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Andrew Bird

Andrew Wegman Bird (born July 11, 1973) is an American musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

Noble Beast Sufjan Stevens Kishi Bashi Fiona Apple Paul Simon Squirrel Nut Zippers Fleet Foxes Jake Bugg Chris Thile Rachael Yamagata

Late to this, but it's mighty fine >> . Are You Serious (Deluxe Edition) by Andrew Bird
Coming up this hour 🕑. Jonatha Brooke. Andrew Bird. Shelter Belt. Fleetwood Mac. The Posies. and more!.
feels like an Andrew Bird kind of day
medallist Dane Bird-Smith & world no 1 water-skier Jacinta Carroll named Sportspeople of the Year. LINK:
chats with ahead of his 2017 Australia Tour and set!…
Armchairs is my favourite CIG improv warm up game and my favourite song by Andrew Bird
talks to April Oz tour 13th 15th 18th
Real life images of and the actual reason she makes us all late 😊
Coming up this hour 🕑. XTC. Miranda Lee Richards. The Fratellis. Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire. Aden. and more!.
Now playing on WGMU: Are You Serious by Andrew Bird from Are You Serious
"We need to keep putting pressure on schools to show them that children want to play music", says
Coming up this hour 🕐. Rosie Thomas. Katie Herzig. Andrew Bird. 3rd Matinee. Josh Rouse. The Features. Farrah. and more!.
For a fascinating talk that reaches the same dark place, but by way of bird dung and US empire, Danie…
Checked Exeter's prices, as I know they r currently more expensive (go there sometime…
FT: 1 1 the two in form players on target Luke Ball's opener cancelled out by Will Bird for Ketton.
Today, Andrew told me I looked like a bird. One of the birds with the cute heads, because I have a cute head. 🤔
Scientists accidentally grew a chicken with the face of a dinosaur
This bird is so happy to have a banana 😂😍
Coming up this hour 🕘. Jellyfish. Rachael Yamagata. Cloud Eleven. Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire. and more!.
then at 5:30am every bird in the world went all Andrew WK in our yard
Joel, andrew, Matt and Stephen makes my days.
Now playing on WGMU: Capsized by Andrew Bird from Are You Serious
Andrew Bird gets (more) serious: Discovering the pleasures and pain of real adulthood at 43 has pushed the……
Listen to live on Mountain Stage in West Virginia.
LMA: Andrew Bird Live at Culture Center Theater on 2017-01-29
Deb, isn't seeing Andrew Bird on Tuesday enough of an Easter event for you?
The music coming with me in this intense afternoon Black Keys, Andrew Bird, Devotchka & Edward Sharpe, wanna listen?
I added a video to a playlist Andrew Bird - A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left (with
Friday sounds on FJM, Andrew Bird, Jonathan Wilson & more. Listen now
Songs by Andrew Bird and Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) used in first official for Gifted (2017)
I love the Sounds that Andrew Bird creates, he is a Musical Genius. This is my one & only song forever,.
Andrew Bird and Natalie Morales team up to fight gun violence with moving short film |
Coming up this hour 🕚. Andrew Bird. Elizabeth & The Catapult. Good Old War. Jonatha Brooke. Firewater. and more!.
The monarchs fly high for Andrew Bird on the gig poster of the week...
I'm gonna sleep in after working late Friday. Here's where you can find me at . Frankie Lee. Jake Bugg. Andrew Bird . Arcs. TBT
This will be my 11th yr at fest - & like a boss I got tixs to Louis CK , Andrew Bird, Keegan Michael Key and John Goodman.
Song of the day: How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm, by Andrew Bird:
A couple of West Hancock Titan all conference linemen. David Celania left Andrew Bird right. Go TITANS!
Tomorrow: Racist candy. Plus new music from Ray LaMontagne, Andrew Bird and Dr. Dog AND the latest from Elton John, White Denim and more! 🎙
they're so good! He also loves Andrew Bird bc of whistles and that Peter Bjorn and John song "young folks" bc of whistles
Andrew Bird ringing the bells of the new Saint Jude. @ The Depot
How'd you get onto Andrew Bird back in the day anyway? Please don't say Squirrel Nut Zippers.
Spent full afternoon at inc. Lynn Johnston panel & taping. Now at the Orpheum for Andrew Bird!
Lea Michelle's one comes close second. As well as the Andrew Bird one.
Just heard Kishi Bashi on KEXP, and thought "What if Andrew Bird wanted to be ELO?"
is "The Ballad of Mr. Steak" by Kishi Bashi. ELO meets Andrew Bird?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
n 2007 The Milky Bar Kid and Big Bird had the education revolution. Is Billy the Kid going to do better?
I think my favorite type of bird is an Andrew Bird.. @ Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
Andrew Bird Charms Los Angeles with Fiona Apple: Los Angeles - Andrew Bird has been around the indie rock wor...
Last minute in birthday. We went to the ocean, rode bikes, hung out in Goonies jail, ate food, and saw Andrew Bird play.
I still can't believe I saw Andrew Bird tonight it feels like a sweet dream
idk they were like "u know that famous guy Andrew Ludlum" and the other guy was like "yeah he earned it"
I just cannot keep my cool around Andrew Bird. Spaz City.
Andrew Bird. Such a talented guy. And man can he whistle!
Andrew Bird show was incredible, Brandon cried, Bird played 4 encore songs, his bow broke, some white women in the front row were going ham
Hey Your wife was amazing just now w/Andrew bird!
I spend a lot of time working by myself developing songs, but I really...
about to see Andrew Bird sing songs and whistle for the eleventy billionth time 🎉
I really hope Brent Knopf didn't hear me scream THERE'S BRENT KNOPF at the Andrew Bird show. cc:
stopped by the Lounge to perform his song "Capsized"
Book tickets to Andrew Bird in 3 taps!
Check out our photos from beautiful performance
As a kid from the Chicago suburbs, it's amusing and pleasing to me that Andrew Bird and Vince Vaughn overlapped at Lake Forest HS.
Remember that time I won tickets to see Andrew Bird? We're really here! It's really happening!
About to see Andrew Bird in concert for the fifth time. Chicago, Columbia MO, New York, Portland, and Portland.
Get to know the extensive musical feats of
About his wife's thyroid cancer. Andrew Bird - Puma
On his 13th studio album, explores a new, no-nonsense approach
Depression - Pasillo by Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire Listen live:
Andrew Bird relishes connecting with human beings with new album Are You Serious
Festival Palomino to return Sept. 17 with Arcs, Jake Bugg, Andrew Bird and hosts TBT.
apropos our Andrew Bird chat yesterday this is the performance that turned me on to him happy
Slow Club, Beirut, Andrew Bird, Au Revoir Simone, Lykke Li, Stereo Total, Noah and the Whale, etc. makes me all nostalgic.
So I just discovered Andrew Bird, which naturally lead to me googling left handed kisses.
I bet you have this but I'd go with Ty Segall's "Sleeper" or the new Andrew Bird ("Are you serious") 👍
a review that basically says everything I couldn't put to words in mine. LOVELY read for Andrew Bird fans out there:
Andrew Bird's Are You Serious is a celebration of sorts, abundant with musical joy:
just out of curiosity, do you know how the password for the Andrew Bird presale were given out?
Everytown For Gun Safety Support Fund and Andrew Bird partner on U.S. tour to help reduce gun violence
Waco Brothers, Andrew Bird and Kelly Hogan coming up next on Join me (and throw some $ in the tip jar)
My Dad asked me what was happening in the news today and I told him not much other than an Andrew Bird and Fiona Apple collab 1/2
I had Urge Overkill. Only. Thought it was Mavis Staples, turned out to be Staples Sisters. Who's Andrew Bird?
How come I've never listened to Andrew Bird before?. Andrew Bird's "Danse Caribe" on BLUEGRASS UNDERGROUND (PBS)
That Basia Bulat album, GOOD ADVICE, is my latest ear worm. And, like you, I'm looking forward to the forthcoming Andrew Bird.
I know it’s hip to bag on Prairie Home Companion, but most recent show has Chris Thile, Andrew Bird and Paul Simon. Might be worth a listen.
Chris Thile, Paul Simon, Andrew Bird, Sarah Jarosz and the Punch Brothers all in one place, here in Saint Paul? Don't mind if I do!
Andrew Bird presents the brand new 'Capsized': . We love Andrew Bird. What's not to love. He's always been incr...
Andrew Bird (lol, not danceable), and the Avett Bros. - the fans are usually on their feet for them anyways
feel like I have to thank for the combo of red wine + andrew bird + ket + thoughts abt neighborhoods ...?
Day 49 of my a beautiful bird from taken last year. https:/…
Andrew bird is a god of all things music
Well, my main instrument is violin, but I think of myself as a songwriter who ha...
I added a video to a playlist 'Pulaski at Night' - Andrew Bird
I liked a video 'Pulaski at Night' - Andrew Bird
Car song of the day: Pulaski at Night-Andrew Bird
I might go to at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN - Apr 19
Guitars are kind of just, you know, sexy, especially old vintage ones.
im afraid of all the loved ones that i've made leave... ♫ Big Bird by Andrew Jackson Jihad —
Songs that make me cry: Hopes and Dreams/Toby Fox, Cataracts/Andrew Bird, Two Headed Boy/Neutral Milk Hotel. Read
Andrew Bird's mournful but beautiful "Dance of Death" sounds like it could be from a Coen Brothers soundtrack.
Andrew Bird's music is endlessly beautiful
Looking good. Nice to see Andrew back in Chicago!
Pulaski at Night, a song by Andrew Bird
Stop houses being built by our Barr Beacon and Forest of Mercia. via
I can't recommend this enough but Andrew bird's echolocations: canyon is so GOOD
I don't know that Brad Bird would've made a good Star Wars movie, just like Andrew Stanton failed to.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Everyone go listen to Pulaski at Night by Andrew Bird it's v important
Sweird to just miss an Andrew Bird album entirely. From 2014.
Andrew Bird - live @ Down The Rabbit Hole 2015 via Check out at April 21st!
Happy birthday lovely lady ^ to you too, my friend. ...The Happy Birthday Song by Andrew Bird
Dirt bird. That's a new one. Any hoo. Her name is Trish. It's believed she is hiding Andrew from the police.
Ok guys please weigh in. Did I sit across from Andrew Garfield on the train today or is this guys his identical twin ht…
Andrew Bird is on Saturday, April 2 Tickets are on sale now and all their outlets
just reread this like 7 times to ensure that it said both Paul Simon and Andrew Bird
Crossed the North Platte River. Now I have Andrew Bird’s Nervous Tic Motion in my head *jerks to the left*
Recently rediscovered Fake Palindromes by Andrew Bird and I'm thoroughly obsessed. 🎶🐦
Thanks Andrew! Hope to see you at the next edition in Manchester. Early bird tickets on sale from 18/1.
the early bird catches the kebab.. what info you after Andrew?
Did you watch the President?. ME: Yes. What was your favorite part?. ME: When he said "My name is Andrew Shepard and I AM …
Up close and personal with the BEST photo with Tracy WREN, Andrew FREE-BIRD, PELICAN Sullivan AND...
What an amazing line-up for our first night of 2016! Paul Foot, Andrew Bird, Danny Sutcliffe, Danny McLoughlin.
Looking for new bands to listen to. My favorites: Eisley, Andrew Bird, Punch Bros, Fleet Foxes, Merriment... Who are your favorites?
Andrew Bird is playing Cleveland. I feel like that's going to be a life changing show
Fitting in some vinyl time in between cooking things w family :) : "Break It Yourself" by Andrew Bird
4:01am Fitz and the Dizzyspells by Andrew Bird from Noble Beast
See 20+ acts like Andrew Bird, Victor Wooten and Ozomatli Nov 7 & 8 at MIMFest
Matt Berninger and Andrew Bird singing an old English Christian song? It's like someone made a band just for me. …
some of my favorite artists beside the boys: . - Tom Rosenthal. - Andrew Bird. - Coldplay . :D
What on: Comedy Carnival: Stand-up comedy show featuring Patrick Monahan, Andrew Bird, Pete Jonas and a guest ...
Watching from the basement Radiohead, Fleet Foxes, Andrew Bird. Ima watch the Foster The People next.
Glen Hansard, Damien Rice, Andrew Bird, Josh Ritter, and Frank Turner all in one year? 2015, you've out done yourself.
LIVE REPORT: Andrew Bird – Jeremy Allen reports from the Philharmonie de Paris:
Andrew Bird played new songs at Le Poisson Rouge w/ Roger Sellers (pics ...
You left me sweet mamma for no good reason at all. And now… ♫ Too Long by Andrew Bird (at Mansion D' JOJO's) —
We just added a couple of Andrew Bird records to the Indie Vinyl Den!
A great day at Zimanga photographing birds at the bird bath hide, here a Dove comes in to land for…
Andrew a total FOX. get it? lol
Always on the hunt for the perfect replacement for my 1996 T-bird. Still think I can get another year or two out of this baby
Ideal music for a bus trip: Sufjan Stevens and Andrew Bird.
Parents: you can't teach what you don't live . Make sure you are living the example you want to see in your children-Bird Words-Andrew James
"all we really need is somebody when we come to die" -Andrew Bird
Just left PA and only hit 1 bird so far... andrew:1 wildlife:0 @ road to cnsc15
A bird of myth and legend...I think they're rather beautiful. Of Ravens
"'I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile I keep dancing (Hillel).' The way I keep dancing is by writing. (Anne Lamont,"Bird by Bird").
1:55am Three White Horses by Andrew Bird from Hands of Glory
Really hoping I can convince That Cabo is in our near future !! 🌴🐬⛵️
Right, headphones, Andrew Bird and to bed. Night all.
There's probably a squirrel or bird up there or something… (Photo by: Andrew Mento)
This should be on $20 instead of Andrew Jackson because it's the only unambiguously good thing that's ever happened http:…
Getting irrationally excited about an Andrew Bird song in Orange is the New Black 😄(season 2, I'm behind)
This time HAPPY HOUR will be in full swing ready for Inel, Chris Betts, James Farmer, Aurie Styla+Andrew Bird! £9/5
Andrew: "I'm digging bird bits from beetle poop, and you don't want to help" 😷
Today's performance is rescheduled for Aug. 20. Catch Blue Bird next week. …
I'll bring a peacock feather with me to work tomorrow. A bit of exotic bird may make them smile
LeBron has as many NBA Finals series losses as MJ, Kobe & Bird combined. Has he underachieved?
Yes but not everybody knows that the bird is the word
Just called the Ministry of Words. I hate to contradict, but today's word actually is "bird".
How can they say me a bird can not be run for Presindent when Donal Trump a giant talking corn can???
As a bird cannot exhaust the air in the sky nor a fish exhaust the water in the sea neither can we exhaust the grace of Go…
Thanks Andrew Boro for showing me that trail. I couldn't keep up but I heard you dog barking back at my bird...
The forecasted crest issued at Jun17 08:19PM for BIRD CREEK AT OWASSO 2SW is now 17.7 on 06/19 at 0100CDT.
Spotlight on Dr. J. Andrew Bird, of our Medical Advisory Board, details the newly released FPIES survey...
Andrew knows every single bird on the islands so sit back and enjoy this awesome trip
Ball fields bouncing back after some self inflicted/weather aided stress
Andrew Bird - Pulaski at Night. Perfect 'finished work for the day' song 💙
Food Companies Fear Bird Flu May Cause Egg Shortages This is no good! everyone in this country will have to pay more
Downside, that song is forever linked with THAT story. Can't hear Andrew Bird's Imatosis w/o thinking of my week CW 6 story.
When ur mad everybody keeps getting a better score than you in Freddy Bird 😂😂😂
Towards smarter knowledge - great insights from Andrew White of Bird & Bird
From 90's hip-hop one day to Andrew Bird, today - my musical tastes are no doubt eclectic.
The Bird Day Fair is on May 30 Andrew Haydon Park Free event for come grab some lunch 10-4pm.
He's made so many mistakes already. Tarnished both his and Sterling's reputation. And has now ruined their relationship w/ us
But I very much doubt he asked him to say "Everyone knows Carra is a knob".
Best way to start the morning... Lull, by Andrew Bird.
Why Did the Chicken Cross the World?: The Epic Saga of the Bird That Powers Civilisation. by Andrew Lawler.
Andrew Collins claims Bishop Paul Bird told him the church has endured for thousands of years and would endure beyond the victims deaths
Bishop Paul Bird allegedly told Andrew Collins the church has endured through time, while in 40 years, victims will be dead
Andrew Collins claims Ballarat Bishop Paul Bird told him he was "intent on destroying the church"
(1/2) Survivor Andrew Collins tells current Bishop of Ballarat Paul Bird told him and another victim, the Catholic Church..
There's only 3 things can save me now: Mom, books, Andrew Bird's music. Calling in sick tomorrow from work will probably help too.
If you didn't vote for Shane or T-bird you should be ashamed of yourself. I am absolutely crushed.
Andrew bird playing at the bar and I'm singing alone hole the friends smoke
Possibly the most interesting musician around at the moment an old TED talk but great to see An…
I'm not too high on Jeremy and Joe. Give me Keith, Andrew Savage, T-Bird, and Tasha
Mad respect for this bird for saving this fish from drowning.
Wireframes and Andrew Bird. Ten years later, still so great: "your slideshow sank and your flagship sank"
Isaiah Bird, a 7-year-old wrestler born without legs, finds strength on the mat & a father figure in his caring coach
Andrew Bennett describes research that showed native vegetation extent influences what species are found where.
Listen to Pulaski at Night by Andrew Bird on Rhapsody:
or listen to the wonderful Andrew Bird
When she thinks Chris Andersen and bird man were 2 different people 😴
Loving lately for the kids play lists that aren't kids music. Just discovered Andrew Bird's version of Bein' Green!
The bird has a worm and runs away from me like I'm going to steal it. . No thank you, I'm not Andrew Zimmern
I get home and my mom tears a piece of chicken of the bird with her hands, slams it on my plate says "There's Dinner" and left. What?
CORRECTION: Stay Young Go Dancing is by Death Cab for Cutie, NOT Andrew Bird... my b :p
No Andrew athletes don't play street fighter - regardless of how ferociously you tapped buttons and threw spinning bird kicks
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
When you get so good at playing Freddy Bird and feel like you can do anything 😂😂😂
This guys got a freakin bird on his head.
if Nicole scherzinger was my bird I'd need a lot of nurses too in fairness..
Early bird discount ends today for evening with Founder, Andrew Shepherd. Tickets:
The Bird Day Fair is happening May 30 @ Andrew Haydon Park. Great free event for families!
Bird Day Fair with on May 30th at Andrew Haydon Park
And now for something completely different: Andrew Bird's "Danse Caribe" on BLUEGRASS UNDERGROUND (PBS) via
Just saw John C. Reilly, Andrew Bird, Fiona Apple, Tom Brosseau, and Becky Stark play one of the best shows I've ever seen
Man I forgot how much I love Andrew Bird. 'Heretics' jus makes me feel so merry.
"Tenuousness" by Andrew Bird from Noble Beast ??? . First is wanes and then it waxes
It is glorious in here. Andrew Bird is playing, I am reading Andrea Gibson, & drinking earl gray.
need something new to listen to? Album Noble Beast by Andrew Bird. It's old but yeah
ce or Mason Jennings or The Head and the Heart or Sam Beam or Father John Misty or M. Ward or Andrew Bird or Peter Bradley Adams or Lord Hur
It's an Andrew Bird kind of a Friday.
I just found out Andrew Bird was in the Squirrel Nut Zippers, so take that, everyone working on a screenplay at a coffee shop right now.
Stemler interviewed Larry Overton the night Andrew Bird died. He went to their home with Larry.
A bird just pooped in my hair and Andrew attempted to clean it out.
Big Bird will live to see another day.
forgot about this fantastic banger: Andrew Bird - Fake Palindromes
Who heard us yelling lets go big bird to kasen during the jv game😂😂😂
Mr Justice Mitting: because Andrew Mitchell failed to accept News Group offer he should be liable for their costs & PC Ro…
But this ruling is further bad news for Andrew Mitchell. His refusal to accept News Group offer will cost him a lot of mo…
Court papers reveal Andrew Mitchell could have saved at least £500k in costs had he accepted deal before failed
Best wishes to new ACP. . Local gov WELL represented by of & Andrew Bird of .
Officials crack down on wind farms that kill birds, bats: USA Today: From a mile away, the sleek rows of wind ...
That time in 2005 when I went to an Andrew Bird concert at The Ark and made him uncomfortable…
blind pilot aaand. Fake palindromes by Andrew bird ok
Andrew Bird and Reggie Watts should team up as an improv duo.
Come back to Chicago, City of Lights. ~ Andrew Bird, Pulaski at Night
Doodles in my journal, lavender in my latte, Andrew Bird in my headphones, & my potential grad school's name on my pen. Homework, I'm ready.
tries to cherp my ex misses a little while after I split up with her got pied now he's on the mission for bird 😂😂
Tick Tock Silver is going to sing like a bird! Could Sheldon Silver roll on Andrew Cuomo? - Hot Air
Is it a Bird-man? Is it a plane? No! It's a mediocre review with Andrew Mackay. We go into detail over the superb...
w/ trending today, we gave these shoes at 'Early Bird'. http:…
. Good morning Andrew. Sorry this Bird of Happiness was only one left The others had already gone :)
"Kindness is doing something for someone else because they can't, but because you can." ~Andrew Iskander
sort of like The Postal Service meets Andrew Bird meets jazzy guitar loops. so good - I Am Not Alright.
Andrew Bird - Nomenclature lyrics and translations
are you quoting Andrew Bird cause I just remembered that song two days ago and keep listening. Weird
.& Dickie Bird are to speak at the Carnegie Conversations on Feb 4. http:/…
Whilst mid-term planning for LTT's forthcoming gigs with feels productive, doing so &listening to Andrew Bird feels awesome.
Andrew Bird (LARAC), there's“real fear" that EU targets to 50% of UK household waste by 2020 won't be met
Captaincy and umpiring on the agenda next Wednesday when I chat to Dickie Bird OBE and Andrew Gale at Headingley.
Three bands I could listen to non-stop on repeat and never feel bored: Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens, The Decemberists.
Hey Justin Vernon, Andrew Bird at your music fest. Kay bye.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Andrew Bird and my man Robbie Fulks on one 7''? Sign me up. via
Go listen to: Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird, The Tallest Man on Earth, Jose Gonzalez, Bon Iver, and Grizzly Bear right now
PJ Harvey for me. Tori Amos before she lost the plot. Andrew Bird. and Frida Hyvonen :D
Happy Birthday Song of the Day: Andrew Bird - The Happy Birthday Song (TED Talks 2010): To my Uncle Larry! Love you!
Whistle along to indie rock from Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens, Kishi Bashi, and more:
Slow music to pay tribute to the latest batch of victim's remains being transported back to Malaysia. I've got Katie Melua, Kings Of Convenience, Sam Smith, Andrew Bird, Rachael Yamagata, Jose Gonzales, Diana Krall and Coldplay lined up. If I had it my way I'd play these songs all the time. Don't you think they're so much better to drive to instead of head-banging club music?
Michael Shannon was at the Andrew Bird after-party tonight. he stood against the wall by himself drinking wine out of a red solo cup.
I'm listening to "A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left" by Andrew Bird on Pandora
Andrew Bird is giving the kind of roots-melody blend that many Mumford fans won't dig deep enough to realize they love. Solid musicianship.
I'm seeing Andrew Bird, Ana Tijoux, Juana Molina, and Mac Demarco next week if that isn't then who r u ??
Fri night at it's our last till Sept. MC, & George Ryegold, Andrew Bird, Simon Heaven & Jen Williams
Agnes Obel or have you managed to get a Chinoiseries Pt 2? Either way, will be in Monday! (Andrew Bird on my long list, ta)
We have a CD for you! did u get round to checking out Andrew Bird playing Handsome Fam' songs?! It's VERY excellent!
Two months after his high school graduation, John Mark Nelson jumped to the top of Minneapolis' folk-pop scene with 2012's Waiting and Waiting, a homemade album that split the difference between Nick Drake's quiet, stripped-back acoustics and Andrew Bird's orchestral sweep. Two years later, he's rea…
Your dumb Mary-Sue character Walter is not now and will never be Andrew Bird, THE MUPPETS.
This Sunday at 4 pm on my 107one Fine Tuning program I'll be featuring selections from the new Lana Del Rey album "Ultraviolence," sure to be one of the most talked-about releases of 2014. I will also air my recent interview with Lana, done backstage at Masonic Temple Theatre just before her triumphant Detroit debut concert. That plus tracks by Ginger Baker, Trombone Shorty, Andrew Bird and Wanda Jackson, who are all performing in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area over the next few weeks.
Win tickets to Pearl Jam, Andrew Bird in Tulsa (copy)
I'm all Danny Brown, Indy Rock and Andrew Bird right now, ha.
If you like Andrew Bird then his new album needs to be blaring on your audio device.
Can't use my Andrew Bird ticket for next Monday's sold out show at Lincoln Theater. Willing to help a fan in need
I'm going to put some of my original illustrations up on my Big Cargo site next Monday. Including, but not limited to Andrew Bird, Jenny Lewis, Jake Bugg, and Bruce Springsteen.
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