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Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell (born October 30, 1946) is an American television journalist, anchor, reporter, and commentator for NBC News based in Washington, D.C..

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Thank you to Andrea Mitchell for inviting me to explain how GOP health plans will harm people w/ disabilities.
James and Simon taking feedback so personally and spoiling the show for Andrea and Nick
Andrea lowell and caroline mitchell scan...
why are you posting pics of Andrea Mitchell?
via Andrea - appalling appalling - DJT tells it like it is, time he gives as good or better than he gets
Then educate your wife Andrea Mitchell to stop giving voice and huge support +to Leftists Dems.
Andrea Mitchell dares to debate Sununu via
Well at least she's more open and balanced than Andrea Mitchell :-)
Some of the worst coverage of her came from Andrea Mitchell amd Kate Welker. When they came on? Click.
Hillary forgot Andrea Mitchell was on the plane! No sniper fire. I actually thought veracity would matter.
Are we going to get any real news from you Andrea Mitchell? You are a paid reporter right?? Or a butt hurt Trump hater.
Where was this old Cadaver Andrea Mitchell when Juanita Broadderick told her horrible nightmare of…
Trump is showing CNN & MSNBC just how much the free air time they gave him. Especially Andrea Mitc…
Reporters Committee is nothing more than a liberal joke. Steering committee includes Wolf Blitzer, & Andrea…
Hardly believe Kellyanne's appearance criticized when Andrea Mitchell looks like a product of road rage, someone dr…
It's a shame you no longer have your looks, now you're just a kvetching hag like Andrea Mitchell.
Trump uses a fake video hitting a news person, he knows that a real news person would kick his *** even if…
Dem Hirono calls court conservatives "horsemen of the apocalypse," HIRONO MENTALLY UNSTABLE RESIGN.
Raddatz is a witch. She's just as phony as Andrea Mitchell, both need to go get a…
Trump has to fake beating up journalists. Pretty sure even Andrea Mitchell would kick his *** in a fair fight.
. Chuck Todd is not an employee of MSNBC so much as a MINION. Not unlike Andrea Mitchell. It is NO ACCIDEN…
In the past, young fem. journalist have grown up wanting to be Andrea Mitchell, et al. I'm sure young f…
Tur's Andrea Mitchell's Mini-Me: hated Hillary so much they couldn't help but go overboard in being "und…
That would be like saying Katy Tur and Andrea Mitchell social climbing by dating men older than their da…
Don't forget Andrea Mitchell who continues to ask questions on camera even when presidential appointees ignore her
I switch it up between Paul Mitchell and Biolage .. but both jumbo sizes are on sale whi…
Quite rich coming from Andrea Mitchell, considering her obsession w/HRC's email practices was revealed each & every…
Bernie Sanders on Health Care Bill: Thousands will Die via While. Congress drips with gre…
.who has covered the White House since Carter, sees the White House manufacturing lies & disinfo: http…
It sounds even more immature as I imagine Andrea Mitchell saying it
But if Andrea Mitchell retires what will Hillary do Hillary depends on getti…
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Holy crap, this Andrea Mitchell lady is the person who needs a facelift badly!! Her f…
and AGAIN!. DoNow! PLEASE. Andrea Mitchell: The sexism of this is appalling via
I don't remember seeing 'Andrea Mitchell' on my local ballot. . is a moron.
Andrea Mitchell: 40 house republicans don't have passports but make foreign policy decisions.
I couldn't but they're trained (or supposed to be) 2 not let their bias show. The more seasoned ones like…
Robert Costa missed what religious celebration with Andrea Mitchell and Thomas Jefferson?
Do you consider Andrea Mitchell a real journalist.? Her and Dan Abrams feel MK interview an important one.
.Andrea Mitchell's 3rd question to Jeff Flake: "Did you see what kind of gun it was? Was it an AK47...?" .
HilLIARy Is A Conspiracy Theorist. least that's what Andrea Mitchell says about HER Russ…
When even Andrea Mitchell calls you out Hillary Clinton, you know it's time to STFU. htt…
Andrea Mitchell is the Democrats version of Leni Riefenstahl.
Andrea Mitchell is a Democrat sycophant who is literally making this up. She's a propag…
Tom Brokaw tell's Andrea Mitchell journalists need to deal with the truth. Wait & report the facts not rumors. https…
Angus King just told Andrea Mitchell the money was requested.
Andrea Mitchell will moderate today at 8AM. Tune in as she & break down the American Health…
great interview with Andrea Mitchell.thank you for all your work Governor Brown...
.Andrea Mitchell is a Soros, Obama, Clinton, Farkas, Rice, Abedin and all the other criminals in Washington. Sickening, ol…
Tillerson is so over his head as Secretary of State! thank god veteran reporters like Andrea Mitchell hold his feet to the fire
Why should Andrea Mitchell, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, et all, be the only performance artists to bank?…
. I still think Andrea Mitchell needs to go home and see if she can cause Greenspan some inflation
‘People Just Flat-Out Lie’ . Obama's people lied to you too, you were just too lazy to check. via
This is the recording showing Andrea Mitchell asking a question. She denys it was her. *** liberials lie when the…
I added a video to a playlist Clinton Campaign appears to feed NBC's Andrea Mitchell questions via
I added a video to a playlist MSNBC Leftist Andrea Mitchell PHYSICALLY Removed After Shouting at
Andrea Mitchell denies top Russian official scolded her
Andrea Mitchell. Who brought you up? -WOLVES. Who was giving you your manners? - NO ONE. Seems NBC endorses her behavior.
Statement from Andrea Mitchell on incident during meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and U.S. Sec. of State Tillerso…
Russia just dropped a tactical nuke on Andrea Mitchell
Andrea Mitchell was never treated with such disdain on Hillary's campaign bus. Reality bites!
"I have never seen anything like this where people just flat-out lie,” Andrea Mitchell tells
BRILLIANT: Andrea Mitchell gets blasted by Russian Diplomat for 'bad manners' and Tillerson loves it.
Russian Foreign Minister Says Andrea Mitchell Has Bad Manners [VIDEO] via that was grea…
Andrea Mitchell tried 2. put Tillerson on the spot. in front of the whole world. Now watch what. blinding Trump-hate. & a big mou…
Andrea Mitchell lost all credibility when she did story after story on…
.has covered seven White Houses. Then came “I have never seen anything like this"
Andrea Mitchell & Brian Williams pretending that suddenly Rex Tillerson & Trump are opposing Russia, when both are taking orders from Putin.
- Why didn't Tillerson correct Sergey Lavrov's rebuke of Andrea Mitchell? Silence USA press like in Russia?
watching Andrea Mitchell get smacked down by Sergey Lavrov like
Sergey Lavrov: Hey Andrea Mitchell, what did the 5 fingers say to the face?. Slap!!!.
It seems Andrea Mitchell is in Moscow. Brian Williams says Andrea is traveling with Tillerson??…
Andrea Mitchell angry that Admin lies. Try this, Andrea: "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.". https:…
So George Will and Andrea Mitchell are having a discussion. They both fall asleep. Intelligent, hard-working, but dull...
Andrea Mitchell, upset by what she says is Trump Admin. lying. She says she's never seen anything like it. Andrea- call Brian Williams.
Andrea Mitchell just interviewed pathological liar, & another liar, Brian Williams, in on the network.…
Andrea Mitchell says Trump White House misleads like no other:
Oh, thank God! Last night I thought I was going nuts, listening to Andrea Mitchell, Brian Williams & Fareed Zakaria talk about /1
After hearing Brian Williams and Andrea Mitchell gush over trumpy last night I turned off . AGAIN until they knock it off
Andrea Mitchell on w/Brian Williams claiming it was the child victims that got to Trump. This Trump? . htt…
Andrea Mitchell gave Susan Rice cover. It's ok that you lie on my show. Candy Crowley 2.0
Andrea Mitchell says she's heard—from a single source—Trump officials are purging their phones b/c they're scared of getting su…
Rex Tillerson is the Clarence Thomas of the State Department. He finally speaks to Andrea Mitchell.
Andrea Mitchell insulted an entire section of the State of Virginia in her rabid support of Oba…
Andrea Mitchell again tries to get answers from Secy. Tillerson | MSNBC
Andrea Mitchell from NBC News. You Rock!! Go get them and get the answers! What's up with the "green suit"...
Andrea Mitchell started by covering Hizzhonor Frank Rizzo. Tillerson is a cupcake by comparison.
as soon as I saw Andrea Mitchell, Brian Williams and Chris Matthews, I turned it off
Two stiffs Katy Tur and Ali Velshi appears to be a quota on Comcast last segment included Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell
She's off tonight but Andrea Mitchell, Brian Williams & Chris Matthews going over everything! They have a team in Russia...👀🍿🍿🍿
I'm curious why it's Brian Williams, Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell on this Russian-Trump story in 's time slot?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
You delegitimized the press on your own You required and also received comfort from Andrea Mitchell on elect…
Only after he was forced to watch NBC Lester Holt, Andrea Mitchell, and Savannah Guthrie.
you fixated on HRC emails. You helped to give us this *** You and your buddy Andrea Mitchell. We will neve…
Wait, what? Andrea Mitchell is worried about something other than Hillary's email server.
Hmm, that's got Andrea Mitchell written all over it!
Andrea Mitchell resign. I saw her give a Fake question on Hillary's plane fed to her by HRC surrogate. FakeJournalist.
Bravo Applause 2 Andrea Mitchell 4 a truly fair bipartisanship dialogue concerning his appointment Finally we see a…
A smart Senator who cares about the US! Murkowski will vote against Betsy Devos via
Sen. to - "I didn't have the confidence I needed to provide my support for Devos."
.GOP Senator from Alaska explains breaking ranks to oppose Betsy Devos for Education
it won't happen. Andrea Mitchell is reporting it so you know it's wrong
Pres. Trump is eyeing a repeal of Dodd-Frank to de-regulate the financial sector in a new round of executive orders
omg I can't stand this guy. Didn't Andrea Mitchell kick his *** at the last WHCA dinner?
It's SENIOR DAY! Come out and watch Bailey Mitchell and Andrea Zalis at 1 and Tanner Gentges, Javier Martin Ortega, and Zach Nelson at 3!
medievalists. Of Course they get neat volumes. We get spolia & local sandstone. Grab your Lathams, Einhorns, Mitchell&R…
Trump to roll back financial regulations | MSNBC: Make America LIED 🤥 to Again.
You own this mess, you know, Andrea Mitchell. Dissing Hillary day-in and day-out.
ProudlyLiberal2: Departing senior diplomat goes after Trump
Departing senior diplomat goes after Trump
Epic fail by Andrea Mitchell as she white washes Abrams' support of human rights abusers & death squads in her twee…
Rick Santelli calling Andrea Mitchell out on being SUPER SAD on election night!!
What the *** is an experienced conservative? Andrea *** Mitchell shilling like nobody's business.
Departing senior diplomat goes after Trump via
Trump to roll back financial regulations via
I believe he also told Andrea Mitchell in interview he'd take zero time off.
If it's bio time: Andrea Mitchell is the elderly, talentless hack who married her way to the top. That's why she s…
Andrea Mitchell is promoting him as "experienced." No mention of Iran-Contra.
.which the illustrious Andrea Mitchell just sanitized. What the *** is happening?
Andrea Mitchell wrongly reported that Bolton had been selected
Another lie from Andrea Mitchell. She is a stooge for the neocons.
While Trump is at Prayer; he has HRC, Andrea Mitchell, David Yankovich, Matthew Vines & David Axelrod, Sabbotaging POTUS job
I'm sure Andrea Mitchell, Jake Tapper and everyone at Fox will be all over this tomorrow.
I wish Kelly would replace Andrea Mitchell. Can only go up from that hag's 'reporting'.
Seriously - how do you people watch MSNBC? This piece of work filling in for Andrea Mitchell is a trainwreck with Andy Card. Christ.
afternoon people other than Andrea Mitchell ... put Ari Melber and Joy Ann Reid for real news and commentary
Alex jones in the White House while Andrea Mitchell (Greenspan) waits out in the hall. Love it
Andrea Mitchell as well. Only one I trust and admire is Joy Ann Reid.
Santelli hammers Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell for gross bias
Sure but honestly some of the younguns did a lot better than their elders. See Katy Tur versus Andrea Mitchell.
Someone finally called out MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell to her face today (and it wasn’t me) via
Andrea Mitchell: Admin Hopes to on Russian - Breitbart via
At some particular moment in her career Andrea Mitchell became untethered from that which we call reality.
"College 102: This Is How We Do!" Panel discussion on the college experience. Hosted by Councilwoman Andrea Mitchel…
Kerry on Rex Tillerson: “We agreed to meet somewhere down the road here so I can share thoughts.”
Kerry says Russian cyberattack had a "profound impact on our system"
What past president has ever tried to undermine the current president?:; Obama Admin Hopes to 'Box In' Trump
New Year trailer reveals devastating scenes for Lee, Ronnie and Roxy
Andrea Mitchell on Clinton's collapse - 'Hillary has more energy than me!' But Andrea, you are older than dirt.
I cant stand any news media. none had the balls to confront trump. All were gutless. MSNBC and Andrea Mitchell were the worse.
Kornacki is pushing hard to be new Andrea Mitchell. ***
it's so easy to troll John Harwood. Between him & Andrea Mitchell, they should have their own show...on comedy cent…
Are actions against Russian hack too...
ProudlyLiberal2: Are actions against Russian hack too...
Not even subtle in their slobbering love for Hilly. Andrea Mitchell must have been dreaming of being the new Huma
Inside the interrogation of Saddam Hussein with & via
Newsworthy: U.S. calls Russian hacking a 'grizzly steppe' - According to officials, at least two of the alleged...
Inside the interrogation of Saddam Hussein via
News Update Inside the interrogation of Saddam Hussein - John Nixon, former CIA senior analyst and author, spea...
With... with an executive order he can rescind on Day One?
he's comforting HRC female fans + pushing Megyn Kelly over Andrea Mitchell (!)
Adam Sciff '& Andrea Mitchell you don't run govt. trump does. Get another face lift and Schiff "GROW UP!
Andrea Mitchell thinks this is interesting.
Also assisted by anti Hillary reports of Andrea Mitchell herself!
Andrea Mitchell should be a weekend anchor on a local NBC affiliate in a mid-sized city. She is a lightweight.
I will also never forgive Andrea Mitchell.
Andrea Mitchell...shut your cake hole.
Andrea Mitchell probably still reporting on Clinton emails.
She's right,will be off stage soon, Question is, what will Andrea Mitchell and NBC do about it?
If we can't trust the incorporable Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd to be unbiased, then who can we trust?
I would love to see her curse out Andrea Mitchell. Just one good time!
Andrea Mitchell needs to retire anything she says now is something written and given to her
Chris and Andrea Mitchell need to go. Created this monster screw your ratings.
I hope you are happy, Andrea Mitchell, that you couldn't let go of HillaryClinton's *** emails. Y…
I just took extreme pleasure in blocking journalistic shrew Andrea Mitchell
Yes Andrea Mitchell lied!. Mainstream media is the chief culprit behind ‘fake news’
Good Lord, Andrea Mitchell needs to retire for sure.
Andrea Mitchell is an old has been working for CNN which lies. We believe nothing you say.
Martha Raddatz, no wait Andrea Mitchell. um Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow... There are just SO MANY that fit the quote!
Andrea Mitchell, I know how you feel. First Hillary loses, then Fidel Castro dies... who's next? Hugo Chavez? Kim Jong Un? Uhg!
I still think that Andrea gasping Andrea Mitchell and gutter rat Barbie AKA Kelly Ann were separated at Birth
I'm agreeing with Andrea Mitchell who pointed out the damage done by James Comey's letter 9 days before the election; unconscionable.
Andrea Mitchell, Brian Williams and Bill Maher all made weird public statements trying to get people to stop talking about the story.
I just watched Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC practically cry trying to protect HRC from Trump's comments. BOYCO…
RNC's Sean Spicer screaming at Andrea Mitchell just now about Huma laptop. She dealt with it well, but just wow.
so Andrea Mitchell daughter works for Hill and Andrea husband Greenspan was Fed Chair under Bill Clinton - that fam ❤️Clin
Brilliant! Want to avoid the haters (Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Mark Haloerin)? I'll be watching The Ladies of Th…
Academy of Hate Awards goes to Andrea Mitchell. She is awful and quite depressing to watch in the studio, pl…
Yeah? Also better take a look that Andrea Mitchell was FED a question by Clinton handler!
OMG! I'm I'm the upside down! I've said this before; can we trade Megyn Kelly for Andrea Mitchell. I'll throw in Ko…
Kathleen Willey calls out Andrea Mitchell, Jake Tapper for spinning sexual assault allegations as "infidelities." https:…
So, a rich Republican takes a legal tax deduction and it's a scandal, but it's perfectly fine for everyone else?.
Nope and that's why I turned Kristen off because she does that all the time she's in competition for Andrea Mitchel…
She can't help herself. She is just wearing her Andrea Mitchell hat.
Kristen Welker is quickly joining Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell. Crossing the line between journalistic integrity & favoritism. 👎
she's Andrea Mitchell's apprentice- learning how to trash Hillary from the best
She will see how enthusiastic Hillary voters are on Nov 8th!! she & cohort Andrea Mitchell
Lolling around at noon. Turned on Andrea Mitchell. Why is this disgusting legacy has been very douchy post menopausal scumbag on TV?
Rep. Blackburn is a great example of a smart person who has lost her soul. Defending the indefensible: via
.on Trump facing new Q's about his charitable foundation having proper certification to solicit money.
Newsworthy: Wishing Jim Miklaszewski a happy retirement - Andrea Mitchell looks back the career of NBC News Chi...
WATCH: Ahead of tomorrow's Kaine-Pence debate a look at the most memorable put-down in VP debate history
New allegations against the Trump Foundation via
The reporter who got Trump's tax documents via
The reporter who got Trump's tax documents
If they loved Bernie, they would listen to his reasoning to vote for Hillary. Andrea Mitchell is looking for RATING…
Please get rid of Andrea Mitchell. Send her to CNN. PLEASE.
I forget - is Andrea Mitchell a Trump surrogate? The chyron didn’t say, but I swear she sounds like one. . 🤔
guest lists whole litany of Trump gaffs and scandals that would sink normal campaign. Andrea Mitchell: "Both campaigns have flaws".
Andrea Mitchell is a great surrogate in her support of Trump tax scam.
Just watch Andrea Mitchell on msnbc . ANOTHER weak performance on allowing Marsha Blackburn to ramble about the iss…
Switched to MSNBC ..saw Andrea Mitchell! Switched to THe View! They even make more sense!
Love that Andrea Mitchell is wearing pink on October 3. . She rocks! .
Andrea Mitchell did not press Blackburn on Rudys statements
Andrea Mitchell is absolutely useless. A once-great reporter, now a stenographer who'll let guests disparage her, and blatantly lie.
Andrea Mitchell is a horrible interviewer. The past is the past, . Joy Reid sets the bar for today and the future. Make the change
Andrea Mitchell letting Marsha Blackburn slide and not really answer questions
Getting? She's an Andrea Mitchell clone! She hates HRC yet has her following HRC? Y?
Andrea Mitchell is such a loser! Why does she still have a space on MSNBC. Please put her out of our misery! Always looking 4 a scoop
Please get rid of non-journalist Andrea Mitchell. It's sickening watching her tear at Hillary while excusing Trump!
Andrea Mitchell has embarrassed herself on more than one occasion with her very obvious Clinton hate
Why does Andrea Mitchell seem to want to prop up
.Andrea Mitchell we see you— we won’t forget. Try committing journalism vs propaganda
It's almost painful to watch Andrea Mitchell...
ARGGGH, turning channel, Andrea Mitchell is going to slant everything on Trump as nothing wrong. She's just not worth listening to
Tapper and Andrea Mitchell and and will sell to America pushing lies.
. I can't wait to see what Andrea 'Froggy' Mitchell is gonna do with it
Cut Alan some slack - he has to sleep with Andrea Mitchell
This exchange between Andrea Mitchell and Kelly Anne Conway would need zero edits to be turned into a SNL skit
Wait so Dana Bash and Andrea Mitchell are different people ?
Andrea Mitchell is a partisan hack who works for the Liars Network!! B. Williams, Katie Couric, etc...
Bill was also responsible for deregulation of banks along with Alan Greenspan,Andrea Mitchell's hubby. This caused…
OMG, dont't even try to watch MSNBC. Brian Williams and Andrea Mitchell make my eyes and ears bleed. Stick to CNN and FOX
when you get rid of Andrea Mitchell,take Brian Williams along with her,when you took him off nightly news you should have fired him!
I'll add Brian Williams, Joe Scarborough and Andrea Mitchell to this list too. It's not all on Lester.
has lost all integrity with Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews, Brian Williams. Turn them off.…
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Per the promo I saw, C. Matthews, R. Maddow, C.Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Brian Williams and Kornacki (sp?) are the main analysts.
Will the Brian Williams network, remove Andrea Mitchell from covering the election now that we know her...
. First Dr. Drew, . now Andrea Mitchell, . who's next to be bullied? Kim Kardashian?
Meanwhile, elsewhere at Kristen Welker and Andrea Mitchell have three emails on HRC. But they're equivalent! 2/2
Many people are saying that Andrea Mitchell is no longer a real journalist. I don't know, but I hear it a lot. You can Google it.
Andrea Mitchell needs a drink NOW to kill that bug up her ***
get rid of Kristen Welker, Andrea Mitchell, Kate Snow, Steve kornacki
I find it interesting the Andrea Mitchell is center left. She's so in the tank for Hilary.
Any time I see interact with the media, I can't help but think of Sam Donaldson and Ronald Reagan. (Right, Andrea Mitchell?)
Yes she did and the Mainstream Media, including Andrea Mitchell, just will not admit it or report fairly.😡
Andrea Mitchell is front and center waiting for this press conference to ask her about her health and emails.
lol Joy shld replace Chucky Todd and Andrea Mitchell both!
Andrea Mitchell doesn't report, she just smears when it comes toHRC. Not even artful smear.
Chuck Todd must be the most hated media news caster ! Andrea Mitchell is bad to I can't stand her. Both are bad news
I stopped watching Chuck Todd & Andrea Mitchell a long time ago. He will never be a Tim Russert
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Just In CNN Rudy Giuliani lashes his tongue out from his podium and in one swoop swallows MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell
i've missed spending time with so much & i'm sooo glad she's willing to come with me to my Paul Mitchell visit 😭💕
Andrea Mitchell's husband was head of federal reserve who testified Bush's tax cuts w…
Andrea Mitchell has lost all credibility. She's a hack.
I put in the same bucket as Andrea Mitchell. Hey isn't this the guy whose wife worked 4 bernie sanders? What a ***
Can we hire Soledad Obrien at and get rid of Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell ?
btw I am so sick of sanctimonious Andrea Mitchell acting as if it's "duty" to go along with Trump false innuendo
...and Andrea Mitchell still asserting Clintons should have been "more transparent"!? They HAVE been! Arrrgh!
Andrea Mitchell, we stop watching NBC or MSNBC because of you.
SPOT ON! Andrea Mitchell should be put out to pasture.
. I've been hearing that a few times from supposed "journalists". Andrea Mitchell said same thing
Andrea Mitchell is HILLARY'S stalker.. lives breaths trying to catch her doing something wrong..she should be e…
I turn the channel whenever Andrea Mitchell comes on my tv!…
SPECIAL REPORT: Are the Clinton's crooked? with fair and balanced Andrea Mitchell. First to you Mr. Lewandowski...
If y'all are sick of her constant attacks&innuendo on here are sponsors,let them know. https:/…
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# I always thought that Chuck Todd as well as Andrea Mitchell are Trump supporters.
CNN has done the same, as has Andrea Mitchell at MSNBC.
Watch Bob Shrum call out Andrea Mitchell & the media for trying to make it a horse race by spreading false innuendo https:…
How would we know when Andrea Mitchell is "just doing her job"?
Can we throw Andrea Mitchell in there too
Chuck Todd is the epitome of a MSM hired surrogate. He and Andrea Mitchell make two
Andrea Mitchell is off her meds. I don't know if Trump is a personal friend or…
NBC attorneys have come up with a shield for Andrea Mitchell . so Nobody noticed her Paula Jones . Kathy Willey F.U.
Good Ideal.and let's send Andrea Mitchell from NBC along with Savannah Guthrie and Katy Tur to cover her Clinton Lies.
This also applies to Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Andrea Mitchell, Mika, & some more. All are biased and in the Democrat tank.
After being called out, Andrea Mitchell suddenly changes her tune about Hillary Clinton.
Most of us think Andrea Mitchell is a sleeze journalist. Here's proof
Trump is too much of a gentleman to mention that Willie Geist is doing Andrea Mitchell
They prefer fake facts,just ask Brian Williams or Andrea Mitchell
Alan Greenspan chased Andrea Mitchell MSNBC, he started acting stupid, int rts should have never gone below 8%
Planned Parenthood tells Andrea Mitchell to get over her negative obsession with Hillary Clinton
Andrea Mitchell for 20 years asking why people hate Hillary
Like all Clinton detractors, Clinton sex abused Broadderick framed as discredited by sexist
And take Andrea Mitchell and Chris Matthews with u
Kelly was once quite credible.when did she join Andrea Mitchell sorority? Sad sad sad
Haven't watch Maddow or her idol Andrea Mitchell in a year and it feels good.
Andrea Mitchell hates HRC. Smiles when ppl go after Clinton. Sad!
Mark Halperin,Chuck Todd,Andrea Mitchell,WolfBlitzer, AndersonCooper, will just continue to lie about her, to make seem closer
and take Andrea Mitchell away as well.she's the worst...
Andrea Mitchell Greenspan won't do anything to disrupt the GOP.
Gonna try to figure out the import of Andrea Mitchell defending Hillary once I’m done watching the pigs flying over my house.
So loyal media shames victims assaulted by Democrats? Don't read this site:
NBC and its anchor Andrea Mitchell still owe Juanita Broaddrick a public apology over their slam that her claims... http…
Andrea Mitchell is so gross its unreal. GOP lies about Trump for half hour and she HAS to "Has Hillary finally answered…
Earlier Andrea Mitchell interviewed Hugh Hewitt. I don't see how "person who talks on the radio" qualifies on as an expert.
US: don't allow rapist back into White House! DON'T TRUST &
Yah, Andrea Mitchell has been very weird in her HRC coverage. Perpetuating the hate and distrust.
So at 80 you replace sex with vitriol, Jealousy and hate .Andrea Mitchell "faux journalism" motivation
. Little known fact: Andrea Mitchell has perfected the recipe for Jonestown Koolaid.
for Clinton Andrea Mitchell she calls college etc "goodies" excuses Trump tax credits fo…
I agree! is awful. Same category as Andrea Mitchell Condescending and bias journal…
This is how far the media will go. Disparage a victim of rape.
Andrea Mitchell is HILLARY'S stalker can't wait till HILLARY is President and the Secret Service keeps her away from HILLARY!!!
Only Andrea Mitchell wants to talk to
I just can't look at Chris Jansing this morning, she is worse than looking at Andrea Mitchell at 8am! Like a virus attacking my TV!
Biased NBC News reporter Andrea Mitchell caught lying again to protect the Clintons:
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