Andrew Garfield & Grant Gustin

Andrew Russell Garfield (born 20 August 1983) is an American-English actor who has appeared in radio, theatre, film, and television. Thomas Grant Gustin (born January 14, 1990), better known as Grant Gustin, is an American theater and television actor from Norfolk, Virginia. 4.7/5

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The Amazing Spider-man. :> Andrew Garfield is such a cutie. And so is Grant Gustin. ♥ The Flash and Spiderman.😍😍
Hayden Christensen reminds me of Andrew Garfield, who reminds me of Grant Gustin. Coincidence? I think not... 😜
Grant Gustin is my new Andrew Garfield 😭😭😭 dorky super heroes are the love of my life
Whoever said Grant Gustin should replace Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man needs to rethink their life choices.
I hope Grant Gustin & Danielle Panabaker will be like Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone ♥.
'The Flash' A Review By Corey Logan Greenwald and Christopher Sengelaub. Editorial on the new television series, Tuesdays at 8/7 Central on the CW. - take on CW's 'The Arrow'? Predictable, and in need of a serious boost. In comes 'The Flash'. With everything wrong with 'Arrow now done right, the now two-episodes and incoming epoch of the new CW and DC lineup is here. The comic hero 'The Flash' may do more then attract viewers and some redemption for DC's failures in Green Lantern and Arrow. Yet now, with the titular superhero played by newcomer and young actor Grant Gustin, DC may have some serious competition for Spidey's Andrew Garfield. Both these young, fairly new actors are proving their chops and selling the Hero's shoes they've set about to fill in a similar way. Gustin as the fiesty Barry Allen, red tights and all, is exuberant. Excited about learning more about the mystery behind his parents departure from his life early on, (sound familiar,) and *** near dripping with charm in the old 'great po ...
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in the new TV series, The Flash is like DC's answer to Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker.
If someone told me to pick between Andrew Garfield or Grant Gustin... Id probably die just thinking that I cant have them both.
Just saw this week's episode of 'Arrow' (season 2, episode 8) entitled "The Scientist" featuring the new TV incarnation of Barry Allen (otherwise known as 'The Flash'). Although I was a bit worried after hearing about their choice of baby-faced 23-year-old Grant Gustin (reminds me of "Amazing Spider-man"s Andrew Garfield), my fears were laid to rest thanks to his brilliant performance. The script helped bring Barry to life taking many queues from DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns' fantastic Flash expanded origin. This is textbook comic book Barry Allen: brilliant forensic scientist who's always late and endearing but a tad clueless with the ladies (I can relate to the latter). Barry helps the Arrow track down a dangerous superhuman mystery thief with nefarious goals linked to Oliver's time on the island. Sprinkle in a ton of comic book nods & it's a fun show (not sure if non-readers/fanboys would enjoy it as much though). It seems like this episode will also serve as a prelude to bringing Deathstroke ...
Grant Gustin has a bit of an Andrew Garfield thing going on.
Don't panic...but the guy standing behind me looks EXACTLY like a mixture between Grant Gustin and Andrew Garfield...SERIOUSLY, DON'T PANIC.
Grant Gustin and Andrew Garfield can be brothers in any movies...
Is it just or me or Grant Gustin really looks like Andrew Garfield
Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? — Andrew Garfield or Grant Gustin !
google-imaged Augustus Waters and faces of Andrew Garfield and Grant Gustin appeared. OMG
Grant Gustin looks like he could be related to Andrew Garfield.
Why do I think Andrew Garfield looks so much lik Grant Gustin...
Andrew Garfield and Grant Gustin from The Warbler, Glee look alike!!
If only Andrew Garfield and Grant Gustin had been in Brokeback Mountain
Andrew Garfield sort of looks like Grant Gustin like with the glasses. SORT OF!! :|
Can't wait to see who's going to be Finnick for Catching Fire. I had Andrew Garfield, Alex Pettyfer, Grant Gustin, and Logan Lerman in mind, and there was a rumor about Zac Efron being Finnick.
Andrew Garfield and Grant Gustin really need to meet each other
"Andrew Garfield and Grant Gustin should have a lightsaber fight except with their hair instead of lightsabers." omg
Grant Gustin. You're like Andrew Garfield attractive. Infectious smiles all around.
Kevin McHale, Grant Gustin, RDJ, Andrew Garfield, Chris Hemsworth, Abraham Lim... Ladies and Gentlemen: These men own of my heart
Is it just me or do Grant Gustin and Andrew Garfield look really similar?
Grant Gustin's face it seems like Andrew Garfield. Right?:/
Andrew Garfield and Grant Gustin have a resemblance..
So one day I'll meet Grant Gustin and Andrew Garfield. And if I don't..I will have failed at life. Mhmm.
Andy Murray looks like Andrew Garfield and Grant Gustin's love child
reblogged your post and added: Logan Lerman + Andrew Garfield = Grant Gustin
Grant Gustin got a lil bit the same look with Andrew Garfield.
Andrew Garfield has the same head shape as Grant Gustin... It's just their eyes are very different.
OMG ! He is soo cute !! he kind of looks like Grant Gustin and Andrew Garfield
I think that either Grant Gustin, Jake Abel or Andrew Garfield should play Finnick.
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