Amnesty International & Hillary Clinton

Amnesty International (commonly known as Amnesty and AI) is a non-governmental organisation focused on human rights with over 3 million members and supporters around the world. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947) is the 67th United States Secretary of State, serving in the administration of President Barack Obama. 3.0/5

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To be fair, so did Amnesty International and the Liberal press when Wikileaks was undermining the US war effort, not Hi…
Can anyone confirm that Girl Scouts USA recommends pro-abortion role models/organizations such as Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Geraldine Ferraro, Hillary Clinton, Amnesty International, Population Council, ACLU, National Organization For Women (NOW), Planned Parenthood, and others? And that they promote pro abortion rights advocates and pro-abortion politicians; suggest girls work with organizations that fight for abortion on demand; and invite girls to attend events related to abortion rights advocacy and other controversial issues?
COMING ATTRACTIONS: Conservatives Launch War on Cookies: Evangelicals Attack Girls Scouts USA: Right-wingers warn their constituents to stay away from Girl Scout Cookies as they’re funding abortion rights If you know what’s good for America, you will shut your door when the Girl Scouts come a knockin’, and you’ll “back away from those Girl Scout Cookies,” conservative Christian groups are telling their constituents. It has nothing to do with evangelicals adopting gluten-free diets (although there is now a certified gluten-free Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookie), or concerns about eliminating fat from their diets. It’s all about right-wingers charging Girl Scouts USA with supporting Planned Parenthood, pro-abortion role models like Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, and organizations like Amnesty International, the ACLU, and the National Organization for Women (NOW). And, now, thanks to the newly formed CookieCott 2014 Texas’ Wendy Davis has been dropped into the middle of this ...
Please take go to link and send a message to Hillary Clinton through Amnesty International to add more pressure for action on Syria.. the american position, even though pro-regime change is very weak and ineffective.. US admin. is playing it safe, they need to know that americans are paying attention to massacres in syria and holds US Admin and the whole world accountable.
Join live online discussions with Amnesty International's human rights experts on a variety of topics. Learn how you can turn awareness into action.
Amnesty International has welcomed the news that Aminatou Haidar, a Sahrawi human rights activist who has spent the past month on hunger strike in Lanzarote airport, has returned home and been reunited with her children. Aminatou Haidar said that she was allowed to fly back to Western Sahara on a private plane after being informed by a Spanish official that an agreement was reached between the Moroccan and Spanish authorities. Her passport was returned to her on arrival by the Moroccan authorities. She told Amnesty International on 18 December that her return was “a victory for human rights and justice”. Aminatou Haidar has been on hunger strike since 15 November after she was expelled from Western Sahara by the Moroccan authorities. She was admitted to hospital on 17 December morning as her health deteriorated. “We are delighted that Aminatou Haidar has finally been allowed home and obtained back her passport,” said Philip Luther, Deputy Director of Amnesty International's Middle East and North A ...
Amnesty International: Hillary Clinton should press Chen's case before she leaves China or interest will die, and maybe Chen.
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