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Anderson Silva

Anderson da Silva (born April 14, 1975) is a Brazilian mixed martial artist.

Daniel Cormier Michael Bisping Jon Jones Uriah Hall Derek Brunson Conor McGregor Carl Frampton Demetrious Johnson Dan Hardy Chris Weidman Chris Leben Jose Aldo Luke Rockhold Steven Seagal Nick Diaz Gegard Mousasi Dana White

Feel like playing some pool, having some drinks and watching Anderson Silva's possible last fight tonight 🤔
Poirier vs Miller will be fotn imo but can't wait to see Brunson KO Anderson Silva
sharing the latest from | Anderson Silva vs. Derek Brunson: Inside the Octago...
I cannot wait to watch Anderson Silva punch Derek Brunsons hairline back a couple more inches this weekend.
Anderson Silva is as motivated as ever to fight Derek Brunson | TONI...
Kenny Florian picks Anderson Silva to beat Derek Brunson. Miesha Tate agrees and also picks Anderson Silva to win at
Verafied: Anderson Silva returns this weekend. Here's the staredown.
Anderson Silva returns this weekend. Here's the staredown.
VIDEO: Anderson Silva and Derek Brunson square off at media day (Who ya got?
Anderson Silva: Conor McGregor is the best technical striker in the UFC.
We spoke about his last fight, him wanting to smash Jake Ellenberger at Tito Ortiz, what's it's like to fight Anderson Silva & more
Alex Morono is basically Anderson Silva with less melanin
IMO Anderson Silva should retire and allow fans to appreciate everything he has done for the sport of MMA.
IMO I can't see Anderson Silva fighting out a 15-fight contract. Nor do I have any interest in watching him fight another 15 times.
Anderson Silva and Korean Zombie fighting a week apart from each other? Is this 2009?
Anderson Silva explains why he wants to fight Conor McGregor (
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That face you make when somebody say Derek Brunson gonna beat Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva gives Ronda Rousey advice for comeback: ‘Choose better your opponents’
That's why Tito was never successful like a GSP or Anderson Silva or the Greatest in Conor McGregor, this is "Normal" to them.
Anderson Silva passed his prime and Jacare's fight is underwhelming, not really an exciting card
Can we have Derek Brunson fight Tim Boetsch and have Anderson Silva fight Jacare?
Anderson Silva: I'd take title shot in front of 'Jacare' Souza, but would vacate belt rather than fight him
Derek Brunson is no joke and a dangerous for Anderson Silva. Should be a fun fight none the less.
They coulda just done Anderson Silva vs. Tim Boetsch and booked Jacare vs. Brunson 2.
I'm ok with the shot at Trump but Joe Rogan once called Anderson Silva a "ballet of violence" so MMA is an art.
BJ Penn, Chuck Liddell, Anderson Silva, Matt Hughes, Royce Gracie.. Plenty more where that came from
I think both Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva are establishing...
Anderson Silva is watching this fight and considering adopting Cody Garbrandt.
Holloway joins Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Royce Gracie, GSP, and Demetrious Johnson as the only fighters to ever win 1…
Vitor Belfort named a list of opponents he'd like to face next including, Michael Bisping, Chris Weidman, Anderson Silva, a…
If I could explain Rico vs Badr fight to MMA Fans, its the Kickboxing equivalent of Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva. Must watch.
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The record is in reach. needs 1 more defense to tie Anderson Silva at 10.
That's 9th straight successful title defense. One more and he ties the record set by Anderson Silva.
Demetrious Johnson ties George St-Pierre for the 2nd most title defences in UFC history (9). Anderson Silva holds the all ti…
I'm tired of Demetrious Johnson just like I was tired of Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo TIME FOR A NEW CHAMPION & THAT TIM ELLIOTT
curran's defense reminds me of a prime Anderson Silva
ever noticed how Anderson Silva looks like Demarcus Ware?
Favorite/greatest fighters of all time to me . Anderson Silva. Jon Jones. Jose Aldo. Mighty mouse. GSP
or someone like Jose Aldo who was undefeated for 10 years or Anderson Silva even Jon Jones Connor isn't in there league yet
Gegard Mousasi likes either Anderson Silva or Luke Rockhold for his next fight as long as his next win guarantees him a 185l…
Remember when Anderson Silva was Champ and everyone talked about him boxing Roy Jones Jr, and every next guy had the formula to beat him 🤔
it's like when everyone debated Anderson Silva v Roy Jones. It's silly, but gives pundits something to talk about
Can we please stop this comparison of Mayweather and McGregor please? It makes no *** sense. This ain't Anderson Silva and Roy Jones Jr.
yeah he was.I never liked the cocky Brock lesnar...Anderson Silva...Connor McGregor was cocky as *** in 205
that's not true mate. Randy Couture Chuck Liddell GSP Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva and Ronda Rousey built the UFC ..
Then I thought it was Georges St Pierre. Then Anderson Silva. Then Brock Lesnar. Then Jon Jones. Then Ronda Rousey, but no.
Woow !!Roy Jones is ready to accept the challenge of Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva train Wing chun with Dan Inosanto via
Wonder boy is not today's Bruce Lee if anyone is a little close to Master Lee it is Anderson Silva .
Agree with GSP vs. Anderson Silva is the way to go. No thanks on GSP vs. Bisping.
Need ideas for an original 'cross over' painting. . eg. . Bruce Lee v Anderson Silva. Spider-Man v Deadpool . Tyson v Marciano . Of you go...
Esther Lin is the Fedor, Jon Jones & Anderson Silva of fight photography.
How does Conor McGregor's fine compare to Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz? (via
Demian Maia says his most desired rematch is Anderson Silva. Dan Hardy (jokingly) says he wants another go with Anthony Jo…
yeah that's very true. Anderson Silva used to rely on that. Plus, like Lineker, he no-sells shots well now.
Surprised that Anderson Silva has not been matched against Hector Lombard. Thought that was the main purpose for overpaying Hector
Aug28.2010. In his 1st fight since losing to Anderson Silva,. def. Mario Miranda by unanimous decision htt…
. Anderson Silva. Chuck Liddell. Demetrious Johnson. Pat Miletich. Fedor Emelianenko. (roughly off the top of my head)
Anderson Silva fans are the worst, they'll actually ignore their girl all night knowing *** well their hero isn't gonna wi…
just like they screwed over Nick Diaz when he fought Anderson Silva they screwed Nate over
This fat dude went from Anderson Silva to Mark Hunt & then to Roy Nelson LMFAO
Anderson Silva fights at 205 and 185, Nate isn't a 170 fighter either he never ran
I'd swap Joshua for Jon Jones or Anderson Silva n also no Mayweather?
" I am not the best , but I have the potential to be something great " -Anderson Silva
At least when Anderson Silva moved up to fight a guy with no chance (James Irvin) he knocked out a dude that was juiced in the first round.
reminds me of the Anderson Silva vs Demian Maia fight
The Church Of What's Happening Now is going live with and who is Anderson Silva's manager
Anyone chastising DC's performance against Anderson Silva would be first in line to mock him if ol' Andy had miraculously starched him.
Bellator promotes James Gallagher as the next "Conor McGregor" and Michael Page is half-Anderson Silva half-Terrell Owens.
Do me and yourself a favor Google after the fight. "Silver star Anderson Silva fashion show" you will not be sorry lol
the guy is a MAC truck. If he didn't overwhelm Hunt he shouldn't be allowed to fight in WWE. Anderson Silva gets props!
My five takeaways from . 1) Props to Anderson Silva and DC for fighting on short notice. It wasn't pretty but better than nothing.
It appears Mark Hunt, Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo are very interested in the press…
Daniel Cormier grinds out win vs. Anderson Silva at (via
Gained so much respect for Anderson Silva
Just watched the great Anderson Silva lose to a fat guy who just laid on top of him for 3 rounds with no action. This MMA s…
Daniel Cormier goes the distance with Anderson Silva, winning by unanimous decision.
Anderson Silva still gets a HUGE amount of respect for taking the fight tonight. .
Anderson Silva is a legend. He takes on the LHW champ on 2 days notice. Hurt him late. Lasted 3 rounds. No shame in that.
The balls on Anderson Silva though. 41 years old. Fights the LHW champ on 2 days' notice, fresh of gall bladder surgery.…
3 days ago, Anderson Silva was not on the card. Now he is fighting Daniel Cormier.
We are really about to watch Daniel Cormier face Anderson Silva at
Anderson Silva stepping in on 2 days notice is just incredible. What a hero. Nothing to prove, just wants to fight
Anderson Silva up next. Enjoy the best walkout in MMA. The rest may not be pretty.
I'd like to see Rumble Johnson punch Anderson Silva in the face
I still can't believe Anderson Silva is actually fighting tonight
Silva bailing out Jones left and right. Anderson Silva -- Comes to the Rescue Again ... For Fight After-Party!!
I'll always love Anderson Silva no matter how much he may pain me. I love him more for stepping up and giving DC a fight.
I can't wait to see Anderson Silva fight DC tomorrow night!!! That's what I'm most excited about.
UFC Fight Night 90 press conference video replay with Dana White, Anderson Silva, Eddie Alvarez, and more!
TRUE or FALSE: Anderson Silva, like Micheal Bisping and Eddie Alvarez, will be the next underdog to win big.
When Ain't no Sunshine drops on Saturday night,. it is going to be a special feeling for all those Anderson Silva fans…
Disappointed with the whole Jon Jones thing but Jesus did they pull it off. Anderson Silva vs Daniel Cormier is going to be so good!
I liked a video Anderson Silva is back. And fighting at UFC 200 against Daniel Cormier...
It's official fight fans Anderson Silva will step in to face Daniel Cormier (non-title bout) at
Anderson Silva will step in to fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 200, after Jon Jones' withdrawal.
Anderson Silva will fill in for Jones at UFC 200 (Yahoo Sports)
White: I think it’s an interesting, fun fight. Anderson Silva is undefeated at 205.
Anderson Silva in for Bones Jones.fair trade?
Anderson Silva on replacing Jon Jones at UFC 200: 'I haven't trained in a few months' via
Anderson Silva came through and just saved the day
Ten years ago folk would've said Anderson Silva destroys Daniel Cormier in a mMa fight, since then Anderson has got way mo…
UPDATED: Daniel Cormier to face Anderson Silva at UFC 200 in a non-title fight.
Dana White explains how Anderson Silva came to meet Daniel Cormier at UFC 200.
Well I didn't wake up and expect to see Anderson silva vs Cormier on the fight card 😳
White: Anderson Silva, Dan Henderson and Gegard Mousasi wanted to fight Cormier.
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"Jon Jones failed a drug test so Daniel Cormier is fighting Anderson Silva," is a sentence that is true. It's a true thing…
hey but at least Anderson Silva has stepped in to fight Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier will now face Anderson Silva tomorrow night at UFC 200
gotta talk about ufc 200 and your thoughts on Anderson Silva accepting the fight on 2 days notice
Anderson Silva steps up to face Daniel Cormier at
Win or lose, Anderson Silva is the greatest MMA fighter of all time. Taking Daniel Cormier on 24 hours notice at 205... bro...
Daniel Cormier to fight Anderson Silva at UFC 200 after removal of...
Daniel Cormier vs. Anderson Silva will be added to UFC 200. 3 round, light heavyweight fight. TMZ confirmed with UFC.
Anderson Silva steps in and takes on Daniel Cormier at UFC 200 -
Report: Anderson Silva to step in and fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 200?
Anderson Silva hopes Jon Jones 'doesn't get mad' he took his place at UFC 200
BREAKING: Anderson Silva will replace Jon Jones and fight Daniel Cormier at .
I don't care if Anderson Silva loses tomorrow night, that takes some balls to fight much bigger Cormier on two days notice…
Not a bad replacement that then Anderson Silva !
BREAKING: Daniel Cormier will fight Anderson Silva in place of Jon Jones at UFC 200.
They put in Anderson Silva instead, life doesn't suck anymore
confirms that Anderson Silva will face Daniel Cormier at in a light heavyweight bout.
Anderson Silva to fight Daniel Cormier at as replacement for Jon Jones
Chaos in Dallas, Anderson Silva's replacing Jon Jones, Jay Z just dropped a new song, I just ate a burger from Red Robin... This too much, b
The fight between Daniel Cormier and Anderson Silva will be contested at light heavyweight and it will be 3 rounds.
TMZ is reporting the final 3 candidates to replace Jon Jones & fight Cormier at UFC 200 are Gegard Mousasi, Anderson Silva a…
I'm guessing we will hear tonight who Cormier will fight. I do hope it is Anderson Silva.
Anderson Silva just posted this on Instagram, along with the caption, "Vegas here we come."
Combate is reporting it's Anderson Silva vs. Daniel Cormier. This fight has been discussed, though it's not quite officia…
Echoes of Daniel Cormier vs Anderson Silva @ are surfacing and filling the rumor mill.. Can the card be saved?
3 years ago today, KOd Anderson Silva at 162.
Anderson Silva joins the long list of fighters that want Michael Bisping next...
Imagine a world where Michael Bisping beats Anderson Silva, wins a world title, and then beats GSP. Insanity.
Anderson Silva is the most tested at 11, Meisha Tate and Dominick Cruz are next at 8.
gegard get the rematch with Uriah Hall ufc 200 or Anderson Silva or any top 10
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Donald Cerrone has the most finishes in UFC/WEC history with 15, passing Vitor Belfort, Nate Diaz, Urijah Faber and Anderson Silva.
Chael Sonnen: "Uriah Hall is going to fight Anderson Silva at UFC 200"...
Coach: It will be 'really hard' for Anderson Silva to make UFC 200...
that's the same thing Steven Seagal showed Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva practicing some Wing Chun drills with Dan Inosanto to expand his already great Martial Art repertoire.
Anderson Silva has gall bladder removed as Uriah Hall gets pulled from UFC 198 line up.
Uriah Hall had a full camp of preparation for Anderson Silva. Slightly different than Luke Rockhold.
Anderson Silva knocked out of Saturday's UFC 198 bout with Uriah Hall
Do you guys think the Uriah Hall and Anderson Silva fight will be rescheduled?
Anderson Silva vs Uriah Hall for the undercard 🔥👊
I liked a video from UFC 2: Anderson Silva vs Uriah Hall
Seriously...The G.O.A.T is Anderson Silva w a side dish of Jon Jones. Weidman just beat up all the old guys. Rockhold vs Souza???
Me neither. The whole thing makes me wonder what Anderson Silva, Steven Seagal and DMX talk about when they hang out.
I'm not that bad. Anderson Silva, Steven Seagal, and DMX are buddies. Silva walks out to DMX so I thought it was his song.
Brazilians are falling left right and centre anyway - Jose Aldo, Renan Barao, Anderson Silva...all greats but gone. . Fabricio next...👊🏽
My reaction to Anderson Silva pulling out of his fight
Per UFC statement, Anderson Silva's surgery to remove gall bladder was success and recovery time is estimated at 4-6 week…
Anderson Silva looked so ripped when he beat the *** out of Chris Leben. I'll never get tired of watching him destroy Chris in 49 seconds.
Anderson Silva out of UFC 198, could need surgery to remove gall bladder
BREAKING NEWS: Anderson Silva out of his fight against Uriah Hall. Reports say that he may need immediate surgery to remo…
Anderson Silva will not fight at and may need gall bladder surgery.
Anderson Silva out of due to possible gall bladder surgery
Anderson Silva is 0-3 (1 NC) since beating Stephan Bonnar in late 2012; he turned 41 in April ... It's not as if lost '07-'08 Silva
Hearing Uriah Hall describe his backstage moment with Anderson Silva before fighting Chris Leben is dope.
Next month will be the ten year anniversary of Anderson Silva absolutely mauling Chris Leben.
ironic that Herb Dean stopped Megan Anderson buzzer beater KO but not Anderson Silva buzzer beater KO
I liked a video Forrest Griffin talks about Anderson Silva fight
Steven Seagal, a 7th-dan black belt in Aikido, teaching some techniques to Anderson Silva!
Lots of MMA fans might think fighters like Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, and Anthony Pettis are elite strikers…..
it ain't Chicago but I'll add Anderson Silva and Roy Jones Jr. Losing.
Anderson Silva's leg break at 168 still makes me cringe over and over
Demetrious Johnson wants Anderson Silva's record more than Dominick Cruz's belt.
Johnson said he would be willing to fight at 135 against Cruz, but he wants Anderson Silva's record.
DJ's knees were reminiscent of the Anderson Silva beatdown of Rich Franklin.
The finish of vs. Ashley Cummins sorta resembled the end Rich Franklin/Anderson Silva.
no disrespect to Holm but she was no Anderson Silva, it was the right thing to do by not giving he a rematch
and uhhh Anderson Silva... Short list lol
Anderson Silva is taking KungFu Lessons to Prepare for next Bout.
Demetrious Johnson eyeing Anderson Silva's record for title...
Anderson Silva is the only reason needed to buy but the UFC stacked it anyways.
The greatest of all time in heavyweight is consedered to be Fedor Emelianenko and in middleweight it's Anderson Silva.
Should've just done Jones vs. Anderson Silva tbh.
Anderson Silva willing to drop to 170 if he gets shot at Conor McGregor
Anderson Silva takin' it to Maurice Greene. No, not that Anderson Silva. He is on tomorrow! http…
I added a video to a playlist Anderson Silva training with Steven Seagal
Anderson Silva vs Frank Mir would be fun and makes more sense then Hall lol
it's like having to pick . Chris Leben. Forrest Griffin. Stephen Bonner . vs. prime Anderson Silva. No good end
I honestly have to wonder why Conor McGregor is above Chris Weidman if Anderson Silva was considered the best of all time
What happens when you get overconfident. Guess no one learns from Anderson Silva's fight with Chris Weidman..
I still can't help but laugh every time I see a replay of Chris Weidman knockout Anderson Silva in the middle of him taunting
Some of these skinny dudes at the gym trying to kickbox are going to wind up wrapping their leg around the punching bag like Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman III at UFC 200, to open the pay-per-view.
Luke Rockhold talks his rematch with Chris Weidman, fighting Anderson Silva and Jon Jones..
Shane is learning jiu jitsu from Renzo Gracie. His show boating is Anderson Silva-esc. Taker should study Chris Weidman.
Uncle Bobby is Anderson Silva striking accuracy like in his typos Joe
I think a good heel turn for Anderson Silva would pull him out of the funk that he's in. Chris Leben fight type heel.
Anderson Silva will fight in front of a home crowd as he gets Uriah Hall at
Both Uriah Hall and Anderson Silva have murdered Chris Leben, Anderson much more so. Who wins this fight in Brazil?
Anderson Silva is coming back. He has nothing left to prove in the ring. He has done enough. Don't Chuck Liddell your career 😩🙏🏼
Anderson Silva vs. Uriah Hall official for UFC 198 May 14 in Brazil
Would like to see Anderson Silva vs Uriah Hall, hoping it happens
Anderson Silva vs. Uriah Hall in Works for UFC 198 in Brazil
Anderson Silva expected to return at UFC 198 against Uriah Hall
Repost from - Anderson Silva vs Uriah Hall is being targeted for UFC 198 in Curt…
Anderson Silva vs. Uriah Hall doesn’t seem to make sense. But that’s kind of why I like it. Also, UFC 198 is looking sta…
Mar16.2003. Anderson Silva makes a statement to the MMA world,. when he knocks out Carlos Newton with a flying knee ht…
Tim Kennedy got quite the diss in on Anderson Silva & Vitor Belfort.
Would you like to see. Anderson Silva vs Georges St. Pierre at UFC 200?. There are GSP rumours. Silva needs a fight
Anderson Silva is our generation Bruce Lee in my book. Even though he was cheated out of his last fight... He...
you could easily our Bruce Lee. Bearing in mind we have had Bruce Lee and Anderson Silva. Get your mind right and your belt back
are you fan of mma ? are you fan of Connor McGregor or Diaz brothers, Anderson Silva ?
Meh, I'd say Anderson Silva was more Jordan-like. Jones would be closer to a Lebron.. imo..
UFC loves the whole "falling from grace" story.. From Brock Lesnar to Jon Jones to Anderson Silva to Rhonda...
moral of tonight: don't pull an Anderson Silva. you will lose. and Holly need to let it go. meisha won.but rhonda owns her.
Who wore it better, Anderson Silva or Sycho Sid?
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Just like Anderson Silva couldn't lose or Fedor Emelianenko or Lyoto Machida?
Mar1.2008. Anderson Silva unifies the PRIDE & UFC Middleweight titles,. when he submits Dan Henderson at UFC 82 https:…
Jon Jones still sees greatness in Anderson Silva after latest loss
Jon Jones wants Anderson Silva to keep fighting: "He still has it"...
Jon Jones believes if Anderson Silva would have stayed aggressive, he would have won.
UFC should've kept Fabio Maldonado to do Anderson Silva vs. Maldonado.
I don't understand people who fight with their glasses on??? This man thinks he's Anderson Silva gonna Bob and weave forever
Anderson Silva blames corruption for Michael Bisping loss at UFC Fight Night 84
VIDEO | Chael Sonnen weighs in on Michael Bisping vs. Anderson Silva | UFC Fight News...
Last night i was watchin with ma dad we was waitin for one fight Michael Bisping vs Anderson Silva what the *** silva should of won
WOR: Anderson Silva vs. Michael Bisping, death of Eddie Einhorn, tons of weekend news!
Amazing, Michael Bisping gets back up. to defeat Anderson Silva at 👊.
Here's what had to say about Michael Bisping's win over Anderson Silva. .
If you think Anderson Silva got screwed by anyone other than himself in that fight, you're out of your mind.
I don't see how Anderson Silva didn't kill Mike Bisbing
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I am the biggest Anderson Silva mark on the planet and I scored the fight for Mike Bisping. Andy was super passive.
In front of a hometown crowd Michael Bisping defeats Anderson Silva by unanimous decision in London.
a_bull: Yes Mike bisping!!! When's the last time Anderson Silva has been in normal fight!
Anderson Silva vs Mike Bisping LIVE from The 02 in London on
Only two men have beaten Anderson Silva in the UFC over the past 10 years: Weidman and Bisping. Who woulda thunk it?
Carl Frampton wins and Anderson Silva looses... Woah what a night!
Michael Bisping beat Anderson Silva and the Carl Frampton beat Scott Quigg to top of a great evening. Get in there!
I backed Anderson Silva by decision and Carl Frampton by Unanimous Decision. How did either lose, let alone both?
Anderson Silva is my favorite fighter of all time. Bummed to see him lose, but got a laugh out of seeing clown Andy on full display again.
Tbf, beating Anderson Silva is pretty much up there with Andy Murray winning Grand Slams at tennis! 👍🏻🏆
This is the 1st time in 16 years that Anderson Silva has lost by a decision
Anderson Silva, what an absolute fruitcake, so entertaining to watch
Anderson Silva closes the round with a HUGE knee!
Anderson Silva is about to fight and nobody is talking about it..
Is it wrong to want to punch anyone that boos Anderson Silva in the throat?
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Anderson Silva popped for steroids and he's fighting before Nick Diaz.
Gegard Mousasi, Anderson Silva and Carl Frampton wins please and thanks
Will be watching Carl Frampton vs Scott Quigg and Michael Bisping vs Anderson Silva at the same time
Anderson Silva by TKO. Carl Frampton by decision. Leo Santa Cruz by decision . Terrance Crawford by TKO.
Anderson Silva will be ready for tonight!
George Saint Pierre... Anderson Silva... Matt Serra.. Chuck Liddell... that's real ufc. bring it back.
Carl Frampton a Different Class to Quigg..Frampton to Win..Anderson Silva to Win @ as Well
I liked Michael Bisping until he fought Anderson Silva.
Anderson Silva was listening to Carl Thomas and Donnell Jones while training. He either gonna kill Bisbing or tear a ACL from crying
It's nearly time for Anderson Silva vs Michael Bisping!
Michael Bisping goes off on Anderson Silva during weigh in
Anderson Silva mocks 'unskilled' Bisping for accidentally kicking coach in face...
I miss the days when everyone would jump down my throat for pointing out flaws in Anderson Silva.
A subscription to is a must have this week. You do not want to miss Anderson Silva's return fight
Awesome photo of with the legend Anderson Silva! . Read our piece with him:.
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Although Luke Rockhold is my favorite fighter, I miss the Anderson Silva era.
& LIKE if you think Michael Bisping gets the win over Anderson Silva at
Anderson Silva's London legacy: Anderson Silva’s evolution into an all-time great wouldn't have happened witho...
Dana White Looking for a Fight and "I won't bow down to no man" Anderson Silva promos on FightPass, over and over and over and over and over
Anderson Silva just playing with his opponents 🔥
Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Joe Louis, GSP, Anderson Silva, Randy Couture and then there is Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000.
Listen to Anderson Silva's manager asks Michael Bisping for a favor... by SiriusXM Rush on
Michael Bisping takes shot at Anderson Silva on Instagram
[VIDEO] MUST SEE! Michael Bisping surprises fans who pick Anderson Silva to win...
Anderson Silva takes a shot at Michael Bisping
Anderson Silva posted this video on Instagram today. A little dig at Michael Bisping.
After watching a highlight real I'm convinced he is white Anderson Silva in his prime.
Anderson Silva: I think both Jose Aldo and Rafael dos Anjos can beat Conor McGregor
Anderson Silva rolling with one of the pillars of the 80's/90's BJJ scene
I love Anderson Silva but how does Nick Diaz get a 5 year suspension for marijuana and Silva 1 year for steroids?
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Michael Bisping has to be separated from Anderson Silva after asking him if he can get an erection:
For years,. Anderson Silva's opponents seemed psychologically intimidated by him. Nick Diaz did not care.
IMO Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter of all time. . What do you think?. -Jesse
"New to the UFC? ... gives a brief history of Anderson Silva:
Anderson Silva profile: MMA expert Dan Hardy on the UFC legend ahead of Fight Night London
Anderson Silva profile: expert takes a look at the legend ahead of
. tells the story of Anderson Silva ahead of via
New to the UFC? Living under a rock? gives a brief history of Anderson Silva:
So at UFC 197 on Feb 27 . Anderson Silva will be fighting Micael Bisping . And Jon Jones will be fighting Daniel Cornier for the Belt.⚡️🔥⚡️
Just sitting here's really 2 bad we didn't get 2 see Rickson Gracie vs Anderson Silva, or Rickson Gracie vs Fedor Emalienenko
anderson is my top 3 people of all time who i would love to meet! Manny paquiao,Anderson Silva,Clint Eastwood
Luke Rockhold "very interested" in potential showdown with Anderson Silva.
Luke Rockhold: 'It would be an honor to beat up' Anderson Silva
Luke Rockhold 'very interested' in potential showdown with Anderson Silva
Morning Report: Luke Rockhold says 'it would be an honor' to beat up Anderson Silva via
.now has 3rd most KOs in UFC history behind only Vitor Belfort & Anderson Silva. More FOX 18 facts: https:…
Didn't Anderson Silva lose to Ryo Chonan with a quick tap from a heel hook? It's a single loss. He'll recover.
my favorites are in order Hendo, Rampage, Wanderlei, Couture and Anderson Silva are my top 5. Also Clay Guida and Cerrone
If it wasn't for Anderson Silva, GSP, ,, and others YOU would be
Ronaldo (the real one), Shaq, Iverson, Zidane, Randy Moss, Anderson Silva. These are all dudes that completely just dominated at one point
Michael Bisping takes aim at Anderson Silva for positive drug test excuse
Anderson Silva wants to regain UFC Middleweight title, but is Dana White listening?
Do you think Anderson Silva will fight for the UFC Middleweight title in 2016?
Congratulations you've officially written the dumbest article I've ever read, in my life.
Bowling... Feel like I went 3 rounds with Anderson silva
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