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Anderson Cooper

Anderson Hays Cooper (born June 3, 1967) is an American journalist, author, and television personality.

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He looks like Anderson Cooper if Anderson ate carbs rofl.
Hearing rumors the new ESPN lineup will now feature Rosie O'Donnell, Michael Moore, Anderson Cooper & Joe Scarborough. *S…
Anderson Cooper: That's the sound of Trump lying again
caught trying to incite a civil war - who's surprised? The goof troop of Anderson Cooper, Brian Stelter, and Don Lemon hate America!!!
"Last night, what we saw was all about him," CNN's Anderson Cooper says of Trump's AZ rally
Anderson Cooper's kin, Cornelius Vanderbilt, owned Michelle Obama's great-great-grandfather Jim Robinson! Trump family never ow…
All images of Anderson Cooper should be removed from RACIST SLAVE OWNER!
Anderson Cooper is Stupid. He doesent realize that theres picture of Trump and M…
Anderson Cooper questions whether Trump is "president for all people or just white ones'"
CNN Jim Costa what a disgraceful reporter loves to grandstand,dishonest,CNN pathetic panel except one with Anderson Cooper twists the truth
Some straight-talking from Anderson Cooper: "the President revealed what he really thinks about race in America".
Rachel, do you kinda,sorta realize Anderson Cooper is a relative of the Vanderbilts?
breaking news Anderson Cooper has a big photo of Ann Coulter ask Scott about the panties there is some way you can work itin
This former Congresswoman was so absurd Anderson Cooper had to take his glasses off.
He gates POTUS more than Rachel Maddox and Anderson Cooper...combined
i think this is the only time i have seen Anderson Cooper speak to his opposition without using loaded talking points
I'd like to see you on Anderson Cooper's or Rachel Maddow. You'd pe…
I've been on a memoir kick lately - The Rainbow Comes and Goes by Anderson Cooper & Gloria Vanderb…
Chris Wallace, the never Trump prig, is comparable to Rachel Maddow or Anderson Cooper. They have n…
Anderson Cooper is Mr. . Video proves he lies to the American people. Did we expect anything different?
The Climate Crisis: A CNN town hall event with Al Gore, moderated by Anderson Cooper, airs now.
Yep, me too. I even when to see Anderson Cooper sp…
Spent most of my night watching videos of Anthony Bourdain & Anderson Cooper trying food together-- Anderson is such a lovely awkward man
Atom Araullo is Philippines' Matt Bomer and Anderson Cooper, rolled into 1. What do you think,
Pale King actually a reference to Anderson Cooper.
Chris is a good man. Also great are Christiane Amanpour, Anderson Cooper, Chris C…
Anderson Cooper says he's 'still friends' with Kathy Griffin, hopes she 'bounces back' via
This is sad, Keith. You have gone completely off the deep end. Are you trying to look like Anderson Cooper's creepy uncle?
As part of his daily regimen, Anderson Cooper sets aside 15 minutes for Euphoria by Calvin Klein.
"Dont dont call my name dont call my name Alejandro. Im not your babe im not your babe Fernando." -Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper;s rare objective coverage of news and I bet he was told to stop or get fired.
think Hillary Clinton's been's depress by Anderson Cooper @ Like ...
Anderson Cooper: "Mrs. Clinton, will you say anything to get elected?". Trump *lies, spits hatred for 2 years*. CNN: "Who allowed this!?"
Good! He needs a few to take on this very dishonest media! Anderson Cooper is a disgrace Glenn.
.Sticks it to Anderson Cooper about being in 13th place in ratings behind Nickelodeon.
How does 60 minutes expect to survive? Scott Pelley( former host of CBS News) and soon to be former anchor Anderson Cooper!
Predictable that rich boy Anderson Cooper would insult recently passed and loved Don Rickles to take a cheap shot at
CNN's Anderson Cooper debates Trump WH deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka:. Gorka called the idea that there is a...
Sebastian Gorka lashes out at Anderson Cooper over fake news: CNN's reporting is "laughable"
Of course Anderson Cooper is going to ignore criticism from Dr. Gorka, it's the truth! and the truth has…
This does kick *** Dr. Sebastian Gorka is on CNN roasting Anderson Cooper this is amazing. Sebastian Gorka SALUTE for this!
Maybe we need less Kid Rock running for office and more Jon Stewart/Anderson Cooper running for office.
Boom👊🏻 owns Anderson Cooper on CNN and calls them out for promoting Fake News!! I love this! 👇🏻
Wow Anderson Cooper created his own headline about Anderson Cooper fighting back? Somehow I don't think a…
In case some of you are wondering about this guy arguing with Anderson Cooper right now on
Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric knowingly interviewed crisis actors after false flags…
This discussion between NYT Thomas Friedman and Anderson Cooper touches on the fragility of democracy ...
you just pulled a Anderson Cooper with Jay Seculow with the rolling of the eyes calm down a bit you are acting like the others
Trump supporters’ defense of Jr.’s Russia meeting leaves Anderson Cooper gobsmacked — and laughing in their faces
More celebrating at MD Anderson Cooper! And we can't get enough of those shirts. Congrats, Katie!…
The WWHL host is friendcation goals with Anderson Cooper.
Who's the better news anchor, Ron Burgandy or Anderson Cooper?
A Youtube vid you might be interested in CNN: Gerard Depardieu on Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist
May have fingered wrong guy in meme fiasco. Usually it's Anderson Cooper or Don Lemon fingering the wrong guy, not me
Thank god for AC and I don't mean Anderson Cooper
CNN you gutless cowards why don't you come after me I'm calling Anderson Cooper a liar and fake news network
The part where Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, and Brian Stelter threaten to glitter bomb me as torture and I immediately give in. was me. Want my address? Please don't send over anyone intimidating like Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer.
Will they sacrifice Anderson Cooper or Jake Tapper? . Hopefully it will all on video.
A Night's Watch, but of people who will ride or die for Anderson Cooper & Jake Tapper beyond the wall in the war against CNN.
Anderson Cooper vs. Donald Trump in a 12 round
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
*** he kinda looks like Anderson Cooper sans hair. I bet he doesn't smell like KFC either.
It's very telling that Anderson Cooper loses viewers between his first hour and his second.
Wasn't Times square New Year with Anderson Cooper - was it! A great celebration - deserves better than nit picking.
Anderson Cooper should have never apologized 4 saying that Jeffrey Lord would defend Trump if he dropped a deuce on his…
Anderson Cooper uses Donald Trump's own words to show how 'weak' he really is # via
CNN's Anderson Cooper interned at the CIA. . WaPo owner Jeff Bezos got a $600 million contract from CIA. . Coincidence? NOT!…
Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Lance Bass are my generation's Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper.
Oh please let it be Anderson Cooper...
Anderson Cooper calls out Melania Trump for not doing anything about cyber-bullying
Anderson Cooper talking about CNN videos now. They have NO IDEA what's coming in AM!
Griffin. Nugent. Depp. Anderson Cooper . Trump. If you've apologized for horrible things u said or did step forward. Not so…
Anderson Cooper: Trump's real surprise may be no surprise
Alan Dershowitz sends CNN Anderson Cooper in Meltdown: Donald Trump did not obstruct justice
Anderson Cooper, weasel, lies to the American People.
He's one of CNN's most prominent faces. . If Wolf Blitzer & Anderson Cooper said the same, you'd still make excuses. http…
Watch CNN's Anderson Cooper caught lying to protect Hillary. This is disgusting!
I wonder CNN'S fake news king Anderson Cooper hasn't resigned yet. His 5-6 super pundit goonies also there on his show with venom.
What a poor excuse of a newsman Anderson Cooper turned out to be.
Thank you Brad Thomas. As much as we do not like Anderson Cooper... that's how…
Crystal1Johnson "That time when Anderson Cooper stepped out of his role as reporter and rescued a Haitian boy c…
BREAKING : Tucker CRUSHES Anderson Cooper in Ratings By RECORD MARGIN. Is it ok to gloat? – TruthFeed
Anderson Cooper and Rachael Maddow: the last stand for American democracy is smart *** people.
Its scumbags on Lib media, people like Anderson Cooper and John Oliver are responsible for Lib radicalization.
She visited WH, E Warren followed her, Top Security Clearance given by Obama, Anderson Cooper thanked her "for her servi…
Watching a 2013 interview of Alan Cumming with Anderson Cooper. I had totally forgotten what Anderson Cooper's laughter sounded like.
fact 32: Anderson Cooper said he could not corroborate the hrc child rape defense story despite earlie…
Just how many times does Anderson Cooper and the frauds have to be caught lying, before the world turns them off…
CNN's Anderson Cooper and leaker Miss Reality Winner both committed felonies and should go to prison! Make an example o…
"She was very scared, they took her by surprise," Billie Winner-Davis told Anderson Cooper. "She was not...
Why hasn't Anderson Cooper been demanded to disavow Reality Winner when he clearly knew her? She leaked classified info to…
Anderson Cooper is great friends with Kathy Griffin and now we find out he knew NSA leaker Reality Winner. What's next, friends with Soros?
Anderson Cooper needs to be in front of military tribunal that has trials for treason! Like…
CNN's Anderson Cooper knew that the NSA Leaker was illegally giving him classified info, he thanked her for it. This i…
Why hasnt Anderson Cooper disavowed the NSA contractor who he obviously knew who just was arrested for leaking classified…
Anderson Cooper gave Reality Winner (LOSER) signed photo thanking her for "service". Whatever could he mean?.
If I could my gift to Anderson Cooper for his 50th birthday would be Aaron Schock in a gold jockstrap
If these *** think Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon & Wolf Blitzer are ISIS, they need to be sent to Mosul STAT! These signs say…
Its so wierd now. Anderson Cooper, doing Jon Stewart...
Kathy Griffin feels 'betrayed' by Anderson Cooper after firing // devouring each other..
Kathy Griffin says she feels betrayed by Anderson Cooper after she was axed from CNN over the severed head scandal
Kathy Griffin 'feels betrayed' by Anderson Cooper after photo betrayed YOURSELF ***
Anderson Cooper and Phish's Mike Gordon top today's celebrity birthdays list (June 3, 2017) -…
*** near as nauseating as Glenn Becks interview with Anderson Cooper?
CNN continues down a very dangerous road! Anderson Cooper & Jake Tapper should abandon ship right now!
Where were you, Keith, when she sexually assaulted Anderson Cooper?
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How about that time when you were drunk on New Years Eve and sexually assaulted Anderson Cooper?
CNN fires Kathy Griffin so she want watch the fall at midnight with Anderson Cooper for 2018. Sad.
SE Cupp Kellyanne Conway is wrong about Anderson Cooper's eyeroll
Sen. Al Franken on the Trump administration: "This group isn't acting like people who don't have anything to hide"
Anderson Cooper has turned into a pathetic hack! Demeans my President but has no sources! Lies!
Is Anderson Cooper really any different than Kathy Griffin?
Kathy Griffin will no longer appear with Anderson Cooper on New Year's Eve.
..Good.. Now they only need to terminate Anderson Cooper from their New Year's Eve profram and…
Anderson Cooper with his ungodly life style and Kathy Griffin totally ungodly r 2 of a kind.CNN has lost its decency & credibility-Very Sad
.Backing out of the Paris accord signals that the "US is sort of retiring from world leadership"
Anderson Cooper believes the anonomous sources, or not. He still lies like a dog. He prefers Grey Fox
Anderson Cooper is a dope:he needs a lesson in sources.
Anderson Cooper is a member of the church of Satan? I didn't know that 😮
Leftists propagating hate against the Right will be monitored & their advertisers, notified- via
George&Angelo wanted war they got war. Firms pressed to defend ads on left-leaning Maddow, Cooper via
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Michigan went red for Trump in November, but not everyone in the state is a fan, including this GOP congressman
.Pres. Trump pulling out of the Paris climate accord would be the "dumbest thing he can possibly do" .
Glad that Anderson Cooper advertisers are also going to be boycotted. He is another Trump hater and hater of the American people.
"Don't covfefe on the nation's leg and tell us it's raining." has
Firms pressed to defend ads on left-leaning Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper via
I used to like you, Anderson Cooper but you have lost your way. Why don't you go covfef…
Congress is investigating another possible meeting between Sessions and Kislyak, sources say
If US withdraws from Paris agreement, it would be only the third country to reject it -- joining Syria and Nicaragua
Kathy Griffin now. has a legacy. Look at what + what Anderson Cooper was airing yesterday instead of the tr…
According to CNN's Anderson Cooper, he's trying to describe his own life to describe that of President Trump.. Lonely..…
realized that when I try to picture Piers Morgan I think of Anderson Cooper's face instead. I've no idea why, and apologize to all involved.
If & Anderson Cooper were really apalled they would be appalled by their own reporting on…
We need a list of all the companies that advertise on Don Lemon & Anderson Cooper's shows. Do they support this kind of…
Jake Tapper or Anderson Cooper or any programming from is all opinion.Your move fro…
Anderson Cooper 360 Jake Tapper Something is bothering me about Russia being able to control the votes by...
LOL it must be vacation day today at CNN..Jake Tapper, Erin Burnett, and Anderson Cooper are off
Now that he won the Special Election in MT, put Gianforte in a room alone w/Jake Tapper; then, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper & C…
Would someone please body slam Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, Don Lemon if they have the chance to get…
If people want to watch Anderson Cooper rolling his eyes and talking about poop.. then go for it. Rachel Maddow? Please.
Anderson Cooper to Jeffrey Lord: You'd defend Trump if he 'took a dump on his desk'
Anderson Cooper is so *** that even Rachel Maddox thinks he's disgusting???
yep, and if you want to know what's actually happening in the world, try a little less Anderson Cooper and Mr Rachel Maddow.
I keep my spirits up by thinking about what Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper will be doing a year from now. (eh, nothing!)
Let's call out Anderson Cooper for mocking disabled people on Join us https…
Sorry *** Anderson Cooper needs to stick to motor-boating meat sticks and leave the to men like Rachel Ma…
Anderson Cooper should get the Presidential Medal of Freedom for what he said
Anderson Cooper to Jeffrey Lord: "If [Trump] took a dump on his desk you'd defend it." Anderson is THROUGH, y’all. htt…
Anderson Cooper looks like an evil Sithlord! Laughter is the best medicine for idiotic remarks such as his. He's irrelevant.
Anderson Cooper got nominated for an Emmy Award. Best in Eye rolling, male.
They are losing it. That's the untold story. Media people are cracking too.
Why is Anderson Cooper apologizing for saying something unprofessional while the President still hasn't?
Anderson Cooper should apologize-- for praising Jeffrey Lord as an important voice
I'm ready for you all to love Anderson Cooper as I have since I was 16.
Top story: Anderson Cooper DGAF, literally talks about Trump taking a dump on h… see more
Free cocktails for life for Anderson Cooper.
Anderson Cooper is either becoming unhinged from working at or the He seemed happier in the closet! Sad! http…
Anderson Cooper blurts out something hilarious to Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord
BREAKING: Russian officials talked about influencing Trump during his campaign, sources say
Anderson Cooper didn't even have an eye roll for this one.
First on CNN: Russian officials bragged they could use Michael Flynn to influence Donald Trump, sources say
Anderson Cooper didn't say this about any Obama ally. Soft discrediting. What SNL engages in.
Why did Anderson Cooper think it was okay to talk about our defecat*** on a desk??. Jeffrey Lord. h…
Anderson Cooper- Thoughts on Donald Trump taking a dump on his desk?. Jeffrey Lord- It was a strategic move and a glorio…
Anderson Cooper slams Jeffrey Lord: You'd defend Trump even if "he took a dump on his desk"
Anderson Cooper: “If [Trump] took a dump on his desk you would defend him” 😂
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actually this could also be Anderson Cooper trying to remove his ***
A frustrated Anderson Cooper resorts to a comeback about poop
Steve Martin & Anderson Cooper have have had silver hair their whole lives
The phrase pompous *** was created just for Anderson Cooper. Oh yeah, also Chuck Tod…
INQUIRING MINDS: But has there been a denial by Anderson Cooper that he uses the plugs in question? https…
Anderson Cooper: 'I'm *** always have been, always will be' via Si huele a "Ma…
Closet-case Anderson Cooper mocks transgender woman on-air . Giggles bends over and Top his head is bald👀🤡
Anderson Cooper & liberal media really need to grow up, stop acting like spoiled kids.
Excuse Anderson Cooper's eyerolling during your interview: she thinks she's female like you.
was right! was an a**hole! Kellyanne Conway accuses Anderson Cooper of ‘sexism
Anderson Cooper the spoiled rich kid disrespected Kellyanne Conway. Be a man Cooper, some say you are the wife in m…
.shows Trump staff using word-for-word Comey talking points in hilarious 60-second mash-up
Anderson Cooper ROLLS EYES at Kellyanne Conway. Remember, he claims to be a NON-PARTISAN news anchor! LIBS ARE MISE…
Anderson Cooper is used to rolling his eyes when he's taking it up the qooper |
Here I thought Anderson Cooper was trying to imitate Hillary Clinton with the eye roll and head bobble.
Anderson Cooper is a complete classless Jerk! If you are part of POTUS administration, and you go on CNN, you are a…
Here is what to expect on Anderson Cooper tonight
Trump calls Russia probe “made-up story” and excuse by Democrats for why they lost election
TIME's Trump has "found that in office that it's more difficult than it was in his private life"
Fmr. CIA Director Leon Panetta says the White House explanation for Comey firing "shows a lot of disorganization"
."With Trump there's a whole lot going on, but if you can pull through the manure, you can find a pony"
Wonder how many eyerolls we'll see from elitist Anderson Cooper as Shariah seeps into the West, with it's consequences for the LGBT comm.
Hey Donita, heres some of Hillary Clinton, lying for 13 minutes even on CNN to…
Queen Anderson cooper has learned how to roll his eyes like the other drag queens !U should see him in drag he really rolls those eyes !
He ‘sprained’ his face! ‘Childish’ can’t begin to describe Anderson Cooper’s treatment of Kellyanne Conway
Yes but he's up for a Pulitzer for the story about his mom & her favorite hobby,…
Conway on Anderson Cooper's eye roll: “Can you imagine a male anchor on a network roll eyes at Hillary Clinton?”
Accuses Anderson Cooper of sexism because he rolled his eyes at Conway.
Conway on Anderson Cooper's Eye-Roll: I face sexism often in TV interviews
It's not sexism Kellyanne the Anderson Cooper eye roll is a bs detector
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Kellyanne Conway shows exactly why she has become irrelevant
Anderson Cooper rolling eyes because a woman is speaking. No class, no journalistic professionalism. Fire him already.
This story is as truthful as the story about the Bowling Green Massacre. . Of course it was about Russia.
Anderson Cooper is rude, disrespectful & doesn't belong on TV
Kellyanne Conway 100% right, Anderson Cooper (supposedly real news 🙄 ) would NEVER disrespect Dem female.
CNN is fake news disrespectful disappointed describes Cooper Anderson to the Tee bias behavior racist behavior agai…
When I saw that I lost a lot of respect for Anderson Cooper when he rolled his eyes back into his head he…
omg Anderson Cooper is *** and not sexist he did the eye roll because Kelly Anne speaks through her *** like you
Anderson Cooper and Shep Smith have a lot in common...they both suck.
Jeff Zucker needs to suspend Anderson Cooper for mocking Kellyanne Conway on the air. He wouldn't do it to a liberal or…
.calls out Anderson Cooper for eyeroll at Kellyanne Conway: "He just reduced himself to being a child" ht…
Anderson Cooper rolls his eyes as his female guest says she has been sexually harassed. Do you think she's a Democrat or a…
Kelly Ann Conway trying to act like Anderson Cooper not *** *** people are far from sexist
Kellyanne Conway's full-time job is defending an admitted sexual assaulter, but she is offended by Anderson Cooper's reac…
Instead of reporting on the news, is dedicating his segment to whether Anderson Cooper is sexist
So far, Anderson Cooper is in the lead for "Liberal *** of the Week" for his ridiculously biased reporting on the Jam…
I just gave Bob Beckel the Anderson Cooper eye roll
Kellyanne Conway is saying the Anderson Cooper eyeroll was sexist. I seriously CANNOT.
Kellyanne Conway accuses Anderson Cooper of ‘sexism’ over eyeroll
Lastly my new nick-name for Anderson Cooper:. The Ridiculous Ridiculist. Send in your contributions. 1st prize is…
Anderson Cooper and Blumenthal were speaking in hushed tones and they didn't use music going into the break like the wor…
My favorite was with Anderson Cooper! So laughable!!! Can't talk about can…
Trump team should stay away from CNN, the Corrupt News Network, and certainly any more Anderson Cooper interviews. "Fake" Anchors!
Anderson Cooper's epic eye-roll being fed up with Kellyanne Conway is everything. And needed a So here you go…
Anderson Cooper rolling his eyes is what the world needs right now .
Anderson Cooper:see eye DR immediately! Ur eyes rolling back during intvu of WH official-no REAL journalist would roll…
Anderson Cooper plays clips of Trump *praising* Comey for his handling of Clinton email investigation for Kellyanne Conway.…
Anderson Cooper's eye roll for Kellyanne Conway is everything
And come on... you used the phrase "well documented" as though your sources were Bob MacKenzie, Arpon Basu, and Anderson Cooper.
That's not Keith, it's Fred Armisen & Anderson Cooper morphed. Where did SC Keith go???…
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Anderson Cooper finds Kellyanne Conway, immediately regrets it.
‘Bogus and ridiculous’: Anderson Cooper battles Kellyanne Conway over the Comey firing letter h…
Anderson Cooper vs Kellyanne Conway (basically 1v1) was the greatest 20 minutes of television I have ever seen in my entire life.
Anderson Cooper rolling his eyes at Kellyanne Conway is everything.
And now, a moment of appreciation for Anderson Cooper's eye-roll shade at Kellyanne Conway
"That was unkind," says Kellyanne because Anderson Cooper said Trump is the same person today he was during the campaign
So here's a gif of Anderson Cooper eyerolling at Kellyanne Conway
Anderson Cooper: Trump praised Comey for the same reasons he fired him for today. . Kellyanne: "You're looking at the wr…
Why am I supposed to believe Charlie Rose, Wolf Blitzer, Scott Pelley and Anderson Cooper are important.
"Why do these cops need defense lawyers, when they've got Anderson Cooper?". -Ishmael Reed
Anderson Cooper and Martha are names were going to be Alan for a week
And you as well. You know your stuff, contrary to the US majority that want Anderson Cooper or David Muir to just…
It's only a matter of time before Shepard Smith and Anderson Cooper announce their engagement.
i'm talking to you too Anderson Cooper!.
Anderson Cooper's brother committed suicide by jumping off this same building. Their mother, Gloria Vanderbilt live…
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Andy's best friend is one of the finest journalists in the world, Anderson Cooper. So when Porsha said she was a journalist.
Travel ban poses injury to California because of issues with Silicon Valley employees! Anderson Cooper
''I’m speechless.'' Anderson Cooper dumbfounded by Trump just now realiz... via
Anderson Cooper's advice for students. Good read. In Somalia education is valued. Highly. In America now??
In 2012, Anderson Cooper toured Adele's house, where the pair baked cupcakes and perused her wig collection.
Anderson Cooper truly revealed himself others missed it because he's so smooth . It's OK👌Cooper We know ur a puppet all outta emotions
Will never look at Anderson Cooper the same way again . why is media so dark and . Anderson I don't like him anymore just
Anderson Cooper is a smart little wise bird he knows what that means too Anderson you're such a Heartbreaker you little rascal
Hope Anderson Cooper of spaceships he probably can't even dream anymore they are generally "flashed"
If someone sees Anderson Cooper tell him he's very "cunning" 👓
Anderson Cooper pretends to be normal there isn't anythAng normal about that twerp only last hope CooperCharmer
Anderson Cooper isn't like the other lunatic liberals aka media correspondents he knows how to keep himself (bats) together
Liberal media is like OpMockingbird? or somethAng Anderson Cooper is apart of the shenanigans too he's just disciplined who trained "it"
Speaking of Anderson Cooper tisk tisk out of everyone Anderson 😤 I don't like Anderson anymore it was all one big
Andy reminds me of Anderson Cooper but Anderson is totally unhinged it's use he has several handlers and therapy head doctors
I want Rachel Maddow, Christiane Amanpour or Anderson Cooper to interview…
Anderson cooper gives me the heebie jeebies
another crack head to share a pipe with Anderson cooper.
I wish hadn't backed down. BISH you DO know his bestie is ANDERSON MF-ING COOPER RIGHT?! 🙄
Anderson Cooper talks with students in via
How did I know there was that CNN Anderson Cooper anti-trump reason for this story.
I'm actually in love with Anderson Cooper
Abaarso will be on 60 Minutes this Sunday with Anderson Cooper as correspondent. Please spread the word!
.on the WH & Flynn: Why make people walk around the barn trying to find stuff, just put it all out there
Anderson Cooper calls himself a journalist and yet he can't even say or spell "Ridiculous" correctly.
Anderson Cooper's advice for students -
Journalism?! No, mama. What Anderson Cooper, Robin Roberts and, *** even Harvey Levin do is journalism. You commentate.
Me taking a selfie while eating bread of a guy I thought was Anderson Cooper but it turns out he is not Anderson Co…
Jerry O'Connell or Anderson cooper would be great. I can't wait until tomorrow to see who it is . I turned in for sure tomorrow 😃
Just please research! I did after I busted CNN lying. Anderson Cooper was my her…
“The farther you go, however, the harder it is to return. The world has many edges, and it's easy to fall off.” . ― Anderson Cooper
Porsha is acting like she is Anderson Cooper. Sit down.
Oh how I’d love to see black *** men get as much tv success as Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper's advice for students: While visiting the Abaarso school in Somaliland…
does the ac in your name stand for Anderson Cooper?
60 Minutes Anderson Cooper just made point on piece on Somalians noted on travel ban just had to hit on that NOT WORKING AMERICAN FIRST!
Amazing story, well done Anderson Cooper - let's get rid of the insecure guy in the Whit…
I'm glad he's a red blooded man. At least he's not Anderson Cooper or Shepard Smith.
The travel ban was just mentioned in last few months. Anderson Cooper I'm sure added last part this year
ryan and I wanted to go to ego last night and of course we DIDNT BUT andy cohen and anderson cooper DID SO F ME
Really good story about school in somaliland advancing students until the end when Anderson Cooper stabs DJT. Total reason for story..
Anderson Cooper's advice for students: It was April 2016, and Anderson Cooper was in the middle of a busy campaign……
Anderson Cooper's 60 Minutes segment on the school in Somaliland was great.
The coda of Anderson Cooper's piece on education in Somaliland was devastating.
When did 60 minutes go off the rails? I blame Anderson Cooper.
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Have the biggest crush on Anderson Cooper.
Anderson Cooper's advice for students by via Home -
After all this time, now, I realize that Anderson Cooper lives next door, not that I care. 😂
I'm watching CNN and let me tell ya, "Married To Isis" is literally,not figuratively, an Anderson Cooper special.
returns this Sunday and the first stop is ✈️ LA. joins for a preview:
Way to go Maddow! You’ve become as addictive as Anderson Cooper and Chris Mathews in their better days; and Paula Zahn in her prime.
I'd say Anderson Cooper would be a good guess seeing as he was in on the others
Anderson Cooper is pretty good. I love Jon Stewar…
This popup ad harnesses the combined power of Jon Stewart, Anderson Cooper, and Steven Hawking, but somehow I'm not…
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