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Amy Schumer

Amy Beth Schumer (born June 1, 1981) is an American stand-up comedian. She placed fourth on NBC's Last Comic Standing Season 5, and she placed second on Comedy Central's Reality Bites Back.

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Imagine a Amy Schumer and Ray William Johnson duo stand up show.
I thought oldest living fossil was Amy Schumer
When I'm down I just remember Amy Schumer has me blocked on here so she saw me dragging her wack hacky sack head shaped a…
Alt Left comediennes have become vulgar & tiresome i.e. Kathy Griffin, Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer...Is this really the best you have?
Michelle Williams and Nicole Kidman starring in separate Amy Schumer projects is a real test of my allegiances.
John Clayton is out, Chip Kelly is in and Stephen A Smith still has a job. ESPN is like an Amy Schumer joke: trying to be fun…
David Letterman says Amy Schumer is the new Richard Pryor . . . if Richard Pryor couldn't shut up about his yeast infecti…
Amy Schumer isn't funny stop making her funny. Let her die quietly like Adam Sandler.
Jennifer Lawrence hugs Amy Schumer after Best Actress win at Golden Globes
Amy Schumer intro'd Mark Normand comic who had spot on views of sexism etc -A.Cooper thing - much more. Must see.
Inside Amy Schumer, Snatched, Trainwreck. Why does the title for every one of Amy's starring vehicles HAVE to reference…
In case u were having a good day, heres a list of ppl who r famous while u aren't:. Amy Schumer . Bella Thorne. Chloe moretz . L…
can you believe there are people in the world who think Amy Schumer is genuinely funny
The Amy schumer movie was so bad she had to ask you to laugh before it started.
why would you watch amy schumer film Snatched when you could stay home and clip your toenails instead
Amy Schumer is the living embodiment of white mediocrity
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thanks for listening today! next week we haaave: Amy Schumer, James Arthur, Jude Law and Liam Payne! with his brand ne…
Amy Schumer on red carpet at gala opening; stopped to tell a joke to
we need to become a verb. ie: "did you see the new Jurassic Park movie? it Amy Schumer'd.". "Dion Jordan was an Amy Schumer."
Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn (w/Kurt Russell) at L.A premiere of Lovely, outside and in.
‘Snatched': Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn on the Big Screen Return of a Comedy Icon
"Snatched" costars Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn recall the emotional moment to Ryan Seacrest.
*** mom away & make her feel like a movie star for a day ⭐️ Do as Goldie Hawn & Amy Schumer do in their new mot…
binds Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer to a lifeless comedy
Who's funnier: Amy Schumer or Goldie Hawn? Their co-stars weigh-in.
Amy Schumer's 'Snatched' wants to be funny and emotional, but only succeeds at one of those things…
is giving you the chance to 4 tickets to see Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer's New Movie
Is Amy Schumer the Meghan Trainor of comedy or is Meghan Trainor the Amy Schumer of music
Amy Schumer Tries to Get Goldie Hawn to Legally Adopt Her at the MTV Movie & TV Awards
Amy Schumer and Wendy Williams. you gotta do one which one are you choosing?
Amy Schumer wants to be Kim Kardashian West's best friend
Update your maps at Navteq
Amy Schumer 'harassed' Goldie Hawn to star in Snatched | Movies - - . ART OF ZOO
Attacks thanks to Trump. Amy Schumer is not trusted. This is literally a convicted terrorist. Yes, really.
yeah rowing is pretty hard but have you ever tried watching Amy Schumer do stand-up?
Amy Schumer is honest about being a female comedian on Graham Norton | Goldie Hawn
Charlie Schumer & his cousin Amy Remember she was going to leave country i…
I'm like almost certain that I hate Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer literally dove onto the carpet to get attention and no actual proof of felonies, this person still wants Hillary.
Justin Bieber, Amy Schumer: Celebrities and movies increasingly being hit by online trolls
Who the *** is the one who decided Amy Schumer should be in films? Or in anything really.
Samantha Bee is almost as unfunny as Amy Schumer
Let's play a game for every time Amy Schumer talks about her *** you take a shot.
Can Amy schumer just leave us alone already
You would have to pay me a large sum of money to go watch Amy Schumer do stand up.
04-30 Amy Schumer and Ciara get romantic Instagram messages from their boyfriends
Samantha Bee's "comedy" and political relevance might be worse than Amy Schumer's tbh
04-30 Amy Schumer and get romantic Instagram messages from...
Now that will be a total waste of television. Even less talent than Amy Schumer and that really is plumbin…
Amy Schumer is what happens when... You know what?. I'm not even gonna waste my time coming up W/ something witty. Amy Schumer ***
So I come home to find Amy Schumer in my bathroom...
Not an Amy Schumer fan (despite my middle name being hers, ha) but this movie looks super cute.
Who do they do this? What's next? A Die Hard remake where Amy Schumer plays John McClane?
Crowd of drunk bachelorettes? Pfft, just steal some Amy Schumer jokes. Catch is literally everyone e…
Stephanie just told me she loves Amy schumer. I say "Stephanie" because she's not my mother anymore
There's only one thing that I can think of more disgusting than Chu…
.JohnBoyega reveals that he got dumped over a starwars billboard 💔💔
is being hosted by Samantha Bee, currently vying for most untalented comedienne alongsid…
Amy Schumer is not a good actress. There I said it
"You guys are worse than Amy Schumer's last Netflix special"-Ben Gentry
Bill Nye is the Amy Schumer of science.
Liberals wish death was Scott Baio, conservatives wish it were Amy Schumer or Chelsea Handler. You're both sick.
They are gonna use Amy Schumer instead of that massive Mosasaurus
I dislike Julia Roberts just as much as I hate Amy Schumer and Giuliana Rancic.
These tumblr feminists defend people like Lexi Alexander & Amy Schumer but won't defend body shaming done against Gal…
Because they always happen in 3s. First, Don Rickles. Second, Charlie Murphy... Here's hoping the third is Amy Schumer's career.
A new is Amy Schumer! Sexy looking woman with a busty figure that I find so hot right now!
Dang, Charlie Murphy is gone and Bernie Mac is gone but, Amy Schumer trash *** still alive?!
"Why did God have to take Charlie Murphy, couldn't he have just taken Amy Schumer?". Well because he clearly wanted so…
Rest In Peace Charlie Murphy... but Amy Schumer still here smh
Death, taxes, and Hammer hating Logic, common, and Amy Schumer
My dad is watching this really old season of the Last Comic Standing and Amy Schumer just came on. The
Amy Schumer is like a real life Dee Reynolds it's so bad lmao
Amy Schumer stole a joke from Zack Galifianakis 😡
Don Rickles was funnier silent than Amy Schumer could ever be at her loudest. . RIP.
Amy Schumer is the real life equivalent of Deandra Reynolds in "The Gang Broke Dee" and you can not prove me wrong, I dare you to try.
Also Since Trump's inauguration:. -Hillary has been hiding in a cave. -Libs can't accept reality. -Amy Schumer destroyed. -4ch…
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When Jordan hit that big shot against the Cavs, Craig Ehlo was guarding him. And Craig Ehlo could easily be a stunt double for Amy Schumer
This is a joke about me confusing Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer with comedian Amy Schumer.
Nicole Kidman, Amy Schumer and Steve Carell are joining a Rebecca Miller movie. Read more:
I'm not sure if I actually like Amy Schumer, or just like that her very existence pisses off people I don't like.
Whales are tired of being compared to Amy Schumer
Still waiting for Amy Schumer to say something funny..
About that time Amy Schumer went down on her boyfriend Ben Hanisch and he yawned.
She's hideous. The deranged spaw. of Hilary Rosen and Amy Schumer.
“I’m bummed, but look forward to seeing on the big screen.” -
Oh. "Amy Schumer has parted ways with Sony’s live-action 'Barbie' over a scheduling conflict...".
Amy Schumer in plastic would've been so fantastic.
My thoughts on Amy Schumer, Leather special and "alt-right trolling"
And still NOBODY CARES!. Really, NOBODY. Maybe the donut guy but he'll get over it!. Amy Schumer Exits 'Barbie' Movie
I'm glad we all hate Amy schumer together as a nation, as a family, We stand united, we will not falter
Amy schumer was really gonna be barbie??? Lmao
Watching Amy Schumer just to see if I might throw up. I did.
Gregg&Amy Schumer Drops Out of Sony’s Movie. Scheduling conflicts are to bl
Amy Schumer drops out of Barbie movie
Every time I'm reminded that Amy Schumer exists, my hate for her increases tenfold
Why are people upset about Amy schumer leaving the Barbie movie?. This gives the film actual hope now
So, has dropped out of Barbie movie (- who should play her? I vote
Amy Schumer shares (relatable?) oral sex story about boyfriend Ben Hanisch: "I went down ... and he yawned" 😴…
So Amy Schumer is no longer playing Barbie. Well that'll sure prevent eye sore.
Sad to hear Amy Schumer won't be portraying Barbie's cousin Twunt.
Part of Netflix's ongoing campaign to break our collective spirits. Amy Schumer was just phase one.
Amy Schumer drops out of 'Barbie' movie due to 'scheduling conflicts'
Amy Schumer dropped out of Barbie. Molly Sims still isn't getting it. The script is thin on laughs as it is.
Going from Amy Schumer's stand up to Dave Chappelle's stand up is like getting your sight after being blind your whole life
Amy Schumer has complained so loudly about her ratings being "fake" that Netflix is now removing the star-rating-featu…
wait I didn't think Dane Cook & Amy Schumer had the unfunniest kid in the world and named him Jake
I think Amy Schumer is funny because I always imagine that she is actually Brandon Weeden in a dress.
Amy Schumer's only popular because of uncle Chuck.
Sometimes I forget that Chuck Schumer is Amy Schumer's husband
Amy Schumer throws tantrum to demand laughs, five-star ratings whether oriface jokes are funny or not .
Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Anthony Jeselnik, to name a few that can't be serious. :p
This is totally thanks to Trump. Amy Schumer take note. 😄 
When you question whether this world is worth saving, remember that Amy Schumer tried to be funny and got slammed on netflix
Some say: "Women can be just as funny as men!" Then you look at Samantha Bee, Chelsea Handler, and Amy Schumer, and real…
Speaking of Trump and International Women's Day, has anyone fact-checked Amy Schumer's new Netflix special?
If you too were disappointed with Amy Schumer's recent Netflix Special, I highly recommend Shlesinger's Way better.
Amy Schumer Takes on ‘Gun Nuts’ in First Netflix Special via thanks
Fake Tears Schumer is funnier than his cousin Amy, I'll give him that. 😭😭.
Do you guys still pretend to think that Amy Schumer is funny?
THE GIRL WITH THE LOWER BACK TATTOO by Amy Schumer available to Providence Athenæum members as an eBook!
Alright seriously when are they going to come out with a new season of inside Amy schumer
I liked a video Amy Schumer Talks Dating, Madonna and the Amazing Gift She Got Her Dad
Did Amy Schumer ever take that lie detector test?
Amy Schumer going in to do Good Morning America
I had a nightmare last night. . Amy Schumer kicked in my bedroom door. She was just standing there butt *** naked. *** ha…
It's a Monday night and i just saw a comedy show for $12... featuring Amy Schumer. This is why I love New York 🙌🏼
It's happening. premieres on tomorrow, 3/7 produced by founding mems Amy Sch…
Schumer is a retard like his pig of a niece Amy. They should both be burned at the stake for wizardry and slutry
Amy Schumer provides smart, raunchy takes and big laughs at Royal Farms Arena
have tickets to Amy Schumer at Royal Farms Arena and now they're telling me they don't exist. Is this bc they moved the date?
Rolling out to he last show of he Amy Schumer tour, tonight at Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore.…
Can someone put a side by side pic of Silverman and another 'comedian' who isn't funny, besides Amy Schumer, she's too fat.
Amy Schumer & Seth Meyers were joking about this last night. Profile pic is always a guy with a child on his shoulders.
chuck couldn't find a fat unfunny comedian at his Thanksgiving table even with Amy Schumer there. WTC!
I want to be the next Amy Schumer so I can get called fat, ugly and unfunny and still have a net worth of a million $$
You'll never see it with Adele, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, or even Amy Schumer. Yet Leslie Jones and Taraji P. Henson gets torn apart.
Super Bowl ads will feature Key & Peele, Amy Schumer, Christopher Walken ? and
Presenting trailer of the film Snatched. . Directed by Jonathan Levine , the film stars Amy Schumer, Goldie...
Watch as Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn are ‘Snatched’ on the Worst Vacation Ever in Jonathan Levine’s Comedy…
unfunny hack just like Amy Schumer. Needed Jon Stewart to carry her.
Art is a bean burrito and an Old Navy commercial with Amy Schumer is just awful.
You're the Amy Schumer of YouTube comedians, "guys look how fat I am" "omg im so fat lol" "i think Im sexy but lol Im fat"
Ben Roethlisberger vs. New England is like trying to decide who to root for between Amy Schumer vs. Iran.
Chris Rock, Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle hit the stage
Amy Schumer's Uncle isn't the threat in the senate it's McCain!
Crazy Pelosi and Amy Schumer's Uncle aren't the threat it's and
When Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle surprised the audience at the standup club via
Joan Rivers VS Amy Schumer,who's your funny on?
So Chris Rock, Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle walk into a New York comedy club, and...
The audience had no idea Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, Aziz Ansari and Dave Chappelle would show
Drew Barrymore, Chris Pine, Goldie Hawn, Amy Schumer, Matt Damon, Nicole Kidman, Viola Davis all presenting at the Golde…
Hatred for Amy Schumer is one thing that unites America
Amy Schumer is related 2 the rat Charles Schumer, who is in collusion w/ Hillary & Obama.
Rami Malek, Dev Patel, Riz Ahmed and Mahershala Ali got robbed and Amy Schumer presented. The Golden Globes are cursed.
Amy Adams, Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn and the kids from Stranger Things. Source: Schumer's Instagram.
"Snatched" film execs right now after watching Goldie Hawn & Amy Schumer at the Golden Globes.
This ageism bit Amy Schumer is doing at Goldie Hawn's expense is disgusting. But it's Amy Schumer, so I expect nothing mo…
Amy Schumer, Drew Barrymore and More Celebs Who Totally Fangirled Over the Stranger Things Cast at the Golden Globes
Amy Schumer, Drew Barrymore and more celebs who totally fangirled over the cast at the
I must have miss something did Amy Schumer or Adams go off too?
Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer and more wax poetic about eating it in the trailer for stand-up doc ‘Dying Laughing’:…
EW: Jerry Seinfeld and Amy Schumer open up about their stand-up nightmares in the trailer for
Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Holland Reed & Amy Schumer aka the four horsemen of the Apocalypse
Because women don't understand how good humor works. Sources: Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman
I want another legally blonde movie but with Jennifer Lawrence as Elle and Amy Poehler or Amy Schumer as Paulette https:/…
As long as Amy Schumer promotes Old Navy I refuse to shop there 😊😊
Hey, Old Navy; Uh, yeah...Amy Schumer's huge fat *** squeezed into a tight, striped union suit in your TV ad is...
Merry Christmas to all except for Kim Jong-un, Amy Schumer, whoever is running country music, adults who say "lit," Joy…
is too much of a coward to insult the Prophet like David Letterman. Jon Stewart. Amy Schumer. Samantha Bee. Sarah Silverman. Hollywood. SNL
The biggest lies we've had to endure over the recent years are that Rebel Wilson and Amy Schumer are comedians.
Based on my math, we have about 7 months before Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence become the same person.
One funny front row! Amy Schumer sits courtside with Chris Rock, Leslie Jones and more
Amy Schumer and Chris Rock watch the Indiana Pacers play the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden in New York
When a man wants to try to school me, a feminist, on feminism because I don't like Amy Schumer.
yo I hate SAS so much lmao if I could make a list of my 2016 hate list it'll be 1. 74 2. SAS 3. Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer just bought back the family farm she spent her childhood on, which gives us warm fuzzy feelings
amy schumer. -the LEAST funny person in the world. -lips? never experienced that emotion, doesn't know what that is
So grateful for liberals with the courage to stand up to the real villains of 2016: Amy Schumer, La La Land, and Nate Parker. 🙄
Our for this week is for buying back her family farm!
Amy Schumer, a lads' comedian from the mid-80s. Same borrowed sexist and racist jokes.
Amy Schumer New Year's Eve performance moved to Mahalia Jackson Theater: Comedian Amy Schumer, who was scheduled to…
Amy Schumer buys the family farm her father lost after he was diagnosed with MS: Christmas came early for comedian……
dump Amy Schumer as a spokes person. She *** as a comedian, & she's rude.
US comedian Amy Schumer buys her father back his farm
they are related. Sen. Chuck Schumer and comedian Amy Schumer team up on gun control
Amy Schumer's family went bankrupt when she was 9 & she just did the nicest thing for her dad after all these years: https:/…
Amy Schumer's family lost their farm when they lost everything else. Today, she got to buy it back for her dad.
Rumor has it that and think Amy Schumer is a top notch comedian
This may be rather late, but, Amy Schumer *** as an actress and a comedian. She's a "feminist" that talks about BJ's. Irony
Gonna surprise my boyfriend with tickets to see his fav comedian Amy Schumer 😍🙌🏼
Saying a comedian is funnier than Amy Schumer is the lowest bar in history.
After the march, Amy Schumer will lead the group to a local Burger King to chow down on some Whoppers and fries.
Amy schumer IS funny I just wish she would get her act together and be less awful.
On top of letting white supremacists take over America we also let them put Goldie Hawn the greatest of all-time in a movie with Amy Schumer
I added a video to a playlist Amy Schumer is the Worst
this movie is my sense of humor but I don't like Amy schumer so that ***
"Amy Schumer is annoying.whose with me?"
. Ever since I heard that Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn were going to team …
Amy Schumer, you're so painfully not funny...
Scary to think that some people actually find Amy Schumer funny
⚡️ “Watch the first trailer for Amy Schumer's new movie with Goldie Hawn”.
I liked a video from Amy Schumer is the Worst
DailyMail stop trying to make Amy Schumer happen. It's not going to happen.
Amy schumer has one of those faces you just wanna punch
Well, I'm just a dumb brown guy, who am I to argue with Amy Schumer's truth?
Watch Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn's raunchy new trailer for
Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn's vacation goes horribly awry in the first trailer for
The trailer for Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer's mother-daughter comedy "Snatched" is here and it will probably be fin…
The hilarious first trailer for Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn's 'Snatched' is here: By Erin…
Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn get 'Snatched' in NSFW trailer: Getting kidnapped with your mother in South America……
Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn team up in first trailer for for 'Snatched':
Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer are the NSFW mother-daughter duo we never thought we needed:
Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn get kidnapped on holiday in first Snatched trailer 
tbh though I would love to see how Ryan Reynolds and Amy Schumer work together, not a conventional pair
Amy Schumer is currently hitting rock bottom faster than Jon Ryan.
People I can't stand: Seth Rogen, Jack Jones, Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, Amy Schumer . Pls get them away from me they're gross
I'm starting to realize all the best comedians today are women. Nikki Glaser, Ali Wong, Whitney Cummings, Amy Schumer. God bless you!
Jennifer Lawrence was cancelled the moment she went out with Amy Schumer no wonder she has racist acts in her life
from Nikki Bella to Amy Schumer talk about going down in the world
Amy Schumer took Lisa Lampanelli's style and ran with it.
Amy Schumer was selected because the notably more attractive Lisa Lampanelli wasn't available.
In this day and age that means Amy Schumer as Cameron Poe, Jennifer Lawrence as Regina "The *** Grissom.
From Thursday night when we saw Amy Schumer ✨ @ Moda Center at the Rose Quarter
Amy Schumer set to star as Barbie in Sony live-action film
I think Amy Schumer 's sexy (I know, sorry, hate her politics) but is she Barbie? Was Rosie Odonnell the svelt Betty Rubble? (NO!)
The only way H-wood could do more than Amy Schumer as Barbie is picking Anthony Weiner 2b Ned Flan…
everyone's talking about Amy Schumer as Barbie but overlooking Seth Rogan as Ken + Lisa Lampanelli as Skipper
Newswire: Amy Schumer to play a real doll in Sony’s live-action Barbie movie
Amy Schumer is in talks to play Barbie in a new live action film.
Amy Schumer is a white feminist who doesnt care about poc
Coincidence that & Amy Schumer as Barbie are trending at the same time?
They're making this movie entirely so we can get a thousand "RIGHTWING MEDIA LASH OUT AT AMY SCHUMER AS BARBIE" hot takes…
Amy Schumer getting the role of Barbie means my dream of playing The Rock is still alive!
Now that Amy Schumer is playing Barbie I'm more confident that my dream can come true of seeing Oprah Winfrey as the ne…
Whatever Amy Schumer is trying to do with Barbie will pale in comparison to Life-Size.
Amy Schumer needs to stop trying to make a Barbie movie happen, we already have one and it's excellent
Why tf ⚡️ “Amy Schumer is in talks to star in a live-action version of Barbie”.
Dear Hollywood, please stop shoving Amy Schumer at us. Sincerely, everyone on planet earth.
Only thing as bad as seeing Amy Schumer as Barbie maybe watching Jennifer Lawrence. I cannot stand them!
Amy Schumer as Barbie is a fantastic cautionary tale for young women about the effects of excessive one night stands, booze an…
Pretty sure Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer and Emma Stone have a group chat and I would honestly give up a limb to be in that group chat
Amy Schumer is to Barbie what Jennifer Lawrence is to Hillary Clinton.
Amy Schumer as Barbie would be great but only if Jennifer Lawrence plays Ken.
Amy Schumer as Barbie? What's next, Robin Quivers plays Gabby Douglas in the movie "American Gymnast?"…
Tonight 12/01/16, I saw Amy Schumer at the Moda Center. It was an absolutely magical night. I…
Jennifer Lawrence is starting to look like Amy Schumer.
'Furious' Amy Schumer to perform Saturday at Valley View Casino Center: Amy Schumer is not moving to Canada after……
Amy Schumer jokes about looking like a ‘young Chris Jericho’
Watched a full Amy Schumer stand up segment with Mary today. Everything she says is too real and relatable and makes me cry from laughter.
Hear this!: Great audiobooks for holiday giving. Amy Schumer, Bruce Springsteen and Carol Burnett narrate their bo…
Is that Amy Schumer or just Nick Swardson in drag?
One year together: Amy Schumer marked the first anniversary of her first date with boyfriend Be…
I swear, if one more person tells me I look like Amy Schumer, I'm legit gonna cry..
I hope everyone except for Amy Schumer is having a good day
Amy Schumer: Trump fans are "weak, kicking and screaming babies" (and just JOKING about leaving if he won) -
Comedian? who tf do you open, for Amy Schumer?
that's because Japan has the great anime market to protect while all we have is crippling depression and Amy Schumer
The fact that I'm baffled by Amy Schumer's popularity tells me one thing. Liberal mental illness has run rampant in our country.
Take Amy Schumer with you. You can use her blubber to keep you warm. Watch the cankles.
I'm so jealous of you. All I want in life is for Amy Schumer to block me. That, and to see her get diabetes
Every now & then I feel grateful on behalf of the unfortunate looking folks who made it in show business (e.g. Vin Diesel, Amy Schumer)
Take a shot everytime amy schumer mentions her ***
Shouldn't Amy Schumer be packing her bags instead of still ignorantly crying about the election?
I wonder if Amy Schumer knows she isnt funny
Just wondering who decided Amy Schumer was funny
And here I was thinking Amy Schumer was the least funny person on the internet.
I just can't help but laugh every time Amy Schumer talks about her ***
I nominate this for "Least offensive Amy Schumer Video Ever"
Kathy Griffin is an original, she made a living at being unfunny long before Amy Schumer started doing it.
Just saw an Old Navy commercial with that fat disgusting pig Amy Schumer. Boycott now
or Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Amy Schumer, Stephen Colbert (his old stuff was decent), and Jon Stewart for that matter? 🙄🙄🙄
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
you said you would move... but that was in jest? After reading what you wrote to Trump supporter... .
Is that Wanda Sykes or Amy Schumer wearing bronzer like Rachel Dolezal?
John Oliver, Amy Schumer, Weird Al, Nick Offerman and more bid 2016 a not-fond farewell
Still waiting on Amy Schumer, Rosie O’Donnell, Spike Lee to leave country after Trump win
Ronda Rousey joins Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen in Bud Light Super Bowl ad
Amy Schumer . Al Sharpton. Whoopi Goldberg. Miley Cyrus . You all claimed you'd be leaving if Trump won. Start parking :) htt…
Amy Schumer & Whoopi Goldberg: 'We're not leaving America' - via
Watch Hostess Twinkies stock. If it crashes, you know either Lena or Amy Schumer have offed themselves.
Amy Schumer goes on an Instagram rant!
How many of those celebs are actually leaving the country now that won?
I pray America can survive this. (I'm referring to Amy Schumer & Miley Cyrus moving to Canada, as they promised they'd…
Amy Schumer is furious at all the people who voted for Donald Trump.
Just in! Amy Schumer backpedals infamous statement weak and in the KKK she says.
Amy Schumer, Al Sharpton, Miley Cyrus, and Bryan Cranston may want to start contacting moving companies.
But she said if Trump was elected, she would move out? No take-backs, Amy!
At least we can all agree Amy Schumer isn't funny
Amy Schumer holds nothing back in powerful message to Trump voters via
Amy Schumer goes back on her word to move to London upon a Trump victory before melting down
I'm sooo disappointed that Amy Schumer isn't really moving to London! Darn it! I hate that she's so sad - maybe reconsider Amy?
Sorry, but a deals a deal - you said you'd leave the country if we voted Trump in & we did our part...
As promised, I'll buy one way tickets to the country of your choice:. Jon Stewart. Cher. Amy Schumer. Alec Baldwin. Madonna
Not a trump supporter but would not mind seeing Amy Schumer leave the country
Amy Schumer says Trump supporters are 'weak' and have 'no clue'
Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler, and any others you can add ...They should be boycotted and encouraged to leave like they p…
“I cry for you people who fell for shiny hats and reality catch phrases.” Powerful Message To Trump Voters
Wait, didn't Amy Schumer say she was leaving the country if Trump got elected? Today just got SO much better
No lady, you're the joke. Now keep your promise and get out.
There's room on the bus next to Amy Schumer on the bus to Canada
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