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Andrew Garfield

Andrew Russell Garfield (born 20 August 1983) is an American-English actor who has appeared in radio, theatre, film, and television.

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Remember when Taylor swift made Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hang out with her? Yeah I blame her for them breaking up.
Stars including Colin Firth and wife Livia, Andrew Garfield and Anna Wintour attend the Green Ca
Not to be that type of person but, Charlie Cox and Andrew Garfield are extremely beautiful and I love them
I can't believe Andrew Garfield portrayed a *** man in a stage drama and I'm amazed 😲
Andrew Garfield wore a TOM FORD O'Connor suit to the 'Breathe' premiere at the 42nd Toronto International Film Festival. .
Who wants to be my Eduardo Saverin/Andrew Garfield and tell me your prada is at the cleaners and call me a ***
Despite not watching Andrew Garfield & Claire Foy are amazing together in
Claire Foy and Andrew Garfield star in offering Breathe
I spoke to Andrew Garfield, Claire Foy and Andy Serkis about BREATHE. Peep the interview here:
Andrew Garfield & Claire Foy are directed by Andy Serkis in Breathe.
Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy give heartbreaking performances in Andy Serkis’ BREATHE. reviews:
I still like the idea of Andrew Garfield playing Ford Prefect, but I don't know if he could capture Ford's manic vibe and insane smile.
First intermission of Angels in America. So far Andrew Garfield is great as Charles Nelson Reilly.
Seven and a half hours done. Fabulous. Nathans Lane and Stewart-Jarrett, Denise Gough + Andrew Garfield are just wonder…
Just realized I share a birthday with Misha Collins and Andrew Garfield. Sweet
Fact: Jamie, Andrew Garfield, and Eddie Redmayne are very close friends. Fact: All 3 were in LA at the end of Feb…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Andrew Garfield is everything Eddie Redmayne dreams of being.
An Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield reunion may be in the making:
Grant Morrison's Happy! should really star Willis but Meloni is a decent second choice, Andrew Garfield is an acting genius (4/?)
Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland who?? The only one Spider-Man i know is Ryan Reynolds
"Nathaniel Buzolic looks like the love child of Andrew Garfield and Zachary Quinto." EU TO MORTINHA.
Oh, man. That goodbye at the end. That stung. Right in the solar plexus. How dare you, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. IT HURTS.
Andrew Garfield played the best Spider-Man. Don't @ me.
I only watch Amazing Spider man for Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone tbh
I feel like and Andrew Garfield would do this 😂
making him look dumb & ignorant and oblivious to the problems LGBTQ ppl face when he's not
In much more light hearted news my mother asked me if I was *** because I said Andrew Garfield is attractive, fun times
Maybe Teen Vogue could actually listen to the audio for context? So much left out
I've never watched Andrew Garfield's spider man. Idk why it just never interested me to go see it.
many ppl must not know but i love andrew garfield so much wOw love that hbic hes so pure love that man
Told myself I was gonna boycott the new Spidey bc Andrew Garfield is but then I saw the movie anyways & damnit Tom Holland u were great
Andrew Garfield insists his *** man' comment was taken out of context.
Okay Andrew Garfield, you win this round. 🕸
Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield are tied for best acting as Spider-Man but no one will ever fit the role like Toby did
Yeah, pretty much. I feel like the only reason we glorified Andrew Garfield for two years was because of the Sinister Six.
Guilty: tbh I only saw Hacksaw Ridge for Andrew Garfield, and I was the ONLY teenager in a theater of elders .. oops
Only Andrew Garfield would ask a fan to walk with him because it's raining and he wanted company
Andrew Garfield deserves the Oscar more than anything.
Andrew Garfield is honestly such a gifted actor but under appreciated. He truly deserves more recognition and an oscar.…
Andrew Garfield deserves the Oscar for being Andrew Garfield.
Andrew Garfield wants to clarify his *** "without the physical act" comments:
Andrew Garfield insists his “coming out” comments were taken out of context - More at:
Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you next Academy Award winner Andrew Garfield
Yes he is! At first my favorite Spiderman actor is Andrew Garfield, can't help it but he is so hot for Peter.
I think I told you this before but you DO look like the love child of Grant Gustin and Andrew Garfield! 😂 So no 🥔!
Andrew Garfield lip syncing to Whitney Houston is my new favourite thing
Marrying someone who thinks Andrew Garfield is the better Spider-Man
My exclusive: Tony Kushner on his play, sharing 'Kushner' with Jared and the Andrew Garfield *** row: https:/…
Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland running into eachother on the street
Andrew Garfield says *** man' comments were taken out of context
The original was the stand alone Spiderman. The Andrew Garfield was the amazing spider man…
I know you didn't like Andrew Garfield but I felt he & Emma Stone had good chemistry -but…
It's okay not to know what your opinion on Andrew Garfield is. But I will say he's killing it as Prior Walter rn.
Well, isn’t this some eerie timing. Right after Andrew Garfield left the LGBTQ community outraged with his bumblin…
People are mad at Andrew Garfield for his comments on sexuality
Andrew Garfield will always be my spidey
Andrew Garfield is about to be celebrated as a Pride Role Model at
Hey did you know that if you marathon Drag Race you are a *** man? That's all it takes. Who knew. Thanks, Andrew Garfield.
I'm Andrew's rep and I can assure you Mr. Garfield merely meant that he was "lame" and "not cool"
For this Spider-Man low budget suit: who wore it better?. 👍Tobey McGuire. 😂Andrew Garfield. ❤️Tom Holland?
Andrew Garfield said that he prepped for his role as a *** man by watching 'RuPaul's Drag Race'
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I rated Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) 5/10 Painfully childish. Andrew Garfield is so much better.
Andrew Garfield is facing backlash after saying he’s a *** man" without the "physical act"
Thoughts on Andrew Garfield being *** "without the physical act" in Angels in America from a brown *** trans B.A. in t…
listen up now, when homecoming releases we're gonna praise Tom Holland's work but we're Not gonna slander Tobey Maguire or…
Yesterday, Andrew Garfield came out as a first-class *** :)
Andrew Garfield's comment about being *** "without the physical act" is raising lots of eyebrows. 👀
Andrew Garfield said he's "a *** man right now, just without the physical act" .
The entirety of what he said IN FULL is actually reported here: which…
Andrew Garfield raises eyebrows, ire with *** without the physical act' comment
Um. someone needs to sit down with Andrew Garfield and discuss the bees and the bees.
Andrew Garfield prepared for a *** role by watching ru paul. Now he wats to try da…
Me, Grabbing Andrew Garfield by the shoulders and shaking him: IT'S CALLED BISEXUALITY
Andrew Garfield faces backlash after stating during a Q&A that he's *** "without the physical act." http…
I oddly like Tom Holland over Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. He's idk cooler and "badder". Lol i didnt make sense did i
I wonder how much of what Andrew Garfield said is in that article and how much was cut to simplify his comments.
So happy that *** have identified the real enemies: Andrew Garfield and humor.
Andrew Garfield is opening up about his sexuality:
Andrew Garfield is getting criticized for saying he's *** but without the "physical act."
Andrew Garfield faces backlash after saying he’s *** ‘without the physical act’
Andrew Garfield, pulling a James Franco while discussing acting in "Angels in America." Straight actors, please stop this no…
Andrew Garfield told a panel that he's not currently *** but left open the door for an "awakening" later in his life
Andrew Garfield admits Angels In America doubts: 'What right do I have to play *** role… UK New Entertainment
Fact check: Andrew Garfield is actually playing Prior Walter in the play, not Louis!
who cares if Andrew Garfield is *** ..would love to see him in Angels in America...the HBO production w Pacino, Streep,,Wright MASTERPIECE
The professor who got me into scenic design met Andrew Garfield and I can't believe it
Currently I believe that Sam Raimi's films were superior but Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man was just flat out better than Tobey Maguire's.
Poster for ‘Breathe’ directed by starring Andrew Garfield, Claire Foy, Tom Hollander and Hugh Bonnevil…
📹 First look at BREATHE, starring Claire Foy and Andrew Garfield, plus Ed Speleers and Hugh Bonneville.
If u were a real fan u would know tht without a doubt Andrew Garfield fulfilled the role of Peter Parker
Andrew Garfield was such a cute Peter Parker omg
I love amazing spiderman because he cool and awesome and it was Andrew Garfield play as Peter Parker. I think he cu…
A creative remake of "Death Note", starring Andrew Garfield and Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Big Four. Big Screen. Enrique Iglesias as . Andrew Garfield as . Ryan Gosling as https:…
can we all agree that Andrew Garfield is the superior Spiderman
Andrew Garfield is more attractive but Toby Maguire was a better character
Not sure why people hated The Amazing Spiderman. I thought Andrew Garfield was dope lol
No bro u correct Andrew Garfield will forever be my favorite spiderman. He had the emption, the looks…
The received a visitor at last night's show in London 😜Tix still available https:…
Wow she wasn't even a pretty Mary Jane so who cares 🤗 Andrew Garfield nailed it
Andrew Garfield wasn't geeky enough to be Peter. Toby is amazing 🙌🏼 Tom Holland is going to be epi…
Andrew Garfield did a better job than Tobey Maguire!
The first Spiderman will always be better than Andrew Garfield's Spiderman 😴
I'm disappointed in all of you, Andrew Garfield is superior in every way.
I do prefer Andrew Garfield's performance more
Andrew Garfield appears out of nowhere to lip sync for his life with 'Drag Race' queens
I don't blame her, it's going to suck! It's worse than The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield.
Andrew Garfield channels his inner Whitney Houston in this drag show lipsync battle
Andrew Garfield just wowed a crowd with his passionate Whitney Houston lip sync performance in drag
andrew garfield LOVED that role so much i hate yall
Why am I just seeing these photos of Andrew Garfield and Detox. I love two (2) men
Andrew Garfield dons a wig and serves his best Whitney Houston. 💁‍♂️
Your nostalgia doesn't mean that andrew Garfield wasn't a better spiderman
Andrew Garfield was the better Spiderman. Tobey Maguire was the perfect Peter Parker.
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were great. I love both of those movies
This video of Andrew Garfield dressed in drag & lip-syncing Whitney Houston will give you LIFE today.
If you thought Andrew Garfield played a good Spider-Man at all, you're just wrong
It turns out Andrew Garfield really can lip sync for his life
Lucky! Andrew Garfield is one of my favorite actors ever!
Andrew Garfield was a better Peter Parker. Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst did not play the same character. Eat my *** ner…
Um Andrew Garfield just showed up and yes he's wearing a wig and he's about to lip sync for his LIFE
Last night Andrew Garfield turned up at lip synched to Whitney and did a jaw-dropping back flip.
I met Andrew Garfield last night and I think it's safe to say that we are in love.
Toby was good, but I do prefer andrew garfield. and the third one was going to have ma…
Throwback to the Met Gala in 2014, when Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield did that.
Spending 2 hours creeping on peppermint, laverne cox, Andrew Garfield and Russel Tovey at a drag show 🙌
Crush- Andrew Garfield, Ben Barnes, that poppy, Titanic Sinclair, Devin from buzzfeed, dan Howell. (That is Devin i…
Nick Offerman for Rob Quist / JK Simmons for Gianforte / Andrew Garfield for Ben Jacobs winning Oscars is not that hard people
Marvel should've hired Andrew Garfield again for Homecoming and what's with the over tech suit??? . Since when did Spiderman have Siri??
I liked a video Tom Holland reacts to Tobey Maguire reacting to Andrew Garfield reacting to
One movie containing 2 men I like too look at Andrew Garfield and Nathaniel Buzolic 😍😍😍
I love to see Emma Stone with Ryan Gosling. But I love her with Andrew Garfield more😉😘😁
IFE Watching Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge on my flight to LDN to watch Andrew Garfield in Angels In…
So Nathaniel Buzolic pretended to be Andrew Garfield for a second, just to make a kid happy. Aww 😂❤
Mom's summary​ of the film "Liam Nieson and Andrew Garfield go to Japan"
Angels in America review: Andrew Garfield and Russell Tovey are brilliant in this trippy *** fantasia” –…
I hated the Andrew Garfield spiderman movies, but Robert Downe…
'Angels in America': Theater Review: Andrew Garfield and Nathan Lane headline a return to the National Theatre for……
Wow. Angels In America is historically great. In awe of Andrew Garfield,
Andrew Garfield wows critics in London ‘Angels in America’
"Andrew Garfield Wows Critics in London 'Angels in America'" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
* Andrew Garfield is revelatory in this monumental revival:
Looks like Andrew Garfield with a beard.
Angels in America review – Garfield and Lane excel in revival of Kushner's epic
Bilangin sama Andrew Garfield, suruh follow OA Line Prestigeholic,. "they're not busy, it's just a matter of priori…
Well-acted but SUCH a slog. And also the jarring experience of voiceover Jesus telling Andrew Garf…
Review: Andrew Garfield gives the performance of the year in the gargantuan Angels in America
wows critics in 'Angels in America'
★★★★ 'One of the performances of the year' from Andrew Garfield.
Andrew Garfield wows critics in London 'Angels in America' (from
Performing in Angels in America like "a 12-hour zumba class" says Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield is a thrilling-to-behold HIV Hamlet in Tony Kushner's Angels in America, National Theatre, review: https:…
MEN 24 on Instagram: New look *** Times lands world exclusive Andrew Garfield and Russell Tovey for cover //
the best way to beat jet lag is to see Angels in America with Andrew Garfield, Nathan Lane, and Russell Tovey
"Sorry, we could only find 1 *** actor, so.". Russell Tovey, Andrew Garfield to Star in ‘Angels in America’
Russell Tovey, Andrew Garfield to Star in National Theatre Live Broadcast of Tony Kushner’s ‘Angels in America’…
World Exclusive: On set at Andrew Garfield and *** Times cover shoot for Download: https…
Andrew Garfield as Desmond Doss in "Hacksaw Ridge". He was robbed of the Oscar.
Movie 75: “Hacksaw Ridge” (2016). Incredible battle sequences and a great performance from Andrew Garfield. Gibson ***
Can they please hurry up & make a Marauders movie with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Andrew Garfield & Ben Barnes as James, Remus & Sirius already??
I liked a video Tom Holland speaks on "Kraven" ,Andrew Garfield, Tobey Macguire, and more on
My fave character is Eduardo Saverin played by Andrew Garfield & d one I hate the most is Sean Parker by Justim Timberlake
I've been told that I look identical to Andrew Garfield believe it or not
Who was the best Spider-Man? Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, or Tom Holland?
50 shades of Parker - Sony is making a spin off where it's 50 shades of…
Andrew Garfield was such an incredible Prior Walter honestly I have no words
Day 12. Spider-Man. . All of the ones with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. . (HATE the new one)
The Amazing Spider-Man movies still have at least one fan
my mom saw in the dominoes commercial and said "oh that's Andrew Garfield!!!.no Steve"
BRB, gotta go to the quad before anyone snags my Cranberries CD.
I don't mean this with any kind of agenda... but I am interested why you described Andrew Garfield's…
Andrew Garfield is phenomenal. he should be on stage more often. the whole cast (of like 8) is fabulous though.
Andrew Garfield is religious after all ★ Silence —
I'm sorry, but I don't understand the appeal to Andrew Garfield. Nothing personal, I just don't think he's that good of an actor.
My photo of Andrew Garfield and Denise Gough at
And let's talk about Andrew Garfield. He delivers such a captivating performance. His acting skills are off the charts! 👏🏻…
Okay I've calmed down... but I do love Andrew Garfield
Last night was at Angels in America part 1-National Theatre: Nathan Lane, Andrew Garfield and amazing James McArdle on t…
from the looks of things, andrew garfield is tremendous in ANGELS IN AMERICA
The Amazing Spider-Man films still have at least one fan
I hope Andrew Garfield had a nice lie-in and a really good breakfast today.
Andrew Garfield could practically pull off any accent he want to do
Andrew Garfield blows National Theatre audiences away with his Angels in America performance https…
Keen to see stars on stage? Today marks the start of starring Andrew Garfield. Gr…
I was pretty keen on Andrew Garfield.
I love Andrew Garfield's Spider-man so much, and the hate for his portrayal just fuels my love.
Had a dream they made a Mary-Todd Lincoln Biopic and they cast Andrew Garfield as her. He gave an Oscar worthy performance
Anybody wanna talk about how Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel changed? *** he's like Andrew Garfield and Zayn Malik mixed up to…
Andrew Garfield and Zayn Malik? Man, no. Bill Kaulitz is on a whole other level. He's a god 🌚
Goin through some old stuff and found a programme for Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Exchange from about 2006 signed by Andrew Garfield lol
One of the best things from Hacksaw Ridge is Andrew Garfield. Yum.
Hacksaw Ridge is a spectacular movie I got a whole new level of respect of Andrew Garfield's acting too
He deserved to be one of nominators.. Good job Peter Parker ehh.. Andrew Garfield 👏👏 ★ Hacksaw Ridge
Keira Knightley, Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan (2010). Congratulations to Andrew for his Oscar nom for Best Actor in H…
Do you remember the first movie you saw in a movie theater? We asked Tom Hiddleston, Lily Collins, Andrew Garfield...
best war drama so far. Nice one, Andrew Garfield, Vince Vaugh, Luke Bracey and Sam Worthington! 👏🏼 Mel Gibson!
I know it gets overlooked bc how sloppy ASM2 was, but I still think Andrew Garfield was a great Peter Parker/Spider-Man
When I watch the spider-man movies with "Andrew Garfield" as "Peter Parker" I just want to scream because it's so f…
i dont think anyone will understand how much Taylor Swift and Andrew Garfield mean to me
need a man who looks at me like Andrew Garfield looks at Teresa Palmer
Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, and more recite Cher's iconic “Clueless” speech and we are totally buggin’
We all like Julianne Moore, I know. But sometimes I don't want to, & sometimes Shailene Woodley & Andrew Garfield look like fraternal twins.
If you bring up: Andrew Garfield, Dylan O'Brien, Matthew Daddario, or Ashton Irwin around me prepare for a long discussion
Just got done watching Hacksaw Ridge. This movie was real good, Andrew Garfield's acting was wonderful. 👌🏻
I don't care what anyone says: I genuinely liked Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. 🕷
The article that changed my whole entire life and then proceeded to crush me months later.
Andrew Garfield and Dev Patel showing appreciation for Moonlight are so cute.
Andrew Garfield gazes adoringly at ex-girlfriend Emma Stone during her acceptance speech
Andrew Garfield, and actual puppy who needs to be protected.
"I'm her biggest fan." Andrew Garfield opens up about his relationship with Emma Stone on
Andrew Garfield should have won tho.
is probably my favorite WW2 film since Saving Private Ryan. Andrew Garfield did a phenomenal job.
Men in Hollywood: yeah I'm pretty straight. Men in Hollywood: *interact with Andrew Garfield once* yeah I'm not That Straight
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are the real life characters of La La Land and I'm crying as I'm typing this
Tonight on ... Andrew Garfield, and Taylor Lautner show us their hidden talents!
I'm still salty about Andrew Garfield not winning Best Actor.
Andrew Garfield has no regrets about kissing Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globes - Washington Post
Find someone who will look at you the way Andrew Garfield looks at Emma Stone
Denzel Washington, Ryan Gosling, and Andrew Garfield are still winners to me
“It was very emotional for us both to talk about.” Andrew Garfield on struggles with finances in childhood before "…
Andrew Garfield's nominated for Best Actor, Emma Stone's nominated for best actress. When will your otp ever?
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield just need to get back together
Andrew Garfield went from playing a superhero to playing a real-life historical hero.
who's cuter... Dev Patel or Andrew Garfield? lemme know
I know who Alex Hibbert is, I've seen all is stuff. Literally this is the first time I'm hearing of Andrew Garfield
Alternatively.. "Alex Hibbert, young star from "Moonlight" just met his favourite actor, Andrew Garfield.." - you h…
Remember when Andrew Garfield gave candy to Casey Affleck?
Lead Actor nominee Andrew Garfield has arrived! Watch his red carpet interview, brought to you by
Common!! You know Andrew Garfield was better. Gosling is going to win it anyways though!!!
I loathe the 7,354 EXCLUSIVE press releases E! sends on award nights, but Andrew Garfield talking about being a murderer DE…
Which actor would you choose to bring with you on a desert island?. Andrew Garfield: "Emma Stone. I love Emma. She's alright."
I really love Ryan, but I really want Andrew Garfield to win for Hacksaw Ridge :( he was incredible in that.
If the camera at the oscars could just pan between Dev Patel and Andrew Garfield plz thnks
Gosh I'm in love with andrew garfield
Andrew Garfield in TOM FORD poses with Sunny Pawar at the Oscars 2017. .
If Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield don't interact at the then what's the point
Not sure who's the cuter one here - Sunny Pawar or Andrew Garfield. Can you folks helps Notty decide?
Andrew Garfield in a TOM FORD black tuxedo at the 89th Academy Awards. .
Andrew Garfield deserves everything in the world.
Glad Mahershala Ali and Viola Davis won, now Andrew Garfield and *** or Highwater!
Like how in the *** are you going to say Andrew Garfield's name but not his?
Kinda want Casey Affleck to win, kinda want to give Andrew Garfield his first nomination a win.
Andrew Garfield better win Best Actor he deserves it so much I'm rooting for you boy
Naomi Harris, Dev Patel, Andrew Garfield and Ruth Negga representing the Brits tonight at the 💪🏼🇬🇧
From my point of view should be taken today Awards😀. Hacksaw Ridge : Andrew Garfield : Dev Patel : Emma Stone : NAOMIE HARRIS : Mel Gibson
Sunday but will clean up as predicted, or will the Brits, Andrew Garfield, Dev Patel and Naomie H…
Well said, Andrew Garfield! A celebrity's opinion is no more important than a civilian's. Doubt that most of them even finished high school.
'Hacksaw Ridge' star Andrew Garfield is up against Denzel Washington, Casey Affleck and more for Best Actor.
This is a good film so far. I love Andrew Garfield in it 👍🏽 and I'm enjoying Teresa Palmer as well.
Andrew Garfield stands shirtless in his room while Teresa Palmer starts to strip!
While he's not saving lives as Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield is a medic in "Hacksaw Ridge".
Andrew Garfield is winning the Oscar this Sunday he was too good in Hacksaw Ridge
Hacksaw Ridge . Amazing film. Absolutely amazing. Go and see it !. Andrew Garfield is superb.
Rewatching old(ish) episodes of Doctor Who, and Oscar nominee Andrew Garfield makes an appearance!
Why ask who did the best portrayal of Spider-Man when all Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland are Peter Park…
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hugging at the BAFTAs is giving us so many feels
💖 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hugging at the BAFTA nominees party 💖
I feel like Jesse Eisenberg in the The Social Network rn in business class and is Andrew Garfield
Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield met inspirational patient with polio at Royal Brompton today to research film role
and nominee Andrew Garfield stars in two-part broadcast live to To…
how beautiful? And how adorable, inspiring and just *** right cute is Andrew Garfield??
I liked a video Andrew Garfield on his Golden Globe Kiss with Ryan Reynolds | The Graham Norton Show
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield need to get back together to make me believe in love again
Kinda just want Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield to get married
Don't miss Mel Gibson's Academy Award-Nominated starring the incredible Andrew Garfield in cinemas now. htt…
Kissing Ryan Reynolds was ridiculous: Andrew Garfield explains why it happened -
andrew garfield is so interesting and smart like please talk forever I'll just be here listening intently
Wowa, a lot of you were invested in me sitting through almost three hours of:. Andrew Garfield: "Yesa. I havea de faith."
If Andrew Garfield doesn't win the Oscar for Best Actor...
On the show tonight... Andrew Garfield, Annette Bening, Harriet Harman and Asa Butterfield with music from Elbo…
Ryan Reynolds says wife Blake Lively is a better kisser than Andrew Garfield via
We're watching The Social Network & Andrew Garfield hasn't even been in a scene yet but I'm already overwhelmed by how gorgeous he is.
Showbiz_IT: opens up about kissing at the Golden Globes.
opens up about kissing at the Golden Globes.
Andrew Garfield from Step by Step stars in Big Time Rush about an unimaginative Bus driver named Drenda
"Andrew Garfield is divinely spectacular." - Martin Scorsese's SILENCE is in cinemas February 16.
Shall we revisit that time Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield kissed at the Golden Globes?
Andrew Garfield explains the run-up to *that* Golden Globes kiss with Ryan Reynolds . . .
Pucker up, here’s the *real* reason Andrew Garfield kissed Ryan Reynolds via
General sales are now open for Tony Kushner's two-part epic Angels In America from Andrew Garfield stars.
Mel Gibson and Andrew Garfield can be proud of the movie Hacksaw Ridge - what a masterpiece.
When preparing for the role of Father Sebastiao Rodrigues in Martin Scorsese’s film “Silence,” Andrew Garfield...
Andrew Garfield on Scorsese's 'Silence' snub: "He knows who he is and no one can take that away from him"
The fact that both Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are nominated for 🙌
is and incredible movie full of love and faith. Andrew Garfield was brilliant so as Mel Gibson direct…
Per Scorsese, before Andrew Garfield he auditioned an actor for 3hrs on set of Wolf of Wall Street. Actor dropped out; didn't get the point.
I'm only halfway thru Silence by Martin Scorsese but god *** is this a great movie, Andrew Garfield is definitely the best upcoming actor
More critical acclaim for Andrew Garfield's incredible performance in Hacksaw Ridge - this time from the London Critics' Cir…
Really? That's a bummer. I can't really get into Andrew Garfield. I might check out Hacksaw Ridge?
Andrew Garfield in made the whole film Martin Scorcesce made a masterpiece and loved the buddism parts as studying that atm 🖒😉😆
"It feels like a new type of Martin Scorsese film." Andrew Garfield on the incredible In cinemas now:
📷 Martin Scorsese & Andrew Garfield photographed by DP Rodrigo Prieto on the set of ‘Silence’.
is unlike any movie Martin Scorsese has ever made, and yet it may be his most powerful film. Andrew Garfield is outstanding
Andrew Garfield tells about "I would have served tea for Martin Scorsese" 🎥 h…
Andrew Garfield talks about his kiss with Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globes on Sunday.
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