Amy Poehler & Seth Myers

Amy Meredith Poehler (born September 16, 1971) is an American actress, comedienne, producer and writer. Seth Adam Meyers (born December 28, 1973) is an American actor and comedian. 5.0/5

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I have TV & PVR now, and the ABSOLUTE BEST THING THAT HAS AND WILL EVER HAPPEN TO ME is recording the Seth Myers episode with Amy Poehler.
WATCH: Seth Myers and Amy Poehler resurrect 'SNL' skit to address Trump-like 'Julius Caesar' play
Saw Michael Peña say "Seth and Amy" in that Bud light commercial so I got super excited to see Seth Myers and Amy Poehler together again but
Nothing beats Seth Myers and Amy Poehler for Weekend Update hosts.
Editorial: Criminals clued by bumper stickers? Really!?!: Amy Poehler and Seth Myers, the two comedians who on...
"Missed the mark"? Really?! Where's Amy Poehler, Seth Myers and the Weekend Update when you need them?
Saturday Night Live was amazing when Amy Poehler and Seth Myers and Andy Samberg and Kristen Wig were on it.
!!! Carol Burnett, Kathleen Turner, Seth Myers, and Patrick Stewart read parts of the audiobook of Amy Poehler's new book. Also her parents
George R.R. Martin on Seth Myers? Yes please! And watching him laugh while bookended by Seth and Amy Poehler , both big-time fans? Magnificent! ~V
Notes on the Emmy Award show. Seth Myers did a great job! Kept it clean and moving along. My favorite comment of his was about Duck Dynasty being the most recorded show on VCRs! The only inappropriate comment I heard (and I missed some of it) was from Amy Poehler. It was early and kids were probably watching. UGH I thought it was inappropriate to single out Robin Williams after the In memory of section. Mickey Rooney and Lauren Bacall had longer careers and Maya Angelou contributed more for the betterment of society. Everyone lost was important to many. The nominations in each category were spot on. I would have had a hard time voting! Congrats to the producers of the award show. I thought it was classy... except for Amy. Congrats to all the winners, too.
To quote Amy Poehler and Seth Myers on Saturday Night Live " Really? Really?" Sad sad state of priorities by our president.
Growing up watching SNL with Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Amy Poehler and Seth Myers, watching it now is kind of a l…
WOW!!! I just woke up to the most amazing dream and I had to tell someone before I forgot and everyone here is asleep so anyway I was auditioning for Saturday Night Live and crazy stuff was going on like maya Rudolph was licking and chopping and snorting a brick sized cherry pez which was supposed to be the missing piece to this life sized unicorn puzzle and there was a machine that turned each of us into a different robot dance move when it would shoot us with its laser beam and David Duchovny was the host and he helped me improv and Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch and Horatio Sans and Fred armisen all laughed and thought I was hilarious and I was I nailed it!!! It was improv and I nailed it! I even made Seth Myers break character and even though someone tried to sabotage me at the very beginning of the audition, I still pulled through and was better than I thought I could be... Sorry for the lack of punctuation, capitalization and the use of run on sentences but I had to get it out. I haven't woken up thi ...
don't you miss the SNL days with Seth Myers and Amy Poehler as the news hosts?
I only like Seth Myers when Amy Poehler is next to him.
What about Amy Poehler to replace Letterman? Fun to see her take down her friend Seth Myers.
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U.S. vice-president Joe Biden and actor Amy Poehler were the first guests when "Late Night with Seth Myers" debuted on Monday. Did you stay up late to watch?
Ahhh...Stefon and Amy Poehler made an appearance on Weekend Update for Seth Myers last show :)
Seth Myers is having Amy Poehler be his first guest on Late Night so I have that to look forward to 👍😊
So many celebrated SNL alums tonight! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting; Adam Samberg winning for a freshman comedy; Seth Myers having the best intro of the evening; and Jimmy Fallon for looking snaz in a tux.
SNL has created some of the biggest celebrities in Pop culture. Lorne Michaels is more than a genius. Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrel, Mike Myers, Bill Murray, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Senator Al Franken, Chris Farley, Kirsten Wiig, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Seth Myers, Martin Short, Tim Meadows, Phil Hartman, John Belushi, Dan Akroyd, Molly Shannon, Mya Rudolph, Chris Kattan... infinity I can keep going but you get me!!
Really? I mean KC's excited and all but as Seth Myers & Amy Poehler say affectionately... Really?!
I hear that word in Seth Myers and Amy Poehler's voices... REALLY?!?!
Just got an email from Marriott advertising summer getaways to Cleveland & Detroit. Channeling my inner Amy Poehler & Seth Myers
Looking back at UCB's early years: Amy Poehler, Seth Myers, Adam McKay and more:
In the words of Seth Myers and Amy Poehler: "REALLY?!"
Amy Poehler and Seth Myers were the perf Weekend Update team👌
I assume he would since conan did. He's just better in NYC tho. Who would take his spot? I vote Amy Poehler. Or maybe Seth Myers?
Amy Poehler calling in on WWHL asking Seth Myers a question. I LOVE IT!
... in which our columnist Beryl Benderly channels Seth Myers and Amy Poehler.
That was Amy Poehler and Seth Myers's first show.
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Seth myer from SNL at Treasure Resort and Cassino in March might be kinda funny but Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would be better.
I love Saturday Night Live so much. I wanna be on Weekend Update with Seth Myers, Tina Fey or Amy Poehler
This would be so much better to watch if they had Seth Myers, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Colbert sitting around a table calling the election.
Last straw -- got a flat tire in my bike this morning. Cue Seth Myers and Amy Poehler: "Really?? Really??"
A gallon of unleaded gasoline in Crawfordsville was as low as $3.17 today. Pretty much hovering around $3.50 here. To quote Amy Poehler and Seth Myers, but not that uptight chick on 60 Minutes last week: REALLY?
There was just a Weekend Update Jokeoff between Seth Myers, Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, and Amy Poehler. I'm in heaven.
Looks like it's time for Weekend Update with Amy Poehler and Seth Myers for a special edition of, "Really?"
My favorite email during this time of the year: "I didn't stop at your table because I didn't think it was important"...also combined with..."I lost everything that the school gave me at orientation" (Insert Amy Poehler and Seth Myers here) REALLY?
How many companies exist because they get government contracts? How many smaller companies exist because they make things for the companies that have the major contracts? How many businesses exist because they do R & D that is subsidized, or even fully paid for, by the government? How many farmers, oil companies, pharmaceuticals, etc., get government money? This list is barely a beginning list of the businesses that exist because of what they get from the government. A full list would number in the thousands and these companies/entities exist in every state. And yet, some people would have yoiu believe the government doesn't create jobs. To quote Amy Poehler and Seth Myers, "REALLY!!!" Fact is, the government creates some of the best jobs in the country.
Another one I liked was a 2010 Charades game with Tina Fey, Seth Myers and Amy Poehler.
Jimmy Fallon does Late Night, Tina Fey has 30 Rock, Amy Poehler has Parks and Rec. Surely people are lining up to give things to Seth Myers.
I would love to hang out with Seth Myers and Amy Poehler... they must be a hoot!
So he puts a scorpion in his mouth and goes to Vegas. Really? As said by Seth Myers & Amy Poehler. "REALLY?"
I feel like I need Seth Myers and Amy Poehler to properly express the stupidity involved in that decision.
Wow...went to UCBtheater and got to see Amy Poehler, Seth Myers, Bobby Moynihan Adam Pally, and Lutz from 30 Rock perform improve, What a night.
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.and I are at ASSCAT @ UCB - Amy Poehler & Seth Myers are here doing I could die happy tonight.
Video: Amy Poehler and Seth Myers call B.S. on the all-male birth control panel
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