is often superficially plausible. In chess you need to think things through.
when did you decide to become Andrew Marr
Watch Your Tongue - Why We Need to Challenge 'Deficit' Language: Early this year on the Andrew Marr Show, Mar...
The biggest blunder of them all Andrew Marr
Andrew Marr on "the greatest establishment *** up of my lifetime". Calmly reasonable. Things are settling down.
Hilary Benn really is a slimy rat.. I was squirming watching him on Andrew Marr.. Who needs enemies eh..
need a PM who will answers questions! How many times did Andrew Marr ask you what the levels of immigration should be?
Labour leader Mr Corbyn told the BBC's Andrew Marr she was a 'passionate and committed' woman and reflected on the vigil he attended with
Michael Gove waits to appear on Andrew Marr Show.
Seen her on Andrew Marr (where was ) am convinced woman is classifiably insane
Andrew Marr is in Labour turmoil heaven.
Catching up with The Andrew Marr Show but distracted by thoughts of Grumpy Cat. Does Theresa May enjoy a meme?!
Anyone read Head of State by Andrew Marr? Opened my eyes too widely. The conspirators are Machiavellian.
Anyone feel we are equally as human or is this *** Andrew Marr right
Hilary Benn will probably plagiarise this for the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday
All purpose parts banner
"This is the most dramatic and important democratic decision ever taken by the British people"
If you are wondering what happened last week - and why - watch Andrew Marr's ranting explanation.
Ah Andrew Marr the man that doesn’t let anyone answer a question if it goes against BBC policy. You should have said
I'm looking for the video of cameron admitting oil and small pop is a big pro? Think it was on Andrew Marr? Help please
Cameron often looks like a chess player who plays the next move brilliantly but fails to see three moves ahead. Andrew Marr
Andrew Marr's show on Sunday is going to be like The X Factor final.
But Andrew Marr called him the politest man in British politics a week ago. I'm bemused!!!
In my state of despair, I forgot those appearances on a comedy show and Andrew Marr's programme - woops...
well I did not know much about her until she appeared on the Andrew Marr Show & have to say I was impressed...better than Osbourne!
I think i've logged in as Andrew Marr... my feed has changed quite a bit.
Good luck finding things to fill this Sunday's Andrew Marr Show. It has been such a quiet week. Ahem! 😁
So Hilary Benn was already lined up on Andrew Marr Show...?Were BBC in on t…
This is all better than an Andrew Marr novel! It makes Brussels politicians look sensible
My Dad just reminded me of this awful exchange with Boris on the Andrew Marr Show in 2013. No words needed
Coming up at 9 on BBC1: House of Cards live, formerly known as The Andrew Marr Show...
.Andrew Marr useless interview - he fired questions and talked over every attempt to answer. Get a new presenter,
Catching up with the Andrew Marr Show...
I added a video to a playlist Andrew Marr Show 26th June 2016
Andrew Lick don't deserve the money he getting
Here I am backstage at the Andrew Marr Show with a guy who I'm told... Was the UK Prime Minister before Brexit RS
“Britain has crossed the most significant political watershed in my lifetime” tells .
Agreed. I think he would have sooner faced Stuart Broad than Andrew Marr.
I'm watching Iain Duncan Smith on Andrew Marr and it's the first time I've wanted to launch the telly out a hotel wind…
WATCH: Andrew Marr, John Pienaar & Andrew Neil explain how they achieve impartiality in their interviews
Watching Boris Johnson flail on Andrew Marr and wondering how London fell for him. Then I remember the US is falling for Trump . . .
Sir John Major tells Andrew Marr he is "angry about the way the British people are being misled" by EU Leave...
Now Boris on Andrew Marr-single issue, thinking on feet, glib. Enough of these old Etonians treating our great country as a debating society
Eddie Izzard on the Andrew Marr Show earlier this morning. We get it Eddie
More BBC BH folk seem to have their coffee in Café Nero in horse shoe than in house including Andrew Marr and Victoria Derbyshire. 💜
They don't need to do recipes, rather they spend more money on the excellent Andrew Neil, Jo Coburn and Andrew Marr.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
practically hugging each other on the sofa on The Andrew Marr Show a few years back.
X. Jean Michel Jarre,. kicked old Andrew Marr. for trying to play with his organ. He fell to his knees,. spilt blood on the keys,. . ? ? ?
Andrea Leadsom stands her ground against Andrew Marr in an enjoyable and robust conversation! - Concise clear & resolute!
I feel rotten. I'm going to bed with Andrew Marr and Frederic Laloux
same! I only have random notes I made from having to watch Andrew Marr
Andrew Marr for the BBC is David Cameron in drag a total remain mouthpiece for the government. It would be nice to hear the truth.
Andrew Marr admits to writing to Chinese embassy to ask for copies of Mao's Little Red Books 21m30secs
Later in the radio theatre the UN Special Detective For Teenagers, Benedict Cumberbatch, talks to Andrew Marr.
Because as many of us think, BBC ARE the Tories..led by Laura K,Marr,Andrew Neil etc despite being funded by us all❌
Our co-founder reviewing the Sunday papers on today. (Starts 4 mins in.)
Sunday mornings just became a madder, not only do we have Andrew Marr growling away on BBC1 but immediately afterwards on ITV we have
yeah Andrew Marr had a stroke dint he? I think Suse comes from Norwich area
I'm thinkin of Andrew Marr I was close they r both on the telly. 😃
My husband Andrew Marr missed the warning signs of his stroke. Don't let it happen to you
09:00 Start the Week: Andrew Marr talks to Frank Dikotter, Sir Hew Strachan, Patience Agbabi and Tahmima Anam.
Andrew Marr on 'Migration as you've never heard it before' on at 09:00 this morning on Radio 4
Just heard Andrew Marr use the phrase "under-discussed" on Radio 4.
Bank Governor Mark Carney has told the Andrew Marr Show that he was right to refer to Brexit risks. Denies he is trying to influence voting
For those that missed it, here's a link to the Andrew Marr performance. We asked for reverb, they gave it to us!... http…
Interviews, and hence interviewers, are there to help shed light, and to le...
The Andrew Marr Show crid:5ahzxr ... fear it can bring to communities so that spurs me on to make sure we don ...
That's all we can ask for but Marr and Andrew Neil is it? BBC ... very biased, very tory enabling and very nasty.
You and Teddy were just amazing on the Andrew Marr Show today. That song is a new and timeless classic.
You need to watch Andrea Leadsom/ Andrew Marr Show to listen to the counter argument to know
just want to say you spoke so much sense on Friday, as did Andrea Leadsom on Andrew Marr today. Are enough people hearing you?
Did I hear one of the Leave campaigners tell Andrew Marr earlier that shortage of housing and school places is all the fault of the EU?
Caved in and started watching that programme with the zombies. Though I still can't stand Andrew Marr.
Why didn't Andrew ask Mark Carney about his time in Moscow, in the 1990's, looting Russia for Goldman Sachs?
Mark Carney Govnr Bank England talking a lot of sense on Andrew Marr Show today. Top man!!
Sitting on the world's least comfortable sofa in the Andrew green room.
thank you for talking sense when questioned by Andrew Marr. Concise factual answers are in short supply. Thanks
If only Hitler was still around to go on the Andrew Marr Show and explain these things for himself.
Join tory Andrew Marr for more tory *** licking & more bias labour, they are all tories at the bbc
Also relevant to Andrew Marr Show and Good Morning Britain when Piers Moron is on.
I hope this is on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday. This isn't news!!
This is totally at request. He asked for this in July 2015 on the Andrew Marr Show.
Mail columnist Letts apologises for mocking Marrs disability. Letts not forget what a jerk Quentin's been. Sun morn is the Andrew Marr Show!
. If you have less of an agenda to follow than Andrew Marr, then you will have a successful show.
Why was Andrew Marr so suck up to the new London Mayor and so obstructive with Michael Gove all in the same show?.
Nothing to do with Sexism, Andrew Neil, Andrew Marr & Chris Evans were wrong on reporting biased reports.
Excellent interview with Mr Gove on Andrew Marr Show
Andrew Marr's team prepare studio for Ruth Davidson interview
Israel's ambassador to the United Kingdom on the Andrew Marr Show discussing modern anti-Semitism via
Given how irritating Andrew Marr is being ATM, can't wait to see your show instead.
Andrew Marr is probably the laziest and least charismatic presenters at the BBC, yet deemed worthy of his own show..
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Andrew Marr: Why David Aaronovitch of Murdoch press who has lauded US/UK's illegal attack on Iraq and is an apologist for…
'David Cameron could be out after Brexit vote' says UKIP's Nigel Farage on Andrew Marr Show http…
Oh Dianne Abbot is having a mare on Andrew Marr. Trying to brush everything under the carpet again. It will be the Blairites fault soon...
Andrew Marr (tlks helping vets heal from & & how TBI's connection to rising incarceration &
On Andrew Marr Show out campaigners believe leaving nothing will change! Check your world history and then realize they are dr…
Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.
Harriet Tubman will be on the front of the $20 bill, with Andrew Jackson on the back
Saw Andrew Marr in cafe at Kings Cross this morning. What a gent
David Cameron left furious on Andrew Marr Show after being grilled
More tribal politics from Labour . Support regardless . Strange when he disowned Jeremy C on the Andrew Marr Show .
Does Cameron really know what Smith did to the DWP and benefits and dies he care. The real extent of the damage...
Well done Andrew, u proved once again that will never get the Marr timeslot,to good for all of them
Dad thrilled with his lovely note from Andrew Marr. Thank you!
France gives go ahead to Hinkley Point, French minister says
Very impressive interview with Andrew Marr on Sunday show. Will make many British friends
am I right in thinking the only main interview he's done was with pro-Tory Andre…
FFA March -Simon picked up where Andrew Marr left off,with hard-hitting questions for Nigel Farrage.Caption’s please
The Queen at 90. Ahead of her birthday on Thursday, Andrew Marr asks how she has remained popular for so long.
no way! He only seems to do interviews for Conservative Home or Andrew Marr...we…
'Hollow laughter' doesn't even begin to describe how the most vulnerable react to IDS presenting himself as saviour of…
Blimey, you do more interviews than Andrew Marr 😳
France minister confirms Hinkley point will be built.
(3/3) You can watch me discuss my recent trip to Syria at:
David Davis appears on the Andrew Marr Show to discuss his meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
French economy minister says France will give ok to Hinkley Point boondoggle project. But no decision actually made.
Tony Parsons on Andrew Marr-Labour have betrayed the working class & are out of touch with British voters
Hear Guy playing the Bourrée from Bach's C Major Suite on Sunday's Andrew Marr Show (towards the end at 56.30):...
photo creds to Frank Marr Jr. Over here
France gives go ahead to Hinkley Point nuclear power plant, French minister says
Bach on the Andrew Marr Show this weekend from our Artistic Director,
The BBC's Andrew Marr writes intelligently and well on The Queen and Luck
Thedo your self a favour and read this brilliant piece by Andrew Marr Her Majesty at 90
Ryan Giggs, Andrew Marr and Elton John walk into a bar and I'm not allowed to finish this joke.
We always play the who do they look like game. Clegg looks like Andrew Marr. Powell a bit like Boris.
Andrew Marr pic excellent,Jeff Stelling pic is uncanny.
Why is this mornings Andrew Marr Show on iplayer but Sunday Politics is not?
Waffling Boris Johnson slapped down by Andrew Marr in car crash TV interview
I watched to hear what Boris had to say. Impossible with Andrew Marr's constant interruptions.
Andrew Marr discusses experiences adapting to life after stroke in Alf Morris Lecture
Hair-raising fundraising idea from one of our trustees Andrew Dye!
Last thing George Osborne wanted to hear from Andrew Tyrie: "can we return to Iain Duncan Smith's interview with Andrew Marr?"
Broadcaster Andrew Marr argues for more NHS physiotherapy.
cos David Davis & Andrew Marr are referring 2 disabled people as 'the bottom of society'. Unacceptable!
I think Jackie Ashley is the daughter of the late wonderful Jack Ashley MP. And the wife of Andrew Marr. I think!
Apparently IDS used to address Tony Blair as "Sir" during briefings on the Iraq war when he was CON leader
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I guess he can't cope with a proper interrogation. Andrew Marr was the closest, and he couldn't take it.
Check out performing "Where I Go" on BBC One before she hits our stage again on March 28!
Is Andrew Marr quoting from the BBC's version of the report? Tut-tut! -
Andrew Marr of is breathing new life into his latest releases.
Couldn't think of anything better to do than watch Andrew Marr on my day off🙃
Latest blog by Andrew Marr - Behind the Scenes at the IDMP Task Force: New Developments Across the Board
I saw u on Andrew Marr Show and I thought I Tony Blair had put on a few pounds. Both of you look so much alike!
Broadcaster Andrew Marr argues for more NHS physiotherapy | The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy via
Iain Duncan Smith explains to Andrew Marr why he resigned
Celeb spot of the day: Andrew Marr in Sticks n Broth in Briz.
My take on the on Andrew story. Just vote Labour. Simples. 😀👍
Andrew Mitchell voted in favour of the restoration of the death penalty in 1994. What a lovely guy
. 'Actually George what is our 'long term economic plan'? 'No idea mate. It's just something I said once on the Andrew Marr Show
. What history did you get that from? . I recommend history of the world by Andrew Marr or the Silk Roads.
Andrew Marr calls for more physio treatment to help stroke survivors regain their independence
well hamster hands likes soft interviews. I'll get interested when Andrew Neil or Marr interview him !
Andrew Marr discusses the EP's new sonic approach
Broadcaster Andrew Marr argues for more NHS physiotherapy
Furious Iain Duncan Smith tells Andrew Marr why he resigned from Government
Iain Duncan Smith resignation: IDS talks to Andrew Marr after quitting as Work and Pensions Secretary - live
George Osborne scared to debate the 2016 budget with John McDonnell on the Andrew Marr sofa this morning - shameful.
if you demand the shadow chancellor is granted his desire to get close to George Osborne on the Andrew Marr sofa. https…
Book your place for the Alf Morris Lecture this Thursday with Andrew Marr and Jackie Ashley
Can we get rid of Andrew Marr, David Dimbleby & Evan Davis, & just give the lot to Andrew Neil? (Laura Kuenssberg & Nick Robinson can stay).
The Alf Morris Lecture 2016- Andrew Marr and Jackie Ashley on managing sudden disability
Andrew Marr v Boris Johnson was a dire day for journalism
Andrew Marr put Boris Johnson in his place during a heated interview and it was excellent
Looking at your introduction. How can the BBC let someone like Andrew Marr be so one sided in his interview with Boris Johnston.
Liz Kendall, Jon Sopel and Andrew Marr are 3 Tory *** Whatever drugs you're taking, I don't want any.
Jon Sopel, Liz Kendall and Andrew Marr have an IQ close to the national average provided you don't divide by three.
You are so out of your league George, taking on Paul Mason (He's no Andrew Marr )
Michael Fallon discusses bullying complaints with Andrew Marr
Michael Howard giving the same speech to Andrew Neil that IDS gave Andrew Marr earlier. Almost word for word...
People who have worked at the BBC say it is biased to the left e.g. Andrew Marr, Peter Sissons etc.
Emily Maitlis to take over from Andrew Marr when the time comes? The show's editor's a fan
Boris Johnson skewered by Eddie Mair on the Andrew Marr program, classic viewing.
Listening to Cameron on Andrew Marr, I could not help thinking he would have made a good spokesman for the Soviet Politburo
Cameron's arguments on Andrew Marr are weak and full of bluffs scaring people to remain in the EU. Do everyone a favour vote OUT
Richie did you hear The Def Sec on the Andrew Marr on Sunday show claim Russia is carpet bombing civilians in Syria.
I guess we watched a different Andrew Marr Show - must have been one filmed especially for you
"A cracking bit of writing by Jonathan Lynn." - Andrew Marr, The Andrew Marr Show on opening 17 Feb.
Beautiful song on today's Andrew Marr Show - can you tell me the title. Now a fan!
And police being accused of bullying the accused, Andrew Marr Show this morning and that on the BBC with their record
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