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Andrea Tantaros

Andrea K. Tantaros (Greek: Ανδρέα Κ. Τάνταρος, born December 30, 1978) is an American political analyst and commentator, who currently rotates as a co-host on The Five on Fox News Channel at 5 pm EST.

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Perino is a tender, stoic hand at the end of the line, and Greg Gutfeld, Andrea Tantaros and Eric Bolling add pungent support.
Where do Fox News find people like Eric Bolling and Andrea Tantaros? The message boards from StormFront?
In sharp contrast to the fact that everything Andrea Tantaros says is ridiculous, hot mic or otherwise!
Hey do you have any idea why Andrea Tantaros is not on the show anymore? I wonder if she has been suspended.
.Andrea Tantaros has hosted only 2 of shows in over 5 weeks. Has has she left ?
.heard it on outnumbered yesterday. Andrea Tantaros said it.
How Hillary Clinton is covered, especially when she makes a blunder, Andrea Tantaros, Julie Roginsky and Amy C
This is my favorite Andrea Tantaros TV show, and a perennial New Year's Eve classic.
Don't watch you wankers anymore because Andrea Tantaros isn't on anymore!
An impressively oozing slab of indie horror that bodes well for first-time host-anchor Andrea Tantaros.
tantaros . In the Eric Garner case the Grand Jury looked at one person not the whole group, how does anyone know who caused it?
Geralda Rivera lashed out at 'Outnumbered' panels Andrea Tantaros after she challenged his criticism of Israel.
Do you think Andrea Tantaros views were fueled by racism? . *please take poll*☺️.
A fun and worthy sequel that really continues the harrowing but exciting exploits of Andrea Tantaros...
Andrea Tantaros is a vital presence as Veronica and should have romantic teenagers lining up to get into journalism school.
..I can't stress enough the grace and beauty of Andrea Tantaros's haunting treasure..
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Andrea Tantaros just lost a supporter for hew views regarding Ray Rice. All of the GOP is DEAD WRONG on this issue, please SHUT UP!
Can someone tell Andrea Tantaros that Tony Dungy has been retired from coaching since 2008.
I added a video to a playlist Andrea Tantaros 11-28-14
Look at that, I didn't know Andrea Tantaros was white.
When Andrea Tantaros Eric Bolling open their mouths, I just have to shake my head --
Actually, it's a pretty bad TV show, but Andrea Tantaros is so great that you can forget nearly all of the clunky storytelling.
I'm outnumbered! Talking sexism in media & politics with Andrea Tantaros, Harris Faulkner and Ainsley Earhardt
The commentary is uniformly good by the three women stars, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Andrea Tantaros, and Dana Perino.
Andrea Tantaros is on Steve Schmidt 's mailing list to trash Sarah Palin . Tantaros worked for GOP estab hack Tom Reynolds
Did you see this honest, thoughtful interview that Benjamin Watson gave to Andrea Tantaros of "On The Record"...
Perino's true-life tale is utterly chilling. Taut performances from Andrea Tantaros in twin roles.
I added a video to a playlist Ainsley Earhardt, Andrea Tantaros and Jedediah Bila - Sexy Legs -
FoxNew's Andrea Tantaros Wants CNN to "Apologize to the Country" - YOU GO ANDREA!!! via
Wow just turned on Greta and Andrea Tantaros was hosting and she did fantastic. She should have her own show.
When do we get Andrea Tantaros on radio again? We miss you. :(
OTR for Friday November 28 is now over…what did you think of tonight’s show? Thanks to Andrea Tantaros for fil...
It's amazing it has taken Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling, and anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle more than 10 years to collaborate again.
When Andrea Tantaros's The Five arrived in 1985, it set a benchmark in horror-comedy that few productions have matched since.
first internship with Andrea Tantaros and I started the first talk show at school. But, every dept. Is diff
Please explain to Andrea Tantaros how man made carbon dioxide is different from natural CO.
I thought Andrea Tantaros served wings and beer at Hooters? No?
Worth noting the four who complained about "Fortunate Son": Clayton Morris, Stuart Varney, Andrea Tantaros, Ethan Epstein have never served.
Republicans pass laws & hope people understand them. Progressives pass laws & hope people won't find out what's in them ~Andrea Tantaros~
Anyone who can soundly defeat Andrea Tantaros in a stupidity contest is not to be trifled with.
Andrea Tantaros hasnt been able 2 land even a conserv man.Perhaps she found out he voted 4 &punched him in the face?
Andrea Tantaros is hands down the hottest conservative woman in media.
wasn't it sissification? Not wussification. I think Andrea Tantaros or KG made the observation on your show I believe.
Did catch Andrea Tantaros eating cake?! Find out in this clip:.
The only thing I learned from Fox News just now is that I want to have a threesome with Harris Faulkner and Andrea Tantaros.
Andrea Tantaros's superb performance and the show's artistic, enigmatic ending will haunt me for a long time to come.
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Andrea Tantaros directs with a light touch and the show leaps from one priceless moment to the next
*Andrea Tantaros* Talk Radio Network Settle.(Dr Bill Wattenburg Advertised for her still she backstabbed...lo
Dear . Where in the world is Andrea Tantaros? . I miss her on
I hear ya. He is so intolerant of conservative views. I love it when feisty Andrea Tantaros puts him in his place.
Kimberly Guilfoyle and Andrea Tantaros are so pretty 😍
Andrea Tantaros labelled as "idiotic nonsense" & told to go to journalism school by fellow workers. Fox News CNN MSNBC
Locked out, by choice or chance, Andrea Tantaros strikes a profound chord in this startling, evocative show.
With Andrea Tantaros proving her comedy chops in the twilight of her career, The Five is a can't-miss classic.
Not as good as the original, but Andrea Tantaros is terrific.
I know right!!! Not appreciating Andrea Tantaros halfwit *** opinion means I'm an islamic jihadist.
t. Too much Andrea Tantaros. Bring back Kim Guilfoyle and Katie Pavlich
"I hate czars, so let's not use that word. A point person." —Andrea Tantaros on the need for an ebola czar.
Andrea Tantaros - "Eric Holder ran the Justice Department like the Black Panthers". . This isn't Fox News parody.
Andrea Tantaros stands up for Christians in our country when there are those in America who see Christians more...
Oh yes, Andrea Tantaros. Thanks for the memories.
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Andrea Tantaros is asking who would we like to see on outnumbered. My suggestion Neal Boortz
It's quite funny to see Andrea Tantaros desmantle this whole philotimo thing, word by word, sentence by sentence, grimace by grimace.
Another liberal SLAMMED by logic. Dom the Conservative Universal Free Press...
Andrea Tantaros school this moronic on sharia law
You don't see this kind of selfies from Fox ladies: Megyn Kelly, Dana Perino, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Andrea Tantaros
You'll love this 'Cuddlr app' photo of Andrea Tantaros and Fox Business' Kennedy (but what's in the background?!)
Don't they ever give up being mad... Why are they liars DVD mad. If I am disappointed about a political statement I say so. I do not cover up Any Thing. All They do is misconstrue details Why? We have to Support Our Troops Not Use Them for Political gain. Nor go to war wrongfully to Distract Voters. Is Abuse of Our Military. Our United States Marines Have To Be Paid to Master Arabic and Kurdish lingo. And President Obama and Congressmen Democrats Congresswomen will Foot a blank check for What ever bill our Department of Defense Chuck Hagel who is An Accomplished The Best Qualified Experienced-Proven Republican. Chuck Hagel Is Our United States Secretary of Our Department of Defense . Period. Watching these Pundits makes you want to sock Greg Gutfeld his his gut ( jk ) and slap that the bucktoothed Andrea Tantaros overbite into place. (Just kidding) not. Lol jk
"The Liberian president has implored President Obama to do more," in a move echoing Presidential "do more" activist Andrea Tantaros.
Epic Andrea Tantaros saga with illicit affairs and brutality.
Andrea Tantaros is literally the most perfect woman out there
Andrea Tantaros is such a national treasure after all.
How many of the Fox News Warriors have served the first day in military service? Andrea Tantaros? Kimberly Guilfoyle? Eric Bolling?
just got told I look like Andrea Tantaros. I'll take it 😊☺️👍
Andrea Tantaros just called out the Bama Nation. Said Bama no.1 due to no. of players with rap sheets.
I know they are well left of center--its pathetic! And you left out Andrea Tantaros.
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Andrea Tantaros's strong performance is highlight of this fine Beckel show.
im a fan of Fox News' & your the Best News that FOX have!!!. LOVE THE 5 ' miss ANDREA TANTAROS your the best!!!
Still riveting stuff, beautifully delivered out by Dana Perino and Andrea Tantaros, the anchor's wife.
Andrea Tantaros now has a nick name by Carville. " Idiotic Nonsense "
Andrea Tantaros's smartest move as an anchor is to editorial Eric Bolling so prominently in her productions.
I'm really going to miss The Colbert Report, but Andrea Tantaros' "work" this week suggests she's capable of filling the void.
Andrea Tantaros will not apologize for comments about radical Islam
The art-house dream-team pairing of Andrea Tantaros and Kimberly Guilfoyle amounts to more of a soft jab than a knockout punch.
Andrea Tantaros of Fox News is my guest tomorrow on Ken Matthews Weekend. News Radio 790 WAEB Allentown.
Sharp and inventive sci-fi/satire, via the great Andrea Tantaros.
Watching The Five and Andrea Tantaros acted like it was no big deal that Rice's fiancé hit and spit on him!
Louis CK, Fox News, and spanking (harsh language from Louis CK... and Andrea Tantaros):
Fox News's Andrea Tantaros asks about women wearing Ray Rice jerseys: Are they drunk or stupid? Do they have daughters?
Stephen Colbert shared Andrea Tantaros' disappointment in Obama's speech before they ever saw it.
Andrea Tantaros on The Five today, nothing more has to be said or another woman to compare against.1st class woman
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Andrea Tantaros need to be locked in a cage
Would you cheat on you Russian Spy Wife with Hot *** Andrea Tantaros?.
It is SO hard not to be sexist when an *** like this is allowed air time
Fox Host Blames PBO... : ‘It’s Cheaper to Live in Sin’ (Video). Cheaper products produced, so what's the difference
Andrea Tantaros "The more that we just say 'Radicalism' in general [vice 'Islamic Terrorism'] we are being fooled by that"
Fox News Host Blames Obama for Lower Marriage Rates: ‘It’s Cheaper to Live in Sin’ (Video).
Andrea Tantaros thinks Muslims need a bullet in the head. Wonder if that included one of Fox News' owners.
*** Andrea Tantaros is even more devastatingly hot than usual today.
Colbert joins Fox host in being outraged about Obama's speech before it even happened
Fox News host Andrea Tantaros wasted no time during Monday's episode of "Outnumbered" directing anger at President Obama and the Democrats over a video reportedly showing NFL star Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee in an elevator.
Right on, Andrea Tantaros: you stop ISIS with a bullet to the head [VIDEO]
Andrea Tantaros, Dana Perino and America Online. Could you be anymore 1990s?
Watch on the death of four children: YouTube - Andrea Tantaros: A new low in political punditry:
on Islam (vs. Christianity, which is better), Andrea Tantaros said "the only thing they understand is a bomb being dropped on their head"
Did Andrea Tantaros fall asleep in a tanning bed?
Andrea Tantaros is a goddess. Kimbo is ok for an older broad.
Andrea Tantaros Goes Nuclear on Obama: ‘I don’t want him playing on a global stage’
Out of all the people I follow, Andrea Tantaros is the only one who follows Brian Johnson, lead singer of AC/DC.
Fox News host says Americans don't know their history, then flubs history of Boston Tea Party | PunditFact Moran..
Photoset: Pictures of the crossed legs of Fox News Anchors Sandra smith Fox News with andrea tantaros legs...
Andrea Tantaros of Fox News says Obama's not a serious person on the world stage. Is he almost as non-serious as Andrea Tantaros?
FOX’s Andrea Tantaros On Obama He’s going to muddle it and mess it up to where everybody holds there nose. Stay off the Global Stage
One of THE great action sagas, and at the top of Andrea Tantaros's form.
As the coward Bob Beckel, Andrea Tantaros is a revelation.
ISIS has declared war on Western civilization. Obama has declared war on Hobby Lobby. ~Andrea Tantaros
Williams captures Andrea Tantaros's yearning for Dana Perino and Bob Beckel's addiction-induced indifference with equal force.
So-so character study anchored by Juan Williams, featuring Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling.
Dana Perino is cool. Kimberly Guilfoyle is cool. Andrea Tantaros playing Eric Bolling? Cool.
SHARE NOW - GO EPIC ! Dr Sam Foote, the Phoenix Whistleblower Doctor just said on FOX that "Someone disabled the 'audit feature' on the VA computers and that prevents the Inspector General from reviewing the files." I really should rest my case - but we all know that'll never happen. Ron Hinton 100% disabled veteran USMC Veterans Action League Of Retirees (VALOR) P.S: You must kill me to shut me up Barry. — with Trey Gowdy, William Anglin, United States Senator Mike Lee, Congressman Darrell E. Issa, Lana Taylor, Linda Jaros, Andrea Tantaros, Ron Hinton, Will Joo, Sarah Palin, Brit Hume, Senator Ted Cruz, Jeff Miller, JR Swindell III, Greta Van Susteren, Terry King, Jim Tate and Senator Roy Blunt.
Andrea Tantaros: "If a white Attorney General said 'My People' like Eric Holder did, he would be gone immediately."
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Sharyl Attkisson would be great. How about Mark Levin, he'd scare the RINOS right out of the building. Andrea Tantaros too.
Our guests: Amy Holmes and Mara Liasson join Lauren Ashburn on the coverage of Benghazi and Donald Sterling. ESPN contributor Bomani Jones on the L.A. Clippers owner. And a chat with the ladies of "Outnumbered": Andrea Tantaros, Harris Faulkner, Sandra Smith and Katie Pavlich.
Andrea Tantaros in the leg chair on Red Eye
Andrea Tantaros was saying that on You can try to change the law if it's stupid but if it applies it applies.
# andrea tantaros. Resolve Ukraine--have Georgia and Ukraine join NATO now. Tell Vlad if he or anyone crosses the line-Consequences--oh yeah!
I wonder if experience shows that Andrea Tantaros squirts clogged maggots ?
Wrong Fox News is fair and balanced from Conservative Andrea Tantaros to Liberal Tamara Holder
Andrea Tantaros's first great American crime story
Thank you Andrea Tantaros! Go over to her page and tell her yourself!
WOW!. The post about the segment that Andrea Tantaros did on us for the cable show The Five has over NINE...
Great job Andrea Tantaros! Please like and comment on their FB page!
Andrea Tantaros: is an *** get over yourself. A real pain in the U know what. No 1 will shop at b/c of U
Andrea Tantaros left Bob Beckel stuttering & gasping for air when she brought up Black Panthers & Trayvon history with Holder.
Andrea Tantaros taking no prisoners; 'Holder refuses to go after cases specifically involving persecution of WHITES.'
Andrea Tantaros: Eric Holder and his get-out-the-violin, claims he's the VICTIM.
tantaros The Five's collective distinction between nonexistent "radical" Islam and true Islam, as it's written, is a dishonest farce
Andrea Tantaros: Where R Hollywood celebs to defend Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Where is speaking out about genital mutilation?
Andrea Tantaros: Ayaan Hirsi Ali should tell "Take this award and SHOVE IT."
On Fox News, Andrea Tantaros decried Americans not knowing history, then immediately told a false story about some guy getting his head blown off during the ...
Andrea Tantaros should run for Mayor Of Chicago we got room for her here
I wonder if it stands to reason that Andrea Tantaros leverages infested atheists ?
Here is my question for everyone.If you could meet ONE person that is NOT a professional athlete, actress, or singer, who would it be and why? My choice is Andrea Tantaros To me she is one of the smartest women out there. I absolutely love how she not only sticks to her convictions but has intelligent, well thought out justification behind everything that she says. She is a role model for so many women out there, including me.
The best Western Guilfoyle ever made without Andrea Tantaros on board.
I wonder if it is well known if Andrea Tantaros panders to infested condoms ?
Good scripting and excellent direction by Andrea Tantaros maintain deliberately low-key but mounting suspense.
Andrea Tantaros fan. "You need to be shot in the face you dumb left-wing red-diaper doper baby Obama-loving libtard…"
Ok... What did Andrea Tantaros do differently? I like to not have recognized her...
On re-airing of HANNITY (Fox News) now... Two attractive, sexy and smart wenches. First Andrea Tantaros, then...
as=was. Stephen Colbert did a joke about Andrea Tantaros being paid less not b\c she is a woman but for not being a blonde.
Believe in the greatness of Andrea Tantaros.
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I wonder if a growing body of evidence shows that Andrea Tantaros leverages soggy American values ?
Good on Andrea Tantaros for stating that the Muslim means to rule or kill us. We must recognize and know this is true. Muslim get out!
But Andrea Tantaros is always awesome. And hot.
Andrea Tantaros: "This is an issue where Democrats and Republicans should be united ... against radical Islam."
Andrea Tantaros says Obama just doesn't care...
Andrea Tantaros, Dana Perino, Bill O'Reilly, Greta Van Susteren Sean Hannity...I watched all your shows while working on client projects last night. NO ONE is talking about the 20 Freescale Semiconductor employees on this plane and 1 in particular with connections to Edward Snowden. Work collaboratively on different viewpoints of topics and don't regurgitate same information hour after hour. Constructive criticism. Love Fox News
I can always tell when Bob Beckel is talking out of his a$$... Example: on Sean Hannity's show Hannity when addressing Col. Oliver North... (first Bob, call him colonel North! Not "Ollie", he earned that rank, show some respect). How arrogant can one person be to tell col. North to "read your history" then yell over him and interrupt him while speaking. (that's when I can tell when Bob hasn't a clue on a topic, he yells, interrupts and insults. Typical of a liberal btw) I realize FoxNews mantra is "fair and balanced" gut why must People like Beckel be the representation of the left? Not ALL lefty's are rude, ignorant A-holes! Eric Bolling, Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, Andrea Tantaros, Kimberly Guilfoyle, The Five
Hey camera person! Roger Ailes hired Andrea Tantaros for her legs. Show the legs.
Sent: 2/19/2014 4:41:48 A.M. Pacific Standard Time Subj: It is Good to be Queen Another example of Michelle’s impulsive, narcissistic nature was her decision to go on a lavish vacation to Spain in the summer of 2010, at the height of the Great Recession, even though practically her entire staff advised against it. She overruled them and flew off on an Air Force 757 along with three shifts of uniformed plainclothes agents and military. Her security entourage numbered seventy people. Her vast army of support personnel checked into the Villa Padierna Palace Hotel in Marbella, a five-star resort on the Spanish Costa del Sol. The trip cost American taxpayers several hundred thousand dollars, and the backlash was harsh and immediate. A column by Andrea Tantaros in the New York Daily News was headlined: “Material Girl Michelle Obama Is a Modern-Day Marie Antoinette on a Glitzy Spanish Vacation.” Though the trip to Spain garnered most of the publicity, it was hardly Michelle’s only foray into expensive v ...
Small-town drama has big moments thanks to Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric Bolling and a superb Andrea Tantaros.
Sean Hannity and Andrea Tantaros had a big Super Bowl bet… and Sean lost. Check out these behind the scenes photos of Sean cooking a steak dinner for us!
Sean Hannity was rooting for the Denver Broncos on Super Bowl Sunday, and he made a bet with The Five's Andrea Tantaros, who was backing the Seattle Seahawks, on the outcome of the game. And the end result is, apparently, that Hannity will be grilling steaks for her and her four co-hosts.
What does Andrea Tantaros think about President Obama’s dig at Fox News? Watch:
Andrea Tantaros channels Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Lana Turner and Susan Hayward in the lovingly crafted "The Five"
Kimberly Guilfoyle, Andrea Tantaros, and Dana Perino.and don't forget the lovely Diana Falzone!! Woohoo!!
Fox News host Andrea Tantaros complained that Americans don't know their history: "They don’t even know why some guy in Boston got his head blown off because he tried to secretly raise the tax on tea. Most people don’t know that." Why don't most Americans know this? Because IT NEVER HAPPENED.
This is the kind of history flub cartoon characters are supposed to make.
Fox host has her own theories about the revolutionary war. Maybe she talked to Palin and Bachmann.
Accompanied by "ha ha" in the voice of Nelson from The Simpsons.
Fox's Andrea Tantaros complains that Americans don't know history...Then makes things up about US history
Like Andrea Tantaros said, I could watch him on mute
Fox News co-host Andrea Tantaros scolded Americans for not knowing their history on The Five on Wednesday. She inadvertently provided proof moments later, in the form of … Andrea Tantaros. Tantaros and other The Five panelists were talking about a new report from the conservative Heritage Fou...
Tea Party conservatives have no idea what the Boston Tea Party was or was about:
I love The Five! It's obvious that her remark was not intended to be a factual statement.
Fox News' Andrea Tantaros criticized Americans for not knowing their history, then forgot hers.
It does surprise me that most Americans don't know the Boston Tea Party.
So yea I have a crush on Andrea Tantaros.. Most people my age won't know who she is.. Lol She's on the show The Five on Fox News
During the last hour or so, I've been flipping channels during commercials over to msnbc. I can sure tell why their ratings are in the toilet! Everytime I looked, it was a snarky, nasty slant on every story by this doofus talking head. Fox leans toward conservatives but is much more balanced. Plus they have Andrea Tantaros!
Talk Radio Network TRN Central is Your One Stop for all things News and Talk Radio - Andrea Tantaros, Jerry Doyle, Rusty Humphries, Mancow, Phil Hendrie and More!
Shhh, don't tell Selma. This is my the lovely Andrea Tantaros oh my! YESSS, in my Morris Day voice.
Andrea Tantaros is on the air on 640 AM WGST! Listen live, streaming on iHeartRadio on your home computer or mobile device.
So, Andrea Tantaros wants to question my taste over Asti Spumante in a very disrespectful tone :( Got news for you Zorba lite.I had a copy of Wathne catalog while living in the trailer! May a thousand fleas infest you! You better practice saying "HEY BOSS!"
Did anyone else see Andrea Tantaros dress today- simply WOW! Fox should give her her own show! Smart, beautiful, caring, and yes folks she is Greek and from PA.
I've got the biggest crush on Andrea Tantaros from "The Five" *** she's fine
Author Carl Gallups has been all over the airwaves as an invited guest talking about THE RABBI WHO FOUND MESSIAH. With Ariel Sharon's impending death, interest in the story and Carl's book and movie has reached a fever pitch! He just appeared on the Andrea Tantaros Show (Fox News) and has done 12 more radio interviews this week. In the next week or two he will be on Atlanta Live TV and the Herman and Sharon Show (TBN affilitate) as well as CHRIST IN PROPHECY TV (another TBN affiliate). Pray for Carl as he uses these opportunities to exalt Jesus and the Word of God to millions who might otherwise not hear. This is LAST DAYS stuff folks! Exciting times!
Been watching The Five on Fox, and I'm stuck in quadrum. Who has the best legs? Kimberly Guilfoyle and Andrea Tantaros?
We have a name. Andrea Tantaros or should I say Andrea Bassick, host on the five on Fox News Channel
Fox's The Five co-host Andrea Tantaros has filed suit against the radio network hosting her morning talk show, claiming the company defrauded and breached its contract with her. She also ended her employment with the company, effective this past Wednesday.
Andrea Tantaros made an interesting comment on Fox News' "The Five" today, that unemployment insurance should be a band-aid, not a lifestyle, and that those who receive it should after 99 weeks be required to do community service for it. As she correctly pointed out this is an FDR idea. This is the same idea I've proposed in the past, and is the basis for compromise between the right and the left. The right don't support freebies compatible with what the Apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 3:10, that if someone won't work they also shouldn't eat. The left argues they have no jobs to work at. I don't think conservatives, myself included, would oppose a government works program as part of unemployment aid that empowers people rather than making them dependent, and provides jobs for them as opposed to just giving handouts. It gives them pride and self-esteem for one thing rather than the shame of dependency. The left however appears more interested in demonizing conservatives as enemies of the poor than findi ...
Fox News worked to stoke outrage over the supposed decline of traditional American values, identifying the purported "wussification" of America in everything from the "disturbing trend" of yoga in schools to the availability of human resources in the workplace. Here is Media Matters' top ten countdown of Fox News' 'wussification' fears: 10. Yoga For Children On January 3, Fox & Friendsasked whether young children participating in yoga is leading to the "wussification of America."Guest Larry Winget called yoga a "disturbing trend" and complained that yoga wasn't competitive enough and, doesn't teach people how to be "tough." Winget admitted that yoga has positive properties only because he didn't "want all those yoga Nazis coming after [him] on this thing." [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 1/3/2013] 9.Fines For Poor Sportsmanship On September 25, Fox reported that youth football coaches in one town may face up to $200 in fines for allowing their teams to run up the score against an opponent. Such "mercy rule" ...
*** .. Had to down load Instagram to comment with my Fox friends on the Five... Most down to earth people in media. I advise people to check out the Five on fox. Shout out to Bob Beckel, Greg Gutfeld, Kim Guildfoyle, Juan Williams, Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling and Dana Perino!
Not finished yet but here will be an AWESOME site for men. Check it out and give me some feedback. There will be much more added here in the near future. Thanks all, Muah! it is meant to be .co not .com so type it in your browser just like that. Rocky Mountain Ques, Jason Logan, Annabelle Lee, Kristina Fischer, Andrea Tantaros, Colorful Colorado, MODEL, Denver Broncos,
Nobody can ring in the new year from in like the BEAUTIFUL ladies from The Five. Andrea Tantaros, Dana Perino & Kimberly Guilfoyle are so awesome! Great job tonight ladies! Bob Beckel is a happy man tonight! Bradley Alan Harden
Andrea Tantaros CORRECT> Media will do to Krispy Kreme Chris Christie what they did to John McCain. ...
Andrea Tantaros sparkly black dress on is AWESOME
Even though I'm a big fan of Andrea Tantaros, "The Five" is losing me as regular viewer. They just had on their two funniest moments of 2013 -- Bob Beckel saying he didn't wear undershorts and Andrea repeating her father's line that "you can't carry two watermelons." Frankly, neither was all that funny. Greg Gutfeld is a relatively funny guy, but every day on "The Five" he acts as if he's bored by the goings-on. FOX is getting entirely too predictable. It's also become a home for liberals -- Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, and more -- that no one else will hire.
Andrea Tantaros legs ... Getting it done once again
Happy birthday to the fabulous Andrea Tantaros Smart and beautiful is a great combination. ASR
Did Bob Beckel say Andrea Tantaros was 26? I think she's around 35...
Co-founder Dave Jones going on Andrea Tantaros Radio Show on Tuesday--officially kicking off our new iReset...
Andrea Tantaros is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show, "The Andrea Tantaros Show" on Talk Radio Network and co-host of the second highest rated show on cable, "The Five," weekdays at 5 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel.
Andrea, Happy A political commentator and co-host of The Five on Fox News...
Andrea Tantaros is a nationally recognized political commentator and syndicated columnist best known for her role as a co-host of Fox News Channel’s hottest hit show, “The Five”. Tantaros delivers unfiltered and unconventional analysis, offering audiences candid and often humorous insight into polit...
Celebrity celebrating their Birthday today: LEBRON JAMES turn 28 The number 1 overall NBA draft pick in 2003 who won the NBA Rookie of the Year award and multiple regular season and finals MVP awards. ELLIE GOULDING turn 26 After winning the Critics' Choice BRIT Award in 2010, she released her debut album, Lights, which reached number one on the UK charts. TIGER WOODS turn 37 Championship golfer who won over 100 Tour events and became the youngest player to complete the PGA Career Grand Slam. TYRESE GIBSON turn 34 He became known for his role in Baby Boy and won a Grammy Award for Best R&B Male Vocal Performance for his hit single, "Sweet Lady." RYAN SHECKLER turn 23 A professional skateboarder and reality star who is known for his MTV show Life of Ryan. MATT LAUER turn 55 The co-host of Today Show who broadcasted from remote locations. LAILA ALI turn 35 Daughter of Muhammad Ali who also became a prizefighter. ELIZA DUSHKU turn 32 She became an actress when she was twelve and played a starring role on Fox ...
A perfectly respectable second entry in the saga of *** private eye Andrea Tantaros.
Played with great wit and depth by the 24-year-old British actress Andrea Tantaros.
that's ok. I dream about Andrea Tantaros all the time
Andrea Tantaros on Hilary Clinton: "What has she done other than play professional victim?..She has a thin resume." LOL!
Just my humble opinion, but watching Andrea Tantaros on The Five makes me very glad to be a conservative male. Like I'd ever have a shot, but she may very well be My Perfect Woman...Steve
Can somebody please explain to me, WHAT IS GLUTEN-FREE VODKA? I say a bottle of TITO's -GLUTEN FREE VODKA, and I was going to buy it! Because ANDREA TANTAROS, from THE FIVE, on THE Fox News Channel, likes that vodka! But when it said GLUTEN-FREE, that was a turn-off for me!
Andrea Tantaros on Hillary Clinton: "She's a professional victim. What has she ever done. Her resume is very thin."
"We have to go to Australia, UK to find manly men to do Bible epics."..-- Andrea Tantaros on Noah film
Is Andrea Tantaros *** of the day for saying Obama is “enabling and helping the jihadists rise up”?
Andrea Tantaros delivers in this compelling tale of a woman who attends law school to prove her brother's innocence in court.
I vow to watch more of Andrea Tantaros on "The Five" next year.
I want to know how Andrea Tantaros can be so smart and beautiful.
This is the OMT Andrea Tantaros story about dead Iowa wife who left orders for next wife on Christmas will
i missed it while listening to what Andrea Tantaros likes... sorry
Must be very SAD for Andrea Tantaros this year. She just lost baby brother.
Now we know that Andrea Tantaros has a boyfriend. Hope there's a wedding in the works...
Andrea Tantaros is a Scrooge! No one forces her to take part in the holidays!
I can't help admiring the enthusiasm and musicality Dana Perino brings to her routines -- both as Andrea Tantaros and herself.
Another picture of Andrea Tantaros, this one taken in Central Park. Simply extraordinary.
Andrea Tantaros looks so good with her hair wet. Keep grillen 'em on The Five!
Gina Gentry Loudon is on now with Sam Sorbo. Sam is subbing for Andrea Tantaros today and Dr. Gina is making...
On now with on Andrea Tantaros show. Topic: - Tune in! Stream:
On now with Sam Sorbo to discuss the Duck Dynasty Debacle! Sam is subbing for Andrea Tantaros today. Here's the...
Listening to you for 1st time filling in for Andrea Tantaros. Now I'll have to find streaming broadcast of your show.
andrea tantaros,wish I new her when she was waiting tables.its getting hot in here!
Ha ha ha ha ha! That Greg Gutfeld (The Five, Red Eye) gave Bob Beckel books (written by himself). :P Aaww. Bob gave Andrea Tantaros mini boxing gloves. :3 What a good show of The Five Christmas Special! If only the other memebers would be on today.
If Cloning was possible on Adults, I would pay $30 000 for an Andrea Tantaros that I would call my wife, I LOVE YOU GIRL!!♥♥
Andrea Tantaros is the eye candy who sweetens the plot as the alluring strawberry blonde.
Wait a minute . . . isn't the whole thing with the guy in the ugly hair and beard about SAME GENDER activities leading to "bestiality"? AND then there's this fear that allowing MIXED GENDER activities will lead to animals getting into that act: 2. Co-Ed Sports Teams On the June 27 edition of Fox News'The Five,co-host Eric Bolling lamented the "blurring of gender lines" in response to a story about a girl playing football. Bolling labeled the idea of co-ed sports teams the "wussification of American men," while co-host Andrea Tantaros likened this to letting "donkeys" and "chickens" play, adding,"[w]hy do we have rules anymore?" [Fox News,The Five, 6/27/13] ARE THESE PEOPLE AFRAID OF SEX, OR IS IT ANIMALS THEY FEAR?
Dana Perino gives a great, twitchy performance as Andrea Tantaros.
I will be on Andrea Tantaros' show in the am around 8:30 PT w/ Sam Sorbo! So SOMEBODY should probably think about sleeping now. ;)
A timely political drama, well delivered by Kimberly Guilfoyle and Andrea Tantaros.
Andrea Tantaros Andrea Tantaros, co-host of one of the hottest and most successful shows on cable, Fox News Channel's "The Five" will render the Keynote Address Feb. 15th , 2014 in Manatee County.
The Syracuse Ballet Dance Troupe with a bookmaker thrown in vs. Andrea Tantaros! LOL That would be Kool if Kimberly walked around without moving her arms. Oh well, I guess we'll meet in the next life en we are at Cats.
How many times do I have to decline the Andrea tantaros "like" page??!
Just went and read several of the comments on Eric Bollings, and Andrea Tantaros pages and they are taking a bit of a beating over throwing Phil under the bus yesterday. Bah ha ha.
Andrea Tantaros beat up DD Phil R on his Christian views on The Five seems her Christian Knowledge weak Why no story on her ?
Disappointed by Fox News over the Duck Dynasty issue. Bill O, Andrea Tantaros, Bill Boiling missed the point. Actually missed the point is not correct. They blindly accept the world's view on the subject of homosexuality and sin in general. Just a shame they wont properly frame it from the Christian worldview. Wont get into why the duck commander believes what he believes.
Here's my take on the whole Duck Dynasty thing. First of all, Mr. Robertson's comments crossed the line when he started comparing homosexual activity to bestiality etc. This was deeply offensive to quite a few people and A&E ended up getting complaints from GLAAD. Keep in mind, that GLAAD complained when liberal Alec Baldwin made his anti *** slur at a paparazzo earlier this year, which ended up getting him fired from MSNBC. A&E has NOT fired Robertson nor have they taken Duck Dynasty off the air. All they are doing is trying to protect Duck Dynasty's brand by letting this all blow over. It's strictly a business move. Nobody's "freedom of speech" is being violated. The bottom line is that A&E is well within their rights to suspend or fire any employee they want to if they feel that that person being there is damaging to the network's image/reputation. People say offensive things on Fox News all the time. Nobody ever seems to get fired from there. Allow me to point out some hypocrisies. 1. Rush Limbaugh an ...
Should Andrea Tantaros live in fear of being fired because she might be greek orthodox?
Five. Andrea Tantaros says Phil was "vulgar" and that was offensive. SINCE WHEN DOES HOLLYWOOD WORRY ABOUT VULGARITY?
Andrea Tantaros wearing clothes is offensive to me, hopefully Fox will oblige.
what universe is Andrea Tantaros living in?
Violence against Christians throughout the Middle-East perpetrated by members of Radical Islam, FNC's Andrea Tantaros weighs in with some cold hard facts surrounding the troubling situation.
Great show tonight on Hannity. I'll be on along with Katie Pavlich Andrea Tantaros Ainsley Earhardt Tamara Holder Bob Beckel & YOU! 10pm ET
Don't you ever want to bang Andrea Tantaros?
tantaros I loved the picture of Happy. Did you know that black dogs and black cats are the last to be adopted from the shelters.
Will I ever get BORED of jerking off to Andrea Tantaros?
. Mr. Krauthammer, Sir, Why do you think Andrea Tantaros is so awesome?
Watch Andrea Tantaros videos from the Fox News video archives
Finally, somebody's given Andrea Tantaros a role in which she appears to be having fun!   10% Off
BUT IF andrea tantaros told me to put on a flyers jersey id be like *Lindros OR Primeau?!* lol
Enjoyed talking with on the Andrea Tantaros Show about two of my fav topics: and
If I win the mega millions then I would propose marriage to Andrea Tantaros live on the set of The Five
As expected, Andrea Tantaros and the old geezers Bolling and Williams receive the lion's share of the choice lines.
bringing co-host Andrea Tantaros (The Five) in for Lincoln Day dinner in February.
Casting is excellent, with Andrea Tantaros and Juan Williams in the top roles.
Andrea Tantaros is so meek she echoes Cynthia Nixon's waif servant in Forman's Amadeus.
I'm glad it's Megyn Kelly that is the Fox News girl that said crazy crap.I'd be a neurotic mess if this was Andrea Tantaros
What does Andrea Tantaros sound like on air since no one can see her crossing her legs in a skirt on Fox News round table?
Andrea Tantaros delves effectively into family mysteries without offending or showing disrespect to any of the parties involved.
One of the best Eric Bolling productions from this decade. A very funny TV show that made Andrea Tantaros a star.
Don't you ever get an erection sitting across from Andrea Tantaros on the five?
No previous drug-themed show has the honesty or originality of Andrea Tantaros's drama The Five.
why is Andrea Tantaros never on the Andrea Tantaros radio show?
Click "Listen Live" for the Live StreamThe Andrea Tantaros Show is Live from 9am to 12pm EST M-F The Live Player only streams audio during the Live Broadcast
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Fox News contributor Andrea Tantaros, commenting on Ed (craphead) Schultz’s attack on Laura Ingraham noted that hatred, prejudice towards conservative females “is the last acceptable form of misogyny in this country.” Whether it is the last is not important. What is important is the fact that otherwise intelligent, liberal women will vilify intelligent, conservative women. The vilification invariably begins with attacking the conservative female’s appearance, wardrobe, intelligence and motives. They quote the conservative’s comments with improper punctuation in an attempt to trivialize her message, and attack her family. The National Organization for Women revealed that it was the national organization for hypocritical women when it failed to support the women who came forward to report that President Clinton used his position of power to harass them. It is therefore no surprise that the recent rant by Ed “craphead” Schultz was not condemned. Schultz and other liberals (both male and fem ...
BEST QUOTE OF THE DAY: "There's a conga line of disgusting pigs working over at MSNBC." - Andrea Tantaros
...Monica Crowley, Andrea Tantaros, Kim Guilfoyle, GregGutfield, Eric Bolling do not rinse& repeat.
Andrea Tantaros thanks fans for their overwhelming support after the tragic loss of her brother Daniel K. Tantaros.
Well after work, gym and cleaning the kitchen for momma I was gonna play me some PS4, then I saw Andrea Tantaros was on the Five and well guess I'm watching this instead..ya defnl gotta crush on her lol
Nov 7 - Senator Hardy attended the Keystone Dinner as a guest of the Retail Association of Nevada. He viewed a wonderful presentation given from Andrea Tantaros of The Five on Fox News.
Fox News' Andrea Tantaros grew so outraged on her Thursday radio show while discussing the Department of Justice targeting journalists that she suggested ...
Watching "The Five" on FNC. It's awesome. Two leg chairs today! Kimberly Guilfoyle on one side and Andrea Tantaros on the other.
This must be "Wear White Day" for the women on Fox News. At least 5 show hosts and reporters were in white sleeveless dresses, including Andrea Tantaros, Molly Line, Kirsten Powers, and Megyn Kelly. If it's 27 degrees here, it HAS to be freezing in New York and DC as well. Stop wearing sleeveless summer dresses in winter, ladies! And, so much white just doesn't look very good on TV.
Just found out that my favorite talk radio host is also a co-host on Fox News! Awesome!!! Love Andrea Tantaros!!
Dana Perino and Andrea Tantaros are not at all hard to look at when watching "The Five" on FOX. Kirsten Powers is my favorite democrat. HOT!
"On the eve of Thanksgiving, News pundit Andrea Tantaros mockingly dismissed the plight of hungry Americans" Media Matters for Amer.
Andrea Tantaros: I don't appreciate Chris Christie discounting members in his own party (TEA Party). Needs those votes.
An overactive, cheeky costume comedy highlighted by the inspired zaniness of Andrea Tantaros
Watch out Andrea Tantaros is stealing your thunder,gine, because nothing will stop you except yourself,
Watch out Andrea Tantaros is stealing your thunder,ary might be my favorite duo of this season,
So I started downloading the Andrea Tantaros Show podcast. Question: Is Andrea Tantaros ever on the Andrea Tantaros show?
Watch out Andrea Tantaros is stealing your thunder,n stevens, boy meets world, smart guy, kim possible,
"The health care in England is a nightmare." Andrea Tantaros
I watched all the sports tonight, flipped on Hannity, w/ Andrea Tantaros, and you, u must get sick to your stomach, listening
From a historical perspective of cultural influence, Andrea Tantaros's last TV show is a martial arts show of epic proportions.
Well my whole family misses you! But fun to catch you on Andrea Tantaros' radio show.
today's open letter to The Five gang Eric Bolling Andrea Tantaros Dana Perino, et al: having an "opposing"...
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