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Amy Adams

Amy Lou Adams (born August 20, 1974) is an American actress and singer.

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Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Amy Adams and Sigourney Weaver form a calming circle upon hearing that 'Suicide Squad' has an Ac…
Watching Arrival starring the amazing Amy Adams such an amazing movie so good if you haven't seen it please do
Now let me first say Joaquin Phoenix, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams deliver fantastic performances here.
Still think Amy Adams not being nominated/winning Best Actress is a far bigger scandal than the LaLaLand/Moonlight fiasco.
Stars like Jennifer Aniston, Amy Adams and 'The Rock' rehearse for the Oscars
Still can't believe Amy Adams wasn't nominated
Disappointed that Amy Adams wasn't even nominated for Arrival. She was great.
Amy Adams just Aroldis Chapman'd this thing. 105 in the 9th.
Well at least Arrival won something, even if Amy Adams couldn't.
Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams' characters are so sweet.
Amy Adams, oil on canvas, artist God himself
Watching Arrival. Wonder if Amy Adams & Jeremy Renner ever excluded Forest Whitaker on set by talking about how much fun American Hustle was
Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher, Bryce Dallas Howard etc. in a movie together... can you imagine?!?!
Seriously got confused with Amy Adams and Isla Fisher. I thought it was the same person. Good movie that was, Nocturnal Animals.
Amy Adams at the 85th Annual Academy Awards on February 24th, 2013.
In loving memory of Amy Adams she ain't dead but the academy awards sure acted like she was by ignoring her performances th…
Kristen Stewart, Kate Bosworth, or Rachel McAdams would've made a much better Lois Lane with Henry Cavill than Amy Adams did. They miss out!
In terms of temperament, this would involve Amy Adams being John Cage, and Forest Whitaker being Morton Feldman.
Here's what the lineup should've been. Amy Adams - WINNER. Emma Stone. Rachel Weisz . Portman. Ruth Negga OR Mary Winstead
Arrival is truly captivating. Amy Adams steals the show as always and it's beautifully shot along with a great screenplay..highly recommend.
Amy Adams needs to answer her emails and cellphone more often. 😌Read producer, Shawn Levy's interview here…
Came up with random characters for future stories: Matthew Goode as a serial killer, Mia Wasikowska as a vampire, Amy Adams as a corrupt-
Amy Adams photographed by David Fisher today wearing Tom Ford at Royal Albert Hall in London 2017.
📷 Amy Adams at the 70th EE British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) at Royal Albert Hall in London, England,...
Amy Adams, 42, put in a glamorous appearance at the British Academy Film Awards in London's Royal Albert Hall on...
Right. Amy Adams, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck should just punch themselves in the face because some people didn't lik…
Amy Adams has worn a lot of this awards season. Coincidence? We think not.
When it comes to the red carpet, Amy Adams balances modern with feminine.
also, Amy Adams in this Dennis Villenueve film is the kind of love that keeps on giving. ANG GALING MASIYADO, I CANNOT.
Didn't know much about the , so watched the movie with Idris Elba and Amy Adams. They should both win Os…
Emma Stone, Amy Adams, Maia Mitchell & more to present at tomorrow's in Beverly Hills! ht…
Probably as many times as Amy Adams has practiced her Oscar acceptance speech with a shampoo bottle like Kate Winslet
admit oscars give preference to stuff that not always best. Woody Allen overrated, Meryl Streep nominated but not Amy Adams
Isabelle Huppert subtlety shading the actresses (not named Amy Adams or Annette Bening) that were part of the round…
Go on a journey of discovery with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner in Arrival. Now on Digital HD: http…
I'm annoyed bc I saw La La Land and Arrival and wholeheartedly believe that Amy Adams deserves recognition over Emma Stone f…
Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Amy Adams at the SAG Awards 2017. (Source: mcavoys on tumblr).
Amy Adams wore a black Spring 2017 v-neck gown to the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2017. http…
Everyone that works with ZackSnyder is in awe of his talent; Amy Adams, Affleck, James Cameron, Jeremy Irons, Dave Gib…
It's a shame that Amy Adams wasn't nominated for an Oscar. Big snub. . Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker were great in this movie
Venus and Amanda Knox were 2,300 victims of the Oscar nominations was Amy Adams failing to work on display.
Amy Adams getting snubbed in favor of Meryl Streep is a little too upsetting for me.
I love Meryl Streep but if you try to tell me she deserved that Oscar nod over Amy Adams, then we have issues.
Arrival is amazing and Amy Adams should win sag.
I'm sorry, but I think you forgot to nominee Amy Adams.. or maybe spelled it wrong. It's A-M-Y not M-E-R-Y…
wait I heard about this Amy Adams teaches them to sing or something? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Amy Adams should have been nominated for Best Actress. She was great in "Arrival".
Amy Adams and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Emily Blunt too. I also think Ben Foster was ripped off
Please vote for Amy Adams to SAG Best Actress for her amazing performance in Arrival. She needs sag love after oscar snub.
We know we're partial to alien movies, but Amy Adams deserved that Academy Award nomination. htt…
I wish it didn't come at the expense of better performances from Amy Adams, Krisha Fairchild, Kim Tae-ri, or Anna Taylor-Joy.
she's a legend but she took Amy Adams nom for Arrival. Huge snub to her
On our list of Oscars snubs and surprises: Amy Adams and Taraji P. Henson
Amy Adams upon hearing she was not nominated for Best Actress
Very disappointed that Amy Adams didn't get nominated for Arrival
I'll stay annoyed that Amy Adams missed out on another nomination after enduring everyone whining that DiCaprio had never w…
Amy Adams should be on the best leading actress list for Arrival.
15 craziest Oscars snubs and surprises: Amy Adams, Finding Dory, and the insane Mel Gibson nod h…
...Amy Adams not only acted opposite nothing and made me believe in aliens, she basically saved the world. How many actre…
Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal have been snubbed again, tragic
I would rather see Amy Adams over Meryl Streep.
Someone told me I looked like Amy Adams yesterday so I'm considering it a win 💁🏼
I'm not going to complain about Oscar nominations but Amy Adams deserves better
Get rid of Meryl, put in Taraji. Open up a sixth slot for Amy Adams.
I saw Amy Adams down at the precinct earlier; she was there to report a robbery.
How the *** do u nominate Meryl Streep over Amy Adams?!. Adams gave one of the best performances I've seen in years i…
"Hey! I just wanted to say--". "Honey, I've been underrated all my life. Get used to it.". -text between Amy Adams and Annet…
Snubs and Surprises: Amy Adams and Annette Bening left out of Best... by via
Amy Adams reacts to the accidental Oscar nomination...
I just noticed that Amy Adams isn't nominated for an Oscar. *** Academy?
ABC apologizes for wrongly posting Hanks, Adams Oscar noms - LOS ANGELES (AP) — Amy Adams and Tom Hanks are not...
Oscar snubs 2017: Amy Adams and Tom Hanks are two of the biggest stars that DIDN'T score
I'm still so shook Amy Adams didn't get a nomination
im not really into sci fi either but this movie was amazing. I'm a Huge Amy Adams fan
passengers, doctor strange and suicide squad got nominations, but Amy Adams and Taraji P. Henson didn't
Arrival IS Amy Adams. Even your webmaster knew it.
domain names
but at least they took off Amy Adams so everything evened out right?
Oscars website accidentally lists Tom Hanks and Amy Adams as nominees .
Biggest Snubs . Amy Adams. Deadpool. Shrek 2- "Accidentally in Love" . b/c that song should always be nominated
"WHAT ABOUT AMY ADAMS?" -Cate Blanchett while leaping out of some hedges at an unsuspecting Ruth Negga
I stan Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams and they both got snubbed . it's been a tough day
The Oscars website mistakenly named Amy Adams and Tom Hanks as nominees
I hope Amy Adams Idris Elbas her way to the SAG or Bafta podium... She honestly deserves something for that breathtaking performance.
How can "Arrival" have eight nominations, including best picture, and no nomination for Amy Adams. at its mos…
I feel like Amy Adams should have had Meryl Streep's Best Actress spot for ARRIVAL. Academy needs to stop default noms f…
Oops? ABC has apologized for mistakenly naming Amy Adams and Tom Hanks as 2017 nominees: h…
Amy Adams got snubbed, sure but you know who else was?
director Denis Villeneuve used his reax statement to lament The Academy's snub of Amy Adams!
She was incredible this year in two films. Amy Adams is amazing & both performaces deserved noms.…
Amy Adams always gets snubbed. She should have won a few Oscars by now. That being said there are some great nominees this year
Meryl Streep doesn't need more awards, y'all should have given the lead actress nod to my girl Amy Adams
Amy Adams and Annette Bening discussing how to take down Meryl
Dear Amy Adams, you don't need an Oscar to tell you how brilliant of an actor you are. Those 8 noms for "Arrival" are because…
.gets a record 14 Oscar nods. Meanwhile, Tom Hanks and Amy Adams are snubbed.
so? What happen with Amy Adams and Tom Hanks nomeniees?? Thats not good for the academy its not fa…
Oscars apologize for Amy Adams, Tom Hanks website flub...NBD just some
All of those “Arrival” w/out an Amy Adams nomination feels like a sham to me.
Amy Adams not nominated for Arrival means I'm treated to a double whammy of film nerds and regular nerds complaining for the next month.
I really don't understand the Amy Adams snub. Arrival gets best pic/director nom. Did this film act itself?
Name a movie with Amy Adams in it where she isn't perfect. JOKE'S ON YOU, FOOLS, THERE ISN'T ONE
Wait, where's Amy Adams' Best Actress nomination for Arrival?. Oh I see, they had to give the spot to Meryl Streep for exi…
Amy Adams looks like Rosanna Arquette more than Patricia Arquette looks like Rosanna Arquette
Mel Gibson climbed back into Hollywood's good graces, while Amy Adams and Martin Scorsese were edged out at Tuesday's Oscar nominations, a …
seems almost unimportant today to yell about Amy Adams lack of a nomination
I am still furious about the lack of nod for Amy Adams in Arrival but Ruth Negga being nominated overtakes my anger.
Amy Adams hasn’t been snubbed this hard since Jim Halpert dumped her on the Booze Cruise.
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Amy Adams was snubbed, Deadpool just wasn't nominated.
it's not her fault the Academy keeps nominating her, but Taraji P Henson or Amy Adams could've gotten that spot.
along with the Amy Adams snub. I think they were most afraid of the back lash they'd get if Streep wasn't nominated.
noah fence but why dont people pay attention the the fact that Amy Adams still doesn't have an oscar this is not Ok
Amy Adams, Joel Edgerton, and Silence. There's really no room for any of them huh? . Other than those, this is a MOSTLY solid list. .
Amy Adams got snubbed bad, but really happy to see Denis Villeneuve get best director nom for only reason I'm interested in BR2049
Though the biggest snub for me...Amy Adams in ARRIVAL. HOW!?
How I feel about the whole Amy Adams getting zero recognition for Arrival or Nocturnal Animals situation.
Happy for Ruth Negga, sad for my girl Amy Adams - dude, she IS that movie. How does it get nominated without her?
Amy Adams made Arrival, how does she not get a nomination?
Amy Adams plays Margaret Keane, directed by Tim Burton & soundtrack done by Lana Del Rey. Big Eyes (2014) easily became one of my favorites.
Amy Adams and Rooney Mara attend the Telluride Film Festival 2016 on September 3, 2016
Behind the Scenes: Director David O. Russell with Christian Bale and Amy Adams on the set of
Kicking off my wishes with Amy Adams, Natalie Portman, Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, & Emma Stone
Is that the one where Amy Adams (?) leaves Adam Scott and goes to Ireland? I have also inexplicably watched that twice.
At least Jeff Bridges got an best actor nomination for that. I would be hugely surprised if Amy Adams was overlooked.
Amy Adams suggesting that Rosalyn should kiss her character in American Hustle is literally me working on a movie with Jen
And I also thought about the cast-- having the characters being better played by other actor/actress. Perhaps, James Marsden and Amy Adams.
It really pisses me off how Amy Adams jumps in and out of a british accent in American Hustle
I want every single outfit Amy Adams wore in American Hustle
Amy Adams and JLaw's kiss is a blessing 🙌. Jennifer Lawrence as Rosalyn Rosenfeld - American Hustle (2013) 💫
Amy Adams was completely stunning in American Hustle.
Amy Adams got to kiss both Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden in Enchanted. Talk about one lucky girl...
Amy Adams at the unveiling her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Jim Ruymen/UPI…
Amy Adams attends her star unveiling ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Wednesday.
Two of my favorite actresses, Viola Davis and Amy Adams, received a star on the Walk of Fame. I love 2017.
Garlanded: On Wednesday morning, Amy Adams she accepted her star on the iconic Hollywood Walk O…
Feels like it's both Wednesday and Thursday which is just so Amy Adams in Arrival of me.
Five-time Oscar nominated actress Amy Adams will receive the 2,598th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Wednesday.
Amy Adams joins tonight after In a related note, I think 2002's "Catch Me If You Can" is an underrated film.
Amy Adams is perfection in Cartier High Jewelry and classic collections
Amy Adams in Dolce & Gabba attends the BAFTA Tea Party.
Was just told that Amy Adams might come to one of my classes this quarter and screen and do a Q&A for Arrival. 😳😳😳
I liked a video Amy Adams Cries Over Sriracha on Command
Dorit's character is brought to you by Amy Adams "Sydney" on American Hustle..remember she took on the accent when she had to fool ppl Dorit
Amy Adams is getting her hollywood star tomorrow 🎉🎉
⭐️ Bless Amy Adams and how she talks with her hands ⭐️
The movie was Passengers, a mediocre 4/10 in my opinion. I mistakenly thought it was a similar sci-fi film, Arrival, staring Amy Adams.
Amy Adams Walk of Fame day in Hollywood tomorrow. Watch livestream
Ahead of President Obama’s final speech, Amy Adams, and more say goodbye to Barack and Michelle.
If possible please spread this as much as you can to all the Directioners. We really wanna make it big! Can you do…
Best Actress should be Marion Cotillard for Allied, Amy Adams for Nocturnal Animals, Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Ruth Negga
Amy Adams wearing Dolce&Gabbana at The BAFTA Tea Party at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills on January 7, 2…
Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals via
(said snub will be Ruth Negga, Annette Bening, Isabelle Huppert, or Amy Adams, whoever misses out. and if Meryl gets a nom…then two snubs)
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Lily Collins, Ruth Negga and Amy Adams dazzled at the Golden Globes red carpet. More photos:
Amy Adams, Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn and the kids from Stranger Things. Source: Schumer's Instagram.
I think a better twist in Arrival would have been if Amy Adams had come back from talking to the aliens and gone fu…
Amy Adams performance in arrival was so good I'm triggered that she didn't win what is this nonsense
Amy Adams really deserved that Golden Globe. Her performance in Arrival was so amazing and beautiful.
Amy Adams: " I was a red-licorice salesman at a rodeo in Ogden, Utah."
I'm going to start the "Amy Adams deserves Best Actress for Arrival" campaign RIGHT MEOW
Guys!! Amy Adams first job was a red licorice sales person in OGDEN UTAH!!! Woot.
So I'm just catching up. Amy Adams didn't win and Rooney Mara stayed home in bed?
Turns out Lois Lane isn't the only one with a huge crush on the Man of Steel... Amy Adams tells all.
Is Amy Adams the new Leonardo DiCaprio of awards?
also, where is the love for Arrival? i know amy adams is the belle of getting nominated and not winning but she is wonderful
Analyze when it's appropriate to use pop culture references in film and when it's not - like in every Amy Adams movie.
Nominee Amy Adams walked the red carpet with co-star at the htt…
Amy Adams is currently slaying the red carpet with her purple dress! 👀👏🏽
Just watching on the GG red carpet & she looked really cute, and nominated actress Amy Adams was praising Millie's work. 😀
Kind of upset that Amy Adams or Natalie Portman didn't win but not to worry, they're still amazing in what they do!
Villeneuve is a master. Hope the movie gets Oscar love. Didn't see Elle so I can't complain but I was rooting for Amy Adams.
And Amy Adams is supposedly this great linguist but she couldn't see that the craft was a Pax 3? I mean hello super obvi...
Me when Amy Adams didn't win Best Actress for Arrival
Amy Adams stuns in black Tom Ford gown at 2017 Golden Globes
I must have miss something did Amy Schumer or Adams go off too?
I need an Amy Adams to tell me what the heck accent Forest Whitaker is using in Arrival.
Amy Adams wearing Tom Ford at the 74th Annual Awards. .
haven't seen Jackie, but also I've heard Amy Adams is a name to look out for come Oscar time
Totally disappointed Natalie Portman didn't take the globe. I would have loved to see Amy Adams take it even. time! .
Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner make their big arrival! See more looks from the red carpet 👉
They broke my heart when they didn't give it to Amy Adams 💔.
I had been rooting for Amy Adams, but I think Portman is better this year.
Natalie Portman with Amy Adams on the red carpet of the 2017 Golden Globes
I'm in love with the woman that is Amy Adams
So that's a no for Amy Adams getting her Oscar this year? Even though she deserves it hardcore for Arrival? Ok great. Fine. Wrong but fine.
Best part of the was seeing the Queens:Emma Stone, Amy Adams, and Gal Gadot
My biggest problem with Obama was how he led from behind in the movie Arrival (2016) starring Amy Adams
Whoa. Isabelle Huppert was great in ELLE but *** I thought Amy Adams or Natalie Portman had Best Actress sewn up at the
Yo if we're actually biting Hollywood stars' *** can I get Amy Adams? Also, I do not like you
I'm objectively too worked up about Amy Adams not winning. IT'S AMY'S YEAR.
Possible Trump Responses: "Meryl Streep's work in Julie and Julia was overshadowed by Amy Adams' perky handling of the gelee."
me .2 seconds after hearing Isabelle Huppert's name instead of Amy Adams' for best drama actress
Amy Adams nominated Best Actresss for "Arrival" with her pups, Pippy & Sadie.
Amy Adams in Tom Ford attends the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
Amy Adams is an avid knitter; Meryl Streep taught her the craft on the set of 'Doubt.'
Jake Gyllenhaal when Amy Adams tries to get back together with him in Nocturnal Animals .
I don't.know who any of these people are. I saw Rami and Amy Adams
Amy Adams has to win another Golden Globe tonight, sorry, I don't make the rules
If moonlight, Amy Adams, and Andrew Garfield don't win, we riot
Amy Adams is great, but I don't like her dress.
yes. I don't think I've seen boring which is kind of awesome. Oh, Amy Adams. She was boring.
Natalie Portman vs. Amy Adams is one of the biggest battles. Who wins on Sunday? https…
If god dang Emma Stone beats Amy Adams for Best Actress than I quit. She was good in La La Land, but Stone was incredible in Arrival.
Amy Adams wins award for at 2016 National Board of Review Gala (January 4, 2017) in NYC. https:/…
Amy Adams, and more kicked off 2017 at the Palm Springs International Film Festival…
Natalie Portman, Amy Adams and More Stars Dress to the Nines for Palm Springs International Film Festival
Amy Adams and Emily Blunt at the 18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards on January 10, 2013 in Santa Monica, California…
Erica Durance is still my favorite Lois Lane, with Amy Adams being a close second.
Mike Neal once said Amy Adams could play me in a movie and I was extremely flattered.
Box office success of Arrival means Amy Adams grossed more $/placed higher than both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill i…
own Will Smith, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams and Margot Robbie are among the top grossing actors of 201…
10/10 for Big Eyes!!! And I'm glad Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz are nominated, with the former winning a Golden Globe award.
don't forget an ad for Tom Ford glasses that Amy Adams takes off elegantly and with increasing exasperation!!!
I'M NOT THERE but about George Michael's life, starring, among others, Allison Janney, Amy Adams, and James Wolk in the chest hair years.
Took me a while to decide, but I've landed on Viola Davis, Kristin Chenoweth, Christine Baranski, Amy Adams and Aly…
Amy Adams, Michael Shannon & Jake Gyllenhaal are masters but what a turnout by Aaron Taylor Johnson. Need a few more viewings.
This year in cinema, Amy Adams was admonished by her lover in one film for having an abortion, and in another for not.
The topic is quite sensitive. Phillip Seymour Hoffman & Amy Adams were in it too. It will stay with you for days. 😭😢
Saw "Nocturnal Animals," Tom Ford's collisions of real life with art as an artist (Amy Adams) reads her ex-husband's novel. 3.5 of 4 stars.
Amy Adams takes on more roles in English's cabinet reshuffle. She picks up Social Housing, Social Investment and Associate Finance.
Amy Adams, Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, more nominated for outstanding lead female actor:
EXCLUSIVE: Amy Adams on Competing Against Herself for an Oscar With 'Arrival' and 'Nocturnal Anima..
Amy Adams's daughter on 'cleavage patrol':
In the past 12 hours, and I have gone to 2 movie theatres and we've seen 2 separate nominated dramas starring Amy Adams.
When I grow up I wanna be Amy Adams talking to Aliens
AMY ADAMS - Man of Steel AUTOGRAPH Signed 8x10 Photo by..
ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT - Amy Adams is the Winner for the Oscar. Did ya all hear? HILLARY LOST YUGE
Gotta catchup... but from the movies I've seen... Amy Adams... has been the queen of them all for me this year. ❤❤❤
Amy Adams fangirling over Cate Blanchett is the cutest thing you'll see today!
I think Amy Adams shouldn't get any awards for Arrival because her brilliant performance in that was negated by Batman v. Superman.
I figure there are 2 types of people. Some will see and decide that Amy Adams is perfect. Some decided that before.
Congratulations to Amy Adams, nominated for the as Best Actress, drama for http…
The curious case of Amy Adams and Viola Davis.
Kate Beckinsale, Amy Adams and Emma Stone look fabulous at Critic’s Choice Awards
Douglas Adams - Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Amy Terry Pratchet book. They sci-fi & fantasy but really hilarious
Why can't anyone who watched Arrival tell me what city Amy Adams lives in?
Actress Amy Adams stuns in at the 2016 Critics' Choice Awards.
I can stare at him for hours and never get bored .
LEAP YEAR: a hidden gem, with amy adams and the main guy is good looking and Irish 😍it's pretty funny, overall a cute mov…
Arrival. Hands down one of the best movies of 2016. And Amy Adams is superb.
ok simple question. We see that Amy Adams had a daughter. Was it her current husband's kid? Because she aborted Jake's, right?
I can't overstate how much I liked Arrival. So good. Amy Adams made it in the conversation for my favorite actress.
Do whatever in the world that makes him always laugh like this
Amy Adams's daughter on 'cleavage patrol'
On that note, I could do without the entire Amy Adams storyline in this movie.
Were there no age appropriate actresses to play Amy Adams mom in Nocturnal Animals? Laura Linney is basically the same age as her. 🙄
Apart from Amy Adams's magnetic performance, what I truly loved about the film was it's self assured pace, a Villeneuve trademark perhaps?
Nocturnal Animals does a lot of things, not least of which is addressing the age old "is that Amy Adams or Isla Fisher?" conundrum.
Seriously have the biggest nerd crush on Amy Adams.
But also my hidden motivation for taking this course is so I can be Amy Adams in & start on my journey to the language of Heptapod!
Seen This 1? If I could, I'd replace the shot of Amy Adams saying, "It's you." I'd Put you in there.
Amy Adams is the only constant in a world full of chaos
Amy Adams getting stood up is top 5 saddest things.
Watch Golden Globe nominee Amy Adams and Ambassador Samantha Power discuss why art is so important https:…
I have a feeling Amy Adams and Michael Fassbender will both be in Last Photograph. Snyder likes working with the same actors.
So glad to Amy Adams and Natalie Portman back in the awards season spotlight though
Amy Adams has tough competition at the box office this weekend.
Ruth Negga should win. Possibly Natalie Portman too. Haven't seen yet. Amy Adams was 😴
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Amy Adams reacts to her nomination: 👏
Aaron Taylor Johnson is scene stealing in Nocturnal Animals - and he stars with Amy Adams, Michael Shannon and Jake Gyllenhaal
Critics Choice Awards 2016 best dressed: Emma Stone, Amy Adams, Naomie Harris and Hailee Steinfeld all sparkle
Kate Beckinsale and Amy Adams lead the monochrome glamour at Critics’ Choice Awards as stars flash plenty of flesh…
Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal are superb, Aaron Taylor-Johnson unrecognisable and I would watch Michael Shannon reading the phone book
Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams were great as usual but Michael Shannon should get an Oscar nom along with Aaron Taylor Johnson.
Today I went to the movies expecting to see Brad Pitt during WWII and 5 minutes in realized that Amy Adams was lead and there were aliens.
There's a shot in "Nocturnal Animals" of Amy Adams that reminds me of that close-up of Kidman in "Birth," a too little seen film.
Those who know me know I LOVE Amy Adams. I told my wife after seeing Junebug that she would be a star. Arrival may be her best role.
2 kinds of movies. Movies that fully used Amy Adams to her potential and movies that didn't fully use Amy Adams to her potential.
Nocturnal Animals, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams, is heavy on style but light on substance
Just saw Nocturnal Animals. Really really enjoyed it. Great performances by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Amy Adams, and Ja…
Disappointed Amy Adams has no interest in abortion law reform. No one is asking to mandate it; they're asking for choice not to be a crime.
1. Nocturnal Animals had me shook. 2. Still not convinced Amy Adams and Isla Fisher aren't the same person. 3. Michael Sh…
Finally saw It was a unique, intelligent & refreshing take on the genre. Amy Adams & are fantastic. A must see
*takes drag of a cig*. "Amy Adams is our Ingrid Bergman.". *drop smoke on the cement and walks into the night, leaving you to deal with it*
I liked ARRIVAL too and Amy Adams deserves a Oscars nomination.
See Amy Adams and Jack Gyllenhaal in the riveting suspense thriller Nocturnal Animals.
Amy Adams is so understated as the lead in almost to the point of Gregory Peck-like boredom. Wonderful restraint on her part
Amy Adams wasn't too good in that tbh, but Gyllenhall was great. But Aaron-Taylor Johnson stole the show
but also many actresses such as Amy Adams are mainly talked about their looks, and then in some circles their skills
"Arrival", but Amy Adams' head's turned to the side and the alien writing's floating in the white bg, sort of halo-ing her.
I keep burying my face in my hands and sobbing. Please go see Amy Adams is perfection.
I thought it was Amy Adams for a solid 5 years
me so far: BvS, Nocturnal Animals and Arrival. Still need to catch up on a lot! And I love Amy Adams
Last night I had a dream WITHIN a dream so Im just like Amy Adams in Arrival & I'll save the planet or is that not what that movie was about
Between Arrival and Nocturnal Animals I'm confident in saying that Amy Adams is the singular highlight of 2016.
Amy Adams, Rebecca Hall, Kate Beckinsale, Emma Stone and Ruth Negga all wanted their first Oscar. But Natalie Portman is stealing her second
it's the one where Jake Gyllenhaal writes a book about Amy Adams. Pretty good until the terrible ending.
LOVED and Amy Adams yet again gives one of the best performances I've seen this year. Competing only w herself in
Seriously Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal. You owe and me $30.
Amy Adams has done a terrific job in
Arrival is a movie about Amy Adams reading those coffee rings you get on a table when you don't use coasters.
crazy hollywood trivia i just learned: aPPARENTLY, jessica chastain, bryce dallas howard, Isla Fisher and amy adams are all…
Amy Adams is so beautiful in Enchanted im trash
Amy Adams, Natalie Portman, -and Ruth Neega are sure lock for Actress in Drama.
Some of the panning down shots in Arrival were good. Like the doorway at Amy Adams' home, and the empty campus
Amy Adams (42) being married to Jake Gyllenhaal (35) and then to Armie Hammer (30) in Nocturnal Animals is an extreme ***
Another thing about Nocturnal Animals I want to add is that Amy Adams can literally read a book for 2 hours and make it seem like art.
Nocturnal Animals starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal - via
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