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Andrew Lloyd Webber

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron Lloyd-Webber Kt. (born 22 March 1948) is an English composer and impresario of musical theatre.

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Go Behind the Scenes of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway Casts United!: Moments before the curtain went up on the…
22 yrs later, Glenn Close is in Andrew Lloyd Webber's THR review: "As if she never said goodbye"…
And Action! Glenn Close & the Cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Sunset Boulevard Step into the Spotlight on Opening...
School of Rock review – Andrew Lloyd Webber's most exuberant show in years -
I'm sure I heard that Andrew Lloyd Webber has fisted a Russell Hobbs Hyperfry with the power of his shoulders.
I can come to terms with discovering that my family loves Andrew Lloyd Webber. I will not admit to being related to Cole Porter haters.
Question on Bullseye...Who wrote the music for Saturday Night Fever? Answer.Andrew Lloyd Webber 😂😂😂
Listening to Evita - Another Suitcase In Another Hall by Andrew Lloyd Webber, on my Echo!
Patrick Stewart and Andrew Lloyd Webber hit out at arts education policy
Child actor Ben Fellows:. Says he was molested by:. Christopher Cazenove. Ken Clarke. Andrew Lloyd Webber. ht…
Nice to see Betty Boothroyd sticking the boot into Andrew Lloyd Webber
Welcome confirmation from Sir Lloyd Webber over the diversity crisis but could this have been said long ago?
why are you not referring to Andrew Lloyd Webber comments as extremely offensive and RACIST?Why are you giving his remarks airtime?
Andrew Lloyd Webber is just plain hideous.
Danuta Kean and Mel Larsen's report on diversity in theatre. Report available here:...
Andrew Lloyd Webber warns of diversity crisis in Britain's ‘hideously white’ theater
Applications for scholarships with the Andrew Lloyd Webber Initiative are being accepted thru Jan. 20 . https…
Theatre is 'hideously white' and will not survive, warns Lloyd Webber via
reporting this, where is this going to end FFS? Theatre 'hideously white' Lloyd Webber
These luvvies are getting more bold.what does he mean by this?
"We won’t be equal until there is no prefix when people talk about us.”
Theatre is "hideously white", a new report commissioned by Andrew Lloyd Webber claims
Frequent guest and certified gentleman, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber (is our final guest of the series this F…
I've decided I'm no longer Andrew Lloyd Webber and now I'm Alen Menken
Interesting read about the diversity in British Theatre
Andrew Lloyd Webber has published a report saying he fears for the 'hideously white' theatre industry's survival:.
Surplus of actors/actresses the issue is 'proportionate representation in acting parts'
Andrew Lloyd Webber thinks theatre is 'hideously white.'
Andrew Lloyd Webber claims theatre is "hideously white". How about quitting to improve the ratio then, Andy?
Andrew Lloyd Webber has warned the British theatre is 'hideously white'. Do you agree that theatre just for white people?
.says he fears for the survival of British theatre unless it reflects the diversity of the nation.
Andrew Lloyd Webber warns of diversity crisis in British theatre via
Andrew Lloyd Webber labels British theatre 'hideously white' in call for diversity
A new report by calls for more diversity in 'hideously white' UK theatre
UK theaters are 'hideously white', can you imagine if someone said they were hideously black or muslim.
If we want a wealthy man with no experience, we should've voted Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber.
I forgot Andrew Lloyd Webber was still alive
I'm probably late in my viewing but, raw hostility with Andrew Lloyd Webber & Chris Martin was palpable. Chris hates him.
"Now is the time when arts really matter in our schools" Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber on Graham Norton Show
Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber thinks schools shd keep music/arts - get your *** into the Lords, make it happen!! And don't vote Tory...
Make your own Andrew Lloyd Webber by simply holding your Parker from Thunderbirds doll close to a bonfire for six minutes
Andrew Lloyd Webber's looking old. It's only a matter of time.
I liked a video from The Phantom of the Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber) One Woman Duet
Andrew Lloyd Webber collects best musical award and urges government to stop cutting arts in schools.
Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber approves of this casting choice, Jay.
BTW anyone see/hear Andrew Lloyd Webber’s impassioned plea for recognition of Music & Arts in Education on Graham Norton last week?
All purpose parts banner
Lucky enough to got more the opening night of the new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Total epic show, a must see
Review: Andrew Lloyd Webber's School of Rock - 'like Donald Trump, but with more likeable children'…
do Comedy Bang Bang with Jason Mantzoukas, & as Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber
I just played Phantom of the Opera - Phantom of the opera with
This lady has a Broadway ticket to see Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera.
"The big ballad sticks out like a cucumber stuffed down a bass player's thong" – Lloyd Webber's new musical reviewed.
"Cats" is Back! The record-breaking musical spectacular by Andrew Lloyd Webber that has captivated audiences in...
Andrew Lloyd Webber's School of Rock, review: 'the most enjoyable few hours money can buy'
School of Rock is a triumphant return of Andrew Lloyd Webber as king of musicals, says
Andrew Lloyd Webber accepts award and makes a plea to stop cutting the arts in schools. Tim Sheader there to pick up gong…
Checks TV. Graham Norton is joined by Michael Mcintyre, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Coldplay. Good God...
Julian Fellowes & Andrew Lloyd Webber are on the red carpet!
Check out my sax cover on Memory, from Cats musical (Andrew Lloyd Webber).
Andrew Lloyd Webber repeatedly playing in my head
Forgot to mention Andrew Lloyd Webber crying on the news about the government cutting funds to 'the arts'. I wonder if anyone flew in (1/2)
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
- We need to encourage the arts not destroy it
'There has never been a time when the arts have been more important in schools'. Andrew Lloyd Webber speaks with passion…
this will have you flat on your face! Pie Jesu - Live Performance by Mozart - (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Simon & Nicole (on behalf of the Trust) accepting the People's Choice Angel Award from Andrew Lloyd Webber, Julian…
On this day in 1970, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber released a double-LP "concept" album called Jesus Christ Superstar.
If Sunset Boulevard is revived this season, Andrew Lloyd Webber will have THREE pieces of theatre on Broadway and also Ca…
Listen to The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum & Simon Lee on
Andrew Lloyd Webber, Charles Hart, and Richard Stilgoe are musical Gods. Thank you for POTO.
and I have a shared theory that Andrew Lloyd Webber made Love Never Dies just to spite Sarah Brightman
All this talk of Charles Saatchi (and, before that, Andrew Lloyd Webber) on BBC2 makes me want to sh!t.
The BBC are doing a show searching for the next England manager with Gary Lineker, Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
The Perfect Year from Sunset Boulevard written by Don Black and Andrew Lloyd Webber and sung by Dina Carroll is...
Anoushka Lucas as Mary in Andrew Lloyd Webber 's Jesus Christ Superstar at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre...
This is just a reminder that Andrew Lloyd Webber currently has 3 shows on Broadway and Stephen Sondheim has 0 and that is Just. Not. Right.
Inside my mind ♫ The Phantom of the Opera by Simon Lee, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Emmy Rossum & Gerald Butler —
Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice hands town have to be two of the most talented people in arts history 🎭
Went to Regents Park Open Air Theatre tonight to see Jesus Christ Superstar. In the audience Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Sensational.
Number crunching in the office so have just listened to a whole Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. But which one.
Andrew Lloyd Webber is an *** for not seeing the potential in Rachel Tucker, bye
Andrew Lloyd Webber's changes to "Wizard of Oz" will dazzle the tourists but disappoint purists -- me among them.
It's quite an achievement to receive an Andrew Lloyd-Webber scholarship, on today hear how you can make dreams come true.
Lol if it comes to a point where I'll need a visa to see an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical .
The full name of the Andrew Lloyd Webber Initiative is the Andrew Lloyd Webber Initiative For Everyone Except Patti LuPone
I didn't know what love was until I sang Andrew Lloyd Webber softly to the sweetest meow who hugged me tighter the longer I sang.
Love it and HAPPY Listening! – ♫Til I Hear You Sing by Andrew Lloyd Webber, from
I bet my old friend Andrew Lloyd Webber is happy today. He's a true English patriot.
How!? Andrew Lloyd Webber that has developed a device enabling him to control his iPhone!
ALW refitting theatre for new musicals! 😃
Andrew Lloyd Webber to build a new "creative hub" for musical theatre in London via
...was the dream set to the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber?😉
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I added a video to a playlist lea salonga - andrew lloyd webber medley
Ahhh. I see Andrew Lloyd Webber there with the tambourine. HE'S IN THE BAND!!
I liked a video The Very Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber 1994
on this side of the generational divide.on the other, it's Andrew Lloyd Webber
"With ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER ON TAMBOURINE! ". Best line of the night. Lol
Now this just makes me want a Janelle Monae/Andrew Lloyd Webber collab with that name.
Not Andrew Lloyd Webber, that would have been OK
Everyone needs a little Andrew Lloyd-Webber playing the tambourine on their timeline
I still don't associate Andrew Lloyd Webber with his face
Andrew Lloyd Webber to launch new season at revamped St James Theatre in January
Broadway Griz, has been busy in the studio with Memory!
Famed composer Andrew Lloyd Webber has started an initiative to support arts education in public schools:...
.EVITA begins performances tonight at
.to launch new season at revamped in January
Hey man, according to Andrew Lloyd Webber, you're not representing Nicole anymore. Is that true?
Andrew Lloyd Webber is back on the West End. via
Millionaire Lord, Andrew Lloyd Webber flew back from New York especially to vote for tax credit cuts. What a guy!
And the lord said... let there be rock! Andrew Lloyd Webber tells EVENT he's back on the…
School of Rock lead is a monster even if Andrew Lloyd Webber is Andrew Lloyd Webber
I still can't believe anyone looked at School of Rock, with a soundtrack made up entirely of classic rock, and thought Andrew Lloyd Webber
Angela Landsbury and James Earl Jones come out--slowly--to thank Andrew Lloyd Webber for funding theater scholarships. Golden oldies.
Andrew Lloyd Webber on tambourine? James Corden leaping about making me cry? Man, I love the Tonys...
James Earl Jones and Andrew Lloyd Webber are in the same room. Legends Only.
Yas and snaps to Angela Lansbury, James Earl Jones, and Andrew Lloyd Webber for all that they have done!
I swear James Earl Jones and Andrew Lloyd Webber are staring at each other and it's a little unsettling
"And that's Andrew Lloyd Webber on tambourine" is such a great combination of words
"Can u guys just sing for a sec?? Ok Lin ur on vocals, Sarah ur on piano, Andrew Lloyd Webber? When did u get here? Uh have this tambourine"
I wonder if Andrew Lloyd Webber thinks he's better than Stephen Sondheim.
Superstar was made so early in my career I had nothing to do with it a...
Surely, you go to the theater because you want to have a great evening...
aw man I'm not ready. I just got out of a relationship with Andrew Lloyd Webber
So did Andrew Lloyd Webber. Be careful what you wish for
This Andrew Lloyd Webber musical is finally getting some love via
Andrew Lloyd Webber can get away with changing a fair amount but if he EVER changes Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat I will go off my nut
We talking Andrew Lloyd Webber Cats and then real cats? Or just real cats and real cats?
Andrew Lloyd Webber is not part of the cover up is he? He was apparently emotionally moved by it. The creators evaded his security team!
Was this the crop circle that appeared in Andrew Lloyd WEBber's garden? BEWARE- ERA WEB.
Two years ago I hadn't even thought of the Woman in White, and I was d...
It was also the time whn i heard Barbara Streisand's 'Woman in Love' on a singing competition by Andrew Lloyd Webber and ive had it since
I'm listening to an Andrew Lloyd Webber playlist now, lol.
Andrew Lloyd Webber revue is one big love letter to Broadway composer
Just drove past Andrew Lloyd Webber driving a Volvo that was towing a long caravan. Who would have thought!
how about that Andrew Lloyd webber fella.. Came all the way from NYC just to vote for disability cuts
trump is a big Puccini fan. But also a big Andrew Lloyd Webber fan. We're doomed
10:53pm On the Balcony of the Casa Rosada - Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice - Evita(MCA)
the tourist who complains that people don't appreciate Andrew Lloyd-Webber's shows as much as they should
I would say memory is 10 too. I have Andrew Lloyd webber musicals Wii game (like singstar) and (cont)
Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals are so hit or miss. How is the man who brought us Phantom of the Opera simultaneously responsible for Cats?
Was really expecting this to be Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber dueling it out.
So, we've completed music rehearsals for Joseph and youknowtherest, and I just have so many questions for Andrew Lloyd Webber.
The Phantom of the Opera - Single Album Version by Andrew Lloyd Webber ♫
You're the luckiest person in the entire world if you know what you re...
All your favourite numbers from Rodgers & Hammerstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber and more!
Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote Cats. I rest my case.
I'll bet Andrew Lloyd-Webber has had a few first nights which did not live up to expectations, liked it and great effort
I don't think I am that materialistic, actually. Obviously at home in ...
Current music: "Variations" by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Perfect music to listen to while briskly driving an old Volvo or Saab at night :)
Review: Auckland Music Theatre's Evita: Andrew Lloyd Webber has been enjoying a resurgence of sorts in Auckla...
yes but on ice. Fire eating dogs singing Andrew Lloyd Webber
hope Andrew Lloyd Webber was watching that and the producers of Wicked. We are booking our tickets
Little Giant Ladders
Fantastic voice but was this awful tosh written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It's terrible.
Glenn Close & Andrew Lloyd Webber talk to Kevin Hughes at Sunset Boulevard via
Podcast: Andrew Lloyd Webber on musical mistakes, the rising cost of putting on a show, and the magic of
"How do you get your Andrew Lloyd Webber on?"
I'm going to extend his statement to all Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals
Alone, on a Saturday night and I've just discovered a new genre I didn't know existed: Spice girls covering Andrew Lloyd Webber hits.
PHOTOS! Apr 5th, 2016: Photo Flash: Glenn Close, Andrew Lloyd Webber and More at Opening Night of SUNSET...
If you like "Cats," that's great. I hate it. I hate Andrew Lloyd Webber. I hate all his shows. Get over it.
I bet Andrew Lloyd Webber is making Leona Lewis feel really welcome... Meow 🐱
So it turns out Claudio Ranieri is a HUGE Andrew Lloyd Webber fan...
.will play the role of 'Grizabella' in Andrew Lloyd Webber's upcoming Broadway production of 'Cats' replacing
And now an Andrew Lloyd Webber medley- so great!
Am I the only one who starts singing Andrew Lloyd Webber when I play Stensia Masquerade?
It must be hysterical when Trump staffers have sensitive strategy sessions with all the faucets running and Andrew Lloyd Webber blaring.
Listening to some good old songs. If only I could share a good red wine with Andrew Lloyd Webber right now. Cheers 🍷
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
"Let me lead you from your solitude.." . You're the best, Andrew Lloyd Webber!
So what with everything happening in comics, I have apparently decided to cope by getting into Andrew Lloyd Webber for the first time
Can we take a moment to relive this glorious picture of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Glenn Close
Leona Lewis to replace Nicole Scherzinger in Broadway revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats
Follow the yellow brick road to the Fri-Sun for The Wizard of Oz on stage. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Lin Manuel Miranda is right up there with Andrew Lloyd Webber , Jonathan Larson , Steven Schwartz etc
I love my Joseph's Coat roses because I also love Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Amazing - 'Dr Spin', who released this novelty Tetris single, was actually Andrew Lloyd Webber (via
Next you'll be saying Andrew Lloyd Webber will release a Eurodance song based on the Tetris music.
I'm in a Andrew Lloyd Webber state of mind, courtesy of Michael Crawford. No one would ever pay me to sing, but *** it feels good.
only on this trip. Been coming here for years & only ever seen John Hurt & Andrew Lloyd Webber on all trips before!
'Cats' (1981) is a musical theater by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
If you are in the area, go see in The Riverside Dinner Theater's Encore Production of The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber!
Father John Misty like Andrew Lloyd Webber's idea of rock n roll
The are meeting this week to okay which actresses Andrew Lloyd Webber can call a *** on record.
."If you look very closely at Andrew Lloyd Webber you see Princess Margaret!"
however les mis was not written by Andrew Lloyd Webber 😂
Thought I saw Andrew Lloyd Webber on my train. Took all my strength not to break into song in the hopes of a part in Phantom.
The Music of the Night - Single Album Version by Andrew Lloyd Webber ♫
but he perks up significantly when the subject is Judy Garland and Andrew Lloyd Webber
It's crazy that Frank Lloyd Wright wears a cape and Andrew Lloyd Webber does not
Dear it was Bach. But I'm sure Andrew Lloyd Webber is flattered. (This is all over again.)
.says Andrew Lloyd Webber is a rock dude:
So ... is rejoining the XFactor! However the confirmation came from Andrew Lloyd Webber!
I'm on an Andrew Lloyd Webber streak as of late. Here's an EARWORM.
Go on a ride of a lifetime with our performing arts learners as they present Andrew Lloyd Webber's Starlight Express http…
Listening to Think of Me by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Emmy Rossum, Patrick Wilson & Simon Lee on
Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats is in development with Les Misérables film director, Tom Hooper
After seeing a Tory in a Blondie top, I want a petition to restrict them listening to only Phil Collins, Gary Barlow & Andrew Lloyd Webber.
I think we're heading toward a Best Score Tony category featuring Andrew Lloyd Webber, Steve Martin, Sara Bareilles, and Lin-Manuel Miranda.
See how Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ian Gillan are connected by a certain musical
Love can make a summer fly, or a night seem like a lifetime. -Andrew Lloyd Webber
Just had a convo with the girl who won over the rainbow and met Andrew Lloyd Webber ... I love my job
the best April Fools Day prank: inform someone that Nicole Scherzinger is a trained opera singer and now doing Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals
At the Winter Garden Theatre to see School of Rock by someone called Andrew Lloyd Webber..!
Superstar soundtrack by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. It fits the end of Parting Shots, and I am trying Hamilton.
When James May met Keith Moon...or Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber? I'm not sure of anything any more...
When you like Easter as told by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber more than Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
Explaining Easter to my kids is much easier thnx to Andrew Lloyd Webber
Paul Taylor-Mills to work with Andrew Lloyd Webber at St James Theatre
Congratulations to our very own - the new advisory prod for Andrew Lloyd Webber's ht…
My Holy Week playlist is an odd combination of Johnny Cash, Palestrina, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Bach.
Happy birthday to three theatre legends - Andrew Lloyd Webber, Beverley Knight and Stephen Sondheim!
Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1948. Prefer this to his more "operatic" musicals: mix of Prokofiev, Ligeti, Hendrix,,,
Tory peer Andrew Lloyd Webber is worth £650m, yet voted to cut Tax Credits for working families htt…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Watch my account for updates on upcoming Opera Ghost musical (not affiliated w/Andrew Lloyd Webber).
Hold my calls. I’m off to see GoT: Music is Coming, written by Elton John and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
or that u look like Andrew Lloyd Webber
When smashes the role of Nancy in Oliver. Andrew Lloyd Webber is deffo missing out ❤️
Old friend used to visualise Andrew Lloyd Webber when romancing a lady to last longer, as it were. Unsure why I recall this.
The man who was in Cats likes Andrew Lloyd Webber :)
Is Diego Costa starring in an Andrew Lloyd Webber production after this game?
Alex Brightman and the cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber's School of Rock. Matthew Murphy. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s name h…
Andrew Lloyd Webber chats about writing new musicals...which sometimes are a hit and sometimes flop.
Andrew Lloyd Webber is talking about you!
The moment you remember that Andrew Lloyd Webber has a historic connection with Thomas 😐
I think halfway through writing the LND, Andrew Lloyd Webber had a brain aneurysm, and thought he was simply writing an AU fanfiction.
Any dream will do . as the song goes. Andrew Lloyd Webber!
Congratulations to Aberdeen's Megan Mackenzie on winning a place at Andrew Lloyd Webber school in London
Everyone thinks they're Andrew Lloyd Webber. Kmt. Enjoy music & let others enjoy too.
She also hummed the Titanic song. Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd Webber ♫
And that Paul F. Tompkins is a genius and his Andrew Lloyd Webber character is amazing
I know right?? Andrew Lloyd Webber has produced it
It's never a good thing when you're trying to fall asleep and you can't get Andrew Lloyd Webber out of your head.
I've only seen operas written by Andrew Lloyd Webber
why don't you turn it into a musical??? Then you could be the next Andrew Lloyd Webber or Alan Menken.
just watched your X factor Again! and Andrew Lloyd Webber vids. What a talented girl
Andrew Lloyd Webber || big *** unoriginal, can't ever have his musicals have a happy ending
But the thing is, before the Tony Award voting even starts, Andrew Lloyd Webber has 328 superdelegates.
I couldn't get tickets to Hamilton when we were there in December. Saw Andrew Lloyd Webber's instead. Loved it.
Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats May Finally Prowl on to the Big Screen, Directed by Les Miz's Tom Hooper
Andrew Lloyd Webber's may finally prowl on to the big screen, directed by Les Miz's Tom Hooper
Maria Duarte was Eva Peron(evita) composed by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Did you know that Andrew Lloyd Webber lives in a castle? It's surrounded by a moat of many colors. . How he loves his moat of many colors!
it's from a little musical called CATS by a little known composer named Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Andrew Lloyd Webber could blow Freddy Mercury on a Macy Day float & it would not be gayer.
Tim Rice (2/2): "...but it got a second life on Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Tell Me on a Sunday". (The Legal Boys). Pop2 Sounds
Tim Rice, the man who put the lyrics to the melodies of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Elton John, Alan Menken, Abba and others. A 2 hrs extra Pop2
I have A LOT of thoughts on the 1973 film/recording of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar and all of those thoughts are positive.
Andrew Lloyd Webber really interesting on . Tritones, bringing together Richard Rogers and Led Zeppelin :-)
Start the new year with "School of Rock," Andrew Lloyd Webber's newest musical, based on the film!
Andrew Lloyd Webber says British children do not have rock and ro (via
Andrew Lloyd Webber is a gift from above.
Andrew Lloyd Webber prepared for 'long search' to find UK School of Rock cast
I love Uncle Ralph. He's the Andrew Lloyd Webber of ESC. Big in the 80s, lost his way in the 90s but still has nice tunes
On this day in 1996 - Andrew Lloyd Webber becomes a Lord. The composer of such hit musicals as Evita, Cats, and...
If nobody has a pet spider named Andrew Lloyd Webber we all may as well give up.
is that Andrew Lloyd Webber top left??
'Andrew Lloyd Webber composing another hit musical!' . Oops, I missed an 's' of the beginning of a word there...
.reprises her role as Norma Desmond in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Sunset Boulevard at the London Coliseum from April 4.
Audition for Andrew Lloyd Webber's School of Rock. Hitting the West End in 2017!
Interesting to see a pished Andrew Lloyd Webber at a fancy London restaurant today. Was there another vote today to rob t…
So basically here's the context of that one: "Andrew Lloyd Webber + TS Eliot = Cats. And BOW. That's how Cats was born."
Lemmy interview, 2004: drugs, feminism and Andrew Lloyd Webber
Andrew Lloyd Webber destroyed me and mental/emotional stability with "Love Never Dies" today, just thought I'd share that.
Currently watching Love Never Dies and I'm questioning if there was ever a point in Andrew Lloyd Webber's life when he was…
Also, Andrew Lloyd Webber's take on early rap with "Poor Poor Joseph." Paved the way for Hamilton? Wonder how that went over w audiences
I'm very hot and cold with Andrew Lloyd Webber, but I WILL fight you if you trash Jesus Christ Superstar or Joseph.
I got tickets to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and the music is by Andrew Lloyd Webber and I am SO excited!
Jessie Buckley: BBC's War and Peace star on Andrew Lloyd Webber, Dame Judi Dench and competitive karaoke battles
Get. Out. Brilliant! --> School of Rock, the musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Julian…
Julian Fellowes and Andrew Lloyd Webber are not the people I'dve hired to write the School of Rock musical. How utterly bizarre.
In lighter news—the NYT says Andrew Lloyd Webber & Julian Fellowes's School of Rock musical is actually really good:
NPR: Andrew Lloyd Webber and Julian Fellowes adapted movie into a show.
Listen to Overture by Andrew Lloyd Webber & Simon Lee on
Broadway musical School of Rock, written by Downton Abbey's Julian Fellowes with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber,…
'School of Rock': Theater Review - Andrew Lloyd Webber and Julian Fellowes team up to retool the popular Jack B...
Extremely excited to see tonight! Andrew Lloyd Webber, show me what you got!
Me sitting in front of Andrew Lloyd Webber during his Town Hall chat at Sirius XM with Julie…
'Where did the rock go?' Is amazing, I feel its going to be one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic
when Andrew Lloyd Webber calls you "absolutely not creepy at all" 😂😂😂
"There is absolutely nothing creepy about him" Andrew Lloyd Webber about
Andrew Lloyd Webber recalls the worst night of his life
kellie could be the new Nancy get Andrew Lloyd Webber on the phone
Give the job to Andrew Lloyd Webber. Couldn't do much worse at the moment.
Is there no god? Andrew Lloyd Webber to bring School of Rock to the stage. Why don't you steal "Hop on Pop" or "The Cat in the Hat" next 😩
Andrew Lloyd Webber is the president of Colombia??
Piano Guilherme Amaro - Music of the Night by Andrew Lloyd Webber's / Ar... via
The West End season at his best, Andrew Lloyd Webber coolest tunes here.
"We have one of my- well,dare I say- the greatest Christine we've ever had, in the form of Sierra Boggess" - Andrew Lloyd Webber
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hope it's better than Andrew Lloyd Webber's tedious shows. Have my doubts, anyway.
Another hit for Andrew Lloyd Webber. Can't wait to see it. My lucky son got to see a preview on Broadway last week!
Loving this. Andrew Lloyd Webber back on form?
London Palladium Cast of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat & Lee Mead - Any Dream will Do (Andrew Lloyd Webber's New Production
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