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Amnesty International

Amnesty International (commonly known as Amnesty and AI) is a non-governmental organisation focused on human rights with over 3 million members and supporters around the world.

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speak a man... and Amnesty International
I liked a video Norman Finkelstein absolutely blasts Amnesty International and UN Human Rights
International human rights group Amnesty International on Thursday said the Duterte administration's war on drugs...
It's news from 2015, quoting Syrian Network for Human Rights and Amnesty International. Smells fishy.
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International criticize in letter to EU Commission. .
pearltradition Amnesty International reported that diamond companies should stop using the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KP) to…
Amnesty International calls on Egyptian authorities to investigate the death of a Coptic Christian man, Gamal Aweida, in police custody.
Amnesty International and Bops - 34 things that we miss about Royal Holloway
"We must bring everyone to Australia immediately" - Ming Yu, of Amnesty International
makes no guarantees on human rights. Worse, it threatens to take some away. Our full response:
I'm demanding the release of Amnesty International's Director in Turkey. Are you with me?
Erdoğan arrests 6 human rights activists in Turkey for 'helping terrorism'. Amnesty International director among them. h…
Amnesty international is adding members at all IT Parks in chennai for the past 2 weeks continuously.
Hate when I have to say no to the amnesty international guy and then he sees me coming outa centra with a cornetto
Jailing of activists, including Amnesty director, a crushing blow for rights in Turkey | Amnesty International
Amnesty International says truth and justice had become "total strangers" in after arrest of activists
broadcast by Turkey jails local Amnesty International director over allege...
"Amnesty International says justice a stranger in Turkey" -
Demand the release of Taner Kiliç and Idil Eser of Amnesty International Turkey
Amnesty International says justice a stranger in Turkey
Anyone who believes in human rights should reach out to Amnesty International to vocalize their dis…
Amnesty international should not work people who has ties with terror groups. Its hurting own reputation
Amnesty International's Turkey director is one of six arrested on ill-defined terrorism charges:
US must stop talking about as an ally. on the arrest of
you've arrested Amnesty International staff! Let them free now- and all your political prisoners. Why so afraid of rights?
Amnesty International describes order for formal arrest of activists as a “crushing blow for rights in Turkey”
Amnesty International says justice is a stranger in Turkey
Turkey arrests 6 people, including director of Amnesty International for 'helping an armed terrorist organisation'
The latest sign of authoritarianism in Turkey? Arresting Amnesty International staff.
programme of persecuting the Iraqi Kurds, including through the use of chemical weapons. Amnesty International had estimated that more
Amnesty International accuses Australia of 'war crimes' in fight against Islamic State
Amnesty International accuses Australia of ‘war crimes’ in fight against Islamic State
Attack on Amarnath pilgrims against fundamental principles of humanity: Amnesty International..
Amnesty International says Idil Eser was taken into custody with 7 other human rights workers and 2 foreign trainers
guys, No Place to Call Home... Amnesty International tomorrow, Africa Writes on Sunday, and Birmingham Impact Hub on Tuesday,see you there!
Nigeria: Shell complicit in arbitrary executions of Ogoni Nine as writ served in Dutch court - Amnesty International
From the Red Cross, Amnesty International, World Bank, IMF, Unesco, UNDP, a mine of vipers ... they are mass murderers
Amnesty International calls on the Committee of Justice, which will next consider the bill, to ensure that all...
Amnesty International: 'We're living in a world of fear and division' via
Amnesty International: ′We′re living in a world of fear and division′ |
🎂🍰🍨 Happy Birthday Bono -- here he is with MADONNA & Sean Penn at the Amnesty International concert at the L.A Foru…
You can see why I don't like the Geneva Conventions, United Nations or Amnesty International who limit my possibilities.
He only applied to give his resignation from Amnesty International to Labour before the movie released Monday from New York State Book.
Amnesty International demands end to human rights violation against pro-Biafra activists in Nigeria
See 'Amnesty International... found that "al-Gaddafi forces comm…
Amnesty International slams Pakistan over death sentence to Kulbhushan Jadhav Read More :
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Amnesty International launch campaign as detention and killing of *** men in Chechnya continues | Attitude Magazine
...By the Geneva Convention, the Hague and Amnesty International! Yes, that means this…
Amnesty International criticises Boris Johnson for lack of action over British mother held by Iran for a year
Amnesty International: Israel's approval of new illegal West Bank settlement illustrates flagrant disregard for international…
IPOB says Wike, 2 other governors conniving with Nigeria Army to attack Amnesty International:
.Mainstream Media is corrupt to the core . Avaaz. Amnesty International ...
World Day Against Cyber Censorship (requested by Reporters Without Borders and Amnesty International in 2009)
Turkey: Die Welt journalist is latest victim of media purge - Amnesty International
The torturous fields of Ethiopias rehabilitation centre | Amnesty International
Amnesty International has intense fears for three human rights defenders. Learn more and take action:
Amnesty International says Syrian government executed up to 13,000 people in just one prison between 2011 and 2015
Syrian regime has hanged 13,000 people since civil war broke out, says Amnesty International
And if you ever need ammo about the importance accepting refugees. Assad is brutal.
Counting hanging victims by number of slippers: Syria has Executed Thousands of prisoners Since War Began,
Amnesty International report alleges as many as 13,000 people were hanged in five years at a Syrian govt. prison. https:…
Little Giant Ladders
This is what we feared & knew what the Syrian Baath party are capable of for years! . " 48 page report by Amnesty...
I hope Amnesty International will investigate these facts.
Syria accused of hanging up to 13,000 people, mostly civilians, at Saydnaya prison by Amnesty International
Syrian government is believed to have executed as many as 13,000 people at a prison near Damascus since 2011,Amnesty International report
Thousands killed by mass hangings in Syrian prison since 2011: Amnesty International.
Between 5,000 and 13,000 of 's opponents tortured and then hanged in revealed International repor…
  This news declares that Amnesty International is completely under the NWO Neocon control.
Amnesty International: At least 13,000 people have been hanged in a syrian prison since 2011.
Syria carried out mass hangings at military prison - Amnesty International
An investigation from Amnesty International details Assad's attempt to create a phony paper trail to cover up mass executions in Syria.
Amnesty International's investigation published today details chilling crackdown on pro Biafra activists
And more info to come... New investigation details a Syrian prison where thousands have been hanged. https…
Amnesty International consistently called 4 an independent, impartial and effective investigation into these allegation…
HARDtalk crid:3wx32j ... at a Syrian military prison - according to Amnesty international. The human rights group's report is ...
Syria has secretly executed thousands of political prisoners, report from Amnesty International
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Syria has hanged 5,000 to 13,000 people in just one prison since the start of civil war, Amnesty International says: http…
.Shah, '07, now at : We will fight Donald Trump's every step of the way
of course. In this govt Mocha Uson and Mr. Sassot >>>>>>> Amnesty International
The Left Is Self-Destructing by . "The mindlessness is unbearable. Amnesty International tells...
When Amnesty International freaks out, it's time to act.
Indeed place a call to amnesty international
.condemns for arrest and deportation of Iranian refugee
this is what Amnesty international thinks about human rights in NZ
Amnesty International's factual error on the deaths of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero
tell you what: show me a legit group (e.g. Amnesty International) documenting this & I'll apologise
ANTI-crime advocates on Thursday blasted Human Rights Watchdog Amnesty International for failing to accurately...
THE head of the Philippine National Police (PNP) on Thursday dared Amnesty International to file charges before...
Romania 🇷🇴 in the international press about the government and the amnesty law!
Amnesty International Reports on the Philippine Police’s Murderous War on the Poor.
Done. PLEASE please sign Amnesty International's petition. Your voice matters and it is your strongest weapon.
is exposing the frauds of. BLM. ACLU. Southern Poverty Law Center. Tee up:. Amnesty International . SEIU. UN. Sierra Club . Greenpeace .
Rex Tillerson, we will hold you accountable as Secretary of State to uphold & protect human rights around the world https:/…
Amnesty international about U.S policy: "war on Muslim refugees". . What about 16 countries banning Israelis? 'it is for a g…
Parliament must bring Prisons law in line with international standards 2 tackle overcrowding and others.…
‘Hearsay’, Gordon says of Amnesty International report via
I called now in plenary of upon international partners to put pressure on RO gov to cancel amnesty em…
Fiji breached international treaties on refugees:Amnesty International.
My friend Andrea Panettieri loves Hillary Rodham. He works for Amnesty International. ;). Was he the Russian hacker…
'Island of despair': Australia intentionally torturing refugees on Nauru, says major Amnesty International report
Amnesty International calls for release of arrested Zimbabwe pastor:
Killers get up to $300 per head in Philippines' deadly war on drugs: Report ➡️ via
Israel: Flurry of settlement activity shows flagrant disregard for
When I worked for Amnesty International in the 80s, these were the kind of stories told by political prisoners in dictators…
Netherlands: Politically driven Amnesty International now bemoans Dutch PM over “act normal or leave” statement……
3/3. Where are the human right organizations like Amnesty International, AHRC, Human Rights Watch & Human Rights Commissi…
'ECONOMY OF MURDER' | Cops get P8,000 to P15,000 per EJK - Amnesty International
Amnesty International: Israel's flurry of settlement activity shows flagrant disregard for international law.
Nigeria: Credible evidence that pro-Biafrans are targeted by police says Amnesty International via…
Amnesty International, International Rescue Committee, Women for Women International, Doctors w/out Borders, Partners in Health, UNICEF
Palm Oil: Global brands profiting from child and forced labour | Amnesty International
Art & Activism by Kathy Peltier stands in front of Portrait of her Father so many in need
International calls on Israel to drop charges against human rights defender h…
Iraqi authorities and international partners MUST provide better protection for civilians in
Leonard Peltier is perhaps the most famous political prisoner in the US today. Amnesty International described...
International calls for immediate UK cluster bombs ban in Yemen. . Read more:
International Kathy Peltier w/ Douglas Miles's painting of her father Leonard Peltier…
If they cared enough about sharing this video, by Amnesty International, sites like these would embed them straight into so…
The slaughter of innocent civilians in Gaza. Not me saying it. Not Muslims. Not so called "self hating Jews". This is AMNEST…
18. HRW and Amnesty International reports are never devoid of a purpose and always serve this or that state or non-state actors' interests.
Human rights defender Henri Tiphagne got 8th Human Rights Award by Amnesty International Germany.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Our campaign highlights human rights abuses in
Amnesty International was maneuvered by the DNC to cause chaos and then pretend to be a big hero. https…
.to co-sponsor the on Washington on 1.21.17. 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Canadian offshore voluntary disclosure participants may be forced to name their advisors
Amnesty International: Child labor taints production of batteries for electric carmakers
New year, new you? Consider getting involved and volunteering with Amnesty International Australia in 2017!
We're hiring! This is a brilliant opportunity to be a part of our exciting team, here at Amnesty International.
In daily basis are being killed oh where are you union statesnation international
Amnesty International Brings a Week of Art Activism to LA. Photo: Kathy Peltier, daughter of Native American...
Oceti Sakowin Camp,Amnesty International writes to the N D Supreme here for full document: http…
Statement by Amnesty International in response to UNSC resolution on Israeli settlements.
A Group photo of CEHRD, Amnesty International and Hon members of the Bayelsa State House of Assembly.CEHRD in Collaboration with Amnesty
Where was the SA branch of Amnesty International when Lawrence Mushwana (SAHRC) protected King Zwelithini from any scrutiny?
Amnesty International: Halt the Dakota Access Pipeline & Respect the Rights of Indigenous People
Amnesty International and Magnum Photos bid I Welcome to refugees – British Journal of Photography
Amnesty International claim large food companies linked to child labour in palm oil supply
Amnesty International calling on US Justice Dept. to investigate the violent police crackdown on protesters htt…
.I did Andrew Sachs and Warren Mitchell together for Amnesty International in character, my life was enri…
Amnesty International on the man Jeremy Corbyn today called "a champion of social justice"
NZ must stand up for the International Criminal Court – Amnesty International « The Daily Blog
In a survey for Amnesty International, 1 in 4 thought a women was responsible for being raped if she was wearing revealing clothing
New Scientist writes about our work with Amnesty International's Digital Verification Corps.
The Lib-Dems took £10,000 in 2012 from Huawei, a Chinese company Amnesty International links to human rights abuse in Cong…
Moscow office of Amnesty International shut after organization highlights claims that dissident tortured in prison http…
Russia shut down Amnesty International's office in the same day that Steven Seagal became a citizen. Coincidence?
Amnesty International ejected from its Moscow office
Russian authorities seal off Amnesty International office
Moscow Amnesty International Office Seized - "The electricity in the entryway had been tur…
The Moscow office of rights group Amnesty International has been sealed off by... by via
Amnesty International ejected from its Moscow office. City government said Amnesty missed rent payments
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No entry. Amnesty International's Moscow office sealed off by the local authorities. Amnesty's been renting here for more th…
Moscow office of Amnesty International sealed off
Russia locks out Amnesty International from its Moscow offices
Moscow office of Amnesty International sealed off by municipal authorities, locks changed. Staff say no warning, no explanat…
Speaking deteriorating situation of of at Amnesty International "Arbitrary revocation of citizenship Semi…
Passionate victim statements at Amnesty International's seminar on arbitrary revocation of citizenship
Kremlin shuts down Amnesty International office. Awkward to have them around when you're turning a whole country into polit…
Our Moscow office was sealed off by police today – locks removed & electricity cut off with no prior warning.
300 civilians killed in just 11 airstrikes by the US-led coalition, says Amnesty International.
300 civilian deaths from 11 strikes alone, says Amnesty International of US-led Coalition.
USA must come clean about civilian deaths caused by Coalition air strikes in Syria | Amnesty International
Amnesty International: US Coalition Has Killed at Least 300 Civilians in - Ah, no fly zone for the US?
To be fair, so did Amnesty International and the Liberal press when Wikileaks was undermining the US war effort, not Hi…
Amnesty International urged the Indian authorities to release two teens who were detained in India-held Kashmir --
Did I just hear Peter Dutton questioning Gillian Triggs' character only 48 hours after Amnesty International accused him of…
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ACLU and Amnesty International ask Obama to pardon Snowden
Amnesty International: Pattern of [israeli occupation] unlawful killings reveals shocking disregard for human life
junta shows thuggish face. Threatens to arrest Amnesty International speakers who expose torture.
Israel/OPT: Pattern of unlawful killings reveals shocking disregard for human life | Amnesty International
Board Members of Amnesty International: Defund Amnesty Int'l for pushing Abortion on small countries - Sign:
If aid convoy was deliberately attacked, it is yet another Syrian government war crime…
We salute Amnesty International for speaking the truth on Indian crimes in Kashmir
Amnesty International researcher criticizes witch-hunt in Turkey
Nigeria,detests truth since amalgamation, only said by wonder he is detained.International…
Amnesty on the bombed aid convoy - Witnesses say helicopters & Russian-made fighter jets took part in this
"Witnesses interviewed by Amnesty International said a variety of aircraft, including helicopters and...
Campaign underway from ACLU, Amnesty International and others asks President Obama to pardon Edward
.and International urge Obama to pardon Edward Snowden. .
Attack on Aleppo aid convoy, by helicopters & warplanes, another likely regime war crime.
Horrific attack on aid convoy to aid 78,000 people in Aleppo a flagrant violation of international law
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Pls listen to International justice appeal for to avoid conflict,refugees ht…
Yet another war crime committed by the Syr
> Doesn’t Want YOU to Leave in Prison … 121 days left til YOU leave office!
"If the convoy was deliberately attacked, this would be yet another war crime committed by the Syrian regime
'Embattled' Amnesty International Soc Secretary investigated over 1000 pound overspend on Lad Culture party
If aid convoy was deliberately bombed would be yet another govt war crime
Horrific attack on aid convoy is a flagrant violation of international law
bill deserves a vote to punish and prevent the Regime's mass atrocities
.If Syria aid convoy was,as it appears, deliberately attacked it would be yet another govt war crime https:…
US-made bomb used in Saudi strike on Yemen hospital: Amnesty International –
Work with help change the perception of refugees
.report implicates Assad regime in sustained deliberate attack on UN aid convoy.
Amnesty International calls for creative industries to help reframe refugees
The ACLU and Amnesty International are asking Obama to pardon
ACLU and Amnesty International will ask President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden
Amnesty International calls on Iran to release Canadian Concordia professor via
Amnesty International says Hoodfar is a 'prisoner of conscience,' calls on Can. gov't to do more to secure release
Amnesty International Canada:. "Amnesty International is gravely concerned by the rapid deterioration in the...
So, you feel for Amnesty International, Wipe away those tears & sample some of its vitriol. Sandeep's full expose
Didnt the Sanghs Jewish agent Gautier know Amnesty International was founded by Jew Beneson?
We need you, the Free Software Foundation, the International Criminal Court and Amnesty International. I am sane and determined to clean up
Urgent evacuation needed for Syrian girl shot by sniper: Amnesty International calls on the US and R... Ltd
yes and please do give footage credit to 'Amnesty International India'.
yes you can use and do give footage credit to us 'Amnesty International India'
Want to hear Editor discuss media in the modern age? Come to our free Student Media Summit!
How come director can say live on TV that hes violating international laws?
Telling live on TV theyre are VIOLATING international LAWS by arming terrorists? What do you want more?
UN fails 2 launch international investigation into abuses of human rights law and
Amnesty International calls for halt to dam
Amnesty International's death toll at 67 in Oromia and 30 in Amhara | Dozens killed in Ethiopia protest crackdown
Lets call Amnesty International "some even using sleeping pills to be able to beat and burn their husbands."
hi..this video is shot by Amnesty International India's campaigner. He is in Imphal.
AFP news agency that up to 50 people were killed,while Amnesty International said that more than 90 were killed.
Australia: Appalling abuse, neglect of refugees on Nauru | Amnesty International
I've been told Irons has been short listed for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award.
BBC News - Amnesty International on protests: 'Nearly 100 killed' in Oromia and Amhara
Amnesty International claimed more than 90 people were killed in protest crackdown
Amnesty on casualties from protests in Ethiopia. Bahir Dar:30 killed. Oromia:67 killed.
Great role for someone with Amnesty International - Head of International and
Hi, Aaron..yes please but request you to use them with credit to 'Amnesty International India'
The Global Human Rights Watchdog, Amnesty International, has asked India to stop the use of pellet guns in...
Good Luck to for political career, most certainly with AAP. After all, Ford Foundation has to support Amnesty International.
Amnesty International calls for halt to Site C dam
"Amnesty International has urged Ghana President John Dramani Mahama to pardon a journalist and two commentators...
,Will it be right for Amnesty International tell our president who has been reformed or not? What is this?
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I don't offend people. I'm a victim of their offence at my dietary choices. Contact amnesty international please.
You may want to read this over the Air 'CNN'.
I have an interview for a low level job with Amnesty International this Friday :D
Chelsea has written a chapter for Amnesty International's new book "Here I Stand"
Here is the list of people that allowed WWIII to begin .
Amnesty International says refugee deal with Libya ‘dangerous’ as there’s no effective government in Tripoli.
In other words, Iran's regime will not ban its lethal homophobia, will deny the Holocaust.
'Cruel in the extreme': Australia deliberately ignoring abuse at refugee camps, rights groups allege
Amnesty International reports on torture allegations among Post-coup detainees in
Amnesty International issues an urgent action appeal for the safe recovery of Wahid Baloch . .
is still missing, despite of Urgent appeal. . Document | Amnesty International ht…
'Cruel in the extreme:' Australia deliberately ignoring abuse at refugee camps, rights gro…
Apartheid regime in Bahrain kills and tortures peaceful citizens amid international silence .
.Commission to be commended; still 3 areas of doubt, uncertainty, concern
Young man charged w rape of male, hanged. In Iran, a huge incentive to call *** sex rape.
Amnesty International is deeply disturbed by reports that Iran has executed a group of Sunni Kurdish prisoners after gross…
Amnesty International responds to launch of National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
"Iran: Hanging of teenager shows authorities’ brazen disregard for international law". "Male individuals who...
: 'It is terrifying to face the government alone' .
Amnesty International Went Undercover on Nauru and Found 'Appalling Abuse and Neglect' via
Hanging of on disputed charges shows authorities brazen disregard for int
"Hassan Afshar, 19, Executed in Iran for Homosexual Act." H/T Odd silence from Scott Long.
Amnesty International: Australia abusing refugees on island of Nauru: LONDON, Aug. 3 (UPI) -- Australia has i...
"Fear has become a major weapon of oppression that is leading to a dangerously divided world"- Amnesty International ht…
"I am hopeful that people can gain more of an understanding of how the world operates. ". Mail must be addressed...
.November US election vote should be monitored by Amnesty International for voter suppression tactics.
Amnesty International has concerns about the Inquiry.
Iran: Hanging of teenager two weeks ago shows authorities’ brazen disregard for international law .
"I love reading the mail that I get from all over the world” —
Chelsea Manning: 'It is terrifying to face the government alone'
Amnesty International press release on the guilty verdict on student leaders. A sad day for HK:
Spike in Egypt disappearances: Amnesty International by via The Japan Times: All Stories
Isolation from families & the outside against international law
2 hostages detailed after Dhaka attack still missing; police say they don't have them & don't know where they are. https…
Amnesty International announces emergency campaign to combat racism and xenophobia in the UK https…
new report published by Amnesty International alleging human rights violations occurring in Egypt.
Report from Amnesty slams disappearances, torture: new report published by Amnesty International alleging hum...
Two hostages from a recent attack on a Dhaka restaurant are still missing.
Amnesty International described Theresa May's falsified immigrant statement as "...nothing short of alarming."
Hundreds 'forcibly disappeared' in - Amnesty International
Egypt: Hundreds disappeared and tortured amid wave of brutal repression | Amnesty International
Two Hostages From Bangladesh Standoff Are Still Missing: Amnesty International urged the government to clarify the whereabouts of one...
Amnesty International implicates Egypt's police & judiciary in unprecedented spike in enforced disappearances
“The Bangladeshi authorities have a poor track record when it comes to human rights in custody" -
Egypt police implicated as forced disappearances soar: Amnesty
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
secret detention and torture of opponents is 'key instrument of state policy' - Amnesty International UK
Amnesty: Hundreds 'disappeared' in Egypt: "Officially, you do not exist." That's th...
Secretary General of Amnesty International speaking live at the Watch it here:
Day 12 and Tahmid is still missing .
Amnesty International asks Bangladesh about the fate of ex-hostage detained by the police.
Amnesty International UK. 100 days in detention: Nazanin still jailed in Iran without reason. https:/…
Given poor Bangladesh record of people dying in custody, worries for two Western ex hostages
"According to Amnesty International nearly 200,000 Palestinians in the West Bank do not have access to running water
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch want Saudia Arabia off UN rights council
Amnesty International says Saudi Arabia should be suspended from the UN Human Rights Council https…
Amnesty International: Operations in SE Turkey risk return to human rights violations of 90s
Amnesty International (published a report about the so-called security operations in south-east
Gianni Infantino visits 2022 World Cup host Qatar as Amnesty International call for FIFA president to press for .
is the Amnesty International report on the killing of unarmed by Nigeria military.
Amnesty International: time to recognise Australia's 1000+ offshore refugees as political priso…
Amnesty International: time to recognise 1000+ offshore as political…
Amnesty International: time to recognise Australia’s 1000+ offshore refugees as…
Amnesty International in global programme to decriminalise sex work.
the concentration camps, criticised by UN and Amnesty International
Mike O'Reilly- Campaign for Individuals at Risk at Amnesty International: Join chorus against...
Ohio school reverses ban on Amnesty International chapter - 10TV
Bangladesh: Death penalty will not bring justice for crimes during independence war | Amnesty International
Amnesty International campaign to support those in Dutton's torture program - please share with others
Cheers to the 10 new members of Amnesty International from Saint Louis University - Baguio! Yey! :)
Rights group calls on Gambia to investigate activist death: DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — Amnesty International is calling…
The campaign, calling for pads to be made freely available at the university.
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