Ana Steele & Christian Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic romance novel by British author E. L. James. It is the first installment in the Fifty Shades trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey. Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic novel by British author E. L. James. Set largely in Seattle, it is the first instalment in a trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey. 5.0/5

Ana Steele Christian Grey Matt Bomer Fifty Shades Alexis Bledel Ian Somerhalder Dakota Johnson Emilia Clarke Charlie Hunnam Mila Kunis Henry Cavill Lucy Hale Emma Watson Nina Dobrev Ashley Greene Jamie Dornan Gideon Cross Tom Hardy Chris Hemsworth Eva Tramell

way too intense, didn't do Christian Grey justice tho but Dakota Johnson (Ana Steele) now dats bar
Thanks God for E.L. James. Thanks God for Trilogy. Thanks God for Christian Grey. Thanks God for Ana Steele.
Im alittle less than half way to finishing the third book to this Fifty Shades series n I must say my opinion is up n down. once u get passed all the sex stuff, which too me can seem at points alittle cliche and an over filler, the character of Christian Grey, were he a real person, would be someone I think most women would tire of. He's too controlling, and makes every action Ana Steele does into an arguement.its actually exhausting. I find myself in this last book actually glazing over some of the sex stuff so I can get to a legitimate conversation n story between them. At this point I just wanna see how it ends. Though since this is a Fan Fiction of Twilight, I have an idea somewhat how it will go down.
Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson really do have a great chemistry. Thnk they gve justce portrayng Christian Grey & Ana Steele 👍👏💕
This is not my writing, but I do uphold the views presented. Posting because I genuinely think this is important. I apologise for the length. 50 Shades of Grey was originally fanfiction based on the Twilight series, which was then published as a novel (along with 2 subsequent books). It sold over 100 million copies around the world and topped best-seller lists everywhere. It’s about to be adapted into a film, set to come out early next year. It follows a college student named Ana Steele, who enters a relationship with a man named Christian Grey and is then introduced to a bastardised and abusive parody of BDSM culture. While the book is paraded as erotica, the relationship between Ana and Christian is far from healthy. The core mantra of the BDSM community is “safe, sane and consensual”, and 50 Shades is anything but. None of the rules of BDSM practices (which are put in place to protect those involved) are actually upheld. Christian is controlling, manipulative, abusive, takes complete advantage of ...
I can't decide who I like more, Christian Grey or Gideon Cross... Ana Steele or Eva Tramell
"Ana Steele, falling for a man, and its Christian Grey, a hot, sexy billionaire." ❤
Kam can be Christian Grey and I'll be Ana Steele and Paris can be Mrs. Robinson
So just saw the 50 Shades of Grey trailer.. & that's not how I pictured Christian Grey or Ana Steele when I was reading the books lol
I think I'm the only one who likes Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and doesn't like the casting for Ana Steele
Ugh! Ian Somerhalder would have been the perfect "Christian Grey" and Alexis Bledel would have been great as "Ana Steele" …
The Quiz: How well do you really know Ana Steele and Christian Grey?
Honestly expected Christian Grey and Ana Steele to be more attractive
I'm seriously disappointed in whoever chose the role of Christian Grey & Ana Steele. 😠😒
cant wait to see Ms. Ana Steele and Christian Grey on the big screen!! waaahh..
Ana Steele and Christian Grey has a good tandem. :)
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can you make a parody trailer of 50 Shades of Grey? (Regina as Ana Steele and Sean/Greg as Christian Grey) =))
to Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) at Bentall V to interview Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) http:/…
Check out this steamy fan made image with a sexy conversation between Christian Grey & Ana Steele in
didn't Christian Grey say that to Ana Steele?
nah he isn't, i don't like this actor which is playing Christian Grey and Ana Steele
Hard to adapt such a popular trilogy but Jamie Dornan is Christian Grey & Dakota Johnson is Ana Steele. Con…
To: Christian Grey (). From: Anastasia Steele. Subject: Possessiveness... ... will bring you nowhere ;). Ana. xx
To: Christian Grey (). From: Anastasia Steele. Subject: Mr. and Mrs. sounds like a happy future to me. . Ana. xx
To: Anastasia Steele (From: Christian Grey. Subject: proud fiancées. Yours and only yours. . I love you, Ana. . Christian xx
To: Christian Grey (). From: Anastasia Steele. Subjects: proud fiancées. and I'm proud that it is all mine. . I love you. Ana.
To: Christian Grey (). From: Anastasia Steele. Subjects: oh?. I intend to show you, that your heart is going to grow. Ana. xx
To: Christian Grey (). From: Anastasia Steele. Subject: thoughts... and here I thought, you don't have a heart. . Ana. xx
To: Christian Grey (). From: Anastasia Steele. Subject: me? never... I am just an innocent girl, corrupted by a certain CEO. Ana x
Ana Steele's Not the Only One Desperate for Christian Grey: Post by Rebecca Stokes. Fans of Jamie Dornan were ...
To: Christian Grey (). From: Anastasia Steele. Subject: Paris. I can't wait for it. . Always and forever and even longer. Ana. xxx
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But at the end of the story, Ana Steele and Christian Grey don't stay together tho. Their 'fantasy' ends!. So!!!
To: Christian Grey (). From: Anastasia Steele. Subject: Paris?. or what do you think?. Always yours. Ana. xoxo
To: Christian Grey (). From: Anastasia Steele. Subject: when are you free?. :). I love you. . Ana. xx
To: Christian Grey (From: Anastasia Steele. Subject: I love you... ...and I can't wait to be your wife. Ana xox. your fiancée.
Omg Jamie Dornan is playing as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele in The 50 shades of grey 😍😍
Last night I dreamt that George Clooney was the Christian Grey to my Ana Steele. It was beautiful.
168 The alarm clicks on, startling me awake with the traffic news. Christian is still asleep beside me. Rubbing my eyes, I glance at the clock. Six thirty—too early. It’s raining outside for the first time in ages, and the light is muted and mellow. I’m cozy and comfortable in this vast modern monolith with Christian at my side. I stretch and turn to the delicious man beside me. His eyes spring open and he blinks sleepily. “Good morning.” I smile and caress his face, leaning down to kiss him. “Good morning, baby. I usually wake before the alarm goes off,” he murmurs in wonder. “It’s set so early.” “That it is, Miss Steele.” Christian grins. “I have to get up.” He kisses me, and then he’s up and out of bed. I flop back against the pillows. Wow, waking up on a school day next to Christian Grey. How did this all happen? I close my eyes and doze. “Come on, sleepyhead, get up.” Christian leans over me. He’s shaved, clean, fresh—Hmm, he smells so good—in a crisp white shi ...
I don't think this is the right Christian Grey. She is the right Ana Steele
Dakota Johnson is going to play Ana Steele??? What??? Add that to Jamie Dornan playing Christian Grey and I am really not interested in watching the movie at all. Bad casting, folks!
It just keeps gettin better...on 2 the last part of Christian Grey and Ana Steele.
*SOME MORE PICS OF CG AUDI*** Christian Grey’s Audi coupe had some big Fifty Shades of Grey scenes in Stanley Park this morning, driving around the park and then parking so that Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) could have a conversation in it.
Once again, it seems as though we have some thieves on our page. I just found two more of my personal photos from my trip to Canada on a Christian Grey & Ana Steele fan page.once again, they did not ask permission to use the photos & they did not credit me either. Anyone or any other fan page that continues to do this will be blocked & reported. Have some common courtesy. - Lori
Then, she finally give it to a wierd dangerous man- Christian Grey, after 21 years. Oh Ana Steele, why? I guess, she's thinking now that it's love. Tss, continue reading.
Christian Grey and Ana Steele, be causing me a "Morning What_What"...X_X :D
Back to Seattle to see what Christian Grey and Ana Steele have been up to!! :)
Christian Grey and Ana Steele. Patch Cipriano and Nora Grey. Tobias Eaton and Tris Prior. Travis Maddox and Abby Abernathy. ¿Reader? Fback.
The stars to play Christian Grey and Ana Steele in the Fifty Shades if Grey movie. Set to be released in February 2015, possibly in two versions, hot or extra spicy!
Well I think that she must really love Christian Grey to marry him after all he has done to her.
The man & woman selected to play Christian Grey and Ana Steele don't match the physical description in the book.
we have Christian Grey and Ana Steele already AND NOW WE HAVE Elliot Grey THIS IS SO EXCITING
Fifty Shades of Grey When literature student Anastasia Steele interviews successful entrepreneur Christian Grey, she finds him very attractive and deeply intimidating. Unworldly and innocent, Ana is shocked to find she wants this man, and excited when she realises that Christian wants her too. As they embark on a passionate love affair, Ana discovers more about her own desires, as well as the dark secrets Christian keeps hidden away from public view . Fifty Shades Darker Daunted by the dark secrets of the tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey, Ana Steele has broken off their relationship. But when Christian proposes a new arrangement, she cannot resist. Soon she is learning more about the harrowing past of her damaged, driven and demanding Fifty Shades than she ever thought possible. Fifty Shades Freed Anastasia Steele always knew that loving Christian Grey would not be easy, and being together poses challenges neither of them had anticipated. But, finally together, they have love, passion, intim .. ...
I'm like Ana Steele right now, I can feel that Christian Grey effect she's talking about! :)
I love you, Ana Steele, and I want you by my side always. -Christian Grey. (Fifty Shades Darker)
This morning show said the are petitioning that Justin Timberlake and Brittany Spears should be casted as Christian Grey and Ana Steele lmao
I'm so disappointed Barbara Palvin is perfect for Ana Steele,and Charlie Hunnam is too old for being Christian Grey..
50 SHADES FANS!! SIGN THIS PLS. We want Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel as Christian Grey and Ana Steele on 50 Shades
we aim to please... Matt Bomer for Christian Grey, Alexis Bledel for Ana Steele
I need to find someone else who read 50 Shades of Grey so we can vent together about who they casted as Ana Steele and Christian Grey...
It's anticlimactic that Christian Grey&Ana Steele won't be played by someone who fits so well like Matt Bomer &Alexis Bledel
Wanting the One Direction boys to make love to you the way that Christian Grey does Ana Steele
Finally finished all three books, no more reading about Ana Steele and Christian Grey, oh this actually depresses me
I am truly sorry to say this BUT Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam CANNOT play Ana Steele and Christian Grey
Why were the chosen for Ana Steele and Christian Grey?!? Whyyy 😩😫😩
Photo: marauderslady: Check out Ana Steele and Christian Grey! E.L. James announced that Charlie Hunnam and...
Does that really look like Christian Grey and Ana Steele?
So they're casting for Christian Grey and Ana Steele?
Dakota had better get Ana Steele's lip-biting moves right. And Charlie Hunnam, well he had better THAT Christian Grey all the ladies want!
Very very disappointed with who's been cast as Christian Grey and Ana Steele 😠
all want to and as Ana Steele y Christian Grey! o son ellos o Ninguno >:(
I wonder what happens if Gabriel Emerson meets Ana Steele :) And if Christian Grey meets Julia Mitchell..:D
Ok now I realise who Charlie Hunnam actually is I'm delighted he's Christian Grey!!! However wrong choice for Ana Steele!!
Whatever the casting of Fifty Shades of Grey, everyone get his Christian Grey and her Ana Steele and this is the most important !
not impressed one bit with who they've chosen for Christian Grey & Ana Steele!!
Christian Grey and Ana Steele for the 50 Shades of Grey movie that's coming out in 2014. Idk how I…
I'm very disappointed by the casting of .. No Matt or Ian for Christian Grey, No Alexis or Lily for Ana Steele -_-
And I still can't get over the actors chosen to play Christian Grey and Ana Steele. Pft!!!
The actors for Christian Grey and Ana Steele have been chosen! Ahh! I'm okay with the decisions, are you?
I am so mad. They picked the worst people possible to play Christian Grey and Ana Steele.
I'm actually glad that they chose a not so famous actor and actress to play the role of Christian Grey and Ana Steele
Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam as Ana Steele and Christian Grey. They are not the actors I had in mind
Here we go again arguing who will play Christian Grey and Ana Steele
Christian Grey and Ana Steele cast. 50 Shades fans are clearly not happy with the casting director's choice
*** ? Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey? Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele. No way!! Matt Bomer and Elizabeth Olsen!
I like the man who's going to play Christian Grey, but I'm not sure about the girl playing Ana Steele...egh
Cast for 50 shades of Grey is out ! And no, Ian Somerhalder is not Christian Grey, and Emma Watson is not Ana Steele. :(
OMG! They are really trending worldwide! Christian Grey as Charlie Hunnam and Ana Steele as Dakota Johnson! Its really a Big Break for them.
Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson as Christian Grey and Ana Steele...meh
Victoria Beckham to dress Ana Steele and Christian Grey in the new Fifty Shades movie?
Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting: Christian Grey, Ana Steele and production..
Please, as Ana Steele and as Christian Grey ¿Yes? please.iii :'33
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So who's going to be Christian Grey and Ana Steele? :$
It's like, I'm Ana Steele and he's Christian Grey. I want more then he is willing to offer.
If Henry Cavill plays Christian Grey, I WILL play Ana Steele. I just wanna make love to this man... yep. I said it! WHAT!
To my own version of Christian Grey, . Sorry if I defied you right now. I just needed to work. . Love, Your version of Ana Steele x
Control-freak Christian Grey really is a control-freak. Even provided a Non-disclosure ahreement with Ana Steele.
says who n where have u been? its only a bit of waxing not like what Christian Grey d 2 Ana Steele in 50 shades of Grey!
Just 1 year! :D Please confirm that Matt Bomer is out Christian Grey and Alexis Bledel is our Ana Steele. :)
Set de fotos: vichan: Alexis Bledel and Matthew Momer as Ana Steele and Christian Grey? yes yes please
Blip, 2nd Blip, Christian Grey, and Ana Steele. I really miss reading novels. 😩
imagine Ian and Lucy as Christian Grey and Ana Steele.inside the bedroom. TALKING, mhm, what did you think about, huh ;)
I just want some Christian grey Ana Steele relationship
If I was Ana Steele, I would not so politely tell Christian Grey to take his contract and shove where the sun don't shine. So there.
I simply love Fifty Shades... I really want Matt Bomer as Christian Grey and Alexis Bledel as Ana Steele.…
I want you to do with me what Christian Grey does with Ana Steele, ok?
"You wouldn't want to get your clothes dirty"= Ana Steele. "I can always take them off" = Christian Grey. ~Fifty Shades of Grey
Ian Somerhalder needs to be Christian Grey, Ashley Greene needs to be Ana Steele, & Blake lively should be Kate bye.
Bout to indulge into Christian Grey and Ana Steele
Who is better as Christian Grey with Alexis Bledel as Ana?
My stepdad is playing Christian music and I’m reading about Christian Grey totally railing Ana Steele up the butt
Christian Grey and Ana Steele are getting married 👏😍
Matt Ballmer should play Christian Grey and Selena Gomez should play Ana Steele for the movie of Fifty Shades.
bastttaaa!! Inlove with Ana Steele and Christian Grey's super crazzyy love storry.
go ahead then. And be FOREVER ALONE! 😈 No babe, I can't leave you. You're my Ana Steele and I'm your Christian Grey.
Please, write more books about Christian Grey and Ana Steele! Please. I want more Fifty Shades, i miss them!
Matt Bomer is perfect to play the rol of Christian Grey. He accomplishes the description given by Ana Steele in the book..
Fifty Shades One Year On.. I can't believe a year has passed since reading Fifty Shades. My family is still dealing with the impact that it made. No dinners cooked, no laundry done, the house went all to pot. Three silver books were my whole life, I simply couldn't stop. Christian Grey and Ana Steele consumed my waking hours. Would she sign the contract when she wanted 'Hearts & Flowers'? I loved their email banter, their fights and make ups too. And in the Red Room, goodness me, there's stuff I never knew! The Tie, The Mask, The Key (or cuffs), through all three tomes I rushed. My knees nipped tight together and my face a little flushed. Their tale was ❤LOVE ❤and romance, 'twas this that held us captive. It was just an added bonus that their sex life was so active. I finished Freed and was distraught - an addict needing more. I went online and trawled the net. Where was number four? A fruitless search, but found instead some other greysessed girls. Hurrah! I wasn't on my own. My Inner Goddess twirled ...
I'm still confused as to how Ana Steele got Christian Grey... Oh wait. Only crap like that happens in books.
My ideas for the main characters for 50 Shades of Grey. Chris Hemsworth for Christian Grey and Ema Watson as Ana Steel.
"Ahhh SISTER! must be Mrs.Robinson :D “I really miss Christian Grey and Ana Steele :(”Lmao Allah ya raba
Some girls r just so *** lucky! Ana Steele gets Christian Grey, Eva Tramell gets Gideon Cross and me?! I get no lovelife at all --__--
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Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev were recently spotted together, confirming their dating rumors. But fans are getting the feeling that the two don't really want to star in the upcoming "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie as Christian Grey and Ana Steele.
Christian Grey to Ana Steele: "You're my lifeline." Gideon Cross to Eva Tramell: "I need you more than my next breath." OhEmGeee! ♥♡♥
Alex Pettyfer as Christian Grey I WAS REALLY HOPING IT'D BE Matt Bomer. So please let the to-be-Ana Steele be "the perfect Ana"
'Fifty Shades of Grey' update: Christian Grey and Ana Steele casting rumors via
Can Alex Pettyfer & Lyndsy Fonseca please just play Christian Grey & Ana Steele? I want this so bad.
I want Ian Somerhalder to be Christian Grey and Lucy Hale as Ana Steele
I'll be your Ana Steele, if you'll be my Christian Grey. ☺😏
If Matt Bomer became Christian Grey, can I be Ana Steele? We have the same name anyway :)
Fifty Shades of Grey: If Stephen Amell is Christian Grey, Emilia Clarke or Alexis Bledel for Ana Steele..
Christian Grey,I want you to propose to me too like how you proposed to Ana're so damned sweet
I miss Christian Grey. I think I'd read the book again. Can I be Ana Steele?
No homework... I think it's time to revisit the world of Christian Grey and Ana Steele. 😘💙
*lost in Maurice's latest chapters she jumps* Christian Grey! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?
I want to see Ryan Gosling playing the character as Christian Grey and Mila Kunis like Ana Steele
If Emma Watson will be Ana Steele, who'll be Christian Grey?
If I was Ana Steele from "Fifty Shades of Grey" Christian Grey would've spanked me a whole lot.
Seriously I miss Christian Grey & Ana Steele a lot I havent read Fifty Shades of Freed yet. My sis said that t’was her favorite among the 3!
Alexander Skarsgard should play Christian Grey, and Mila Kunis or Katy Perry should play Ana Steele.
Christian Grey, Ana Steele and Gideon Cross love triangle. :">
Ashley Greene as Ana Steele, by far the best casting, Liam Hemsworth as Christian Grey
If Matt Bomer is Christian Grey and Emma Watson is Ana Steele, my heart will melt 😍
Seeing Damon and Elena is like seeing Christian Grey and Ana Steele.
So if Emma Watson is Ana Steele, then who's going to be Christian Grey?
I cant think of other celebrities to fit Ana Steele and Christian Grey's character :(( Ian Somerhalder with Lucy Hale!! Just them, please :(
Lip biting triggers a rush of chemicals to the brain which reduce anxiety, stress and increases mood. -and now we know why Ana Steele does it. 'Course... We can understand why... Being around Christian Grey and all...
I want a sex life like Christian Grey and Ana Steele
Christian Grey here. Looking for a literate and experienced Ana Steele. Care to help me?
Zac Efron would be a great Christian Grey and Mila Kunis Ana Steele. I heard release date of the movie would summer of 2014.😞😞
This is perfect Barbara Palvin and Matt Bomer as Christian Grey and Ana Steele
Heather is to Haggis as Ana Steele is to Christian Grey.
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I wonder how Christian Grey and Ana Steele celebrate Valentines. ;)
I ♥ you so much Bubba you are the ♥ of my life... You are my Christian Grey amd Im you Ana Steele. :-)
new post 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie: Christian Grey, Ana Steele couple casting begins -
You always do & will for the rest of our lives.youre everything to me Christian and Teddy.I could not ask for more
"If you be my Ana Steele, I'll be your Christian Grey" is not a good pick-up line. Apparently.
My ideal Christian Grey will be played by Ian Somerhalder or Alexander Skarsgård and Ana Steele -- Emilia Clarke.
This guy in line in front of my just picked up a prescription for Ana Steele.. He's not what I imagined Christian Grey to look like.
I'm part of the "If Matt Bomer gets the part as Christian Grey i want the part as Ana Steele" group it's amazing! Btw... It's my group lol.
They finaly got the two main leads for 50 shades of grey? Mila Kunis of Black Swan as Ana Steel and Ian Somerhalter of The Vampire Diaries as Christian Grey. Bravo! I think it's perfect match.^_^
I wanna to see Emilia Clarke as Ana Steele and Matt Bomer as Christian Grey (
(c)I love you Christian Grey! *he drapes his arm over her and they drift off together*
"Can you be the Christian Grey to my Ana Steele?"
Everyone secretly wants a relationship like Christian Grey and Ana Steele. If you say you don't, you're lying
Let's don't forget my Ana Steele and Christian Grey Account.
I'm missing the Christian Grey and Ana Steele convo already..
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Feels like I'm Ana Steele, you are Christian Grey, and your perfect ex is Leila. Minus NDA. And the fact that Leila hates Ana.
to have a guy the way Christian Grey wanted Ana Steele..
I just envisioned them tied up like Ana Steele and Christian Grey
Reading Fifty Shades of Grey, and I imagined I am Ana Steele and Christian Grey is JunHo Park. =))
I've been catching up with Ana Steele & Christian Grey for hours now. I'm actually starving now...
Oh my god. My mom just referenced my dad as Christian Grey and herself as Ana Steele... *** 😱😖
How about this.. I vote as Christian Grey and as Ana Steele? I see it ❤👌
Matt Bomer as Christian Grey, I wud b his Ana Steele anyday :)
New day same wish: Matt Bomer playing the role of Christian Grey in 50 shades trilogy. That's all ( Alexis Bledel for ana Steele ) Fun day..
If you are not going to love me like Christian Grey loved Ana Steele you can literally frick off
I think Christian Bale & Mila Kunis would be the perfect people to play Christian Grey and Ana Steele in
And I DON'T WANNA KNOW. You've been eyeing Christian Grey for a while now. Not sure what that's about
Just realized that Ana Steele was still a virgin when she met Christian Grey a couple of weeks before her graduation. Lucky girl
Okay, that's it. Matt Bomer for Christian Grey & Alexis Bledel for Ana Steele. 'NUFF SAID. They're perfect. :") ♥
The boy I baby sit just asked me "you drive an, Audi right?" My first thought was to tell him, I'm not Ana Steel! Lol I want Christian Grey!
God Ian Somerhalder is exactly the right person for Christian Grey! So does Nina Dobrev for Ana Steele
I imagine Christian Grey as Alex Pettyfer and Ana Steele as Lily Collins
As Ian Somerhalder and Lucy Hale top this week’s fan casting polls for Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie, Gather Entertain
Photo: Dream-casting Ana Steele and Christian Grey? How about Gideon Cross? And — How about the gorgeous and...
'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie: Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan Vs. Jensen Ackles/Daneel Harris December 04, 2012 01:55 AM EST Round and round the Fifty Shades of Grey casting wheel goes, and where it stops only the producers know. Sorry, E.L. James. The latest trend on the 50 Shades fan sites seems to be the idea of casting real life couples as titular sadist Christian Grey and his annoyingly unaware but pleasingly pliant girlfriend, Anastasia Steele. Celebrity couples mentioned include Chris Hemsworth and his Fast Five star wife, Elsa Patakyare; Superman hunk Henry Cavill and his new girlfriend Gina Carano; and of course the Vampire Diaries lovers, and real life couple, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev. Interestingly, one Christian contender has actually stated in several recent interviews that he would play Mr. Grey only if his real life wife was cast as Ana. That contender is Magic Mike star Channing Tatum, AKA the Sexiest Man Alive. Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan met when both starred in the rather pedestria ...
Lucy Hale & Ian Somerhalder are in lead choices to play Ana Steele & Christian Grey for the 50 Shades movie adaptation. How about, NO?
We have decided who is playing Ana Steele and Christian Grey...Ashley Greene from Twilight and Ian Sommerhalder from Vampire Diaries.!
Finally!!Saw the video!! Alexis Bledel is rumoured to play Ana Steele while Matt Bomer is Christian Grey...
My friend just said she thought Miranda Cosgrove and Nicholas Cage should play Ana Steele and Christian Grey
So last night I dreamt that I was Ana Steele and Tom Hardy was Christian Grey.need I say more!!
Just finished the first book of the Crossfire Series..all I've gotta say is to the ladies who LLOOVVEE Christian Grey and Ana Steele you MUST dip into the life of Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell :)
It's odd when I watched Bea Alonzo and John Estrada are like Ana Steele and Christian Grey
I think I finally found the perfect actor and actress for the roles of Christian Grey and Ana Steele...Chris Hemsworth & Lucy Hale.
Schmidt is like a pervy Ana Steele and Carla Gugino is Christian Grey. 😂
If I could be Ana Steele in real life, my Christian Grey would be Ely Buendia.
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Just started reading Fifty Shades of Gray...for the movie a good Christian Grey would be Wentworth Miller from prison break sexy man. Ana Steele idk yet but someone with huge Big blue it so far...
Matt Bomer should play Christian Grey and Amanda Seyfried should play Ana Steele. Boom.
Ashley Green and Matt Bomer as Ana Steele and Christian Grey. . . . . I think/hope so. They would be perfect for the roles. But those are some big shoes to fill so when the movie comes out i hope its as good as the book.
For a while now I have been wondering what relationship compares to that of Christian Grey and Ana Steele, and have finally figure it out...Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger!!
we think and Lily Collins can be Christian Grey and Ana Steele. what do you say :)
I love Nina Dobrev very much, but if Ian Somerhalder becomes Christian Grey(pray to god he does) I wouldn't want her as Ana Steele bcuz-
“From my reliable source in Hollywood: Tom Hardy as Christian Grey and world's sexiest star Mila Kunis as Ana Steele" nooo!
I think Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder would make a great Ana Steele and Christian Grey!!! Anybody???
'Fifty Shades of Grey':Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Couple to Play Ana Steele and Christian Grey?..
Tulisa says she wants Tom Hardy to be Christian Grey..and Kristen Stewart to be Ana!!
I'm Stephanie Meyer and E L James were in the same book club - there's a lot of similarities between Christian Grey/Ana Steele and Eddie Cullen/Bella Swan. Charismatic, inner tortured soul seduces young and awkward student.
"Fifty Shades of Grey" author E L James Author told Katie Couric she's narrowed it down to seven actors to fill the roles of Ana Steele and Christian Grey.
Off of work today...i have finally finished reading the series "Fifty Shades of Grey" and i loved them all...went on the internet to check out potential cast for some of the roles but i have my own ideas for the cast...for "Christian Grey", Alexander Skarsgard...for "Ana Steele", Nina Dobrev...and for "Elena", Kristin Bauer van Straten...these people would make a great movie i think...
I vote for Henry Cavill as Christian Grey and Emilia Clark as Ana Steele ! :)
Ian Somerhalder CANNOT be Christian Grey! And I vote Emmy Rossum for Ana Steele. Please and Thank You :D
People who keep making the comparison of Twilight to Fifty Shades of Grey because they are both love stories.have no clue what they *** they are talking about. More likely, the lazy haters form an opinion and probably haven't even read either sets of books. I have read both. Let's forget that one circles a plot about vampires and werewolves and the other delves into deviate S&M sex based on childhood psychological trauma and self-worth. Bella Swan's character didn't even have a hobby beyond self-pity. Reading her perspective in books made me wanna vomit over the stupidity and confusion. Ana Steele had self-respect despite her love for Christian and even fought to keep her independent career. She had personality. Edward Cullen, though a fine romantic character, was little more than a beautiful face with a few talents and some money. His family had more depth. Christian Grey is like cocaine with 50 Red Bulls in intensity. Emotionally crippled and filled with self-loathing, you loved and hated him. I'm step ...
3-hour sleep not for my quiz today but for Christian Grey and Ana Steele of 50 Shades Darker! Goodluck, Lendz! :-)
I'm in the Sea-Tac airport && all I can think about is Christian Grey, Ana Steele, Charlie Tango && 50 shades.
Chris Hemsworth being considered for the role of Christian Grey. I'm gonna die. O_O (also, Felicity Jones as Ana Steele.) I could deal with that. :D
Johnny Vegas to play Christian Grey and Dawn French to play Ana Steele. Now we are talking!!
'Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Trailer Stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as Ana Steele and Christian Grey (VIDEO)
I want Robert Downey Jr. to be Christian Grey only if Jude Law’s gonna be Ana Steele. ;)
Ice narrowed down my ideal cast for Fifty Shades of Grey for Christian Grey: Christian Bale, Joe Manganillo, or Alexander Skarsgard for Ana Steele: Anne Hathaway, Rooney Mara , or Ashley Greene
Mila Kunis as Ana Steele and Christian Bale as Christian Grey? I can totally dig it.
Emilia Clarke to play Ana Steele, Ian Somerhalder to play Christian Grey.
It's weird reading Christian Grey as Edward Cullen and Ana Steele as Bella Swan lol Twilight will never be the same for me xD.
my Christian Grey and Ana Steele is and Mila Kunis
who do think should paly as Christian Grey and Ana Steele? im thinking Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman) and Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen). that would make for a hot talk about couple!
Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis reading the parts of Ana Steele and Christian Grey is probably the greatest thing ever.
That's it. I'm convinced. Alexis Bledel for Ana Steele. Henry Cavill or Ian Somerhalder for Christian Grey. They'd be perfect. Now hurry up and make the movie!! :))
Christian Grey needs to be Ryan Gosling & Ana Steele needs to be Ashley Greene..
Finally done with the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Aahh Christian Grey and Ana Steele, I will miss you for sure!
Book 3: Fifty Shades Freed almost done. Ohhh. I'll be missing Ana Steele and the handsome Christian Grey.
Ana Steele dedica Rude Boy di Rihanna a Christian Grey. what I want is what you want, give it to me babe like BOOM BOOM BOOM
If Matt Bomer doesn't play Christian Grey and Alexis Bledel doesn't play Ana Steele in this movie I will flip out
for Christian Grey... I want Alex Skarsgard and for Ana Steele...Kristen Stewart Who do you want?
Victoria Beckham is over Fifty Shades of Grey! It evidently took Christian Grey and Ana Steele's ...
Just completed a brisk two mile walk in Lake Michigan! Felt like I was training for a marathon! The temperature was glorious.we swam for an hour - it was perfect - no salt, great waves! OK, now back to Christian Grey and Ms. Ana Steele! Great day!
Matt Bomer as Christian Grey, Rooney Mara as Ana Steele and Angelina Jolie as Mrs. Robinson. That would be so perfect.
My picks for Ana Steele & Christian Grey for the movie: Emmy Rossum and Matt Bomer
Matt Bomer as Christian Grey and Emma Watson as Ana Steele. YAY or NAY?
So lately I have been reading Fifty Shades of Grey...and I heard that it is going to become a movie...well I honestly believe that I have come up with a cast who should star in this movie. It helps with my visuals lol Once you reassd who i have cast in my own my should google thme... Christian Grey- Matt Bomer Ana Steele- Alexis Baldeh Kate Kavanagh- Emma Stone Elliot Grey- Liam Hemsworth Jose (Ana's friend)- Adam Rodriquez So, just to name a few...Like I said you need to look them up and tell me how perfect for the role they would be... :)
Rumours that is Making Movies & Emma Watson is playing Ana Steele & Matt Bomer is playing THE Christian Grey!!!
I can totally see Henry Cavill and Alexis Bledel playing Christian Grey and Ana Steele!
Christian Grey and Ana Steele need to be played by Matt Bomer and Elizabeth Olsen in the Fifty Shades movies
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My opinion would be Alexis Bledel as Ana Steele and Chris Hemsworth as Christian Grey :-)
I will only accept Emma Watson as Ana Steele if Tom Felton is cast as Christian Grey
Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey and Amanda Seyfried as Ana Steele...who agrees
If Ian not-even-attractive Somerhalder gets casted as Christian Grey & Alexis Bledel doesn't get casted as Ana Steele, I won't see the film.
Ooh, if Ana Steele was here, Christian Grey would buy off the whole Araneta Coliseum just so she can watch Snow Patrol.
movie I would say Zooey Deschenel as Ana Steele & Gabriel Macht from suits as Christian Grey? Have you watched Suits?
Been rooting for as Christian Grey then I saw this. Wow and Alexis Bledel for Ana Steele! x
Who is your Christian Grey and Ana Steele?? Mine are Armie Hammer and Lily Collins.
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