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Ana Navarro

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CNN is just crap if you can’t find anything better than Ana Navarro to get ratings that loud mouth is an embarrassment to the Latin race !!!
I have heard this from many media outlets, not just Fox. Ana Navarro openly urged PR’s t…
Ana Navarro — favourite Republican — encouraging ppl to move to swing states and vote Democrat
He was simply quoting Ana Navarro's wish.
legit, Ana Navarro told Puerto Ricans to flee the island, move to swing state and vote against Trump
The Nazis thought the Jews were "unfit to be human," and we know how that ended, don't we?. CNN must disavow Ana Navarro i…
Money on how long before she's hired by CNN for a new show with stupe Ana Navarro called "You Go, Girl!".
Oh I'm sure little Trumpanzee your bathroom mirror provides you with lots of laughs. Ana Navarro, in d…
This man needs serious psychiatric help. Is not capable of feeling empathy. Agree w/ Ana Navarro, not deem worthy t…
She was most likely texting ana Navarro
trump is a rectal cavity and that is all there is to it.Bravo to you Ana are right.How...
This all makes sense when you learn tha Ana Navarro is a Nicaraguan, representing the people and Communist…
PR people will remember who helped them.👇🏻🤡 politicizing their hardship will backfire. Swing states welcome U
Further proof that Ana Navarro types don't care about people as much as they just want to import new voters.
"This is a guy who is sitting in a fancy golf course while people in Puerto Rico are dying."
CNN's Ana Navarro is spreading a photoshopped picture of Lebron James to fan the flames of anti Trump hate! .
I added a video to a playlist DESTROYED!!! Ana Navarro calls out Jeffrey Lord
I added a video to a playlist "HYPOCRAT"... Ana Navarro calls out Michael Caputo
I added a video to a playlist Ana Navarro calls out Trump for attacking John McCain
Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper,. Ana Navarro and Jim Acosta. The greatest CNN has to offer.. . The most trusted news in…
Ed Martin has previously 'creeped out' panelists Ana Navarro and Kirsten Powers. Ed has the charm of a drunk, bigoted neighbor.
I still can't keep track of who is even in the Resistance. Apparently Ben Jacobs and Ana Navarro are?
Do you think Ana Navarro ate Jeb Bush's carrot?
I want to see Ana Navarro have another meltdown she was great, paging Dr. Phil!
CNN hires Ana Navarro as a "REPUBLICAN CONSULTANT" just to be FAIR and Balanced.Kinda like Shepherd Smith o…
Why is Ana Navarro from tied to indicted Senator Robert Menendez from New Jersey?
Ana Navarro reminds me of the fat girl that gets ganged in Saturday Night Fever.
Ana Navarro is about as Conservative as congressman Luis Gutierrez.
Saw ur tw on Ana Navarro. The foundation for latest narrative of dementia set on Monday by Michael Star…
CNN, Don Lemon, Ana Navarro need to think long and hard about that Trump and mental illness segment. And never do somethi…
Matthews for sure. Brian Williams definitely. Every CNN panel guest, minus Ana Navarro if they invite…
host introducing the panel "Welcone to my panel tonight,we have Ana Navarro" 👍,"Van Jones" 👍"Paul Begala" 👍,an…
A misogynist, racist, bigoted pig is in the White House!’: Ana Navarro unloads on Trump and his apologists
Ana Navarro is full of prejudice, contempt, & intolerance for a man who she falsely accu…
Bill Kristol will be entering a nursing home soon and Ana Navarro is a taco truck vendor. Small tacos
Call out Bill Kristol and Ana Navarro more often.
Ana Navarro, Republican strategist calls out President Trump for his equivocation of White Supremacist terrorism
Ana Navarro goes off on Trump for weak condemnation of white supremacists & Ben Ferguson for auguring both sides at fault.
CNN’s Ana Navarro: More people going in and out of Trump’s White House than a Las Vegas brothel
Scaramucci went to Ryan Lizza. That's like going to Ana Navarro or Rick Wilson or Evan McMullin.
David Frum, Ana Navarro, Louise Mensch - these are not "conservatives liberals can deal with.". They are doctrinaire RWers
CNN conservative pundit Ana Navarro did not mince words Thursday when Wolf Blitzer asked for her thoughts on...
“I’m really tired of hearing words like ‘disappointed,’ like ‘disturbed,’ like ‘I’m bothered,’ like ‘I wish he...
When will Ana Navarro & Cooper Anderson stand up and slap this *** . Kingston is as du…
Ana Navarro is a real dipstick. CNN will hire anyone off the street who hates Pres. Trump
They only want that hack Ana Navarro to pretend to be a true Republican & speak 4 Latinos.Th…
If they were all as rational as Ana Navarro, they could all be. It is the Cult45 members that driv…
Ana Navarro summed up Trump perfectly as an "objectionable human being"
Kirsten Powers & Ana Navarro are true blessings for CNN to have at hand for logical voices & reason
I know this won't come out right... But darn it Ana Navarro... you're the FIRST and ONLY Repub I've admired and wis…
And Ana Navarro. She tells it like it is.
Please Don't. Ana Navarro is right. This is the goal.
Is that new hair color Ana Navarro is sporting on the CNN panel? Love it . Also the green jacket. Dig the whole look
Richard Painter and Ana Navarro, to name two, are winning
You related to Ana Navarro by chance?
Stop bringing up Hillary vs Trump because Trump is POTUS and "Hillary is in the woods of Chappaqua picking mushrooms". Ana Navarro on
"Nobody ... should hire anybody they cannot fire.". Ana Navarro has clearly never been a civil servant.
The world is a better place because of Ana Navarro and Angels Rye.
you are a awesome woman. Ana Navarro. Love you woman..
Total Loser Ana💩Navarro is a Fake Republican that pushes Fake News on CNN and takes $$$ to bash the POTUS on CNN ev…
Ana Navarro you are a strong intelligent woman. Why are you a Republican? Walk toward the DEMOCRAT light.
Republican Ana Navarro DESTROYS Trump Jr on his Meeting with russian lawyer
Principled GOP are seeing this for what it is. Ana Navarro, Joe S, and now Shep Smith. Welcome to the Resistance. https:/…
Itd be a terrible shame if Ana Navarro somehow happened to suddenly learn a tremendous amount about the Clinton crime family
LOL. People still think Ana Navarro is the voice of reason? Oy vey .
Always better than a tiny fluff of (not so hot) air coming from bought & sold fake Conservatives on MSM (aka Ana Navarro). 👌😆
Ana Navarro is a "republican," but we rejected the GOP and elected Trump.
‘It’s hereditary’: Ana Navarro shames Trump Jr. for ‘pushing the law to cheat and to lie’ — just like his dad
Ana Navarro, Joe S and crazy Shep . What losers. They couldn't pick the right card in a one card monte game
So far Ana Navarro is winning the internet today. ❤
Ana Navarro is no more a Republican than Schumer or HRC.
I wish Ana Navarro, Shep Smith, Bill Krystal & all the Bushies would just go vote for Jeb! an…
me, as ana navarro: but don't let this Distract you from Russia
Is Joe Scarborough going to take Ana Navarro with him?. We're tired of people masquerading as Republicans.
CNN panel goes off the rails as GOP strategist Ana Navarro explodes on Trump surrogate via
GOP strategist Ana Navarro: Trump is going to get somebody in the media killed
I am talking about the Ana Navarro, Bill Kristol, David Frum, George Will of the world. The enabled th…
Margaret Hoover and Ana Navarro react to Jesse Watters' sex joke about I... via
I actually find Ana Navarro and Michael Steele insightful and engaging, even if…
Can you tell what demographic I'm in when I get mixed up between Ana Navarro and Ana Marie Cox?
Carol Costello and Ana Navarro, life is good, or at least normal.
GOP strategist Ana Navarro: "Trump attracts some of the shadiest, darkest, weirdest people"
GOP strategist Ana Navarro calls King "an embarrassment to the GOP and human race"
Exactly, it explains people like Ana Navarro, Jennifer Rubin, etc getting so much media attention. A total facade
He left the one calling Ana Navarro fat. Such a pitiful little troll he is.
Ana Navarro nails the terrifying truth about Trump: Americans either think he’s nuts — or the messiah
Ana Navarro shuts down Trump supporter who told her to "stop" talking
Jared Kushner complained to Time Warner execs about Van Jones, Ana Navarro via
I also will listen to David Gergen. Love Ana Navarro even when I dont agree. Can see both sides
Ana Navarro who is still bitter her buddy Jeb Bush did not win the primary, also focused on negative digs...
.should listen. Ana Navarro has no talent, no TV persona, and works for Bush—a total conflict of interest.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Ana Navarro for President. She tells it like it is and she will NOT be silenced.
Ana Navarro should decide if she's still a Republican? Used to be sweet, now she's constantly Mad at the World
WATCH: CNN’s Ana Navarro wants Peyton Manning to run for president
There have gotta be more people like this woman. Love me some Ana Navarro!
"Tú conoces quién es Ana Navarro?" Thank you for giving my mother and I a great topic of conversation this evening.
"He won, fair and square. I frankly think that, as much as I dislike him, he’s now my president-elect.
ana navarro, one more reason for the Wall...
Ana Navarro, you still have a big mouth. Get over it. Accept the fact that Trump is going to be the President.
I am a life long Dem who loves you Ana Navarro!! And any other principled conservative!!
The reviews r in and it's unanimous that I 'd w extreme prejudice! Look out
Honestly, Ana Navarro is the only republican who deserves any happiness or peace.
Ana Navarro is probz my favorite republican commentator
I agree with Ana Navarro, I know many Republicans who can't stand Trump and don't agree with him, but she is...
Ana Navarro. I don't agree with everything she has to say, but man! do I respect her.
Concern re: Trump is hardly left-specific, unless Ana Navarro, David Frum, Evan McMullin & others now on left
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Here's what happens when you call selfish
LOL why because they don't let Ana Navarro, Van Jones and Simone Sanders come on and cry about white lash ?
Navarro,saw u on Don Francisco, great show input GB.stay focused we matter!! Thank u
Meet the Republican strategist whose colorful criticisms of Donald Trump made her a breakout star of the election
Sounds like Trump ally Roger Stone has plans for Trump critic Ana Navarro
‘I’m appalled, I’m embarrassed’: shreds Trump for aligning himself with Assange over CIA
Ana Navarro is one Republican speaking out against him, I like her.
I read a yahoo article on Rubio about his great friendship with Ana Navarro and out of 283 reader comments 282 called little…
Ladies if Ana Navarro attends any of the galas let her know of her hyprocracy.
I never thought I would see the day when I was siding with McMullin, Ana Navarro, David Frum etc
Ana Navarro . Convo-. Friend: What do u expect from Trump's inaugural address?. Me: I kind of hope he...
Air-head dumbo gets confronted and exposed on. Jan 23 / Be there
The only journalists/politicians right of center I follow are those two and Ana Navarro
“As a man – I find Donald Trump as despicable today as I did before November 9th.“
So explain how Ana Navarro is not a legitmate reporter when she's not a reporter Now tell me how Trump is legit
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I have come to have a high level of respect for you Ana Navarro, not always, but you have stepped up this year!
Ana Navarro is my nightmare contentious wife and Michael Moore is my nightmare crazy mother-in-law. https:/…
Have you seen Drew Stanton play? Ana Navarro's election predictions are more accurate.
Ana Navarro: It’s hard to give Trump a chance when he staffs his White House with racists
Ana Navarro and Scottie Nell Hughes to fight in the octagon.
People like Reed Galen, Ana Navarro, John Weaver, Tom Nichols, all Republicans, are the ones who speak for me and my heart and soul.
isn't this the time for the likes of Ana Navarro and Scottie Nell Hughes et al to just go away. We don't need any more pundits.
People I never want to hear about again:. -Joy Reid. -Debra Messing. -David Frum. -Ana Navarro. -Alexander Hamilton. -Kurt Eic…
Ana Navarro: "It would be sweet, sweet justice if tonight it was the Latino vote that defeated Donald Trump"
Ana Navarro: I'm a Republican but voted for Clinton; "Rather, I cast my vote against Donald Trump" via
Donald Trump is simply an unacceptable choice, even for lifelong Republicans like Ana Navarro
so viewers know how much they've been lied to. Glenn Beck: Obama made me a better man. Ana Navarro: Trump made…
To all the republicans mad at Ana Navarro and Glenn Beck: idk pick a less rapey candidate next time?
Ana Navarro, you forgot to include how much Hillary Clinton and John Podesta paid you to vote for Her and write article…
People I most want to drink with from the election: Van Jones, Hillary Clinton, Ana Navarro, Elizabeth Warren, Megyn Kel…
Ana Navarro has been sensational in this election.
Ana Navarro is my new political punditry fix. Her stingy rebuke of Trump and his sycophants gives me life.
Ana Navarro is one of the dumbest people I've ever seen on TV, so it's nice to see her make a good point, gj
Ana Navarro: "It is time to ask [Trump] to step down ... he is not fit to be the Republican nominee, he is not fit to be ca…
Scottie Hughes, Ana Navarro and Hilary Rosen on will Trump bring up Clinton's issue via
Important to note, Ana Navarro is a staunch Republican. probs
Ana Navarro brings up birther issue of Obama so report is he Frank Marshall Davis Son? Waiting! h…
Eva longoria,Sarah Silverman vs Chachi and Antonio Sabato jr.I believe Ana Navarro was right.
I will start a go fund account and double the $ you pay Jeffrey Lord and Ana Navarro to send them fishing!
please tell that to the CNN Wolfe Blitzer and Anderson Cooper dream teams especially Tara setmayer and Ana Navarro
What in the world did Jeffrey Lord mean by his comment about shoes to Ana Navarro? Hmm...have my thoughts.
. I find your political comments lacking in authenticity and insight. Please make room for Nia Malika Henderson and Ana Navarro
You have had Ana Navarro on as an political analyst at beginning of the Pres Campaign. She has yet to have any analyses pan out ?? (-:
Ana Navarro flip flop queen let's keep hearing what she has to say NOT. MAGA go Trump
Listening to Ana Navarro on CNN is a lot like going to the dentist. You simply pray that it will be over as soon as possible.
Ana Navarro seems to always have a spot on CNN to put down Trump.👎
Ana Navarro and her extended family.
baiter Ana Navarro said Trump was racist against immigrants.She nos Trump is against illegals only not immigrants
Ana Navarro was lobbyist 4 gov of Nicaragua. Hisp Co-chair on losing McCain & Huntsman campaigns.
Ana Navarro needs to be catapulted over the Great Trump Wall and into a sweat shop in Oaxaca
Ana Navarro please stop comparing trump voters as drinking the Kool-aide we are smart and not cult minded this is what causes the anger
When Marco gets blown out in Fla and drops out wedn, hopefully Ana Navarro low IQ appearances at CNN ends.
Ana Navarro would please stop making statements about voters drinking the kool-aide we are able to decide who we want to win
Ana Navarro is still on the air waves?
baiter Ana Navarro stating that Trump is a racist against immigrants instead illegals.
Every time I happen to catch and I see Ana Navarro I'm reminded of why I stopped watching
Though I agree with Ana Navarro, the Dems held the majority in both the House & Senate during the first 18 months of Obama's...
Being at CNN makes it easy for Ana Navarro. She can meltdown over Trumo without quitting her lib gig. Makes Shapiro, et al. look quixotic.
Ana Navarro taking the opportunity to preach for Rubio, what happened to unbiased commentary??
Just a Note...Ana Navarro on this the best Wolf can get?
Ana Navarro about Trump "A menace to the respect that we connect with the President of the Unites States." Where was that respect last 7 yrs
Ana Navarro on CNN "This is not about us" The mind set of GOP Establishment! Better get on board Ana cause the GOP gravy train is over!
WOW Ana Navarro on just called me a koolaid drinker as a supporter! They are SO desperate! Drink up.
Ana Navarro & Nancy Grace must be related lol completely delusional MAGA
Ana Navarro CNN is a Pro-establishment political hack supporting an agenda against the GOP Base, democracy & by extension
Ana Navarro on CNN claims Trump supporters are *** "drinking the koolaid". Insulting the public never a good idea.
Ana Navarro with impassioned anti-Trump analysis on "I am in such a panic over Trump winning." Too bad she's a Republican.
it blows my mind how disrespectful some people on the panel are to the American people. Ana Navarro in particular
Why is Ana Navarro so smug? She has no heart. She is telling people who to vote for.
Almost as big as Harvard Lawyer Latina is nightmare to Ana Navarro..catfight PPV
Ana Navarro is an angry, racist WITCH!
Is this lady sure that Ana Navarro endorsed Trump; she doesn't like Trump and is a friend of Rubio's!
Republican strategist, Ana Navarro tells us whether or not Donald Trump can be stopped.
Ana Navarro switched sides .Now all of a sudden is incompetent .
Still can't believe that still has nutjob Ana Navarro and recently hired drunkard Bob Beckel!
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Watched Real Time w/ Bill Mayer last night. supporter Ana Navarro did a horrible job defending her candidate and all republicans.
On State of the Union our panel of Bakari Sellers, Ana Navarro, Donna Brazile and Congressman Dave Brat discuss Rubio's message for Trump.
Only thing that could top is having the frequent guests - Geoffrey Lord, Ana Navarro, Ben Ferguson, etc - getting in on the action.
Ana Navarro is almost as annoying as Alex Castellanos. They have climbed out from under the same rock right on schedule.
"Omg can we talk about Latina Lois Griffin" -on Ana Navarro
Ana Navarro visited the Vietnam Memorial and so many Hispanic and immigrant names on the wall. It was a weak attempt to justify lawlessness.
CNN: Nia-Malika Henderson says Reince is being "a little disingenuous" to attack CNBC. Ana Navarro says all GOPers on set agree with Reince.
.Utt - what did you do - steal Ana Navarro s' yellow outfit, Brooke Baldwin
bravo to Ana Navarro and TBT's Adam Smith for lively political talk at Poynter Institute tonight. Fun and meaty.
Ana Navarro on "AC360", how is part of a "dynasty" an "everyday" guy? Billionaire Donald Trump is not, don't think Jeb Bush is either.
Navarro given chance to hit leadoff
Jeb Ally Vows to Lead ‘Dump Trump’ Movement: Ana Navarro, the Jeb Bush ally whom the mainstream media uses to ...
Ana Navarro to her defender cnn Don Lemon: "NAACP Rachel Dolezal is coo coo for Cocoa Puffs. She needs to give that wig back to Wanda Sykes"
Sunburnt and exhausted but enjoyed a great day at the tennis. Ana. Genie. Lisicki. Kerber. Suarez Navarro. Hantuchova. Pironkova. Cracking!
Suarez Navarro won as we mentioned earlier, but Ana Ivanovic was upset by Michelle Larcher de Brito earlier so we lose the daily parlay.
Our parlay was Ana Ivanovic, Carla Suarez Navarro, Tomas Berdych, Victoria Azarenka and Roger Federer at odds of +140.
Pujols homered again, Wilson dominated, Navarro made a big play and the won again. Gamer with ... htt…
Gilda Navarro's costume design for Ana Claudia Talancón's wardrobe in Tear This Heart Out is exquisite.
dimwit Ana Trump will bring in the unwashed, nonvoting& precious independents 2 primaries via
Chris Moody gets it. Trump will bring up the questions others find difficult to answer. Ana Navarro's naïveté is showing again.
Just want to let u know: every time you give that slug, Ana Navarro, a platform from which to spew her stupidity, I change the channel
Ana Navarro: you want to win? Change your color from red to blue.
Jeb whisperer Ana Navarro on CNN: "I'm leading the dump Trump movement."
Carla Suarez Navarro beats Ana and she is... stoked! Gets the win 75 16 64.
"I'm going to watch Frozen with Ana and Elsa😅" my nephew is the cutest
Ana Navarro fired for having no law license calling inauthentic and a robot and "like Castro"
Press conferences with Ana Ivanovic, Carla Suarez Navarro and Simona Halep finished - all three players seeming relaxed
Following President Obama’s historic opening with Cuba, “This Week” anchor George Stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., Sunday on “This Week.” And the powerhouse roundtable debates all the week’s politics, with former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, ABC News contributor and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, ABC News contributor and Republican strategist Ana Navarro, and ABC News’ Cokie Roberts. MORE:
Really republicans? John Boehner... a lawsuit? Against the President?? This is not a wise move. Ana Navarro a Republican don't agree with it
This is a MUST WATCH. (And I don't say that lightly for something coming from CNN). The irony of "Republican strategist" Ana Navarro calling Ted Cruz a skunk in the same breath she's attacking him for attacking Republicans is disgusting. We expect this kind of low level name calling and attack from a Democrat but what hypocrisy Navarro displays here. It's also worth noting what names she is pushing for the establishment as she is attacking Ted Cruz. Also, be sure to listen closely to what Jeffrey Toobin, who wrote the New Yorker article, says about Ted Cruz running for President. Thoughts?
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Ana Navarro: "Simplistic to chalk Cantor's loss to Gang of 8 member Lindsey Graham's winning. Why? He stood by convictions & showed courage."
By Patrick Brennan Democratic strategist and former Clinton-campaign manager Donna Brazile said this morning that veterans accusing recently returned Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl of desertion are part of a “PR campaign by Republicans.”After fellow panelist Ana Navarro noted that members of Bergdahl’s unit had consistently expressed concerns about the circumstances of his capture, Brazile said it was an effort to “muddy the waters” surrounding the prisoner deal.Quickly criticized for the comment by her fellow panelists on CNN, she said that she’d never impugn the testimony of a veteran, but stood by her comments.”That’s all they do . . . all they do is focus …read more Source: National Review
Hey Laura, how did you get along with Jeb lover, Ana Navarro on
Republican strategist and ABC News contributor Ana Navarro talks about Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, and more ahead of her appearance on our powerhouse roundtable Sunday on “This Week.” 1) You know Jeb Bush well and he has said he’ll decide this year if he’ll run for president in 20...
Ana Navarro, Republican Strategist, thinks George W. Bush is "non-controversial". Do you agree?
Ana Navarro is a loodmouth blowhard
Who in the world hired Tea Party nut/mouth Ana Navarro, none other than owned by Disney, need to challenge all GOP sponsored media!
Republican "strategist" Ana Navarro should just change her name to "Bush Flak"
How is Ana Navarro so completely out of touch w/reality. Jeb was a Florida Gov so we know exactly what he is & what he isn't
I'm on roundtable w/tmrw. had some questions before the show.
I just tuned into This Week on ABC, and was reminded of why I hate Sunday shows. Matthew Dowd, Laura Ingraham, Ana Navarro, and James Carville are just all yelling over each other. Can't hear a single clear thought among them all. Emblematic of why people are so annoyed with politics...
Please don't think Ana Navarro represent Hispanics. Her take on Dubya was idiotic. He's done nothing post presidency but paint
If the RNC had a brain in its head it would make Ana Navarro chairwoman and kick Reince Priebus to the curb.
Ppl who say they can't understand Arianna Huffington have clearly not heard Ana Navarro try to speak. Marbles in her mouth? Ugh.
Ana Navarro: GOP Brand in a ‘Deep Hole With Hispanics’ - I wonder how the conservative would react to Navarro speak abt
Ana Navarro is the most ignorant member of the round table. All she spews is hate! For a Latina, the GOP has failed them
On this week , a brillant latina like ana navarro , spend her life justifying or countering gop blunders , like trump
Love it! Ana Navarro please dont make me sit here and pretend that Donald Trump is politically relevant!
Log Cabin Republicans of Miami on Monday hosted an Equality Leadership Fund reception for *** Congressional candidates Carl DeMaio of California and Richard Tisei of Massachusetts. Guests included Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart and GOP activist Ana Navarro, a CNN political commentator.
I'm sorry, but I think it says something about the liberal feminist when the first conservative woman they think of, and the one they go to as the "voice" of the GOP females, is Ann Coulter. As a female and a Republican, I would say: Kelly Ayotte, Sarah Palin (in recent years), Michelle Bachmann (though I don't like her personally), Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Susana Martinez, Nikki Haley, even Ana Navarro (who happens to be one of the only conservative voices on CNN!)...
Will be on CNN's tonight at 10 p.m. EST with Anderson Cooper, Ana Navarro and Jeffrey Toobin. Tune in if you can...
Ric will be appearing on Anderson Cooper 360 again TONIGHT @ 10pm EST on a panel with Jeffrey Toobin, Ana Navarro & Charles Blow. Tune in!
Ana Navarro, Carol Costello, & Marc Lamont Hill on CNN. Gee, why doesn't anyone watch CNN?
Watching "State of the Union" on CNN & I love the all female panel. Seeing such diversity as Donna Brazile, Ana Navarro, S.E. Cupp & Neera Tanden is simply wonderful!!
Give a shout out to .for tomorrow's panel: S.E. Cupp, Donna Brazile, Ana Navarro and Neera Tanden
Ana Navarro at Sol's school today. She's on CNN tonight with Anderson Cooper
I want to say a few words about Mr. Eric Cantor and today’s House vote on the SNAP Program. I’m just a plain ol' Black girl from around the way and it is rare that my voice is ever heard. Most of what is written, seen, and heard that is considered "newsworthy" is mainly published by White men and women, both conservative, as well as progressive. I seldom see, or hear any voices that represent me and many people like me. I have decided to be that "voiceless" voice. So, basically, how I feel about Eric Cantor is the same way I feel about those rare Black individuals who consider themselves Republican, or conservative and put themselves out there as representatives of the Grand Old Party. Your Michelle Melkin types, your Amy Holmes, and even your Latina pundits, like Leslie Sanchez and Ana Navarro. Even after Racist, Representative Steve King berated Latina pundit, Ana Navarro by saying that she didn’t understand the English language well enough to interpret his characterization of “Illegal Imm ...
You conservatives Tea Party people are so...icky! Y'all should be more reasonable like Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace, or Ana Navarro...
Yeah, Ana Navarro is a snake and is trying to be the next Nicolle Wallace or Steve Schmidt
Ana Navarro is a Republican like Joe Scarborough and Geraldo Rivera are Republicans
CNN political contributor Ana Navarro is the liberal media’s new darling when they want a supposedly "conservative" guest to bash Republicans and support Obama.
Ana Navarro a Republican who worked for McCain is the scariest person I know. She is a pundit on many shows, and a CNN regular. This Hispanic cutie is smart, measured, and if the Republicans ever smarten up and listen to her they could become competitive. Perish the thought.
Interesting yet mildly infuriating discussion on Meet the Press this morning as Marsha Blackburn (R) and Ana Navarro (Republican strategist) use the round table discussion to forward their political partisan rhetoric and anti-Obama agenda that vehemently criticizes the present administration for Obamacare and misscarriage of power. The interesting "yeah but" personal reaction is how these very same advocates for conservativism can, with a staright face, make this glaring commentary without an acknowledgement that the their party and the Bush administration in particular, were culpable for greater misscarriage of power and subjugation of information and with greater about throwing stones and living in glass houses!
Puppets on Parade: Ana Navarro & Marsha Blackburn in neck & neck race to replace Michelle Bachman as Queen of knee-jerk extremism
Lying About Benghazi = Trying to “Control the Message” “It’s obvious that someone mishandled something. It’s obvious, but it is looking pretty partisan when you look at all of the talking points that are being used. And let me ask this question, because the accusation is that the Obama administration in some way tried to change the talking points or water them down. And my question is, and I’m being honest about this, what administration, Ana, doesn’t try to control the message, no matter what it is?” — Anchor Don Lemon to GOP strategist Ana Navarro on CNN Newsroom, May 12.
Carol Costello prods Ana Navarro over lack of talk among GOP for "legalizing *** marriage." Because Dems have a plan to legalize.. oh, wait.
Ana Navarro, a Republican strategist who worked on John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign, urged GOP lawmakers Sunday to support universal background checks as the best political strategy for their party. "Look, Connecticut was a game changer," Navarro said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "We need to u...
Well at least you got Ana Navarro. What happen to Mia Love?
Ana Navarro's messaging got McCain 33% of the latino vote in 2008. Ain't no mountain high enough
Even though Republicans kept the House, CNN was trying to bury the Tea Party on Wednesday. Anchor Carol Costello asked if the movement was dead while CNN's headline proclaimed the "end of the Tea Party movement.""Is the Tea Party dead?" Costello ridiculously asked GOP strategist Ana Navarro. She too...
In an episode of Overtime, Bill Maher brings up the unbalanced money game behind No on 37 with guests David Axelrod, Eric Idle, Ana Navarro, David Frum & Mic...
Bill and his roundtable guests (Eric Idle, David Axelrod, David Frumm, Michael Moore and Ana Navarro), answer fan questions from last week's show. For more o...
Bill Maher recap: Michael Moore is blustery but funny; David Frum is actually a rational Repub, Ana Navarro is naive, Eric Idle is a legend.
Watching the season finale of Real Time with Bill Mahr. Another great show with guest David Axelrod; panelists Michael Moore, David Frum & Ana Navarro. It will be back Jan. 18. Love the discussions which make you think & above all make me laugh. Have to wait until January.
Ian- "Ana Navarro is a cross between Lois Griffin and Rosie Perez." LOL
If if Ana Navarro is not Puerto Rican, I don't know what she is..she sounds like Rosie Perez
Ana Navarro: Obama looked much like Rip Van Winkle in debate - wake me up when this is over.
Ana Navarro says Romney needs to make his case with Latinos if he wants to chip away at Obama's popularity--and that means showing that he graps their concerns
♥ Conservative commentator Bill Kristol: "He should release the tax returns tomorrow. This is crazy… you've got to release 6, 8, 10 years of back tax returns. Take the hit for a day or two." ♥ Washington Post columnist George Will: "The costs of not releasing the returns are clear, therefore he must have calculated that there are higher costs in releasing them." ♥ Alabama Governor Robert Bentley: "If you have things to hide, then maybe you're doing things wrong. I think you ought to be willing to release everything to the American people." ♥ Former RNC Chair Michael Steele: "If there's nothing there, there's no 'there' there, don't create a 'there.' Put out as much information as you can." ♥ Governor Haley Barbour: "The advice I would give Romney is: Who cares about your tax returns? Release 'em!" ♥ NC Rep. Walter Jones: "I think he should release his financial records and I think if he does it in July it would be a lot better than in October…" ♥ Former McCain adviser Ana Navarro: "He sh ...
Fake smile from Ana Navarro on CNN. James Carville ate her alive
Donna Brazile - suave and elegant esp'y comp'd to Ana Navarro's grating screechs. I'm Latino, so I can go there!
Sooo ... top Rubio ally Ana Navarro is saying that the opposition research on Rubio already done by Romney advisers may be the reason Rubio isn't on the VP list?
Republicans worry. “The venom Trump would spew if unceremoniously disinvited, would be hard to control and make media fodder for days,” says GOP operative Ana Navarro.
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