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Amy Robach

Amy Joanne Robach (born February 6, 1973; Saint Joseph, Michigan) is an American television journalist and correspondent for ABC News.

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you do amy robach dirty you don't give her any air time so I don't watch your show anymore
i-phone my SON can visit ME from Penhouse at Trump he has had a Luxury Life his whole Life to Good…
Help help, please send the answer squad to find out why does not give Amy Robach more segments, more air time…
will you please get rid of Michael Strahan please put Amy robach on more
GMA’s Amy Robach has started a fortune telling side business with several of her friends. The new venture is called…
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Amy Robach was on air with a segment for GMA today,. She deserves more air time, more segments not just today but ev…
why do you over look Amy robach she should have more air time get rid of Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts
Amy Robach is more than qualified to do interviews on her own! QUIT putting STRAHAN i…
Amy Robach, gets the least amount of air time on GMA. Why is that, why the scale back on how often we see her on now
. Hi Sara, how do we find out why Amy Robach on airtime. with GMA been scaled way back, Her fans miss see…
you need fellow footsteps of today show fired Michael Strahan give Amy robach anchor chair
I always wonder WHY AMY ROBACH LEFT THE TODAY SHOW and went to ABC. I wonder WAS she pre…
YOU and me both Meghan. I also wonder why AMY ROBACH left the TODAY SHOW and went to ABC.
Yes. There's also rumors about Amy Robach. lays out some of the harassing behavior.
Amy Robach was another key player in this whole NBC Today Show game of “Employee Musical Chairs.” Except that when…
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Matt racks up another one: Amy Robach.
Matt Lauer pushed mistress Amy Robach out the NBC 'Today' door?
. How sad to hear about Matt Lauer. . However, I would love to see Amy Robach as his replace…
Oh, Miriam...he was a notorious womanizer. It's why both Amy Robach and Natalie Morales left. Ann Cu…
WHAT A SHAME. I stop WATCHING the TODAY SHOW AFTER the WAY he treated ANN CURRY. Amy Robach was also overl…
Heartbroken co anchor because a SEXUAL PREDATOR got fired. Give me a break. What about Amy…
Polar bears are being driven from their natural habitat as sea ice melts away. ABC News' Amy Robach travels to a...
Amy Robach doing an in-depth report on the plight of polar bears 🐻 so sad. — watching Nightline
Alaskan town's polar bear problem leads to tourism boom. Amy Robach on the ground in Alaska reporting for Nightline…
Amy Robach, while I in NO way condone what has happened and have never been a fan of Massag…
Amy Robach will be dressed as Vanna White & Taylor Swift. Ginger Zee will be dressed as Nikki Bella & Maya Moore
Wonderful presentation by Shannon Huffman-Polson, Amy Robach and Kevin Coupe today!
Good Morning America anchor Amy Robach shares her story of it trough life trials Women’s Fresh Perspec…
Better: How I Let Go of Control, Held On to Hope, and Found Joy in My Darkest Hour by
BCRF supporter & breast cancer survivor shares how her views on wellness have changed
Just another great interview by Amy Robach and it was enjoyable
TV journalist Amy Robach had the unusual situation of doing her first mammogram on live TV -- and it ended up...
Amy Robach, riding across America for the fifth time on my bicycle for breast cancer awareness! Brent Bundy
I haven't been able to watch GMA for like 6 months and I forgot how about how Amy Robach is perfect.
Amy Robach can be comforted knowing that Jimmy The Liberal Kimmel is th…
. . Good evening, is Amy Robach on World News Tonight with David?
Good Morning America's Amy Robach talks about the benefits of the .
. Hi Adrienne, great to see you on GMA today. How come Michael Strahan and Amy Robach. Where not on today
I liked a video Ivana Trump interview with ABC News’ Amy Robach on GMA (10/9/17)
I Thought you were Amy Robach ask me about it
Yeah, Alex Witt and Amy Robach were frequent fill-in anchors. But…
An Evening with June 8th at the Hyatt Regency Princeton. Free! But need to register.
I know Amy Robach like you Impression both of you need my HELP MOST INFLUENTIAL MIND IN THE WORLD x2 Attention
GMA's Amy Robach with director Erin Lee Carr, and Kristy and Rod Blanchard talking 'Mommy Dead and Dearest,'...
Ben why do you hate Amy robach she should be your co-anchor of show not Michael Strahan I quit watching GMA
Is Amy Robach pregnant, or it's just the dress?
Fired Robin Roberts and get rid of Michael Strahan he not need at GMA put Amy robach back at desk make her anchor of the show
Join us as we celebrate Cancer Survivors Day with special guest Amy Robach.
Find the best from Amy Robach at PortalQuote
Amy Robach actually had consistent timeslots, thankfully.
Read carrie fisher to amy robach on dvd case action ?
I am going to cut my hair very short; I've never done this before... ...
Amy mom dad great couple together we glad have you on GMA Amy Robach
Amy Robach needs to stop wearing sleeveless dresses in the middle of winter! Hot studio lights or not, she looks ridiculous!
I made the choice to have the double mastectomy, and for me it felt l...
Amy Robach, this is to let u know that I didn't receive any mail from u reg-arding the letter that I sent 2 u,mail stolen,from poffice.
When I give my time to a worthy cause, it's time well spent. Lending a vo...
Read carrie fisher that i enjoyed more than i really mad if harrison ford manages to hike up way to amy robach on writing.
My husband, Andrew Shue, is the co-founder of Do Something, and we both s...
Remembering the time Carrie Fisher shut down an interviewer for asking about her weight
Remembering the time Carrie Fisher dealt with a question about her weight like a Jedi
"I got in character and I've never gotten out.” Carrie Fisher to Amy Robach on her role as General Leia in
Y'all had me thinking Amy Robach said *** or something. Colored people, people of color. So what
A ‘Good Morning America’ anchor had to apologize after saying ‘colored people’ on air
I kinda believe her. It's easy to slip up that one. Sharing with Gigya:
I can see how she might have done a spoonerism, meaning to say "people..." Robach says racial slur 'a mistake'
EW: host Amy Robach apologizes for saying "colored people" on air:
The 'Good Morning America' co-anchor is sorry she misspoke on Monday's broadcast. --
Everybody including Amy Robach is losing it in 2016. Donald Trump just Made America start saying "colored people " Again... WTH!!!
I have a feeling Amy Robach's career will nose dive now regardless of what she MEANT to say, that's a *** of a slip of the tongue
Media Lynch Mob attacks Amy Robach for saying 'colored people' & not 'people of color" https:…
'GMA's' Amy Robach sorry for 'colored people' reference
GMA’s Amy Robach apologizes for using racial slur
"Colored People" is NOT a racial slur, but it is an antiquated phrase used to describe "people of color."
'GMA's' Amy Robach says on-air racial slur 'a mistake' Cut my girl some slack I dare you to do better.
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Really? In 2016, this slips out? 'GMA's' Amy Robach Apologizes for "Colored People" On-Air Remark via
'GMA's' Amy Robach apologizes for on-air racial slur, says it was 'a mistake' via
A 'Good Morning America' anchor has apologized for saying "colored people" on-air.
Let's ease up on Amy Robach for saying :"colored people" I recall our own saying "colored is fine."
Good Morning America” host apologizes for discussing diversity of “colored people”
Good Morning America” Anchor Amy Robach Apologizes for “Colored People” Remark: . At one level this story is ...
"Good Morning America" co-anchor Amy Robach has apologized for saying "colored people" on Monday's broadcast of the ABC program.
please put Amy Robach more frontcenter Don't want her pushed back by Michael. U will lose a 30 yr viewer
Watch: Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke Talk 'Me Before You': ABC News' Amy Robach talks with the actors and wi...
I have two cousins with juvenile diabetes. They both contracted the di...
Still wondering if I'm the only one who noticed Amy Robach pronouncing Hiroshima incorrectly on this morning.
Having cancer is one thing; looking like you have cancer is another th...
All in the Family: Ann Carter reminisces with niece, GMA anchor Amy Robach
'You have chickens?' That's what nearly everyone asks next, after they...
TJ Holmes calls Amy Robach "Robach" sounds very disrespectful. They're prob friends but it appears too casual, unprofessional.
The 37-year-old was invited to speak at the prestigious event for powerful, influential women. In an interview with Amy…
Someone forgot to cut Amy Robach's mic and now there's no doubt how much she hates checking in with Channel 7 Action News Detroit.
The 52-year-old Australian was leaving the Good Morning America studios where he had just taped an interview with Amy Robach to plug his
TV Anchor discusses survival in her Keynote address .
Good Morning America news anchor Amy Robach shares how she gained back control after her cancer diagnosis:
If I were the decision-maker at abc i'd have Amy Robach, then Lara Spencer and finish if off with Robin Roberts Monday
.Amy Robach survivor & news anchor talks about how to take control of your Treatment Plan
happy hump day to you tomorrow Amy robach
Amy Robach is one of the best dressed journalist/anchor !! Her stylist is amazing!
JFS is the proud recipient of funds from Join us June 9th to hear Amy Robach
Tell lara to quit showing her disgusting legs with her short dresses
I felt so sorry for Jesse Palmer, George S. and Michael Strahan - Amy Robach brought no gifts for them back from Africa :(
Amy Robach spoke about . Earlier the screening, the better! .
So excited to host the Pre-Show on the red carpet with some familiar (and some new!) faces this year!
“GMA”’s Amy Robach is ready for her close-up ... on the primetime hit “Castle.”
I got quoted anonymously by the Associated Press! --> GMA's Amy Robach to speak at Miami Breast Cancer Conference
ABC News' Amy Robach takes viewers on a beautiful tour of a Tanzanian crater known as Africa's "Garden of Eden."
Amy Robach guest stars on the hit ABC show playing the role of Lila Campo and "GMA" is on the "Castle" set.
Good Morning America's Amy Robach has experienced a feat that's unprecedented in television history: by taking viewers live into an ice
Why do you always call Robach instead of Amy?
As you're waiting for to start tonight, fill some time watching me, and a few others, on
TJ Holmes getting annoying by calling Amy Robach just ROBACH.
Today on Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes report from Africa on animal poaching. ABC @ 7
Check out AMY ROBACH from GMA ,, all morning safari in Tanzania,,
Tomorrow on gets up close with orphaned lion cubs in Tanzania:
Amy is stunning in blue and a smattering of pearls on check us out on
Big thank you to Good Morning America's Amy Robach and Melrose Place's Andrew Shue for stopping by last weeks...
Thank you and Amy Robach for a fun morning for the U.S. launch of my new book, "Cook Yourself Young". You can…
Feel bad for Amy Robach. Embarrassingly lost GA-FL game bet to Jesse Palmer & had to wear Gators jersey on Hang t…
Everyday is a new chapter in a book that you get to write. . -Amy Robach
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Amy Robach never thought cancer would happen to her, but it did - and it nearly destroyed her fledgling marriage to former Melrose Place
Amy Robach blasts People for misleading cancer headline
Amy Robach blasts People for misleading cancer headline
You may recognize Amy Robach on the cover and V For Victory Foundation, Inc on the back page of the Sept/Oct...
So glad to hear the power of awareness is prompting more women to get checked! Thank you Amy Robach for your part...
Today on the view Mrs.Amy Robach's touching story about her breast cancer battle really touched my heart. She is a very strong lady.
Powerful! I really shouldn't watch these things while I'm on the air. Totally crying.
just saw Amy robach and Id like to know if she also had an ultrasound when she found out?
In tears as I watch the story of Amy Robach and the two amazing women who shared their story. Thank you All & God bless you
Amy Robach is so inspiring. Look forward to reading Better.
Andrew Shue is Amy Robach's husband? How did I miss this?
Especially after seeing Amy Robach on Live yesterday, her story really made me want to go get tested
Good Morning America's Amy Roach says that made her better. Watch her amazing story here.
WATCH: ABC's Amy Robach talks with RTV6 about overcoming breast cancer, new book 'Better'
ABC and NBC bigwigs support Amy Robach’s new book
How breast cancer made me better. WATCH:
It's finally pub day! Excited and honored to share this collection of stories from my battle with
I just finished Mindy Kaling's second book & now I'm going to start Amy Robach's book!
Amy Robach recounts how her life changed after diagnosis.
Thank you for sharing your story with us and with everyone in your great book
Cancer isn't always just about the physical fight...
"Laugh More, Love More, Yell Less" - thank you for being a huge inspiration!
Amy Robach cuts hair on camera a month into chemo archive: via
"GMA" news anchor Amy Robach details her battle against breast cancer.
via Amy Robach chronicles her good and bad experiences with cancer
I know so much about current events because of Amy Robach.
Any interview pointers for a newbie author? Tune in to see me talk with Amy Robach on at 8:30a tomorrow!
Robach, Michael Strahan, Lara Spencer What did Dizzzy Gillespie, Rex Harrison, Donna Reed and Fred Gwynn die of?cancer
Sorry, Amy Robach, not Emi. Went brain dead for a mini second !
Amy Robach's cousin was in prison for murder. . She's from Michigan
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Amy Robach's cousin was in prison for murder. . SShe's from Michigan
I am a 81 yr old man and i watch every day on GMA. I think that Amy Robach is one of then nicest person and is the reason I watch.
Amy Robach and Dr Jen Ashton great legs short skirts ...
Have you ever been mistaken for Amy Robach on ? You bear a striking resemblance to each other!
David, your team of Ginger Zee, Rebecca Jarvis and Amy Robach cannot be matched. Trust you appreciate them. The Best!
Amy Robach is preparing for a 'crappy year' of chemotherapy
why is Amy Robach NOT listed on your Opening Credits??? George, Robin & Lara. No Amy?? Why the snub???
Hi David, miss you on Meet The Press. Chuck doesn't cut it. Brian got whacked like you and Ann; Amy Robach also. NBC/mess!
Watch: Jon Stewart to Retire From 'The Daily Show' Hosting Duties: Amy Robach shares the top trends online in...
You blew it with the way you handled Ann Curry, Amy Robach, and now Brian! Maybe Deborah Turness should be gone too.
Mitchell College what is it like working with Robin Roberts and Amy Robach?
Watching GMA and Amy Robach says Beyonce sang "Take my hand Precious Lord" it right
Watch: The Top Grammy Award Moments Trending on Social Media: Amy Robach shares the top trends online in the ...
It's mazing that GMA lists Lara Spencer on its ospening credits! She's a complete moron and couldn't make a pimple on Amy Robach's ***
The Lipscomb PR girls loved meeting and listening to Amy Robach, Good Morning America Anchor, Breast
Even the media is trying to rationalize Beth's nonsensical death. Amy Robach thinks it was a dream.
Amy Robach · . It's a Wednesday- About to intv on her new initiative...
Meet Amy Robach (she is a News Anchor for ABC News & Good Morning America. Amy has traveled worldwide...
A recent throwback of me and Amy Robach!
Loved meeting and hearing the story of Good Morning America anchor Amy Robach, a journalism veteran,…
Have you gotten your mammogram since hearing Amy Robach speak at this year's Candid Conversations?
just for a SPLIT SECOND I thought you met the beautiful Amy Robach. Maybe one day.
Someone take Alicia Menendez off the election coverage. Cecilia Vega, Amy Robach, Rebecca Jarvis are more credible. Or Dan Abrams.
Amy Robach had been putting off a mammogram, and then she got
Watch: 'Troublemaker' Dane Cook on His New Comedy Special: The comedian talks to Amy Robach about his new sta...
ABC News correspondent Amy Robach appeared on Good Morning America Monday morning and revealed that she had breast cancer, a diagnosis that began when she go...
I signed the ABC News Goes Pink Pledge! Amy Robach and all who have been touched by this disease. .
This is the order for ABC - Daphne Oz, Sade Baderinwa, Sara Haines, Amy Robach, and Liz Cho and Lara Spencer are tied. Sound familiar?
Nor-Cal Think Pink dreams big! Join our campaign to bring Good Morning America's Robin Roberts & Amy Robach to...
Let Robin Roberts & Amy Robach know you want them to come to Nor-Cal Think Pink Day on October 16th by posting on...
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WME Speaker & anchor spoke to women about her cancer battle at the 21st Annual Women's Night Out
October 1st we'll be live chatting with ABC's Amy Robach on breast cancer. Submit your questions to us with
Get ready, PA: Amy Robach is speaking at Penn State Altoona on October 29! Details are here:
ABC News' Amy Robach to interview breast cancer survivor in Charleston a year after her own diagnosis.
Good Morning America anchor spoke about her cancer battle at the annual Women's Night Out event tonight.
As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, I was honored to be in the crowd that Amy Robach of ABC addressed tonight at The Ellis Foundat…
Amy Robach was amazing at Bellevue Women's Night Out! She was warm, funny, inspirational and...
Robin Roberts and Amy Robach Take the Pink Pledge | Video - ABC News via
Amy Robach announces she has breast cancer
So exciting to see Amy Robach in our earrings again! Here she is as seen on this morning in our green...
Hear Susan Ford Bales & Amy Robach talk about how breast cancer has touched their lives at http:/…
and now that I think about it it was Amy Robach. Long weekend
GMA's Host Amy Robach Looked Beautiful this Morning on Good Morning America in this Cap Sleeve Floral...
Amy Robach, co-host of Good Morning America wore Adrianna Papell on this morning's episode.
Call me a cynic, but family members of these purported "captives" doing interviews with Katie Couric and Amy Robach smacks of "fake."
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PRSA Newsroom | Good Morning America’s Amy Robach to Deliver Keynote at the PRSA 2014 International Conference:
Time to dump Lara Spencer and move Amy Robach into the chair next to George. Lara is a joke being a news reader/reporter.
I mean, Carolina had Darius Rucker, LSU had James Carville, Auburn had Dufner, and Georgia has Amy Robach? I don't even know who that is.
They couldn't have gotten anyone better for Georgia than Amy Robach for this SEC Storied?
Great piece by on Amy Robach and the breast cancer warrior trap. I hope she changes her message!
"You have to be there for the bad times, to truly enjoy the good times. And so true fans never give up on their team. Ever." - Amy Robach
Amazing discussion in the comments on this one. TY, readers.
Amy Robach and Lara Spencer from Good Morning America both picked Charleston as their favorite city. Watch the...
Breast cancer patient on Amy Robach's gushing prediction,"You will emerge a better person! I promise!"
Another good read from Point on Amy Robach's public statements about her breast cancer experience.
Photoset: Selfies with Ginger Zee and Amy Robach before performing on GMA 8.21
Good Morning America's Amy Robach to deliver opening keynote at Int'l Conference:
Did you catch GMA this morning? Anchors Lara Spencer and Amy Robach both picked Charleston as their Favorite...
Amy Robach, and Lara Spencer pose at ' Times Square Studio ...
Robin Roberts, Amy Robach, Elizabeth Vargas, now Joan Lunden. I think studio may have some breast cancer causing issue.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
GOD bless you Amy Robach; you and Robin Roberts are brave women for letting the public in on your breast cancer...
Amy Robach can't remember what she said on air during intense chemo
ROCK ON Everyone, IF you are due for a mammogram---GO GET ONE!!!
It happened to “Good Morning America” news anchor Amy Robach, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and took a leave of absence from the telecast to undergo a double mastectomy last fall.
Good Morning America” co-host Amy Robach wants to help women who are financially unable to get an initial mammogram or follow-up imaging.
'I can't remember what I said on air': GMA host Amy Robach on the terrifying memory loss she suffered as a result...
Amy can't recall being on air via foxheadlines
RtAmy Robach: Chemotherapy made me forget being on-air |
Amy Robach: Chemotherapy made me forget being on air |
Amy Robach of Good Morning America shares her difficult battle with
Amy Robach: "I was absolutely scared on many levels"
I am just getting a chance to watch Barbara Walters' last day as a host on The View because I had to do a funeral. Anyway, Barbara Walters' name is a name that I've known ever since I can remember! However, I do think she kinda over-exposed herself by doing The View on a daily basis, too much of a good thing just like anything else can turn into a-not-so-good thing! Nonetheless, she is indeed a living legend and an institution! I must admit that seeing all of the major FEMALE journalistic personalities that she has influenced, impacted and paved the way for all on one show is quite fascinating! From Oprah Winfrey, to Connie Chung, to Meredith Viera, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Tamron Hall, Gayle King, Savannah Guthrie, Anderson Cooper, Robin Meade, Robin Roberts, Ginger Zee, Lara Spencer, Amy Robach, Hoda Kotb, Anderson Cooper, Kathie Lee Gifford, Deborah Wrigley, Gina Gaston, Dominique Sachse, Linda Lorelle, Anderson Cooper, Elma Barrera, Lisa Foronda, Melanie Lawson... Wow, this list of awesome women c ...
After being told her newborn son was dead, mother Kate Ogg was able to cuddle and caress her baby's limp body back to life, astonishing doctors. TODAY's Amy Robach has this incredible story. I personally think this video resembles a lot people who have NDE and who pass away and become alive again. H…
GMA anchor Amy Robach opens up about cancer struggles
In the midst of jugging her anchor duties and being a mom, Amy Robach is now facing her biggest challenge: breast cancer.
What GMA's Amy Robach says mattered most during 8 rounds of chemo to treat her breast cancer - at 5:45p
Juggling a new job title, busy mom life...& breast cancer. 5p on WJLA - GMA's Amy Robach & her message to ALL women.
please reassign Amy Robach. Need the chemistry like Josh Elliott brought
Check out UGA Alumna Brooke Anderson & Amy Robach Calling the Dawgs! We can't wait to have Amy at the Suits & Sneakers Gala on August 16th! PM us if you would like to be a sponsor or donate auction items or services. Beat Cancer, Amy!
Censorship: NBC Continues to Hide Obama's Scandal Impacting Veterans In another example of censoring a Barack Obama scandal, NBC has ignored the brewing controversy impacting American veterans and a shocking lack of access to hospital care. Though the news of up to 40 patients dying in Arizona has been going on for months, ABC finally covered the story on Tuesday's Good Morning America, offering a scant 29 seconds. Reporter Amy Robach informed that the President is "standing by his Secretary of Veterans Affairs," despite a call by the American Legion on Monday for his ouster. CBS This Morning gave it 18 seconds. Robach explained that the nation's largest veterans group has accused "Secretary Eric Shinseki and his top aides of, quote, 'poor oversight and failed leadership,' after reports that as many as 40 patients in Phoenix may have died because of delays in care and allegations that hospitals have tried to cover up other delays." Despite the controversy, this was the first time Shinseki's name has been ...
Looking forward to a great benefit luncheon next week with these amazing women! Amy Robach, Anna Protopapas, and Fran Heller.
Good Morning America Anchor Amy Robach talks on Honoring Mothers: A story of prioritizing one another & ourselves
Richard, Amazing: Moms from around the world and supporters like you have helped raise the profile of women’s and children’s issues through the Global Moms Relay. Together, this community has taken more than 275,000 actions to date - spreading the word with your friends and family and raising funds for the health and well-being of women and children in support of the United Nations’ Every Woman Every Child movement. Since it launched in March, the Global Moms Relay has brought together community leaders and celebrities from Annie Lennox to Nigel Barker to UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka to share inspiring personal stories of how mothers have made a difference in their lives. While the Global Moms Relay is nearing its exciting conclusion, this movement will continue. Here is a great way to stay involved: Watch the livestream of Moms +SocialGood TODAY, and join the conversation online. Starting at 10 a.m. ET, this unique, day-long event will bring together hundreds of passionate peo ...
ABC News’ Amy Robach announced today that she finished her final round of chemotherapy Thursday to treat breast cancer that was discovered in October. “Today marks my eighth and final round of chemotherapy,” Robach, 40, said in a taped piece that aired today on “Good Morning America.”  “This is my f…
The Baton Pass was at the City of Hope Spirit of Life Awards Luncheon yesterday to share our message of hope. Congratulations to Amy Robach, who was recognized as a 2014 Spirit of Life honoree and who also helped us launch on March 19 on Good Morning America.
Amy Robach feeling 'okay' after last chemo treatment via
Amy Robach, Lara Spencer see if they can handle the heat inside these pepper sauces.
(Watch: Hot Sauce Tycoons Spice Up 'GMA Live': Amy Robach, Lara Spencer see if they ca... (
Famous Times Square icon talks about his career and endorsements with Amy Robach, Lara Spencer.
ABC's Amy Robach feeling 'OK' after last chemo treatment
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Amy Robach feeling 'okay' after last chemo treatment
ABC's Josh Elliott leaving 'Good Morning America' for NBC Sports; Amy Robach to replace him
I added a video to a playlist Amy Robach & Dr. Jennifer Ashton - great legs short skirts
Watching our GMA just now. I sent the Bear video to Amy Robach @ GMA and she played the video. Was way better on a big screen.
can we just agree that Amy Robach is the only co anchor who states an opinion about anything. Thank you! And !
tell Amy Robach that Pit Bulls aren't bad. Stop perpetuating the myth
Pitbulls are one of the best dogs ever. Shameful Amy Robach to make the comment when the dog ran onto softball field.
sharing Amy Robach Finds Robin Roberts an Inspiration in Her Cancer Fight - People.. inspire
Two celebrities on Good Morning America are breast cancer survivors and by them sharing that with the world.. It gives me hope and motivation to know I can overcome this! Thank you Robin Roberts and Amy Robach! You are both brave women to share your journey with me and I'm grateful for that.
Wow wow wow. Just causally watching Good Morning America at the office and looks what's on! Amy Robach and she received our team blanket! You MUST watch this inspiring clip! Xoxo
Amy Robach and Lara Spencer reportedly do not get along well at all. The former sees the latter as a major flirt.
ABC's Amy Robach reveals cancer diagnosis after on-air mammogram
Sounds like I'm not the only one not too enchanted with news anchor for instance!
Amy Robach fed up with Lara Spencer: 'GMA' feud escalates?
We've got exclusive details inside & girl fight!
Lunch with Lara Spencer and Amy Robach: rumors, ratings and the revolving door. (via
Great interview by with and on some double standards in the media:
Lunch with and rumors, ratings and the revolving door.
Separating fact from fiction my chat with and
Ugh, I guess we're stuck with Lara... Lunch w/Lara Spencer & Amy Robach, Rumors, Ratings & the Revolving Door
Amy Robach Slams Lara Spencer as Shameless Flirt, GMA Feud Intensifies: . The claws are reportedly out between...
I don't care how much people hate a certain behavior... people reading the news shouldn't be expressing their disgust about said behavior, while still reading the story. I'm looking at you Amy Robach
"Good Morning America" anchors Lara Spencer and Amy Robach love each other so much, they can't keep their hand...
GMA is making good changes. The Executive Producer, Ben Sherwood is gone. Josh Elliott is gone. Now if they could just get rid of Lara Spencer and her "pop news". Ginger Zee and Amy Robach have been a GREAT additions. Keep pushing through ABC. You might be but you can still tweak that format for the better.
Josh Elliot is leaving Good Morning America after turning down a "generous offer," ABC News President Ben Sherwood says; Amy Robach has been named new co-anchor
If you wonder why Americans are so ill informed about world events, consider the following items, listed in order, from MSN News: Johnny Depp's engagement ring Selena engaged? Remembering Kate O'Mara & others we lost in March 'Partridge' mom's milestone Sara Gilbert gets married Wil Wheaton's bullying advice Amy Robach's new role North & South Korea spar
ABC says "Good Morning America" personality Josh Elliott has told the network he's accepted an offer to go to NBC Sports, and he has been quickly replaced on the morning show by Amy Robach.
CBS Frets Over 'Tough' Abortion Law Being Upheld, Skips What Ruling Actually Means While the CBS Evening News on Thursday and Good Morning America on Friday allowed mere seconds to explain a court ruling upholding "tough" "new abortion restrictions" in Texas, only Fox News fully detailed what the decision and law actually do. Evening News guest anchor Sharyn Alfonsi briefly informed, "A federal appeals court today upheld Texas' new abortion restrictions, among the toughest in the nation. Many abortion clinics have closed since the law was passed." On Friday's GMA, Amy Robach did a little better, noting, "The law requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and then restricts the availability of abortion-inducing drugs." But GMA offered a mere 18 seconds and CBS a scant 15 seconds. In contrast, Fox and Friends covered the story three times. Plus, Fox and Friends First co-host Heather Childers described it as "a win for pro-lifers in Texas."
GMA Won't Pay Josh Elliot $10M Josh Elliott, who is seen as an integral part of Good Morning America's rise to become the top-rated morning show, is leaving GMA for NBC Sports. Elliott had been in well-publicized salary negotiations with ABC for weeks, and was reported to be asking for $10 million a year after co-anchor Robin Roberts was reported to have scored a $20 million-a-year deal. Elliott, who joined ABC from ESPN, will be replaced by Amy Robach, who recently overcame breast cancer and a double mastectomy.
Most importantly: Why can't we get the same accomplished here in Pa (Philly)? ABC, CNN, MSNBC and PBS on Wednesday and Thursday all covered the "shocking" corruption involving the Democratic mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina. Yet, while talking about the tens of thousands of dollars in bribes he sought, none of these networks identified Patrick Cannon's political party. Only a Fox News host referred to him as a Democrat. On ABC's Good Morning America, Amy Robach asserted, "Well, the mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina has resigned after being arrested during an FBI sting." On CNN's New Day, Christine Romans informed that undercover FBI agents "got the mayor to take almost $50,000 in bribes in exchange for favorable treatment by the city." In contrast, Fox News's Jamie Colby revealed, "There's another Democrat in trouble over accusations of corruption." Pennsylvania's AG is so busy chasseing the Republican Governor that she has officially declined to prosecute four Democrats caught in a similar sting in Ph ...
Robin Roberts, Lara Spencer and Amy Robach (who is much more qualified than former ESPN's mouthpiece & GMA diva, Josh Elliot) will go to work @ Good Morning America now with smiling hearts. Hooray, no more tension to writing staff!!!
I am in shock. I can't believe there will be no more Josh Elliot on GMA. Good thing I like Amy Robach, who will take his place. Guess I'll have to watch more NBC sports. Good bye Josh.
Josh Elliott is leaving ABC’s “Good Morning America” for NBC Sports, the second defection from TV’s number-one morning program in recent months. Longtime meteorologist Sam Champion left the program in early December. In a memo to staffers, ABC News President Ben Sherwood said Amy Robach would succee...
Congratulations to Amy Robach!!! Best of luck to you (even though you don't need it) and Best of Luck to Josh Elliot (even though he doesn't need it either) Am really glad Amy is in! (y)
Josh Elliott is leaving GMA for NBC sports? I liked him in the morning! And I miss Sam too.. (even tho I have heard both were serious prime-donnas off the air) Amy Robach and Ginger Zee are very good, but its not the same. And now George is the only male...
Amy Robach replaces Josh Elliot on 'Good Morning America': Amy Robach will join 'GMA' as the show'...
NOT ANOTHER ONE!: Josh Elliott is leaving Good Morning America to join NBC Sports. Amy Robach will be taking his place. A man gotta do what he gotta do.
Another member of morning television's top rated family is leaving home. Josh Elliott, who joined ABC's Good Morning America in 2011 and helped ride it ahead of NBC's Today, is leaving for a high profile role at NBC Sports. He'll be replaced as news anchor by Amy Robach. But is it the last we'll see...
*** I liked Josh Elliott on kinda surprised to hear he had a diva complex. But good news for Amy Robach
An internal ABC News email obtained by Mediaite reveal that after reportedly tough contract negotiations, Good Morning America's Josh Elliott will depart for a role at NBC Sports. Amy Robach will replace him as the morning show's news anchor.
Amy Robach replaces Josh Elliott on 'GMA' after he takes job with NBC Sports ..Nola NOLANews
Effective immediately, Amy Robach is the news anchor on ABC's top-rated morning show, according to a memo that ABC News President Ben Sherwood sent to staffers on Sunday. She'll replace Josh Elliott, who is heading to NBC Sports.
John Gray wins an Emmy, Josh Elliott leaving ABC for NBC, Amy Robach becoming new "GMA" news anchor. A quiet Sunday night: now an illusion.
Amy Robach rounds up the latest events in Sochi. Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 Thrills and Chills in Women's Figure Skating Amy Robach rounds up the latest ...
Amy Robach on Cancer Fight: 'I'm in the Thick of It' from The Jefferson Awards last week via
Many 😘 Amy Robach on Fight: 'I'm in the Thick of It'
Brave ABC news correspondent Amy Robach is helming Good Morning America's Winter Olympics coverage while battling breast cancer - after being told by her doctor it will help her recovery.
Amy Robach on Cancr Fight Im in the Thick of It
Just ran into Andrew Shue n Amy Robach at Grand Central Station
a unique form of poetry for All cancer victims. Check it out one wins a date with Amy Robach... Hope you move closer to LIfe!
Watch: Matthew McConaughey's 'Dazed and Confused' Shirts: Amy Robach explains what has every...
Amy Robach Great hair, great smile, great spirit! Missed seeing you on GMA!
where is Amy Robach. It is more of your daily
Watch: Is Scarlett Johansson Pregnant?: Amy Robach reports the top stories in the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
News that correspondent Amy Robach was diagnosed with breast cancer recently made headlines. Her medical results came from an on-air mammogram she had done to support October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which made the story even more compelling. Robach publicly announced her diagnosis in November...
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