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Andrew Ellis

Andrew Andy Ellis (born 21 February 1984 in Christchurch, New Zealand) is a New Zealand rugby union player who specialises in the position of scrum-half.

Also, in very important news, I had a dream last night that Monta Ellis was running for President in 2020 and up in most…
This RBS leader is changing our world for the better. We find out how he gets the job done.
Anyone see the movie Rebound?! Pretty sure Andrew Wiggins was the point guard in the movie. Him and Ellis look the same with them dreads.
im pedantic when it comes to sevco shenanigans.Spent 7 years watching this charade from Andrew Ellis to Pedro
lol I was like Andrew shut up and look at the screen😂😂
lovely day off Friday but I just realised most of my day is going to be spent with Andrew Ellis
The last time Oregon made the Final Four 78 years ago, Perry Ellis was just a freshman.
Bill Self has had Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, Josh Jackson, Frank Mason and Perry Ellis and failed to make the Final Four with any of them.
Andrew Ellis spends too much time cradling Urban Meyer's ballsack to have any credibility
still feelin high on Ryan Hayes?? Or is Andrew Ellis just foolin people lol
Confirmation that our second goal was a Marcus Kelly own goal, not Mark Ellis. Apologies to the latter.
Can't believe I just seen Andrew ellis walking around town with his BCM vest on mun
Excellent succinct piece about the Andrew Potter affair. A chilling effect on academic freedom.
add Tom Taylor, Andrew Ellis and others to the team and coached by Robbie Deans
Look at two of our Cantabs finishing Brecca John Ellis & Andrew Abakhan
"There are 3 key characters in War & Peace, it was important to have as many scenes as possible featuring them" Andrew…
Order Miche Bag Online!
"Dickens, Austen, Tolstoy - they know what people are like, they are always relevant" Andrew Davies
Take a look inside the rehearsal room and find out how you can get tickets. article: htt…
"The best way to learn how to write for TV is still by watching and reading lots of scripts" Andrew Davies
.Like Andrew Jackson, is an intensely American president
Perry Ellis scored 27 points in that 1995 game but it wasn't enough, they say.
WICKET☝️Nav Patel takes out Ken McClure, 85/4. Andrew Ellis to the middle. This should be fun... 🛡
The Real Problem with South African Rugby. If you don't produce good coaches, you don't produce good players
I want to see Kenny the Jet shoot 3s... vs Leigh Ellis to avenge his loss to Andrew Gaze.
WHO was spying on Trump? WHO ordered it? WHY? Questions I defy the leftist press to ask. Bet they don't.
My first ever story for is up now. Check it out: . AI expert Andrew Ng is leaving Baidu
Lying Andrew Napolitano absent from Fox after citing anonymous spying claims.
Thank you for posting this amazing video instead of a lengthy article! Take note gents
my boss won the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for Medical Excellence. . I can connect them. W.Andrew Hodge is his name
. Seagull vs. Monkman!. Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin. (you decide who's who...). With great power comes great cognitive ability!!!
You're doing Luton and Gibbs is coming back full time
Andrew Ellis, Jenkins County his older brother beat Jordan Harris Seminole County when Harris was a freshmen, Andrew/Sleeper
They do. Andrew Ellis' knock was the difference today - put Auckland out of reach
Winslow is the single worst jump shooter in the NBA this year (>50 shots). Others on his level:. Andrew Harrison. Sema…
well Andrew, not to be a jerk but. . It's Extremely Good
Tonight's referee is Roger East. Linos are Sian Massey-Ellis and Andrew Garratt. .
The patron money has done and always will be only put towards AwayDays :)
This state of bliss found somewhere in California. Photo: Ellis
We've got Andrew Michael Ellis here tonight from 6-9p!. Tired of leftovers? So many delicious and fresh flavors...
"don't worry bby I'm not drunk, wuv you xxx"
Andrew Ellis has won the toss and we are having a bat first in Alexandra vs the
George Michael wrote Last Christmas at his mum's house while Andrew Ridgeley watched Match of the Day downstairs. A quicks…
Here's hoping for Photoshop this Christmas?... *crosses fingers*
when do you get off? We're gonna be partying all night long b
Can't wait to see all my favorites tonight ❣️
he unfortunately did get a fine for straw abuse, the biggest surprise was he signed the receipt Andrew Ellis!!
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
thanks Ellis I'm looking forward to it 🤠
"Do cheerleaders still belong in sport?" on
and next week... "he came up trumps in a tombola to join Sale"?
Drinking in Papa G at Makes you feel like you went to the festival with him not to watch him. Proper bloke. Mega!
Smart TV just locked into a death roll of turning off and on every 10 seconds.[Resolved] Disconnect from the internet.Quite.
same here coming from the south coast for this game and Friday wouldn't work
don't get me wrong,if it's played in a cave in Antarctica I'll be there. Love a daytime slot tho
would have taken that if offered before Easter!
Good draw. Bring on the Wires. Good lot down Warrington too. Such a shame it'll be at Leigh...(boo!!!)
Doesn't the audio connection to the video ref chumps make your heart melt?... Anyone??...😳
but, many with Ellis profile have, in past, gone to industry jobs too. Agree w Q you're asking, but not w idea govt exp not valued
surely if we get a Lancashire club, Huddersfield would be the logical venue..😊
If get handed a Friday night semi final at Leigh against a Lancs club that will be a colossal let down...
Minor offence, says Australian accused of child sex in Bali -Robert Andrew Fiddell Ellis, 70, an...
Out waking Andrew Adkins with Ofc. Ellis, he's checking kids' grades & passing out slurpee coupons.Amazing!
Let's all not lose sight of the big event that happened last night. win from Wembley! What a time to be alive!!
60 players were better than each of the following in 2016 NBA Draft? Ron Baker, Wayne Selden, Perry Ellis, & Fred VanVl…
Perry Ellis: first player to be available for the draft and Social Security at the same time
not everybody needs to suffer ANDREW ELLIS!
superb, thing is knowing Marshawn he's probably deadly serious. This is his super bowl interview
Andrew Neil tears apart claim by Vote Leave that Turkey is "set" to join EU, on BBC Daily Politics
For all those looking for life advice. This works for everything. .
Coffee Morning, every Wednesday, from, 10am to 12pm, Tom Ellis Court,. in the Communal Room'. For more details contact: Andrew, flat 17.
So many remain/leave "facts" I've been fed these past few months.In conclusion I suspect it's vs. in the next round of the
"Fight Hate with Love" by Andrew Ellis | Wonderful article on the work is doing to fight mass incarceration: https:…
1 year on.this is for you Andrew Ellis xx
I didn't think they were playing each other
one of Wales and NI will be in the quarters
it is quality and I think this result means it's not Wales ni
this Irish crowd is amazing, whilst the England fans fight the Irish just bounce
How on earth can a Grade C charge that a player pleaded guilty to be downgraded to a Grade B then reduced to nothing on appeal?!
Went there when Darryn Stamp scored to win us 2-1. First game with Andrew Ellis involved too I think.
I'm telling Andrew about my perception of you that I told you about this morning. He loves it
Merkat should we do this at St. Andrew's?
Congrats to Andrew Ellis on being selected as a Brine National All-American for the Brine National Lacrosse Classic!
Well that oughta kill the momentum from the last minute winner against Wales stone dead. Well played Woy, really excellent.
Congratulations to Andrew Ellis for receiving not one, but TWO legal awards!.
He Promised Them A Ring. That's what he brought to them.Now he is going to Miami to Play With His boys.
when are SL referees going to punish players for attacks to the knees on field and not wait for post match disciplinary?
Yes! I'm in the team of the week. Win my signed FUT-award by liking or commenting this picture. ⚽💪🏾 https…
for a chance to win a Litmanen legend item! Play vs Litmanen's Most Respected Legends in the TOTW Challenge now. https…
Shocker of a tackle on tonight.Attack to the knees from the side when he's stood still?Refs need to start protecting the players
Andrew McCain is our first round leader at (-5). Onishi and Ellis come in two strokes back (-3). Great first day here at Naples National GC
Just witnessed a kill by Andrew Ellis from Booty Eaters on Wyatt Frasier of After School Squad. Shot through the crack of a car window.
Andrew McCain in the lead at -4 and still on the golf course. Next best are Onishi and Ellis tied at -3
Breast Cancer Awareness
Kerry Ellis picks up 'Best Female Performer' Award for her performance as former Elphaba!
oh Shane, that couple of bars of Gabrielle should yield a sony gold nom alone.Chances are, nothing else will.Keep up the work
Aussie Chardonnay for French dining: By David Ellis from vintnews. . Andrew Margan used fruit off exceptional l...
It's cool everyone. He's denied it. Few, was worried for a second. On with relegation.
good read that Pete. I'm certainly enjoying the moment!
So trade deadline approaches Mark Jackson does the unthinkable and trades away team star monta Ellis for a injured Andrew bogut
Dude curry's hitting threes from my bedroom at this point
That 2k icon started blinking red soon as Steph hit the first 1
Andrew screamed so loud that he scared himself
And the could have had Curry instead of Monte Ellis in the Andrew Bogut trade 😓😱😭
ESPN's spoke about Hinkie, Eagles draft & more on Check out the interview HERE.
Still can't believe Kobe is retiring
the Ellis family or something like that
Andrew Ellis is with us tonight. If by some odd chance you've never heard him before, take a listen. Then come on...
The most controversial moment in sports history happened on this day, 12 years ago.
Andrew Garfield is a better Spiderman than Tobey Maguire.
With all the 'I was there' comments on social media, there must have been 12,000 at Belle Vue yesterday
This is Marc Ellis during his stoush with a neighbour over a driveway...
Well,amazing what a bit of confidence will do for a side.I've a stiff neck from trying to keep up with the ball today...
Serious question... Why was Ellis starting if Opara is healthy?
is there any questionable chance of Andrew McCarthy being sectioned in it?
there seem to be so many Andrew Ellis' out there.
he looks so shifty. Like he knows he's not the real Andrew but he's trying his best
Maybe not on inhabited planets though.
thanks Jon, good to catch up too. At Fulham today!
It's only Tuesday and I already don't think I can make it through this week
On Sunday we also had Andrew accompanied by Ellis & Deb (who took the photo) taking part in the Orange Colour...
I do miss Andrew Surman, . Still have his shirt.
Deep quotes and then a life talk first hour. @ ellis
Given that we've only scored 5 league goals this year, I think we might struggle to turn this one around. HT 4-0.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I just liked "These Rhythmic Seasons, by Carolyn and Andrew Ellis" on
Order in the classroom: Blog on changing attitudes by Andrew Burchell from
oh now I know why Jade dumped you...
"Gender diversity: It starts at the top" by on
Excellent to see finally recognised at Long overdue, still yet to make a bad film.
You won't believe what you didn't know about Miles Ellis - Get the bigger picture with Andrew Gerard.
Cross country: The best, most challenging, gritty, rewarding sport there is.
Shout out to for the surprise bday party
Preparing to minister in song with Pastor Elder Andrew Tate III as he brings the word. 592 Ellis Rd S suite 112...
great!But if you do go ahead,please don't pepper the page with ads.I can't commonly read the thing I came to read as it is.
Andrew and I both have followed him since Monta Ellis was the star of the Warriors
And to think that the Bucks turned down a Curry for Andrew Bogut trade back in 2012 because of ankle issues and instead wanted Monta Ellis!
This joyful interview made me love Andrew Weatherall even more than I already did.
wife and I are up as we have a 1 year old daughter. Need I go on?...
Now is a good time to remind everyone that Herb Kohl turned down a deal for Steph Curry.
Andrew Ellis paying $10 to top score here having just come off a century. Come on son
Bret Easton Ellis: "New York today is American Psycho on steroids."
Man, these Perry Ellis jokes are getting old.
Rising Stars: Thank you Ian McGowan, Dane Smith, James Ellis, Leon Lumsden, Andrew Hunt for texting Rangers to 67766
BASEBALL: Jordan Gillerman was 3 for 5 with 3 RBI and Andrew Nero and West Ellis each had 2 RBI for Irvine Valley
do you ever see a time when the referees in this country realise the fans don't pay £20 every week to go and see them?
Apple wrapped a span around the word “click” to apply more generous letter spacing, so it doesn’t look like *** ”
Art at Allendale Forge Studios over two floors. Painting below Andrew Ellis wildlife painting.
Looks like Parquet Courts' Andrew Savage has borrowed Ellis from haircut .
or... Feeling healthy, feeling sober?. Come to Wakefield, we'll lend you Ebola.
Some people hate Portia, some people hate Andrew, oh well. Just go vote and stop cuss
Meg may have just thought of the most brilliant idea ever😂
Deported Roma refugee family receives permission to return - well done CARL's Andrew Brouwer and https…
Tackles resulting in injury come under greater scrutiny.But Boudebza,4 games is as brain dead as this 2 match ban...
and are done signing own players. So Hoffman-Ellis, Parks, Andrew Harris, Cord Parks, Khreem Smith will hit market
Here’s New Music from A Giant Dog: Sabrina Ellis and Andrew Cashen have made a huge name for…
So the storm naming farce started turn of the year.In just 40 days we've had 9 named storms?It's not a gimmick for the media tho...Bore off.
Most game-winning buzzer-beaters in the last 10 seasons:. Joe Johnson: 7. Monta Ellis: 4. Andre Iguodala: 4.
I didn't know Jeb's actual name is John Ellis Bush... I really thought they named that child Jeb.
new year to everyone but Andrew Ellis
I have something up my sleeve mate on the emergency transfer😉
I let you take the lead for 3 weeks, you did well to claw back over 100 points, I did have 4 players out injured
Bold move by Rocket Mortgage titling its Super Bowl ad: "Hey the 2008 financial crisis wasn't so bad, right? Right?" htt…
Andrew Mayavefivenine Ellis, Chase Bands Gotti and 17 others posted in Underground Rappers-Upc...
Andrew Mayavefivenine Ellis, A-Jay Beats and 6 others posted in UNSI...
Having just seen your interview on Andrew Marr how long are you going to refer to us as "Ambulance drivers"
TEST Actress makes fashion statement on red carpet
Andrew Ellis and Cameron Fletcher currently batting for Canterbury 70/6
Section 316 Crimes Act NSW or equiv should have been used by Andrew Morrisson2 counter Ellis Defense
If they want to challenge Liverpool need a keeper, 2 centre halves, plus Coutinho & Sturridge fit. Milner impressed me …
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Worth another look! Gabby Agbonlahor seems to be suggesting that someone needs to get banged:
23 points, 10 rebounds from Perry Ellis helps lift Kansas past TCU on the road
Love these tips for in "Headhunter Insights with Andrew Ellis" on
Leicester & Man City duel for the league today - unreal. Just 7 years ago Leicester were in League 1, and City fans were st…
Meet the Liberal candidate who'll take on Labor’s Kate Ellis in Adelaide
Meet Lib lawyer fighting in key seat
My mom just asked Tyler Ellis what him and Andrew are doing tonight and he replied, "It's Friday, we're single, we got lots to do." Omg
I wrote Michaels name wrong but Andrew in his mind would say it wrong
Let's just remember this pitch and pouch it in the back pocket for when Shaun Wane moans about Belle Vue come April...
yea that +24 is dirty. That's what 〽️🏒 will do for ya. He's a stud, no question.
DJing in motel innit. We are brethren now Andrew 👊
Somebody tell me when Stuart Cummings has done one...
Therefore say thou unto them,. And the Lord turned towards them and said... "Let there be League ☀️!!". Praise be, for
ESPN said "Andrew Wiggins' former teammate Perry Ellis.."... Ellis has been a teammate of every *** former Kansas player. Every single one.
Yep, Perry Ellis was teammates with Andrew Wiggins. Pretty sure he was also teammates with Danny Manning and possibly Wilt Chamberlain.
No offence SKY, but am I really paying you upwards of a ton so you can fill up sky sports 4 with "Pro Kabaddi League 2016"? Really?!
If we can't make the top 4 then I would rather we finish 8th outside the Europa League places.
Not sacking Rodgers in the summer was the worst thing FSG have ever done.
really hope you enjoyed listening to the show Andrew :)
77' Liverpool corner. Why not go and make a cup of tea?
Perry Ellis birth certificate be like
Australian man, 70, accused of sexually abusing eight Balinese girls. via
You are not going to want to miss this opening tonight at Griffin Gallery curated by Zavier Ellis of CHARLIE...
Robert Andrew Fiddel Ellis accused of sexually abusing eight Balinese girls
Andrew Ellis takes a catch in the outfield. One wicket to go Aces 137/9
Don't blink or you might miss it! Stunning work by captain Andrew Ellis
de Grandhomme takes another wicket! Andrew Ellis is gone for 25 runs. Cole McConchie in for a turn!
You have two more hours to enjoy the music of Andrew Ellis while drinking beer.
It's amazing Perry Ellis can run up and down the court, jump up for rebounds, and not break a hip.
Nice bucket there by Perry Ellis. He's having a good Sophomore year
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Keith Green, Andrew Mayavefivenine Ellis and 6 others posted in Hip ...
Congratulations to freshman Andrew Ellis - newly named McKelvey Scholar!
Andrew is obsessed with my eyebrows 😂😂😂😂 it's so funny
Canterbury captain Andrew Ellis says one-day domestic cricket title is overdue (Sport)
Kids with special needs are not weird or odd. They want what everyone else wants --to be accepted!!! Can I make a...
Andrew every time I've played you has been a one sided slaughter.
I'm so freaking proud of and Jill Ellis, America rules
dandyEATS with Andrew Kaiser – owner of The Emmet Ray and The Dock Ellis on his winter riding habits and meals...
Jill Ellis secured 42.98% of all votes ahead of Norio Sasaki (17.79%) & Mark Sampson (10.68%).
Jill Ellis wins women's coach of the year at 2015. Mark Sampson misses out but England still have a winner; Ellis grew up in UK
coach Jill Ellis is named FIFA World Coach of the Year for Women's Football.
Other names you could add to this - . Andrew Ellis, Jimmy Cowan, Luke Burgess.. You get the picture, international calibre, end of career
Ignore ignorant people, never ever pick up their energy and if you begin to give in immediately eliminate those feelings…
Great pass from Ellis to Hill, Beverley just lost Hill. Maybe Ellis passing and not just iso'ing is good!? Really!?
recalled conversation at school, Packers apparently
😂😂😂 "I'm just a very big Finkle fan. This is my Graceland..."
I dont know if they explicitly offered, but Lacob is on the record saying he would have traded Steph
Andrew Lloyd-Webber on Radio 2 just now. Complaining about cuts to arts education. Them bloody Tories, Andy. What you g…
Trevor Cooney enrolled in college in 1943. A year after Perry Ellis.
Literally. Looking forward to next week though, literally can't wait to see how Ellis and Laura get on.
well young Ellis clearly falls into that type of behaviour
from uncle Andrew? Can you cash it into your account then transfer me it?
hello, can you tell me how much the new kits are for babies in the shop? Thanks
Tickets for tonight's concert at St Andrew's church with guitar duo and Tom Ellis available here
can only get them at the party here in London at the min, Andrew. And when does a stall somewhere. Sorry!
here's who to have on to make your fans *** their britches. Bobby Lee w/Choe, Louis Theroux, Andrew Ucles, Jason Ellis, Mcgregor
injuries and how Mike Zimmer says Kenrick Ellis "maybe" will have to play a lot in place of Linval Joseph:
Excellent tips for here: "Headhunter Insights with Andrew Ellis" on
Curry and beer in the William Webb Ellis tonight?
Love these tips for "Headhunter Insights with Andrew Ellis" on
 border= way to remove it and return to what I was reading without shutting the window down?. Good show today guys.
Dear ad guys.When I'm reading something and you throw this up on my screen,do you think I react positively to it?
Iron Dome Purchase Sign of Quiet Gulf-Israel Ties and Middle East Flux - Stephen Ellis and Andrew Futter, WPR
"These are the books that I have pubished this year!" on
Congrats to Andrew Wingard on being named 2nd Team All-MW as a true freshman. Can't wait to see him 3 more years https:/…
Just when you thought you were staying home... All this, plus Andrew Ellis and our East & West Coast Hop Off, and...
Badaptations: a brief history of controversial book-to-screen transitions
James Key and Andrew Ellis are speaking for in this evening about Reinstatement Cost Assessments.
Our Kristin Ellis presenting 2 community @ success & future of - 2016 will b great!
Sheffield fan gives Public Enemy a lift to their arena gig in his Ford Focus...
A full fibre network is the only way to future-proof Britain (Andrew Ellis -
New prints and reprints off to the US for Andrew Ellis. Three New giclée prints for artist; Peter Pracownic.
Congratulations to Gwyndaf Parry Rhys Ellis and Andrew Sowerby who became Chartered Waste Managers
Andrew White is our winner! Our still's name is Gloria, from the North Berwick coat of arms. Love it!
Barron Travel would like to welcome our new Travel Agent Andrew Ellis who has nearly 30 years experience in the travel industry
BREAKING NEWS: BIBL will be opening a new store in Wakefield in the new year! Recruiting now!
Bret Easton Ellis and Christian Bale on the set of American Psycho
also, the apparent undead singing God save the queen was a highlight...
Hats off Fury,you deserved it. But if anyone has seen Klitchko's right hand, kindly return it to Germany, he might need it.
I've only read one issue post Ellis but it was good. I should get back to that.
A massive well done to graduate Ellis Iandolo who came on once again for Swindon…
cheers for the ticket. Great to meet your neighbour Andrew Ellis too.
no idea mate going to stream it hopefully! What times it start?
tidy your room Andrew, I don't have time for your incessant whining.
I still remember fans booing management for trading Monte Ellis for Andrew did that work out?
Hmu for your next music video! Check out my latest work i did for my little bro Andrew Mayavefivenine Ellis
All the latest live action playing now Josh Neil / Alexander Dunn vs Peter Mills / Andrew Ellis, see
Andrew Ellis's programs can pass the Turing Test by staring at the interrogator.
A 4-wicket haul from Andrew Ellis and a forty three-ball seventy six from Peter Fulton have been the headlining pe…
This Perry Ellis cat been in college for at least 10 years
Website Builder 728x90
yeah. I watched Survivor Series. It was too predictable...
New ○ From the author who won the 2011 CWA Ellis Peters Historical Crime Award ○ ♥
Comment on SFM – The Next Steps by Giovanni "CG, Craig Whyte, Dave King and Andrew Ellis all have in common"?.
Yorkshire Gig Guide - a night of live music and Open Mic, with featured bands-. Darren Ellis Music and the...
Wind Advisory in effect from Noon for Alfalfa, Beckham, Blaine, Caddo, Custer, Dewey and Ellis Counties in OK ht…
Boys’ Tennis: Ellis returns to tennis after a spring in Europe: Andrew Ellis is spending this spring like so m...
It sure sounded like it was someone else in the trailer.
I think it was someone else for the trailer, but they have said he will be back for Season 2.
Tim des Forges & Simon Godson (team WA Ellis) are looking forward to tour of your region with Ben, Will and Andrew this w/e
if you remember when the YouTube app used to look like this 🙌
Back on the Common Decency campaign trail today - visiting animal-committed Lib Dem MP Andrew George in Cornwall.
Tornado Watch in effect for Beckham, Ellis, Greer, Harmon and Roger Mills Counties in OK until Midnight
Severe Thunderstorm Watch in effect for Dallas, Denton, DeWitt, Ellis and Erath Counties in TX until 10 PM http:…
Congrats to grantees Drs. Matthew Ellis and Andrew Ewald on being awarded the 2015 leadership awards:
Singer breaks foot at Coachella and the Metro worry they might not be fit to play Glasto?
"Andrew shaw got put down by Ellis..." Mutt jokes?
he's an average player who is always injured. Monta Ellis > Andrew Bogut
8:02 PM - Severe thunderstorm warning now for Harper and Ellis Co. Quarter size hail & wind gusts to 60 mph possible near Ca…
7:55 PM Strong storm will move into N Ellis and SW Harper Co. in 20 mins. At least nickel size hail & wind gusts to 50 mph p…
Uniform, Andrew Ellis Music. New edition, glasses. I can see you now
Making light work of the internet:How photonics has powered the information revolution,30 Apr:
How does the internet work? Free lecture by Prof Andrew Ellis on the history of optical communications, Thu 30 April:
Andrew Boston and Jarred Ellis will start as the subs here.
Congrats to Andrew, he has advanced to the State Tournament as a Medalist!!
Ericka Ellis-Stewart says more than half of CMS employees do not make a living wage, including 9,000 teachers
And here's Andrew Ellis on The Art of Digital: Art Detective and the PCF
Don't miss Prof Andrew Ellis give his inaugural lecture on 30th April!
Great opportunity to listen to renowned speaker in Photonics, Prof Andrew Ellis at his inaugural lecture
Perry Ellis will return for his Senior season. "There's still a lot left on the table, it'll be best for me to come back.".
Ending the day with this gorgeous pic of cherry blossoms next to the Jefferson Memorial in by Andrew Geraci
oh god andrew I'm sorry. I knew there was a reason I only favourited it when I first saw it
Once fame subsides,at least will have a job as a Blackadder lookalike to fall back on..
Loveday on fire. He's had enough water to put himself out.
Great afternoon out playing Futsal with my fellow Councillors and a few ring ins (Thanks Andrew Ellis and Aaron...
Severe Thunderstorm Watch in effect for Dewey, Ellis, Garfield, Grant and Greer Counties in OK until 11 PM http:…
Great to see Andrew Webster plug The Centurions - McMahon on stage http:…
How to change strings on your Reverend Pete Anderson PA-1 with Andrew Ellis!
bluzmail Tuesday August 12, 2014 Perth Blues Club - Charles Hotel - 509 Charles St, North Perth - 8 pm - Entry $15 members $10 Connie Kris and David Capper – 8 pm Two of Perth’s finest musicians join forces to create an exciting new acoustic project: Connie Kis’ n Dave Capper. The duo fuses influences and styles from blues, folk, roots, jazz and old time country to bring audiences a unique, toe tapping sound that is accessible, fun and real. Multi-instrumentalist, David Capper is no stranger to Perth venues having been in demand as a drummer for many local bands, not to mention his own solo performances where he swaps his drumsticks for an acoustic guitar and stomp box. He has appeared at Bridgetown Blues, The Fly By Night Club, The Perth Blues Club, The Fremantle Blues club, Mundaring Folk and Blues Club, Mojos, Clancy’s to name just a few. David’s flair and finger picking style recently attracted the attention of a local luthier; Andrew Ellis who featured David in one of ...
Toledo! Do not miss Five Horse Johnson wsg/ The Zimmerman Twins and Andrew Ellis this Saturday May 24th at...
The mayhem starts tomorrow. The first collaborator arrives for our production week at DanceXchange for and which will premiere at International Dance Festival Birmingham on 6th May 2014. Every time I do a show like this, a part of me dies in the process. But I hope in that process the beauty of art created fires off a smile, a sense of awe, curiosity and more. Thank you to all the collaborators for their invaluable contributions - Aakash Odedra, Lewis Robert Major, Andrew Ellis, Damien Jalet Emilios Arapoglou Ars Electronica Clare Louise Byrnes Fabiana Piccioli JEAN-PAUL LESPAGNARD Nicki Wells Loscil Farooq Chauhdhury, Megan Ace, Quaternaire Paris, Marcello Guidetti, Andy Finn, Sky Arts, CURVE theatre, Leicester Royal Opera House The Dartington Hall Trust Pavilion Dance South West Sampad Arts Comete, Chalons, Maison Des Arts Creteil Maison de la musique de Nanterre
Ok. Out of all of the countries, I just felt the Jamaican bobsledding team is just so adorable. This is in addition to my South Korean peeps and USA of course. For you Andrew Ellis!
Cricket: Sri Lanka bat against New Zealand Sri Lanka's captain Angelo Mathews won the toss and chose to bat in the second one-day international against New Zealand in Hambantota on Tuesday. The first match on Sunday at the same venue was rained off, with the Black Caps on 13-1 off 4.2 overs in reply to the home team's 288-9. Bad weather is also expected to hit Tuesday's match as rain clouds gathered over the southern coastal town. New Zealand: Kyle Mills (capt), Tom Latham, Anton Devcich, Rob Nicol, Grant Elliott, Colin Munro, Luke Ronchi, James Neesham, Nathan McCullum, Adam Milne, Andrew Ellis. Sri Lanka: Angelo Mathews (capt), Tillakaratne Dilshan, Dimuth Karunaratne, Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Dinesh Chandimal, Lahiru Thirimanne, Nuwan Kulasekara, Lasith Malinga, Rangana Herath, Sachithra Senanayake. Umpires: Bruce Oxenford (AUS) and Ruchira Palliyaguruge (SRI) TV umpire: Raveendra Wimalasiri (SRI) Match referee: Chris Broad (ENG)
What time is the football game tonight
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