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Andre Miller

Andre Lloyd Miller (born March 19, 1976 in Watts, Los Angeles, California) is an American professional basketball player, currently with the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association.

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This is probably the greatest thing I've ever watched... .
I have been rebirthed. Feel like Andre Miller reincarnated. Never underestimate my veteran abilities
Still more fun than I thought. Maybe not that good, but fun. Then again I've watched a garbage team since Andre Mil…
Mother who waited 90 years for female president dies after voting for Hillary Clinton  via
Travelled some 8,901 km from Jamaica to get a hold on a and it was worth it man!. Lol
Coaching staff ought to have him watch Andre Miller film/how he used his body, angles & ball fakes. Mudiay too often gets stuck
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City away! It's days like this we dreamed about in those hard days of Ish Miller, Tarmo Kink and Andre Bikey. Let's enjoy it!
Andre Miller players there for 1 year 😂💯 and BD only played there 3
Williams playing like he's trying to get his Master's at Andre Miller University
When Blazers pass to Evan Turner on the wing, it gives me Andre Miller flashbacks. Offense completely stops w/ his poor shot.
aka we really need a backup pg. is Andre miller still available 😂
thanks Talese. hope uh doing real good.
Ava DuVernay's adds several more to its star-studded cast.
play catch with Andre Reed after a game at uncle's place in Orchard Park. Can Miller showing us AFC championship ring at FE Racetk
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Post Malone , Mac Miller, Andre 300 ,ASAP Ferg , Young thug all this month , im done 🤑😍
Ha - just had same thought. Good call. Has no J though, but can facilitate and get to rim. Andre Miller'ish game.
I like to think of Andre Miller as the Man in the Black Hat.
don't think Andre Miller mentored him that way last season lol
Blade K'Andre Miller ran into friends from Tonka
If you're looking for someone to study for this move, look up some Andre Miller clips.
Oh, and how the electoral college system and gerrymandering are still even condoned and legal.
I ultimately don't want to bend anyone out of shape. I would rather we focus on how monsters like these two are made.
I also know educated and reasonable with divergent political opinions who make just as good a case against Clinton.
I respect your stance, as I know you are an educated, reasonable person unlike the hordes attacking you. However...
The issue is, "the other person" isn't exactly an individual everyone else is content with either.
Hera is relegated to a TV show. Mara Jade, Juno Eclipse, and the good version of Ventress are non canon
Too bad there is only one substantial female character in the films as of yet.
It was a great honor to present medals to Andre Leblanc, William Miller & John Coleman today in…
Players that get no love from the kid. KD. Cam. Romo . Andre Miller 😂😂😂. John Wall . Crabtree. Shady McCoy. Draymond Green
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I swear I just saw Andre Miller standing on a corner in Escondido. That is all.
Big Sean is the Andre Miller of the rap game
Who is doing this weekend? We're seeing Eric André on Friday and TJ Miller on Saturday. Cant wait to 😂😂😂😂
"This case was about process, not politics," says Gina Miller, who lead case against PM triggering Article 50
Michael Pena has joined the cast of A Wrinkle in Time
You think knows that America was built by immigrants? Esp places like and His stance is quite paradoxical
Lost the title in 98 to Kentucky to end the drought if you remember. Andre Miller was on that team.
39 years old. About to retire from baseball & David Ross just went yard off Andre Miller. Wow!!
I thought Cleveland was going to bring in ANDRE Miller.
Baez knew he got that one. trying to make sure Andre Miller won't matter as much as he probably should have in this game.
too bad Andre Miller isn't on a team anymore.. I miss his half court lobs to Faried
Why does Fox ALWAYS call him Andre Miller??? . Add the W like The Indians are going to tonight.
After 9 assists tonight, Chris Paul is 286 away from passing Rod Strickland for 10th all-time. Then, Andre Miller & Gary Payton ahead
Interim of the Andre Miller, engages the Hon. Fayval Williams during the Stay Connected Programme held…
Who we got left from the 90's? Vince Carter, Paul Pierce, Andre Miller... and why wont Ray Allen retire?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I'm Andre Miller today while I rehab the ankle. Catch me diming out the post. Old man buckets
Starting lineup if JK was coach of USA Basketball:. - Andre Miller. - Jason Terry. - Paul Pierce. - Vince Carter. - Kevin Garnett.
Melo had his best years with talented PGs like Chauncey Billups, Allen Iverson & Andre Miller. A healthy Derrick Rose
it was asinine. Hanley was adamant Schwarber for Andre Miller. He even went as far to say Schwarber only hit .246 last year!
Funniest part of JSBL is that it's still NBA-sanctioned. Last pro, I think, was Andre Miller one late night in '09
They had to watch Kevin Martin and Andre Miller play in a closeout game
Andre Miller is 1 of the worst people to walk this Earth.
The Kings have drafted Brian Grant and Nik Stauskas at 8 before. Other picks in NBA history...Jamal Crawford, Rudy *** Andre Miller
So much respect for Andre Miller shaking Steven Adams hand on his way to the bench
Shoulda gone with Reggie Miller instead of Andre Miller
Fact: Andre Miller bought his 1st pack of smokes when Steven Adams was still in his mama's pouch.
Andre Miller: same draft class as Steve Francis.
Shaun Livingston looking like someone stretched out Andre Miller.
Shaun Livingston or Andre Miller?? Ok, from far away it looks more like Dre.
him Kobe, Wade, Andre Miller, Shaun Livingston lots more but for sure
Hamilton Collection
Shaun Livingston will look like Andre Miller in the future
Shaun Livingston might be the best post up point guard other then Andre Miller that I have seen.
/Spurs pull within 3 . /Pop puts in Andre Miller, Kyle Anderson, David West, Becky Hammon and the Coyote
*** in the league I can beat. Lowry. Andre Miller. Prigioni . Steve Blake . And maybe Tyus Jones
Shaun Livingston and Andre Miller are the perfect examples of having straight up old man game
Shaun Livingston looks just like Andre Miller. That's his lil bro.
Paul Pierce should really retire, Andre Miller you too, and I didn't forget bout you KG please sit down
Tim Duncan. David west. Andre Miller. Tony Parker. Boris Diaw . Would be a pretty good 5 in 2005
You need a list of players that are shockingly still in the NBA...Pierce, Vince Carter, Andre Miller, etc...
The three players that should retire. In other words their phone might not ring this summer, Vince Carter, Jason Terry & Andre Miller.
off the bench. He'd be big. And old? Not on a team that had Andre Miller and Tayshaun and KG on it last year. Lmao.
Andre Miller guarding Vince Carter is like when you're short a few for pickup so you throw the coach and someone's dad in there
Watched Tim Duncan and Andre Miller go up against Vince Carter, Matt Barnes, and Zach Randolph in an NBA game today. It's 2016.
Mo Williams, Corey Brewer, Terrence Ross, Andre Miller, and Kevin Martin all current NBAers that have dropped 50 in a game.
Kevin Harlan with your weekly reminder that Andre Miller still plays basketball
Look at 6'2" Andre Miller looking up at this colossal human cousin of Godzilla 😭😭
the Blazers traded Andre Miller and the option to draft Kenneth Faried for him and Nolan smith 😢
Tim Duncan last guy left from 97' draft. 98' - you still have VC, Dirk, Pierce. 99'-Andre Miller, Jason Terry, Ron Artest, Ginobili.
You have to like Boban & Jonathan Simmons. Wow. And 40 yr old Andre Miller too. Pure heart.
Kobe retired before Andre Miller, Ginobili and Nazr Mohammed. They're the NBA elders
Bro I know Andre Miller did not just beat Wes Matthews on a jump ball 😂😂
Jase Latty, Jeremy Cook, and Tyler Barber combine for a 1-hitter. Mason Williams, Andre Miller, and Ty Smith all have 2 hits a piece.
Andre Miller, Mont'a Ellis, Rodney Stuckey are 3 of the best guards in the league at playing in the post. Obviously Kobe.
Just a little fun fact. Andre Miller, who is still playing in the NBA somehow, is older than Brad Stevens. I love Brad Stevens.
Spurs gonna rest everybody that game. They gon rely on Andre Miller and Kyle Anderson
PG Andre Miller criticized the for relying too heavily on their young players.
Does Shaun Livingston train with Andre Miller in the offseason?
Batum and Parker are too young/athletic. Andre Miller at PG and Vince Carter at SG. Sixth man is Kendrick Perkins
I just red a list that said Andre Miller is better than Michael Conley. Blasphemous!
Andre Miller will play in Saturday's game vs Toronto.
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a very good read Paul. It provides good food for thought man.
there are a bunch. Andre Miller, al horford, farmar, conley, avery bradley, deron Williams, a lot of smart players
he's not quick or fast. He has zero to no bounce. He's basically gonna be Andre Miller. I expected more but I'll take it
"I'm Killa, you got a basic game like Andre Miller" by Cam might've been biggest punch in all these
Andre Miller at Utah would be great!
lol. I will give you $ for the rum 2 chill cuz u may have 2 wait gonna wait a while for that 18g 😂
Andre miller, Ish Smith, and Draymond Green will all coach one day in college.
but di rum gwen cost... so I need the 18,000 to buy the rum; surely you wouldn't mind joining me and lol
poor u! Suggest u go get a drink a rum n chill n wait :-)
Hope scotia and ncb knows that my bank account should look 18,000 richer today eh I'm expectant..
True. I just opened a pack and got Andre Miller so GG.
the biggest free agents in the last 10 years are Andre Miller and Jamal Crawford.. Hope is all we got
Chief is having a Andre Miller night.
Seems like a outgrow It need a high level team to review and tweak the competition going forward especially da 50th
Dr need to check you from all angles...
it stopped. On life support now. I can't.*stops to bawl*
Breaking - Titchfield High has won the beating Campion College in a bizarre ending match
I guarantee that after 2 mins uh gwen still be here lol
I guarantee Cleveland would be a better TEAM if they had a PG like Andre Miller instead of Kyrie, Kyrie is all for the "self" stat sheet 💯
How much playing time can you realistically see Kevin Martin and Andre Miller getting in the playoffs for SA?
Will be interesting to see how far he goes... Given that his knees are basically the age of Andre Miller
It’s time to start talking about (and with) Andre Miller. Check out this reporter’s convo with him here.
This picture is so old Andre Miller is on the Wiz.
doesn't have to be fast to make it.. Kyle Anderson slow Andre Miller slow Paul Pierce slow
wait let me clarify he look like Wizards with the low cut Andrea Miller not current Andre Miller lmao
well so far raymond felton NY and Andre miller Cavs smh
April Fool's Day came early as pranks into believing he's been released from team (via Lyft/Youtube). htt…
"There were no expectations in Minnesota with that team and which way they wanted to go." - Andre Miller. (Via The Vertical)
"There was no way I was going to stay in Minnesota on a team that never had any goals, from what I thought." - Andre Miller. (Via Y!)
Andre Miller on Anderson as a point forward: "He has a. real good understanding of the offense and he plays at a comfortable pace."
Andre Miller joins Pod w/ to talk being challenged by younger players, tanking and more. https…
Andre Miller would be a great player to learn from if Shaw's *** didn't exile him
Andre Miller is still dropping dimes!
RC has it wrapped up: Kawhi, LMA, Jonathan Simmons from D-League, Boban from neverland, Martin, Andre Miller.
Yea that Clarence Weatherspoon/Andre Miller led team was UNBEATABLE.
Andre Miller played at Utah with Keith van damme Horn not Arizona
Andre Miller etc etc. Don't reserve it to just PGs. How about Pau Gasol, Vlade Divac, Chris Webber. Long list.
they just sign Kevin Martin & Andre Miller. No big deal but 2 good players to help
I cringe when I see Andre Miller wearing 24. Reminds me of the Richard "tiny ears" Jefferson days.
I question the Andre Miller signing (especially b/c they waived Ray for him), but I think Martin will fit in well
Andre Miller can sit on bench all night, have Tim Duncan smear his sweaty underwear on his face, he'd still be the luck…
Together again: Back in '98, I went to Salt Lake City to do a piece on Andre Miller & the Utes to help advance S.A.'s 1st …
Spurs set to waive Ray McCallum to make room for Andre Miller: Photo: Rick Scuteri, Associated Press Image 1o...
The Spurs will waive guard Ray McCallum to create roster spot for Andre Miller, league sources tell
Before the Spurs officially waive Ray McCallum, Andre Miller still has to pass a physical, sources said.
Andre Miller 9th all time in assist and went to the Spurs
Andre Miller clears waivers, has reportedly committed to signing with the Spurs
I don't think he has to be a threat from 3. Andre Miller never really was. Big guard who can post up and pass rebound and d up
Watching reading up on Andre Miller & Valeri Bure. 2016 rules!
Old Cavs on the move: . First it was Varejao. Now it’s Andre Miller. Whichever team between GSW and Spurs signs Boobie Gibson winning it all
It’s going to be amazing when the Spurs knock out the Warriors with Duncan, Andre Miller, Jacque Vaughn, Ron Mercer, and Adonal Foyle.
Andre Miller will make a great assistant coach next season once Sean Marks steals Ettore Messina.
Andre Miller, Kevin Martin, Caron Butler, Andrea Bargnani, Roy Hibbert, not too exciting a list but they can help.
Now, with Joe Johnson signing to Miami, and Mo Williams hurting, should the Cavs sign Andre Miller when available?
Joe Johnson & Marcus Thornton or Basic game Andre Miller would be LIT
out of Lawson, Thornton, Jason Thompson, Kevin Martin, and Andre Miller, who do you see Heat signing?
need to get Joe Johnson and Andre Miller
If Riley gets Joe Johnson, and then somehow gets Lawson or Andre Miller think be nice recovery with bosh out
Just waiting on Kev Martin, Andre Miller and Joe Johnson.Ty Lawson will sign w/ a losing team for sure..
front office need to sign Joe Johnson and Andre Miller. ASAP
Joe Johnson reportedly narrowed down to Miami or Atlanta. Andre Miller & Kevin Martin latest on the Buyout Block
why is Andre Miller not getting more talk as possible thunder signee if Johnson doesn't work out? Wouldn't he fill a need on d?
So Kevin Martin, Andre Miller, and Joe Johnson can be pieces on contenders .. will they make enough of a difference
Joe Johnson, Andre Miller and Kevin Martin will be free agents after being bought out. Very curious to see where each v…
The Timberwolves have waived guard Andre Miller, Tyus Jones is in Sam Mitchell's rotation as of now.
Story: waive point guard Andre Miller, possibly clearing more playing time for Apple Valley's Tyus Jones.
NEWS: The announce the team has waived Andre Miller. More »
It was already trending that way, but Andre Miller waivers gives almost all the backup PG minutes to Tyus Jones now in Minnesota.
Buyout candidates are Joe Johnson, Andre Miller and Andrea Bargnani. Who do you think ends up with the Clippers?
Minnesota guard Andre Miller is finalizing a buyout, agent Andy Miller tells Miller wants to to sign with…
Andre Miller isn't playing big minutes (only 10.8) but 19-yo Tyus Jones should be in line for an increase from his 11.7 MPG
see that Andre Miller is getting a buyout,maybe young Tryus Jones will get a chance to play,needs to give some time to grow
Lol Pat is so gonna go after Andre Miller
Wonder if Miami takes a run at Andre Miller. (If nothing else if will make Amare & Dwyane Wade feel a lot younger.)
Andre Miller's butt weighs more than Tyus Jones.
Corey Brewer, Mo Williams, Terrence Ross, Andre Miller, and Kevin Martin all have career-highs of 50+ points.
Damian Lillard joins Geoff Petrie (2x), Clyde Drexler, Damon Stoudamire, Brandon Roy and Andre Miller as only Blazers to score 50+ points...
Why does "Jimmer the NBA Bust" get more Utah media run than Lillard, Bogut, Andre Miller, Weddle, Bobbie Wagner and Alex Smith combined?
Chris Paul brought his son and Andre Miller brought his great granddaughters.
"Andre Miller has been in the NBA for 65 years" 😂😂😂
Gerald Green is still signed with them, Ramon Sessions, J-Terry and Andre Miller, so no one that matters really lol
Chris Paul knocks down Andre Miller, drills three (Video)
OH MY GOD. Bernie Sanders and Andre Miller have the same jumper
Hey is Pablo Prigioni vs Andre Miller the oldest point guard matchup in NBA history?
Andre Miller vs Pablo Prigioni. The matchup of the century 👴🏽
And now, for the matchup we've been waiting all night for, Andre Miller vs. Pablo Prigioni!!
Andre Miller vs Pablo Prigioni is why I love NBA basketball.
only thing I could see saving Russ is him continuing to improve as a distributor and post game. Ex. Andre Miller
Andre Miller got into it with coach Brian Shaw on the bench during first career DNP-CD in Nuggets...via
cmon now Andre Miller and Brandon Roy shouldn't be in the same convo
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Nah that's not getting better. A guy like Andre Miller got smarter over the years but he was best during his CLE/LAC days
1st thing first: Darren collison and Andre Miller will not start or be on this team. suggestions?
Despite having Lawson & Andre Miller,he signed Nate Robinson. You could see a mile away there'd be a problem. Sure enough, situation blew up
Melo made it 10 straight players with the likes of Andre Miller, Earl Boykins and Marcus what's the problem now?
Ish Smith (career-high 16 assists. Last 76ers player w/ more than 16 in a game: Andre Miller, who had 18 on Ma…
Andre Miller was recruited highly to play QB. Nate Robinson played CB at Washington
I recall Andre Miller crying out because Brian Shaw ended his consecutive games played streak. What a baby.
Chris Ross for 3...okay, it's like seeing Andre Miller notching a trey.
Sam Mitchell going with Andre Miller, and not Tyus Jones, when Philly has TJ McConnell out there is.something.
Wow. Andre Miller, in for Tyus Jones at the point, with a midcourt alley-oop to Zach LaVine for the flush. PHI 33-31 w/ 9:18 left 2Q.
LeBron running over Frazier there reminded me a lot of Andre Miller freight training Blake Griffin except not as fun
He could have Robinson, not wood. Thomson as a vet helper. Find a vet PG Andre Miller or Jameer Nelson or Smith.
hey mike you would kinda take an Andre Miller type game from Russell tonight right lol
Andre Miller, Marcus Camby, Nene (who was only 21), Earl Boykins, Jon Barry were all on that 04 Nuggets team.
Not really. Andre Miller is still pretty good, & Brown had limitations
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Played ball on Friday and my body STILL hurting smh. Think jm really getting old. About to start having to play like Andre Miller and chill
Plyrs that avg more than Melo in Drives . K. Hinrich . Andre Miller . Tony Douglas . Austin Rivers . Steve Blake.
KG, Kobe, Tim, VC, Dirk, Piru P, Andre Miller, J.Terry and Manu are the only OGs left.
Only players left from the 90's I believe are Kobe, Duncan, Dirk, VC, Pierce, KG, Terry, Andre Miller, not sure if I'm missing anyone
They have Zach LaVine, Tyus Jones and Andre Miller... they'll be fine.
Kobe, Duncan, KG, Dirk, Vince Carter, Pierce, Jason Terry, and Andre Miller are the only NBA players left from the 90's 😥
So, my generation basically has Duncan, Dirk, Parker & Pierce left, alongside Andre Miller, Vince, Ginobli, Terry & KG.
touch and skill don't go u don't need 2 jump out the gym to shoot a jump shot dirk, Andre Miller, Tim d 45 still productive
I will again reiterate that 2019 Dana Hills G Devan Garland is one to keep an eye on down the road. Andre Miller-type lead guard
off the top of my head, Duncan, Kobe, Dirk, Vince, Gasol, Manu, Paul Pierce, KG, Andre Miller?
I thought Andre Miller was there too
Ricky Rubio took the fake-timeout play right out of Andre Miller's playbook.
Timberwolves gotta move Lavine to SG, get rid of Andre Miller, sign a new backup PG, cuz without Ricky Rubio we look lost as team
I'm fairly certain Byron Scott would start card-carrying member of the AARP Andre Miller over D'Angelo Russell.
TWolves have Kevin Garnett, Tayshaun Prince & Andre Miller on the court. If I wanted to see fossils, I'd watch Jurassic …
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KG, Sam Mitch, Andre Miller, TPrince having an amazing impact on a future superstar!!
Sam Mitchell *** I hate to say it but his rotations are horrible. Hi there Andre Miller wondering why you signed here? Me too.
Anytime you have Ricky Rubio and Andre Miller on your team and you can play Zach LaVine at PG, YOU HAVE TO DO IT!!!- Sam Mitchell
Charles Barkley, NBA analyst who doesn't know where Andre Miller or Chase Budinger play.
Chase Budinger, Wayne Ellington, Andre Miller and some other cat I don't remember
Curious how long they go with a 2nd unit LaVine, Martin backcourt. Andre Miller is clearly the better bet as the backup PG
3 ex-Blazers PGs - Steve Blake, Jarrett Jack, Andre Miller - on players who would make best coaches list.
Which active player will make the best head coach someday? - Andre Miller received 7.1% of votes.
Kevin Garnett, Andre Miller, and Tayshaun Prince? If this was 2005 the Raptors would be in trouble. .
Timberwolves are starting Andre Miller, Tayshaun Prince and Kevin Garnett. It's like a senior's game
switching up the starting lineup, going with Andre Miller, Andrew Wiggins, Tayshaun Prince, Kevin Garnett and Karl-Anthony Towns.
Lorenzo Brown is starting again tonight at point guard vs Raptors with Tyus and Andre Miller off the bench. No Ricky, of course
Reminds me of Karl playing Ty Lawson and Andre Miller together in Denver...
So no Ricky Rubio, Andre Miller, or Derrick Rose tonight. . Does that mean we get Kirk Hinrich and Tyus Jones as our starting point guards?
INJURY REPORT: Andre Miller (personal reasons), Nikola Pekovic (recovery from surgery on right Achilles), Ricky Rubio (ri…
The TWolves have a decent cast of veterans. KG, Andre Miller and Tayshaun Prince. Impressive young guys too. Bright future ahead of em.
KG, Karl Anthony towns, Zach Levine, Andre Miller, A-Wiggins, Tayshaun Prince. All I’m saying is they Finna be aight lol
A few more legends of the program like and (Andre Miller, too!)
Tim Duncan and Andre Miller would probably be poor answers.
-- Okay, that changes things, but I'll bite. Andre Miller, Lance Stephenson, Paul Pierce, Diaw and... Demarcus Cousins.
guard Andre Miller will wear No. 24 this season. Anthony Bennett has switched to No. 11.
Fun! Let's go Andre Miller, Jalen Rose, Paul Pierce, Karl Malone and Arvydas Sabonis. Who wants some?
Andre Miller, Alex Jensen, Danny Vranes, Kieth Van Horn, Andrew Bogut. Jensen and Vranes are both sfs but one could play sg
looking for some youth after the Andre Miller addition
Kyle Lowry and Andre Miller are on this list. Lillard at 43, Kyrie at 30, Steph at 9, too. Absurd.
Nice to have experienced vet presence w/KG, Andre Miller & Prince to guide Wiggins, Towns, LaVine, Jones, etc.
Tayshaun Prince was 15 when Wiggins, Lavine, Towns and Jones were born. KG and Andre Miller were 19. Weird roster
Tayshaun Prince to show Andrew Wiggins to be a NBA player is awesome. Andre Miller to show Tyus Jones the same thing? Even better.
KG, Andre Miller, now Tayshaun. The Wolves will be so good in 2005.
Actually, the luck the Wolves have with injuries, the starting 5 will be Andre Miller, Unknown Street Free Agent, Prince, Bennett and Dieng
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Brandon Roy scored 41 points, Andre Miller added 15 points and seven assists and the Portland Trail Blazers overc...
Agent: Timberwolves agree to terms with Andre Miller (The Associated Press)
Zaza - Udoh. Dirk - Amare. Durant - Swaggy P, Mike Miller. Giannis - JR Smith . Curry - Livingston, Andre Miller . how does this team do in NBA?
don't disrespect Andre Miller like that. More like Mario Chalmers
OG Maco saying Beyoncé has no talent is like Andre Miller saying Steph Curry doesn't have any talent
May try to ship Bennett or move Andre Miller at the deadline to a contender but not much else trade wise
I wish that I can see Bea Miller in Spain, it would be amazing
Agent: Timberwolves agree to terms with Andre Miller
What milestone could Andre Miller reach in 2015-16 after signing with the
What we need is a Full House reboot starring former members of the Sixers backcourt. All I know is Andre Miller is Danny.
hhaahahha this is a great question. Can wr throw andre miller in there just for fun
No thanks on Andre Miller. Let's roll with and Cotton. They got this.
Dang!!! Best of luck in recovery can Jazz borrow Andre Miller for a year? How nice would it be to have him right now!
After an injury-riddled 2015, is ready to lead the young
Andre Miller will sign with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Via
Free Agent Tracker: Veteran Andre Miller finds a home in Minnesota ...
JUMbo Axiom Andre Johnson has never had double-digit TDs. Ever. He won't start now. Get a darkhorse rookie WR instead.
NBA Notes: Timberwolves sign Andre Miller to one-year deal
Much respect to veteran Andre Miller. The man has only missed 3 games to injury in his ENTIRE 16 year career
StaTuesday: Andre Miller's long and generous career
New teammates Andre Miller and Kevin Garnett have faced off 45x, including the 2004 playoffs.
I'd make a joke about the Clippers signing AARP eligibles, but Andre Miller & Kevin Garnett means I'm losing that battle
Side note: D'Angelo Russell's dad is only one year older than Andre Miller.
Honestly, Lorenzo Brown is a better player than Andre Miller, at this stage in his career.
Is getting the white or blue Andre Miller jersey?
Wolves reportedly sign Andre Miller to 1-year deal—it will be his 17th season in the league
I believe Andre Miller was on my veteran PG list months ago. Isn't his agent the same as KG? Dead giveaway
Andre Miller to MIN, eh? hmm... I wonder what Darius Miles is up to right now
I'd rather see Aaron Craft, Andre Miller, or player to be named later over Toney Douglas at this point.
btw, I also had Vince Carter and Andre Miller. I would dominated in 2005.
fav if you spend $50 on packs and only get Stephen Jackson or Andre Miller
There are a few things I would like to see happen. Maybe resign Andre Miller. Doesn't need a lot of minutes & stays ready. If not Ish Smith.
Traevon Jackson just looked a lot like Andre Miller on that drive, in the not good way.
need a back up PG. Should go after either Andre Miller, Aaron Craft, or Yuki Togashi.
I think is one guy Karl loves. I wouldn't be surprised if Andre Miller comes back and is the other
comparing 2 Chainz to Big Sean is like comparing Ricky Davis to Andre Miller. Different kinds of rappers IMO
Cavs just got Mo Williams, and here the Bulls are talking to 39 year old Andre Miller. Nicely done, 😒
he'll be back, along with Koufas, Andre Miller is a George Karl favorite
I wish Karl would add Nate McMillan or Gary Payton or Andre Miller to his staff - as buffers.
Lin, Mo Williams, Shved, Andre Miller, Ridnour (will be), Aaron Brooks again. Always the trade route too.
Lin, Nelson, Mo Williams, Andre Miller, Shved, Aaron Brooks (meh, but could be worse).
Once George Karl took charge and brought in Andre Miller, Derrick Williams finished the season strong.
Yes Karl is known to value veteran point guards. They say he had a great relationship w Andre Miller. This is a good situation.
gonna be hilarious when George Karl benches Rondo for his main squeeze Andre Miller.
Rondo and Karl doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Rondo and Andre Miller should basically freeze out Mclemore too
The only hope I have with Rondo is he could be a younger Andre Miller with Karl. But 10 mil nah
I may be in minority, but I think Rondo could work in Sac. George Karl loves vet point guards. Crazy for Andre Miller to …
There are a couple of expiring contracts, which is good. Derrick Williams, Ryan Hollins, Reggie Evans, Omri Casspi & Andre Miller.
Missing the NBA right now 😥 THROWBACK When Derrick Rose broke Andre Miller's ankles 😂.
15 points and 10 assists per game is better than Andre Miller or Darren Collison
So I'll soon have to watch a NBA less season without Kobe, TD, Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett , Andre Miller, sheece
I remember being a fan when they had Andre Miller and Darius Miles
Lin/Clarkson my PGs - after trading away Ronnie P, and acquiring & trading away both Andre Miller & Beno Udrih in 1 day.
Who remember when the clippers had Baron Davis, Corey Maggette, Elton Brand, Darius Miles and Andre Miller 👀👀
The Washington Wizards are exploring options for how to just remove Andre Miller's left hand and attach it to John Wall.
Norris Cole is better than Andre Miller? You started watching ball two years ago is my guess.
I used to murder with Walt Williams in NBA2K2. My squad was Andre Miller, Paul Pierce, Walt Williams, etc
Ryan Hollins, Reggie Evans, and Andre Miller all have expiring contracts too. Along w/ D-Williams - I would let Hollins go.
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