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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson (March 15, 1767 June 8, 1845) was the seventh President of the United States (1829–1837).

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today, Trump is going from Detroit to Nashville to celebrate Andrew Jackson. in 1804, this man escaped Jackson and fled to…
Andrew Jackson was a slaver, ethnic cleanser, and tyrant. He deserves no place on our money. via
1830 Andrew Jackson gets congress to pass the Indian Removal Act .
In 1830, the Indian Removal Act was passed by Andrew Jackson.
in 1830 Andrew Jackson got congress to pass the Indian Removal Act
Slavery, Indian Removal Act, the atrocities never go away. Trump will lay a wreath at Andrew Jackson's grave Wed.
Andrew Jackson was a huge proponent of Indian removal and a slave owner so this is appropriate.
Andrew Jackson couldn't spell either. And that's why we had the Trail of Tears. Misspellers hate Native Americans. Coincidence?
They were victimized by democrat Andrew Jackson "Trail of Tears" use your Google. Moved to reservations. Not by my GOP Party
Why's Trump got a pic of Andrew Jackson on his wall? Whatever else, Jackson was a courageous warrior & Trump, a draft-dodger. Toy soldiers?
Also a congrats is in order to Alex Raichle and Andrew Jackson on being selected to the Honorable Mention All-Big 9 team. Way to go fellas!
If you combine the personalities of Andrew Jackson, Warren G. Harding, and Lyndon B. Johnson, you basically get Donald Trump.
That is a good thing, but not necessarily true. I can think of a few. Warren G. Harding, Herbert Hoover, and Andrew Jackson...
Lmao, well yeah. No one outright likes Andrew Jackson.
Andrew Jackson probably sick af down there knowing that Native Americans still exist
TIL that Andrew Jackson adopted an orphaned Creek Indian boy named Lyncoya after the Creek War
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also happy Presidents' Day to Andrew Jackson, u were a lowkey racist but u were the first president to ride a train
This I lament slave owning, racist presidents like Andrew Jackson who signed the genocidal Indian Removal…
TIL James Monroe was the first president to ride on a steamboat, Andrew Jackson was first to ride a train, Martin Van Buren received the fi…
Trump v the Constitution. Why there are scary similarities to Andrew Jackson's presidency. My take .
The similarities between Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson are concerning.
stevie, needs to go back about 200 years and read what Andrew Jackson had to say about this in the constitution. He…
My take on how Donald Trump is like Andrew Jackson & why that's a bad thing .
"You are a den of vipers and thieves." - Andrew Jackson.
Beware the similarities between Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson. via
Is Donald Trump's potential showdown w the courts over immigration ban reminiscent of Andrew Jackson's presidency...
Andrew Jackson & Donald Trump - both had/have a disregard for the rule of law and constitutional checks & balances.
Donald Trump is a lot like Andrew Jackson. That's a problem.
This president approved a pipeline that threatens Sioux water, and his hero is Andrew Jackson. It isn't just a slur. https:…
Congratulations, on doing what Andrew Jackson never could: you've gotten rid of John C. Calhoun, and it's about *** time.
Andrew Jackson was known for having Judges arrested   10% Off
Readers sound off on Prince, Andrew Jackson and Kelly Ripa
Before the John Birch Society, there was Woodrow Wilson. Before there was Woodrow, there was Andrew Jackson and the "Trail of…
02-10 Readers sound off on Prince, Andrew Jackson and
Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act in 1830. Don't know about your family, my ancestors walked TOT from GA to OK. Fear
it was democrat Andrew Jackson who signed Indian Removal Act of 1830. I'm sickened by lack of history of this event.
Andrew Jackson had the Indian Removal Act. Trump has his Muslim Removal Act, Hispanic Removal Act, anyone who disagrees with me
Remember when the Supreme Court vetoed the Indian Removal Act and Andrew Jackson did it anyway? Yeah the Muslim ban is totally gone forever
Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and other founders state" It is the right of the people for a revolution".
02-09 Readers sound off on Prince, Andrew Jackson and
So you want to be "like Andrew Jackson?" He owned 100s of slaves and started Indian Removal Act sending entire tribes away.
Opinions: Trump is trying to compare himself to Andrew Jackson. Wrong Andrew.
America's first Democrat, Andrew Jackson, signed The Indian Removal Act...guess what Congressman from TN voted against the law
I just learned that Andrew Jackson left a 700 pound wheel of cheese in the White House for when Martin van Buren became president.
So, Trump is like Biff Tannen, Citizen Kane, Andrew Jackson and Harry Truman? Who else will he be like: James Buchanan?
Wilson could not hve known..and William Jennings Bryant, and Andrew Jackson..for all intensive purposes as Jefferson..were rt
Justice Douglas sided with Cherokee against enactment of Indian Removal Act of 1838, POTUS Andrew Jackson forced Tr…
Lrt he chose a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the oval office...the president that enacted the Indian Removal Act & caused the Trail of Tears
Trumps hero Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act, which coercively extirpated thousands of Natives from their ancestral homelands
Andrew Jackson: founder of the Democratic Party. Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears. The Hill says Trump is…
Using American History books? Be sure to include Andrew Jackson's "Indian Removal Act" Not in my sons?
The inaugural address in 2017 was inspired by Andrew Jackson. He signed the Indian Removal Act 1830.…
The Indian Removal Act in 1830 signed by Andrew Jackson was pretty popular too with Americans.just saying.
Beware of anyone who reveres Andrew Jackson and William Jennings Bryant. This is a red flag!
Apparently you've never heard of Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act.
Yes, but his advisors and surrogates are coming up w/craziness. W. Bryant Jennings and Andrew Jackson? Good grief😖
Andrew Jackson, slaveholder, Indian Removal Act resulting in death of 4000 on Trail of Tears, portrait hung by Trump htt…
Trump is rapidly going from Andrew Jackson to Andrew Johnson.
Trump folks keep citing Andrew Jackson as a model and he did, famously, straight up defy a SCOTUS ruling so he could commi…
there is also the book about Andrew Jackson that he had in the same spot during the ABC interview.
There's a long American history of white supremacist politics from the foundation of the republic through Andrew Jackson to Jim Crow.
Someone should tell you about this whole "Jim Crow" thing. Also, Andrew Jackson, among others.
I cant comment on Wolf but Lee is right up there with Generals Washington, Andrew Jackson, John Pershing, &Douglas MacArthur.
Andrew Jackson for one. The real Presidential Comp. for Trump is William Howard Taft, I think.
Andrew Jackson basically committed ethnic cleansing, but okay
Andrew Jackson 7th POTUS was black and Martin van Burren 8th POTUS was a circus clown. What about the other 37 Presidents?
Al Gore, Andrew Jackson in 1824, Samuel Tilden, and Grover Cleveland in 1888 all won the popular vote but lost...
Andrew Jackson, for all his flaws, looked to the future, while Donald Trump’s electorate looks like the past.
Is that Andrew Jackson or Jericho “Action” Jackson from the eponymous 1988 movie starring Carl Weathers?
In 1838 and 1839 the Trail of Tears started because of Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy.
4" - does superbly under the high ball to collect, referee Andrew Jackson pings Elliott and visitors clear to touch.
Obama really leaving us with an Andrew Jackson and Ulysses S Grant huh
(((John Adams and Andrew Jackson were the only other two to skip out by choice before Nixon)))
Bill Mitchell doesn't think that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and other "racists" were "real…
I didn't know until he stared down witch on Fox, then I researched Andrew Jackson. Then...
because a 150 years ago dems were racists. Party started by slave owner Andrew Jackson. I understand that. But we no longer are
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Ben Frank that's my homie, Andrew Jackson that's my homie
Here is a rowdy, rowdy Holiday episode with special guests Howard Taft, Andrew Jackson, and Mary Beth Smith.
I got into an argument with an employee at the Hall of Presidents about Andrew Jackson and embarrassed my sisters
Who was the first U.S. President to be impeached?. D. Richard Nixon. E. Andrew Johnson. F. Andrew Jackson. G. Warren G Harding
John Quincy Adams, unlike his father John Adams, was rather unremarkable and put out after one term by Andrew Jackson
Comparisons of Trump & Andrew Jackson are not just passing. I'm 35.5% convinced he IS Andrew Jackson. On the blog. . https…
Cleveland Browns claim RB Darius Jackson off waivers from Dallas Cowboys
He was like andrew jackson but good.
Come at me bro I got Teddy and Andrew Jackson. Those men stared cannon fire down and didn't blink.
My team is going to be, Andrew Jackson, Teddy, Nixon, JFK, Obama.
Andrew Jackson forcefully relocated tens of thousands of First Nation peoples over the ruling of the Supreme Court
"If I could go back and fight one person in history it'd be Andrew Jackson."
Widower Andrew Jackson had niece serve as First Lady. Gonna go with Incest as much, much worse - and highly unlikely.
A man in the mold of Andrew Jackson himself
Final model for Inverse Inclination. done by as part of Andrew Colopy…
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currently sitting on my dorm room floor eating boxed sushi and reading about Andrew Jackson. is this rock bottom?
aren't you forgetting the Democratic Party that tries to hide that history. Andrew Jackson, F.D.R, George Wallace, etc
Trump couold be the worst of the lot, up there with Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan, but he's in the company of monsters.
one of those really should be Folk Punk. I've listen to a ton of Andrew Jackson Jihad this last mon…
Andrew Jackson Presidency. First and last time America was dept free.
Daughters, daughters-in-law, & nieces. What would these bozos know of great men like Andrew Jackson, though.
U no what's really ironic is the republican Party was founded to oppose the tyranny of Pres Andrew Jackson.We need to stand against GOP 2day
Actual quote from "So it was Samuel L. Jackson in a leather duster coat?"
Just like Andrew Jackson killing our first central bank, the BUS, we need Trump to kill the Federal Reserve.…
Trump: The roaring return of Andrew Jackson’s spirit into the political debate | WR Mead.
"One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson.
lol people who think Obama is the worse I guess don't know who Andrew Jackson is lmao
I cannot consent that my mortal body shall be laid in a repositor...
Trump is literally pulling an Andrew Jackson.. hiring all of his friends to his cabinet positions.
tell that to Andrew Jackson.. you my friend are the ignorant one
If he does so, he needs a replacement. Andrew Jackson abolished the Bank of America, but then needed a substitute.
Harriet Tubman is going to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.
“Trump personally is a combination of Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, and P.T. Barnum...”
Gingrich called Trump part Andrew Jackson (shudder at that for a moment), part Teddy Roosevelt (w/o the love for nature) an…
Yes, Donald Trump Is Like Andrew Jackson No, that's not a good thing
My prob and stat exam was Andrew Jackson and America and I was all the Native Americans forced to sign a paper and leave feeling attacked
I think the most tragic loss of 2016 was Andrew Jackson Jihad's balls and integrity.
My Belfast Telegraph column: "To understand Donald Trump, we should take a closer look at Andrew Jackson"
They are actually teaching to 5th graders that Andrew Jackson was a mass murderer. It's about time
Andrew Jackson was the first president to pay off a national debt he also killed bankers
The Trump = various ancient villains genre not new in American history; Andrew Jackson attracted similar analogies…
We are about to have the first president since Andrew Jackson who sees genocide as a good thing.
Trump is very much like two Presidents from the 18th Century, Andrew Jackson and Zachary Taylor.
Found out I'm distantly related to president Andrew Jackson.
Abby said "I think Eddie Jackson was a president" . Me: "you mean Andrew Jackson?" *gives me a blank stare*
You must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing. Andrew Jackson
If 1 reads about Andrew Jackson, I think you might find out that he's really not the image we need for a President.…
General lesson from last night - uniforms worn by George Washington, Andrew Jackson & Dwight Eisenhower |…
Normie older guys at bar in Santa Barbara comparing Trump to Andrew Jackson & Teddy Roosevelt. Glad he'll drain swamp etc.
Today in 1824: Andrew Jackson gets 41% of electoral vote but the college throws it to the House of Reps. They pick John…
That reminds me: What happened to Harriet Tubman (finally kicking out and) replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill??
Listening to Daniel Feller. The Indian Removal Act was the only piece of legislation Andrew Jackson passed. I had no idea.
To be fair, he's not the first. Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson off the top of my head.
The beginning of the reservation system really started around when Andrew Jackson signed in the Indian Removal Act of 1…
I've decided on naming my Andrew Jackson essay for Campbell's class "I'm Sorry Mr. Jackson, I am for Real". Can't wait to see how this goes.
John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it.” Andrew Jackson
Call us Andrew Jackson, cause we removed those Indians
And the French for selling us all that Louisiana territory that gave us the story of Andrew Jackson defending it from the British with
Based on what Trump said in April, I guess we won't be seeing Harriet Tubman on $20 bills. He loves Andrew Jackson. https:…
Aged about 50 years. Bill Clinton looks like Peter Gammons or Andrew Jackson there.
Btw, Playbill described Andrew Jackson as 'controversial' - much like Steve Bannon:
Did you know that in 1824 Andrew Jackson won the popular vote and the majority of the electoral votes but did not s…
The always wry and wise Professor on the similarities between and Andrew Jackson -
really asking a historical analogous question? Andrew Jackson/the President elect perhaps are apt comparisons
Trump & Andrew Jackson: Broke the streak of Sec. of State becoming President, Riding populist waves w/ Racial Undertones
in 1963, President witnesses the launch of a Polaris A-2 missile by submarine Andrew Jackson.
If it's any consolation, a president much more racist than trump is on the $20 bill. Just look up "Andrew Jackson's…
Let's play a game. Name a US president and a way in which they were worse than Trump. To start: "Andrew Jackson, treatment of native people"
President has been (seen as) the tribune of the people since Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson was the greatest president of all time dont @ me
President elect Trump is our Andrew Jackson; Indian Removal Acts and hiring of kin. Despicable! 😳🤐
Congratulations to Andrew Jackson for being our first Zombie President... please don't kill anyone.
Where were all the protestors at when John Quincy Adams was elected president even though Andrew Jackson won the popular vote???
In 1835, Andrew Jackson became the first president to experience an assassination attempt. He beat up his attacker with a…
Andrew Jackson: a lunatic that became President (9 Photos:
Update your maps at Navteq
(NBC News) – Jennifer Aniston, 47, as you love to replace Andrew Jackson, a 'top ten'
A fun fact about Andrew Jackson is that he killed Charles Dickinson and was nicknamed King Andrew because he refused to listen to anyone
When news of Andrew Jackson's victory at New Orleans reached the east coast, the papers called it "An Almost Incredible Victory!"
Andrew Jackson, the President who murdered over 10 Native Americans was a Democrat.
One of the last times we had a president that wasn't a stereotypical politician was Andrew Jackson
The only President who comes close is Andrew Jackson, who fought himself rather than choose a surrogate
Giuliani just called this the greatest victory for America since Andrew Jackson, the guy we are taking off the $20 bill for b…
I think of Trump as Andrew Jackson. Helped the economy, but also enforced the Indian Removal Act. Not excited for our envoirment to die too.
Wow. We have managed to elect a president worse than Andrew Johnson, James Buchanan, and Andrew Jackson combined. History repeats itself.
Andrew Jackson was voted the most evil President in history; a racist slave owner who killed, displaced and robbed 46,000 +…
Andrew Jackson populism wins and Jeff *** Lord is on here looking just like Jackson . . .
Rudy Giuliani just favorably compared Trump to Andrew Jackson, a racist ethnic cleanser
Rudy Giuliani says, ""This is like Andrew Jackson's victory." My daughter notes, "The guy who committed mass killings of N…
James Buchanan, Andrew Jackson, and Andrew Johnson are cheering in their graves. We're going to have a new worst president!
Rudy Giuliani is cackling on MSNBC right now: "this is like Andrew Jackson's victory," he says. You know, the racist genoci…
North Bend's Andrew Jackson and Isaac Reyna and Marshfield's Cody Eastwood ewre on first team for Far West League boys soccer
Obama is Jimmy Carter, Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Jackson all rolled into ONE
Remarkable parallels between this election & that between John Quincy Adams & Andrew Jackson -
Andrew Jackson was legit mentally unstable and that's why I love him 😂
No that's just called living in Andrew Jackson's land-locked penal colony.
feels like longest week but I bet after Honest Abe assassination Andrew Jackson pres painfully long too
Jackie O, Honest Abe, and Andrew Jackson came to Coach Germany's AP USH class today
After half a bottle of three buck chuck I confuse Andy Lincoln for Andrew Jackson.
Aaron Burr, Andrew Jackson, Dan Sickles, William Jennings Bryan, Teddy Roosevelt and on and on
Silver is Hamilton, shadow is Andrew Jackson, and sonic is a pirate idc what the poll says
I would argue that William Henry Harrison wasn't so great, and Andrew Jackson. Oh, and Walter Mondale
Thank God for PIG class. Who other than Hulshoff could teach me about John Adam's VP: Andrew Jackson...?
My moms asked me how my *** doin I told her Andrew Jackson , Benjamin franklin, and Ulysses s. Grant are doin just fine 🙏🏽
Andrew Jackson accompanies Taylor Swift in stunning duet: "Trail of Teardrops on My Guitar."
In New Orleans we have statues of Andrew Jackson & Robert E. Lee but it's clear that we should replace them w/ statues o…
Andrew Jackson, who appears on the U.S. twenty-dollar bill, was hugely opposed to paper money.
Major General Pete Johnson presented and with a statue of Andrew Jackson after Madn…
i.e. Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Ben Franklin, MLK, the Kennedy bros, Bill Clinton... Need I go on?
"Obama is the WORST PRESIDENT". Okay but like: Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, Thomas Jefferson...?
Loyal Holden fan, Andrew Jackson shared his Holden drawings as well as his old WB with Patterson Cheney Holden!...
HillaryforOH: Named for Andrew Jackson, our 7th President, Jackson County came out this morning to help elect Hill…
Findings on Andrew Jackson's regrets about John C. Calhoun and Henry Clay:
We should actually replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 - must less important to US history than Hamilton.
Bloody bloody Andrew Jackson is better than Hamilton — the
"Andrew Jackson watched me play basketball one time" - Lisa . "The president?" - Kendall . "No the singer.." - Lisa .
Cousy is first name my HS Hall of Fame, yo. Back when white people went to Andrew Jackson (now Campus Magnet).
Christopher Columbus existed. King Leopold of Belgium. Andrew Jackson. Trump. Nothing surprising about white men and their horrible deeds
Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, And the rest of the racist presidents turning flips in their grave. 😭😂
Tim Kaine is the perfect example of what the creepy lying Democrat Party has become since Andrew Jackson.
1817 Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson, and others, founded the American Colonization Society
People NOT knowing history is astounding. "Indian Removal Act" signed by Andrew Jackson. Part of long-term Indian g…
Andrew Jackson's treaties leading up to the Indian Removal Act might disagree
The most progressive since Andrew Jackson and Dred Scott and Jim Crow and Dixie rats and KKK (Dems).
Andrew Jackson is responsible for the Trail of Tears and his Indian Removal Act was an act of genocide
"If there isn't a clear statement that the City of New Orleans and will protect the statue of Andrew Jackson, we wil…
your usage of "progress" is the same used by Andrew Jackson to violate treaties & enact the "Indian Removal Act of 1830."
David Brock, Did You Know I Outed John Kerry as the reincarnation of Andrew Jackson, as Well as His Nazi lifetime??
Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on $20 bill
Look at Andrew Jackson, Henry Ford, Huey Long, Charles Lindbergh, Father Coughlin. The men who fought the banks and those who back them.
Find out how Andrew Jackson's controversial Indian Removal Act paved the way for the Trail of Tears.
List of the most historical badasses in descending order:. 1. Alexander the Great. 2. Otto Von Bismarck. 3. Andrew Jackson. 4. Rasputin
.see shades of Andrew Jackson, George Wallace in Trump:
I swear. It was green and it had Andrew Jackson on it
She told us about the NA, Thomas Jefferson, what a piece of trash Andrew Jackson was. First watched Amistad in her class
up there with Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, & Socrates
If you feel like crying listen to Backpack by Andrew Jackson Jihad
I'm so glad Andrew Jackson Jihad changed their name tho. they have some pretty "woke" lyrics and the name was really bad
My music goes from Andrew Jackson Jihad to fergie to Kendrick 😂😂
Victoria doesn't know who Andrew Jackson is
Andrew Jackson's real regrets about John C. Calhoun & Henry Clay (he actually wished he'd been friends with one):
Harriet Tubman might replace Andrew Jackson on the cover of Men's Health magazine
Andrew Jackson shot and killed a man for insulting his wife! Trump is a pig!
Fun fact: Benjamin Walker, who originated the role of Andrew Jackson in is now married to Kaya Scodelario of fame.
Our article on the Forerunner Eschatology of Mike Bickle & IHOP by Andrew Jackson | via
Look at dudes like Andrew Jackson, Aaron Burr, George McClellan in our history. Scoundrels.We'll be OK though.
Trump will be the second coming of Andrew Jackson and George Washington!
Newt Gingrich has said that Trump will be "at least as reliable" as Andrew Jackson as Pres. A historian responds:
James Alexander Hamilton, their fourth child, served as acting Secretary of State to bloody bloody Andrew Jackson.
Andrew Jackson father of democrat party kept blacks on the plantation like Barack Obama keeps blacks in big city povert…
Abraham Lincoln was a Republican: he freed the slaves. Andrew Jackson was a Democrat: he owned slaves. Bedford...
Did it ignore that humanity when it elevated Jim Webb, the populist, loudmouth, Andrew Jackson fetishist to the Senate?
.Here are 7 revelations from Andrew Jackson through Hillary Clinton that are exposed in my book & movie http…
"Democrat is the newer Party" - Juan Williams. um nope same party that elected Andrew Jackson in 1828.
America, don't be deceived, the Democratic Party is the party of: Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, the KKK and George Wallace
History of rooted in Andrew Jackson, slavery, Woodrow Wilson, Margaret Sanger...
Trump so rude he makes Andrew Jackson and US Grant seem like Calvin Coolidge or Rutherford Hayes but Cruz must be gracious to him?
Worcester v Georgia: Andrew Jackson said " John Marshall has made his decision. Let's see them enforce it." Texas has a choice.
Ever the historian, tells me to understand/appreciate study Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt…
Accoring to Jewish Robert Hare - Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Bill Gates - all hard workers are psychopaths!LOL
Listen to Sawfside Nino ft. Lil Keef & Rack- Andrew Jackson by Sawfside Nino on
absolutely. am okay with trump. would REALLY prefer Thomas Jefferson or Andrew Jackson.
TIL: That George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson were all red-heads.
Andrew Jackson, Warren Harding, Richard Nixon. And that's just the people who won!
Steve King reminds you that Andrew Jackson is indigenous to the front of the $20 & Harriet Tubman is forcibly relocating…
Rep. Steve King introduces amendment to keep Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill
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The House of Representatives will not vote on an amendment by a GOP lawmaker to block Harriet Tubman from replacing Andrew Jackson on...
Steve King = Great Emancipator of Andrew Jackson from modern day racism
Republican congressman wants to keep Andrew Jackson, founder of the Democratic Party, on front of $20 note
Donald Trump, Andrew Jackson, and Tom Cotton - Power Line . by Paul Mirengoff via
Lewis Cass Sec. of War for Andrew Jackson reporting on Indian removal and tribes
Donald Trump is a combination of the worst parts of Andrew Jackson and John Adams.
it's how John Quincy Adams became president, despite Andrew Jackson getting more electoral votes
This is almost as good as when Andrew Jackson told John Quincy Adams to "Destroy your slanderous parchment pamphlets.".
Chuck D rails against inequality, the Queen and Andrew Jackson in the new Public Enemy video.
Well sometimes he looks like Ben Franklin, Andrew Jackson, sometimes Alexander Hamilton ya know
to be fair, there are precedents. Andrew Jackson, say. Or Woodrow Wilson. Or Thomas Jefferson
“Andrew Jackson fought at least 14 duels in his life, leaving him with bullet fragments lodged throughout his body”
in 1806, Andrew Jackson was almost killed in a duel. His opponent, Charles Dickinson, was not so lucky. htt…
George Washington might be the father of this county, but Andrew Jackson is the father of white supremacy.
"I like how they traded Andrew Jackson for Randy Jackson. He's the new and improved Jackson" -my sister Reagan
The guy who named his son after Andrew Jackson fought in the war of 1812. Also he died via stab during a fight with a general store owner.
Andrew Jackson became president in 1828 and was fiercely opposed to the Second Bank of the U.S.
Watching Prison Break, and Mahone looks just like Andrew Jackson (President on $20 Bill)
So can we all agree that if Trump becomes president he is basically the sequel to Andrew Jackson.
"My favorite president is Andrew Jackson because he would carry around a cane and beat people with it" ok
If the United States moved Andrew Jackson from the 20 dollar bill to the 5 dollar bill...: could call it the Jackson Five. That is…
America's first *** President? "Andrew Jackson picks on Rufus King by calling him 'Mrs. Buchanan,'" Clarke said."
in 1844, Andrew Jackson endorsed fellow Tennessean James K. Polk for president.
Dems in still feel the need to pay tribute to the Trail of Tears horror and its leader, Andrew Jackson.
Andrew Jackson referred to J.Q. Adams as, "King John the Second."
Funny how of all people, supporters of Andrew Jackson and William Crawford created the modern Democratic Party
We can celebrate Harriet Tubman without disparaging Andrew Jackson
. Not counting Andrew Jackson. Or Abraham Lincoln (I think the south wasn't too fond of his emancipation proclamation).
This is like the war of 1812. Send trash straight to *** . It's this time. . God bless Andrew Jackson. . Read history. .or Charles Martell
Where's Andrew Jackson when you need him?
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yes the musical bloody bloody Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson used to follow me, and that's probably why he unfollowed. I'm not Larry elder, you want tap dancing don't follow me.
What do Grace Kelly, Andrew Jackson, Charles de Gaulle, and Billy the Kid have in common?
if your good friend Andrew Jackson comes with il definitely come scoop
fun fact: before Hamilton, there was a musical about Andrew Jackson called "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson" in which AJ is a emo rockstar
How Harriet Tubman kicked Andrew Jackson off the front of your $20 bill​. Sec. Lew joins
Just when you thought Andrew Jackson couldn't be more if an *** or, the Choctaws were some of the best humans
Middle School District Track Meet going down now at Andrew Jackson.
Shouts out Andrew Jackson for laying waste to the Native American population. Were all immigrants..and that's not to be taken lightly.
Good thing they takin Andrew Jackson off the 20 dollar bill. But weird how much of slaves we are to 20's when he was a slave owner. Irony...
Wednesday: Softball - District Championship - Winner of Saluda @ Andrew Jackson would play at Landrum at 5:00.
The wisdom of man never yet contrived a system of taxation that would operate with perfect equality. ~Andrew Jackson
Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in. Andrew Jackson Good leaders plan then act the plan.
I thought Andrew Jackson was the guilty Prez. must check.
I'm a Native American activist, and my white ancestor painted Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill
Stop clinging to the Founding Fathers: The Andrew Jackson/Hamilton/Tubman debate is really about honest history
Check out this photograph on Andrew Jackson
Harriet Tubman to Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill; Criminal Charges Announced in Flint Water Crisis.
The only thing Taylor remembers about Andrew Jackson is that he threw some hellacious parties in the White House 😅
Joe Rogers: Keep Andrew Jackson on the $20. (Does that make me a bigot?): Pat Buchanan has always been a reli...
Does Trump have Andrew Jackson's knack for "a return to a civic future"/genocidal murder? Columnist fears not!
I just noticed the whole andrew jackson is staying on the command line and criminal minds s1e1better than:
Actually, Harriet Tubman is only kinda replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill:
Us on the money. Is it true? I may finally start saving some $20 bills. Mm saving money with Harriet tu mans...
Ben Carson hates to see genocidal slave owner Andrew Jackson replaced on the $20 bill via
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