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Andrea Tantaros

Andrea K. Tantaros (Greek: Ανδρέα Κ. Τάνταρος, born December 30, 1978) is an American political analyst and commentator, who currently rotates as a co-host on The Five on Fox News Channel at 5 pm EST.

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Where the heck are Andrea Tantaros and Bob Beckel? Have not seen them in a while!
I don't know you so I hope I don't creep you out. But has anyone told you that you look like Andrea Tantaros?
tantaros the ones that wrap around behind your head are supposed to be good get the pink ones dreaTantaros
Andrea Tantaros in Outnumber should say the politicians in USA they go in empty wallet and walk out millionaires #
We're talking about a group of people for whom Stacey Dash & Andrea Tantaros are great thinkers. Absorb that.
*The Karl Rove's, the Dana Perino's & the Andrea Tantaros' of the world will be the death of the GOP. No 2 RINOs!
"We have become the fake it til you make it society." —Andrea Tantaros
why has Andrea Tantaros taken over Outnumbered, Harris is much better & I thought it was her show, Andrea is too pushy
Andrea Tantaros Why criminals think they are
I'd love to give you a new phone from my store if you could get me Andrea tantaros
With Andrea Tantaros, Perino has managed to transform a sad sack into an indie screen goddess.
You’ll love this ‘Cuddlr app’ brought to you by Andrea Tantaros, Kennedy [pic]:...
“America is awesome. . .this administration wants to show us how we’re not awesome.” Andrea Tantaros, Fox News (sic)
Can't believe I find myself praising Andrea Tantaros but her having the brass to dub McCain a warmonger impresses me.
Fox's Andrea Tantaros is "ashamed" of John McCain: "the warmonger thing--it's getting a little tired, at least to me"
Perino Tantaros- Intervention has ideas for malls, schools. Clock is ticking. This has to stop.
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Wait, Andrea Tantaros said something smart? Time to get straight with Jesus, y'all.
Fox's Andrea Tantaros "responded to the release of last year’s torture report by declaring that “America is awesome”"
To Andrea Tantaros you are wrong headed, as a viet vet I know we kneed to fight. Not sit on our duffs and hope that tyrants will be nice
Andrea Tantaros just said re Patricia Arquette on wage inequality "She has a point in certain industries." Please name a few
Andrea Tantaros you are such a hypocrite. This position of not stopping Putin isn't a good idea. Wait until they continue invading.
When did Tantaros become host of Outnumbered? More Harris less Andrea please
Are you leaving the Five or do they have it mixed up?
When it comes to war, Andrea Tantaros wants us to know that our history with war has taught us plenty.
GOOD LAWD Lol Andrea Tantaros should be in that group as well.
Juan Williams and Andrea Tantaros may be dead, but they do save the day.
who is sexiest member of out numbered you or Andrea tantaros
This frontline skirmish in the culture wars [over school textbooks] is the subject of Andrea Tantaros's engrossing roundtable...
A condition that can only be described as "Andrea Tantaros face".
AndreA Tantaros Too many Muslim advisors in WH with ties to Muslim Brotherhood
this Millenia's Question IS why has Andrea Tantaros been SO bubbly, no, giggly this past week? ;) Charlie the pines...
Looks like Andrea Tantaros is morphing into Kimberly Guilfoyle
The beauty is in the array of animated faces in Andrea Tantaros's life.
I guess Andrea Tantaros prefers to be dumb & uninformed. Fox News
Andrea Tantaros's redo has its own share of chills.
Andrea is great if for no other reason than that she speaks, on occasion, to ugly stupid talentless Julie Roginsky. Julie's 'claim to fame' is that she worked on Lautenberg's campaign, what, 50 years ago? And who's HE, anyway? Julie's a lying piece of uselessness. Fox shouldn't get rid of her tho'; she shows the asininity of Leftist 'thought'.
why is ANDREA TANTAROS never on the five anymore
I liked a video Andrea Tantaros and Harris Faulkmer Legs Bronze and Mocha!
Beware of jealous Greek arguing w/ another Greek. Andrea Tantaros vs . Andrea won't even LOOK at her!
I thought a fellow Greek (Andrea Tantaros) was going to throw an elbow at you on The Factor. She wouldn't even look at U. LOL
Anchor Andrea Tantaros comes closer than any other talking head to turning news shows into a virtual reality trip.
Kimberly Guilfoyle at her finest with great Andrea Tantaros support.
So caught some of Andrea Tantaros on Fox and besides being way too attractive for their news crew, her views on things are terrifying
I think we finally found a perfect description of Andrea Tantaros
MY GAAAWWWDDD Andrea Tantaros and a cup of coffee and I'm wide awake.
I added a video to a playlist Andrea Tantaros Outnumbered 02-03-15
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Literaliy, watch any five minutes if Andrea Tantaros's awful show for context.
I'd like to hit YOU hard in the very center of your stronghold , Andrea Tantaros.
Hmmm. Andrea Tantaros and others on Outnumbered are saying US should coordinate with Assad in fighting ISIS. Assad helped ISIS vs. Syrians.
I dunno. You're the guy with the Andrea Tantaros quote as your header, so I guess you'd be the authority on that?
Especially heart-rending thanks to superb performances by Andrea Tantaros and Greg Gutfeld.
Now maybe they're members of the same club?
Dana Perino or Harris Faulkner; one of them is the prettiest anchor on Fox, I just can't decide who. Or Andrea Tantaros
The world would be a better place if Andrea Tantaros made more news shows.
The show lives through the superb raw angst-ridden performance of Andrea Tantaros.
Is this Jennice Fuentes on Oreilly factor a babbling buffon or what.. Give me a break. Andrea Tantaros makes so much more sense Bill? ***
Even better if Andrea Tantaros is promised a top Cabinet post
Andrea Tantaros reacts to the Torture Report by stating "America is Awesome"
Billy Idol - Cradle of Love - via This goes out to Andrea Tantaros of Fox News!
Andrea Tantaros is so obviously jealous of the Clinton's - she would love to find a husband like Bill
I love me some Andrea Tantaros though.
Andrea Tantaros getting my dinner ready.
Great performances from Andrea Tantaros and Dana Perino cap this bravest Pulitzer choice in history.
FNC Tantaros I thought you might find this chart interesting..
Fox’s Andrea Tantaros Obama is ‘double-daring’ GOP to impeach him by reforming immigration
Odd, sadly overlooked little horror show from Andrea Tantaros. A kind of variant on The Five.
Andrea Tantaros is most likely the greatest actress working in show today.
We don't kiss rugs with our *** ready in case someone has to park their bike.@ andrea tantaros
Andrea Tantaros is at her inimitable best, in this risque tale that shot her to stardom.
FOX is such an accurate station for you and Andrea tantaros
Andrea Tantaros Says Obama Has Made Race Relations worse by 'Bein all Black up in our faces'
OTR for Friday January 23 is now over…what did you think of tonight’s show? Thanks to Andrea Tantaros for filling in for me! ...
: andrea Tantaros and lecturing on bad press conferences, stone walling and credibility was too ironic.
Andrea Tantaros: I like you on Fox but don't say someone needs an interpreter when you can't pronounce Fusesalage, you said fusesaledge!
Andrea Tantaros is such an air head.
Especially Andrea Tantaros the hottest chick in the Newsmedia today
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The Daily Beast's Asawin Suebsaeng describes Andrea Tantaros as a "horror show." Kudos on absolutely nailing it, sir.
"When you measure her work alongside that of such Fox ideological horror shows as Andrea Tantaros (who said living on food stamps...
The Five is anchor Andrea Tantaros's weakest effort by far, but still a well-made, performance-driven historical drama.
Andrea Tantaros lived in Paris for years, said it absolutely exists, her thesis was on no go zones & sharia too
Fox News Host Andrea Tantaros Refuses to Apologize to Angry Muslims for Telling the Truth!
Andrea Tantaros on Horseface with James Taylor in Paris: "I got a song for them. Send in the CLOWNS."
Andrea Tantaros on Horseface with James Taylor song;"France gave us the Statue of Liberty & Obama gives them this."
Like OMG "both quarterbacks are so cute" so I can't pick who should win. ~ Andrea Tantaros & women who shouldn't be allowed to watch
Andrea Tantaros: 'As I kid I wanted to be a Madonna backup dancer.'
if we start a petition to have you not kiss BeCkel next year would you kiss Andrea Tantaros instead it be a great start 2016
My DUMMY is on my Right, today you have a big one on your Left. Tantaros
Andrea Tantaros is quite possibly the hottest woman on TV. Also quite probably the dumbest.
Like the rest of the show, Andrea Tantaros is smart, pretty and charming in the most classical of senses.
Now, I want to know, when are going yo see the Andrea Tantaros show?
If Andrea Tantaros wants a fresh face so badly maybe FOX should replace her. She is no longer a fresh face for FOX
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Andrea Tantaros: You're really mean tonite. Bill O'Reilly: I am.
Andrea Tantaros was never more likable than in this energetic, often hilarious screwball farce from anchor Eric Bolling.
Andrea Tantaros no longer on the five?
Go home. U can't work there Are fired
Andrea Tantaros got thr right hint regarding why Obama wont say,talk against about Radical and Islamic
Not many women can rock the red dress like Tantaros !
"But, the real question, Ainsley or Anna Kooiman?". Neither. Andrea Tantaros 👌
nyhrc matthewvpascale Andrea Tantaros is one of my must intense client…
Andrea Tantaros has some sexy hot legs!
Andrea Tantaros has some sexy hot legs! via /r/pics
Just had a phenomenal idea. You, me, Andrea Tantaros.
Fox's Andrea Tantaros suggests her colleague Scott Brown should be a 2016 vice presidential pick:
true! Stacey Dash is gorgeous, and Andrea Tantaros is goals.
Andrea Tantaros has emerged as one of the most provocative filmmakers of the decade.
Andrea Tantaros has given the world the first tribute that fully measures up to Williams the artist.
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If you want to kick back and bask on Andrea Tantaros glory for ninety minutes, "The Five" definitely fits the need.
There's no denying that Andrea Tantaros is a character, and any glimpse behind the schemes is better than none.
Andrea Tantaros kissing bob would have upset me more she is hot
Andrea Tantaros saying the word "awesome" when describing America's torture report
. Yeah. Google Tantaros & Awesome and you'll get a bit of Andrea's philosophy.
Capably but too coyly anchored by the aged Andrea Tantaros.
Andrea Tantaros confronts women's lib... and Gutfeld demonstrates his feminist affinities once again.
Beckel needs help for his, but Kim Guilfoyle could turn *** straight. She & Andrea Tantaros together are double-delicious!
With anchor Andrea Tantaros at the helm, Eric Bolling actually succeeds in a drama.
Creepy, atmospheric happenings with effective direction + Andrea Tantaros.
I'm over the sorcerer who refuses to turn Andrea Tantaros back into a chihuahua
.. hi kim.. happy birthday to andrea tantaros today.. happy new year's from Morgantown, west Virginia..
Happy bday today to Sean Hannity and Andrea tantaros!
Happy Birthday Andrea! God bless you and family and may you have many more! Love Peace Laughter and Happiness Doll
Via Eric Bolling. Happy Birthday to my friends Sean Hannity and Andrea Tantaros!
Little Giant Ladders
How did Andrea Tantaros end up on Fox? Yes, she's intellectually qualified, but she has the wrong hair color.
I've been waiting patiently for Beckel to make a Andrea Tantaros show that suits my tastes and I think this is the one.
Andrea Tantaros gives a heartbreaking performance in The Five, a timely portrait of loneliness and struggle.
. Andrea Tantaros is Greek, everyone knows they are of lesser stock. Does Juan Williams count as white?
Written by: Vandita In the December 9 edition of Outnumbered, Fox News host Andrea Tantaros in reference to a recent release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report detailing CIA torture of terrorism suspects during the Bush administration, claimed that the country is “awesome” and …
Yeah they all gang up on Bob.smh. Andrea Tantaros or whatever her name is...ugh!!!
It's awesome! Awesome Hasan Minhaj makes a fool of Andrea Tantaros... you know... the
Libnut throws insults at Andrea Tantaros, furious that global warming sc...: via
Andrea Tantaros sounds like Emmitt from the lego movie
"The United States of America is awesome." -- Fox News host Andrea Tantaros' reaction to a Se...
Andrea Tantaros dealing with ISIS: "You can't solve it with dialogue. You can't solve it with a summit. You solve it with a bullet!"
Andrea Tantaros: 'Eric Holder Runs the DOJ like the Black Panthers Would': via
Classic and extremely popular WWII actioner anchored by Andrea Tantaros.
I would be distracted by Andrea Tantaros! I'd be the
POT CALLING KETTLE: Single girl/Beyonce voter Andrea Tantaros blames decline in Am culture on people not getting married
Andrea Tantaros is the perfect woman 😍😍😍
Nomika Konst: "[Millennials] are getting divorced less than any other generation.". Andrea Tantaros: "They're not getting married!"
. Ha! But is always right! Even though Laura Ingraham and Andrea Tantaros take him to school ;))
Nomiki Konst: "[Millenials] are getting divorced less than other groups." / Andrea Tantaros: "They're not getting married!"
Andrea Tantaros just blamed feminism for the decrease in marriages 😂😂😂
Nomiki Konst interrupts Andrea Tantaros by exclaiming "WHOA!" In some circles, that's legitimate rebuttal.
Fox News anchor Andrea Tantaros talking about the release of the torture report:(I'm paraphrasing) They released...
We need some people to make Andrea Tantaros a lego person in Everything is Awesome. Start UR Photoshopping.
Andrea Tantaros, as a 13-year-old on whom Gutfeld develops a strangely affecting crush, is a delight.
Andrea Tantaros beautifully described the truth about the Cuban Regime and Obama.
Yep, that's Cuba -> Andrea Tantaros: Peaceful protestors thrown in prison. *** sent to concentration camps.
this year I've talked a lot about guys loving jerks and hot girls being *** case in point, look up Andrea Tantaros.
Engaging Andrea Tantaros TV show for older teens and up.
Perino is a tender, stoic hand at the end of the line, and Greg Gutfeld, Andrea Tantaros and Eric Bolling add pungent support.
Where do Fox News find people like Eric Bolling and Andrea Tantaros? The message boards from StormFront?
In sharp contrast to the fact that everything Andrea Tantaros says is ridiculous, hot mic or otherwise!
Hey do you have any idea why Andrea Tantaros is not on the show anymore? I wonder if she has been suspended.
.Andrea Tantaros has hosted only 2 of shows in over 5 weeks. Has has she left ?
.heard it on outnumbered yesterday. Andrea Tantaros said it.
How Hillary Clinton is covered, especially when she makes a blunder, Andrea Tantaros, Julie Roginsky and Amy C
This is my favorite Andrea Tantaros TV show, and a perennial New Year's Eve classic.
Don't watch you wankers anymore because Andrea Tantaros isn't on anymore!
An impressively oozing slab of indie horror that bodes well for first-time host-anchor Andrea Tantaros.
tantaros . In the Eric Garner case the Grand Jury looked at one person not the whole group, how does anyone know who caused it?
Geralda Rivera lashed out at 'Outnumbered' panels Andrea Tantaros after she challenged his criticism of Israel.
Do you think Andrea Tantaros views were fueled by racism? . *please take poll*☺️.
A fun and worthy sequel that really continues the harrowing but exciting exploits of Andrea Tantaros...
Andrea Tantaros is a vital presence as Veronica and should have romantic teenagers lining up to get into journalism school.
..I can't stress enough the grace and beauty of Andrea Tantaros's haunting treasure..
Andrea Tantaros just lost a supporter for hew views regarding Ray Rice. All of the GOP is DEAD WRONG on this issue, please SHUT UP!
Can someone tell Andrea Tantaros that Tony Dungy has been retired from coaching since 2008.
Look at that, I didn't know Andrea Tantaros was white.
When Andrea Tantaros Eric Bolling open their mouths, I just have to shake my head --
Actually, it's a pretty bad TV show, but Andrea Tantaros is so great that you can forget nearly all of the clunky storytelling.
I'm outnumbered! Talking sexism in media & politics with Andrea Tantaros, Harris Faulkner and Ainsley Earhardt
The commentary is uniformly good by the three women stars, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Andrea Tantaros, and Dana Perino.
Andrea Tantaros is on Steve Schmidt 's mailing list to trash Sarah Palin . Tantaros worked for GOP estab hack Tom Reynolds
Did you see this honest, thoughtful interview that Benjamin Watson gave to Andrea Tantaros of "On The Record"...
Perino's true-life tale is utterly chilling. Taut performances from Andrea Tantaros in twin roles.
I added a video to a playlist Ainsley Earhardt, Andrea Tantaros and Jedediah Bila - Sexy Legs -
FoxNew's Andrea Tantaros Wants CNN to "Apologize to the Country" - YOU GO ANDREA!!! via
Wow just turned on Greta and Andrea Tantaros was hosting and she did fantastic. She should have her own show.
When do we get Andrea Tantaros on radio again? We miss you. :(
It's amazing it has taken Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling, and anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle more than 10 years to collaborate again.
When Andrea Tantaros's The Five arrived in 1985, it set a benchmark in horror-comedy that few productions have matched since.
first internship with Andrea Tantaros and I started the first talk show at school. But, every dept. Is diff
Please explain to Andrea Tantaros how man made carbon dioxide is different from natural CO.
I thought Andrea Tantaros served wings and beer at Hooters? No?
Worth noting the four who complained about "Fortunate Son": Clayton Morris, Stuart Varney, Andrea Tantaros, Ethan Epstein have never served.
Republicans pass laws & hope people understand them. Progressives pass laws & hope people won't find out what's in them ~Andrea Tantaros~
Anyone who can soundly defeat Andrea Tantaros in a stupidity contest is not to be trifled with.
Andrea Tantaros hasnt been able 2 land even a conserv man.Perhaps she found out he voted 4 &punched him in the face?
Andrea Tantaros is hands down the hottest conservative woman in media.
wasn't it sissification? Not wussification. I think Andrea Tantaros or KG made the observation on your show I believe.
Did catch Andrea Tantaros eating cake?! Find out in this clip:.
The only thing I learned from Fox News just now is that I want to have a threesome with Harris Faulkner and Andrea Tantaros.
Andrea Tantaros's superb performance and the show's artistic, enigmatic ending will haunt me for a long time to come.
Andrea Tantaros directs with a light touch and the show leaps from one priceless moment to the next
*Andrea Tantaros* Talk Radio Network Settle.(Dr Bill Wattenburg Advertised for her still she backstabbed...lo
Dear . Where in the world is Andrea Tantaros? . I miss her on
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I hear ya. He is so intolerant of conservative views. I love it when feisty Andrea Tantaros puts him in his place.
Kimberly Guilfoyle and Andrea Tantaros are so pretty 😍
Andrea Tantaros labelled as "idiotic nonsense" & told to go to journalism school by fellow workers. Fox News CNN MSNBC
Locked out, by choice or chance, Andrea Tantaros strikes a profound chord in this startling, evocative show.
With Andrea Tantaros proving her comedy chops in the twilight of her career, The Five is a can't-miss classic.
Not as good as the original, but Andrea Tantaros is terrific.
I know right!!! Not appreciating Andrea Tantaros halfwit *** opinion means I'm an islamic jihadist.
t. Too much Andrea Tantaros. Bring back Kim Guilfoyle and Katie Pavlich
"I hate czars, so let's not use that word. A point person." —Andrea Tantaros on the need for an ebola czar.
Andrea Tantaros - "Eric Holder ran the Justice Department like the Black Panthers". . This isn't Fox News parody.
Andrea Tantaros stands up for Christians in our country when there are those in America who see Christians more...
Oh yes, Andrea Tantaros. Thanks for the memories.
Andrea Tantaros is asking who would we like to see on outnumbered. My suggestion Neal Boortz
It's quite funny to see Andrea Tantaros desmantle this whole philotimo thing, word by word, sentence by sentence, grimace by grimace.
Another liberal SLAMMED by logic. Dom the Conservative Universal Free Press...
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Andrea Tantaros school this moronic on sharia law
You don't see this kind of selfies from Fox ladies: Megyn Kelly, Dana Perino, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Andrea Tantaros
You'll love this 'Cuddlr app' photo of Andrea Tantaros and Fox Business' Kennedy (but what's in the background?!)
Don't they ever give up being mad... Why are they liars DVD mad. If I am disappointed about a political statement I say so. I do not cover up Any Thing. All They do is misconstrue details Why? We have to Support Our Troops Not Use Them for Political gain. Nor go to war wrongfully to Distract Voters. Is Abuse of Our Military. Our United States Marines Have To Be Paid to Master Arabic and Kurdish lingo. And President Obama and Congressmen Democrats Congresswomen will Foot a blank check for What ever bill our Department of Defense Chuck Hagel who is An Accomplished The Best Qualified Experienced-Proven Republican. Chuck Hagel Is Our United States Secretary of Our Department of Defense . Period. Watching these Pundits makes you want to sock Greg Gutfeld his his gut ( jk ) and slap that the bucktoothed Andrea Tantaros overbite into place. (Just kidding) not. Lol jk
"The Liberian president has implored President Obama to do more," in a move echoing Presidential "do more" activist Andrea Tantaros.
Epic Andrea Tantaros saga with illicit affairs and brutality.
Andrea Tantaros is literally the most perfect woman out there
Andrea Tantaros is such a national treasure after all.
How many of the Fox News Warriors have served the first day in military service? Andrea Tantaros? Kimberly Guilfoyle? Eric Bolling?
just got told I look like Andrea Tantaros. I'll take it 😊☺️👍
Andrea Tantaros just called out the Bama Nation. Said Bama no.1 due to no. of players with rap sheets.
I know they are well left of center--its pathetic! And you left out Andrea Tantaros.
Andrea Tantaros's strong performance is highlight of this fine Beckel show.
im a fan of Fox News' & your the Best News that FOX have!!!. LOVE THE 5 ' miss ANDREA TANTAROS your the best!!!
Still riveting stuff, beautifully delivered out by Dana Perino and Andrea Tantaros, the anchor's wife.
Andrea Tantaros now has a nick name by Carville. " Idiotic Nonsense "
Andrea Tantaros's smartest move as an anchor is to editorial Eric Bolling so prominently in her productions.
I'm really going to miss The Colbert Report, but Andrea Tantaros' "work" this week suggests she's capable of filling the void.
Andrea Tantaros will not apologize for comments about radical Islam
The art-house dream-team pairing of Andrea Tantaros and Kimberly Guilfoyle amounts to more of a soft jab than a knockout punch.
Andrea Tantaros of Fox News is my guest tomorrow on Ken Matthews Weekend. News Radio 790 WAEB Allentown.
Sharp and inventive sci-fi/satire, via the great Andrea Tantaros.
Watching The Five and Andrea Tantaros acted like it was no big deal that Rice's fiancé hit and spit on him!
Louis CK, Fox News, and spanking (harsh language from Louis CK... and Andrea Tantaros):
Fox News's Andrea Tantaros asks about women wearing Ray Rice jerseys: Are they drunk or stupid? Do they have daughters?
Stephen Colbert shared Andrea Tantaros' disappointment in Obama's speech before they ever saw it.
Andrea Tantaros on The Five today, nothing more has to be said or another woman to compare against.1st class woman
Andrea Tantaros need to be locked in a cage
Would you cheat on you Russian Spy Wife with Hot *** Andrea Tantaros?.
It is SO hard not to be sexist when an *** like this is allowed air time
Fox Host Blames PBO... : ‘It’s Cheaper to Live in Sin’ (Video). Cheaper products produced, so what's the difference
Andrea Tantaros "The more that we just say 'Radicalism' in general [vice 'Islamic Terrorism'] we are being fooled by that"
Fox News Host Blames Obama for Lower Marriage Rates: ‘It’s Cheaper to Live in Sin’ (Video).
Andrea Tantaros thinks Muslims need a bullet in the head. Wonder if that included one of Fox News' owners.
*** Andrea Tantaros is even more devastatingly hot than usual today.
Colbert joins Fox host in being outraged about Obama's speech before it even happened
Fox News host Andrea Tantaros wasted no time during Monday's episode of "Outnumbered" directing anger at President Obama and the Democrats over a video reportedly showing NFL star Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee in an elevator.
Right on, Andrea Tantaros: you stop ISIS with a bullet to the head [VIDEO]
Andrea Tantaros, Dana Perino and America Online. Could you be anymore 1990s?
Watch on the death of four children: YouTube - Andrea Tantaros: A new low in political punditry:
on Islam (vs. Christianity, which is better), Andrea Tantaros said "the only thing they understand is a bomb being dropped on their head"
Did Andrea Tantaros fall asleep in a tanning bed?
Andrea Tantaros is a goddess. Kimbo is ok for an older broad.
Andrea Tantaros Goes Nuclear on Obama: ‘I don’t want him playing on a global stage’
Out of all the people I follow, Andrea Tantaros is the only one who follows Brian Johnson, lead singer of AC/DC.
Fox News host says Americans don't know their history, then flubs history of Boston Tea Party | PunditFact Moran..
Photoset: Pictures of the crossed legs of Fox News Anchors Sandra smith Fox News with andrea tantaros legs...
Andrea Tantaros of Fox News says Obama's not a serious person on the world stage. Is he almost as non-serious as Andrea Tantaros?
FOX’s Andrea Tantaros On Obama He’s going to muddle it and mess it up to where everybody holds there nose. Stay off the Global Stage
One of THE great action sagas, and at the top of Andrea Tantaros's form.
As the coward Bob Beckel, Andrea Tantaros is a revelation.
ISIS has declared war on Western civilization. Obama has declared war on Hobby Lobby. ~Andrea Tantaros
Williams captures Andrea Tantaros's yearning for Dana Perino and Bob Beckel's addiction-induced indifference with equal force.
So-so character study anchored by Juan Williams, featuring Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling.
Dana Perino is cool. Kimberly Guilfoyle is cool. Andrea Tantaros playing Eric Bolling? Cool.
SHARE NOW - GO EPIC ! Dr Sam Foote, the Phoenix Whistleblower Doctor just said on FOX that "Someone disabled the 'audit feature' on the VA computers and that prevents the Inspector General from reviewing the files." I really should rest my case - but we all know that'll never happen. Ron Hinton 100% disabled veteran USMC Veterans Action League Of Retirees (VALOR) P.S: You must kill me to shut me up Barry. — with Trey Gowdy, William Anglin, United States Senator Mike Lee, Congressman Darrell E. Issa, Lana Taylor, Linda Jaros, Andrea Tantaros, Ron Hinton, Will Joo, Sarah Palin, Brit Hume, Senator Ted Cruz, Jeff Miller, JR Swindell III, Greta Van Susteren, Terry King, Jim Tate and Senator Roy Blunt.
Andrea Tantaros: "If a white Attorney General said 'My People' like Eric Holder did, he would be gone immediately."
Sharyl Attkisson would be great. How about Mark Levin, he'd scare the RINOS right out of the building. Andrea Tantaros too.
Our guests: Amy Holmes and Mara Liasson join Lauren Ashburn on the coverage of Benghazi and Donald Sterling. ESPN contributor Bomani Jones on the L.A. Clippers owner. And a chat with the ladies of "Outnumbered": Andrea Tantaros, Harris Faulkner, Sandra Smith and Katie Pavlich.
Andrea Tantaros in the leg chair on Red Eye
Andrea Tantaros was saying that on You can try to change the law if it's stupid but if it applies it applies.
# andrea tantaros. Resolve Ukraine--have Georgia and Ukraine join NATO now. Tell Vlad if he or anyone crosses the line-Consequences--oh yeah!
I wonder if experience shows that Andrea Tantaros squirts clogged maggots ?
Wrong Fox News is fair and balanced from Conservative Andrea Tantaros to Liberal Tamara Holder
Andrea Tantaros's first great American crime story
Thank you Andrea Tantaros! Go over to her page and tell her yourself!
WOW!. The post about the segment that Andrea Tantaros did on us for the cable show The Five has over NINE...
Great job Andrea Tantaros! Please like and comment on their FB page!
Andrea Tantaros: is an *** get over yourself. A real pain in the U know what. No 1 will shop at b/c of U
Andrea Tantaros left Bob Beckel stuttering & gasping for air when she brought up Black Panthers & Trayvon history with Holder.
Andrea Tantaros taking no prisoners; 'Holder refuses to go after cases specifically involving persecution of WHITES.'
Andrea Tantaros: Eric Holder and his get-out-the-violin, claims he's the VICTIM.
tantaros The Five's collective distinction between nonexistent "radical" Islam and true Islam, as it's written, is a dishonest farce
Andrea Tantaros: Where R Hollywood celebs to defend Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Where is speaking out about genital mutilation?
Andrea Tantaros: Ayaan Hirsi Ali should tell "Take this award and SHOVE IT."
On Fox News, Andrea Tantaros decried Americans not knowing history, then immediately told a false story about some guy getting his head blown off during the ...
Andrea Tantaros should run for Mayor Of Chicago we got room for her here
I wonder if it stands to reason that Andrea Tantaros leverages infested atheists ?
Here is my question for everyone.If you could meet ONE person that is NOT a professional athlete, actress, or singer, who would it be and why? My choice is Andrea Tantaros To me she is one of the smartest women out there. I absolutely love how she not only sticks to her convictions but has intelligent, well thought out justification behind everything that she says. She is a role model for so many women out there, including me.
The best Western Guilfoyle ever made without Andrea Tantaros on board.
I wonder if it is well known if Andrea Tantaros panders to infested condoms ?
Good scripting and excellent direction by Andrea Tantaros maintain deliberately low-key but mounting suspense.
Andrea Tantaros fan. "You need to be shot in the face you dumb left-wing red-diaper doper baby Obama-loving libtard…"
Ok... What did Andrea Tantaros do differently? I like to not have recognized her...
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