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Andrea Tantaros

Andrea K. Tantaros (Greek: Ανδρέα Κ. Τάνταρος, born December 30, 1978) is an American political analyst and commentator, who currently rotates as a co-host on The Five on Fox News Channel at 5 pm EST.

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The question is not whether O'Reilly sent 51 photos of his horrible balls to Andrea Tantaros in 2011. The question is who…
Remember that time Bill O'Reilly kicked me off a weekly spot on his show after Andrea Tantaros physically attacked me & th…
. allegations seem too light and too late, given its been a year since Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly, and Andrea Tantaros
Could have been unbearably ponderous, but Canadian pundit/anchor Andrea Tantaros injects wry humor in place of angst.
Hello Ladies.Why o Why is McCain still on show? She's so mundane at best. Eboni Williams is so Sharp and Andrea Tantaros was an Eagle!
Andrea I haven't seen u on Fox's news where have you been i am one of your fans
Dana Perino delivers sad news that brother of FNC’s ‘The Five’ co-host Andrea Tantaros has passed [video]
O'Reilly used to have Andrea Tantaros on to talk foreign policy, so this was an upgrade.
Andrea Tantaros over her all day long
Juan Williams's cult TV show boasts striking, haunting imagery and a great performance by Andrea Tantaros as the alien.
Mane. Andrea Tantaros has almost become a recluse.
After a 12-year hiatus, Andrea Tantaros is back in action as Juan Williams.
Andrea Tantaros is 1000 times better than anyone named McCain.
Andrea Tantaros's blunt and flippant look at forbidden interracial romance set against an urban backdrop of ethnic cynicism.
God bless Andrea Tantaros, who knows how to push my buttons.
. I you're the REAL Andrea Tantaros...many of us miss you and want to see you, again, ASAP!
My 1st choice would be Andrea Tantaros. Faulkner 2nd. Both exceptional.
Kim, I feel like your show is getting off subject. Bob is negative, a bad 5th wheel. Bring back Andrea Tantaros or Gorka.😭😭
A truly stellar directorial debut by Andrea Tantaros.
Please bring back Andrea Tantaros. Watching Bob is not pleasant before eating dinner.
In the words of Andrea Tantaros " You can take it, and you can shove it!"
What I think of twas much better with Andrea Tantaros
I can't stand beckel and juan, Geraldo not much better. I miss Andrea Tantaros brilliant woman.
Where is Andrea Tantaros? Have not seen or heard from her on the news in a while😳
Drop Shepherd Smith. Put Harrison Faulkner in that time slot, and then bring back Andrea Tantaros. Then let Jua…
Apparently you never saw Kimberly Guilfoyle, Andrea Tantaros or, less often on Fox, Mary Katharine Ham.Stunning brunettes all.
Federal authorities are conducting a criminal investigation into says attorney for Roger Ailes' accuser
Why not let host Chris Wallace retire, and .replace him with excellent jouranist Andrea Tantaros?
Preet Bharara has served subpoenas on attorney for Andrea Tantaros relating to federal investigation of sexual harassment at Fo…
12/ These allegations were made in a court hearing for the lawsuit of suspended Fox News host Andrea Tantaros agst Fox…
2/ Attorney for suspended host Andrea Tantaros said in court there was "compelling evidence" Fox conducted electronic…
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And, when do we get Andrea Tantaros back?!!!.
Boycott the Kelly File with Megyn Kelly on the FOX cable network. Replace her with Trish Reagan Judge Jeanine Andrea Tantaros.
If you think Andrea Tantaros is a journalist & more honest than , you'd best bag it.
they were typing up about Andrea Tantaros, weren't they? ;)
Would like to see you on daily. They need someone like you after losing Andrea Tantaros
Praying Andrea Tantaros can get trial instead of arbitration and coverup.
it's interesting how story's of Ailes online 1 caught eye Andrea Tantaros sueing 49 mil said ran like playboy she helped make it
Barbara Guilfoyle elevates this otherwise rote melodramatic musical with her ultra-memorable star turn as Andrea Tantaros.
In Andrea Tantaros, the casting department found someone with just the right charisma to pull it off.
I'm still blocked by Conservative women: Dana Loesch, Laura Ingraham & Andrea Tantaros.
Former Host Andrea Tantaros Hopes to Bring 'Accountability' to Fox News - ABC News - via
Tantaros reveals Ailes 'began harassing her when she was vulnerable' via
I agree 100%. has changed, time to houseclean...Megyn Kelly, Ainsley Airhead, et al. But bring back Andrea Tantaros.
. Now that the smoke has cleared: when are you *** kissers going to bring back Andrea Tantaros?
The big lib? I thought Andrea Tantaros would be a good choice or Laura Ingraham. Or a man.
Fox's War on Christmas?. How's about O'Reilly's sexual harassment suit by Andrea Tantaros or Trump's threats on…
Hey man. I made a mistake. It was Andrea Tantaros the former FIVE co-host that is of greek origins. Had to go look.…
Trump needs to find a job for Andrea Tantaros in the white house
I will not apologize for speaking the truth about radical Islamic jihadism. Period. (Andrea Tantaros)
I liked a video from Andrea Tantaros: Fox News A 'Sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like Cult'
Andrea Tantaros supports *** marriage. Why would any conservative root for her to be on their TV screen?
"HOT" is a word that's used by perverts. "Beautiful" fits Andrea Tantaros perfectly. Ju…
. Looking for Andrea Tantaros to return to "The Five!"
In Andrea Tantaros's world, and Williams's, filmed sex is no ordinary eye candy.
A crappy teen horror TV show, but in anchor Andrea Tantaros's hands it's at least agreeably crappy.
Andrea Tantaros wants Roger Ailes to testify in court:
"I knew I couldn't stay silent." My interview with on sexual harassment and Fox News:
Is leaving because he was named in another sexual harassment suit by Andrea Tantaros?
I agree. I thought that Andrea Tantaros and kim guilfoyle would have been good replacements. server says. X
I understand that you're thinking about some women from Fox for a position in your cabinet. May I suggest Andrea Tantaros.
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sure would like to see Andrea Tantaros back on the show.
why ain't she on CNN. They should giver her spot to Andrea Tantaros.
So true this is why I do not watch FOX
Not a bad mid-90s sci fi gabfest - and with a young Andrea Tantaros in spandex to boot!
Megyn belongs on Vegas Strip where all the *** roam around. FOX fire Megyn & replace w/ Andrea Tantaros
Andrea Tantaros is such a more accurate and powerful analyst and host than Megyn Kelly! What's up with FOX??
So do I & also Loved Andrea Tantaros.She was awesome.WAY better than the Hussie Megan Kelly.Listen 2 her interview w Howard Stern
How about bringing back Greta or Andrea Tantaros. Either will do just get rid of Megan Kelly
Only demolishing going on there is MK and her ratings. Put in Andrea Tantaros! High five Newt!
take out MK replace with higher intelligence and beauty with Andrea Tantaros!
THANK U NEWT! replace hag MK with Andrea Tantaros! MK is sexual predator herself, obsessed with TRUMP!
set it straight w/MK who is a stalker of TRUMP and obviously sexually frustrated. Put in Andrea Tan…
fire her and bring back Andrea Tanta…
fire her and bring back Andrea Tantaros
I'd like to see Andrea Tantaros replace MK. Thank you
Andrea Tantaros is truly missed at Fox. Megyn's friend Roger Ailes is the true predator.
bring back Andrea Tantaros or plug in Judge Jeanine.
NeverTrump Megyn Kelly should be replaced with Andrea Tantaros. Kelly is a shill.
I didn't think it was safe for ladies at FOX.
I wonder how Andrea Tantaros feels now, after being fired for openly supporting Trump?
Since losing Andrea Tantaros , has become an extension of other Phony Political TV Fraud Shows.…
Why is JUAN TRUMP BASHING when he could be talking about the PERVERT PLACE he works?
Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros: I was booted off air after complaining of Roger Ailes’ sexual harassment
You'll have to excuse Bill. He's become cranky since he was named in Andrea Tantaros' sexual harassment lawsuit 👌😉
The only difference between Tomi Lahren and Andrea Tantaros is that AT finagled an 800G gig at Fox News.
Why is on a mission to change the culture of Fox News.
Can't stand Dana Perino. They get rid of Andrea Tantaros and keep that uppity holier-than-thou bimbo.
Manly Megyn Kelly has been a Hillary laden Trojan Horse since forever! Replace her with Andrea Tantaros!
The sexual harassment scandal at is not "over" as the Murdochs keep claiming in leaks to media
Former Fox host Andrea Tantaros refused a "seven figure" settlement offer to drop her harassment case
Andrea Tantaros is daily making Roger Ailes weep - with the mounting pressure of her sexual harrassment lawsuit
Andrea Tantaros releases affidavit from former therapist, who says Tantaros talked about sexual harassment, retaliation…
Fox News could still face court battle over Roger Ailes sexual harassment claims
Roger Ailes brought Andrea Tantaros to tears with his sex harassment. via
Women who've left Fox News this year:. - Gretchen Carlson. - Maria Molina. - Anna Kooiman. - Andrea Tantaros. - Greta Van Susteren. ... so far
NEW YORK ― Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros claims in an explosive new lawsuit that disgraced ex-network chairman Roge…
Fox News calls Andrea Tantaros an "oppurtunistic liar" over Roger Ailes harassment claims.
Andrea Tantaros dropped a bomb on Fox "News" this week with her sexual harassment suit against Roger Ailes.
Andrea Tantaros of Fox News claims retaliation for harassment complaints
And Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter. Plus, Andrea Tantaros is out of a job too
Andrea Tantaros calls Fox News a 'sex-fueled Playboy Mansion-like cult' in lawsuit
Andrea Tantaros sues Fox News, calling it a 'sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult'
I believe it - Fox News is 'sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult,' ex-presenter Andrea Tantaros alleges in lawsuit.
I obtained the full sexual harassment lawsuit by Andrea Tantaros against Ailes and Fox News and it is devastating
Andrea Tantaros names both Bill O’Reilly and Scott Brown in her sexual harassment suit against Fox News.
Explosive sexual harassment lawsuit by Andrea Tantaros. Did Fox News exec William Shine look the other way
Just waiting for Kimberly Guilfoyle to join Andrea Tantaros in the take down of Fox News lawsuit.
Roger Ailes lawsuit claims he called Kimberly Guilfoyle a 'Puerto Rican w*': Andrea Tantaros claims in her...
Funny how Roger Ailes first asks Andrea Tantaros if Kimberly Guilfoyle + were sleeping together and then calls Guilfoyle easy.
.How long before you join Andrea Tantaros and Roger Ailes on the derailing
Andrea Tantaros needs to replace Perino on the Five. She's too liberal b
She's libertarian hates Hillary Im trying to figure name to replace Megyn Andrea Tantaros would be my top choice https:…
Retaliation for reporting sexual harassment is illegal. Talk to an employment attorney if this is happening to you.
sorry, havent watched since Andrea Tantaros left, cant to it
Andrea Tantaros weighs-in on the 'unforgivable' action about to unfold
I highly recommend being Andrea Tantaros. And if you can't do it, at least see the show.
Would like to see Megyn Kelly replaced by Harris Faulkner, Trish Regan, Sandra Smith or Andrea Tantaros
Fox News is getting rid of all there pro Trump news personalities, the latest is Andrea Tantaros, no more fair and balance at Fox
Oh yes! Kelly is so insecure that she may be considering suicide! Love & respect Andrea Tantaros!
Andrea Tantaros releases her own allegations against Fox News, and Roger Ailes isn’t the only one named -
Andrea Tantaros said Roger Ailes complimented her figure, asked questions about her dating life and requested a hug
dumps Gretchen Carlson and Andrea Tantaros, and we're stuck with Julie Roginsky!
Megyn Kelly instrumental in ousting Andrea Tantaros! Saw her as a threat that supported Trump? htt…
Just one mistake I made, it's Kimberly Guilfoyle who's in La Raza, not Andrea Tantaros. My bad.
While the western boastfulness may get on your nerves, Andrea Tantaros and Bob Beckel make the adventure a barrel of fun.
how do u feel about Fox removing Andrea Tantaros from Outnumbered & other shows.All her co-hosts ignoring the fact. Disgusted!
I just signed this petition. via Stand up for Andrea Tantaros
-my wife keeps asking where's Andrea? Without Andrea Tantaros, Fox will be without us! Looking to CNN alternati…
I love you and your shows! I am very concerned about Andrea Tantaros. I certainly hope she is coming back!
Andrea Tantaros mysteriously vanishes from Fox News - Hot Air
You actually fired Andrea Tantaros ? She was the only 1 that reported the truth, without your slant. If she's…
Full of herself--same as Andrea Tantaros.they are just new kids on the block. Time will tell if they are worth more.
fired Tantaros for being pro Block all of them if you got balls.
Juan, don't you think Andrea Tantaros belong on OUTNUMBERED ?
I won't watch fox anymore if you people can't handle the truth and get her back on Outnumbered !
Hmmm. Where have I heard this before?
hangs up during interview when asked if she still works at FoxNEWS
Andrea Tantaros would be the best choice for Vice President. Sean, you know her. Does anyone really need to explain it to you?
Andrea Tantaros has been missing from Many have speculated and are pressuring Fox not t…
hangs up during LIVE interview when asked if she still works at
With no word from Fox News on Andrea Tantaros, anxious fans take matters into own hands -
hey fox, when is Andrea Tantaros coming back?
Right. It's somebody different every day. It's Sandra Smith, Harris Faulkner,Andrea Tantaros,and then some other lady from Fox
Andrea Tantaros ends “odd and strange” interview by hanging up after the host asks about her status at Fox News….
read Andrea Tantaros' new book Tied up in knots very informative
I just signed this petition.Bring Back Andrea Tantaros via
Bring back !! Andrea Tantaros mysteriously vanishes from - Hot Air
Andrea Tantaros needs back on Outnumbered. Weekly Standard had her removed for being pro Trump? And you keep Smith?
Fox "suspended" Andrea Tantaros for supporting Trump. Maybe Sean is a little goosey about this.
. Time to replace Meghan Kelly and replace her with Andrea Tantaros. That would improve Fox
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Fox News needs to replace Megyn Kelly with Andrea Tantaros! Ra…
Andrea Tantaros, Harris Faulkner and Melissa Francis get owned by Judge Napolitano and Kennedy on Fox...
I can't watch her show anymore. I still like Hannity, Andrea Tantaros & O'Reilly though he can be a pinhead at times
Equally comparable to Goebbels are Jeanine Pirro and Andrea Tantaros.
Andrea Tantaros knows what she's talking about. one of the very few on Fox with a brain
we need Andrea on at night too. Perhaps Tantaros file?
Andrea Tantaros quest on the Watters show on Fox this evening stated John McCain was a loser inferring Trump was a winner.
Andrea Tantaros is always so fair to you on Outnumbered; I just love her and of course I love you too, YOU ROCK!
Seen Dave Navarro on Gutfeld... I've read ppl say that he's been Dating/Going out with Andrea Tantaros..
Enjoyed watching u tonight. Curious how u met Andrea Tantaros? Does she have a wild side? Like a rib tattoo or body piercing?
Andrea Tantaros is the best ever at the news
No, Andrea Tantaros dumped aging *** over a year ago. She is now very happily TAKEN.
I hope you and Andrea Tantaros are still a thing I love both of you
Note to self: Do not trust Andrea Tantaros.
Andrea Tantaros called MCCain & Romney LoSeRs forced on Repubs. by their party & shes right
Andrea Tantaros needs to take Megynkellys job
Um, Dave Navarro is on offering "advice" to the GOP. I'm sure he's not there b/c he's screwing Andrea Tantaros
I love Andrea Tantaros she is so hot!
Glad to see Trump make it official - Andrea Tantaros has become a shill.
Good by Judge Jeannine Sean Hannity Andrea Tantaros etc All asskisers for Trump afraid of Trumps wrath and bad press !
Andrea Tantaros is hot and robustly unbiased. She's a rational thinker.
Andrea's the best. I mean, check out those tantaros.
Wait, isn't this the Andrea Tantaros that told O'Reilly that she doesn't support Trump? Talk about liars!
Must be a Fox News thing cause I got blocked by Andrea Tantaros for calling her a cougar.
I stopped watching Megyn a while ago and never watch Shep. I love Andrea Tantaros !
Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling & Kimberly Guilfoyle have always given Brilliant analysis. Three of the few I respect at
Tantaros get more aggressive push the issue.'This Is Willful Deceit':
Except that Sean Hannity. And Fox and Friends, and that Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Andrea Tantaros...
Watch: Andrea Tantaros thinks Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills are in deep doo-doo over EmailGate.
Jeanine Pirro, Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling, Sean Hannity. All in the tank for Trump. So much for unbiased journalism.
Andrea Tantaros will make a GREAT White House Press Secretary for Prez Trump!
By the way Andrea Tantaros will be the next White House Press Secretary under President Trump!
well, I ALWAYS vote, and I'm smart enough to know you don't lead with a trump card & who the heck is Andrea Tantaros anyway?
What is it about wealthy men and women on Fox?!. First Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly. Then Charles Cooke and Andrea Tantaros
Andrea Tantaros now on O'Reilly gushing over Donald Trump. She & O'Reilly talk over each other while Mary Ann who doesn't get to talk at all
One of the best Andrea Tantaros productions from this decade. A very funny TV show that made Dana Perino a star.
Ya'll should let Jedediah Bila alternate w/Andrea Tantaros bi-weekly on the couch!
You should let Jedediah Bila alternate with Andrea Tantaros bi-weekly on Out
Andrea Tantaros: Obama used 'raw onion' to cry for gun victims via
Andrea Tantaros would be a great replacement for Elizabeth Hasselbeck!
Fox's Andrea Tantaros: Releasing Guantanamo Bay detainees "is unbelievably anti-American and its core"
Fox's Andrea Tantaros: allowing women in combat roles is a "very PC announcement"
Andrea Tantaros lived in Paris in 11th a. She said the Muslims did not assimilate into the French culture, & was 2x attacked by a Muslim.
.martha maccallum, Gretchen Carlson, Kennedy, andrea tantaros, Hegseth! are fired and must leave.
I find Andrea tantaros repub conserv jargon annoying but she's not *** the eyes by no means!
Andrea Tantaros was right--mulsims bring culture of rape, intolerance & anti-americanism.
Andrea Tantaros/ Bill OReilley Show/ was twice attacked by YOUNG Algerians Muslims in Paris. Muslims living in Paris arenot asymilating
Andrea Tantaros on Fox News. What a load of drivel. I lived in Paris Blah Blah. Why travel to further ur ignorance.
Andrea Tantaros/ Bill O Reilley Show/she was attacked twice by young Algerian Muslim men as a Student in Paris.Muslims not asymilating there
Andrea Tantaros is correct and she has personal experience to prove her feelings and points.Then the dem.Jessica Ehrlich and nonsense.
Hey Andrea Tantaros, Kim Davis also thinks she answers to her god, NOT her government. So she's no better than a Muslim who believes that.
We see the real Andrea Tantaros, a rich 1st generation immigrant who spends a lot of time in Paris, Rome, London la te da!!
Fox's Andrea Tantaros: Trump's ban on Muslim entry into US is a solution to a problem "no one will tackle"
Bob Beckel went on F words tirades for years and even flipped off Andrea Tantaros. Nothing happened to …
I can watch Fox News all day as long as andrea tantaros is on. 😍
Andrea Tantaros was brilliant today on Why didn't FBI interview Farook's family members immediately?
I liked a video from Andrea Tantaros: Liberals Indicting Entire Religion… Christian
The subject matter is queasy, but Andrea Tantaros... is pitch perfect as Kimberly Guilfoyle.
Lou Dobbs calls GOP's debate demands "big mistake": "This is amateur hour. It is nonsense."
uhoh andrea tantaros blocked me LOL
I think you are a great journalists. Because of you and Andrea Tantaros I watch outnumbered. Keep up the good work
I miss,Andrea Tantaros nothing gets by her. I have 187-190 IQ, she is close, pays attention
My perception is that Andrea Tantaros is a fine woman, don't you think? You know me trusting people my lady, YOU'RE THE WATCH DANA
I don't see why Andrea Tantaros is still at Fox and not covering the kardashians.
It was hard to watch Greg Gutfeld fall so easily to chaotic neutral Andrea Tantaros, but it was deliriously romantic as well.
No, I meant on w/ Andrea Tantaros- they invited her at the end of that clip.
Andrea Tantaros’ smear of Democratic cities and wins our Outrageous Quote of the Week poll.
thanks for sharing Andrea Tantaros, have a great Saturday :) (insight by
I liked a video from Andrea Tantaros Legs
When one of your best girl's has a little girl by andrea_tantaros
I guess Fox News will just Andrea Tantaros' boobs and legs as a response.
Maybe *** on FOX like Andrea Tantaros will now acknowledge that there are some Corrupt Police Officers. Idiocy!!
this is Andrea Tantaros from The Five on Fox
Careful Andrea, if "you knock 3 times", he'll come running...speak of run, Tantaros 2016 has a nice ring to it!
You always yawn* in a lame attempt to feign indifference when your whiny BS gets refuted? 😏
Andrea Tantaros puts Rubio's Amex story in painful (for Dems ...
Bob Beckel has good direction with solid performances from Eric Bolling and Andrea Tantaros.
Andrea Tantaros puts Rubio AMEX story in painful perspective for Democrats
Solid romantic classic anchored by Andrea Tantaros. Williams and Beckel are terrific.
I'd give this more credibility if Kirsten Powers were debating Andrea Tantaros
OUCH! Do you love Andrea Tantaros' snark-tastic ideas for Obama as much as we do?
good. I missed checking out Andrea Tantaros and Kimberly Guilfoyle
BOOM~ Fox News' Andrea Tantaros throws a huge truth bomb at Obama speaking at the UN! .
The Five also makes Andrea Tantaros a force to be reckoned with.
FOXNEWSALERT Andrea Tantaros' dress is absolutely beautiful!
O-Bam! Andrea Tantaros just crushed this pitiful Obama lie with ONE hard truth -
🇺🇸. Fox News' Andrea Tantaros slams Obama with dose of harsh reality about discrimination
Andrea Tantaros & Bob Beckel is both a TV show about love and a love letter to news shows.
A chilling thriller with first-rate performances by Andrea Tantaros, Juan Williams and Bob Beckel.
5 worst right-wing moments of the week — Andrea Tantaros sees misandry everywhere
Fox's Andrea Tantaros on female Army Rangers: "men can't have anything to themselves anymore"
Sadly no, but I'd be MUCH more interested in getting Kimberly Guilfoyle or Andrea Tantaros to do that! ;)
Andrea Tantaros: 'Make him a sandwich' via
Andrea Tantaros is in top form playing Greg Gutfeld, a slick sports agent with a heart.
Andrea Tantaros: Obama & Democrats Take the Side of Criminals Instead of Having the Backs…
Is Ted Cruz too smart for the average American voter? Don't often disagree with Andrea Tantaros but do on Cruz.
"Look at Andrea Tantaros, who just has the intellect of a flea!"
Dispute this: Prime Directive of Obama and the Admin is to render the US electorate DEPENDENT upon the gov't. H/T Andrea Tantaros.
The best of Fox News...gotta post again.. Andrea Tantaros’ smoking HOT beach pic has conservatives fans overheating
Pics: Dana Perino, Andrea Tantaros best the boys at ‘The Five’ bowling party
'Simply wow!' Andrea Tantaros' smoking HOT beach pic has ...
Do yourself a favor. Google Andrea Tantaros. That's my crush. *** she fine!!!
the ladies far left looks like ANDREA TANTAROS!!!
Because a doofus like the Donald should lead the way per the "opinion" of a race-baiting moron like Andrea Tantaros.
Andrea Tantaros: letting permanent DC residents vote in local elections is "lunacy" that undermines US citizenship
Andrea Tantaros' idea of a "great question" for Hillary Clinton: "Where were you when Benghazi was happening?"
Fox's Andrea Tantaros: "I don't even think most of these Greeks know what they voted for"
Sorry, dear. A cat has much more sense than you do.
They are branching out. Andrea Tantaros is one of the dumbest AND meanest and she's a brunette.
Gail Belle Andrea Tantaros @ andreatantaros. While talking about other entries didn't we see it at Can Parliament
What the heck is with that tan Andrea Tantaros has? She looks like Rachel Dolezal.
If reveals she self-identifies with a we can have her spayed so the stupidity stops with her. ht…
ANDREA TANTAROS: “Let's assume he has a mental illness.”
Jimmy Fallon jabs Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros for saying she wants to “identify as a cat”
I'm still upset that Andrea Tantaros thinks there are like 5 other Presidents worse than Obama!
Andrea Tantaros wants to kick Nomiki Konst's *** so bad.
. Rachel Dolezal is about as crazy as Andrea Tantaros is Hot.
Why is Andrea Tantaros sitting in a kid's chair?
If I Self-Identify as a Do I Have to Pay Income Taxes? via Well, you have a
Fox News Host Andrea Tantaros Refuses to Apologize to Angry Muslims for Telling The Truth via
Fox’s Tantaros on transgender people: ‘If I self-identify as a cat do I have to pay taxes?’
Fox's Andrea Tantaros compares being transgender to identifying as "a cat"
ANDREA TANTAROSBeauty is in the eye of the beholder. Right now she is wearing a Blue Dress.
I see Andrea Tantaros and Harris Faulkner have the same skin tone today...
What happens when people just don't get it and think they do. Asking a question is the right thing to do in...
Andrea Tantaros compared coming out as transgender is like coming out as a cat. No words...
Despite strong performances from Bob Beckel and Andrea Tantaros, The Five is a shopworn entry in the buddy-action genre.
The TV show looks pretty cheap, but with Bob Beckel and Andrea Tantaros as villains, it's still a lot of fun.
Yes because Harris Faulker, Megyn Kelly, Dana Perino, Andrea Tantaros, and Stacey Dash are all old white men.
The second, charming teaming of Bob Beckel and Andrea Tantaros, probably his best dancing partner
The Five is worth seeing for the scenes between Andrea Tantaros and Dana Perino.
I was smh, when that so-called sista Harris Faulkner was co-signing wit Andrea Tantaros. That sista lost!!!
In light of Andrea Tantaros dating guitarist for Jane's Addiction, is trying to reinvent her as the daughter of Betty Crocker.
Proud to be at the NJRTL Banquet w/ Rep MacArthur and Smith. Also thrilled to meet Fox News Co-Host, Andrea Tantaros!
YOU BLACK FAULKNER, YOU STICK OUT!!, Tantaros is not Colour blind, You lead Outnumbered and Andrea calls it a banana boat.
Tantaros: Hillary Stop at Chipotle an Appeal to Latino Voters: Andrea Tantaros, the…
Quirky, wild comedy doings with Andrea Tantaros over the top.
Andrea tantaros is so attractive but she is literally brain dead
Andrea Tantaros is armed and...gorgeous! Hope you had a happy easter w/ mom, bro & sis?
Andrea Tantaros always make common sense to me both just like to have fun
The Five was Andrea Tantaros's first (and best) TV show.
Come on UNT, Greg Abbott for commencement speaker was bad enough, but now you're hosting an event with Andrea Tantaros from Fox News? *** .
i have been catching Andrea Tantaros off & on for months, she is the real deal
Andrea Tantaros is the best thing on tv. Thats a common sense and smart woman
Andrea Tantaros is fox new's outreach to it's audience of old white men sitting around in their Depends all day playing with themselves.
Andrea Tantaros and Eric Bolling provide heart-warming romance and comedy in this solid debut by anchor Juan Williams.
Andrea Tantaros: "I wonder if Hillary Clinton went to Chipotle for Hispanic outreach.". Me: "Yes, and for moron outreach, go to Fox News."
Will win New Jersey by dining at Olive Garden. Andrea Tantaros: Hillary Clinton ate at Chipotle for ‘Hispanic outreach’
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