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Andre Braugher

Andre Braugher (born July 1, 1962) is an American actor. He is best known for his roles as Thomas Searles in the film Glory, as the fiery detective Frank Pembleton on Homicide: Life on the Street from 1993 to 1998 and again in the 2000 made-for-TV film, and as Owen Thoreau Jr.

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and delievered a *** of a great Darkseid voiced by Andre Braugher, another genius casting by the genius Andrea Romano.
It was so good Andre Braugher, Yaphet Kotto, Richard Belzer, Clark Johnson.the acting was superb. Mekhi Phifer excellent!
Then she figured out that Dianne Wiest was her aunt and Andre Braugher was her elementary school teach…
Andre Braugher in is one of the great joys in life.
My guess: he has some kinda kompromat on Andre Braugher
Andre Braugher kills it week in and week out. Always makes me laugh.
Is anyone on tv having as much fun as Andre Braugher?
I maintain that there's no reason to give out Emmys if they aren't gonna give Andre Braugher one for Holt
.I know man I mean I knew Andre Braugher had that range but Terry Crews as usually is the best
Brooklyn Nine-Nine night with hubb. This show is the best. I adore Andre Braugher. 😃
Andre Braugher is too good. I'm debasing myself.
i love the way andre braugher delivers his lines? ??? the way he enunciates is S OGOOD
The getTV blog has lowdown on the new addition to our afternoon action TV lineup - HACK. Read all about the show:…
I think I'd prefer Brooklyn 99. I just love that entire cast. Andre Braugher consistently cracks me up.
He was spectacular in men of a certain age. Him and Andre Braugher
Andre Braugher has always been one of my favorite actors and you Mr Brown stand there with him. Two amazing and gifted actors.
Andre Braugher is an amazing actor just like you!! I fell for him in "men of a certain age"!
The longest it's taken me to finish a movie is 6 yrs bc when I was 9 and watched glory I bawled when andre braugher got hit with a rifle
A new version of Silas Marner starring André Braugher on cw seed
I'm very happy Andre Braugher and his voice exists to calm me
I love Holt. Andre Braugher is a genius.
This show is criminally underrated. Can Andre Braugher PLEASE win an Emmy this year?!
Watching SATC and every time I see Steve I think of Andre Braugher saying "Steve is garbage". . (I like Steve)
My wife is torn—loves Terry Crews and Andre Braugher, but can't stand to look at Samberg 😝
Now onto my other youthly obsession: . Homicide: Life on the Street with Andre Braugher. Glad he's got a few Emmy's under his belt. ❤💋
When you need a laugh cuz things in US are so bad, Brooklyn99 on Fox will deliver. Andre Braugher/ Andy Samberg! 😂😂
Wow. This week's episode of was incredible. Cheers to Terry Crews and Andre Braugher!
Finally saw this week's wow. Absolutely powerful and important performance from and Andre Braugher.
Andre Braugher is doing the best comedic work on television and how are we rewarding him??? not with emmys, that's for…
"He's right, Santiago. Your libido has endangered us all.". oh my god I missed you so much Andre Braugher &
How difficult was it to film the eyebrow "pump" scene with Andre Braugher while keeping a straight face?
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Exceptional work by the always-great Andre Braugher and Terry Crews on the "Moo Moo" episode of
Andre Braugher is my favorite person
Just FYI, André Braugher and Terry Crews are national treasures.
This week's Brooklyn nine nine was excellent. Terry Crews and Andre Braugher are so good together and that scene at…
Andre Braugher is one of the most talented actors on TV.
This week's "Brooklyn 99," about racial profiling - with great Andre Braugher and performances - is funny and real and great.
This episode of Brooklyn 99 is breaking my heart. Please give all the awards to Terry Crews and Andre Braugher.
Andre Braugher needs to get a *** Emmy for playing Capt. Raymond Holt ASAP
Hot *** the most recent episode of is amazing. 👏🏻 🙌🏻 👊🏻 to talented af & Andre Braugher.
This show is having a *fantastic* 4th season, and (& Andre Braugher, if we're awarding accolades) has b…
If you can find it, watch Homicide: Life on the Street. It's the predecessor to The Wire, with Andre Braugher
Andre Braugher is just incredible as Captain Holt and it is impossible for Terry Crews to not make me laugh.
Raymond Holt on Brooklyn 99 is one of my favorite tv characters. Andre Braugher has a lot to do with why
I just started. Andre Braugher is fantastic.
What a brilliant episode and amazing kudos to for a powerful, spellbinding per…
Thanks for a great episode last night. Unexpected but important storyline. and Andre Braugher were gold! Woke.
Anyway, Terry Crews and Andre Braugher remain gifts to this earth.
Thanks to Andre Braugher and everyone at for
Sonic should be played by Joe Pesci, Bubsy is Ray Romano, and Gex is Andre Braugher wait this turned into…
Andre Braugher is a comic genius. Holt is a gem.
It was great. Great job from Terry Crews and Andre Braugher. I so hope it doesn't get canceled.
The sit down with & Andre Braugher was a great moment. Surprise to see do a really poignant episode like that.
And it handled the issues with such grace and humility, too. Terry Crews and Andre Braugher continue to be the best actors on the show.
Great work on last night's by and Andre Braugher.
Thank you for last night's episode. and Andre Braugher were fantastic.
The overuse of the word "besmirch" on was LOL. Andre Braugher should win every year for his Capt. Holt character.
(I get cranky when people post quotes from TV shows or movies & don't cite the writers.) (Frank was, of course, played by Andre Braugher.)
I don't think it can be understated how great Andre Braugher is on that show.
Terry Crews' performance in this ep was really really good and Andre Braugher continues to be the king of everything
Terry Crews and Andre Braugher are crushing it tonight
.Moreover, and Andre Braugher were stellar. What a great opportunity. Cheers to doing the right thing.
Andre Braugher deserves an Emmy every season but Terry Crews absolutely should get one for this
Terry Crews killed it. Andre Braugher killed it. So much love to this show and its talented writers room, especially Phil Augusta Jackson 🌟
The new Episode was incredible. I was crying a little during and Andre Braugher's scene. Thank you.
I didn't expect real talk from I respect them for it. and Andre Braugher (+writers) depicted the issue well.
It’s so good. We just watched the one last night with Andre Braugher and Dennis Haysbert dead-panning at each other 😂
Big time supporting cast. John Mahoney, Andre Braugher, Maura Tierney, Laura Linney, the Chicago scenery. Underrated as ***
Steve Blum or Andre Braugher for Darkseid if it's just voicing it. Jeff Bridges, Liev Schriber and also Braugher as well to act it out
Riley Smith is no Dennis Quaid & Mekhi Phifer is no Andre Braugher but i suppose i can get used to it?? 🤔
As much as I love Michael Ironside's Darkseid, I think Andre Braugher would be equally as excellent for live action
I can’t believe Louie Anderson won over Andre Braugher and Tony Hale
recommend Homicide: Life on the Street & The Shield. Andre Braugher is superb in the 1st, Michael Chiklis in the 2nd
So there actually is another Andre -- Iguodala -- who can act better than Braugher.
"Define: Producer" but make sure you indicate that it should be read in the voice of Andre Braugher.
I would be fine if Andre Braugher won too, he was simply astounding!
If you go back to the Conan the Barbarian series, I really liked that.
But only if I believe that my directing talents will improve the material I...
Never thought I'd enjoy Andre Braugher more than I did in Homicide:LotS, but that show is coming close.
Can't believe I waited over a year to watch Season 2 of (Even S03 is out now). Whattay fun show. Love Andre Braugher the most.
I like to refer to Andre Braugher as the "TV Samuel L. Jackson." In other words, the black guy who shows up everywhere.
Mournergoing to be a biopic?. MournerAndre Braugher's playing him. Mournercrying.
And I thought that was the best way for me to participate, because standing...
I don't really like chocolate-dipped versions but makes me long for Andre Braugher as Sherlock Holmes.
Clark Harris with Andre Braugher - He came to see Romeo & Juliet by Classical Theater of Harlem
Captain Ray Holt saying "manscaping" in slow motion never gets old... Andre Braugher is perfection!!!
Capt. Ray Holt is an openly *** black man who is allowed to be emotionally honest & Andre Braugher plays him to perfection
Andre Braugher is by far the best character on His emotionless face makes me so happy.
Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer is an even worst waste of Andre Braugher. PS He should be one of the biggest stars.
Brooklyn Nine Nine on the other hand... Perfect use of Andre Braugher.
A while ago, put out the idea of Andre Braugher as Ahab, and it is something I desperately want.
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I always forget Andre Braugher is in The Mist. What a waste of Andre Braugher.
I could listen to Andre Braugher talk about Sex and the City forever.
I love Terry Crews and Andre Braugher on that show. It's got a good ensemble.
I don't think we appreciate enough the national treasure that is Andre Braugher.
"Our movie has Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Andre Braugher, but Matthew Broderick should be the star."
Andre Braugher is taking over my life.
.will guest star opposite Andre Braugher on this season:
ME TOO :) Everyone is so so funny. Andre Braugher. Terry Crews. Chelsea Peretti. JUST EVERYONE, FRANCESCO. :)
This episode of SVU I'm watching has Andre Braugher, Ed Asner and Mike Tyson. It's v. weird.
Nice to see Yaphet Kotto and Andre Braugher in Homicide: Life on the Street. From Alien and Brooklyn Nine Nine respectively
How accurate was the movie "The Court Martial of Jackie Robinson," starring Andre Braugher as Jackie?
Been years, so decided to get reaquainted with "Homicide: Life on the Street." Such amazing storytelling. And Andre Braugher, man!!
ok so had a dream with a visual I wanted to share. Andre Braugher was in a scifi movie and played a guy with...
Most interesting part of today's presser with HC Jim Caldwell: He deadpanned a "joke" like Andre Braugher in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
Tongue-twisters for the win. Caldwell also deadpanned a joke, Andre Braugher in Brooklyn Nine-Nine style today.
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It is very good. I'd watch Andre Braugher in anything and Andy Samberg won me over in 2secs flat.
André Braugher is the king, so get used to it.
WHere's the GIF of Andre Braugher saying HOT *** from Brooklyn 99?
I already own all the seasons of this with Andre Braugher in them, so moot point, but still -_-
Just how in the world has Andre Braugher never won an Emmy
YEESSS!!! CharlesDutton's performance is 2nd 2 NONE as well as & Andre Braugher. THIS FILM IS 5☆'s
Andre Braugher deserves a Nobel prize and nothing less
Stephanie Beatriz and Chelsea Perretti are amazing but Andre Braugher is TITANIC.
Its almost unfair how good Andre Braugher is in Brooklyn Nine Nine
is that the one with Andre Braugher?!
Andre Braugher, Eliza Dushku & Aldis Hodge in a cyberpunk film noir about the Voynich manuscript.
it's like Dennis Haysbert and Andre Braugher had a kid
JOSH! It's so great. I feel like Terry Crewes and Andre Braugher are in the roles they were born to play.
Oh how we've miss you and Andre Braugher will always be best supporting actor in our book!!
Looks pretty accurate to the comic. Hope they bring back Michael Ironside or Andre Braugher to provide the voice.
Vintage photo of John Mahoney and Andre Braugher in "Primal Fear" movie. - Ron
it was called "Men of a Certain Age" Scott Bakula, Ray Romano, and Andre Braugher. Totally ruined that song for me.
to congratulate Andre Braugher on his nomination for Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series!
Emmys exclusive: Which episodes are submitted by Andre Braugher ('Brooklyn ... - GoldDerby
Andre Braugher is brilliant, the best deadpan “straight man” in a cop thing since Leslie Nielsen.
It's funny how Captain Holt never emotes happiness & yet Andre Braugher has such a beautiful smile!
be more into that if she was reunited with Kyle secor or andre braugher. :)
andre braugher is always killing it :'DD
surprised I missed it. Usually check out everything Andre Braugher is in, like Men of a Certain Age was good.
You'd remember it if you watched. Andre Braugher, Scott Speedman heading a rogue crew on a nuclear submarine.
There should be a law that Andre Braugher will be the only person allowed to be the voice of Darkseid
"He's the mom of the precinct, whereas Andre Braugher is the dad." - on
James Spader, Andre Braugher and Vincent Dinafrio star in "Guys Who Should Be in More Movies, the Movie."
do you know Nancy Meyers? how come she doesn't have any PoC in her movies? It's like she's never heard of Andre Braugher
Andre Braugher Returns to Law and Order: Takes Benson to Dinner?! via
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it really is the purest expression of joy. Andre Braugher is killing it, as always
Lawyer Guy said me and Mommy have the same smile. Mommy and me tend to agree 😏
I cannot properly describe my love for Andre Braugher on His reaction to Diaz' thinking she was pregnant was brilliant.
Stoked about being renewed for a 3rd season. Tremendous show, & Andre Braugher is a comic revelation.
Andre Braugher deserves an Emmy just for how he said "VELVET...THUNDER!"
Question. Andre Braugher's line-reading on Great reading or GREATEST reading?
"Freebird" was featured in Duets, a karaoke movie with Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis. Arnold McCuller sang it, in place of Andre Braugher.
is one of the funniest shows on tv. Andre Braugher is hilarious.
Andre Braugher's Captain Holt on Bingpot, Velvet Thunder. A masterclass in comedic acting (and writing).
I desperately want it to come out that Andre Braugher ad-libbed that to try to break Samberg.
(I mean, he's also Andre Braugher so, badass)
Is it me or is Law & Order SVU getting weird? Where's Stabler? And Andre Braugher is always going to be Frank Pembleton to me.
Andre Braugher says "it's just a women's issue" for domestic violence and sexual assault.
Seeing Andre Braugher on Law and Order made me secretly hope for a SVU/Brooklyn Nine Nine crossover episode...
andre braugher is the most amazing part of your show. Omg rolling with laughter
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Andre Braugher is the funniest person on And that's saying something!
Andre Braugher is delivering a PANTHEON performance week in and week out on BROOKLYN 9-9. The best comedy creation since Ron Swanson.
even if you look like Andre braugher?
Can a family rewrite their past? Dann Florek and Andre Braugher returned to to find out.
LOL, this must refer to my beloved Andre Braugher, am I right?
Andre Braugher is so good in Brooklyn nine nine. Such a strong dramatic actor he brings gravitas to the best character in comedy
Captain Holt! star Andre Braugher is all smiles at
Who's ready to see Andre Braugher go head-to-head against Robert Sean Leonard?
Frequency is on Dennis Quaid/Jim Caviezel/Andre Braugher. Add'l goodnesss of Jordan Bridges (Rizzoli & Isles). LOVE!
Matthew Broderick, Oscar-winning Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Andre Braugher star in the absolutely superb Glory: 11:35pm on BBC2
Both him, Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher was great in that show. Last good show on TNT besides Southland.
He and Andre Braugher are so ridiculously good on that sitcom they're on/.
This is just to say that Andre Braugher & Maura Tierney (& Laura Linney!) in PRIMAL FEAR are all totally adorable.
Think about it, Andy Samberg as Rick Flagg, Terry Crewes as Deadshot, Joe Lo Truglio as Capt. Boomerang, Andre Braugher as Joker...
!!!“Idris Elba as Bond makes as much sense as Andre Braugher as Henry V. BTW, Braugher was fant…
Whoa, Kerry Washington, Andre Braugher and Laurence Fishburne are in the film! Alright now!
I added a video to a playlist Paul Giamatti and Andre Braugher perform 'Try a little Tenderness' from
It sure is man! Denzel, Morgan Freeman, Andre Braugher, Matthew Broderick, Cary Elwes, directed by Edward Zwick! **swoon**
Another great one. Also "Subway" in Season 6,with Vincent D'Onofrio (speaking of FMJ). And every moment of Andre Braugher ever.
Richard Belzer, Andre Braugher.. i LOVE Yaphet Kotto - that guy is so slick as captain Giancarrllo
nominations in just over 9 hours. Hoping to hear Andre Braugher, Matthew Rhys, Keri Russell and Tatiana Maslany's names called.
Fantasy picks for Christopher Judge or Andre Braugher as Apocalypse, Oded Fehr as Mr. Sinnister
Had such a wonderful birthday today. Thanks to everyone who took time out of their schedule to wish me birthday wishes. Thanks to my husband who spoiled me to day. We spent the entire day in New York. He took me to see the broadway show Cinderella. I was able to see Fran Dresher and Carlie Rae Jempson. And who of my fav actors Andre Braugher was just walking down the street. I had a great day. Thx babe Glenn D. Bradford. Love you!!!
CultureTV: Homicide: Life on the Street (1993-1999) Call it the precursor to David Simon's later more well-known series, The Wire, HOMICIDE was one of the grittiest cop shows to ever air on national network TV. It featured a fantastic group of actors including the award-winning Andre Braugher, Yaphet Kotto, future Oscar-winner Melissa Leo, Richard Belzer who would reprise this same role later on Law and Order:SVU, the great charactor actor Ned Beatty, Callie Thorne (later on Rescue Me and The Wire) and Giancarlo Esposito (the future Gus Fring of BB). And those were only the main actors. The guest spots (see below) includes a vast list of actors who would go on to bigger roles. Only the Law & Order franchise can claim more "before they were famous" actors. Definitely a worthy Netflix show if you like gritty police procedurals. Guest Actors: Lewis Black, Wilford Brimley, Steve Buscemi, Bruce Campbell, Joan Chen, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jeffrey Donovan, Tate Donovan, Charles Durning, Charles S. Dutton, Edie Falco ...
I would love Clarke Peters and Andre Braugher for
was really Andre Braugher in Homicide: Life on the Street. Detective Frank Pembleton. Detective John Munch was
In order to channel my thoughts about the Dunn verdict, I turned to the movie "Tuskegee Airmen" and a speech given by Andre Braugher's, as he portrayed Col. Benjamin O. Davis. From time mark 1:11:25, until 1:12:20, the sentiment that he echoed rings true especially in light of Saturday's event. The "pleasure" of being "American", shouldn't be reserved for when the chips are down. The notion of being "human" shouldn't be the exception, but the rule. As we raise our children to be responsible, law abiding citizens, how do we explain to them, that the system isn't designed to protect them? How do we instill national pride, when those who set the laws for the nation, ignore their concerns? What do we do to protect them--prey, vote, hope? What to do? What to do? I'm too much of a fighter to give up. It's not going to be easy. It's already not fair, but we owe it to our sons to do what we must. The struggle continues--NEVER forget.
"Cruisin'" is a 1979 single written, produced, and recorded by Smokey Robinson for Motown Records' Tamla label. One of Robinson's most successful singles outside of his work with The Miracles, "Cruisin'" hit on the Cash Box chart and was also a major Billboard Pop hit, peaking at It was a Top Five hit on the Soul chart as well. Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis performed a cover of the song in the 2000 film Duets. The song is included on the soundtrack of the film. The duet spent one week at number one on the Adult Contemporary chart.[ Duets is a 2000 American road trip film co-produced and directed by Bruce Paltrow and written by John Byrum. The motion picture features an ensemble cast co-starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Paul Giamatti, Maria Bello, Scott Speedman, Andre Braugher, Huey Lewis and Angie Dickinson, among others.[1] The movie "revolves around the little known world of karaoke competitions and the wayward characters who inhabit it."
To me, Dean Winters will always be Ryan O'Reily. I love Andre Braugher, Joe Lo Truglio, and Terry Crews on that show.
NBC Olympics big opening tease has won many Emmys & has been voiced by such greats as James Earl Jones, Ewan McGregor, Andre Braug…
Andre Braugher crying while watching Moneyball is the most amazing thing.He's the best part of 😂😂😂
I want to marry Andre Braugher and have all of the exquisitely deadpan babies.
I’d watch Andre Braugher read the phone book.
"Putting Prestige in Service of Comedy" by MIKE HALE via NYT
Andre Braugher watching 'Moneyball' on 'Brooklyn 99' was brilliant, this show is too good
I sincerely hope that someone got of GIF of Andre Braugher's character crying at on
Andre Braugher, long used to critically acclaimed but unsuccessful dramas, has found both laughs and luck with the comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”
aw yeah. Andre Braugher is the best (love his straight face) but also Terry Crews is hilarious
I find it oddly entertaining - even beyond the level I'm compelled to like it on account of Andre Braugher.
I watched. It was okay. I'm kind of meh on samburg but I love Andre Braugher so I'll try a few more eps
of best on tv. Andy Samberg, ,,and Andre Braugher
One of the funniest episodes of so far. Andre Braugher crying in a movie theater is one of the best things I've ever seen.
Andre Braugher is my favorite part of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Chelsea Perretti.
Andre Braugher moved to tears by Moneyball. Priceless.
I had no idea that Andre Braugher could pull off a comedy role so well
Oh, man. Andre Braugher talking about Moneyball killed me. Brilliant.
Andre Braugher in Brooklyn Nine Nine , moved to tears watching Moneyball.: "Statistical analysis.It's so beautiful." Fantastic. Though did remind me of Philip Seymour Hoffman as Art Howe.
I would listen to Andre Braugher read The Fountainhead and somehow it would STILL be a pleasant experience.
Loved Andre Braugher in Brooklyn Nine Nine crying at Moneyball: "Statistical's so beautiful."
it's coming into its own in such a nice way. And I love that they got Andre Braugher to do comedy.
"The statistical's so beautiful"- Andre Braugher crying as he explains why Moneyball is his favorite film.
*frantically requests .gif of Andre Braugher crying at moneyball*
Andre Braugher crying at Moneyball might be my new favorite moment.
How has Andre Braugher never done much comedy until now?
I like seeing Andre Braugher doing comedy.
May be crying laughing at Andre Braugher's love of Moneyball.
Andre Braugher deserves all the awards for Brooklyn 99.
Andre Braugher is a comedy powerhouse. I hope the Emmys acknowledge him this year.
Andre Braugher's character cried over the statistical analysis in Moneyball.
Andre Braugher is one of the best parts of the show.
“Oh my god, we’re doomed! Boyle looks like a *** ” - Andre Braugher, delivering like no other.
I swear Andre Braugher and must be long-lost twins. I mean, they look so alike.
Andre Braugher with the jokes tonight!
Y'all can pay attention to characters and plot but I'll just be over here in my bunk listening to Andre Braugher speak.
Terry Crews and Andre braugher keep it from Being unwatchable BARELY but Andy is not remotely funny and it's poorly written
I keep trying to like this show because I love Andre Braugher; but it's just not worth 30...
In which Jamey changes the name of the show to Brooklyn FINE FINE. "Terry Crews. FINE. Andre Braugher. FINE.”
I know, lol. He and Andre Braugher R comedy gold. Braugher's dead pan delivery leaves me in stitches & Samberg is just hilarious
Is andre braugher the first actor to have two shows in the post Superbowl time slot?
I love Andre Braugher. I'll have to watch this show - at least once.
Been watching since Day 1, love me some Andy Samberg and my mom adores Andre Braugher.
I watch it on Hulu, mainly for Terry Crews and Andre Braugher.
I still contend that Andre Braugher and are the same person.
And now Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Andre Braugher is great in this show.
I'm pretty sure it's safe. It got all those It's also got Andre Braugher, who is a national treasure.
If I ever watch Brooklyn 999 it will be because Andre Braugher.
Yep. I'll watch anything with Andre Braugher in it. ANYTHING. That man can act anyone off the screen.
OMG... is that really Andre Braugher in that incredibly unfunny sitcom? He is one of the most accomplished actors in the business. I think he is an amazing actor and now he is doing sitcoms? I guess it must be as tough to be an actor these days as it is to be a photographer.
Keep your TVs on for after the SB and New Girl! Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, and the guys who do Parks & Rec! It's awesome.
I didn't know that Andre Braugher was in Brooklyn Nine Nine but now that I do I want to watch it.
Tune into Brooklyn Nine Nine after the game! My cousin said so. Andre Braugher!
( WORLDSWAGG ) Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 1, episode 15: Operation: Broken Feather premieres tonight on FOX. Jake and Amy investigate a string of hotel robberies together, but Jake turns on her when he finds out she may leave the Nine-Nine to work in the Special Crimes unit with The Vulture . Meanwhile Captain Holt and Sergeant Jeffords strategize to make the precinct more efficient. FOX describes the series as follows: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a new single-camera ensemble comedy about what happens when a talented, but carefree, detective and his diverse group of colleagues get a new captain with a lot to prove. Detective JAKE PERALTA (Andy Samberg) is gifted enough that he’s never had to work too hard or follow the rules too closely. Perhaps because he has the best arrest record among his colleagues, he’s been enabled – if not indulged – throughout his entire career. That is, until the precinct gets a new commanding officer, Captain RAY HOLT (Andre Braugher). Captain Holt believe
we thought it would be dumb but it's actually funny and Andre braugher is deadpan, love it
I think Andre Braugher is one of the most underrated actors ever, but you still can't force me to watch more than 30 seconds of Brooklyn 99.
Every time I see Andre Braugher in anything other than Homicide, I assume he's thinking, "I'm a good actor - what the *** am I doing here?"
Brooklyn Nine Nine looks funny, but seeing Andre Braugher not being a great Baltimore detective is hard.
A very special Brooklyn Nine Nine tonight after the Super Bowl. Check out my interview with Terry Crews and Andre Braugher
This evening I watched the film "The hunt for Red October" for probably about the fifth time (it's a great film). And it's only tonight that I've discovered that the US sonar tech Jones was played by Courtney Vance. I've watched that movie five times thinking it was Andre Braugher. Bewildering.
Super Bowl Sunday February 2nd on FOX Sports Noon: ROAD TO THE SUPER BOWL Produced by Emmy Award-winning NFL Films, ROAD TO THE SUPER BOWL, narrated by Andre Braugher, features an inside look at the most unforgettable moments, greatest performances and most dominant teams of the 2013 NFL season. Beginning with the opening kickoff in Week 1 and continuing through the AFC and NFC Championship Games, ROAD TO THE SUPER BOWL captures the best of more than 100 players and coaches wired for sound, accented by NFL Films’ classic slow-motion footage. 1pm: FOOTBALL AMERICA: OUR STORIES Produced by NFL Films, FOOTBALL AMERICA: OUR STORIES is the culmination of a season long project built around the single question: “Why do we love football?” NFL Films gathered thousands of answers from fans across all walks of life, including familiar faces such as Whoopi Goldberg, Mark Harmon, LL Cool J, Rob Lowe, Joe Montana, Dr. Oz, Condoleezza Rice and Robin Roberts. In addition, more than 100 current and former NFL player ...
Twenty-one Super Sundays ago, Andre Braugher kicked off his episodic-TV career as hard-charging Baltimore Det. Frank Pembleton on Homicide: Life on the Street. The role would earn him his first of seven Emmy nominations — he has won twice, for Homicide and the FX miniseries Thief — and lead to gigs ...
City of Angels (1998) City of Angels is a 1998 American romantic fantasy drama film directed by Brad Silberling. The film stars Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan. Set in Los Angeles, California, the film is a very loose remake of Wim Wenders' 1987 German film Wings of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin), which was set in Berlin. Plot Seth (Nicolas Cage) is one of many angels who watch over humans and protect them in unseen ways. Seth's main responsibility is to appear to those who are close to death andguide them to the next life. As part of this task, Seth and one of his fellow angels, Cassiel (Andre Braugher), like to ask people what their favorite thing in life was. But despite their daily encounters, they appear to have trouble understanding human beings and their ways. While waiting to escort to the other world a man who will not survive heart surgery, Seth is impressed by the vigorous efforts of the surgeon, Maggie Rice (Meg Ryan), to try to save the ill-fated man's life and her sincere anguish at her failure ...
Today is Black History because Black History is 365 days a year: movies about Jackie Robinson I have heard of: THE JACKIE ROBINSON STORY with the real Jackie Robinson, THE COURT MARTIAL OF JACKIE ROBINSON with Andre Braugher, and 42: THE TRUE STORY OF AN AMERICAN LEGEND with Chadwick Boseman.
Andre Braugher on Transitioning from Drama to Comedy on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'
The crew of the U.S. ballistic submarine Colorado are ordered to fire nuclear missiles at Pakistan, both Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) and XO Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman) question the legitimacy of the order and are then attacked by another U.S. submarine. Left for dead on a remote island, they must clear their names and solve the mystery behind the attack.
No TV cop will ever top Andre Braugher's Frank Pembleton. Looking at you, Timothy Olyphant.
One of my all time favourite clips from the movie "Duets" Paul Giamatti and Andre Braugher rock "Try a little tenderness"
I watched the show Brooklyn 99, which one a few awards recently. Supposed to be hilarious. Not so much, however, Andre Braugher lost a butt load of weight and looks great.
What works on 'Brooklyn 99' is Andy Samberg and his chemistry with Andre Braugher. What doesn't work is literally every other character on the show. It's like after they wrote Jake and the Captain they plucked a bunch of supporting characters at random from a big bag of leftover sitcom characters with no regard to how well they would work together.
Andre Braugher holding these puppies the entire episode is SLAYING me.
A friend of mine just turned me on to Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I wasn't too sure about Andy Samberg until I saw him. He's just perfect with Andre Braugher. We binge-watched off her DVR. This is the funniest show since BBT. I also really love how they handled the captain being ***
I'm not saying the rest of last night's Brooklyn Nine-Nine wasn't good but I could watch a half hour of nothing but Andy Samberg doing Andre Braugher impressions and chest bumping Terry Crews and would be HIGHLY entertained.
I'm going to try that Brooklyn Nine-Nine that won the unexpected award. People's Choice? Golden Globe? Whatever, it's on in 3 minutes. I always liked Andre Braugher in Homicide.
Brooklyn 99 is so funny!! Watching all of the episodes!! Andre Braugher reminds me of Stephen Tyrone James!! So serious so cop!!!
A 'Must See' 1990 TV Movie: 'The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson' ~ Andre Braugher played Uncle Jackie~ His life in the US Army - before he signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Great movie!!!
Watching Glory - this movie gets to me every time. Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Andre Braugher, Matthew Broderick - just stellar!! Especially poignant on MLK day.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I want to live in a world where I can alternate out Anthony Hopkins, Andre Braugher, Liam Neeson, and Russell Crowe walk around with me and say things that I want said in their voices. :)
I was on pins and needles. Watching Law and Order. White girl accused Black man of rape. No DNA. Well... U had to see the episode... The short version, the one episode where the Black man survives the episode! Andre Braugher is a beast! Excellent lawyer... Dude was found not guilty! I am so happy! That's it for me. Night y'all.
Congrats to Andre Braugher for his NAACP Image Award nomination! This is his woo-hoo face.
While you're all still mad about Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Golden Globe win, I think it's about time to start an Emmy campaign for Andre Braugher.
I would love to see Andre Braugher and Walton Goggins work together.
Just walked on the lot for my audition and standing there is Andre Braugher next to my audition room. Do I stop to say hello or kill the audition... audition of Would have been nice if he were there when I finished but I'll just have to work with him on a project in the near future. & as always, great running into powerhouse actor Taja
Just ( tried ) to watch Fox's "comedy "Brooklyn Nine Nine.It was truly inane,which in itself is hardly surprising.What is surprising is that Andre Braugher of "Homicide.. Life on the Streets" would consider such a career move.I watched it because Braugher was in it, but his role of the new precinct captain was just stooge for the casts puerile humor.Avoid it like the plague.
Getting ready to settle down to watch 10,000 Black Men Named George. If you haven't seen it, it's the story of the unionizing of the Pullman Porters. It stars two of my favorite actors, Charles Dutton and Andre Braugher.
"Enlisted" is co-produced by & who did that TBS show in which Andre Braugher, Scott Bakula & Ray Romano knew each other
CATCH UP! Here are some new shows that are worth watching, and since they are only one or two seasons old, you should be able to find the first season(s) on Netflix, Hulu, or catch reruns as they appear this summer (or now, since the networks show re-runs during the holidays). The Blacklist - James Spader was great on Boston Legal and super great as regional manager Robert California on the last season of The Office, and he is great here, too. So are the writing, the stories, and the action. My favorite new show of the season. If you like Person of Interest (and you should) then this is for you. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Regardless of how you feel about Andy Samburg, the supporting characters, specifically Andre Braugher's strict *** police captain, make it worth watching. The show makes me laugh out loud really hard at least ten times per episode. Great writing, funny jokes, great characters. I wish they would make them faster. The Mindy Project - In it's second season, Mindy Kaling's comedy (she was Ke ...
Should watch "Poseidon" tonight, because NYE, Andre Braugher, and poor man's Matthew McConaughey Josh Lucas, all on a big overturned boat.
5 dramatic actors in TV comedy inspired by my fave Andre Braugher in via
Directed by Frank Pierson. With Troy Garity, Lee Pace, Andre Braugher, Shawn Hatosy. The true story of the price a young soldier paid for falling in love with a transsexual night-club performer.
20 Best Shows of 2013 (according to Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX): After all the innovations and tweaks and changes to the sitcom format over the past decade, when all is said and done, it comes down to the same thing: hilarious characters whose plights hit home, thrown in a setting with constant comic potential. On both of those scores, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” comes out of the gate swinging for the fences with an ensemble whose members are heavy on the zaniness but never stop being real characters. The show is grounded at the precinct's helm by Andre Braugher, who is en route to becoming for TV what Gene Hackman once was for film – that actor who is so real and earthy that his mere presence bolts a scene to the floor. Braugher also serves as an important counterweight to the jokey Samberg, giving the show a real balance and humanity among the laughs. And as with creator Mike Schur's other show, “Parks and Recreation,” the perfectly cast supporting crew becomes more interesting with each episo ...
With Yaphet Kotto and Andre Braugher, how did Homicide not win ALL the Emmys in the '90s?
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Kathy Griffin 2.0? (which means BK99 is Suddenly Susan, which means my beloved Andre Braugher is the despised Judd Nelson)
Didn't remember all of great character actors in this movie(Striking Distance) Brion James, Tom Sizemore, Andre Braugher, Dennis Farina, etc
I put it on mainly for Andre Braugher. Also the director went on to make "Black Dynamite".
Boy, is it! Who knew Andre Braugher was so funny. Just when I thought I could not like him more.
Looking forward to Andre Braugher convincingly saying, "My hair's a mess!" on the next
Watched some old SVU episodes today. Anyone else think Mariska has better chemistry with Andre Braugher than she had with Harry Connick, Jr?
Andre Braugher on SVU is awesome. He's the man.
Long blond hair vs. Andre Braugher? No offense, but I dream better than you. ;)
Last night I dreamt Andre Braugher was my sweetie. Then I woke up with a crappy headcold. Guess which was more fun.
I tried to get tickets to it with Andre Braugher but to no avail. I was DC when Liev did it. It's like I'm doomed to miss it.
I like to imagine that Andre Braugher is just plaing Det. Pembleton from "Homicide," but ***
Andre Braugher in best police captain character on TV ... EVER!
It was like The Office in a precinct. And I really loved seeing Andre Braugher in a comedic role. That deadpan delivery fit perfectly.
We get it in January. I'm glad it's good. I've always liked Andre Braugher.
30 years from now, in a perfect world, I will be as bad *** as Andre Braugher's character on Brooklyn Nine Nine.
My money would've been on Andre Braugher.
Montrezl Harrell dunk montage from . (I like the Andre Braugher cameo)
and Andre Braugher at the Upfront party in NYC.
Love Big Bang and watch Grey's sometimes with my girlfriend, she says I distract her. I like Andre Braugher, how's Brooklyn 99?
Lab results are in, and it's unequivocal. Andre Braugher has the best voice of all voices.
Way before The Wire there was Homicide: Life on the Street. It's all about Yaphet Kotto and Andre Braugher.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine is hilarious. Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher are brilliant!
I think Andre Braugher, Ray Romano, and Scott Bakula need to have group hug with each other, and plan on shooting...
One of my guests tonight said I sound like Andre Braugher. So I said "thanks...?" and just youtubed him to see who he was.
Oh and Glory was awesome. Denzel, Morgan Freeman, and Andre Braugher. That's like the Mt. Rushmore of black actors.
Hey I think we live in a post racial America 'cause so many white people like Andre Braugher.
It's rapid fire question time with & Andre Braugher from
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