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Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson (December 29, 1808 July 31, 1875) was the 17th President of the United States (1865–1869).

Bill Clinton Andrew Jackson Edwin Stanton Richard Nixon James Buchanan Warren G Harding Franklin Pierce Warren Harding Thomas Jefferson Abe Lincoln

Theres a MULTITUDE of other Democrats to choose from: Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson, etc. People ne…
Arguably parallels dynamic between Andrew Johnson and Stanton that led to the Tenure in…
David Johnson called a 'strong Sebastian ... contrasting impressively ... with his characterisation of Sir Andrew'…
Abuse of pardons; erratic, unstable behavior; incompetence; vile bigot; impeachable. His analogy was off by o…
Nominating Phil Johnson as the new Director would be one of very best hires: 
Andrew Roussos carries the coffin of his daughter Saffie as the Manchester bombing's youngest victim is laid to rest.
Sure, you can pardon yourself. Andrew Johnson probably just didn't think of that.
disillusioned if you think you are a great president right behind Abe. I put you behind Andrew Johnson. Look him up.
Andrew Johnson TOOK Black People's land away from them. Many have still not recovered from such a benefit to others.
Third, the last time this was tried w a cabinet post it resulted in articles o…
Really? What about FDR putting Japanese into internment camps? Jackson and the Trail of Tears? Andrew Johnson and J…
This relates to why I think the next president who wants gov't to work well will have a tougher job tha…
Andrew Johnson did it. But, uh, that didn't work out so well for him.
You are the most laughable President since Andrew Johnson!
My reaction to reading that Duke Johnson is the "leading candidate" to replace Andrew Hawkins as the primary slot r…
3/ Andrew Johnson won election on Republican ticket, but was loyal Democrat whom Lincoln picked to broaden his appeal in 1864.
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Trump is the first president since Andrew Johnson not to have a pet in the Whitehouse. Things didn't turn out great for Johnson either.
Big Cheddar says he's right behind Lincoln. Close--the next president was Andrew Johnson, first to impeachment.
My portrait commissioned by Andrew Johnson, 21 years ago!
Hopefully, he is forgotten like the other bad presidents of history, Andrew Johnson, Warren Harding, etc.
I know I'm bad about filtering current events through whatever I happen to be reading, but Andrew Johnson really was pretty Trump-y
From Andrew Johnson to Nixon, Massachusetts has historic impeachment role .
Post Andrew Johnson, yes he will be.
The last time a president fired a cabinet officer, he was impeached by the House .
Well that's what got Andrew Johnson impeached so yea it kind of is.
belongs on with Herbert Hoover, Warren G Harding, Andrew Johnson, & Calvin Coolidge.
You are disgusting. People will look at your presidency like they do Andrew Johnson. Not Jackson.…
3 "as this talk of about other men unworthy of his steel! "-William Brownlow to Andrew Johnson-
1/1 "You are a living mass of undulating filfth, a political Skunk - ..." -William Brownlow to Andrew Johnson-
Seriously? Andrew Johnson was more presidential than Even Thomas Dewey was more presidential .
I think they stopped allowing that after Andrew Johnson
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Does it EVER stop! You know we had 2 Andrew Johnson Bill Clinton and D Ms really thought they…
More than the GW Bush, Andrew Johnson, Nixon? Not even them! Trump is a real bottom feeder!
Lord every morning I wake up with your breath in my lungs remind me of your greatness and goodness. Lord let me...
is less presidential than Nixon & Andrew Johnson combined. He's a liar, who puts $$ & his own…
Here's a look at another proposal for use of the Andrew Johnson Building:
Kinda like comparing andrew johnson to Abe Lincoln!!
Fortunately, Trump will be remembered. You know, like James Buchanan is remembered, Like Andrew Johns…
Roxanne and Chris, with Brian Kemp: A Call to Prayer is underway with Fire Lt. and Pastor Andrew Johnson,...
I'd place him somewhere around Buchanan and Andrew Johnson...
Great to catch Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson flying the flag at the Tyro Fintech hub with Andrew Corbett-Jones. More on
Incompetent, inappropriate, mysoginist, wannabe all describe Maybe he was more Presidential than Andrew Johnson?
Andrew Johnson and Edwin Stanton again... Trump and Sessions locked in silent battle via
Not since Andrew Johnson fired Edwin Stanton in 1867, triggering his own impeachment, has a president feuded so op…
Re Sessions: It is interesting that the impeachment of Andrew Johnson was ostensibly based upon his attempts to fire War Sec Edwin Stanton
Interesting to note that the main reason Andrew Johnson was impeached was his firing of War Secretary Edwin Stanton.
I guess Jeff Sessions is going the Edwin Stanton vs. Andrew Johnson route.
He can say he's commemorating Andrew Johnson's suspension of Edwin M. Stanton in August 1867. Mc…
Ah, that's been tried before: Andrew Johnson and Edwin Stanton. Got Johnson impeached, but of dubious legality
16/07/1999 - Blues beat Cheltenham 3-2 at Whaddon Rd, goals from Andrew Johnson and Howard Forinton.
Mr. Andrew Johnson, the Prince's former chief executive and the employer of Mary Beck, Co., lucky wlitters.
This is not the 1st time you've said Richard Nixon was impeached—you need to stop saying it. Andrew Johnson and Bill…
For reasons I couldn’t possibly explain, I’m thinking about our description of Andrew Johnson again:
Same people ain't never dare touch a Thomas Jefferson, George Washington or Andrew Johnson painting/statue/mural! . ***
The shirt should have had Hillary Clinton, Bob Dole, Andrew Johnson, Bill Nye and Timothy Leary.
Term limits are in order. Orrin Hatch was a Senator when Andrew Johnson was impeached.
Hanging out with the boys. Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, and James Polk. Good times. @ North…
But we have never, again other than Jackson and probably Andrew Johnson, had such an openly, PROUDLY vulgar, callow, insecu…
To be bipartisan I'd advocate adding Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson.
Now THAT I take issue with. . Andrew Jackson and…
Isabel Oakeshott calls Jeremy Corbyn a clown. The party she supported have made Boris Johnson the Foreign Secretary...
Did President Andrew Johnson ever attempt to help the slaves during the reconstruction?
Johnson Andrew wrote and I just shared. Don't crucify me for sharing. . You set up a radio station. Printed...
I will have to try that one 😊 I really like Andrew Johnson's apps and mp3s
If the stories about Kasowitz filing suit against Comey are true, this administration makes Andrew Johnson look like Augustus Caesar.
PSA: If Andrew Johnson isn't among your 10 worst presidents (and Reagan is!) you're doing it wrong.
You infants are going to pin the crimes of the 2008 financial crisis is only outdone by Andrew Johnson's leniency after the Civil War.
I thought Andrew Johnson—who was impeached—was the worst president before Trump.
Andrew Johnson came within 1 vote of Senate conviction, for an alleged violation of a short-lived law from the late 18…
And recall Nixon was not impeached. Only Clinton and Andrew acquitted.
Andrew I locked you in a room that locks from the inside it would not take much to assassinate you
Impeachment is the formal leveling of charges by the legislature. It’s like an indictment. Andrew Johnson was also…
This week Andrew Johnson has mostly been eating awake Yuzu
So was this the case, like, between Andrew Johnson and Bush I?
Bc he's the new Andrew Johnson combined with Andrew Jackson
He's probably more isolated than any president since Andrew Johnson, who also got there thr…
Still on Northern Youths Coalition quit notice to Igbo residing in the North, Comrade Johnson Andrew wrote this...
Tift County ILB Andrew Johnson runs the 100, 200 and the 4X100. It sounds familiar for a UGA target. -->…
Jim Irsay will ‘be damned’ if Colts don’t win multiple Super Bowls with Andrew Luck. (SPEEDonFOX)
I never imagined that someone worse than Andrew Johnson would be President.
UGA recruiting: Tift County LB Andrew Johnson wanted by most of the SEC
Abraham Lincoln was a Republican,his Vice President Andrew Johnson was a Democrat. John Wilkes Booth was a Dem. He shot Rep
The 17th U.S. president, Andrew Johnson, was drunk for both his Vice Presidential Inauguration, and his Presidential In…
What good is impeachment? B. Clinton was impeached. Andrew Johnson was impeached. What good did it do?
Nothing to see here, just Boris Johnson trying to wrestle Labour's Andrew Gwynne live on. 👉
i'm obsessed with Shawn Johnson and Andrew East
rube and boob Tennessee Governor and Senator AND Vice President and President Andrew Johnson was CARPETBAGGING'S first stop on the way SOUTH
Congrats to for his all star nod! As well- 2020 Chaos Beefsteak players Cam Johnson, Gavin Harmon, Gabe Stef…
Andrew Johnson, surrender your masonic ring and your masonic bible.
In publishing an article about what it takes to impeach a president, you want to correctly identify Andrew Johnson. Not Jackson.
1864, Abraham Lincoln was renominated for president with Andrew Johnson as his running mate.…
Or when the party fundamentally disagrees with their president, a la Andrew Johnson. He was nominally Republican, i…
you see, the answer to q, lies in math. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. Andrew Johnson was the 17…
Serious Q: If Warren Harding, Andrew Johnson are the baseline, where would Trump rank of 45? Better or worse than them?
Something something Andrew Johnson, something something pleasure of the President. 😂
Andrew Johnson the seventeenth president , was a tailor before he was president, he did not know how to read until he was 17 years old
The distinguished honor of impeachment went to two Presidents, drum roll please. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clin…
Dear Hillary Clinton the only two presidents that have ever been impeached are Andrew Johnson in 1868 and YOUR HUSBAND in 199…
Andrew Johnson - not Andy Jackson, or even Richard Nixon - is the POTUS whom Trumo most resembles. via
How about your Birtherism, the Red Scare/McCarthyism, Andrew Johnson's Impeachment, the smear camp…
Who knew the Tennessee president Trump would most resemble would be Andrew Johnson, not Jackson.
Andrew Johnson didn't have a dog in WH. He was impeached. William McKinley didn't h…
Some light reading. Imagine where we might be were it not for Andrew Johnson. Truth Behind '40 Acres and a Mule' .
July 2017 and Moyes unveils his new Sunderland strike force: James Beattie and Andrew Johnson.
As did many from that region. Andrew Johnson, a true Jackson disciple, risked much to side with the Union.
He is thinking of Andrew Johnson. 17 POTUS instead of Andrew Jackson 7 POTUS. Is trump actually American? He has lie…
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He knows that there were presidents Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson, right?
Question: Who is the only U.S. President to resign from office? . . A). Andrew Johnson. B). Bill Clinton. C). Chester A. Arthur. D). Richard Nixon
I have an extra ticket since Andrew works :(
arrest Andrew Wright for the January 2015 deadly shooting of Derrick Johnson.
Thank you. An aside: On my paternal grandmother's side, Im related to Andrew Johnson. Imagine, he thoug…
Inaccurate. The House impeaches; the Senate conducts the trial. Andrew Johnson and Bi…
Uh, no. No modern about it. Andrew Johnson, Harding, & Nixon COMBINED couldn't carry (xx-small) jock.…
Get a Nick Van Exel and another Amethyst and move Kevin Johnson to the bench
Andrew Toles has hit a home run on average once every 23.9 plate appearances as a big leaguer. As a minor leaguer, it wa…
But I am thankful to all who fought for whatever reason in that terrible avoidabl…
Where do atheists find meaning in life? I discuss with on A Better Life.
Andy from Toy Story and Joe Johnson are really leading a playoff team lol
Do you see Shawn Johnson and Andrew counting months?
The tail end of a hangover is built for a little bit of Simon and Garfunkel...
Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson remind me of Andrew wooding and Darrien they kinda look alike in a way :/
You have Hood, Hayward Hill and also to a certain extent Diaw and Johnson. Plenty of ball handlers, don't need to play eithe…
Hard to believe that this started in 1866 when South passed "black laws" & Andrew Johnson blocked enforcement of Ya…
by the way I like you am a lifelong Met-Jet fan only Imma boycott the because Woody Johnson is…
Sad that you think it was... because it's not "glorious". The worst President since Andrew…
Coal has been demarketed by "eco" groups funded by renewables investors.…
Have U heard of any of Michael Gove David Cameron George Osborne Andrew Leadsom…
Greeneville, TN was the home of our 17th president, Andrew Johnson. Visit the Andrew Johnson Museum.
Teammate wrote about Jaleel Johnson, one Day 3 pick who could make an early impact.
Jadar Johnson and Darian Thompson fighting it out for the FS spot is going to be interesting, not to mention Andrew Adams
Andrew Berry said Roderick Johnson will open his career at LT (behind Joe Thomas). Has movement skills and size
Johnson Andrew says " That you are advocating for us to forget our past president in so short a time mean that...
Georgina, Andrew and Johnson Gock. Family grave cleaning gathering.
TIL I learned that Andrew Johnson had no Vice President.
Yeah...I mean, like look and Andrew Johnson. He too was a racis…
Getting Personal: Andrew Johnson: The 47-year-old new chief operating officer at the Champaign-Urbana…
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Andrew Johnson was that style Dem, anti-Republican and pro-slavery & why he messed up Reconstruction. We still suff…
"The purpose of a detour is for God to develop you into who He wants you to be" -Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson ain't got time for exponential Movies for ages 2 to 4
No of course not! My family ❤FDR Dems. But Wallace was a Dem til he went 3rd party. We had racists since Andrew Johnson.…
A corbyn was a realist about brexit. B johnson ideology has tory dna, a bit like the lib dems
New explores the American dream of the 1930s through the art of
MTD's new COO, Andrew Johnson, chatting w Rick Danzl about marathons, &
well John Tyler or Andrew Johnson would be worse off, Warren G Harding was okay at 100, his problems o…
Rachel Johnson, the columnist and sister of Boris Johnson, reveals on The Andrew Marr Show why she has left the...
April 15, 1865: Less than 3 hours after Lincoln's death, Andrew Johnson is sworn in as the 17th president by Chief Justic…
Congrats to Willow Grove PT Sups of the Quarter Dave Skrocki & Andrew Johnson. Keep up the great work!
What is this? Does no one remember president Andrew Jackson, Franklin Pierce, or Andrew Johnson... no well I guess…
Today in 1866 Andrew Johnson vetoes the Civil Rights Act granting citizenship to those born or brought to US, but is o…
no arg there. I love the party of Lincoln. This is Jeff Davis & Andrew Johnson.
GW, Thomas Jefferson, James Buchanan, and Andrew Johnson are the only non federalists in the bunch, I agree.
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Brad has more beauty in his tongue than Andrew Johnson had in his whole body.
Andrew Johnson ain't got time for French Movies
Key turning point in presidency becoming so powerful is Andrew Johnson sabotaging Reconstruction and getting away with it.
When Andrew says "I just want to pop in here and buy a bottle of…
Do you have to use a basal, but want to try a Reader's Workshop model? Here are some ideas
No surprise here. Great story from Tom Verducci on Andrew McCutchen's rough 2016 and looking at this season
Andrew Miller allows HR to Nelson Cruz and Starling Marté of Dominican Republic. He had allowed 2 HR in relief only once…
Awesome pic of and senior Andrew Johnson
Political Desk! President, Andrew Johnson was drunk during his inauguration and during his speech!
The campus left and our president both seem to be rejecting rationality, writes Andrew Sullivan
Andrew Johnson lays it in on the give-n-go w/ Logan Watson to push Shelby lead to 50-39 2:22 to play.
Back-to-back scores inside from Andrew Johnson and TJ Reynolds and its 25-19 Shelby on Whitehall. 2:50 in half.
Such a hero, remind of our great past potus Andrew Johnson.
Worst Presidents. Andrew Johnson, was sworn in as the 17th head of state. Johnson, a native of Raleigh, North...
shaks will be on a massive wage, if can get rid & replace would be good, Johnson maybe, but let's b honest lacks quality...
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Would keep Johnson, and maybe Shackell for experience but agree on the rest
Hopefully one day you'll release another book, Andrew! Old Man Johnson is amazing!
Worst Presidents. Andrew Johnson became president after President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. His...
Corey Raymond has punt return. . Dennis Johnson has kickoff. . Mickey Joseph has kickoff return. . O says he's still…
Jose Fonte is probably worst defender I've seen in a West Ham shirt and lets not forget we had Rodger Johnson and Pogatetz on…
The Word of God. Don't leave home without it.
Popular on : granny smith by dj84065 |
Free for members webinar: Strengthening Relationships to Drive Desired Culture by Andrew Johnson - at https:…
The UK doesn't have to pay the EU a brexit bill, nothing but blackmail & extortion from the desperate EU
Andrew Johnson was pretty bad. As was Harding.
to be fair mate I think Johnson is trying but he isn't good enough. It's those above him not doing their job
He is literally the worse President ever and I remember James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson.
Rag & Bone man. Taj from come fly with me and Andrew 'Beef' Johnson. Same bloke isn't it?
Armed with a new diet, a fitter is eyeing the Top 20 of the Emirates ATP Rankings. Read:
You want to know what humble is... Google Andrew "Beef" Johnson, getting a tour card changed his life & he stays knowing where he came from
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
The left one is Dwayne Johnson. The one on the right is his twin brother, The Rock.
Pick me! I'm cheap, available and boy do I look good in red! Sack Johnson Vote Owen!
Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden killed 5 wounded 10 at middle school.
Just remembered how bad the foul call on D.J. Johnson was.
D.J. Johnson called for a brutal (and bad) over the back call. WVU to the line.
About Maurice sitting on the bench, D.J. Johnson is playing out of his mind, too. Been a fun game
How is the play hard chart looking now after that DJ Johnson play?
omg stop it. None of these are impeachable. Get real Andrew Johnson didn't get impeached and he wanted to bring back slavery.
I have been collecting rare coins for 30 yrs i see you have the Pres. $1.00 Andrew Johnson. 1Kilo…
1/ Since 1797, 19 federal officials have been impeached, 2 were POTUS; one being Bill Clinton the other Andrew Johnson.
Obviously, will need to release Andrew Bogut before adding Sanders. But if everything falls into place, could happen…
Charles Johnson reveals that he ran into Captain Munnerlyn at BoA Stadium today. So there's that.
Former WR Charles Johnson lands with the Panthers on a one-year deal
And we must talk about Minneapolis council member Andrew Johnson's flag he bought from Amazon 12yo hanging i…
The truly tragic thing about the Lincoln assassination is that it absolutely worked. Andrew Johnson was an *** let them get away with it.
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It's not football manager fella. George Thorne, Will Hughes, Bradley Johnson and the like. That's the backbone.
Andrew Johnson balling out here in cut bank. He had 22 of Shelby's 40. Coyotes up 40-29 over Rocky Boy at half.
in 1868, Pres. Andrew Johnson would be impeached with. the House of Reps. voting 11 articles of impeach…
worst president. Warren G. Harding, Andrew Johnson, Millard Filmore, they have nought on you. You are an embarrasment to
On this day in 1868, Andrew Johnson becomes the first president to be impeached.
People who don't get hyperbole, satire, or sarcasm are the best thing since Abe Lincoln killed Andrew Johnson with…
Andrew Johnson was only Lincoln's VP for the second term. First was Hannibal Hamlin. Sorry.
anchovy are just flat out hated... the Andrew Johnson of toppings
42, Andrew Johnson did a grand job of shafting newly freed slaves
Andrew Johnson was the worst. With Chester A. Arthur a close 2nd.
...Franklin Pierce? Warren G. Harding? Andrew Johnson? James Buchanan? Seriously, New Yorker, you're better than th…
Andrew Johnson has eight points to lead the Panthers. Travis Yohnke with six.
Congratulations to the Titans on beating Harding and North on Senior night. Special recognition to Andrew Johnson on hi…
On Small School North roster are Zach Wilson (OL) and Jack Werch (DB) of Berlin and Andrew Johnson (DB) of Omro
Pic after last nights Conference with Andrew Johnson about the Starchild Skull ,Richard D Hall was also in attendan…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Bless up for Andrew Johnson cause he helped me park this morning
Good to see Theresa May pledge her commitment to the British kebab. Well known for her love of a late night doner. https:/…
Andrew Johnson learned the hard way
I know we're all focused on the now and all, but i'd just like to reiterate that andrew johnson was an ***
Andrew Johnson didn't have a great first week if memory serves. Boss getting shot and an electorate in dissaray will do that.
sounds like something DJ Johnson or Bandy would have you giddy about lol
Andrew Johnson is upset about losing his title.
If Andrew Wiggins Maple Jordan who is Maple Hill (Grant Hill of Canadian) or Maple Johnson (Magic Johnson of Canadian)
Dakari Johnson finished with 22 points (7-14 FGs; 8-15 FTs) and 10 rebounds for the OKC Blue
Clinton was impeached. Andrew Johnson was impeached.
Andrew Johnson's and Bill Clinton's portraits are begging someone to
We have impeached Andrew Johnson & Bill Clinton. Neither was convicted/removed.
You are everything that is wrong with political discourse today. Personally, I appreciated humanizing the nominee.
A classy response to a classless reaponse. Thank you, Carrie, for a humanizing tidbit.
Leading scorers: Isaiah Reddish with 19, Christian Johnson with 15, and Andrew Freeman with 13.
CEO Andrew Crane ­says Aus shouldn’t take foot off the pedal re free trade pacts:
The goal to strive for is a poor government but a rich people." Andrew Johnson
Productive day with Natilie's Sisters. Thank you President Dave Johnson and Andrew Moore.
Local guys last 2 yrs. Artie Burns. Deon Bush. Tracy Howard. Jamal Carter. Jaquan Johnson & more. Be great in your hometo…
Ask a deadbeat what's his child teacher name he go say I think ms Johnson but I know he go to Ronald Andrew charter school my lil man smart
Andrew Johnson would have been better off had he pulled a WHH
Superb painting from Good Art Guide artist Check out their page for more great art. .
Government told to scrap Severn tolls so we aren't 'double-taxed' .
Y now it's time for the the Country Bear Jamboree show starring Andrew Johnson. Oh, evacuate.
Andrew Johnson ain't got time for Reality TV
'The dull mind rises to truth through material things.'
Nixon was not impeached. Only Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were.
OK, I'm impressed: Our photo archive has a picture of President Andrew Johnson in it.
Great to see the efforts of and it's volunteers in Newport praised in the today...…
they couldn't impeach Clinton or Andrew Johnson and they committed a lot worse of a crime than Trump ever will
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Trump is rapidly going from Andrew Jackson to Andrew Johnson.
Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton are d only two presidents to have been impeached, two others came very close.
it has technically never happened, going by the house the record is probably held by Andrew Johnson
FYI: On this day in 1868, U.S. Senate heard impeachment charges against Pres. Andrew Johnson surrounding his firing of U.S. S…
Tonight: Mad Lib Theater with Dakota Johnson, and music from
Andrew Johnson, you got excessive farts
Tuesday TEMS: Andrew Malcolm, Jonathan Adler, Abby Johnson - Today on The Ed Morrissey Show (4 pm ET), we have ...
Today I learned that president Andrew Johnson was a savage, drank more than a fish, & would often make speeches while hallucinating 😂
"Andrew Johnson was impeached because he fired a disloyal member of his cabinet..."
This is how hitler started as well he fired people that didnt agree with him Andrew Johnson did this as well and he…
newsflash you can't impeach a president just because you don't like him, ask Andrew Johnson
As long as you ignore Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton then yes, we've never impeached a president
if they are then they need need to take a good hard look in mirror. Most incompetent president after Andrew Johnson
I know, when I see "Worst President Ever", I'm like "Are you out of your minds?". Andrew Johnson is the worst.right now.
Andrew Johnson and the current fake president Trump have in common the worst by far because incompetence Rule the…
Nixon wasn't impeached. The first president to be impeached was Andrew Johnson. Uh, for firing cabinet members for defiance.
Hey, ummm, wasn't Andrew Johnson impeached for what Trump did today?.
1st president to be impeached, Andrew Johnson; tipping point was attempt to fire cabinet offcr. Not exactly same, b…
Trump has to be the least qualified president since like, Andrew Johnson.
.Andrew Johnson is dancing in his grave with the knowledge he will no longer be considered the country's worst president.
Andrew Johnson and Jackson are getting some stiff competition for worst President ever.
Andrew Johnson 17th president was impeached
Trump is the most useless President since Andrew Johnson.
. February 24, 1868. Andrew Johnson. President of the United States. Violating the Tenure of Office Act Acquitted
Already the worst president in history. You've only in office for 8 days. Makes Buchanan,Andrew Johnson,Harding seem great!
I think that Trump is the worst President of my lifetime. Time will tell if he becomes worse than Andrew Johnson, the worst POTUS ever.
Donald Trump is trying to challenge Andrew Johnson for worst President. Andrew Johnson tried to overturn the 13th amendment lol
Orange Hitler is on his way to become the most hated President. Right next to Andrew Johnson.
President is a winner. He's beaten out Andrew Johnson as the worst President of all time. You are a disgrace
This is a great time for Andrew Johnson's supporters, 2nd worst president in history! Look out Jackson...
He was impeached but not enough to lose the job just the second president, Andrew Johnson , Lincoln's VP, who was. You best
I hate this guy. He's already easily the worst President we've had since Andrew Johnson.
I'm not really considering him a president so for now Andrew Johnson can keep the title until Trump's impeachment.
JV Super Regionals JV Wildcats take 3rd as a team and Andrew Johnson 285 Champion. Great job.
Andrew Johnson gave the South a mulligan on the whole slavery thing. Hard to do worse than that, but the current president is coming close.
trump is modeling his Admin after Andrew Johnson a very popular president
Is Trump the most unpopular President ever? Hmm, Andrew Johnson was pretty unpopular. He was also a racist, and got impeached.
Why do thinkpieces keep needing to compare Trump to foreign dictators instead of like, Andrew Johnson or Richard Nixon or George Wallace?
you will join the ranks of Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Or you also may resign as Richard Nixon did and save face now.
Andrew Johnson smashed the possibility of racial equality & ushered in Jim Crow. Andrew Jackson for Trail…
At his Vice Presidential inauguration in 1865, Andrew Johnson was too drunk to swear in the new senators.
as "Worst President" has sooo eclipsed the failed Andrew Johnson and Jimmy Carter.
More likely he'll be ranked w/ Andrew Johnson, Warren G. Harding and James Buchanan; the worst.⚓
thanks for voting Andrew Johnson into our Hall of Fame!
Strictly speaking, 1967 through 2016, for the 25th Amendment. But I don't think even Andrew Johnson was this incoherent.
Andrew Johnson, b. 12-29-1808. Soon to be the second worst president, or maybe third, ahead of James…
Who was the first U.S. President to be impeached?. D. Richard Nixon. E. Andrew Johnson. F. Andrew Jackson. G. Warren G Harding
Andrew Johnson laces one and Wyatt cleans it up. 11-1 Galacticos
We survived John Quincy, Andrew Johnson, Warren G Harding, Carter and Bush (all 12 years) we will persist through Trump
never been a pres more sat up to fail. And a handful in so much danger. Andrew Johnson had a smaller hill to climb
James Buchanan, Warren Harding, Ulysses S. Grant, George W. Bush and Andrew Johnson.just to name a few.
That still not including guys like Woodrow Wilson, Andrew Johnson, Ulysses Grant & amongst others that opposed African American civil rights
Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868. The Gold Rush was 1848-1855. Slavery was abolished in 1865.
Well.. look at it this way at least Andrew Johnson isn't our current president
Andrew Johnson was pro-slavery (Lincoln's Vice President) a democrat who was elected after the assassination of the President
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