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Andrea Bargnani

Andrea Bargnani , nicknamed Il Mago (translated to The Magician ), (born October 26, 1985 in Rome, Italy) is an Italian professional basketball player with the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association.

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I wonder if he was offered a Primo endorsement as well. Stamkos would be a better spokesman that Andrea Bargnani.
I liked a video Andrea Bargnani epic dunk fail
Knicks traded an eventually unprotected pick to Toronto for Andrea Bargnani. Like seriously who the makes that trade like ever
10 yrs ago today the Raptors chose Andrea Bargnani the pick in the 2006 NBA Draft, joining Yao Ming as the only foreign players to go
Italy ain't gunna lose cuz they got the support of Andrea Bargnani
We are rapidly approaching the pick the Knicks traded because they thought Andrea Bargnani would help them win a champi…
Andrea Bargnani out today against Canada. This is the fourth exhibition game of Italy this summer: Bargnani missed three
De Aza is to the what Andrea Bargnani was to the At least the Mets didn't give up players and picks for this jizzrag.
I hear Andrea Bargnani is available. The East is Big, man.
i hope the Leafs pick Andrea Bargnani.
I hear the are looking at Andrea bargnani first overall? Rumour?
Big sports moment tonight with the pick. We can finally move on from Andrea Bargnani.
that would make up for Andrea Bargnani, Steve Francis and Eddy Curry in the blink of an eye
"Andrea bargnani is taking us to the chip"
"I've never come into something like this, with a consensus No. 1 pick." - As Bryan Colangelo easily forgets taking Andrea Bargnani at No. 1
The Andrea Bargnani trade hurt us big time.
The five worst trades in Knicks history via (so painful to read)
He said upgrade the point guard position not bring in past him prime injury prone Derrick rose😂 ANDREA BARGNANI!!!
Knicks fans watching the draft knowing they traded their picks away for Andrea Bargnani like .
Hi my name is Mo, and my team traded the 8th pick in the draft for Andrea Bargnani!
My team traded 2 picks and Steve Novak for Andrea Bargnani so I can't make too much fun of Britain for their mista…
One thing they have in common: Andrea Bargnani, Kwane Brown, Michael Olowokandi, and Joe Smith. . ZOOM
I think people are forgetting about an Italian Stallion named Andrea Bargnani who seemed to be chasing stats.
It's truly inspiring to watch Kurt Rambis in his journey to turn Kristaps into Andrea Bargnani
Andre Miller, Kevin Martin, Caron Butler, Andrea Bargnani, Roy Hibbert, not too exciting a list but they can help.
Buyout candidates are Joe Johnson, Andre Miller and Andrea Bargnani. Who do you think ends up with the Clippers?
Anthony Bennett, Andrea Bargnani, Greg Oden. All Picks also. Maybe Andrew Bogut who was pick in 2005.
According to my followers Johan Petro is the strongest challenger to Andrea Bargnani for most trash player in nets history
ESPN sources say that the Nets and veteran forward Andrea Bargnani have opened buyout negotiations
Sean Marks waives first Andrea Bargnani instead of the bums Sergey Karasev, Thomas Robinson and Wayne Ellington seriously 😒😒😒😒
Time to see what Andrea Bargnani is capable of in the Golden State Warriors' offense, right?
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Brooklyn Nets bench : 2 points on 1-14 shooting & 0-5 from 3, 1 assist & 4 turnovers (Andrea Bargnani was the only guy who scored)
...I know this is well-recognized and some wise sports editor will *** him up quicker than an Andrea Bargnani triple pump-fake.
Hollins got 10 wins from a team of Andrea Bargnani, 2 starters who should be bench players and Joe Johnson's corpse...
Would you rather rock team Jordan's for the rest of your life or live with Andrea Bargnani ?
I mean, if your front line is Joe Johnson & Andrea Bargnani, you couldn't protect the rim if it was 9 feet.
Masai Ujiri got a king's random for Andrea Bargnani. He should just go ahead and trade DeMar DeRozan for Klay Thompson.
Nikola Mirotic looking like a poor mans version of Andrea Bargnani out there tonight.
Mike Fratello just used the term "sensational shooter" to describe Andrea Bargnani without laughing
Nets front office thinking "bring Andrea Bargnani in after he's 30 and he will be healthier now"
Tomorrow Andrea Bargnani is officially on the wrong side of 30. Then again, you could make the case that previous side wasn't much better.
Markus Kuhn is to the as Andrea Bargnani was to the or Tanner Glass was to the
Andrea Bargnani (Blue's Clues marathon) will sit out Monday's preseason finale against the Celtics
Andrea Bargnani's injury odyssey summed up in three nonsensical answers
Nets: Andrea Bargnani, Markel Brown back on the practice floor
>> Andrea Bargnani, Markel Brown practice fully, but Jarrett Jack out for second day
Andrea Bargnani (pretended he never saw coach's text even though he left read receipts on) did not participate in Satu…
Andrea Bargnani (accidentally left one super long hair on base of shaft while trimming pubes) will not play Sunday.
Andrea Bargnani unsure he'll be ready for Brooklyn Nets"™ opener
are you better than Andrea Bargnani?
what do you think about comparisons with Andrea Bargnani?
Andrea Bargnani (big stupid baby) practiced with limited contact Thursday
If Andrea Bargnani can play in the NBA I'm pretty sure you can accomplish something.
Andrea Bargnani (hamstring) was a full participant in practice on Saturday.
Both Andrea Bargnani and Markel Brown participated fully in practice today -- including contact.
Coolest thing you've seen Andrea Bargnani do in a game?
Andrea Bargnani is on the court shooting for the first time since I can't even remember. Did some contact at practice today
Hey, Brooklyn, if you're not too sure about that "Andrea Bargnani" thing yet...
Andrea Bargnani unsure he'll be ready for Brooklyn Nets' opener
Report: Andrea Bargnani is back at practice, Jarrett Jack isn't
Andrea Bargnani (walked into glass door) may not be ready for next week's season opener.
The Nets announce Jarrett Jack (sore left hamstring) sat out of today's practice. That's it – meaning Andrea Bargnani prac…
Report: Andrea Bargnani may not play in Nets opener
Toronto traded us Andrea Bargnani so I wish NOTHING BUT HORROR upon their baseball team
whatever Andrea bargnani is starting tonight on the mound so either way he doesn't matter
Andrea Bargnani hopeful but non-committal about Brooklyn Nets debut
Josh Donaldson is God's way of apologizing to the city of Toronto for Phil Kessel and Andrea Bargnani.
Andrea Bargnani scores 22 for Italy, but Ukraine comeback ends winning streak: Andrea Bargnani had his best of...
Bargnani scores 22 but Italy loses first friendly
Allen Iverson, Andrea Bargnani, Jeff Green and Goran Dragic would be in my Mt. Rushmore of 2K
After an exhaustive investigation, I'm pretty sure Kristaps Porzingis and Andrea Bargnani are not the same person
>> Andrea Bargnani scores 11 in Italy win over Finland
Bargnani scores 11 in Italy win over Finland
New at Is Kristaps Porzingis really Andrea Bargnani: an exhaustive investigation by
Andrea Bargnani, Bojan Bogdanovic participate in Eurobasket friendlies: Here's more from NetsDaily: Andrea Bar...
have signed forward/center Andrea Bargnani, General Manager Billy King announced today.
Congrats to the Nets for winning the Andrea Bargnani sweepstakes.
Andrea Bargnani is trending for going to Brooklyn.Can't believe he went in 06 before Lamarcus Aldridge. Even crazier Adam Morrison was
Andrea Bargnani's career in New York isn't over just yet. The former Knick has agreed to terms with the
Andrea Bargnani signs with Brooklyn Nets: Andre Bargnani bucked reports suggesting he was headed to Sacramento...
Andrea Bargnani took less money so he didn't have to become a Sacramento King. . LOL!
Andrea Bargnani will be a Sacramento King. (via
JASON JONES: Kings nearing deal with Andrea Bargnani to provide more help for Cousins
Between news that Wilson Chandler is getting paid and news that the Sacramento Kings are pursuing Andrea Bargnani, this is a perfect day.
ESPN sources say Sacramento Kings are in advanced discussions with Andrea Bargnani and closing in on signing the former …
How about either Luke Babbitt,Andrea Bargnani,James Jones,Jimmer Fredette,Will Bynum for the to look at!!
I don't want to scare you, but Kendrick Perkins and Greg Oden are still available. So are Jordan Hill and Andrea Bargnani.
Andrea Bargnani heard about Jason Smith going to Orlando. He's currently waiting by the phone. Lol
Andrea Bargnani. Marco Belinelli. Gigi Datome. Danilo Gallinari . will play for Italian National Team at Eurobasket
When your boss asks you to put together a Andrea Bargnani and Cleanthony Early highlight tape
Khris Davis, welcome to the Andrea Bargnani list. Feel privileged my friend, only the worst of the worst make this list.
Sorry Monta, according to Clyde Frazier, Andrea Bargnani not only "has it all" but also "does it all." Unclear what 'it' is.
Both Marco Belinelli & Andrea Bargnani are playing good. Good game for Italian but somehow is not here.
Langston Galloway, Alexey Shved, Lance Thomas, Andrea Bargnani, and Jason Smith to start tonight for the
Basically, Andrea Bargnani is the best player in the NBA. It's just his injuries. Watch out, James Harden, Steph Currie, LeBron, Westbrook..
finishing it up with Courtney Lee, 271pts so far. Andrea Bargnani helped me with me 30pts for$3400, only2% owned
Guy boxed me out at the grocery store for the last yellow onion like I was Andrea Bargnani. He just wanted it more. Bad m…
Smh I know we're trying to get the pick now, but wow, Jason Smith might be worse than Andrea Bargnani. He needs to …
Knicks fans booed a baby picture of Andrea Bargnani
Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith and Andrea Bargnani are all active tonight for the New York Knickerbockers.
Andrea Bargnani is active. JR Smith and Carmelo Anthony are available.
[Begley] Andrea Bargnani suffered a right calf strain in practice yesterday. The say will b…
Andrea Bargnani (speaking engagement at 92nd Street Y) will not play Tuesday against the Wizards, Steve Popper of The Record reports.
Andrea Bargnani : Find New York Knicks tickets, watch them take on the NBAs best!
Andrea Bargnani : Get New York Knicks game tickets this season now, Good price.
"Knicks forward Andrea Bargnani will likely miss one more week (and 4 more games)
Andrea Bargnani unlikely to return this week
Andrea Bargnani : New York Knicks tickets for tomorrow, Good seats and price.
New! Knicks Injury Update: Andrea Bargnani to sit out at least another week with hamstring injury
Andrea Bargnani will not return until Nov. 12 at the earliest due to a lingering hamstring injury. More here:
Report: Knicks F Andrea Bargnani out until at least Nov. 12
Has Andrea Bargnani ever been healthy tho?
Andrea Bargnani officially out tomorrow vs. He's unlikely to play this week
Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon are out versus the tomorrow. Quincy Acy (sprained right wrist) is probable.
Who says NO in a Lebron for Andrea Bargnani and JR smith and Tim Hardaway deal ? ~ Knick fans
I completely overlooked the significance of the Zen Master and Andrea Bargnani being associated with the same team.
With the first pick in the 2006 NBA Draft, the Raptors have selected Andrea Bargnani which leaves Lamarcus Aldridge and Adam Morrison at # 2
Kemba walker, Andrea Bargnani and Kevin Love is my fav 3
Hey Indiana Pacers, the Kicks will trade you Amare Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani. Just saying.
What team selected Andrea Bargnani 1st overall in 2006?
Instead of Rudy *** & Andrea Bargnani for combined $31M in 2014-15, Raptors got Lowry, Patterson, Vasquez & Lou Williams f…
Knicks First Take Tired of Waiting for Melo? Here's a possible Explanation Carmelo Anthony has been really pushing for LeBron James to join him in New York and with that, is the cause for Phil Jackson's trade talks with Philadelphia and other teams to make cap room. According to the New York Post, it is Carmelo's dream to play with LeBron in NEW YORK. Not Miami. Not Los Angeles. But to play in Madison Square Garden. Phil has been in talks with teams trying to ship out the expiring deals of both Andrea Bargnani and Amare Stoudemire without taking any contracts back. Melo has been holding out with the faint hope that Phil can pull off the miracle or miracles, meanwhile LeBron is scheduled to meet with Pat Riley and Miami Heat Officials today in Las Vegas. According to Chris Broussard, the meeting is set to to include Head Coach Erik Sploestra, Owner Mickey Arison & Dwayne Wade. Chris Sheridan of Sheridan Hoops has reported that its a 90% chance that LeBron will return to Cleveland. Sources below:
Good news, My sources tell me that Lebron;s dream has always been to play with Andrea Bargnani and J.R. Smith.
" Or he could stay in New York with J.R. Smith, Raymond Felton and Andrea Bargnani."
Those 6 players would be JR Smith, Amar'e Stoudemire, Lamar Odom, Tyson Chandler, Andrea Bargnani and Kenyon Martin.
I actually forgot about Joba Chamberlain. He's kinda like Andrea Bargnani as far as my care level for existence is concerned.
With the 💯th pick in the draft, Oklahoma City selects Andrea Bargnani PF OVR-70. The LA Lakers (are now on the clock.
Yo.we still have Andrea Bargnani right? Lol
Can't get excited about the NBA Draft since the Knicks essentially drafted Andrea Bargnani.
“- Poor Andrea Bargnani got injured though. Typical of real frustrating season for
Every time someone downloads the Andrea Bargnani app, the Knicks lose another draft pick
Pretty sure an Andrea Bargnani app would just crash as soon as you download it
When you buy the Andrea Bargnani app and try to put it in one of your iPhone buckets, it just never goes in.
Imagine a scale of increasingly negative events that you would accept in exchange for making a particular trade machine trade a reality. In any sport. For example, if I was able to trade Andrea Bargnani and Amar'e Stoudemire for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, I would willingly work as a custodian in a prison for a calendar year. What's the worst thing you would do make your dream trade come true?
Still processing that the Knicks gave up a 1st round pick for Andrea Bargnani, should be interesting to see what Masai does.
Wait, the gave up a future first round pick for Andrea Bargnani? What a disaster!!   10% Off
Man it would be so sweet if Andrea Bargnani came back as a Raptor. pretty sure everyone would get season tickets no?
Kevin Love to the knicks? Right... the Knicks gave up a first round pick for Andrea Bargnani... what does that mean they have to offer up for Kevin Love? The Statue of Liberty and the Wall Street District?
It may seem like a lot of time has passed since Andrea Bargnani last suited up for the Toronto Raptors. Yet it was actually less than one year ago when new general manager Masai Ujiri made it his first order of business to ship the former first-overall pick out of town. The deal had been […]
Mike Woodson unsure if Andrea Bargnani will need surgery - New York Daily News
If they were about Andrea Bargnani's salary, you would be there without question
Scariest young duos in the nba. Steph curry and klay, Paul George and lance, and john wall and brad beal... And Andrea bargnani and amare.
Roy Hibbert getting 10+ rebound is as rare as Andrea Bargnani doing it 😂😂
BREAKING: Cavaliers are immediately looking to trade their newly acquired 1st pick for either Greg Oden or Andrea Bargnani.
HILARIOUS interview with both Kobe Bryant and LeBron James about Kobe's 81, Team USA, and LBJ's first ring! Serge Ibaka, Omri Casspi, and Andrea Bargnani are also there. lol
To all the New York Knicks fans out there y'all could've had Lamarcus Aldridge with Carmelo Anthony but James Dolan choose to be an *** instead to get Andrea Bargnani lmfao
Remember last year that time the Knicks got Andrea Bargnani and decided to decline Lamarcus Aldridge , hm
THIS SUMS IT UP OR NO? J.R. Smith was suspended for the first five games of the season for violating the NBA's drug policy and it took him much of the season to regain his form following offseason knee surgery. Raymond Felton also was arrested for gun possession, while big men Tyson Chandler, Andrea Bargnani and Kenyon Martin missed extensive time with injuries as the Knicks suffered a string of inexplicable losses throughout the season ALSO.WE NEED A REAL HEAD COACH NOT THE ASSISTANT WE HAD THIS SEASON.
Last year, this team was led by Rudy *** Alan Anderson and Andrea Bargnani. Now they're beating the Pacers without Lowry/Amir. Single tear
My association with Knicks too flames. Kyle Anderson, JR Smith, Melo, Andrea Bargnani & Tyson Chandler my starting 5.
SIDEBAR: Today the Knicks officially released Metta World Peace & Beno Udrih..These 2 along with Andrea Bargnani who's likely out for the season & Cole Aldrich were all brought in by former GM Glen Grunwald who was unceremoniously fired back in September by owner James Dolan..Back then many thought Grunwald's firing was a knee-jerk reaction by Dolan & unwarranted..In light of the contributions by MWP, Beno, Alrich & Bargnani and taking into consideration what has transpired on the court this year, in hindsight do you feel diffently now by Dolan's firing of Grunwald and was his actions clairvoyant ?
CAA Sports has already defenestrated the Knicks. There is no other way to put it. Former Knicks GM Glen Grunwald was forced to tarnish his reputation this summer by buckling to ownership's demands to work with them.Grunwald reportedly wanted to throw all of the Knicks' chips at Trailblazer Lamarcus Aldridge this summer. He was instead forced to trade a first round draft pick and a couple of assets to the Raptors for CAA client Andrea Bargnani, who was booed so mercilessly at home games that Toronto was considering cutting him outright. Now, Aldridge is having an MVP-caliber season as the best player on the first-place Blazers.Then the Knicks signed CAA client Chris Smith, who has been called "the worst player in the history of NBA Summer League" by a league executive. He was guaranteed a roster spot shortly after his brother, CAA client J.R. Smith, inked a sweetheart deal to stay in New York.It is a basketball team that is being run on favors, shady backroom deals, and badly kept secrets. It is also the m ...
The acquisition of Andrea Bargnani has made Carmelo Anthony a much less effective player to this point.
With the NBA season already half over, I bring you the midseason recap. WHICH TEAM IS THE MOST DISAPPOINTING?: Despite winning six of seven games earlier this month -- a lurch toward glory that included victories in San Antonio and Dallas -- the Knicks reached the midway point at a robust 15-26. Yeah, that put them a bit behind last season's 54-victory pace. By the way, while we're expecting the anvil to drop on the head of coach Mike Woodson, it's difficult to believe he's become a knucklehead in one year. And even if center Tyson Chandler isn't exactly a fan of Woodson's strategy of switching on defense (something that coaches go to in desperation when their guards are too slow or lazy to slide over screens), the coach has had considerable help in this disappointment. Without even identifying who deserves credit for bringing in Andrea Bargnani to work at power forward, let's throw a bouquet or two at the players themselves. Chandler has missed a chunk of time due to injury, and J.R. Smith had surgery in ...
FYI: The NBA All-Star Starters were announced yesterday, and no surprise, Kobe was still voted on by the fans! So was Dwayne the real excitement will be who the reserves and replacements are! Andrea Bargnani attempted to dunk on a couple of 76ers Wednesday night, sadly he crashed, and burned, and with that he is out indefinitely with a torn elbow ligament. The Knicks should be concerned when he comes back, he will not be down low on either end of the floor for a bit! How can Sacramento attempt to win, let alone compete in games with Rudy *** and Demarcus Cousins?? Both are day-to-day with ankle injuries, suffered in the same game! Early Favourites for MVP: Durant, James, Aldridge, George
Andrea Bargnani 's latest foray into Internet memedom has come with dire consequences, as the New York Knicks announced Jan...
DeMar DeRozan is the first Raptor to hit the 40-point mark since Andrea Bargnani.
When the Knicks faced the 76ers ten days ago, they seemed to be headed in the right direction. One four-game losing streak later, and the team is fading further and further out of playoff contention. The Knicks look to snap out of their funk against a 76ers team sitting near the bottom of the embarrassing Eastern Conference, with eyes on that 8th playoff spot currently held by Charlotte. In the previous meeting with Philly, Amare Stoudemire poured in 21 points while JR Smith was returning from a one-game benching from Woody, contributing 14 of his own. With Stoudemire (and Kenyon Martin) still unavailable, the Knicks will look for a strong performance from Andrea Bargnani who has continued to struggle playing alongside Tyson Chandler. What do the Knicks need to correct to salvage the rest of their home stand?
Another day, another terrible attempt at defense by the New York Knicks. During the 4th quarter of New York's matchup with the Brooklyn Nets on Monday, Andrea Bargnani and Pablo Prigioni left Deron Williams wide-open for a three...
Kenyon Martin and Amare Stoudemire will be out - at least two weeks - with ankle injuries. Flu-riddled Tyson Chandler, Carmelo Anthony, Andrea Bargnani, Jeremy Tyler, and Cole Aldrich are the only healthy Knick forwards.
Demar Derozan + Andrea Bargnani + Joakim Noah or Iman Shumpert + Anthony Davis + Andre Drummond . Thanks for your help!
Rev. Thomas Humphrey video of Iman Shumpert after the Knicks defeated the Heat The Knicks won 102 to 92. Carmelo Anthony scored 29 points and Andrea Bargnani scored 19 points. Raymond Felton had 14 assists and 13 points. LeBron James scored 32 points and Dwyane Wade scored 23 for the Heat
Carmelo Anthony scored 24 points, Andrea Bargnani had 19, and the New York Knicks beat the Miami Heat 102-92 on Thursday night for their season-high third straight victory. New York was second to Miami in the Eastern Conference last season when it won the series 3-1, but there was little reason to s...
You might want to ask Dion Phaneuf and Andrea Bargnani their opinions on that comment
Backbreakers (1/9/2014) Andrea Bargnani and Kenyon Martin will be suiting up for New York but not Tyson Chandler and Beno Udrih. Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers will not play for the Heat but Wade and Andersen are good to go. In Oklahoma City, Thabo Sefolosha and Serge Ibaka are expected to play while Wilson Chandler will sit down this one down for Denver with Randy Foye still a game-time decision. Nate Robinson will play but Andre Miller could sit this one out as well (coach decision, probably regarding a trade.) In not a day in this season that there are only four teams playing and this many players being a game-time decision or day-to-day.
Melo-less Knicks drop third straight, now 9-21 on season - Chris Young/AP Andrea Bargnani is stuffed by Amir Johnson during Saturday night's loss to the Raptors. RAPTORS 115, KNICKS 100 TORONTO – Mike Woodson has leaned for weeks on the notions that the Knicks have not been playing with a “full deck” and that no team is “running away” with the shoddy Atlantic Division. But ...
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If no Mike will start J.R. Smith, Beno Udrih, Kenyon Martin, Andrea Bargnani, and Tyson Chandler.
The Knicks have been terrible this season because of two players: JR Smith and Andrea Bargnani.
--According to Bleacher Report, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are the undisputed best 1-2 punch in the league, in fact, they are better of OKC than JR Smith and Andrea Bargnani are for whatever team the Knicks are playing lol im dying--
Are we sure that Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri isn't the NBA's Keyser Soze? First, he tricked the New York Knicks into surrendering three draft picks, including a 2016 first-rounder, for Andrea Bargnani, a 7-footer who might best be described as Byron Mullens' role model. Then, he suckered the...
front office gave up 1st rounder for Andrea Bargnani, might do same for Kyle Lowry, but let Jeremy Lin walk out the door for free.
The Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving played like Julius Erving as he was a one man wrecking crew torching the New York Knicks for 37 points & 11 assists as the Cavs win 109-94 @ Quicken Loans Arena. Melo led the Knicks with 29 points and Amar'e Stoudemire is looking more like himself now as he scored 15, but right now the defense is real bad. Andrea Bargnani couldn't guard his own mother the way he plays defense. Raymond Felton is playing like crap & don't get me started on Iman Shumpert, who would probably get outplayed by a BUM right now! No time to lament this latest stinker as the Knicks next game will be tomorrow night @ 8 PM ET from MSG as they will host the Derrick Rose-less Chicago Bulls. I feel bad for coach Mike Woodson. I don't blame him more than the players who other than Melo and to a lesser extent Stat, are playing like pure 100% GARBAGE!
NBA thought.. One of the All-Star Weekend events should be a rebounding "competition" called "Brick House" with Nene, Brook Lopez, Andrea Bargnani and Chris Bosh — two at a time, head-to-head, as they have two minutes to grab as many missed 22-footers from Rudy *** and DeMar DeRozan as possible.
NBA: Andrea Bargnani ejected for trash-talking Kevin Garnett in New York Knicks rout of Brooklyn Nets
"He was really mean. He was trying to hurt my feelings and he made me feel bad". --Kevin Garnett on Andrea Bargnani's tras…
and Andrea Bargnani have about as much in common as players as Charles Barkley does with P90x's Tony Horton or Shawn Bradley
I just wanted to remind you that the Toronto Raptors took Terrence Ross over Andre Drummond and Andrea Bargnani over Lamarcus Aldridge.
Steve Novak, in this one game, has surpassed all the contributions Andrea Bargnani made in seven years.
Andre Drummond > Terrence Ross. Lamarcus Aldridge > Andrea Bargnani. Roy Hibbert > Jermaine O'Neal. This is why we can't have nice things.
Carmelo Anthony & Andrea Bargnani have combined for 35 Pts at halftime. Only 3 other Knicks' have scored for a total of 1…
Anthony Bennett might as well turn out as a bust as Kwame Brown or Andrea Bargnani
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Tom Haberstroh goes inside the numbers to show why Andrea Bargnani may be dragging Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks down.
If only Tyson Chandler defended Roy Hibbert in May the way Andrea Bargnani is tonight. Baresi, Maldini, Nesta, Cannavaro...…
Who is the WORST post up player in the league. I'm talking about starters or decent players not scrubs and Benchwarmers. For me it's Blake Griffin. Last night Charles Barkley said he needs to have "Post up lessons" with Griffin and Andrea Bargnani. I cracked up when I heard it!-RH55
The Europeans in the NBA: Day 16. Losing efforts for Serge Ibaka and Andrea Bargnani
Andray Blatche, Andrea Bargnani, and Anthony Bennett will make the East a powerhouse!
Rockets withstand Carmelo Anthony's 45 points to down Knicks November 14, 2013 NEW YORK -- James Harden was back in the lineup, Jeremy Lin was back at Madison Square Garden, and that was just enough to help the Houston Rockets withstand Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks. Harden scored 36 points in his return from a one-game absence, and the Rockets overcame Anthony's 45 points for a 109-106 victory Thursday night. Anthony had the highest-scoring game in the NBA this season and grabbed 10 rebounds, but it wasn't enough for the Knicks in their fourth straight home loss. Chandler Parsons added 22 points and Lin had 21 for the Rockets, who beat the Knicks for the eighth straight time even on a mostly silent night from Dwight Howard, largely outplayed by Andrea Bargnani. "Jeremy stepped up, James played big and that's what we need," Howard said. Howard had just seven points with his 15 rebounds, though he did make a pair of free throws with 1:15 left that gave Houston a five-point lead. Harden, who misse ...
I really think Andrea Bargnani has the potential to achieve Bruno Sammartino level popularity in New York.
Carmelo Anthony scores 25 Pts as Knicks win their 5th straight over Hawks, 95-91. Andrea Bargnani with 20 Pts, 11 Reb in …
.analyzes Andrea Bargnani's game, comparing him to...gulp...Eddy Curry
I'm assuming all 4 of Andrea Bargnani's blocks have come on Cody Zeller.
do you suggest i keep Andrea Bargnani? I tried picking up Miles Plumlee but too late. Any other quality players?
Who are the best big men duos in the NBA? (Not including LeBron or Melo who could either play the 3 or the 4) My top 10 are: 1. Marc Gasol and Zack Randolph 2. Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer 3. Brook Lopez and Kevin Garnett 4. Roy Hibbert and David West 5. Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic 6. David Lee and Andrew Bogut 7. Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan 8. Kenneth Faried and Javale McGee 9. Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond 10. Paul Millsap and Al Horford Close behind this is: Anderson Varejao/Andrew Bynum and Tristan Thompson and Andrea Bargnani and Tyson Chandler -Stat
Just seen Carmello Anthony, Jr Smith, Metta World Peace, Raymond Felton, Iman Shumpert and Andrea Bargnani !!! I love my school man
Knicks' tentative starting lineup to include Shumpert, Bargnani The New York Knicks look like they're going to begin the preseason with Andrea Bargnani and Iman Shumpert in the starting lineup as they play around with options.
Dont know whos worst, Bill Bentley or Andrea Bargnani ?
The Knicks held their first training camp practice on Tuesday, with hopes of beginning a quest that'll ultimately end with them hoisting the Larry O'Brien Trophy. But before those visions of grandeur come to light, head coach Mike Woodson will need to get all the newcomers on board and figure out everyone's role. Perhaps the biggest piece of the reworked puzzle is Andrea Bargnani. The former Raptor has already made a big impression with his new coach, and not just because the 7-footer has the natural abilities of someone six inches shorter. But because the former No. 1 overall pick has come to camp focused and ready to play whatever role Woodson deems fit.
news roundup: Carmelo Anthony says 'no pressure' on Andrea Bargnani ... - SB Nation
Top 5 Made Up Reasons for Why Dolan Canned Grunwald: 1- Grunwald wanted to have a back-up center. 2- Dolan couldn't understand why other players besides Carmelo were allowed to shoot the ball. 3- Dolan was confused as why the roster now has so much young players he never heard of. Why not focus more on guys who made the all star team in the '90s? 4- Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are now on the Nets. Andrea Bargnani is now on the Knicks. 5- Iman Shumpert is still alive.
The 2013 FIBA EuroBasket has been more interesting than many expected through the first two portions of the round-robin tournament. Perennial powerhouses Turkey and Greece were eliminated, and a surprising Italian team that was expected to struggle without both Danilo Gallinari and Andrea Bargnani has emerged as one of the top clubs in the tournament. The stakes will rise beginning Wednesday in Slovenia, as the eight remaining teams -- Serbia, Spain, Slovenia, France, Lithuania, Italy, Croatia and Ukraine -- are into the win-or-go-home knockout tournament. The remaining teams are playing for a berth at next year's FIBA World Cup which is a step closer to the 2016 Olympic Games. Since Spain receives an automatic berth as the host team and FIBA Europe is guaranteed six spots, just one of the final eight teams will go home without a FIBA World Cup bid. Nevertheless, there is a lot of national pride on the line for the Eurobasket champion. Here's a quick primer to the rest of the tournament. Croatia (7-1) Cro ...
Don't miss breakdown of Andrea Bargnani heading into 2013-2014 season - -
New on - continues his Individual Player Breakdown with the controversial Andrea Bargnani: …
After waiving Camby and now q-rich, Raptors basically traded Andrea Bargnani for Steve Novak and a late 1st rounder
Do you believe T-Mac underachieved *more* than Kwame Brown, Lamar Odom, Baron Davis, Andrea Bargnani & Michael Olowokandi?
what happened is Chris Copeland and Steve Novak were warped into Andrea Bargnani which, ipso facto, saves us a roster spot
Carmelo Anthony says trade for Andrea Bargnani was a steal for the Knicks (NBC Sports)
Marco Belinelli said he was "all in" to play for Italy. Andrea Bargnani? I'm not sure. Danilo Gallinari won't play (ACL injury)
YOUR DUCKING DUMB! Andrea Bargnani? Lmfao KG and Reggie Evans gonna eat him for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
July 10, 2013 - EVP & GM Glen Grunwald announced that the Knicks have acquired forward Andrea Bargnani.
Glen Grunwald said Andrea Bargnani will help the Knicks take "another step forward." :
tonight I have talked about Andrea Bargnani, Byron Mullens, and Josh McRoberts in length.
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Raptors bust Andrea Bargnani gets a second chance with the - New York Daily News
If Houston believe getting Howard will make them elite like Miami or even the healthy Thunder roster, then they are kidding themselves, they will not make it too the finals, hear me now. Here is a full list of NBA transactions which have happened over the past week. Josh Smith too Pistons (Final). Andre Iguodala too Warriors (Final). Dwight Howard, Omri Casspi too Houston (Final). Chris Copeland, CJ Watson too Pacers (Final). Andrea Bargnani too Knicks (Final). JJ Hickson, Darrell Arthur too Nuggets (Final). OJ Mayo, Zaza Pachulia too Milwaukee (Final). Paul Millsap, Demarre Carroll too Atlanta (Final). Jarrett Jack, Earl Clark too Cleveland (Final). Dorell Wright, Earl Watson, Thomas Robinson, Robin Lopez too Blazers (Final). Darren Collision, JJ Redick, Jared Dudley too Clippers (Final). Jose Calderon, Devin Harris too Mavericks (Final). Mike Dunleavy too Chicago (Final). Kousta Koufos too Memphis (Final). Kevin Martin too Timberwolves (Final). Royce White too 76ers (Final). Caron Butler, Eric Bledsoe, ...
Why is anyone not loyal in the NBA? Paul Peirce, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Coward , Andrea Bargnani , OJ Mayo , Al Jefferson , Most likely JSmoove tooo.
knicks resign J.R. SMITH he coming back to the city yo but look at the roster we looking good with Tim hardaway jr.and Andrea Bargnani about to come to the garden yea Brooklyn got a good team but we were he first this our new your ight dont mess with the knicks all my son tim hardaway going to have to give you that cross over
NWO being led by Jeff Jarrett Even _ wasn't as frustrating as Andrea Bargnani
nfl replacement refs aren't as frustrating as Andrea Bargnani
Match game. Even replacement refs in the NFL werent as frustrating as Andrea Bargnani.
If the Knicks land Monta Ellis, Mike Woodson will have a job ahead of him to make Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith, Andrea Bargnani and Ellis play defence. - Ogdog
Lakers News: Lakers Rejected Warriors Overtures For Pau Gasol Trade By Ross Gasmer| July 1, 2013| As free agency got underway last night, the Golden State Warriors made it known that they were looking to trade All-Star forward David Lee. Lee injured himself during the Warriors run in the playoffs and they attempted to trade him to the Portland Trail Blazers for Lamarcus Aldridge and Toronto Raptors for Andrea Bargnani, but were turned away. However, according to Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury Mercury News, the Warriors reached out to the Lakers last season about a trade for Pau Gasol: “For instance, I’m told that last season the Warriors were quickly rebuffed after hypothetically asking the Lakers about a Lee-for-Pau Gasol deal.” Gasol is in the last year of his contract and it sounds like the Lakers are ready to let it expire or depending on what free agent Dwight Howard does, they could look to trade him. Lee has four years left on his contract and since the Lakers want to have as much cap f ...
NBA Offseason Update: - the New Orleans Pelicans have offered restricted free agent guard, Tyreke Evans, to a 4-year $44-48mil deal. the Kings have to option to match this deal or agree to a sign-and-trade deal instead. And the Pelicans would have to unload Robin Lopez in the process. - Andray Blatche has agreed to re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets to a 1-year deal. - Eric Maynor has agreed to sign with the Washington Wizards to a "undisclosed" multi-year deal. - Mike Dunleavy Jr. has verbally agreed to a two-year, $6 million deal with the Chicago Bulls - C.J. Watson has agreed in principle to a two-year deal with the Indiana Pacers - the New York Knicks added Quentin Richardson to finalize the deal that would send Steve Novak, Marcus Camby, a 2016 1st rd pick, and a 2014 & 2017 2nd rd picks to the Toronto Raptors in exchange for the great Andrea Bargnani. - According to TNT Analyst, David Aldridge, talks between the San Antonio Spurs and Manu Ginobili not likely for several days, per sources. No rush on eit ...
Toronto is finalizing agreement to send Andrea Bargnani to Knicks for Marcus Camby, Steve Novak and 20…
Raptors are stupid for trading Andrea Bargnani to the Knicks for Marcus Camby and Steve Novak. Raptors should have chose another team.
According to sources, Knicks have acquired Andrea Bargnani from Toronto in exchange for Steve Novak, Marcus Camby and two dr…
Andrea Bargnani will be traded from Raptors to - USA TODAY
Sources: Knicks dealing for Andrea Bargnani; Raptors get Steve Novak, Marcus Camby and picks (Yahoo! Sports)
Andrea Bargnani traded to Knicks for Steve Novak, Marcus Camby, and a draft pick
According to Howard Beck of The New York Times , the New York Knicks have reportedly agreed to acquire Andrea Bargnani from the Toronto Raptors . UPDATE: Sunday, June 30, at 7:30 p...
Eddy Curry had a higher rebound % than Andrea Bargnani last year. In 2 games yeah, but still, it's funny
Okay. I'm sick and tired of people downing Andrea Bargnani's ability to play ball. He is a former overall pick to the Raptors, in case you didn't know. He's similar to Dirk in his size and abilty to shoot the lights out. His shooting percentage is a little bit skewed. He's not a first option player. He was in a system, in Toronto, where he played huge minutes and took a majority of the shots until Rudy *** showed up from Memphis. He has been plagued by injuries his entire career. That's a direct correlation of all of the minutes he's played per game as the scoring option. With Carmelo as the and JR Smith?/Iman Shumpert/Raymond Felton as the or 3's, Andrea will fit in perfectly where he's not expected to put up 25 and 5 on a nightly basis. Mark my words, Andrea Bargnani will have at least 8 25 point games this coming season. Look for a rejuvinated, solid Bargnani in 2013. He's not Dirk by any means, but he's still one *** of a player for a 7 foot tall Italian.
Leave it to the New York Media to overhype a player like Andrea Bargnani treating him like Knicks just got Dirk on their team. - Hoops Talk
With the recent trading of Marcus Camby, Steve Novak (of all people), and a future draft pick for Toronto’s Andrea Bargnani, the questionable actions of the Knick’s front office have once again come under some scrutiny. Sure, the acquisition of the 7-foot forward/center is a decent and well needed one, but you can’t ignore the fact that with doing so, we’re letting a HUGE amount of the talent on the free agent market go unnoticed. So I decided to tap into my inner-NBA-analyst, and bring up a list of the dozen free agents we should be doing everything in our power to obtain. Especially with the potentially destructive emergence of the Pacers and Bulls returning to full form, as well as Brooklyn gaining KG and Paul Pierce, there should be no reason why we shouldn’t try to get all the help we can. The top guys we should be looking at are…   TONY ALLEN (Memphis) – Guard/Forward, 6’4”, Age: 30 Our main problem against Indiana was our defense that they were able to tear apart. One of the leag ...
Dwight Howard will join the Rockets, Andrea Bargnani joins the Knicks and Josh Smith will join the Pistons..Interesting =)
If I was a GM, I'd rather sign Ernest Borgnine than Andrea Bargnani.
the Celtics didn't have Steve Francis, Eddy Curry, and Andrea Bargnani, though :P
What do you think of Andrea Bargnani joining the Knicks?
Andrea Bargnani am sorry is not worth a first round draft pick...trademany free agentsOn ManVoice
The New York Knicks are close to finalizing a trade for power forward Andrea Bargnani which would send Steve Novak and Marcus Camby to the Toronto Raptors, a league source confirmed to
So my Knicks have traded to get Andrea Bargnani. Our rebounding and defensive issues have been solved! Oh wait. Sigh.
Free agency begins today while most teams are pursuing cp3, d12, Jsmove the knicks are in hot pursuit of...Andrea Bargnani smh
The 2013 NBA free agency period gets underway at 12 a.m. EST/9 p.m. PST and there has already been a lot of activity ahead of what will happen tonight. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry are headed to Brooklyn while Andrea Bargnani will be put under the microscope in New York as teams are trying to position themselves with the salary cap. Ahead of the madness tonight, here are the top-10 free agents and the list of suitors they’ll have: 1. Dwight Howard: Howard has made it known that it’s all about championships for him as he’ll start his meetings a minute after the clock strikes midnight on the east coast. The Houston Rockets will meet with Howard tonight while teams including the Lakers will meet with Howard early this week as he’s made it known that he’ll make his decision relatively quickly. It’ll be interesting to see if Howard bolts Los Angeles after just one year as the Rockets are doing everything in their power to clear enough cap space to sign him to a max contract. Likely Su ...
- Ray Allen opts in for his second year with the Miami Heat. - Udonis Haslem to have off season knee surgery. - Andrei Kirilenko opts out of the final year of his contract with the Timberwolves. - Jerryd Bayless has exercised his option and will return with the Grizzlies next season. - Lamarcus Aldridge rubbishes rumours he wants out of Portland. - Knicks and Raptors agree Trade. Andrea Bargnani for Marcus Camby, Steve Novack and future Pick. - Mavs not to extend qualifying offer to Darren Collison. PG to become unrestricted free agent. - Portland Trailblazers acquire PF Thomas Robinson from Rockets for 2 Future 2nd Round Picks. - Pelicans will meet with Kings Guard Tyreke Evans during free agency. Evans possibly on the move with the signing of Ben McLemore in the 2013 draft. - Rockets waive Aaron Brooks and Carlos Delfino to make cap space for a run at Dwight Howard. - Rockets and Mavs front runners for Dwight Howard. Lakers won't give up on getting him to stay. Kobe to be part of pitch in these efforts. ...
Where does Andrea Bargnani fit in the Knicks' rotation?
Toronto Raptors rejected the trade offer they got from the Warriors which was Andrea Bargnani for David Lee. - Hoops Talk
This is coming from a Knicks fan, I do not want Andrea Bargnani on the New York Knicks. To me he is really *** He averages 12.7 points per game with 3.7 rebounds, 0.7 blocks, 0.6 steals, 1.1 assists and he is a bad defender. He is 7 feet but he cant even average at least 7 or 8 rebounds a game. He might ruin everything! ~Anthony
If the Raptors-Knicks trade becomes official, Masai Ujiri will be getting more for Andrea Bargnani in return than what Rob Babcock got for Vince Carter (still the most lopsided trade ever in professional sports) and what Bryan Colangelo got for Chris Bosh (lost him for nothing).
Pending league approval Andrea Bargnani has been traded to the Knicks. Someone call Spike Lee, make sure he is ok.
If the Knicks Trade for Andrea Bargnani instead of trying to acquire valuable assets to the team with Free Agency less than two hours away I will highly consider to look for another team to root for. Tired of terrible decisions and pointless seasons.
NBA is not approving the Andrea Bargnani deal for the Knicks
Knicks trade Novak, Camby, and three picks (one a first rounder) for Andrea Bargnani. Little too much but still an upgrade
Someone just compared Andrea Bargnani to an out of shape Italian Eddy Curry. Feel like the "out of shape" part is superfluous.
Andrea Bargnani on the Knicks? Yikes. By December, he'll be crying like a little girl. Each and every night. That is, unless Spike Lee doesn't disembowel him first.
Anthony Carter, Landry Fields, and now Andrea Bargnani... I just can't get rid of these guys 😔
New York Knicks have made a TRADE. OUT goes Steve Novak, Marcus Camby and a future 1st and 2nd round pick to Toronto for Andrea Bargnani
At this point, Andrea Bargnani is a former pick the same way that Austin Carr is a former pick.
The ONLY Andrea Bargnani deal that worked on the NBA Trade Machine.
if they waste Rondo on, say, Andrea Bargnani then its an awful deal. If they get John Wall, pull the trigger
Toronto uses there buyout on Andrea Bargnani to help out the Raptors.
I'm in the minority, but I'd like to see Andrea Bargnani get his shot together once Toronto realizes no one is taking his contract
We will keep the Andrea Bargnani jokes to a minimum.
Attention all executives. Do not pick Andrea Bargnani with this years nuber 1 pick.Thx
Fearless NBA prediction: Former overall pick bust Andrea Bargnani will go to the Spurs and be a good player for them
The Toronto Raptors may have to do something they've tried so hard not to do.
There have only been 2 white guys drafted overall in the last 35 yrs.; Andrew Bogut and Andrea Bargnani. Cavs you have been warned. Also in the last 35 yrs., 6 white guys were chosen overall; Darko, Keith Van Horn, Shawn Bradley, Danny Ferry, Rick Smits, Steve Stipanovich. So ORL, you've been warned, too. (Ok, Smits was good, but I think the others can safely be considered busts...).
Thank God Bryan Colangelo is gone from the Raptors, next up Andrea Bargnani...
Can The Raptors Trade Andrea Bargnani?Leave a replyIt almost came as a surprise when then President and General Manager Bryan Colangelo suggested Andrea Bargnani might benefit from a change of scenery early last season and then kept throwing that idea out there right up until the Raptors landed a ne...
Biggest question for Masai Ujiri before the NBA draft isn't about picks, it's can he trade Andrea Bargnani?
Just dropped 30 points 11 rebounds with Andrea Bargnani
Is Al Horford the most underrated C in the league? If not, who is? -RT
I wonder if Bryan Colangelo got word that a major trade involving Andrea Bargnani could go down pretty soon.
2003 was the GREATEST draft in NBA history. LeBron, Melo, DWade, Bosh, Kaman, Hinrich, David West, forward 10 years later, and 2013 will be the WEAKEST draft in NBA history. Not gonna even watch it. No clear cut pick, no sure fire can't-miss player. W-E-A-K
I wish Bryan Colangelo could take Andrea Bargnani with him.
Masai Ujiri will aggressively attempt to trade Andrea Bargnani before July 1 as his top priority now that he is GM of the T…
Thanks for the memories Bryan Colangelo...1 playoff appearance,Andrea Bargnani first overall and who could forget Jorge Garbajosa
This team is a mess without the intensity, passion & focus that Andrea Bargnani brings on the floor.
Raptors' Bryan Colangelo steps down from business role: ( )
Raptors' Bryan Colangelo steps down from business role
He can spend the rest of his days drooling over soft Euros and stalking Andrea Bargnani.
Rumor that Andrea Bargnani is getting traded tomorrow night at the draft.
all I wanna hear is David stern say "we have a trade to announce, the Toronto Raptors have traded Andrea bargnani to the ..."
Bryan Colangelo has stepped down from the Andrea Bargnani pedestal…that he hand-crafted himself
Even bigger would be trading Andrea Bargnani
Raptors need to make this Andrea Bargnani move.. Get us Greg Oden! Lol
Why did the Raptors draft Andrea Bargnani 1st overall?
MATCH GAME: Tim Micallef is more congested than Andrea Bargnani after a primo meal
Don't get me wrong, Andrea Bargnani is very talented but he hasn't produced for the Toronto Raptors.
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The Toronto Raptors top priority going into the off-season is to trade PF Andrea Bargnani.
He's not a shooter who can't shootRT What if Alex Len is Andrea Bargnani
Believe it or not but Andrea Bargnani actually isn’t the worst draft pick in history.
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