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Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln (born Andrew James Clutterbuck; 14 September 1973) is an English actor, known for his roles in the TV series This Life, Teachers, Strike Back and Afterlife, and the films Love Actually and Heartbreaker.

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Forget about the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. How about the Andrew Jackson Brigade?
Andrew Lincoln’s ubiquitous cue cards are BACK, fans!
andrew lincoln's wife is kate moss LOL
Why was actor Andrew Lincoln watching against this afternoon...
Lincoln, Saturday night. Watching Back to the Future with Genevieve for the first time. Such…
NO WAY DID ANDREW LINCOLN SEE Exeter City TODAY?!. I love him so much
Andrew Lincoln is the latest celebrity supporting the mighty Grecians
Andrew Lincoln needs a little break from time to time.
Hard at work while i swoon over andrew lincoln and watch richard curtis work his magic
Rick from (Andrew Lincoln), spotted at SJP supporting Exeter City today.Pic c/o https:/…
Andrew Lincoln was in Exeter today noo, so close but so far💔
Who gets up and acts out a scene in the middle of Paley Fest 😂😂 I love Andrew Lincoln
yes! Tbf he's why I watched it when I did, I was on such an Andrew Lincoln vibe for a while 😍
Abraham Lincoln not a friend to black folks. Andrew Jackson not a friend to the natives ...
Andrew Lincoln has enlisted Grecian the Lion's help in battling the zombie apocalypse.
fair play for meeting Andrew Lincoln mate I love the guy, seems like a humble nice guy too 👍
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Andrew Lincoln. I'm so upset I didn't just go into pizza express 😭
Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes was as Exeter v Yeovil today like me.
Can Andrew Lincoln please show up at my door with the cards asking if I love him, because I do 😍
Andrew Jackson was "Old Hickory". Abraham Lincoln was "Honest Abe". As far as nicknames for presidents go, "The Sad...
You can't beat Andrew Lincoln literally the best actor around
Three goals in the final four minutes. Actor Andrew Lincoln watched on as Exeter City snatched an unlikely draw:
Well what do you know Andrew Lincoln and Grecian the Lion!
Andrew Lincoln watch my local team bottle a 3-0 lead.. probably thought are defence were walkers by the way we defended 😂
Andrew Lincoln from the Walking Dead at Exeter today
I just learned that Norman Reedus () and Andrew Lincoln (. are following me. Follow me to the bedroom, boys!
The teaser for the 'Love Actually' sequel has been released and yes, it includes Andrew Lincoln and cue cards.…
I love The Witch's Promise by Jethro Tull. Singer Ian Anderson is the father in law of The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln.
Or Adam Levine or Norman Reedus or Andrew Lincoln or Kevin Anderson or all of them. It doesn't matter anyways 😂
Andrew Lincoln has a very special message in Love Actually Comic Relief teaser
Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln might end up together in the Love Actually sequel:
.Reedus and Andrew Lincoln bring to Spain -
“Cockpit” TWD panel in Lisbon with Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Greg Nicotero
Andrew Lincoln said the Season 7 finale has more action than ever...
Image of the Day: Andrew Lincoln is on the money (No, really) - Blastr
Omg someone just told me Andrew lincoln died I was about to cry
Oh my God this Andrew Lincoln death hoax just about gave me a heart attack 😢💔
People who don't get hyperbole, satire, or sarcasm are the best thing since Abe Lincoln killed Andrew Johnson with…
When you realise your meeting Andrew Lincoln twice in 9 days time
Sad day for all Walking Dead fans, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) died in a car accident
Love Actually: Andrew Lincoln uses words, not signs, to talk reunion -
The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln on entering the 'pit of *** -
'The Walking Dead': Andrew Lincoln on Entering the 'Pit of *** via
Andrew Johnson was only Lincoln's VP for the second term. First was Hannibal Hamlin. Sorry.
Its easy to laugh at fake news until it hits home... ANDREW LINCOLN FROM TWD DID NOT DIE IN A FIERY CAR CRASH, *** . *cries anyway*
Andrew Lincoln is so adorable in Love, Actually. So young and cute!
This is all so fkn maddening. I feel like a powerless speck. Perhaps a gaze at Andrew Lincoln will help... 😄
Trying to think of other good ones. Half the cast of Band of Brothers? Hugh Laurie in House (eurgh). Andrew Lincoln in Walking Dead (lol).
Andrew Lincoln was announced 1 year ago today for walker stalker London... could today be the day as well ? !!!
Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus will make $550,000 and $650,000 per episode for seasons 7 and 8 of GA-filmed 'The Walking…
From the epic score by Bear McCreary to the amazing acting by the actors especially Andrew Lincoln and losing two favourite characters
I'm looking forward to meet JDM and Seth Gilliam..keep my Fingers still crossed for Andrew Lincoln 😍❤But already so cool Guests👍
will Lauren Cohan, Melissa Mcbride and Andrew Lincoln ever do walker stalkers outside of Atlanta?
Andrew Lincoln, Lennie James and Madison Lintz would be amaze
Was that the Andrew Lincoln scene or the one with Emma Thompson and her Joni Mitchell record?
did you see Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes, and Martin Freeman. This movie (arguably) made them yo!
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Tom Payne as Paul "Jesus" Monroe, and Merritt Wever... ht…
Andrew Lincoln's cue card scene in Love Actually 😭 get em Rick Grimes
-Anthony Padilla. -Norman Reedus. -Jeffrey Dean Morgan. -Andrew Lincoln. -Steven Yeun. Who can guess what the name of this list is
Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman, Martin Freeman, Bill Nighy & Andrew Lincoln is too much charm for 1 movie.
'that earnest, wide-open face drew me in' Why loves... actor Andrew Lincoln
Andrew Lincoln, and itself have been nominated for awards! Vote now: https…
that's me voting for Andrew Lincoln
Brad Pitt, Will Smith and Andrew Lincoln in a zombie movie together pls?? x x
Andrew Lincoln deserves some form of recognition in the Queens New Years honours list. Amazing acting from Egg to Rick!
Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Greg Nicotero and Andrew Lincoln on the set of The Walking Dead
Remake "Funny Girl" as a documentary movie starring Andrew Lincoln, Sam Heughan, and Jim Parsons
Chris at some could you ask Norman Redus and Andrew Lincoln to come on your podcast, please.?
Don't forget to mention that Andrew Lincoln is there too & you can vote for him AND Norman!
My photo op with Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln!
Sexiest Heroes on tv Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reedus. And sexiest villain on tv Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Reasons to watch
Andrew Lincoln was amazing. I can not wait to see the Kingdom,Ezekial & Shiva. S7 sounds inredible
Andrew Lincoln and Steven Yeun meeting for the first time
I think Andrew Lincoln's eyes alone should win an Emmy after last nights premiere..sweet mother of broken hearts! .
I feel like ppl are just saying Andrew Lincoln deserves an award because he was able to throw snot out of his nose last night lol
Andrew Lincoln: From a Bristol comp to taking on hordes of zombies in hit The ...
Andrew Lincoln and Steven Yeun meeting each other for the very first time on set back in 2010! . https:/…
Andrew Lincoln Pulling secrets from Andrew Lincoln about the new season of “The ... ...
And the award goes to... Andrew Lincoln's snot bubble.
Andrew lincoln deserves an award after that performance
"Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes, is on stage.
I don't believe Andrew Lincoln when he cries. I just laugh so hard
Andrew Lincoln is incredible. He gives us his best performance. Rick is completly lost. So hard to watch. So moving.
Andrew Lincoln deserves an Oscar after that performance though😱
Andrew Lincoln deserves an award already
Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes, is on stage.
Norman Reedus pranked Andrew Lincoln by putting glitter in his car's air conditioner 😂
Start the week off right. Vote for Andrew Lincoln to win the
Hey, if it's good enough for Andrew Lincoln and and Robert Reed, it's good enough for Bob Ross.
Basically a person I work with used to be an art director and she worked with Andrew Lincoln like 10 years back and has a photo of him -
This is incredible, such solid dudes and such good hearts
BREAKING: Andrew Paterson renews his contract at Asda, rejecting interest from Tesco, Aldi & Lidl on https:/…
This makes my heart smile!. Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Andrew Lincoln Come Together to Grant Wishes
Same as you, but do fear Daryl, but they would be daft to get rid, he is as important as Andrew Lincoln
I have to say one thing I enjoy is Andrew Lincoln's Rick becoming increasingly more insane.
Very odd how Demi tried to edit Steven (8 second mark) out of this video from 8/19. Could Glenn still be alive?
maybe we play Lincoln Tuesday lol idk
Walkers! Keep voting for Andrew Lincoln to win this year’s
Andrew Lincoln & make it easy to stan for them. Polite, beautiful, thoughtful, incredibly talented & 100% un…
Steven Yeun, Sonequa Martin Green and Andrew Lincoln at photographed by Amanda SanMartin Photography
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Andrew Lincoln went through couple's therapy in the Yahoo Comic-Con suite at
Andrew Lincoln (StarQuotes) When I was at drama school...: via
Andrew Lincoln went to my old school. I remember we had a room named after him in the English block.
Andrew Lincoln & Danai Gurira aka Richonne with Jeffrey Dean Morgan & NR at Int'l press Sdcc breakfast today
Just finished interviewing Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln at w/ Great guys, fun chat.
Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus' bromance is my favourite thing in the world!😂😂
1 VIP ticket for you want to meet Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln don’t you?!
Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus are in a glitter bomb prank war on
Norman Reedus from series "The Walking Dead" pranked Andrew Lincoln by putting glitter inside his air conditioner. 😂 https…
Andrew Lincoln from reveals his favorite comic book hero.
I wanna throw my panties at Stephen Colbert and Andrew Lincoln
no point. No one could ever top Richard Griffiths. But Ben Wishaw as Withnail and Andrew Lincoln as Marwood.
salvei gifs do Andrew lincoln ou gifs do Andrew lincoln me salvaram?
I would find myself getting deeply distressed if I lived in hindsight all the time. - Andrew Lincoln
Pat, our Welsh fervour seems to be well known in Lincoln😉
i searched for andrew lincoln gifs + this turned up?!?! what a Wild crossover
If there are any strange smells across Lincoln in the next half hour, please excuse my nerves,
Follow follow back if you love Andrew Lincoln. :))
Just a reminder that I'm at in Lincoln on Friday evening, being interviewed about Doctor Who, N&H and more. D…
Truefact: Chandler sometimes gets asked if Andrew lincoln is his real dad!
looks Andrew Lincoln in that photo.
In case you're having a bad day here's a gif of andrew lincoln smiling |🌸✨
I have got to meet Andrew Lincoln in Chandler Riggs and I am willing to take the truck to Atlanta Walker Stalker Con to do it
to when we filmed Andrew Lincoln, Natalie Dormer & Christopher Biggins
You know who is attractive though?Andrew Lincoln, Theo James, Liam Hemsworth.. Literally every other male actor in the world.. also MARSHALL
Emily Blunt as Sue, John Krasinski as Johnny, maybe Andrew Lincoln as Reed and Luke Evans as Doom
OMG YES! Though he does seem very not-American to me. That said, I'd have said that about Andrew Lincoln & Hugh Laurie.
Do you know what Andrew Lincoln, Tony Goldwyn and Tom Mison all have in common?? -...
Re-watching season finale "Last Day on Earth" only makes me appreciate Andrew Lincoln's performance even more.
Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, & Norman Reedus-uhm.attracted to everyone in this photo.
Andrew Lincoln is genuinely heartbroken over The Walking Dead season 6 finale character-wise
Andrew Lincoln is so talented give him an Oscar
Other forms of enthusiastic consent include John Cusack with a boom box outside a window and Andrew Lincoln with signs outside a door
Shots were fired last night. We've got the recap of what went down (Spoiler Alert!)
"I never had a policy; I have just tried to do my very best each and every day.". - Abraham Lincoln
I know rick lost his hand to the gov in the comics I had a nightmare about Dwight doing it to Andrew Lincoln last night o-o
Norman Reedus & Andrew Lincoln. One of the best bromances the world has seen
Andrew Johnson overturned Gen.Sherman’s promise,which would have redistributed roughly 400K acres in agreement struck by dead lincoln
How was Andrew Lincoln in the town near where I live and I didn't know about it
I'd spend a week on that nipple. . Andrew Lincoln's Nipple. . ALN.
Sheffield to Lincoln return ticket by train £22 each, booked in advance and a two together railed card £11.80 for 2 of us!over 30 quid saved
no same. Andrew Lincoln walks like he's lost his horse 😂 I've just noticed
Sorry to have to do this, but we're going to withhold Andrew Lincoln until you let British people watch The Walking Dead promos.
Delighted to have Rick Grimes...alias Andrew Lincoln and family today to watch 'Zootropolis' (PG)! ☺️ https:/…
they did make TWD, but Andrew Lincoln is British, so who's the real winner here 😏
Morgan - Rick - Lennie James - Andrew Lincoln. That scene by the barn, I cried. 2 men that started it all and have mutual…
Impeached: The Trial of President Andrew Johnson and the Fight for Lincoln's Legacy in 1868 Congress Impeached
wow is Andrew Lincoln's hair naturally that beautiful and curly??
I nominate Andrew Lincoln as the biggest richonne stan
Forgot to post this TWD 611 BTS pic of captain Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes
Andrew Lincoln in bed is just everything.
so sexy mmm love Andrew Lincoln..with all my heart
Andrew Lincoln could penetrate any orifice in my body
may I suggest 'love actually'. It stars Andrew Lincoln
The April 3rd season finale of will be 90 mins. Andrew Lincoln (Rick) says the episode made him physical…
figured as much. it's like people who go to Walker Stalker Cons for Norman Reedus or Andrew Lincoln. AIN'T HAPPENIN.
Andrew Lincoln: ‘I’m employed to go on a zombie frenzy killing spree' via /r/zombies
love actually has young Andrew Lincoln in it
Wot! BOB made it to the next round! with: Jared, Sam, Colin, Grant, Stephen, Andrew Lincoln, Rich…
On the set of "The Walking Dead," Norman Reedus (Daryl) filled the trailer of Andrew Lincoln (Rick) with chickens as part of…
I'll cope by drowning myself in Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln vids.
Greg Nicotero posted a hilarious photo of Andrew Lincoln & Steve Yeun on his Instagram
Kim you like Andrew Lincoln check him out in a Brit tv series called this life it about young solicitors in the 90s
Watched Wuthering Heights today starring Tom Hardy and Andrew Lincoln. Very good. Beautifully devastating.
You can vote now for Norman Reedus, Steve Yeun, Andrew Lincoln or tons of non-
Not sure about Idris Elba as Roland in the Dark Tower film. Andrew Lincoln, Liam Neeson or Daniel Craig would be my choices.
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The Walking Dead‘s Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus Might Have the Best Bromance on TV (VIDEO)
Andrew Lincoln has been nominated for the Saturn Award for Best TV Actor!!
How did Andrew Lincoln first react to the storyline?? Find out (via https:/…
Before he was going around killing zombies and evil humans on AMC's The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln played one of the m…
In lieu of popped in a DVD of a flick with Sally Hawkins and TWD's Andrew Lincoln. So weird to hear Rick with a British accent
Good god -- I never knew young Terry Collins looked like Viggo Mortensen and/or Andrew Lincoln.
.talked to and Andrew Lincoln about THAT scene from Sunday’s Read on:
Goodnight 😝 I love my boys, Zayn, Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and all my mutuals
I love the fact Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln said if they could bring back any character it would be Hershel (Scott Wilson) ^_^
And that's despite one of the best cold opens in series history. Oh and the performances by Scott Wilson, Andrew Lincoln, and Jon Bernthal..
Andrew Lincoln at the Walker Stalker Con in London with mini Sheriff Rick .. :-)
Managed to get a decent spec got the Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus panel. My serious man crush on Andrew Lincoln just got more serious...
"We filmed an episode meant to be Butch & Sundance, but ended up Bill and Ted" Andrew Lincoln
think I'll have to get tickets for next year, I bet Andrew Lincoln isn't there though!
i hope you get to meet Andrew Lincoln. Rick's the baddest mofo on tv!
Just remembering this gem Andrew Lincoln quote about Richonne from the Season 6 premiere. Andy = Capt of our ship https:…
Andrew Lincoln agrees his character is a "stalker":
There are times in when Andrew Lincoln voice reminds me of Christian Bales batman voice😂😂
The Walking Dead is more fun if you pretend it's Andrew Lincoln's Love Actually character's mind snapping after Keira Knightly shot him down
Fear The Walking Dead adds Dougray Scott to its cast: Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, the leader of the...
I beg you out of all characters on the show please dont kill Andrew Lincoln or Danai Gurira
Now that TWD S6b is so close, Andrew Lincoln & Danai Gurira will be very busy ln the next couple weeks. There's plenty to look forward to.
Danai Gurira & Andrew Lincoln aka Richonne appear in new video: A Look at Final Episodes of S6: The Walking Dead
Norman Reedus is one of my biggest inspirations along with Andrew Lincoln and Steven Yeun.
What do you think of a movie with Andrew Lincoln, James McAvoy, Andrew Scott and Tom Hardy? Any adds?
Did you know actor Andrew Lincoln is married to Ian Anderson's daughter? See live 4/16
📷 reedusnorman: Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus photographed by Jeff Lipsky for TV Guide Magazine
Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus with photographer Jeff Lipsky on the set of their photoshoot for TV Guide Magazine
Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus talk about their real and on-screen bromance 💘😂
Norman Reedus on and filling Andrew Lincoln's trailer with live chickens: https:…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Put this on loop and watch these dorks for hours... Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus Bromance!
The Best Actors of American Tv Series 2015 vote for Norman Reedus or Andrew Lincoln
Miss These fun pics of Andrew Lincoln & will tide you over
Remember the time I met Jason Momoa?. Remember the time I took a selfie with Raul Esparza?. Remember when Andrew Lincoln laughed at my joke?
Working on project & accidentally typed Andrew Lincoln instead of Stonewall Jackson bc I can't get over similarities
Can't wait to see Andrew Lincoln's acting in the scene where Rick chops Jessie's hand off.
The main character! Rick, played by Andrew Lincoln and Morgan played by Lennie James
Harry Dean Stanton in the Bill Nighy role; Andrew Lincoln plays the same character but with a southern accent.
When you see Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually he looks a lot younger and you expect him to draw his .357 Magnum and go all Dirty Harry Walker
Andrew Lincoln and Emma Thompsons bits make me blub every time.
Watching Love Actually and finally realising that Andrew Lincoln's character is a creep, actually. 🎄🎅🏻
Andrew Lincoln, aside from trying to steal his besties wife in Love Actually, stars in The Walking Dead.
you're gonna announce Andrew Lincoln and Robin Lord Taylor for next yes? 😇
oh and waiting for Andrew Lincoln to be announced which is killing me!! Lol x
why are you snubbing the Walking Dead so hard?! Andrew Lincoln, Lennie James! Y'all are crazy
Not even if Andrew Lincoln popped round for a cup of sugar? Yeah right!
Andrew Lincoln. Melissa McBride . Lennie James . Danai Gurira . Should all have Emmys by now
Andrew Lincoln and Tony Goldwyn are seriously the hottest older men I have ever seen..god bless 😍
'The Walking Dead': Andrew Lincoln reveals his best day ever on set EW
The Brits are gathering to discuss John Jesus and History - Helen Bond, Catrin Williams, Andrew Lincoln, Mark Goodacre
I spend my working life pretending to be someone else. - Andrew Lincoln
I've come online this morning to see Andrew Lincoln photos and pictures of Norman's biceps
yes yes yes Andrew Lincoln is perfect
Great Minds: Andrew Graham-Dixon - YouTube - A short piece we put together for the University of Lincoln...
Top hat worn by Abraham Lincoln the night he was shot.
Andrew Lincoln is so handsome it hurts that he doesn't know I love him so much
Lincoln is assassinated (April 14) by John Wilkes Booth in Washington, DC, and is succeeded by his vice president, Andrew Johnson.
Do u guys think I have an obsession with Andrew Lincoln?
Andrew Lincoln is the god attractiveness 😍😍😍
talking dead honestly need michael rooker, Jon Bernthal and andrew lincoln on the episode! definitely would be the best TD Episode
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Want to own the jacket off of Andrew Lincoln's back...signed by the cast of charity? You can!
Each new commercial I see for Victor Frankenstein seems to have more and more Andrew Lincoln. Not that I'm complaining. ;)
All I need in life right now is a selfie of Andrew Lincoln and Jeffrey Dean Morgan together.
Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal's accents on this show give me life.
I'm going to scream if we can get a picture of David Morrisey, Andrew Lincoln, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan all in one room. That'd be legendary
Either Michael Fassbender, Andrew Lincoln, Henry Cavill or David Oyelowo for the next Bond Film. I'll take my fee later Broccoli family!
can't even put into words the way I feel for Andrew Lincoln
Who's more attractive... Andrew Lincoln or Norman Reedus? (It's Andy for me)
Why do Andrew Lincoln and Tony Goldwyn look so similar
Backstage w/ Andrew Lincoln ("Rick" The Walking Dead) yesterday after we opened for his panel at Walker Stalker Con! h…
Also got to see David Morrissey at Andrew Lincoln's pannel this morning and Laurie Holden walked right past me!
Andrew Lincoln panel, crashed by David Morrissey (the governor)
Pretty far from the stage but Andrew Lincoln and David Morrissey!! Funny guys.
Which season is Andrew Lincoln's favorite? Whichever David Morrissey is in, he jokes!
This morning I've walked in the same street where Andrew Lincoln fed walkers with a horse. ❤️
Sometimes I get random urges to fake either Andrew Lincoln, Hugh Dancy or Robert Downey Jr but I don't think I could get them right.
And then comes the day when Andrew Lincoln sports a PA13 beard, becomes an emoji and you can hardly breathe
You'll my my day even more if you get Andrew Lincoln as well! The Governor and Rick! Thanks guys!
is it Danai Gurira or Lennie James or Lauren Cohan, they are my guesses. Still really hoping for Andrew Lincoln...
Who could resist? Andrew Lincoln & Danai Gurira are so adorable. gif credit to myfriendamy https:…
I hate the hyper-masculine acting of Andrew Lincoln (Rick) in Walking Dead but Jon Bernthal (Shane) was the worst.
I can't believe I live in a world where Andrew Lincoln and Frank dillane are real
The Walking Dead, review: 'the Ricktatorship is back': Andrew Lincoln gave a p...
at this point I'll do anything to meet Andrew Lincoln 😢
Andrew Lincoln is married to the daughter of Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson who played flute at their wedding.
25 Days to go! Worship Encounter 3 Album coming out Nov 4th! @ Lincoln, Illinois
In loving memory of Andrew Lincoln, he ain't dead, I just love remembering him
Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln at last night’s at MSG!
I've never wanted to meet Andrew Lincoln and Grumpy Cat more than I do rn :')
Mindfulness metaphor: close the apps on your iPhone you don't need open! - Andrew Lincoln
Andrew Lincoln at the panel at Madison Square Garden. They packed the garden for the…
Atlanta is an incredibly cool city. Andrew Lincoln.
We talk to Andrew Lincoln about some of Season 6's biggest episodes
Andrew Lincoln & Danai Gurira aka King & Queen of the Zombie Apocalypse holding court in NYC MSG (closer up pic)
Behind the scenes of EW's 'The Walking Dead' photo shoot -
Andrew Lincoln: from happy-go-lucky Egg to star of The Walking Dead
I don't really like Andrew Lincoln, I'll admit to that, but Grumpy Cat. 😂
Grumpy Cat and Andrew Lincoln give each other scowling tips in http…
Andrew Lincoln as a baby. "Just saying, Judith looks more like Shane. I'm just saying!" -
EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Lincoln warns of "horrendous deaths" in season 6!
Andrew Lincoln hanging out with is my fave photo from this far.
Andrew Lincoln in his bow tie last night
"I'm dressed like a penguin looking at 15,000 people." - Andrew Lincoln
The best way to survive the zombie apocalypse: NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 09: Andrew Lincoln; Chandler Riggs and S...
Host Yvette Nicole Brown just quipped that Andrew Lincoln looked "Shane-ish" as a baby. What do you think?
Lets talk about Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes and Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln
What if... the guy who plays Daryl Dixon played the role Andrew Lincoln has and vise versa?
NEW pictures of Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln on set!
Exclusive: See a new season 6 shot of Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes:
It was my daddy andrew lincoln's birthday today?? Aww
It's so unfair I can't have a piece of Andrew Lincoln
Saw Rick Grimes at the metro. Unfortunately, it wasn't Andrew Lincoln.
Happy (late) birthday to the one, the only Andrew Lincoln !
Oh, the happenin's at dinner! Britt fell into her chair, literally, Ethan votes Andrew Lincoln sexist man alive, Patrick likes thick cheese!
Happy Birthday to our favorite zombie apocalypse leader, Andrew Lincoln who turns 42 today!
or favorite to wish Andrew Lincoln a Happy Birthday! If only we could all look that good at 42 htt…
Happy Birthday to our favorite sheriff – Andrew Lincoln!
Is Andrew Lincoln really leaving the Walking Dead?!
Happy Birthday to the most badass Sheriff, Andrew Lincoln.
Happy 42nd birthday to our favorite zombie fighting sheriff Mr. Andrew Lincoln! ICYMI, his Nerdist podcast episode:
In 29 minutes it will be the celebration of the birth of Andrew Lincoln. Its a *** holiday tomorrow so why is there school
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