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Anderson County

Anderson County is a county located in the U.S. state of Texas. As of the 2010 census, the population was 58,458. Its county seat is Palestine.

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Tennessee Commissioner Zach Bates of is running for Anderson County Mayor. Donate Now:
Hey, Steele County, take a look at this photo sent to us by James Anderson of Owatonna. Yep, it's a photo taken of...
From the inbox: Why are all the good looking girls in Anderson County either married or *** Us single guys have to go outside of the county to find someone and that is sad.
Anderson County animal control officers are seizing about 100 animals from a rescue organization on Hamlin Road.
Candidate for Anderson County Mayor. Anderson County Commissioner since 2010. Oldest son of of Gil & Kelly Bates from 'United Bates of America' on
Sean Muserallo reports from Anderson County just outside of Easley off Hwy 8 in the stormy weather.
About 100 malnourished and sick dogs and cats were seized Wednesday from an Anderson County animal-rescue group whose operator now faces charges of cruelty, according to investigators.
Anderson County authorities have seized over 100 dogs from a rescue group in Easley.
This is an official redneck mom and dad call out. This man has been driving up and down our rial roads trying to cox young children in his truck. Off acr 2101 and adjoining roads. He is driving a white crew truck and works for a local oilfield company in palestine. I call out to you please come and set on cr 2101 tomorrow at 5 pm and let's show our love for ours and our neighbors children. The Anderson county sheriffs department apparently are not concerned with our children's well being and would instead rather investigate a homicide. I ask you to come sit ont the side of this rual road and show them that children matter. ( and we love our children). This is not the response they expect. They expect a parent to do their job. Catch and punish this man so all they have to do is lock an innocent person up for protecting their children from a predator. I plead for a community response lets show this predator we all have eyes out and show the law and this low life that we will stand together and pr ...
Goode luck to the ANDERSON COUNTY WRESTLING team.Safe travels to them and everyone going to support them!!!
So, property values are more important than the needs of a disabled child?
Parents: We know that you all should of received a pink slip from McLees Academy of Leadership to help synergize with 2nd grade and send in donations for The Anderson County PAWS animal shelter. In addition to the items listed on the sheet, the PTO would like to help by bringing in dog food for the 100 starving dogs that were pulled from a rescue group last night! The PTO will give free ice cream to the class that brings in the most dog food! Help us show support to our local PAWS!
its hard to believe exactly a year ago anderson county lost a very good person! but god gained an angel! In Memory of Shelby Belle your very missed! i never really met you in person but we went to the same school
Shared via Anderson County Interagency Coalition Boys & Girls Clubs of the Clinch Valley Be sure to join us next Tuesday for our Chili Supper $5 admission All you can eat!
UPDATE: CHILD IN CAR SAFE! He was headed our way (Anderson County). Let's look out for 03-04 black Dodge Neon jacked up mirror missing on passenger side. Call 911 and keep a sharp eye on him. Coward is described as 5' 7" Blond nasty hair with scruffy facial hair, black pants, black shirt G0892U Tag
I heard on radio a 2004 Dodge Neon that is black was taken with 4 month old baby in back. It happened on Merchants Rd. He was last seen headed into Anderson County. What is wrong with people? Prayers for this baby.
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Attending KNET public forum for the local Anderson County candidates. Great turnout.
Good luck today to Anderson County Wrestling as they head to the state tournament today!!!
Anderson County people keep an eye out for a Black Dodge Neon 2004. Last seen on 75 at mile marker 123. Call 912 if you see it there's a 4 month a baby inside this stolen car.
HEY! keep an eye out for black dodge neon 4 door car. stolen G089TQ i think. baby n back seat. merchants road and tillery weigals car stolen. last seen maybe at mile marker 123 n anderson county on I 75 going north. right now. happened at 630 am. WATCH!
Dear Anderson County Road commissioners, i as a Anderson County resident pay my taxes every year, which are ridiculously high i might add.. Our roads are crap.. There's potholes everywhere and my car is now starting to rattle because ive hit so many of them.. You expect me to do my job and pay taxes... I expect you to do your job and fix these *** roads...
Anderson County PAWS took in about 100 dogs from a rescue group for lack of care and "improper feeding," according to officials.
Severe Thunderstorm Watch for Abbeville, Anderson, Cherokee, Greenville and Greenwood County in SC until 2:00pm.
The worst of the storm is now over for all of NE Georgia, Oconee, Pickens and western Anderson county, western...
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Abbeville, Anderson, Greenville, Laurens, Pickens and Spartanburg County in SC until 7:00am EST.
SPSGSP from 2/21/2014 5:51 AM to 6:45 AM EST for Anderson County, Greenville County, Spartanbur... Read more at
SPSGSP from 2/21/2014 4:39 AM to 5:45 AM EST for Rabun County, Anderson County, Habersham Count... Read more at
Rescue owner arrested and charged after 100 dogs were seized in Anderson County: Sheila Cole of the Anderson C...
This day in Motoring History on Feb 19 1866 Mary Anderson, inventor of the windshield wiper was born in Greene County, Alabama.
*** marriage in Oregon: Multnomah County leaders will await judge's ruling ... - The Oregonian
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Anderson, Blount, Campbell, Claiborne, Grainger, Hamblen and Jefferson County in TN until 2:45am EST.
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Anderson, Campbell, Knox, Loudon, Morgan and Roane County in TN until 2:00am EST.
Can anyone tell me what the weather is like in Anderson County? ?
And the storms begin in Anderson County
ACSO: SWAT team responds to scene of burglary: The Anderson County SWAT team was on the scene of a suspected b...
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Anderson, Campbell, Claiborne, Morgan, Roane and Scott County in TN until 1:15am EST.
Wate just posted a tornado watch for Anderson county got friends in Nashville and they are getting hammered from this storm be safe
Great. Anderson County is under a tornado watch. I'm kind of trippin' about this. I had a nightmare about being caught in a tornado 12 hours ago. -_-
If anyone can donate to Anderson County PAWS please do so..News papers, dog food, soup, Vitamins ...They are holding over 100 new dogs from the seizure..
BACK FROM ATLANTA AT 10:20. GOT STUCK IN TRAFFIC BECAUSE OF SOMEONE AHEAD OF US INVOLVED IN TRAFFIC ACCIDENT. We sat there for about an hour. Jim got a good report of the eye problem. We had a great time of it though. I met an old marine that had served in WW2 in the Pacific Islands and the Korean War too! He is a black guy originally from Ohio. He noticed my Anderson County Veterans Association cap and started the conservation. He was a very nice fellow to talk with. Said he was 90 years old, but he sure didn't look it at all. Also he is a retired Methodist preacher. He lives in Atlanta now. His son was with him and he was a nice fellow too! We finally got out of Emory Eye Clinic at 7PM. Ate dinner in Atlanta and it sure was a good one. I enjoyed the trip with my good friend Jim Brock!! I'll bet we talked about you while we were traveling!!
Where can I find house listings online ? Looking for rent or preferably rent to own in Anderson County. Ready to move.
We have had two Anderson County children commit suicide in the past week.. Someone needs to pray and pray hard for our children! ask your churches to pray! thanks
Anybody know what's going on near williamston? Met a ambulance and a bunch Anderson county cops
Just watched a breaking news story from Anderson County, SC, about a woman that was "rescuing" aka, abusing and hoarding dogs, as many as 90. We got our Sam-ah-lambah there and I recognized the crazy woman that we "adopted" him from...Remember, she said she thought the mother was a corgi. Glad she is now in jail and Sammy is snug as a bug in our home.
On my way down to Anderson County to see the Lafayette Lady Generals play. Go Lady Generals!!
Anderson County girls thaw in time to beat Oak Ridge: Anderson County High School shook off the rust ...
Orian Announces Expansion At Anderson County Facility $13 Million Investment Expected To Create 125 New Jobs COLUMBIA, S.C. – Anderson County is slated to see an influx of 125 jobs in 2014 as Orian Rugs, a family owned manufacturer of machine woven area rugs, announces a $13 million expansion at its South Carolina facility. The $13 million expansion adds to the bustling growth Orian has experienced at their Anderson County headquarters over the past 35 years. Since Orian’s opening in 1979, the company has acquired three sister companies, McThree Carpets and Bajong Carpets, both in Belgium, and Sofiteks in Turkey. Additionally, Orian has grown into a 550,000-square-foot, state–of-the-art facility, with 500 employees in Anderson prior to the expansion with operations on a global business level. The Coordinating Council for Economic Development approved job development credits for the project. QUOTES “Orian is excited to announce this additional investment in our Anderson, SC manufacturing facility. ...
Anderson County committee meetings canceled Tuesday for public works and interment groups.
Anderson County girl with autism crowned homecoming queen
Anderson folks...the puppy mill ordinance passed tonight. It is a start! Be sure to write and thank the following council persons for supporting it. Tommy Dunn, Tom Allen, Gracie Floyd, and Ken Waters. Mr.Crowder was not present. Well done, Anderson County! Well done.
The Anderson county council passed their dog breeder regulation ordinance. The ordinance does have issues but the Clemson Kennel Club and the SC Agcom co-op was able to protect the AKC, UKC, and hobby breeders with less than 6 breeding females. The breeder who do not fall into these categories will be required to be inspected by Animal Control to be able to sell. Even though the bad breeder problem was handle by the Anderson County sherif's department. Tom Allen was determined to make a law needed or not. He is the representative in my district so don't worry the election is just around the corner.
Clinton city judge running for Anderson County chancellor:
Clinton city judge running for Anderson County chancellor
Schools in Anderson County (including Clinton) and Knox County will be CLOSED on Thursday, January 30th.
We just could not go another day without giving our friends a sneak peak at our restored 1893 Ames One Horse Buggy. This buggy will be included in Phase III of our Routes of History Exhibit but it may make an appearance out in the Fred Whitten Gallery way before the fall of 2015! We are so excited to share these pictures and the below provenance of the buggy. Isn't it a beauty? We are naming her Amy Hall after the first owners of the buggy (Hall) and the Ames Company that made the buggy (Amy.) Let us know what you think. The1893 Ames One Horse Drawn Buggy with ¾ canopy was used for special occasions by the first owners Orien Lent Hall and his wife Susie May Brown Hall. The Hall Farm was first established in Anderson County, South Carolina by Postell Cater Hall in early 1800s with three generations living on the farm. Postell Hall was a confederate veteran who surrendered with other Anderson men at Appomattox, Virginia in April 1865. Frederick A. Ames (sometimes spelled Frederic) was born in 1865 in Washi ...
Police officer does his job. Goes out makes an arrest and then sits and waits for the district attorney to prosecute it. Several years go by and the officer has moved on and no longer working for Palestine PD so guess what happens to the case? That's right. It's dismissed because no one can contact the officer to return to Palestine and testify. This scenario plays out on a routine basis in Anderson County. It's time for a change so elect Allyson Mitchell for Anderson County District attorney. It's time to support the prosecution of crime and the hard work that law enforcement do only to have that hard work thrown away!
Ballard boys, Anderson County girls top Associated Press high school basketball polls.
I hope they close Anderson county schools on Tuesday
As the cold weather is expected to continue Monday, Anderson County Emergency Services plans to open a shelter for people who think their living arrangements may not be able to take single-digit temperatures.
Lots of sirens popping off down here by my house in Anderson, Shasta County, California.
The first known photograph of a tornado was taken in Anderson County, Kansas.
Now just snow in Anderson County. Have seen 3 different salt trucks pass 5 mins. They are all over the place.
Just arrived in Anderson County near Norris. No snow yet but a working TDOT salt truck did pass by.
It's snowing here in Anderson County! Please be safe if you have to get out!
Anderson County EMS & Special Operations As the single digit temperatures and possible below zero wind chills approach tomorrow night, please don't forget your pets and service animals. Weather extremes not only can hurt and kill people, but our animals as well.
I'm gonna laugh when Spartanburg and Anderson has no school but greenville county does
Does anyone in Anderson county are happen to have a cheap washer they don t need?My mother's is broken and I cannot afford a new one for her but maybe a cheap older one.
It's really nice that my community is able to provide this for working parents. I know as a nurse with a husband as a paramedic, we won't be able to call in when school is cancelled. I hope they're still able to provide this for people once my little bean makes it to school. Good job Anderson County! If only we could erase that whole beard eating incident from the media...
The Madison County Community Health Centers in Anderson and Elwood will be closed tomorrow. Patients with an...
Due to the forecasted record cold temperature Monday night, Anderson County along with other partners will be...
Anderson County teacher in-service day cancelled, Hawkins Co. schools closed
Somewhere in Anderson County:. "See how cold it is? Told you global warming was a scam."
Reminder: Anderson County Schools offers child care for all 1st - 5th grade Anderson County students on days when school is scheduled to not be in session and on snow days. Follow the link below for information.
According to Todd Anderson, Gasconade County R1 athletic director, tomorrow night's girls basketball games...
Anderson County inservice canceled tomorrow! Just got the sky alert!
To all my Anderson County Schools family. No inservice tomorrow. I just got the call. :) YEA!!!   10% Off
It's funny that Anderson County kids don't know that tomorrow is an inservice day.. 😳😳😳
Knox county closed before Blount, Anderson, Sevier and Jefferson!? Is this real life!?
Does Anderson county schools start back tuesday?
“I just don't understand how I'm still I'm highschool” well by high decree of Anderson County thy masters sayeth so.
Everyone in Houston County leave your water hose on tonight and we will freeze all the ground so no one can drive preci…
Due to the extreme weather conditions, the Madison County Community Health Centers in both Anderson and Elwood...
No School for Anderson County tomorrow 1-06-2014
Anderson County, Elizabethtown girls share No. 1 spot in Dave Cantrall basketball ratings:
All the schools in Knox County Anderson County and the Tri Counties already closing... watch I have to carry by black *** to school tomorrow
Schools for Anderson County closed tomorrow. Too bad weather is a factor.
Just got a phone call no school in Anderson County towmarrow on are first day back. Thank you God
Schools in Ottawa...actually most of Franklin and Anderson County will be closed tomorrow. That means the office will not be open. If you have concerns please contact Pastor Barb Clinger. Stay in and stay warm.
Classes have been cancelled for both Anderson County and Crest schools for Monday, January 6th.
idk? Anderson County was closed but I don't know if Franklin County is! I hope it's cancelled!!
There is no school in Anderson County on Monday
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it's canceled for Anderson county to
When Anderson County Schools are closed due to weather, the children programs at APL will be cancelled..
Anderson County schools closed tomorrow. Jas was so ready to go back. So was mom.. lol
No school tomorrow for Anderson County students. Enjoy the extra day off!
County is Wednesday,Friday,and Saturday afternoon. Games are Wednesday and Friday @ anderson, Saturday not at Anderson bc of girls game.
Anderson county schools are closed tomorrow.
Lafayette Girls up to 5 in latest Cantrall Ratings
The Anderson County Genealogical Society will meet tomorrow night, Monday, January 6 at 7:00 pm at Senior Solutions. Dr. Tim Drake will be speaking on 'How to Date Historical Structures from the Building Materials and Techniques Used." Dr. Drake will provide various examples and artifacts as part of his demonstration. Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night at 7:00 pm! Kay Burns
Per John Anderson of Tazewell County, IDOT has closed Rt. 17 in Lacon.
Acting Tazewell County Highwat Engineer John Anderson said the "big thing is we've got to have them ready for tomorrow." (2/2)
Bitcoin Anderson County Commissioners to meet Friday, Images you can . Watch Hot Girls at
Madison County under travel watch: Anderson and Madison County officials are in full battle mode ...
According to Charlie Nicholas on yesterday, County sub O'Halloran beat Anderson to pass to Carey for our goal?!
should start telling broad and Anderson this is the field I am setting like it or county cricket awaits
Of Anderson County has school Tuesday I will cry.
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Anderson county gets out for a snowflake
Anderson County better get out Tuesday. I'm not wanting to go to school and freeze to death,nu-uh.
When does Anderson county have school???
Can students from Anderson County attend? Am thinking they are considered in the Frankfort area. Thanks!
Meet Charlie Clark ... we got him from the Anderson county animal shelter. . He's a two year old lab mix.. great dog... want to encourage you if you're ever looking for a great dog...instead of paying hundreds of dollars to buy a pure breed check out your local animal shelter... he's my $65 pound puppy... Anderson county alone takes in 45 animals each DAY! just a thought
Everyone Welcome our First Vendor for Anderson County Kickoff!! Mary and Taylor Nesmith will be at our event. Custom Wreaths and we are so happy to have them!! Like their items, show them some love :)
Watch for new upcoming listing in Western Anderson County--56 acres, some pasture, barn, mostly wooded, log cabin.
Anderson County Sheriff, Fire and EMS - Palmetto P25 Live Audio Feed on
Anderson county sheriff deputies are morons
Anderson County Library has 569 books on Goodreads, and is currently reading The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh and Daring Greatly: How the C...
Anderson County Fire and EMS, Claxton Fire, and Clinton Fire/EMS Live Audio Feed on
A teen is missing from Anderson County on Thursday and the sheriff&office is asking the public for help locating her.
Does anyone know when Anderson county schools registration is ??
Lmao got put out of Anderson county court house but i got to see the love pf my life hold on baby its almost over
A teenage girl was fatally electrocuted outside her home on Christopher Lane in Anderson County Thursday night, according to Anderson County Coroner Greg Shore.
Elkhart family welcomes first baby of 2014 in Anderson County
NEEDING SOMEONE IN THE ANDERSON COUNTY! I HAVE NO ONE SELLING HERE AND AM HAVING A LOT OF ORDERS AND CANT BE IN 2 PLACES AT ONCE.. I NEED SOMEONE WHO IS WILLING TO GO OUT AND ABOUT AND SELL PAPARAZZI AND MAKE MONEY. ALL products $5.00. It appeals to all age groups. I have customers from small babies wearing our starlet shimmer line, to my granny's in the nursing home asking me to bring Paparazzi when I visit! We have many styles for all different tastes.. EVERYONE can afford it! No catalogs or waiting to receive products.. CASH and CARRY ALWAYS!! Paparazzi jewelry and hair accessories sell themselves.. Say the price and watch the items disappear! This company keeps up with all the latest styles and trends, so there is ALWAYS something new coming out! You will NOT have the same catalog as everyone selling on your street! Paparazzi is DIFFERENT! All consultant have different inventories based on when they order, what they order, and how much they order! So we don't compete with each other! Paparazzi sells A ...
Anderson County Circuit, General Sessions, and Juvenile Court Clerk's offices are on regular schedule.
Check out Anderson County Yard Sale for more posts or my timeline for items for sale by me. There will be much more forth coming in the next few days. Got to get this loft bedroom set up as our grandson is anxious to have his hangout and the Harley room ready so he will be able to spend more time with mamma and pappaw Hugh. Hurry hurry hurry!
Singles in Anderson County it was fun but I have decided to leave the group. I wont remove any of you as my friend and hope you do the same for me. I have meet some awesome people here and hope you wont remove me from yours. Hope to talk to you soon.
A man and woman have been arrested in Anderson County and are charged with abusing a 10-month-old boy they both had custody of.
Now located in Anderson county and surrounding areas.
Anderson County doesn't go back until the 8th right?
On I-75 in Anderson County Tennessee near our property. Been drizzling all morning. Would be a lot of snow but it is just too warm. : - )
For more than 30 years, Jim Sayre of Anderson County has entertained and informed tens of thousands as Abraham Lincoln, this country's 16th, and some say, best president.
Happy New Year, Anderson County Relayers! Let's make 2014 our best Relay year yet! ~ Meredith, your American Cancer Society staff partner
For those in Lawrenceburg/Anderson County... Now that according to the Frankfort YMCA website they are no longer offering full day care for Anderson County Schools does anyone know what can take care of a child for Thursday or Friday? Is the program at Saffell Street Elementary School still going this week?
The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is asking for your help identifying a person of interest in a burglary.
Have you seen this man? Deputies in Anderson County say he's a person of interest in a burglary in Townville. Please share these photos and call the sheriff's office, if you have any information.
Excited about the eastern turkey release in Anderson county in January. Hope to be there to witness the event and hoping they will take off and in a few years we finally have a turkey season.
Francis Crowder, the chairman of the Anderson County Council and one of its most powerful officials, will not seek re-election when his term ends in 2014.
My Goodness all these shootings in Anderson County Smh The First 48 gone be Filming there soon!!
Anderson County deputies are on the scene of a shooting involving a 17-year-old.The Anderson County Sheriff’s office says the victim was shot in her back at 11:30 a.m. Monday inside a home on Wren Way off of Centerville Road.The teenager was taken to the hospital.Details are limited at this time, bu...
Randy Myers announces his plans to run for Anderson County Sheriff. He is well known and is highly respected around Anderson County. He..
Ok apparently all of Anderson county decided to come to the post office at lunchtime...I kid you not 1 register open...fifty people in line.they need to hire some more people or something I'm gonna go back after I eat no way am I standing in a line that big with a 3 year old & 1/12 year old... nope I'm crazy...but not that crazy lol
It appears that the State Troopers in Anderson county are attempting to make up for Rodney Brewer's lack of fiscal responsibility. Watch your speed if you are coming to Frankfort to the hemp commission meeting.
Anderson County wide receiver Ross Cox and kicker Joe Rose have been named third team selections to The Courier-Journal all-state team by the state's coaches. The team was announced on The Courier-Journal website Tuesday morning. Defensive end Darius Harvey was an honorable mention selection. Story in next week's Anderson News.
The semifinal round of the Republic Bank Holiday Classic for girls' basketball gets underway this morning at Lexington Catholic High School. No. 1 Anderson County takes on Fourth Region favorite Allen County-Scottsville at 11:15. In the first game, Eighth Region foe Simon Kenton plays No. 2 Elizabethtown. We will update as we get info and will be at the finals tonight if Anderson is there.
For anyone who attended the Anderson County meeting this evening, it seems General Counsel for Boardwalk, is misleading crowds again based on the Lexington Herald-Leader report. Of note, McMahon told a crowd that the pipeline would go 40-60 feet "under each river and stream by means of a horizontal directional drill." However, the Bluegrass Pipeline website states that this method will only be used for 20-30 crossings, and that smaller streams and creeks will be "crossed using the traditional open cut method," and that "this is essentially a PIPELINE BRIDGE BUILT ABOVE THE HIGH WATER MARK." Read it here:
Plant X-10 will be under the name Clinton Laboratories, and will be named after the county seat of rural Anderson County.
Good morning, Madison County! What's on your plate for today? Anyone going to the Anderson Christmas Parade tonight?
Deb Anderson, of Republican Women of Kerr County, has endorsed us for Endorse a Conservative Fighter today! http:…
Miscarriage of Justice! 5 days vs. 25 yrs of a wrongly convicted man! SMH! Horrible!
You're dumb if don't go to the Franklin county Anderson county game tommorow. Gonna be such a good game
See Anderson County- another example of how we are behind.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I can't wait for this game tomorrow. Anderson County doesn't know what's gonna hit em
West Football travels to Anderson County for quarter final match up. Game time 7:00. Tickets available at WHS from 8:45-2:00.
Supreme Court says Anderson County jail not responsible for inmate attack
Photo taken in Anderson County, near Brushy Creek by
Take an ETX back road and fall in love with the Pineywoods all over again. . Photo taken in Anderson County, near...
Bail set for man charged in case of fatal fire: Acting Anderson County Fire Chief Jimmy Sutherland said invest...
Great job tonight at Boys & Girls Club Anderson County Hall of Fame induction.
I'm at a basketball game in Anderson county
Anderson county better have more than fireworks tomorrow night
we got put out of the playoffs by five points by Anderson County
Special place in *** for this coward POS. He'll get his…what a coward punk.
Anderson County not liable for damages after inmate attacked via
I'm an hour north of you :) Now if they'd extend MARTA up here (stupid Cobb County) I'd be begging for a job at Google myself.
I used to say I was from Atlanta, but I've lived everywhere but Atlanta, Hapeville, Fulton County, Cobb, and Cherokee. So nope
MT Firing of Foley Intermediate principal upheld by Baldwin County school board
Virginia volleyball: Loudoun County sweeps into 4A final; Broad Run falls to Atlee
Central and Anderson county game later 👌
I would be eternally grateful if someone picked me up from morehead tomorrow whos going to the FCHS anderson county game. Gas money included
Donate non-perishable food times at our Anderson East Regional office until 12/15 for & Clermont County Food Pantry.
This weekend in Madison County has a Christmas parade in Anderson, a Christmas concert at the Paramount, Bret...
333 s franklin Josh MypaperLong Anderson at county jail
playoffs are playoffs I think it is important to note we played ALCOA ANDERSON COUNTY WEBB AND HARDIN VALLEY
Anderson County Coach Davey Gillum up next on The Show They play West Friday.
Fourth grader named his Fairfax County elementary school
Hi David. I am trying to get signed on. Charlie Anderson, Denver, Colorado but born and grew up in Travis County, Texas.
Happy Thursday Our Anderson, Central, Downtown, Ft. Mitchell, Mason & Tri-County Centers are open & we have 4 drives today.
No. Take Anderson Lake (your backyard)? Peninsula Daily News and Clallam County Health won't report that CO2 is the 'food' ...
On Tuesday night, November 19, 2013, the Anderson County Council honored one of our partners in preparedness.
Phone scams on rise in Baldwin County
Anderson Co Chapter meets tonight at Los Cabelleros in Clinton, 5:30PM
I mainly talk of Anderson County sports, but also talk Colleges and the break-my-heart Cincinnati Reds. I throw in some country music too.
Paulding County commission chairman wants Richard Anderson to resign
Big Thanks to for coming to the Anderson County Republican Party monthly meeting on Monday.
The Clueless actress died on December 20, 2009 and the Los Angeles County ... - Daily Mail
So freaking nervous for this mock probation/parole hearing in front of Lycoming County's Judge Anderson :(
May just make my way up to Anderson county Friday and see my dudes get this dub
Finally a few showers moving into the NW sections of Anderson County...just crossing the Trinity River.
Parul here. The death of a woman whose body was found after a fire in Anderson County has been ruled a homicide.
Brad Anderson talking to Marion County about voting concerns tonight.
I went to 06/7 ashes in Oz & was calling Anderson a county trundler. That series probably helped make him the bowler he is niw
Everyone at all butler county schools wear a hat TEUSDAY! Not Monday and bring a $1. All proceeds go to the Anderson family.
I am excited to announce my bid to be the Republican candiate for Anderson County, Texas Criminal District Attorney! Updates to come
So proud of Cody Anderson! Way to represent Plumas County!!! Great job Marie Leonhardt Anderson!!! You must be...
I'm kicking off my re-election campaign. Help me to continue tough conservative prosecution in Anderson County, Texas.
Good luck to the West Rebels from Knoxville TN as they play Anderson County in the 3rd Round of the Tennessee State Playoffs!
Come by Anderson County Courthouse and help dedicate the Historical Marker Dedication Program honoring Mr Timothy Smith and other great African American Leaders in Palestine Anderson County Tx.
Just in to the LEX 18 newsroom: A heads up to drivers in Anderson County...Kentucky State Police say KY 44/ Glens Boro Road near the 1400 block will be closed for 2-4 hours for reconstruction of an accident that occurred earlier this afternoon. Stay with LEX 18 for more updates as soon as more details become available.
So happy for the coaches and players on the big victory last night! It was the first time in 21 years South Doyle had won a playoff game! Now to get ready for Anderson County!! It's gonna be the battle of which defense can stop the other teams' explosive running back... Or which offense can outscore the other! I don't care how we do it... I just wanna win!!
Anderson Marching Bearcats Im ready to show America who anderson county is. ♥
Day 8: thankful for the opportunity to GIVE BACK. My business as an independent Director with Thirty-One has allowed to to give back to Girl Talk, Hospice of the Upstate, Junior League of Anderson County, Power of the Purse-Anderson United Way, Cancer Assoc of Anderson, Meals on Wheels, & of course our Thirty-One Gives Foundation which gives to numerous charities. I'm hoping to make a trip to Ronald McDonald house for another donation trip next month.come join me! Blessed & passing it along!!!
Way to go Anderson County Mavericks on a great win 54 to 38 over Cherokee.
21-0 Anderson County. Their announcer has called us the Cherokee's and he's really on my last nerve already.
FROM: Garnett USD TO: RE: Recent Report of Suspension of Junior High School Student for Carrying a Vera Bradley Bag While students at Anderson County Junior Senior High School are allowed to bring bags and purses to school, junior high school core classroom teachers have a rule that all students are to leave their bags, including purses, in their assigned locker during class time. This rule has been in place for several years and is consistent for all students and all types of bags in those eight core classes. Classroom rules are established by the individual teachers or groups of teachers to manage their particular classroom(s). If any student takes a bag and/or purse to those classrooms he or she is asked to take the bag back to his/her individual locker. If a student refuses to do so, the teacher can send the student to the principal’s office for failure to comply with a reasonable request. Further disciplinary action may then be taken if deemed appropriate by the administration. Federal law proh ...
Skylar Davis, a 13-year-old Anderson County Senior-Junior School student, was suspended for this... KCTV5 In case you could not see the vi
Bout to finally become mrs long. Sitting at social security office with what seems to be a very rare breed of Anderson county rednecks :) or maybe I finally am the rare breed :)
Skylar Davis loves his brightly colored crossbody bag from Vera Bradley. The eighth-grader had been wearing it to Anderson County Senior-Junior School every day since August. Everything changed ...
I can honestly say I HATE the man who was responsible for the Anderson County SC puppy mill. I currently have in foster one senior Cocker Spaniel who was left to suffer with terribly painful glaucoma until she came into rescue and had both of her eyes removed. She also had a complete mastectomy due to multiple tumors- fingers crossed they were benign and she will live many more happy, healthy years being loved and cared for the way she always should have been. Reason number two I hate this man. I just found out that the Mama Cocker Spaniel, Tessa, who I have had with me for 9 weeks as she cared for her pups born in foster care at my house also has mammary tumors. She's getting a chest xray now to see if there is lung involvement.
Great time last night at the Anderson County Humane Society "Furball". Thanks to all who were able to attend and a special thanks to all the sponsors who contributed.
Flash Flood Watch for Lamar, Hunt, Kaufman, Henderson and Anderson County in TX until 7:00am Thursday. updates with...
Rural Comfort and Style Custom-built Anderson County home has West Coast touches by Melissa Nappier, Contributing Writer Published in the Lexington Herald Leader on October 16, 2011
Anderson County Council & the Anderson County Office of Economic Development cordially invite you to attend an informational meeting to discuss securing a site for the construction of an Anderson County speculative industrial building on Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 11 a.m. at the Civic Center of Anderson 3027 MLK, Jr. Blvd Anderson, S.C. 29625 *Lunch will be served - Please RSVP: 864.260.4386 *To view the letter from Anderson County Economic Development Director Burriss Nelson that was mailed out to certain property owners in reference to the upcoming RFP for land for the spec building, visit: more information: Burriss Nelson, Director Anderson County Economic Development bnelson
Friends, Tom Crabtree here... in your news at the top of the hour, a local fire chief has been killed in a truck accident that's shut down Double Bridge Road at Lake Hartwell in Anderson County. Our crew at the scene has the latest details. Plus we know more tonight about the gunman who authorities say killed 12 people at the navy yard in Washington, DC, before he died in a shootout. And... a major engineering feat... the raising of the Costa Concordia. Join us at 11, and thanks for watching 7
SPSGSP from 8/21/2013 4:05 AM to 4:45 AM EDT for Pickens County, Oconee County, Anderson County... Read more at
After drowning Anderson County in my tears of sorrow she let me know it was a lie just 2 get me up 4 dance
Hey Anderson County:. Today is my last shift before vacation. No matter what you do today, no matter how...
Anderson County teenager injured in jet ski explosion: An Anderson County teenager is in stable condition Sund...
Need to make a note not to take to the Anderson county fair with me. She'll throw up everywhere 😂
Wonder what life would be like if the Simmons brothers had never moved from Lexington to Anderson county...
New event. Areal Flood Advisory from 7/7/2013 8:09 PM to 10:00 PM EDT for Anderson County, Ocon... Read more at
What happened last week in Anderson County SC real estate
State Route 116 at Morgan/Anderson County line. Slide in southbound lane, traffic being run in northbound lanes. this is at mile marker 3.6.
**Attention** Services at Campbell Co are cancelled today due to flooding. Service at Anderson County campus start at 10:30.
You and your friends are NOT "hoodrats" you were raised in Anderson County.
SPSGSP from 7/6/2013 10:58 PM to 7/7/2013 12:00 AM EDT for Anderson County: A STRONG THUNDERST... Read more at
Prettiest girl in Anderson county? — don't know too many anderson county girls
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Photo: There is something about rural Anderson County. on Flickr. Love Sunflowers…
I honestly hate Anderson County I loved when I went to Oak Ridge..
yes Frankfort was a part of my journey today as was Anderson County, Scott and Woodford! Gotta love flash floods!
Why does Anderson County have most of the prettiest girls?
"I had the best Waffle House of my life last night in Anderson County at 3am!" -Mom
Anderson County for month is making my heart kinda happy. ❤
Why isnt the majority of the female population at Anderson County and/or Clinton participating in …
Example of the sudden rises of water this mornign. This is flash flooding in Anderson county! Please don't drive... http…
Flash Flooding Traps Anderson Co. Family: Rushing water trapped an Anderson County family in their home for much...
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Abbeville and Anderson County in SC until 5:30pm. Radar at
It’s “Christmas in July” for United Way of Anderson County United Way of Anderson County will kick-off their annual campaign with a “Christmas in July” event at the DoubleTree Oak Ridge on July 13th from 6-10 pm. The evening will include a cocktail hour, silent auction, buffet dinner, ugly Christmas sweater contest, an evening of entertainment emceed by Kim Hansard of Star 102.1 FM and a live auction. The event is chaired by Katy Jett of Enrichment Federal Credit Union and De Wayne Kirchner of The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum. “This year we really want to engage the guests and have a lot of fun!” said co-chair De Wayne Kirchner. Guests can have their photo made in one of two elaborately decorated scenes and for a small donation to UWAC they can have the photo turned into their holiday cards for this season. The evening’s menu will be a playful “Grinch Who Stole Christmas” themed buffet and even the staff at the DoubleTree are looking forward to dressing in their favorite ugly Chris ...
FYI: Ramona Anne Foy White and some other Pasadena folks: Name Noted thru Pasadena Boomers site /I grew up in Pasadena site. There was a reference a young lady who was a Sam Rayburn HS classmate: Debbie Elizabeth Hester who was 22 year old that was needlessly murder/raped in 1975. James Richard Ludlum was stopped for a traffic violation then found that his drivers license was suspend ( Driving While License Invalid). He confessed to the murder /rape of Miss Hester. He is currently serving only a 40 year sentence that started in December 2003. TDCJ Michael Unit located in Anderson County approximately an hour drive east of Dallas. Basic Identifiers is available at the Texas Tribune.
SC *Anderson County in chase. Lake Sessions Road. Chase left Anderson County & now is back in Anderson Count
Anderson County Sheriff's Office SWAT Team hoped to capture a violent offender at a Powdersville motel this morning.
Anderson County Fair: aka "who can look the sluttiest five days in a row"
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I hear Anderson county is looking for male math teachers. When I become a head coach you r the first I'm calling to help me!!!
SWAT responds to call in Anderson County: Anderson County SWAT responded to a call Wednesday morning at a Supe...
Dear City of Clinton (or Anderson County) - I hate you with all of my heart and soul. Only you could make me late when I leave early.
SWAT called to Anderson Co. motel: The SWAT team in Anderson County was called to the Motel 8 on Highway 153 t...
BREAKING: SWAT in Anderson County is at the Motel 8 on Hwy 153 as they serve a warrant. We're following developments on The Morning News.
Anderson County OKs $20K for animal shelter: PALESTINE — An audible sigh of relief could be heard from support...
I don't care if I live millions of miles away from Anderson County. I'll always be a Mav. fan!(:
LOL. @ Anderson county schools website not working!
SPSGSP from 6/25/2013 6:04 PM to 6:45 PM EDT for Abbeville County, Anderson County, Greenwood C... Read more at
Help the folks at Anderson County Remote Area Clinic raise the funds to host their clinic September 21 and 22,...
Excited to announce that we are now a United Way of Anderson County funded agency! It's a privilege to in Anderson, SC!
Two days till its back to Anderson County
Dogs may not be allowed to be tethered outside in Anderson County soon.
Great day to visit the Anderson County Museum. The Fred Whitten Gallery opens at 10 a.m. The 4th and 5th grades...
For a government establishment, this place has such shoddy internet.. get it together Anderson County. I be try'na put dudes in jail for you
Who are the prettiest girls from Anderson? — I'm not sure if I know anybody from Anderson county but if I do I'm...
“So when's the Anderson county fair again? 😂😂😂”
Was a spkr at the 1st Anderson County Tea Party rally.. & my Dau's made the paper holding signs.. so yeah I guess so
So when's the Anderson county fair again? 😂😂😂
lol this be Anderson County my friend
Anderson County, Valley Center, and Ellis all brought sharp routines!
You can now donate on-line to the Anderson County RAM Clinic at . Help us, help others in need on Sept. 21 - 22, 2013
Next Level Auto Club Baltimore MD has been in contact with the family of a young 19 year old boy that was stabbed to death in middle river a couple days ago. We are collecting monetary donations to give to the family to help with his burial for only 1 week! PLEASE SEE Mamacita Nextlevel AC Bmore Chynaa Jae OR Breanna Tunechi Taylor ! WE WILL KEEP U POSTED OF ALL THE PLACES WE WILL BE! INFO--- -16-year-old charged with murder in Middle River stabbing Tyshawn Francis arrested after police called to fight June 21, 2013|By Jessica Anderson, The Baltimore Sun A 16-year-old was charged with murdering another teen after police were called to a fight Thursday afternoon in Middle River, Baltimore County police said. Tyshawn Francis of the 200 block of Glider Drive is charged in the death of Anthony Theodore Whiting Jr., 19, of the 9600 block of Bird River Road.
Does anyone know any SCDOT officers that can answer a couple questions for me? I'm almost livid! A driver got a ticket for driving 63 mph in a 60mph zone!! REALLY?!?!?! A driver got pulled over appeared he wasn't wearing his seat belt, had lap belt on because of neck surgery, and is ticketed for improper seat belt!! REALLY?!?!?! Now said drivers will be wrote up in their companies because there's an officer out there trying to make a name for himself?! That's why we can't respect those officers, because of the BS they want to impose on the truckers!!
A West Virginia man erroneously arrested last June at the Rainbow Family Gathering in Cherokee National Forest — with police incorrectly believing he was transporting $90,000 worth of methamphetamine — has filed lawsuits against both Sullivan County and the companies providing drug field testing kits to law enforcement.
What elements do you find important in retaining your members? In a guest blog post, Anderson County tells us.
I need a fridge. Mine is dying. Does anyone know some place tha I can find Scratch & Dent appliances or a place that sells appliances that they recondition themselves (that's reputable)??? Anywhere in Roane, Loudon, Anderson or Knox counties (Knox county places I would prefer closer to me- West Knoxville). Living where I do, I can be in any of those 4 counties w/in 15 minutes! ThanX to anyone that posts back!
As of today, Monday, June 24th; here are the earliest dates anyone can make an appointment for a Road Test at a Testing Center nearby: Strawberry Plains: Sept. 4th is the soonest available. Blount County: Sept. 9th is the soonest available. Sevier Co.: Sept 5th is the soonest available. Anderson Co. (Clinton): Sept. 17th is the soonest available. The openings last just as long as it takes for people to get online and set an appt. The openings are constantly filling. This is why we offer the Road Tests with our Driver's Ed Program, just to help our parents and students out a bit! ~Marsha
Watch the official music video for "Carolina" by Parmalee. Buy Carolina now: About Country Now Country Now is the premiere des...
Ireland have named an unchanged squad for the crucial World Cup qualifiers against the Netherlands next month. Two wins in Amsterdam would secure automatic qualification for the 2015 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Ireland currently top the ICC World Cricket League Championship table on 17 points, three ahead of the Dutch, who occupy second place. Ireland also currently top the InterContinental Cup table and will be hoping to beat the Dutch at Deventer on 1-4 July, which would secure a final place in the UAE in December. Ireland squads: ICC InterContinental Cup - July 1-4 at Deventer: Kevin O'Brien (captain) (Railway Union), John Anderson (Merrion), Andrew Balbirnie (Pembroke/Middlesex), Alex Cusack (Clontarf), George Dockrell (Somerset), Phil Eaglestone (Waringstown), Trent Johnston (YMCA), John Mooney (North County), Stuart Poynter (MCCYC), James Shannon (Instonians), Max Sorensen (The Hills), Stuart Thompson (Eglinton), Andrew White (Instonians). ICC World Cricket League Championship 7 and 9 Ju ...
The hubby is interested in Manse Jolly. He has found that Manse's grandfather Henry Jolly was an Irish immigrant who served in the American Revolution. He died in Anderson County. Does anyone know where Henry Jolly is buried?
Mr. Stone and the Air National Guard Band of the Smoky Mountains will be performing two concerts in Anderson County. The first is on Friday, June 28th at the Norris Commons. The concert will start at 7 PM and run until 9 PM. Bring your lawn chair. The second concert is on Monday, July 1st at the Oak Ridge High School Auditorium. This is also a 7-9 PM concert. All concerts are free and open to the public. Come on our and support your band director.
Missing, my 2 nephews, randy and Brandon Lee Anderson and my niece, christina reynolds, were taken away from their mom in 1997 by the hennepin county court system. I wish I could locate them,love from their aunt Becci Sigafoos
Antennas up prayer warrior network come out alert for my friend James please! I just saw my friend James on the news... He is in the God Awful Franklin County jail-workhouse tonight as he stood up against he and his neighbors being evicted... I am so surprised and encouraged the news crew was able to get into that torture chamber and interview him? Many times I have been close to chaining myself to the court house or doing some sort of peaceful protest against the abuse in that jail. It was surreal to watch a college friend of mine from OSU, on TV doing it just now... James was a talented local model and football player for Westerville South and got caught up with law trouble as he raised himself and was thrown in and out of foster homes... Not an excuse a factor... He was a real pretty boy baller and all of a sudden his life spiraled out of control... I stood by him the best that I could when he did years in prison and jail on and off before this all happened to me... James was in the "Pickle Suit" which ...
I love how the midland county school board is offended( and *** t.v host Anderson Cooper) that a man has ignorant views about *** people, yet the elected state officials are more than welcome to declare homosexual unions an abomination.Interesting how someone's beliefs are scrutinzed so harshly when they have no authority in legislature, but senators at all levels can be hate mongers. I am referring to clint mccance a former school board vice president. He was on Ac 360 the other day. where is the hot seat for those in power? Anderson's "keepin them honest" segment is a joke!
There are 1575 sex offenders in Marion County, how many are in Madison County?
"Lord, I was born a ramblin' man." The trucks will be loaded tomorrow. Headed for Shorewood, IL. This is our 16th move since we have been married. They are not getting any easier. Long day tomorrow. Movers will move our furniture, but I am taking our 300 or so boxes. Can't wait to see the grand twins. Hope they have been eating well because I plan to hug the stuffing out of them.
Commission Workshp meeting on June 24th! MEETING THUMBNAIL: Why you should come on 6/24/13 at 6:30? The discussion of the Selva Marina development Interlocal agreement will be laid out for discussion by Commissioner Beckenbach. The reclaimed water ordinance for Selva is listed as an ordinance below. There is an ordinance to move the code enforcement board to a Duval County magistrate and another ordinance for a partial closure of Orchid Street for Rose Park. As usual, the good stuff is at the end of the meeting! Commission 6/24/13 Special Meeting & Workshop for July 8th Meeting Agenda: SPECIAL CALLED MEETING AT 6:30 PM WORKSHOP IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING SPECIAL CALLED MEETING for DISCUSSION OF AGENDA ITEMS ON JULY 8, 2013 COMMISSION MEETING Special Called Meeting: 1. RESOLUTION NO. 13-10 A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY OF ATLANTIC BEACH, FLORIDA, RECOGNIZING THE BENEFITS OF PUBLIC LIBRARIES, ENCOURAGING THE CITY OF JACKSONVILLE TO KEEP THE BEACHES LIBRARY IN NEPTUNE BEACH OPEN FOR THE PUBLIC AND REMINDING THE CITY . ...
Some body from Rockcastle county Loves me Bill and Wanda Anderson THANK YOU love you back
Yesterday Cynthia and I got chased out of our woods by two coyote. That happens to other people right? Right?
Anderson County 4-hers left for 4-H camp at Rock Springs and are now back. Is any 4-her missing a polka dotted lunch bag? we found it in our cooler.
Come out Wednesday - Friday night ... In McDonald county.. For great meetings with great people.. He he.. Yes me and Janet... If you don't want to come to a meeting then join us for donuts Thursday and Friday morning at poppies daylight donut in Anderson.
***YARD AND JUNK SALE CONTINUES*** NOON TODAY! Tammy Baughman YARD AND JUNK sale we are cleaning out the barns and we have lots of stuff from furniture finished and unfinished, breyer horse collection, bird cages from small to large, metal texas stars, pictures and home décor, plus a lot more! Located 3/4 mile past Houston/Anderson county line on hwy 287/19 towards grapeland. Watch for signs! Today, tomorrow and Saturday!
Complaining to the government is terrorism in Tennessee. Or at least it can be, according to state water official Sherman Smith.
SCHEDULE SET FOR FOOTBALL KICK-OFF CLASSIC By Jesse Smithey Published Wednesday, June 19, 2013 Three University of Tennessee football commitments and 22 area teams will play in the Knoxville Orthopedic Clinic’s High School Football Kick-Off Classic on Aug. 15 at Neyland Stadium. Play begins at 6 p.m. with Tennessee School for the Deaf taking on King’s Academy. Former Powell coach Matt Lowe will be making his unofficial debut as King’s Academy coach. The rest of the schedule includes: Halls vs. Bearden, Powell vs. Hardin Valley, Gibbs vs. Webb, Central vs. Farragut, Austin-East vs. Karns, Campbell County vs. South-Doyle, Fulton vs. Clinton, Carter vs. Lenoir City, Catholic vs. West and Grace Christian vs. Anderson County. The jamboree gives an opportunity to area players to play on the same field as the University of Tennessee football team, and three area players have already made commitments to play there in college — Todd Kelly Jr. (Webb senior safety/running back), Jaylond Woods (Lenoir City ju ...
For all of my friends still in Spartanburg County please take a few moments to read this as it directly affects you.  I have been following the story via WSPA. While this no longer affects me directly it still affects my family, friends and their families and friends.  The Spartanburg County Council is about to do a huge disservice to the Spartanburg County citizens.  I suggest showing up to the County Council meeting on Monday night to show that you do not support such actions of the members that were elected by your votes and contacting them directly via email and/or phone.  Make your voices heard, O’neal Mintz is under the impression that it won’t impact the county as gravely as it probably will and he also believes that his constituents want more budget cuts.  I do like a good budget cut too when it comes to how Anderson County uses my tax dollars but I doubt anyone wants budget cuts that directly affect their safety and services.  As laid out long ago, government is there to provide for saf ...
The Town of Iva, incorporated in 1904, is located in southern part of Anderson County. Iva, once a shipping station and busy hub for railroad commerce, is a facinating small town rich in history and heritage.
Praying for Haley this morning as she goes to Anderson County to sign her contract and meet some of her new co- workers. Praying this is the start of a wonderful new adventure.
Severe Weather is becoming more likely for Wednesday afternoon into Thursday. The best chances for severe weather is mainly for northern parts of the area. I will keep you updated!
5 Day 9-1-1 Training Event in Apex, NC. Students may attend all 5 programs or individual programs as needed. July 22, 2013 –Apex, NC (Course Code 130701) A Missing & Endangered Children & Dealing with Stress in 911 Seminar will be hosted by the Apex Police Department on July 22, 2013 from 0800 to 1700 at the Apex Police Department, located at 205 Saunders St., Apex, NC. Recommended hotels in the area: Candle Wood Suites at 1005 Marco Drive, Apex, NC, Holiday Inn Express at 1006 Marco Drive, Apex, NC or Courtyard by Marriott at 102 Edinburgh South Circle Drive, Cary, NC. This is a two part program with the first segment covering missing and endangered or exploited children, various types of missing children situations, call handling procedures and an overview of laws related to missing children incidents. The second segment of the program deals with handling stress in 911 including warning signs, the impact of stress on your health, avoiding stressors, handling stress in the emergency services arena, a . ...
Crowd demands change from school board BY JADE ANDERSON About a 100 people poured into Sumter School District headquarters Monday night for the school board meeting. A few times, one of the four Sumter County deputies had to ask people to not block the doorways. Judging by the applause and speakers, many were unhappy. "Regarding tonight's public participation, I caution you, do not address individuals by name," said Chairman Keith Schultz. "Please maintain decorum." SEE THE COMPLETE STORY IN TODAY'S ITEM
Successfully drove from Campbell County to Anderson County without wrecking. 👏👏👏
The second annual US 25 Yard Sale begins in Anderson County, extends through Campbell County and all the way thr ...
Anderson County deputies said they were checking the area near Midway Elementary School after a student reporting seeing someone with a gun nearby.
“We are pleased to have the chance to build on our operations in Anderson County. This expansion will help us to...
COLUMBIA, S.C. – June 4, 2013 – Sekido Technology Corp., a maker of metal components, has expanded its existing operations in Anderson County. The $3.7 million investment is generating six new jobs.
Sekido Technology Corp. expands operations in Anderson County; $3.7 million investment will create new jobs.
Posted on February 10, 2013 by towardchange Corrupt Social Worker Finally Sentenced To Prison Attorney General Jack Conway and his Office of Special Prosecutions today announced the sentencing of a former social worker with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services for falsifying child abuse and neglect reports. Anderson Circuit Judge Charles Hickman sentenced 61-year-old Margaret “Geri” Murphy to five years in prison following her guilty plea in May to nine felony counts of tampering with public records in connection with her role as a front-line worker investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect in Anderson County. Prosecution of this case was handled by General Conway’s Office of Special Prosecutions at the request of Laura Donnell, Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 53rd Judicial Circuit representing Anderson, Shelby and Spencer counties. The Attorney General’s Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) began investigating the allegations against Murphy after receiving a complaint fr ...
Arrests made after Anderson man shot in the foot: Anderson County sheriff's deputies have arrested two men aft...
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