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Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens is an American television series that premiered on April 20, 2010 on the History Channel.

Action Bronson Giorgio Tsoukalos History Channel America Unearthed Puma Punku Pawn Stars Finding Bigfoot

Ancient art does indeed include ET related phenomena, just as ancient literature often refers to ET beings. The...
Jim Marrs meets Roger Jimenez in Ancient Aliens and the New World Order Bible Versions
This stupid channel killed all of the fun Ancient Aliens marathons.
we have our own "ancient aliens" mystery here on the coast. The Gosford glyphs.
. BREAKING: Russians have hacked my TV! Forcing me to watch Anci…
Yeah, but the Covenant is aliens. And Promethians is kinda aliens too. But theyr made of ancient humans... so what are them
I wish i could lend her my ancient aliens dvds. Seriously, they find fkn ancient planes & pictures of aliens everywhere.
I've been watching too much Ancient Aliens and conspiracy theories.
Even tho ancient aliens fake its interesting
We're talking UFOs and the possibility of ancient aliens with author Ryan Sprague.
Bizarre theory claims signs of early visits from ET can be found in old paintings
Are UFOs and alien figures hidden in ancient religious paintings?
This isn't a new theory but still interesting.
Jarrod and Brandi of Storage Wars and Ancient Aliens' Giorgio Tsoukalos in PH for the first ever
my friend had a great idea...Ancient Aliens tours with Giorgio Tsoukalos! Visit locations from the show!
TIL that Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, famous meme and 'Ancient Aliens' expert, has no academic background in any field relevant to the show. Inste…
Giorgio what's going on with airings of the show? It's Friday and no Ancient Aliens in H channels programming!!! Withdrawal!
That's Giorgio Tsoukalos a 38 year old greek writer famous for appearing in the Ancient Aliens seri…
The fact the History Channel just endlessly shows Ancient Aliens 'documentaries' is exceptionally
Ancient Aliens is required viewing in all high school history classes. πŸ‘½
I had enough turned off beltway bobbleheads for reality teevee Ancient Aliens marathon on seems more factual then punditry spin.
Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson is a great late night show. Its late right?
Anybody watch the Ancient Aliens episode about the 13 crystal skulls ?!! So cool! πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½
I'm watching people kiss the Blarney Stone on Ancient Aliens. Southern Ireland. Hill of Tara. Ancient power. 😊
Peanut Butter is actually a source of energy given to us by ancient aliens.
Here's and watching 'Ancient Aliens' and talking about space:
Ancient Aliens on History: Is the Moon a space station?
They somehow turned Action Bronson getting high w/ his friends & watching Ancient Aliens into captivating television
I thought ancient aliens was going to be idiotic but I can't stop laughing while being interested in what you're watching πŸ˜‚
Action Bronson watches ancient aliens haz me πŸ’€πŸ˜‚
Action Bronson and Friends Watch Ancient Aliens is so so so funny
Action Bronson and friends watch ancient aliens. New fave show.
Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson is so great
Ancient aliens with Action Bronson is too funny 😭!!!
i'm watching ancient aliens & it's like "could the moon be hollow?" & "is the moon a spaceship?" & I just have one word, to answer this: yns
This Ancient Aliens with Tyler and Action Bronson is funny asf πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Action Bronson watches ancient aliens is top five...
Shows like Ancient Aliens r the reason that Trump has made it this far in th election
I'm still not fully sure why they even needed the Ancient Aliens part
Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson and Friends.. watch it
I added a video to a playlist Ancient Aliens - Level 8
Action Bronson watching Ancient Aliens is killing me rn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
High *** dog watchin watchin ancient aliens on
"Action Bronson and Friends Watch Ancient Aliens" is the greatest vice series ever
I'm watching Action Bronson and Tyler The Creator watch Ancient Aliens right now on Viceland and its gold πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
watching Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens while high is just amazing lemme tell ya
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So today I discovered and Friends watch Ancient Aliens and it's pretty much the greatest thing I've ever seen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Action Bronson and friends watch ancient aliens got me geeked
"Ancient Aliens is a show about prosperity, craftsmanship, manhood, womanhood, art, and religion." -Action Bronson
"Is it possible that a race of lizard people once lived under the western United States?". Ancient Aliens is the ultimate entertainment.
No Man's Sky has a big ol' secret at the galactic center but I bet it's a silly Star Trek Lite thing like ancient aliens who seeded all life
"ancient aliens" is one of my fave Spirit Phone songs because I imagine its a *** love song from a caveman to an alien
Pretty good episode from the Ancient Aliens series covering the pyramids of Antarctica and the inner earth. Yaz,...
Disinformation pushes shows such as 'ancient aliens' on channels like 'history'. These bots are all agents.
ancient Egyptians could but then again they had help from aliens so admittedly not really a fair comparison
Ancient advanced technology on the ancient aliens pyramids of egypt documentary PART 2Β Β©
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I scored 82870 points in PUNCH QUEST, using punching techniques taught to me by ancient aliens.
Keep up with the latest theories of by selecting "Add to Calendar" here:
Yeah. Ancient Aliens, Hidden Aliens, Cooking with Aliens, Alienio Hall, Pimp my UFO.. all good..
Bae says he doesn't wanna xfiles n chill so I hit him with dat ancient aliens n chill.
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Are they ever gonna bring back History Channel 2 ? ... I miss watching Ancient Aliens & The Universe πŸ’”
It's one of those ancient aliens binge kinda night! Love this show.
I added a video to a playlist NASA UFO real proof of ancient aliens.
I hear he likes reading things about aliens in the ancient world…
dude you got counter tilted. A strategy used by ancient aliens.
If you don't want ancient aliens we can't smoke together
Catching up on my recordings of the new season of Ancient Aliens πŸ‘½
Thanks Ancient Aliens for confirming what I've always suspected; the existence of pyramids in Antarctica, built by aliens.
I just spent two hours watching the Ancient Aliens Guy. What the *** is my life?
ANCIENT ALIENS TIME. Got my blanket, popcorn, and laptop. LET'S DO THIS!!
Everyone wants Morgan Freeman to narrate their life. I want the guy that narrates Ancient Aliens.
I liked a video from Ancient Aliens TV Presentation - William Henry Path of Souls
although from the Food History Channel, it's said that Hummus is DEFINITELY from ancient aliens
My dad is watching ancient aliens w me rn 😊😊😊
I looked up Anunnaki and now I can't help but think Jill Janus wrote Alpha Tauri after watching Ancient Aliens
How Melisandre's necklace in might point to ancient aliens.
Ancient Aliens TV Presentation - William Henry Ark of the Covenant - Dolores Cannon Legacy
I'm watching ancient aliens I'm so content right now
I just don't know why I still watch Ancient Aliens on same crazy theories time after time...
we believe in science...and Ancient Aliens
Watching 'Traveling the Stars with Action Bronson & the Alchemist 420 & Friends Ancient Aliens' lmao @ the title. I'm just watching these
I liked a video Erich Von Daniken Lost Technology and Ancient Aliens [FULL VIDEO]
How Melisandre's necklace in 'Game of Thrones' might point to ancient aliens via
I love watching "Ancient Aliens". It starts off with thought provoking questions and then immediately jumps to the extreme. That's science!
I think Ancient Aliens is meant to debunk the alien theories.
Ancient Aliens shows off Puma Punku "perfect right angles"... Ooops.
I would think 5 bucks? You can find a lot of those facts and stories online like Puma Punku. Go to YouTube & search Ancient Aliens
Imagine visiting the most sacred and mysterious places - TODAY at 8PM ET - Ancient Aliens and America Unearthed
yup. Ithaca College grad. Along with Captain Stubing, David Muir, Bob Iger, and the Ancient Aliens guy
I added a video to a playlist Serpent Mound - Ancient Aliens in America?
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similar to the times I hate-watch Ancient Aliens or America Unearthed. Have to read to better laugh at lunacy.
Online isn't good enough. Bring back H2 favs. Ancient Aliens. America Unearthed, etc.
dude! Speaking of Ancient Aliens, have you ever seen the "Ancient Aliens Debunked"?
Nah you shot a movie in that same house a while back & posted picks. It's in Chatsworth. I've shot Ancient Aliens there twice
Yep. That is normal. After my first exam try I watched days of Ancient Aliens episodes so I could rest the brain. ;)
A Godly being with the head of a bird in 3 ancient cultures depicting the person who passed down the knwldge &skills of science&med? Aliens.
it involves wiccans, the Free Masons, and the Ancient Aliens guy.
Ancient aliens episode on how Egyptians had vape pens long before we did
Scientists astonished when they discover once had nuclear explosions. Martians blew themselves up?!
And. I just want to talk about the universe, the stars, the aliens.. The theoretical beliefs of ancient history of the universe.
Dear H2, thanks for replacing Ancient Aliens and Nostradamus docs with crap i wouldn't watch. Ever. Good luck on your new channel. j/k
a lot of Americans believe in Trump, Ancient Aliens, & the Illuminati. So what does that tell you?
There's more factual content on Ancient Aliens than the news.
They took Supernatural and Ancient Aliens off of Netflix and I may riot because what am I supposed to watch?
Hmm! So before Noah, all humans were born with webbed fingers, like Patrick Duffy. So says Ancient Aliens. So say we all!
I added a video to a playlist Giorgio Tsoukalos (10-19-10) Gods or Ancient Aliens?
got Giorgio Tsoukalos from Ancient Aliens to appear in a commercial life could not be better.
Also, Giorgio Tsoukalos, from Ancient Aliens is gonna be on a super bowl add, which is weird cuz he's not an actor and not very well know.
"Ancient Aliens" show exploring Indian mound in WVA
Ancient Aliens on is literally on of my favorite shows. πŸ˜πŸ‘½πŸ––πŸΌ
One of these days, the History Channel is going to show something other than Pawn Stars and Ancient Aliens. One of these days... .
I'm watching Ancient Aliens: Special Edition - Alien Transports with Shazam. Try it now!
Saw my first episode of Ancient Aliens. Now thankful I live in North Idaho.
Donald Trump may be hosting SNL tonight, but Ben Carson will be hosting Ancient Aliens on the History Channel next week.
see y'all should've watched Ancient Aliens on the History Channel
Don't even get me started...SIR...Il get out my Ancient Aliens and UFO files from History Channel
bruh watch Ancient Aliens in History Channel.
On the Pyramids, Shows like Ancient Aliens and experts have said they don't know what they were made for. One Theory, battery
I added a video to a playlist Michael Tellinger on Ancient Aliens + banking conspiracies on Dr J
Matthew is appalled that my favorite show in the world is Ancient Aliens. "Mom, you have a college education for god's sake". Whatever
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Starting out with Ancient Aliens!!~ Then maybe travel .. The Master Artisans Of Japan Imperial Treasures looks interesting as well!
Dear History Channel,. You can have a show called "Ancient Aliens" or call yourself "The History Channel". Can't have both. XO,. C.
I be like watching the History Channel "Ancient Aliens" so I made a hat all silly like and such!
Against my will, I saw an episode of Ancient Aliens that blamed ISIS on extraterrestrial mind control.
October 31st 2015 . A time travel spin on King Arthur, aliens, and ancient Legends. .
You'd think that with as many tv shows that that ancient aliens guy has been on he'd have enough cash to have more than two …
Do I watch ancient aliens or Japanese girls in kimonos making acid techno. πŸ‘½πŸŽŽ
I have watched on Ancient aliens as well.. And I like UFO documentaries
I believe those were created by extraterrestrial beingsβ€”ancient aliens who visited Earth and left behind markings to show where they'd been.
Can someone come cuddle and watch ancient aliens w me πŸ’•πŸ‘½
Did anyone know about the Gobekli Tepe site in turkey? Why am I learning this from watching Ancient Aliens
Turns on C-Span. "'s clear from Ancient Aliens on History Channel that aliens are already here". Turns off C-Span
I understand we have a NEW season of Ancient Aliens! I found Nazca Style lines in South Texas;
No surprise that Ancient Aliens' Giorgio A. Tsoukalos believes in UFOlogy, here at Baltimore Comic-Con!
Alright, Ancient Aliens marathon. You've got seven seasons to work with. Why am I seeing this episode for the 3rd time today?
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I think Ancient Aliens is probably my favorite show.
Chariots of the Gods is a great book, and they have the Ancient Aliens show. Worth a thought if your mind is open.
The show Ancient Aliens on the History Channel presents some really great evidence. πŸ‘½
After the dream I had this morning- the last thing I should be watching is Ancient Aliens on πŸ‘½
Why is it everything I've discussed on previous shows are discussed on History Channel's Ancient Aliens
reference: Ancient Aliens. They're saying the antikythera mechanism was like finding a jet in the tomb of king tut.
Tonight's episode of Ancient Aliens is especially great. Did you know the Antikythera mechanism is an extraterrestrial robot?
Is the Outrageous Acts of Science guy a cross between Howard Wolowitz and the dude from Ancient Aliens?
Oh get out of here. Hollow Earth theory indeed. You cray, Ancient Aliens. So cray.
Ancient Aliens on History, Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet, Reel Rivals on Weather Channel? What happened to the TV that I used to know?
I liked a video from Giorgio Tsoukalos - Ancient Aliens on Dr J Radio LIVE 5-21-15
Ancient Aliens Debunked | A refutation of the History Channel show Ancient Aliens
I just finished Secret History: Conspiracies from Ancient Aliens to the New World Order and found it
I added a video to a playlist 035 Capricorn TV - Erich von DΓ€niken - Nephilim Gods or Ancient Aliens
β€œEloquent!... "Ancient Aliens is some of the most noxious sludge in television’s bottomless chum bucket."
. This is Giorgio Tsoukalos, the biggest fraud on the planet. You'll see him frequently on Ancient Aliens.
Does anybody out there watch Ancient Aliens on The History Channel? Sorry Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, I'm not an Alien!...
START SORTING YOUR STUFF - IT'S IN ONE WEEK!!!. We can't wait to see George Noory, Ancient Aliens...
Sounded like "Ancient Aliens" & "Finding Bigfoot" to me. Oh wait, what about the Illuminati taking over the world?
I can say without a doubt Ancient Aliens has made me dumber by watching it. I would rather watch South Beach Tow than this.
.Aliens and Sasquatch are both proven Makean. Don't you watch Ancient Aliens or Finding Bigfoot?
Ok, time to watch some "Ancient Aliens".. there's an episode about crystal skulls OMGGG! Why haven't I seen it yet?! *nerdgasm*
Ancient Aliens on the crystal skulls was p cool
"Ancient Aliens" is a lot like Power Rangers. Earth is just a plaything by advanced species, and humans are unaware we're used as pawns.
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. I know there's rumors going around and that people are saying my show Ancient Aliens has...
took maybe too much xanax and now I'm watching Ancient Aliens and interacting with it like its Dora the Explorer
I can live with Ancient Aliens if it means American Pickers, American Restoration, Counting Cars, Pawn Stars and Mountain men
Was earth visited in the past by Ancient Aliens flying UFOs around and telling there where to build their hoping that one day in the future we would put together the clues?An uncanny and what seems to be a planned alignment of a multitude of ancient arch ...
Just when I thought Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated couldn't get any better it takes a left turn into Ancient Aliens land. :)
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