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Andrew Dice Clay

Andrew Dice Clay (born Andrew Clay Silverstein; September 29, 1957) is an American comedian and actor who played the lead role in the film The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.

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Watching Andrew Dice Clay and his opening act his "Sons" Suck! Just putting it out there. — watching Andrew Dice Clay
I feel all these songs need be talked but in Andrew Dice Clay's Voice
Andrew Dice Clay. Saw him as the halftime show between Metallica and Guns 'n Roses. At the Rose Bowl.
Ever been to an Andrew Dice Clay concert? Far as I can tell, he's a legend even still today!
A guy who's matched wits with Andrew Dice Clay has the authority to launch missiles.
Andrew Dice Clay Clay Clay what you want but don't play games with my affection.
here did you find the Andrew Dice Clay outfit... I hope it was from Little Boy Blue he needed the money
your Andrew Dice Clay is unmatched! I could listen to a whole show in that voice;)
They called him Abrasive, in truth he was a racist. Comedy does not excuse your performance. Andrew Dice Clay is th…
I told someone recently that Andrew Dice Clay came along about 20 years too early. Add a bea…
"Unbelievable" by EMF! the "ohhh!" sample is actually Andrew Dice Clay
167. On a scale from Paulo Coelho to Andrew dice clay, how problematic are you?
Why you're still talking about Obama and Hilary is telling. That's all your material. Like Andrew Dice C…
Andrew Dice Clay is the most trash imo, its just the same sex joke over and over. He was…
Oh come on, Bo does his schtick fantastically. Personally though, Pryor is the GOAT. Next to Andrew Dice Clay
Even back in 2006..Andrew Dice Clay called out CNN for thier "fake news" stories 😂😂😂😂
I liked a video from Joe Rogan Experience - Andrew Dice Clay & Joey Diaz
Yo Lino Cassetana Andrew Dice Clay is tryna sell u this house, u buying?
...thanks, now I have Andrew Dice Clay going "I AM *BLEEP*" in my head.
While watching R carry a bowl thru house, I thought of the punchline to an old Andrew Dice Clay joke and cracked myself up.
I'm not sure WHAT I was expecting when Tom said to read Andrew Dice Clay poetry, but oh man, this stuff is somethin' alright.
not the only nursery rhyme better when Andrew dice Clay does them lol
Joey Gallo just made me do the Andrew Dice Clay "OH" in my living room.
I like to put on my leather jacket and pretend I'm Andrew Dice Clay and then grab me some ***
Groucho had a cigar, just for the look. He didn't smoke it. Andrew "Dice" Clay held an unlit cigarette on stage. I will be The Vaping Comic.
I keep forgetting I live in a world where Andrew "Dice" Clay was in an episode of MASH...what a strange world we be in.
He's talking about machismo, not masculinity. Masculinity is Charles Ingalls. Machismo is Andrew Dice Clay.
So now we are consulting a self-admitted alcoholic fantasy book writer? What makes him an authority…
he thinks he's zombie apocalypse Andrew Dice Clay
The time Andrew Dice Clay thanked Donald Trump for the hookers via
My Andrew Dice Clay impression is coming along so well! OH! AY!
Andrew Dice Clay looks like an Italian Harry Carey with those glasses
Andrew Dice Clay in a insecure old man.
Andrew Dice Clay looks old enough to be his wife's, grandfather.
If Trump names Andrew Dice Clay as his poet Laureate it will be the Trumpiest thing Trump has ever Trumped. Trump.
I'll bet Paul Ryan thinks Andrew Dice Clay is hilarious.
My uncle loved Andrew Dice Clay back in the day lol
It has Richard Grieco & Andrew Dice Clay sure, but it also has Angie Everhart on a stripper pole & that's well wort…
Confirmed: Inauguration Day poet will be Scott Baio reciting Andrew Dice Clay.
I swear thats Doc mike doing his best Andrew Dice Clay
somehow I just found out about this movie tonight. it also stars Andrew Dice Clay
CFB MEMBER ANDREW DICE CLAY: Li'l Miss Muffett sat on her tuffett -- & so did Sam Darnold during USC's losses OH!
I'm listening to Unmasked - w/ Andrew Dice Clay with SiriusXM On Demand.
...and again Nora Dunn refused to appear when Andrew Dice Clay hosted, wasn't reprimanded. SNL staff couldve put ideals before their careers
just look up old school Andrew Dice Clay's take on native New Yorkers when he asked for the time and you will understand.
I predict it will be hosted by Andrew Dice Clay.
sounds like a joke Andrew Dice Clay would make.
I love Andrew Dice Clay. He's so cheesy and 80s it's great.
Howard Stern Show Andrew Dice Clay visits to promote Out of the Cage: qua
Da home of Andrew Dice Clay and culcha!
I like Anna But she is sexy and you may be the next Rosie Odonell.Keep up the Andrew Dice Clay act.wakawaka
Andrew Dice Clay with one of those crass nursery rhymes would be fitting.
I do whatever I do. I go to the club. I work on material. While ot...
I want to be able to make people laugh as hard as they possibly c...
always nice to see Andrew Dice Clay on the road
There needs to be an Andrew dice clay emoji
singling out a patron isn't what artists should do, unless you're at an Andrew Dice Clay show.
was that Andrew dice clay that called in?? 'Speak English!'
he's apparently playing to the 1st class section of the Andrew Dice Clay audience
Have Andrew Dice Clay and Steven Segal been appointed to key positions in drump's posse?
Donald Trump being President is like saying your baby sitter is Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Loyd Webber is the pen name of Andrew Dice Clay
I've been getting in trouble my whole life and I really don't care...
Watching old Andrew Dice Clay shows at MSG and realizing that was the template Trump swiped for all his rallies, probably his presidency
12.30.B Procured anyone for prostitution?. Trump-Epstein case. Also: to the tapes!. Or
Man, that guy really really wishes he was Andrew Dice Clay, doesn't he...?
Hey you The Andrew Dice Clay of this stupid generationWhen are you and Leah D. Going to scissor kick your way to the north pole?
Here's one for all the Trump Protesters...Early Andrew Dice Clay 80's via
Instead of an angel/devil, I think Trump has a KKK member on one shoulder and just a guy mangling Andrew Dice Clay punchlines on the other.
When was the last time you changed someone life? . Oh but you want respect. . Gtfoh . Via . Andrew Dice Clay voice
Apparently, though, Andrew Dice Clay was "terrific, totally terrific, really amazing, terrific."
Negan is a cross between Jim Carrey in The Mask and Andrew Dice Clay in everything
I think I recall Andrew Dice Clay doing that once. Way to go, Hamilton!
official and actual are two different things. Ask Nebraska about their sellout streak oh(Andrew Dice Clay)
oh please not Andrew Dice Clay lol though he was good in Blue Jasmine thanks to Woody!!
I was just thinking how weird it was that Andrew Dice Clay's name hasn't been floated for a cabinet position.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Milo is really just Andrew Dice Clay with sillier hair, isn't he? And that's no mean feat in itself.
I lived in Beverly Hills for years. I always had a line, 'I hate the...
I like when something makes you think after you stop watching.
In light of this win, I hear Andrew Dice Clay is thinking of running for office in four year's time
I certainly don't walk around my home or being with my family and...
I added a video to a playlist Andrew Dice Clay "Poems"
...why the *** would even Fox tell Andrew Dice Clay "Be on Network TV?"
How much do you want to bet that President Trump's poet laurete will be Andrew Dice Clay?
Followed by a reading from incoming poet laureate Andrew Dice Clay.
Andrew Dice Clay | Currently playing at the Riviera...: via
Andrew Dice Clay talks about his pet project, The Comic and the Con, to Martin Scorsese & ends up insulting him. http:/…
For Martin Scorsese's birthday, you should watch this 1-minute clip of him & Andrew Dice Clay
Steven Seagal as Andrew Dice Clay on SNL. I am living.
Nora Dunn and Andrew Dice Clay. Mostly 100% because she hates him =P
Once again, Andrew Dice Clay was overlooked for the Nobel Prize in Literature
Trump has always been a few degrees removed from being Andrew Dice Clay. This is not breaking news.
Hillary's Storm Troopers raid arrest anyone who has told sexual jokes-Have put out APB on Andrew Dice Clay and Donald Trump.
That's what Racists get when they nominate Andrew Dice Clay.
Andrew Dice Clay impersonation. Only watch if you like crude humor.
This guy is a professional! He's sounds like Andrew Dice Clay up there! Nails the punchline!
I'm starting a new rumor ERR I MEAN HEARD that even Andrew Dice Clay is shocked by Trump!
Where's Andrew Dice Clay when we need him😳
He's gonna have Andrew Dice Clay write some material for him.
Funny thought:. 1989-Andrew Dice Clay is banned for life from MTV for lewd misogynistic comments. 2016-Donald Trump runs for President.
Trump has a very practiced gesture vocabulary. Know who else practiced hand gestures in the mirror a lot? That's right. Andrew Dice Clay.
I share a book agent with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Andrew Dice Clay. We hang out all the time.
jobs i think Donald Trump would excel at: casino pit boss, Andrew Dice Clay's tour manager circa 1991... that's about it
yea, he sounds like Andrew Dice Clay, except Dice is an act.
If Trump doesn't run in 2020, I fully expect the Trumpkins to run Andrew Dice Clay.
Graded on that curve Andrew Dice Clay seems a staid, sober statesman.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
can we just cut the middle man and nominate Andrew Dice Clay instead?
Google: Chris Rock, Andrew Dice Clay, Eddie Murphy, comedy. Pls tell me how 3men got so rich if no1ever heard men t…
Andrew Dice Clay for president in 2020! Chief requirement for office is to be funny and outrageous. Trump has set a new precedent
Stop being a dragqueen, and stop ripping off Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Dice Clay was actually intentionally funny. You're just so pathetic it's laughable.
3rd row back 7th seat Is that Andrew Dice Clay?
If Pence dumps Trump who will be his running mate, Ron Jeremy, Howard Stern or Andrew Dice Clay?
I overheard: "media is making the debate that it was Andrew Dice Clay vs Peewee Herman.
Funnyscary when he said at the debate that he's a gentleman. Compared to whom, Tom Leykis, Andrew Dice Clay, Ike Turner?!
I remember back in the day going to Andrew Dice Clay concerts and 1/2 the seats were filled with women. Pretty offended.
I'd say has the fourteen-year-old boy and Andrew Dice Clay demographics locked down.
That is why Andrew Dice Clay was elected president in 1988
.Hey when are you going to have PeeWee Herman, . Andrew Dice Clay, & Super Dave Osborne on for their POTUS picks?
Colin Quinn, Dennis Leary, Howard Stern, Andrew Dice Clay. See if they're available to play Trump
- debate prep for HRC would be Andrew Dice Clay - NY attitude / demeanor, insults as retorts & absolutely no policy
Trump is what you would get if Andrew Dice Clay tried to do Andy Kaufman's act.
"is the Andrew Dice Clay or presidential candidates" Robert Zimmerman on
Apparently he's a genetic cross of Richard Simmons and Andrew Dice Clay; a deity of the cult.
I also got to see Sam Kinison live where he wiped his *** with a fan's Andrew Dice Clay shirt.
in on this comedians walls is weird polaroid pictures of Sam Kinison and Eddie Murphy and Andrew Dice Clay
you think our generation was all Black Flag t-shirts and riot grrl zines. I wish. we were WAY into Andrew Dice Clay and the Jerky Boys
what if they remade the space balls with Dane Cook, Carrot Top Pauley Shore, and Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Dice Clay without the gravitas: and Martha Stewart without the ethical foundation:
what do u get if u cross Archie Bunker, Andrew Dice Clay and Hugh Heffner, I dunno but looks like guy running for President
to mark the occasion, Andrew Dice Clay . will read a passage from the classic. 'Hickory Dickory Dock'
Hard to describe a podcast that features Rob Schneider, Andrew Dice Clay and jars of pee so I won't.
I thought u may dig this one Ms. Barr, some Andrew Dice Clay for ya...Whoaa!!!
(1) Andrew Dice Clay has a TV show and (2) Adrien Brody is in at least one episode
Andrew Dice Clay suddenly having a show merely confirms that he is Jon Stewart's Tony Clifton
Trump embodies all the worst qualities in humans. Think a cross between Kim Jong-un and Andrew Dice Clay. Not presidential material
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Last RT: back in the 80s I said people like Andrew Dice Clay and Morton Downey Jr. would be the ruin of us and no one believed me.
Yeah, I spread knowledge like Gandhi, or Andrew Dice Clay.
At least Andrew Dice Clay got a TV show in 2016
Are you proud of that? Do you really want Andrew Dice Clay as our president?
I, for one, can't wait for Andrew Dice Clay as Press Secretary under President Trump
use the one from the comedian Andrew Dice Clay. Lol
Jay is also a sissy boy who called the police on Andrew Dice Clay because he made a joke about him.
I fully support name change, but did you consider changing the band name to Andrew Dice Clay? That could be fun. Anyway, luv U!
A promoted post just dropped "Monster Energy Outbreak Tour presents Andrew Dice Clay" on my timeline. Happy
him and Andrew Dice Clay I'm a fan of his too he's might be affordable lol
To be fair, that was also the comedy of Sam Kinnison, Andrew Dice Clay and the new Borat movie.
If you're going to vote for trump. Stop and write in Andrew Dice Clay. It's a better life choice.
Marriott spokesmen, Andrew dice clay. "Take it easy honey, u got ya money right? Agooosh".
It took me an hour and a half to realize Andrew Dice Clay was in it.
We watched last night. Best episode of TV/basically a movie that I've seen in FOREVER. Andrew Dice Clay made me …
It was great having on with late last week. Check out what The Diceman had to say
Great read from Dealing with different types of humor in the workplace.
Had a dream I had to play Andy Warhol in a movie but my voice sounded like Andrew Dice Clay's. I think I'm watching too much Vinyl.
The best thing that could happen at Cinder Block is if Andrew Dice Clay headlined it.
Can't sleep but I just learned that Andrew Dice Clay was on MASH.
I was looking for the old Andrew Dice Clay one. 😂😂😂
Our brother in law Lou Milano talking to about new show DICE, April 10 Showtime, don't miss it!
Andrew Dice Clay to give keynote speech at Republican National Convention.
i want to here his hot takes on Andrew Dice Clay
I can bang a chick out under 2 minutes! - Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Dice Clay created the Lilith Fair concert tour.
Trump's Position Papers on Women's issues written by Andrew Dice Clay.
Andrew "Dice" Clay would go on to high profile success.
I said it before, he's Andrew Dice Clay and Dark Beast is David Hyde Pierce
(2 of 5) Andrew Dice Clay could've been be an ongoing star. Added to that, I don't empathize with Richie, the character I care least about.
he's Andrew Dice Clay. That's all I can come up with.
Andrew Dice Clay is coming to Sands Bethlehem 5/13 TIX on sale now has him on his show Monday morning.
I'm a Brooklyn guy onstage, and I try to really feed my fans with the kind ...
I am laughing at Rubio and Jeb! Land of delusion for both now. Trump is starting to remind me of Andrew dice clay, getting old fast
trump is half Andrew Dice Clay, half Zaphod Beeblebrox.
Why go see Andrew Dice Clay when Trump is on TV doing his material all the time?
NEWSFLASH: To prepare for the eventual debates with Trump, Hillary will hire a surrogate with a similar diagnosis: Andrew Dice Clay.
Trump's collapse in large part is due to his Andrew Dice Clay act in the debate.
Now watching Private Resort with Rob Morrow, Johnny Depp and Andrew Dice Clay. Oh the 80s.
Today, Andrew Dice Clay is as old as John Paul II was the day he was named Pope: 21,336 days .
Trump is actually gaining. Who's his VP pick, Bobcat Goldthwait or Andrew Dice Clay?
I really enjoyed watching VINYL last night. Andrew Dice Clay with that surprise performance 👏🏼. Good to see John Oliv…
Andrew Dice Clay has now worked with Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese. Props to him
All this time, I thought it was Jim Belushi playing the big guy, not Andrew Dice Clay.
Andrew Dice Clay being on "Vinyl" means he's worked with Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen in the past 3 years
Yakov Smirnoff, Andrew Dice Clay, and Thomas F. Wilson were all roommates in LA in the early '80s? THAT'S the biopic we need.
I figured it out: Donald Trump is Andrew Dice Clay with money.
Andrew Dice Clay in the Wolf of Wall street
.look, it's Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez with infamous shock comedian Andrew Dice Clay
You know, I never notice that uncle in was Andrew Dice Clay. Far out!
For me as well I could stomach Trump if he wasn't so Don Rickles, Archie Bunker,Andrew Dice Clay
19 year old me got excited earlier to find a new Showtime comedy special hosted by Andrew Dice Clay, called The...
Oh, being a bigoted imbecile has a long pedigree in our culture. Ask Andrew Dice Clay. We don't need to give it a platform.
I loved when he called me a *** when him a question. He's a regular Andrew Dice Clay! 😏
It is almost comically at first because I thought it was ~~sir mixalot~~ andrew dice clay mary had a little creative choice for. Lemon
Is Andrew Dice Clay supposed to be funny because he's a parody of racist/sexist Italians, or is he supposed to be legitimately funny?
Why is not hosted by Wolf Blitzer and Andrew Dice Clay
My Mom always does that. She looks like Andrew Dice Clay, but has a pretty good body for someone who is 68.
Andrew Dice Clay - The Day That Laughter Died (Full Album) [Enjoy this coming new years with the "Dice-Man".]
same filthy Comedy Show as Andrew Dice Clay,. What's he gonna do next, grab his crotch?. .
Seriously, *such* a dumb thing to say by way of apology. We get that you're not Andrew Dice Clay, guys.
Trump is Don Rickles, Archie Bunker and Andrew Dice Clay rolled up into one.disaster
we should all subscribe to the Andrew Dice Clay sexuality model: you either suck *** or you do not suck ***
Andrew Dice Clay called and wants his 80's stand-up back,LOL!!But "Don't Worry" Ur 15 mins is up.
So cool that the turned the tables on Andrew Dice Clay's infantile actions. 👍
You gotta imagine this in an Andrew Dice Clay, dirty new york greaser accent
And Andrew Dice Clay is a shock-comedian...not someone running for President of America
Donald Trump is no Reagan. He's a slightly better communicator than Andrew Dice Clay.
It seems that when this infatuation with politics has played itself out, The Donald aspires to be the next Andrew Dice Clay.
Trump has political sense of Palin,personality of Andrew Dice Clay, and a pinch of a sadistic Rodney Dangerfield!
You know what was really unbelievable? The career of Andrew Dice Clay
If Donald Trump is elected, next year the will recognize Andrew Dice Clay, Dennis Rodman, Dee Snider, and Gary Busey.
OMG, you are so correct 😂😂. is the Andrew Dice Clay of the 2016 Presidential race.
I recommend No Contest, co-starring Andrew Dice Clay and Roddy Piper. Classic straight-to-video action.
I wonder how Andrew Dice Clay is celebrating
This Stromboli got me talking like Andrew Dice Clay
I can imagine the same thing happened for Andrew Dice Clay
. Al Boreland. Most interesting man in the world. Poppin' Fresh. Doug Funny. Andrew "Dice" Clay
It's like Philip Zimbardo and Andrew Dice Clay are conducting an experiment on America.
when does trump open up for Andrew dice clay?
I can hire Insane Clown Posse and Andrew Dice Clay to perform at my kid's bar mitzvah.
And when did Ryback's voice turn into Andrew Dice Clay?
Andrew Dice Clay is a fat Rob Morrow + Vincent Gallo and John Travolta.
Jon Cryer &Andrew Dice Clay. What movie we watchin now?
Andrew Dice Clay illo for NYPress, 12/6/93, ink on denril vellum, art direction by Michael Gentile.
i had no idea the "Ohhh!" in "Unbelievable" by EMF is an. Andrew Dice Clay sample. thx !
Must see TV Friday at 2pm Scheduled to appear: Danny "The Count" Koker, Rob Zombie, Andrew Dice Clay. Set your DVR!
Michael Rapaport to guest-star on Andrew Dice Clay's Showtime comedy series DICE:
Little boy blue. He needed the money. (Nod to Andrew Dice Clay.)
A house overlooking the Sunset Strip played host to a generation of comics like Sam Kinison, Andrew Dice Clay,...
among the residents: Sam Kinison, Andrew Dice Clay, the guy who played Biff
Any SNL players going to boycott the Donald Trump ep or would they fear ending up like Nora Dunn after she boycotted Andrew Dice Clay ep?
Hey, wait a second. Has anyone ever seen Jon Stewart and Andrew Dice Clay in the same room together?!?
Doesn't have to be, but a lot of it is. Carlin, Pryor, Lewis CK, Andrew Dice Clay, Sam Kinison, Mel Brooks, etc
my guess is that Trump will prep for the debate by watching old vids of Don Rickles and Andrew Dice Clay.
Instead of Tom Waits, the Iggy Pop scene in Coffee & Cigarettes should have been between him and Andrew Dice Clay.
Joyce Carol Oates has obviously never listened to Andrew Dice Clay!
Sideshow Donald is quickly becoming the Andrew Dice Clay of American politics. Carly Fiorina...she needed the money.
Bernie and his supporters are kooks. Andrew Dice Clay has a better shot at becoming president.
I can't WAIT until President Trump's Oval Office tapes are published. LBJ, Nixon and Andrew Dice Clay rolled in one.
SPOILER: Donald Trump and Andrew Dice Clay are the same person.
Donald Trump should just hire Andrew Dice Clay to be his speech writer. "Hickory dickery dock,. Megyn Kelly was sucking my …
One of the truly best part of Star Trek where Data summons a holographic Andrew Dice Clay to learn about humor.
Andrew Dice Clay's nursery rhymes are really dope, I say to the 20 something intern who looks equally confused & terrifi…
"What I Think About Feminism by Andrew Dice Clay" Franzen looks pretty good now, don't he!
Erick Erickson chiding Trump on misogyny is like Andrew Dice Clay criticizing Bill Maher for having a filthy mouth.
Andrew Dice Clay and David Hyde Pierce aren't the same person.
This is the photo of Andrew Dice Clay that used to talk to
we are actually going to nominate Andrew Dice Clay. Wow.
They might as well ask Andrew Dice Clay what he thinks of Trump.
Still nothing funnier than Andrew dice clay impression talking about wine when was in
Been working *** my Andrew Dice Clay impression, but it's really hard to be pretend to be that bad a father
announced the replacement of Andrew Dice Clay as campaign manager with a Mr. Gary Busey
My only question regarding the Missouri congress woman eating her booger on tv is did she swallow? (Andrew Dice Clay voice)
Somewhere, Andrew Dice Clay is realizing that now he can run for president.
Andrew Dice Clay as Frank "Buck" Rogers, a cocaine-fueled owner of a chain of radio stations
it looks like he's delivering the punchline of an Andrew Dice Clay joke. Hey!!
.Really, Hillary wouldn't be able to beat a guy who spends 5 days acting like Andrew Dice Clay over a Fox anchor "not being nice?"
Going through 25 years of back issues and just found this gem...on Andrew Dice Clay.
When did Andrew Dice Clay enter the Republican Presidential race?
Trump parts ways with political advisor after debate: I heard a rumor that Trump just re-hired Andrew Dice Clay -…
I'm all for it if he goes all in and chooses Andrew Dice Clay to be his running mate. Then we'll know what we're dealing with.
Its because you are this country's next modern day Hitler... more like Andrew Dice Clay injected with Hitler DNA.
I was at the new Andrew Dice Clay blockbuster.
Why is it I have Andrew Dice Clay in my head at 4:45am?. Im crazy or sumptin... Im OVER HERE NOW!. has a lot to answer for.
liters rally. Knowing me, it was like poetry. I think I'm Andrew Dice f'n Clay w/ the nursery rhymes. Hickory, dickory,dock,ooo
Fox hired Andrew Dice Clay to analyze the election.
So will this new show about rock in the 70s starring Andrew Dice Clay just be another campaign to convince is Patti Smith is talented?
The best way to describe my campaign is imagine Mitt Romney and Andrew Dice Clay had a baby and that baby ran for Preside…
Andrew Dice Clay, Donald Kagan, Jimmy Smits, and Norman Podhoretz are all from Brownsville? Also, Larry King and Howard Zinn.
If the late George Carlin & Andrew Dice Clay had a baby Jason Farone would be born ! His videos are hilarious ! Check it out !
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick . Jack burned off his f)$$&n' *** (Andrew Dice Clay)
Andrew Dice Clay smack is as fresh as Jim's goatee.
I added a video to a playlist Howard Stern - Artie vs Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Dice Clay sold out Maple Leaf Gardens back in day. Nothing new
Electronic Device Insurance
Andrew Dice Clay has ruined Hickory Dickory Dock for a generation of parents.
Actual sentence from Andrew Dice Clay in silken panties -- ALL the does I bet.
Nothing like watching some old Andrew Dice Clay to get me through this all nighter
they get rid of Booms and keep Kylie? This town loves schmucks. Andrew Dice Clay can replace him.
I LOVE Mariah.But that's some unfunny s**t.This ranks slightly higher than "comedy" from Andrew Dice Clay..
Andrew Dice Clay doesn't count because in order to be a comedian you have to be funny
Andrew Dice Clay was one of their spokesmen
Gilbert Gottfried shouts one last obscenity as security removes heckler Andrew Dice Clay.
Getting lessons about dating from Andrew Dice Clay is like getting anger management advice from Mike Tyson.
I liked a video Andrew Dice Clay soundboard prank call to old black couple
Andrew Dice Clay is one of my favorite comedians, he starts off saying, "I got my tongue up this chicks *** lol
who tf is Andrew Dice Clay and why do I feel like people make fun of him now
Need a definitive list of music acts that have sampled Andrew Dice Clay.
I'd take Andrew Dice Clay over Kevin Hart any day. Ooh!!!
TIL only nine comedians have ever sold out Madison Square Garden: Eddie Murphy, George Carlin, Andrew Dice Clay, Ch…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
No lie. Andrew Dice Clay stole the Little Miss Muffett bit from my mom. Was telling it to me in the early 70's.
As the comedian Andrew Dice Clay would say "OH!"
Nah, I'm too an Andrew Dice Clay performance to protest...
You're like the people who got mad and Andrew Dice Clay of Larry the Cable Guy - THEY'RE ACTS! Fake personas!
I love the sound you make at the beginning of your show everyday. it reminds me of Andrew Dice Clay.
really enjoying the new radio show with Andrew Dice Clay hosting. Is it possible to get a couple old mother Hubbard jokes in?
Andrew Dice Clay actin like Andrew Dice Clay. My ★★★ review of The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990) on
So. I saw Age of Ultron. It wasn't as offensive as an Andrew Dice Clay routine but I could see why ppl were bummed.
Let's load up something new and old? Brainsmasher: A Love Story (1993) with Andrew Dice Clay and Teri Hatcher. Okay.
There are *** that go to see Andrew Dice Clay.nuff said!!
Brain Smasher... A Love Story This movie has Teri Hatcher, Andrew Dice Clay, and Shaolin monks. How does this exist?
Is it the one where Anthony calls in as Andrew Dice Clay?
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