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Andre Johnson

Andre Lamont Johnson (born July 11, 1981) is an American football wide receiver for the Houston Texans of the National Football League.

Reggie Wayne Frank Gore Roddy White Marques Colston Cortland Finnegan Houston Texan Trent Cole Steve Smith Michael Irvin Arian Foster Ed Reed Lane Kiffin Sean Taylor Joe Johnson Isaac Bruce Phillip Dorsett Santana Moss Tory Holt

I just liked “Brian Johnson + Andre Ellison at the Stay Strong Compound” by on
Andre Johnson's TD makes it a 28-0 lead with 1:30 left in the 1st quarter.
Another touchdown for Andre Johnson with a 1-yard run.
.LB Andre Johnson seems motivated going against his old team. Adds a sack to the INT he had earlier.
Andre Johnson talked about his speed and football IQ with us:
Another INT for This time it's Andre Johnson -- a starting LB for Sebastian River last year.
I just meant Andre Johnson Guys at the cheese cake factory. LOL amazing.
Nolan💪and Andre Johnson too. Somethin bout Texas athletes not takin business from these punks.
Andre Johnson and Nuk is another example
BREAKING this might be the offseason that the Patriots stop expressing interest in Larry Fitz and Andre Johnson
Can somebody please go buy my 93 Andre Johnson for 84k? It's 11k under Muthead price. Or my 93 Devon Still for 59k!
The will sign WR Andre Johnson to a 1-day contract on Wednesday that will allow him to retire as a member of t…
New Hampshire was at today to see ATH Andre Johnson, WR Jacob Bell, OL Jarvis Jones and DL Isaiah Byrd.
Andre Johnson looks like Joe Johnson, are they Brothers ? 😂
Andre Johnson was great but I'll always remember him for this legendary fight
This is in response to a political topic posted by my long time friend, and former neighbor, Andre Danger Scott,...   10% Off
Magic Johnson wearing a Celtics shirt under his Lakers warm-up gear to honor Larry Bird during his retirement ceremony, 199…
I only landed David Johnson in so many leagues because I wanted my Andre Ellington handcuff...
Nope it doesn't his first son is Andre Johnson and there is EJ the *** one and then Elisa the adopted one
Lol that doesn't really help just says how many players were drafted and Andre Johnson is from the Ke…
Reggie Wayne and Andre Johnson have a combined 13 pro bowls, plus 5 more from Michael Irvin puts the original U at 18 at least
When you're talking about the 🐐, it's hard to pick just five. The top 5⃣ plays of Andre Johnson's career are...…
It was a good day for Houston... Rockets got the dub 💯, Astros won 💯, & Andre Johnson retired as a Houston Texan 💯
EMOTIONAL: Andre Johnson breaks down thanking his Mom & Uncle for sacrifices they made. Today he RETIRES a
Andre Johnson gets emotional talking about his mother. He is such a classy man.
In honor of Andre Johnson signing a one year deal, & retiring as a Houston Texan today, here's an instant classic. ht…
Andre Johnson breaks down crying during retirement speech: “My heart never left this place” htt…
Andre Johnson was, is and always will be part of the family. Notable memories from 8⃣0⃣. 📰: htt…
BREAKING: will sign. Andre Johnson to a one-day contract. 🤘:
Andre Johnson will sign one-day contract to officially retire as a Houston Texan. .
Yeah, if you look at it in that context Rogers & Williams are rough because of Andre Johnson & DeMarcus Ware behind them.
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very excited about this one how about Andre Johnson, Steve Smith Sr, Shannon Sharpe or Champ Bailey
earl cambell, warren moon or Andre Johnson
These guys are 1st-time eligible for football HOF in '22: Steve Smith, Sr., Andre Johnson, Vince Wilfork, Devin Hester, DeMarcus Ware. Wow!
NFL use to be lit. They barely let Andre Johnson get the two piece on Cortland Finnegan
He shared the top four with notorious pass droppers like Marvin Harrison, Andre Johnson, and Steve Smith.
This is my parents with Emmitt Smith, Andre Johnson, Kirk Cousins & Travis Kelce. 2 mins after this was taken they…
One spot to fill at WR Andre Johnson , Keenan Allen or Julio Jones
On Aug 21, 2007, was in H-Town and interviewed Andre Johnson, Steve Francis, Craig Biggio, and Jeff Bagwell.
WR tied Andre Johnson (13) for the most 100-yard receiving games by a player through his first four…
.WR passed Andre Johnson for the most receptions (312) in the first 4 years of a player's career in…
one time I pointed out a random black guy and jokingly said it was Arian Foster and it turned out to be Andre Johnson
Andre Johnson pulled out the "Miami Hurricanes" Air Jordan 11 PE last night. Take a look:
Andre Rison & Marques Colston have more TDs than Andre Johnson. Catches & Yards carry more weight statistically th…
Andre Johnson celebrating with the winning the AFC South
Y'all sleep on that Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson connection. Best quarterback the Texans have had to date
Same as De'Andre Johnson (FSU), Frank Clark (UM) and Tyreek Hill (OSU). Oh and same as Dusty D. Kicked off their team.
QB De'Andre Johnson, who was dismissed by FSU after punching a woman at a bar, has signed with Lane Kiffin at FAU.
One day into the job, FAU coach Lane Kiffin signs former FSU standout QB De'Andre Johnson.
Lane Kiffin gets a QB. De'Andre Johnson started career at FSU before dismissal led to EMCC.
Lane Kiffin's first commit is in for as former QB, De'Andre Johnson, a JUCO signal caller, signs.
LT Duane Brown has now played in 129 games. Just passed K Kris Brown for 2nd-most in Texans history. WR Andre Johnson played in 169.
that squad had McGahee, Taylor, Andre Johnson, AND Kellen Winslow.not to mention Ken Dorsey
Andre Johnson does it again... $19,144.58 spent on toys for kids in Houston this morning. Love this. 👏
Why We Love Sports Today: Even in retirement, Andre Johnson spends nearly $20k to buy toys for kids in Houston.
Andre Johnson about to make Christmas come early for a dozen kids in CPS care. It's his 9th year of giving back to the…
they had 3 hall of famers on that team.. Andre Johnson Ed Reed and Jeremy shockey. Plus Clinton Portis
In Houston, Andre Johnson spent over $19K on toys for his Christmas shopping spree (via
My partner and I killing it at the Andre Johnson toy drive! We are in the Christmas spirit!! How cute is he ❄️🎄
We had so much at the 9th annual shopping spree with Andre Johnson and some very special Houston kiddos! 🎁🛍🎄
Vilma, Reed, Andre Johnson, Portis...just to start, on that 2001 team.
3 Hall players starting to 2. Allen, Munoz and Lott to Ed Reed and Andre Johnson
Larry Fitzgerald's Hall of Fame case keeps getting better. . He passes Andre Johnson for No. 10 on the all-time receiving list. h…
number don't lie issac Bruce 4th in rec yards .. Andre Johnson is 10th way more dominant then Chris carter and Steve Smith.
😂😂😂 Andre Johnson. Reggie Wayne, Jermery Shockey. Or current group. Which group do u think is better?
That team had Kellen Winslow Jr., Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne and wasn't Shockey on that squad??
Wonder if De'Andre Johnson of EMCC will be available? Hunt is on for graduate or juco transfer QB
Does WR Andre Johnson belong in the Hall of Fame? Talk of Fame Network's Clark Judge says slow down that bandwagon:
Andre Johnson is better than all of them they listed lol. Ike Taylor is a joke. Dre ran every route in the tree
Big time shoutout to Andre Johnson on his retirement, he was sick from his Miami high days to the days at the U to the days in the league!
Never forget when Andre Johnson put a beating on Cortland Finnegan.
Just found out that Andre Johnson played for the Miami High STINGAREES no wonder he's a GOAT
ehem let's not forget where it really all started for Andre Johnson. THE HIGH! He was a star even then.
Once in Houston we were discussing players who made it to the NFL from one's high school. Andre Johnson's answer "From…
What did Udonis Haslem have to say about former Miami High classmate Andre Johnson's retirement?…
I also think Tory Holt edges Andre Johnson so it'll be an interesting debate
Where did Andre Johnson get the nickname "Sensei"? Harry Douglas, inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Titans WR Andre Johnson announces that he'll be retiring this season. Read:
The moment Andre Johnson shouldered every emotion Houstonians had for Bud Adams and the Titans
Vote now: Who is the best player in Texans history? Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, or J.J. Watt via
Andre Johnson had a great career. No way he should be in the HOF over Holt or Bruce though.
Owner Bob McNair applauds the career of Andre Johnson who has retired from the Titans but was "our top player" for yea…
Andre Johnson is retiring after his 14 year career Andre Johnson is arguably the best Texan player ever. ht…
Andre Johnson retiring from NFL after 14 seasons: Star wide receiver Andre Johnson is retiring after 14 seaso...
Andre Johnson retires after 14-year career defined by excellence with Texans
BREAKING: Seven time Pro Bowler Andre Johnson is retiring from the NFL.
“Andre has as much talent as Jerry Rice, he just didn’t play for the 49ers and a Super Bowl team…” https:/…
The most memorable highlight for Andre Johnson, a quiet, classy star who did it the right way, is him beating Cortland Finneg…
Andre Johnson is one of two greatest players in Texans history with JJ Watt. This is his 14th season, his first with Ti…
Andre Johnson left Texans for Colts last year and signed with Titans this season. He's been coming off the bench for th…
✊🏾 Respect to the man Andre Johnson on a great career. Grew up watching him & trained w/ him this offseason. One of the best to…
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From 2007 to 2013, Andre Johnson earned a top-11 wide receiver grade in every season, and was our top overall WR in 2012. 👊 https:…
Never forget when Andre Johnson whooped that ***
Houston for years had Foster & Andre Johnson, Fantasy football gods & never won anything. While the coach who failed wins a SB…
Andre Johnson was the last NFL player to fight on the field for real, and for that, he's the GOAT. Thanks for a great career
Andre Johnson's last TD in Miami will stand as his last TD in the NFL. was a beast at the U & the pros
Andre Johnson's hall of fame bust gotta be this
With Andre Johnson retiring, I've gotten a bunch of requests for this pic of him and Cortland Finnegan.
Titans WR Andre Johnson is retiring today, per source.
In honor of Andre Johnson retiring from the league, we take a look back.
Andre Johnson retiring, one of his best out of many highlights in his career is gonna be him whooping Cortland Finnegan *** 😂😂😂
Today in 2016, former WR Andre Johnson announces his retirement after 14 seasons in
Andre Johnson has announced his retirement from the NFL.
Charley Casserly: Retiring Andre Johnson, ‘as good as Jerry Rice ... in all areas, including work ethic.’
Official word from GM Jon Robinson on the retirement of all-time great WR Andre Johnson
THIS JUST IN: Titans' WR Andre Johnson is retiring from the NFL on Monday, confirms.
It got to me that Andre Johnson is retiring today. That was a big piece to our offense this year lol..
Congrats on a wonderful career Andre Johnson
. Andre Johnson is not going to be in the hall of fame. Doesn't even have Issac Bruce resume. Try again.
After a lengthy career, WR Andre Johnson is hanging up his cleats. Updated story:.
Example: Isaac Bruce, Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith & Andre Johnson all have more receiving yards than Cris Carter, Irvin, Maynard & Largent.
Andre Johnson's retirement ends the greatest career in Texans 15 year history.
.talking to Andre Johnson about ‘The U’ and running track against Justin Gatlin was all I needed.
*** Andre Johnson was a real one. If he wanted to start, he could of been an Eagle. Easy to start over here at WR. Nelson and Jordan are
Don't talk to me about Andre Johnson in the NFL HOF until Isaac Bruce in there. K bye.
WR passed Andre Johnson (3,953 from 2003-06) for the most receiving yards by a player through his f…
Odell not allowed to lose his cool but when Andre Johnson beat Finneran's *** on the field y'all praise…
Chad Johnson, Andre Johnson, Santana Moss and Antonio Brown. Look at how big Andre is and how quick he is
TD for Andre Johnson... Nope. Offensive pass interference was called
Mike Keith: "My goodness, it's good to be on the same team with Andre Johnson!"
My HOF criteria for WR 2 out of 3 1,000 cth 15,000 yds or 100 tds Reggie Wayne or Andre Johnson will not make HOF Career rank 8 and 9
Reggie Wayne and Andre Johnson, Devin Hester?? they're like 40 and ratings are terrible
Growing up in Miami you know there were dudes better than Sean Taylor, Frank Gore, Andre Johnson & so on. But them streets got em
2015 Draft class of Lynch, Cobb, Melvin, Andre Johnson, Abdullah, VJax, Roddy, and Ryan goes down as the worst ever.
The Titans trying to be put a team together I see, Mariota, Derrick Henry, Demarco Murray and just signed Andre Johnson
...or James Jones and Andre Johnson! ...oh wait, San Diego and Tennessee are going to trot our their carcasses after all!
For years, he was our rival. . Now, Andre Johnson is fitting in just fine:
Anyone have contract details for: Andre Johnson, Willie Young, Eric Fisher, James Jones, Dwight Freeney and Navorro Bowman?
Has more yards, TD, & catches than Andre Johnson through first 3 years. Makes less than Cecil Shorts. It's time to pay him
Tennessee Titans are signing WR Andre Johnson, per source.
I guess Andre Johnson will sign with the Jaguars next season too.
On says the Finnegan fight was the only time he saw Andre Johnson emotional.
Steve Smith & Andre Johnson are not better than Reggie Wayne or Tory Holt sit down
Michael Irvin, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson, Travis Benjamin, I can on but you get the point. No comparison.
it would be a game. Don't forget Miami had Portis, Andre Johnson & Jeremy Shockey on that offense 🤔
u think AB is gonna end up being like Andre Johnson is now a top 3 WR to un employed
where do you see Andre Johnson going or do you see him retiring?
9. That time Finnegan forgot AJ was from Miami and sonned him in front of the whole world. U GOAT . Andre Johnson
Lightning put Penguins on brink with Game 5 OT win - Sports Illustrated
Same with Andre Johnson. He has at least a year left.
yeah and Andre Johnson is still on the market... i say go for AJ
if if if!lol you had andre Johnson and all the weapons still our defense beat them :-)
"I nagged my boss for ages to mic up Andre Johnson. When we finally did he fights Cortland". https:/…
Lightning battle back to down Penguins in OT, take 3-2 series lead (by
Remember the picks after them . 1st:Couch, 2nd:Mcnabb. 2nd: Rogers, 3rd: Andre Johnson
Teddy got compared to Brady and now Kevin white is getting compared to Reggie Wayne and Andre Johnson
Yeah but then you could say Miami cause they had Ray Lewis , Michael Irvin and Andre Johnson , Ed Reed
but still look at tge picks. Sean Taylor, Andre Johnson, Ed Reed
I Hope he helps out Texans since they dropped Arian Foster and Andre Johnson.
but but but, they had Andre Johnson and Duron Carter 🙄
you know Fitz also had Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels in Houston, right?
Luck has gore, has Ty Hilton,Moncrief, HAD Andre Johnson, and Has 1st rd pick Philip Dorsett, so no weapons?!??
McNair said Andre Johnson will be honored "inside our stadium" and in a "Texans Hall of Fame" at NRG Stadium.
btw I just beat a kid with boss vick, boss Calvin, Marcus Allen, Andre Johnson and a stacker defense lol 28-0
idk bro let Hugh Jackson work with him first.. They should go get Andre Johnson, get Gordon back.. He can do alright
Houston Chronicle: Bob McNair wants Andre Johnson to retire as a Texan
How could it be as big as Andre Johnson and Frank Gore?!??
The eagles need a veteran WR Andre Johnson out there... Marques Colston... Roddy White 1-2 year deals that will be lit
Some of those names would be Mike Wallace, Andre Johnson, Roddy White, Jeremy Kerley, and Marques Colston. Not exactly the sexiest bunch
You got . "Roddy White" "Marques Colston" "Anquan Bolden" and "Andre Johnson" all still on the free agent market, old wrs but proven veterans
They should just sign Arian Foster and Andre Johnson & fully recreate the glory days of the 2010 Texans.
Raymond berry but no Andre Johnson, sterling sharpe, or Michael Irving...
Do you see Raiders signing a veteran WR like Andre Johnson or do they like Seth Roberts?
Unless we could bring in Anquan Bolding, Andre Johnson, Marques Colston, or Roddy White on a cheap incentive laden contract.
We have released wide receiver Andre Johnson.
Colts release WR Andre Johnson. He had just 41 Rec last year, his lowest in a season (min. 8 games played).
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ICYMI: the have released WR Andre Johnson and the have let CB Brent Grimes go as well.
With a reasonable price, I think the Giants should sign Andre Johnson or Marques Colston to help nurture OBJ
The officially released WR Andre Johnson. He wants to play one more year.
Andre Johnson 9th alltime receiving YDS 14100 only 1027 behind TONY GONZALEZ 1897 takes over 2nd only to JERRY RICE!!!
please go sign either Roddy White or Andre Johnson to add to the slim pickings in the WR group... Arian Foster may not be bad too
sign Andre Johnson to be that veteran leadership Malcolm Floyd had. And Plus Andre is a bigger threat than Malcolm was.
Did you just say that Andre Johnson & Donnie Avery had z *** moment".Ha!
Colts: Andre Johnson latest veteran WR to sign and \"not live up to expectations,\" last only one season - Mike Wells (ESPN) …
Remember when Andre Johnson and Frank Gore were supposed to be the Colts' missing pieces that would take them to the Super Bowl?
is Andre Johnson's career over or can he find a spot on the giants roster?
Both Albert Wilson and Chris Conley were more effective than Andre Johnson last season on a per target basis
Andre Johnson has ZERO speed, and his hands are questionable. At BEST, he's a WR4 on the Chiefs. Albert Wilson and Chris Conley are better.
releasing WR Andre Johnson... Phillip Dorsett and Donte Moncrief's arrows are pointed up
Andre Johnson finished the 2015 season as PFF's 60th-ranked wide receiver, third-highest on roster behind Hilton and Moncr…
If the patriots gets Andre Johnson and Marcus Colston. The league better watch out
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Colts have told WR Andre Johnson that they are releasing him, per source. One more high-profile unemployed veteran.
The Colts have reportedly cut veteran receiver Andre Johnson.
Lions fans you must pick one...Andre Johnson, Marques Colston or Roddy White?
should take a look at Roddy White and Andre Johnson. They're not done yet and veteran could help young WR core. Look at James Lofton.
Andre Johnson will be gone and I heard D'quell Jackson might be cut
Patriots need to sign Matt Forte Anquan Boldin and Andre Johnson and they'll be okay
What if I told you, Aaron Dobson has more receiving yards (96) than Andre Johnson (51), Alshon Jeffery (78) & Roddy Wh…
That group includes Calvin, Allen, and Andre Johnson. (as well as Greg Little and Justin Hunter, but Doctson is good at football)
Ironically Joe Johnson and Andre Johnson kinda look alike
Report: Andre Johnson "has played his last down" with Colts and is pondering retirement
the Texans have to be one of the worst run organisations. Remember when they have JJ goaline looks to annoy Andre Johnson?
Joe Johnson only makes 14 players so we have spot for one more. Ty Lawson? Andre Miller? Marcus Thornton ?
so I should sell Andre Johnson for 91 Odell plus speed
Grigson brushed off question about Andre Johnson, saying, "We'll see, we're still talking about all those things." Said he's a "class act."
Now, with Joe Johnson signing to Miami, and Mo Williams hurting, should the Cavs sign Andre Miller when available?
I didn't know Andre Johnson played basketball
Joe Johnson & Marcus Thornton or Basic game Andre Miller would be LIT
Have you ever seen Joe Johnson and Andre Johnson in the same room at the same time!? Just like Lil Mama and Bow Wow
need to get Joe Johnson and Andre Miller
I hope Tom sent Andre and Calvin Johnson a text "let's go win you a Super Bowl"
"'Speeding Bullet' is the best thing to come out in a long time." - Andre 3000
If Riley gets Joe Johnson, and then somehow gets Lawson or Andre Miller think be nice recovery with bosh out
Same results. He's really Andre Johnson on the Colts
Just waiting on Kev Martin, Andre Miller and Joe Johnson.Ty Lawson will sign w/ a losing team for sure..
Andre Johnson speaking the truth about race, rhetoric, and the problem of "riot."
Andre Johnson is the Joe Johnson of the NFL.
lol no way?! My next favorite is Channing frye and Nick cannon. And then Joe Johnson and Andre Johnson
Does it matter if we call it 1866 Memphis Race Riots or 1866 Memphis Massacre? Dr. Andre Johnson says it does.
front office need to sign Joe Johnson and Andre Miller. ASAP
With Andre Johnson out, he's basically a lock for the WR barring injury or big WR signing
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Are you aware of this guy by the name of TY Hilton. You think Andre Johnson is their
might as well. They had the corpse of Andre Johnson lol
Joe Johnson reportedly narrowed down to Miami or Atlanta. Andre Miller & Kevin Martin latest on the Buyout Block
why is Andre Miller not getting more talk as possible thunder signee if Johnson doesn't work out? Wouldn't he fill a need on d?
On his "Talk, Memphis" podcast, chats with Dr. Andre Johnson about getting past race.
Come celebrate with Mr. Andre "DreSynthe" Johnson in your finest shades of GREY in the VIP…
Joe Johnson moves are like Andre Iggy with GS. Older guy who on paper doesn't look like much but helps u win games
So Kevin Martin, Andre Miller, and Joe Johnson can be pieces on contenders .. will they make enough of a difference
Tf?! Do you know who Calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson are?
I over-drafted Andre Johnson thinking Luck wouldn't suck, but...
I'm looking fwd to fighting over Andre Johnson & Trent Richardson
IMO Rashawn Scott plays like Andre Johnson. Not as fast but physical, good route runner and has good hands
When unu did a suffer under PNP unu neva pack up and run wey but as JLP win unu a talk bout pack up and run...
Joe Johnson, Andre Miller and Kevin Martin will be free agents after being bought out. Very curious to see where each v…
“Andre’s a dynamic player. At the same time, he’s got to stay healthy.". 📝
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So this time don't invest in Frank Gore and Andre Johnson. Aging, former stars.
Can think of maybe five guys off the top of my head who were good no matter the QB: Moss, Owens, Wesley Walker, Megatron, Andre Johnson.
Ryan Grigson says decisions on Andre Johnson, Trent Cole, Matt Hasselbeck and Adam Vinatieri "is still fluid."
Also, where in the sweet realm of Hades are my Trent Cole and Andre Johnson cuts?
Should the Texans bring Demeco Ryans, Mario Williams, Andre Johnson, Jacoby Jones, & Kevin Walter back? Next on...
Megatron is not alone among iconic WRs pondering retirement. WR Andre Johnson, who has played his last down in Indy, h…
Dude we don't need Andre Johnson, we have Jordan Norwood and Cody Latimer who is going to get more PT next year.
Thinking out loud...if Bengals lose Jones and Sanu do you draft a WR high and sign a vet to a 1 year deal to bridge the gap...Andre Johnson?
Andre Johnson's time in Indy is over (via
With reports that Andre Johnson is finished in Indy, should he call it a career?
Colston has 72 REC TD's, more than Michael Irvin, Andre Johnson, Jason Witten, Art Monk, Raymond Berry etc. Tied for 36th all time.
actually I did the same. Made some moves at WR. Andre Johnson, Steve Smith, Martavis Bryant out.
Patriots paid Welker more than Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson in 2012
I would take 50 year old Andre Johnson or Anquan Boldin before I would overpay a dude to only run 9 routes that our QB can't throw anyway
. If Morey can't find a way to get Andre Johnson back here then that's gotta be the last straw for Richard Smith
Jacoby Jones and Andre Johnson come back and win a Super Bowl with the Texans
Who was the corner back that Andre Johnson beat up
luck never went 15-1 or made it to the Super Bowl Cam never had a Andre Johnson or Frank Gore
Name recognition means far too much to people. Same people that were spending 3rd/4th rd picks on Andre Johnson last year.
Ed Reed and Andre Johnson are HOF guys. Sean Taylor would have been. Wilfork maybe. And a ton of "very productive"
Andre Johnson Frank Gore were both considered in the same category if not better than those three
Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson and Irving Fryar in prison Blues
Pep didn't replace Wayne with corpse of Andre Johnson or trade a 1 for T-Rich or sign Gore with wrong OL
JJ Watts will get sick of losing the same way Andre Johnson did and I want to leave soon. Smh
The Texans going to waste Watts career like they did Andre Johnson's
Cole, Herremans (Im not sure how to spell it) and Andre Johnson, the worst signings of last year
He's not the same player he was but Andre Johnson was way tougher than Brandon and 5x better as well!
mull future of free agents Andre Johnson, Trent Cole, Bjoern Werner & others
Top 5 2001 Miami Hurricans who lived up to the hype. . 5. Vince Wilfork. 4. Frank Gore. 3. Andre Johnson. 2. Jeremy...
How does Andre Johnson stay in bounds and stretch out for this touchdown?. It just doesn't make sense.
No more Andre Johnson, injured Foster and not knowing who tha *** our QB was gonna be each week and we still in...
Go, go gadget arm, old man Andre Johnson
So bradon Marshall is better than Andre Johnson & Reggie Wayne in there prime?? No
Andre Johnson in 15 games this season: 37 rec, 457 yards. Reggie Wayne in 15 games last season: 64 rec, 779 yards.
Interesting counterfactual: Could Reggie Wayne have had more receiving yards than Andre Johnson this year?
There's a lot of players who could be cut to free up Cap Space . Trent Cole (Saves $6.25 million). Andre Johnson ($5 million)
Andre Johnson's best stats in each category over his Hall of Fame career:. 115 rec 1598 yds 9 TDs. DeAndre Hopkins. 97 re…
We all gave Andre Johnson a pass and he actually fought someone. Well fought is generous. More like beat down.
[SCENE: Cortland Finnegan's house]. "Honey, look, there's a box from Amazo—". [Andre Johnson erupts from box and begins beating …
Yet they win with Brandon Weeden at QB and Andre Johnson on the Colts. Go figure.
Especially strong if they dump Andre Johnson, Trent Cole and Robert Mathis. Not sure Mathis goes.
I know Andre Johnson of the Colts is like I left the Texans sorry *** s to be with the Colts sorry *** s, *** I knew I shoulda been a Pat !
With Phillip Dorsett coming back, it likely means even less of a role for Andre Johnson, and especially Griff Whalen.
still doing great things for Houston. Even in Indianapolis, former Texans star hosts shopping spree
He may play for the Colts, but Andre Johnson blesses a dozen kids in Harris County with Ch [
Bros when did we trade Andre Johnson and why
Andre Johnson does this every year.. such a great guy
my top 5. Lacy. CJ. Andre johnson. Amari cooper . Peyton Manning
Jenn dropped Andre Johnson, Ind WR to Waivers; Jenn added Brian Hartline, Cle WR from Waivers to Bench
Move to Indy allows Andre Johnson to provides an extra second of Christmas cheer
Indianapolis Colts receiver Andre Johnson is no longer with the Houston Texans, but that doesn't mean that he has...
Andre Johnson still giving in community
So great -> Now in Indy, watch how Andre Johnson gave Houston kids a holiday shopping spree. vi…
My newest video, a highlight compilation of Dri Archer. Some bonus footage of Signature Andre Johnson.
Andre and I already have all of our kids names picked out, along with our puppy names 💙👶🐶
Loved your story on Andre Johnson still caring for Houston community
Last year Andre Johnson gave 12 kids 80 seconds to fill their shopping carts with as many toys as they could $19,000 htt…
Andre Johnson isn't even a Texan anymore and STILL did his shopping spree for Houston kids!. $18,030!.
This is why Andre Johnson will ALWAYS be one of the great
Andre Johnson will forever be the best player of all-time!!!
Even in Indianapolis, former Texans star Andre Johnson hosts shopping spree for Houston kids
Andre Johnson lives in Indianapolis now, but he still hosted a shopping spree for Houston kids today.
Even in Indianapolis, Andre Johnson still did his Toys R Us shopping HOUSTON!
if I did, I'd trade Jamaal Charles and AJ Green for Andre Johnson and Frank Gore.
on the field tonight: Anthony Chickilo, Frank Gore, Andre Johnson, Phillip Dorsett
Hasselbeck's missed throw to Andre Johnson there reminds me of Ken Dorsey's missed throw in the 03 Fiesta Bowl.
yes my bad meant KC. And what's your thoughts on David Johnson being THE guy I Ari with Andre and Chris out?
Andre Ellington misses practice on Thursday, likely on fantasy sidelines for a while
This will make me learn to play street fighters Kevin M. Johnson De-André Hunte Kenny Durant Shamar Roberts badness
what year was the andre johnson game where instead of punting from the 35? They took a safety and ran out the clock?
: Man likely to get 10 years in manslaughter of cousin: Anthony De Andre Johnson will be sentenced at...
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