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Andre Marriner

Andre Marriner (born 1 January 1971) is an English professional football referee who officiates in the Premier League.

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My 3 favs are Clatts, Andre Marriner & Viktor - if Clatts gets it with Viktor as 4O then all 3 of them are on the final team.
Definitely wrong Rapha , it's denayer, are you having an andre marriner moment?
Conte and Costa together. Andre marriner go touch retirement
got pranked byAndre marriner scores after scoring hattrick for ... (Vine by
Mark Clattenburg, Mike Dean, Andre Marriner, Martin Atkinson off the top of my head😠
Andre Marriner will now referee v replacing Martin Atkinson, 4th official is now Mike Jones.
Unfortunate for Andre Marriner that his name sounds like Paul Mariner of Ipswich fame although his decisions seem to confirm a blue affinity
Andre Marriner known villa fan gave Chelsea a dodgy pen when Steven Reid supposedly fouled Ramires in the 94min in 2014!
Andre Marriner had the W taken off the end of his first name by deed poll.
Andre Marriner is the referee, assisted by Scott Ledger & David Bryan. Mike Jones is the fourth official.
Andre Marriner is up there with Anthony Taylor and Lee Mason as the worst refs out there.absolutely clueless
Christian Benteke says Andre Marriner made the right decision when he awarded Liverpool a penalty in stoppage time…
Andre Marriner has been appointed referee for Crystal Palace Football Club v Liverpool FC in the Premier League...
Andre Marriner named as the referee for Saturday's match against Man Utd. That's us definitely not winning then... 😡
Andre Marriner is no more (OR less) a 'bogeyman' to than any other referee, imo. Iv said for ages, that refereeing in the...
Andre Marriner has been appointed as referee for Sunderland vs Manchester United
Literally have no idea how Andre Marriner is a referee. He's embarrassingly bad.
Andre Marriner to referee Everton's trip to Stoke on Saturday. Craig Pawson will be in charge tomorrow.
Don't know who's the worse referee . Tomorrow with Roger East or Saturday with Andre Marriner. Both in my opinion are very poor.
Last parting shot .Andre Marriner your fecking useless
Andre Marriner has got the game tomorrow. Does this please anybody?
Hardly yhe case with Mark Clattenburg on. Maybe if Mike Dean or Andre Marriner was on.
10. won the last 2 games reffed by Andre Marriner (home v CFC in Sep & MUFC in Apr) & have a W4 D1 L1 record in his last 6 at Goodison
😂 Can't wait until Mike Ashley does this to Andre Marriner when he awards Adam Johnson a 98th minute pen
Andre Marriner is the fourth official for the Stoke match does not like it.
Mark Geiger still thinks Andre Marriner correctly sent off Kieren Gibbs instead of Oxlade Chamberlain.
Walcott, Gibbs and Oxlade-Chamberlain injured for Arsenal. Andre Marriner's nightmare
Lee Mason, Mike Dean, Andre Marriner and Craig Pawson all are on 4th official duty this weekend while Madley is center at Man City
Andre marriner to ref safc next game at efc on Sunday ... If that don't bring safc fans back down to earth then nothing will !
REF WATCH: Andre Marriner will be the man in the middle when Sunderland travel to on Sunday.
Andre Marriner to referee game with Sunderland.
Andre Marriner to referee Everton v Sunderland on Sunday afternoon
Andre Marriner has been appointed referee for Sunday's game against Sunderland at Goodison Park
Andre Marriner! Oh well, our unbeaten run had to end I suppose.
Oh well, we are being punished for the breaks yesterday, Andre Marriner the ref on Sunday, down to earth with a bump 😡
Andre Marriner will referee Everton's clash with Sunderland at Goodison Park on Sunday
Andre Marriner, once again, proves why he shouldn't be a referee. Incompetent to say the least. Sunday League standard.
I'd like to see Andre Marriner take a course in making corner decisions, missed about 14 goal kicks to us and gave Liverpool everything...
Red card for Sadio!? how about the 3 or 4 yellow cards James Milner should have had???!?
Andre Marriner has been liverpool's best player- and they still cannot win.
Andre Marriner, bit of a Homer today.
That's a farcical decision from Andre Marriner. Farcical.
Andre Marriner should just stop refereeing...Man is losing his plot.
Andre Marriner is a *** Always ruins a game with a pointless red card.
And Andre Marriner. Milner could have had five yellows!
This is the 3rd time James Milner was yellow carded by the Andre Marriner in the 15 matches he refereed him.
Andre Marriner is having a lazy day today
Andre Marriner is a good ref. He lets the game flow and I like it
I see Davie provan still calling ANDRE mariner , andrew marriner. Buffon
Andre Marriner has left his cards at home and he doesn't want anyone to know.
The amount of bum patting going on between players & Andre Marriner when he should have been putting them in the book is ridiculous.
Andre Marriner, a ref whose face you probably don't know very well, looks like the cop who gets shot early on in Fargo, a series you probabl
Andre 'The Blind' Marriner is the ref. Expect controversy.
1' Southampton get us under way. here at Anfield. The man in charge of. the cards for today's affair is Andre. Marriner.
The referee for the match between Liverpool and Southampton at Anfield is;. Andre Marriner. (KO: 16:15 GMT). - King B
Andre Marriner oversees v and it's on Ref Cam next >>
So that's Bobby Madley and Andre Marriner on our hit-list wonder who will be next
This referee is Andre Marriner level of bias.
It's the knob that is Andre Marriner
it's difficult to respect men like Andre Marriner and over the years Graham Poll, Mike Riley, Rob Styles...
Steven Reid thought referee Andre Marriner was going to book Chelsea's Ramires for diving instead of pointing to penalty spot.
Andre Marriner invited Rolf Harris to all of his birthday parties.
64' - Yellow card: Luke Shaw is booked by referee Andre Marriner for pulling back Everton winger Aaron Lennon.
I swear Chris Foy, Phil Dowd, Mike Dean or Andre Marriner would've shown red. Very lucky there
I think we would get Phil Dowd or Mark Clattenburg 2mao i don't want Andre Marriner or Mike Dean Abeg
Andre Marriner to ref v Hull. Last Swans game was defeat at Liverpool in December, after which Shelvey was banned for clash with Can
Here's the man in black for clash with on Saturday:
Your awful decision not to award Man City that penalty cost me my house deposit! Get a new job your a joke.
if Andre Marriner can't tell the difference between Gibbs and Oxlade-Chamberlain I'd hate to see him try and do so with Emnes and Gomis👀😂
Steve clarke should of headbutted andre marriner then in revenge after he awarded that penalty for chelsea ramires dive against us
Steve Clark and Phil Parkinson having a few heated words. Andre Marriner has his hands full. Only one winner in this fight. 2-0 (67)
Phil Parkinson looks identical to Andre Marriner the 4th official 😂
Mike Jones and Andre marriner,dear oh dear what a combination.
Andre Marriner is one of only 2 refs not to send a player off this season (refereed more than 1 game). His last...
Andre Marriner is in charge for this Saturday's game
Andre Marriner has been apoointed as the referee for Saturday's game against Stoke -
Andre Marriner has been appointed referee for Stoke v Crystal Palace in the Premier League on Saturday 21st...
Andre Marriner will be the referee when we face Crystal Palace. (Marc)
Manchester City star Pablo Zabaleta has revealed that he did not complain to referee Andre Marriner about a...
Graham Poll: Andre Marriner was well served by not giving decisions at Anfield, where there were four decent penalty appe…
i would send Andre Marriner an invoice for Saturday evening but it'd end up on LADBible and i can't be doing with that
Michael Oliver wasn't officiating at Burnley yesterday, it was Andre Marriner. Licence fee right there.
⚽ Thx to referee for speaking to our sports students!
which one is the worst, Mike Dean, Andre Marriner, Kevin Friend, or Howard Webb?
I see Andre 'Villa' Marriner was in fine form again in the Burnley v Man City game yesterday. From inventing pens to denying blatant ones.
What exactly did Andre Marriner give yesterday for that stone wall pen? Gave a free kick for diving I presume but no booking? Cheers ref.
Andre Marriner is the worst referee in the Premier League. Stonewall pen on Zabaleta.
Lee Mason, micheal Oliver, andre marriner. 3 refs with no idea what a pen is yesterday. Swig of coffee for the working man
Come to a conclusion that Andre Marriner is blind
Andre Marriner is a brilliant ref. He is the refereeing equivalent of Sunderland
Andre Marriner that is such a penalty another useless referee in English football. Our game is being ruined by them and it's so sad to see
Update your maps at Navteq
How can Andre Marriner give that as a dive!? Shocker.
Andre Marriner has been watching Micheal Oliver comps.
Andre Marriner has done a madness there
Andre Marriner: I was surrounded by muscular babies!.
Andre Marriner proves he might not actually be biased in favour of Manchester City, but is, in fact, the most truly appalling referee alive.
Will be drinking for Andre marriner tonight lol we go again
Seems no one has told Andre Marriner there is an anti-Chelsea conspiracy
10. Shouts for a Burnley penalty as the ball deflects off Clichy but Andre Marriner gets it spot-on. Clearly hits the Frenchman's…
Q: When is a penalty not a penalty?. A: When the referee is Andre Marriner.
As if such a thing were possible, it appears that Andre Marriner is actually a worse referee than Wayne Barnes!
Andre Marriner is my favourite ref no doubt
Dreadful result matched only by this weeks clown in black. Stand up Andre Marriner. So Zaba dived did he? Did he really?
Pelegrinny - 'We don't surround the ref' But there were 5 or 6 players around Andre Marriner after Pablo Zabaleta goes down under Ben Mee's
Andre Marriner doing his bit to keep up the woeful standard of refereeing this season 👏
Despite our poor performance there is no excuse for such a disgraceful decision by Andre Marriner not to give a penalty.
Unbelievable!!! All is forgiven Andre marriner!!! Absolutely love my Clarets. Fanbloomingta…
Surrounding the referee is now legal in the as five to six Man City players surround Andre Marriner as Pablo goes under a challenge...
Burnley 1-0 Man City - huge call from Andre Marriner. He gives the decision the other way, as ask for a penalty
Glenn Whelan confirmed fourth official (Andre Marriner) was telling Anthony Taylor to send him off for two bookings (he …
THE SPORTS BREAK FAST. *As if referees don't get enough abuse - now one of their own has had a dig. Former referees' boss Keith Hackett claims officiating standards in the Premier League over Christmas were "bordering on appalling". Hackett, 70, has named five current top-flight referees who should be removed at the end of the season; Andre Marriner, Mike Jones, Lee Mason, Chris Foy and Lee Probert. In addition, he believes successor Mike Riley should step down from his job. We want to know how you think referees are performing this season compared to last? Should referees be made to address the media and explain their decisions on the pitch after games?
Putting Emnes and Gomis in the same team is going to cause Andre Marriner all sorts of problems
Andre Marriner"The English press love people like Mourinho,Balotelli,Joey Barton. They make sales for the paper…
Could be worse, hockey fans. You could have to deal with Phil Dowd and Andre Marriner.
Will Andre Marriner have vanishing spray on Sunday?
Hope you have a great game referee in FA Cup third round tie with at Crabble on Sunday.
Not if Andre marriner and his two weren't on Monday for failing to send off sterling
Andre Marriner, Kevin Friend, Mike're all terrible at your jobs. Bring back Uriah Rennie and Jeff Winter!
Feel sorry for if they had Andre Marriner as ref they'd have won 2-0 today.
Andre Marriner definitely got a tanning glove for Christmas
Vociferous complaints from the Chelsea bench at how slow the ball is coming back into play. Mourinho to Andre Marriner:…
Mourinho to fourth official Andre Marriner: 'Eh, *ing *, *ing *'. Getting testy down there. More at
Andre Marriner demoted to League One for his officiating of the Everton/Man City tie for this weekend, rightly so. One rule for one, another for the other for both sides ie. penalty claim for us, which they had a softer one, then I admit Barry should've been sent off for the elbow, but Barkley did definitely not dive, this time. Described as being benevolent towards Man City as well, terrible match.
Premier League December 4, 2014 03:45 Emirates Stadium, London Referee: A. Marriner LIVE COMMENTARY I am Alex Moretto and I would like to thank you all for joining me here today. Good bye! FULL TIME: ARSENAL 1-0 SOUTHAMPTON. Alexis Sanchez secures all three points for the Gunners, who take advantage of their numerical advantage, with Toby Alderweireld off injured for the final 10 minutes. The visitors performed admirably in defence, frustrating Arsenal for much of the match, but Fraser Forster was finally beaten as they leave North London empty handed. 90' + 3' Another lovely run from Sanchez, and this time he does win the decision, earning his side a free kick on the edge of the area with the three minutes all but up. They delay taking it and finally Andre Marriner sounds his whistle for full time! 90' + 2' Sanchez wins a corner, though he sure looked to have won a penalty. Marriner does not award the decision in Arsenal's favor, but they should be able to run the game out from here. 90' + 1' ANOTHE ...
Andre Marriner has been appointed referee for City vs. Everton this Saturday at the Etihad.
22' - fans hugely disappointed with referee Andre Marriner as he penalises Steven Taylor for a foul in the Liverpool box. 0…
Jeff Stelling on Andre Marriner not giving Sunderland a penalty "has he got a friend in the stands?
Robbie Earle is the Andre Marriner of pundits.
Just so Andre Marriner doesn't mix up who nominated him, Gibbs and Oxlade-Chamberlain did it together! Hilarious! http…
The Ox and Gibbs have both nominated Andre Marriner for the Ice Bucket Challenge!
Remember when Andre Marriner mixed up Kieran Gibbs and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain? Jack Wilshere does:
Following the shock retirement of Manchester United legend Howard Webb, it's believed the red Devils are lining up a lucrative offer for experienced referee Andre Marriner as a potential replacement
Andre Marriner says he is "disappointed" after sending off Arsenals Kieran Gibbs by mistake in their 6-0 defeat at Chelsea.
I won't believe Arsenal have signed Alexis Sanchez until Andre Marriner sees him commit a handball and sends off Santi Cazo…
It's no surprise to me that Andre Marriner hasn't been invited to referee a South Korea match.
A big whoop whoop to Andre Marriner.
It seems Andre Marriner has got a new job working on the Sky Sports News iPad app or
As for Andre Marriner, what an absolute joke. No idea what he was doing all game, shocking red card decision, Danny Rose
2 innocuous fouls committed all game, apparently that equates to a red card. Welcome to modern football. Danny Rose/Andre Marriner take a bow...
Andre Marriner will be the referee for the Norwich City v Liverpool Premier League game on Sunday
Let's hear it for Banter's unsung heroes, the referees whose decisions fuel many a bant and rant all season. The poster boy this term is Phil Dowd, the only ref to pass the 100-card mark. He's managed 99 yellows and two reds in just 22 matches - not far short of five cards per game. He's been given the Chelsea game this weekend - here's hoping you put in a performance that reaches the heights you have managed all year, Mr D. Top of the red card charts is Andre Marriner with seven, but the biggest red-mist merchant on show this weekend is Mike Dean with five. Nice to see that he's officiating at a game with nothing at stake, the relegation six-pointer between Fulham and Norwich at the Cottage. Expect a score draw in goals and red cards in that one. The rough-house tactics likely to be deployed by Sunderland to derail in-form Everton should receive soft treatment. The ref at the Stadium of Light [sic] is Leenient Probert, who has dished out just 21 yellows and two reds in 16 games. His cards-to-games ratio ...
"It was a nightmare day," he begins, his expression bashful. "People have asked if I am a midfielder or a winger, but I showed maybe I can play in goal." The gag is delivered with expert timing and a deadpan expression as he considers his account of that 6-0 humiliation at Chelsea, and his role in the focal point when he stretched to tip away Eden Hazard's shot with a hand, only for the hullabaloo to turn farcical as the referee Andre Marriner sent off Kieran Gibbs in a case of mistaken identity. If humour is a fine antidote to pressure, then Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain must be a handy person to have around the Arsenal dressing room at a time when the heat is whacked up. The 20-year-old demonstrates a fine knack for breaking the tension when conversation turns, slightly awkwardly, to his recollections of a recent afternoon of turmoil. Arsenal desperate to break trophy dam, says Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain The 20-year-old winger recognises that 'winning the first one is the hard part' as he takes on Wigan in the . ...
Jose Fonte says Andre Marriner should have been 'punished' for Kieran Gibbs ... - Metro
"I can't see what Andre Marriner did wrong?" - Ron Atkinson
Andre Marriner is the ref for our Semi.. Hope he doesn't accidentally send off Curtis Davies..
Tim Sherwood punched Danny Rose before Andre Marriner stepped in and booked Kieran Gibbs
Chris Waddle does an Andre Marriner repeatedly mixing up Man United's Ashley Young with Chelsea's Ashley Cole
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger feels Marriner should not be vilified for an “honest mistake”, but believes referees do need additional help from technology to make the correct calls in testing circumstances. He said: “[From] where I was, I did not see the difference between Chamberlain and Gibbs as well, so I believe that maybe the referee needs more assistance to make the right decision. “He [Marriner] does not have to do that [apologise personally], I trust his honesty. He made a mistake -- it can happen. “We did not lose on top of that, the game became much more difficult for us of course, down 3-0 with 10 men, but I completely accept the fact Andre Marriner is an honest referee and a good referee. “He did not do that on purpose, it was accidental.” Wenger added: “When they have a doubt, and I have said many times, the referees should have video assistance on his demand. “For a long long time I plead for video, only on that purpose, when the referee feels he needs assistance, he should ...
With just seven matches to go this season EPL in what could be called the most intriguing season in a long time,I think it is safe to review the league's fallout & revelations(my own view): *The race for the top 4 as again been thrown widely open with the entering of Liverpool..It as now become a seven horse race:Arsenal,Ch elsea,Everton,L iverpool,Manche ster United,Man City & Tottenham.Thoug h dis season is over but who wud drop out next season. *With mistakes from senior referees like Chris Foy,Andre Marriner,Atkins on,Clatterburg e.t.c rampant & affecting key matches,one is left to just wonder what seems 2b d problem. *This season as thrown up alot of new & emerging stars such as Shaw,sterling,A zpiculueta,Rodr iguez,Lallana e.t.c. *The star performer dis year is undoubtably Suarez. *This season almost all the teams in the bottom half have change coaches with Fulham with its 3rd coach.And all the promoted teams have changed coaches.(In EPL u dont perform,you go). Waoh,EPL!What a league..
A tasty little Andre Marriner offer! Back Ox FGS and if Gibbs scores, we pay out!
Referee fails eye test following Arsenal mix-up: Andre Marriner has been hitting the headlines ever since...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Updated: Andre Marriner to referee this weekend, despite Keiran Gibbs gaffe
Is this referee Andre Marriner is disguise?
Best of luck to referee Andre Marriner if the same card fiasco occors again in the Newcastle game
Andre Marriner should not be dropped for Arsenal blunder, says ex-referee
Good luck to Man United and Newcastle tonight. Why Newcastle? Because they have Andre Marriner as referee.
Arsenal players Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Kieran Gibbs have been cleared by FA. This comes after Gibbs was mistakenly sent off during Arsenal’s 6 – 0 defeat to Chelsea. An FA panel decided that referee Andre Marriner not only dismissed the wrong player, but that Oxlade-Chamberlain's goal-line handball did not deserve a red card. Neither player will serve any ban...
Kieran Gibbs reacts after he's wrongly shown a red card by referee Andre Marriner during their Premier League
Andre Marriner is going to referee NUFC game. Which one is Moussa Sissoko, Andre ?
Arsenal - Swansea City Preview: Gunners need response after Chelsea disaster Mon 24 Mar 2014, 11:28 By Harry West Arsenal will be out to banish the memories of their Stamford Bridge nightmare when they host Swansea City in the Premier League on Tuesday. Instead of being cause for celebration, Arsene Wenger's 1,000th game in charge of the London club ended with a demoralising defeat as his side crumbled to a 6-0 thumping at the hands of Chelsea on Saturday. They were three goals and a man down inside the opening 17 minutes as referee Andre Marriner mistakenly sent off Kieran Gibbs instead of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain after the England midfielder handled Eden Hazard's shot. The nature of the defeat against the league leaders left many to suggest that Wenger's side are now out of the title race but they will be desperate to prove their doubters wrong when they welcome a beleaguered Swansea side to the Emirates Stadium. The thumping leaves Arsenal seven points adrift of Chelsea but Tuesday's game in hand gives ...
Andre Marriner should have been demoted or is Mourinho the next Fergie?:-)
The existential crisis of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Kieran In the 15th minute of Chelsea's 6-0 win over Arsenal, referee Andre Marriner provided one of the most bizarre moments of this season or any when he sent off Kieran Gibbs for a handball committed by teammate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. The following is a transcript of the existential fallout from that decision. Ox: Hey, Kieran...have you thought about what happened? Gibbs: Yeah, kind of. Why? Ox: I haven't been able to sleep since. I just keep thinking, like, seriously, how could that happen? Gibbs: I don't know, man. But it happened. Gotta just move on. Ox: I mean, I started thinking...what if he didn't make a mistake? Gibbs: What do you mean? Ox: I don't know, it's stupid. Gibbs: No. Say it. How could he have not made a mistake? You did it, I didn't. Ox: Like, what if our souls momentarily switched bodies and yours actually made my body do it. I mean, I'm not a defender. Why would I do that? What if that's what happened and he somehow knew, so he ...
Andre Marriner is the referee on sat...Newcastle vs Southampton where he'll face his worst night mare
GOODNEWS: Arsenal Title Dreams Receive A Boost: Arsenal title dreams received a boost on Monday night when their left back, Kieran Gibbs, had his red card against Chelsea overturned after an appeal to the FA. * Arsenal players gathered round a referee during a recent match The Gunners were also boosted by news that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will also be cleared to play against Swansea tonight. Gibbs was mistakenly dismissed by referee Andre Marriner when Oxlade-Chamberlain handled Eden Hazard's shot during the 6-0 drubbing at Stamford Bridge. The shot looked to be going wide in any case and the Gunners have been successful in appealing the red card which had been transferred onto midfielder Oxlade-Chamberlain. A statement from the FA read: "An Independent Regulatory Commission today heard two claims from Arsenal, one of mistaken identity and the other of wrongful dismissal, both in relation to Saturday's game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. "The commission ruled that the dismissal of Kieran Gibbs was a ...
Andre Marriner has been appointed referee for Southampton v Newcastle on Saturday 29 March
Gibbs red card overturned, no ban for Oxlade-Chamberlain Kieran Gibbs’ bizarre dismissal has been overturned by the FA and while Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was transferred the red card, his ban has been rescinded. The Ox had handled the ball in the penalty area on Saturday in their embarrassing 6-0 loss to Chelsea, but referee Andre Marriner mistakenly dismissed left back Kieran Gibbs. With Arsenal’s next Premier League tie against Swansea coming round quickly, a decision needed to be made and luckily for the Gunners they will have both players available on Tuesday night.
What a let-off! No ban for referee Andre Marriner or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
Not at all!Just taking the *** out of referee Andre Marriner over last weeks mistake
BREAKING: FA says it meant to suspend Andre Marriner, it just got the wrong referee.
Arsenal are back in the title race as referee Andre Marriner's match report has the final score as Chelsea 0-6 Arsenal.
Andre Marriner will referee the Southampton-Newcastle match on Saturday, apparently avoiding any punishment for wrongfully send…
MAIL Andre Marriner's farcical Stamford Bridge blunder is to be reviewed by the referee's governing body as they...
It was this same referee(Andre Marriner) who gave a similar weak penalty to Chelsea a few weeks ago to keep Mourinho's home record alive.
Marriner's gaffe over Gibbs sending off to prompt review by referee's governing body: Andre Marriner's farcica...
FBL-ENG-PR-CHELSEA-ARSENAL Arsenal's English defender Kieran Gibbs (L) reacts after being sent off by referee Andre Marriner during the English Premier League football match between Chelsea and Arsenal at Stamford Bridge in London on March 22, 2014. AFP PHOTO / GLYN KIRKRESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE. No use with unauthorized audio, video, data, fixture lists, club/league logos or “live” services. Online in-match use limited to 45 images, no video emulation. No use in betting, games or single club/league/player publications. AFP
It's not hard to tell the difference between Arsenal's Kieran Gibbs and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain can you beat referee Andre Marriner's score of 0?
Premier League: FIVE THINGS WE LEARNT THIS WEEK 1) It's all going down the pan at Arsenal It was one of the games of the season, and could have been a defining moment for Arsene Wenger. But it all went wrong for Arsenal. On Wenger's 1000th game, more was anticipated. Now Wenger has never beaten Mourinho's Chelsea but that's not anything to go by. Arsenal were poor on all accounts. Now I suppose Arsenal fans would say that it was because of the sending off, which was a real blunder by Andre Marriner, but by then it was going to be 3-0. Chelsea just knew what they were doing a bit better than Arsenal, excuses won't get the Gunners the trophy they've wanted for so long. Unfortunately, they seem to have gone off the boil a jot. 2) Manchester United have left it too late Another team who haven't exactly worked wonders this season is Manchester United, who now seem to have picked up just slightly. Whether David Moyes has worked his magic though is still up for debate. If you can overlook their shoddy display ag ...
The FA allow Andre Marriner to officiate again this weekend; I bet they don't overturn Gibbs red card either.
FUTBOLL LATEST Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood wants to sign Red Bull Salzburg's Senegalese winger Sadio Mane, 21, but faces competition from Chelsea, Manchester City and Newcastle. Nicklas Bendtner's Arsenal career thrown into further doubt after being pictured watching FC Copenhagen. Southampton prepare £2million bid for Brazilian defender Andre Ramalho. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers warns Premier League title rivals: 'You're scared of our firepower'. Manchester City's Joe Hart admits he has not come to terms with being dropped by Manuel Pellegrini. Arsenal's Per Mertesacker blames early kick offs after string of poor results away from home. Stoke City manager Mark Hughes says Potters striker Peter Crouch, 33, has the "international class" to make a return to the England squad. Arsenal's 20-year-old midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain twice told referee Andre Marriner he had mistakenly sent off Kieran Gibbs, 24, in Saturday's 6-0 Premier League defeat at Chelsea. Manchester United will be offered the ...
Andre Marriner: Referee to learn if he will be stood down for error Referee Andre Marriner will discover on Monday if he has been stood down for this weekend's Premier League games for sending off the wrong Arsenal player as they lost 6-0 at Chelsea. Marriner gave a penalty during Saturday's match after Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain handled in the area - but dismissed Kieran Gibbs. Oxlade-Chamberlain seemed to tell the referee that he was the culprit but the original decision stood. Marriner has apologised for the error. Referees' body the Professional Game Match Officials Limited said in a statement: "Incidents of mistaken identity are very rare and are often the result of a number of different technical factors. Play media Final Score pundits on Gibbs' red card "While this was a difficult decision, Andre is disappointed that he failed to identify the correct player. "He expressed his disappointment to Arsenal when he was made aware of the issue." Marriner awarded Chelsea a controversial last-minute penalty th ...
Mark Halsey has told us this morning Andre Marriner should taken out of the sport light and ref a game in the Championship this weekend
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain TWICE told referee Andre Marriner he had sent off the wrong man in Arsenal's defeat to Chelsea
Backpass Part 1 It was, Andre Marriner concluded, disappointing. Is that not the understatement of the season? Imagine if Arsene Wenger had said it. Lost 6-0 at Chelsea and then revealed his disappointment. Arsenal’s performance at Stamford Bridge on Saturday was no worse than Marriner’s, after all. To a referee, issuing a mistaken identity red card is the equivalent of a 6-0 defeat. Many have argued that by the time the ref sent off Kieran Gibbs it really didn’t matter which Arsenal man left the field. Wenger’s team were three down after 17 minutes. The game was lost. Even if he had dismissed Wojciech Szczesny it would not have made any difference. Now contemplate a different scenario. The score is not 2-0, but 0-0, when Marriner errs. The result is not 6-0 to Chelsea but 2-1 to Arsenal: and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain scores the winner. The title race changes on this misjudgment. Nonetheless, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was philosophical and he advocated the introduction of video technology, but . ...
Andre Marriner's mistake could mean that Arsenal will be able to have their two players back for th...
I saw a black guy having a right go at Andre Marriner yesterday evening for sending off Kieran Gibbs rather than Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. "You racist *** " He screamed, "What is it mate? Can't tell us apart just because we're black?" "You've got it all wrong," he calmly replied. "Really?" He shouted back, "Tell me why then?" "Because I'm Mark Clattenburg."
Arsenal set to appeal Gibbs red card Arsenal are set to appeal Kieran Gibbs red card, and the red card decision itself. With referee Andre Marriner making a complete bollix of the situation, and sending off Gibbs instead of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, it’s likely the left-back will be available for the game on Tuesday. However, Arsenal are also to appeal on the basis that Oxlade-Chamberlain’s handball did not prevent a goalscoring opportunity and therefore the red card itself should be rescinded. We have yet to discover from the officials on what basis they made their decision. Marriner seemed content for Arsenal to take a goal kick, but then changed his mind to award both a penalty and a red card. With no monitor on the sideline for the fourth official, the options are that he either got guidance from somebody who did have video in front of them, or he was swayed by protestations from Chelsea players and management. Neither option covers the referee in glory and a full explanation of his decision should ...
Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal - Why is it all about Arsene and Arsenal?? -The Goals- In England we love to focus and concentrate on the negatives of a situation rather than praise any positives. We are a nation that loves an underdog, someone who delivers against expectation rather than praise someone for their demonstration of superiority. That's exactly what happened yesterday after events unfolded at Stamford Bridge and it's winding me up something chronic! Headlines had already been written with just seventeen minutes of the game gone after Andre Marriner first awarded a penalty he or his assistant looked to have missed, and then for sending off the wrong player and not the guilty party who committed the original offence. From that moment on, unless Arsene and Mourinho came to physical blows on the touchline, nothing would force a change to the headlines that were to appear by tea time. So what if it was Wenger's 1000th game, who cares, this was still a Premier League to be won and three points to fight for. Th ...
Hapless Gunners shot down by Chelsea LONDON - Records tumbled at Stamford Bridge on Saturday afternoon as Chelsea annihilated Arsenal 6-0, the Blues emphatically putting their Premier League title challenge back on track whilst effectively ending that of the Gunners. It was the west London club's biggest victory over their rivals and manager Jose Mourinho's biggest Premier League triumph. Samuel Eto'o opened the scoring as early as the fifth minute, and when Andre Schuerrle doubled Chelsea's advantage a couple of minutes later Arsenal already looked a beaten side. When Eden Hazard scored from the penalty spot in the 17th minute following a bizarre incident in which referee Andre Marriner sent off Gunners defender Kieran Gibbs for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's hand-ball the contest was over. "Is there a fire drill?" chanted jubilant Blues fans as many Gunners supporters made for the exits. Those who remained might have expected their team to play for pride, for the shirt, for their manager Arsene Wenger, who w ...
Andre Marriner ridiculed for sending off Kieran Gibbs. FA have responded by suspending Mark Clattenburg and apologising to Lewis Hamilton.
Wenger won't be forgetting his 1000th game in charge! dont think Andre Marriner will either!
Arsène Wenger's 1,000th game will always be remembered for The Mysterious Case of the Wrong Red Card, but Arsenal should probably be grateful the sideshow was so intrusively farcical, and the refereeing so birdbrained, it might spare them even greater scrutiny. Ignore, for one moment, Andre Marriner's contribution to a wild and eccentric afternoon. The real story was of Arsenal capitulating, once again, in one of the fixtures that identify champions. Add this to the 6-3 ordeal at Manchester City and the 5-1 at Liverpool and there is a clear pattern to explain why Wenger will not be collecting the Premier League trophy to go alongside that gold cannon he has just received for his long-service. The aggregate score is 17-4 and Wenger's mood could probably be summed up by his decision, for the first time in his 17 and a half years in charge, not to face the post-match press conference. Advertisement His team had played with no comprehension of what it takes to hold Chelsea and they suffered badly for it. The ...
Andre Marriner also described himself to me as a "huge fan" and demanded I play him either Fast Car or Baby Can I Hold You Tonight.
PICTURE: Kieran Gibbs, along with the rest of the world, asking referee Andre Marriner, 'Me? Are you sure?'
Even Andre marriner admitted at HT that he sent off the wrong person & the 4th official confirmed it was a case of mistaken identity
Although you will be hurting, I thought this might make you smile : 'Andre Marriner please name the guilty'
Andre Marriner just texted to tell me Phil Jones has scored a blinder from the halfway line for Man United.
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I hope Andre Marriner never refs an African Nations Game…..
Why did ref Andre Marriner send the wrong player out of the field?...
Andre Marriner gets a look at Arsenals squad today
Apparently in the 75th minute of today's game, a further 3 Arsenal players asked Andre Marriner to send them off too.
Arsenal's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain handles the ball inside the area against Chelsea, but Andre Marriner sends off Kieran Gibbs instead!
Andre Marriner red card controversy yet again
A controversial moment from Saturday's English Premier League match between Chelsea and Arsenal. Referee Andre Marriner sends the wrong player from the field after a goalmouth scramble.
Arsenal: Andre Marriner appears to show Kieran Gibbs red by mistake - BBC Sport
On today's performance, Andre Marriner should be refereeing the Felpham Colts C under 9s next week..
After the game, Andre Marriner insists that there are no hard feelings between himself and Kieran Gibbs.
"I'm not racist, Andre is a black person's name" - Marriner, later.
Andre Marriner just sent me this, said he's having a wonderful time in New York.
lolRT Good thing Theo Walcott wasn't playing today, otherwise Andre Marriner's head might have exploded with confusion.
Ref(ANDRE MARRINER : Gibbs you are off. OX CHAMBERLAIN: But Ref, it was me not Kieran. Ref (ANDRE MARRINER: You walcot go on with your game. 9te folks!
With Arsenal already two goals down after the worst possible start to their London derby against Chelsea, things somehow managed to get even worse when Andre Marriner pointed to the spot for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's deliberate handball on the goal-line.
What if Andre Marriner is referee in China vs Japan match? :P Anwesh
Andre Marriner's getting slated on not a penalty, wrong player sent off. Pundits blame players for not turning …
This is how Andre Marriner sees Arsenal players
Poor Andre Marriner. It's not easy. But here's an idea: why not put players' numbers - and even their names - on the back…
Happy Evelyn tu orl ayam karid...may ur cases never be like that of Andre Marriner,that ref, who couldn't differentiate the hand of Chamberlain from the hands of Kieran Gibbs.
Andre Marriner, please name the guilty individual...
Given what he might have to say about Andre Marriner, probably the wisest course of action.
I speak with Andre Marriner at half time. He thought that he had sent off Walcott.
Despite hearing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain mouthing 'it was me!'...Ref. Andre Marriner still sent off Kieran Gibbs F.A have got to invesgate their referee(s) for creating blunders in games
Andre Marriner, the only time it's acceptable to think all black people look the same is if you're watching an Eddie Murphy m…
Andre Marriner's Arsenal XI: See who confused Stamford Bridge ref has in HIS Gunners team
According to Andre Marriner's logic, one if this lot probably hand-balled it today. *** of a ref!
Andre Marriner will not be allowed to referee Cameroon v Ivory Coast ;-)
The day Andre Marriner confuses two mixed race footballers is also the day when Russell Brand is a pundit on MOTD. Unlucky son.
The Ox clearly tells Andre Marriner that it was him who handled the ball in the area. Shocking from the ref.
Definitely a place for Andre Marriner in our
Andre Marriner all at sea with the red card. Astonishing that sport at this level could produce such a farce. Wrong playe…
what we have learnt from today is that Andre Marriner should not referee again in the Premier League as well as the football league either
Here was me thinking Pardew had moment of the season wrapped up but Andre Marriner has just smashed it out the ballpark
Referee Banishes the Wrong Man: Referee Andre Marriner missed something somewhere early in Saturday’s match be...
Imagine Andre Marriner refereeing a Japan vs China game, he will be confused for days
Here's Arsenal today playing in a hand formation as a protest against Andre Marriner's decision to send Gibbs off
In defence of Andre Marriner, he could be forgiven for thinking were trying to con him into making a decision that benefitted them.
Chelsea ripped apart Premier League title rivals Arsenal in a 6-0 mauling at Stamford Bridge on Saturday to ensure Arsene Wenger's 1,000th game turned into a nightmare for him and blundering referee Andre Marriner. What do you say about that alarming result. It wasn't a goot 1000th game for Wenger... Missed this game went to church
Andre Marriner seems to have done a Sam Rubin during the football today.
Lmao...referee andre marriner was left red-faced after he sent off the wrong player in chelsea vs arsenal game..
What happens when you ask Andre Marriner to buy you Finding Nemo...
Analysis from behind the scenes has shown Andre Marriner made a brilliant decision this afternoon.
Just seen Andre Marriner decision. Penalty and red card no issue. But when the offending player tell you he's responsible listen !
Andre Marriner's been at it again. Sending off the wrong man when the real culprit admitted it?!? Complete joke that he's still in a job.
Big tym error in Premiership for the year: Andre Marriner wrongly sent Gibbs off instead of Alex Chamberlain who handballed insyd 18yard box. Neverthless, wenger or Arsene was spelled (0)... Did u count them? Ibukwanu onye iberibe o! Lolzzz
Looks as if Andre Marriner has got Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in his fantasy league team.
The time is 6 past Szcesny. This is the evening news live frm London,am yo host Andre Marriner. The HEADLINES: - An extra-ordinary case of mistaken identity resulted in 11 men dressed in blue severely thrashing 10 men on a bridge in Stamford,London. - IN ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: - " Six in the City" Season 8 was released on DVD & Blue-rays this afternoon in London. Guest appearance by Mr. Bean. Only 1000 copies were released. Autographed by Josè.
'Andre Marriner, please name the guilty individual'
Here is the incident that led Andre Marriner to send off the wrong man at Stamford Bridge. 😂😂😂
“'Andre Marriner, please name the guilty individual'
Andre Marriner only sent off Gibbs because he had Chamberlain in his fantasy team.
To be honest I'm not extremely upset that we lost because we were expected to lose. What I'm extremely upset about is the fact that we lost 6-0. But the truth be told, for once it wasn't actually our fault. It is the fault of that poor referee Andre Marriner. It was 2-0 up until the red card and that was the determining factor for us losing by that many goals. For one, he sent of the wrong player and two, it wasn't even a red card offence. The ball was not on target so it should have been a yellow card anyway. I'm afraid to say that our title challenge is pretty much over. But at the end of the day.WIN, LOSE OR TIE, I AM A GUNNER TILL I DIE! Thoughts?
Referee Andre Marriner can now expect to be demoted from Premier League officiating duties and, while Gibbs card will be rescinded, Oxlade-Chamberlain will presumably be punished. Even then, though, the shot was heading wide and technically only warranted a booking.
Chelsea 4 Arsenal 0. Racist ref? Was Kieran Gibbs sent off instead of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain by Andre Marriner and his all-white team because the officials couldn't tell apart? I see a storm brewing.
Going on the Andre Marriner rules of recognising players. Shola has just won us the game. Or Tiote, or Sissoko.
To the left is Kieran Gibbs. He plays No. 28 for Arsenal. To the right is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. He plays No. 15 for Arsenal. Can you tell them apart? Professional referee Andre Marriner (no relation) and his linesmen can't. World Cup refs: start doing recognition practice now.
Andre Marriner has said that he was happy with his decision to send of arsenal left back Louis Hamilton, and said it was not a case of mistaken identity
Sportsmail's resident official Graham Poll gives his views on the controversy at Stamford Bridge, which saw referee Andre Marriner send off Kieran Gibbs when Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was the real culprit. However, should there have even been a dismissal?
Apparently Andre Marriner has denied getting Gibbs and Oxlade-Chamberlain confused as he is still convinced he sent Theo Walcott off.
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Ref Andre Marriner is not anti ChelSKI right ? He didn't even see the handball which should have been a yellow, bcos the ball was off target. He decided to give a red to the wrong person. This same ref was behind Ramires dubious pen against West Brom. Fair play to you guys though.
I think Andre marriner is really racist. He thinks all black people look the same. How do you send off the wrong player
6-0. Thanks to Andre Marriner :3 ,Chelsea's performance and to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's Goalkeeping training sessions.
"After Drogba scored for Chelsea, I sent off Kieren Gibbs, while Theo Walcott was telling me he handled the ball." -Andre Marriner
I do hope referee Andre Marriner leaves out the phrase 'They all look the same to me' in his post-match report... :-/
Wonders in modern games called soccer " By Greg Stobart I’ve seen some strange things at football matches but never anything like that. The whole press box was huddled around the TV screens trying to work out what actually happened during that penalty and red card incident. It seemed like Andre Marriner missed the whole incident and listened to his assistant on the far side, who inexplicably identified Kieran Gibbs and not Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as the man who handled. Oxlade-Chamberlain told the referee 'it was me' but the protests fell on deaf ears. The most bizarre moment you will see all season.
Regardless of how bad we were ( and we were shambolic ) I do wonder if Andre marriner is on the chelski wage bill... He wasn't even considering giving a pen till that " lovable rogue " John terry and his mates protested just how much was in the envelope he had recieved... Embarrassing performance from both the arsenal and the officials.
Andre Marriner has got to be the most stupidest human alive. Why send Kieran Gibbs off for no reason, Arsenal may have lost but not as bad as that. He is quite a good defender and he did nothing wrong.
Only thing more embarrassing then being a Gunners fan tonight, is being Andre Marriner and sending of the wrong mixed race player after a handball.
Andre marriner was a stupid Refree. Thank you my Fellow Gunners for watching 90+3m in Faith with blinking eyes.
Andre Marriner, the same ref who blundered when w brom visited chelc has also blundered 4 2day's match when he sent out a wrng arsenal player. Does this show that he is a chelc fan? Comment with YES or NO!
Three Things: Chelsea vs. Arsenal LONDON -- Three conclusions from Chelsea's emphatic but also controversial 6-0 win over Premier League rivals Arsenal at Stamford Bridge. 1. Chelsea's big-match mentality While many teams head into games of this magnitude with hope rather than expectation in their hearts, Chelsea exude the latter when confronted with a direct rival. The presence of a manager in Jose Mourinho whose winning mentality has carried him so far in the game and a captain in John Terry whose dogged determination appears to drag those in blue to fresh heights when the stakes are raised. From the moment Samuel Eto'o curled Chelsea into the lead in this game, the result was not in doubt and that may be why the London team wearing blue shirts and not their rivals sporting a red jersey have been collecting trophies during a period when Arsene Wenger's Gunners have been content to settle for second best. Evidence of Chelsea's killer mentality was displayed as they continued to go for the throat of their ...
Gibbs has been sent off wrongly by thz guy Andre marriner,otherwise vakhawene.
Andre Marriner: "Gibbs, you're off!" Chamberlain: "But ref, it was me!" Andre Marriner: "Shut up Walcott or I'll send you off as well."
For Tomas Rosciky's tackle on Azpilicueta, I think Andre Marriner could have easily booked Dennis bergkamp!!
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The Belgian scored from the spot but only after referee Andre Marriner had mistakenly sent off Kieran Gibbs. Ref anagulidwa basi... Dont comment pliz!
Was Referee Andre Marriner high on something? Sorry Arsenal..Tis just a game ko..
Referee Andre Marriner gave a Red card to the wrong player in arsenal match against Arsenal
Kieran Gibbs (black) sent off for Arsenal in a case of mistaken identity for Alex Oxlaide-Chamberlin (also black) by referee Andre Marriner (white). Possible racial ignorance involved?!!
Referee Andre Marriner is sucH a lazy man..mistaken identity
FULL-TIME: Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal. What can you say about that? Chelsea were scintillating, Arsenal thoroughly humiliated by a rampant Blues outfit, who showed no signs of letting up after scoring twice in the opening seven minutes. Kieran Gibbs' dismissal, coming after Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain had handled and Andre Marriner selecting the wrong player, added to the Gunners' woe on Arsene Wenger's 1000th match in charge as goals from Samuel Eto'o, Andre Schurrle, Eden Hazard's penalty, two from Oscar and a first goal for Mohamed Salah put Arsenal to the sword.
Breaking news ! Kieran Gibbs has been found guilty of the oscar pistorius trail lool 😂😂 c'mon Andre marriner get your self together
Andre Marriner *** how the *** do you send off the wrong man especially when the correct culprit admits to the offence, an absolute muppet !!!
Casual rascism from Andre Marriner today? Hows he going to explain that to the F.A?
doesn't alter anything to do with todays game but Andre Marriner and his assistants should be sacked poor poor decision no excuses but in a way it helps us out it means both will be available on Tuesday
It wasn‘t supposed to be this way for Wenger, evry thing that could hav gone wrong did go wrong, the ref (Andre Marriner) will hav his fair share of the headlines for his hilarious, bizarre, terrible decision to send Gibbs off instead of chamberlain .
Andre Marriner has just apologised to Ian Wright for sending him off ;-)
I hold my hands up and accept how atrocious Arsenal were today (again). And also, fair play to Chelsea. However, the bigger picture has to be that Andre Marriner should be sacked immediately after that. Sending off the wrong player is more embarrassing than any defeat and he should be stripped of his privilege to referee a game at that level. Rant over.
"Mate, I'm so sorry that I mixed the two guys up, it won't happen again, promise" says Andre Marriner to Arsenal manager, José Mourinho. ~ Uncle Koothrappali
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