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Amjad Sabri

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Since Amjad Sabri's demise, there aren't any prominent qawwals left in Pakistan. Anyone aware of any others who we can invite for events?
7. Link of this beautiful rendition by Rahat FAK n late Amjad Sabri who was shot dead by terrorists.
.Amjad Sabri was not killed for blasphemy but for refusing to obey Namalaoom Afraad orders & money matters
Devastated with the news of target killing of the world famous Qawwal Amjad Sabri in Where's NAP and govt? http…
Blind student of Gilgit remind late amjad sabri: via
exactly,Death of Amjad Sabri was another case.
Amjad Sabri was assassinated due to inter-sect coordination activities not like u to spread abhorrence and doing blasphemy
Just to correct you Amjad Sabri wasn't killed due to Blasphemy.His active participation in Muharram's events made him a victim.
Legend of the South Asia (Late Amjad Sabri) Praising Allah with his soul... via
sir please update us what happen with Amjad sabri case what happen with the killer
I added a video to a playlist Aye Sabaz Gumbad walay Amjad Sabri
Amjad Sabri then Abdul Sattar Edhi and now Junaid Jamshed we have lost eveyone💔. you Haven't been good to us 2016.
Aziz , hasaan and shumail sabri with Amjad Farid sabri. We miss you 😢
Legendary ustad amjad sabri I really miss you
A big legend of Pakistan Amjad Sabri is now not among us. Plz pray for him.
Information was obtained from 2 LJ militants, Asim Capri and Ishaq Bobby. who were arrested in the murder case of f…
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Was at home few days ago, mom mentioned a qawwali program (AS used to do it) and I blurted out, "Is Amjad Sabri coming?" and then I realized
Since yesterday's closing ceremony, can't stop listening to Aye Rah-e-Haq ke ShaheedoN (CS version). My heart pains so much for Amjad Sabri.
LeJ' Asim Capri was arrested by Ch Aslam in 2013, & then released to kill gems like Amjad Sabri .
A Tribute to Amjad Sabri - the Sabri Brothers Qawwali. 7 to 10pm on 7 April. Tickets:…
I added a video to a playlist Bhar do Jholi Amjad Fareed Sabri
I wonder how this Ramadan will be like without Junaid Jamshed and Amjad Sabri recite kalaams and naats during sehr/aftar 😞.
Listening to Rang, Amjad Sabri & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Season Finale, Coke Studio Season 9 by on
Anyone, obsessed with Amjad Sabri & Rahat's version of Rang, should listen to the one by Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad.
Rung by Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad is so much better than the one by Rahat and Amjad Sabri! 💯
Great Season Finale episode of - Amjad Sabri,what a beautiful voice. May he RIP. :(
It's a nice collaboration of Amjad Sabri with Rahat, but honestly, I like the version of Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad more..
Emotional attachment with Rung due to Amjad Sabri but Rung by Fareez Ayyaz & Abu Muhammad in S05 was something else. Next level insanity.
final episode of the season. Kul hai itll be featuring Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Amjad Sabri..
From Nusrat Ali Khan Sahab & Sabri Brothers to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & our dearest Amjad Sabri may his sould rest in peace. Legends live on!
yes, my friend. You didnt know? Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Amjad Sabri.. Its going to be epic!
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Really looking forward to Amjad Sabri's and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's collaboration for
Amjad Sabri's last video message to Maya khan: via
Amjad Sabri's death, a national tragedy. His association with Coke Studio will live in our hearts. May he
should answer about RAW,12th May 2007,Amjad Sabri,Dr Imran Farooq,Money laundering of 900 crore PKR.
Wel In today's pk If its Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan instead of Amjad Sabri he would have been even assassinated for Gorakh Dha…
Ali Zafar will play host, Amjad Sabri will be remembered
I got orders on phone to kill Amjad Sabri - Suspect arrested in Amjad Sabri Case.
Sorry ! . Edhi, Amjad Sabri, Imran Khan and many others were born in the wrong nation! 1/3
Karachi operation is going successful according to rangers. SHC judge son was kidnapped, Amjad Sabri was killed ahmadis are killed .. 1/2
why not in shahrukh jatoi, Amjad Sabri, custom inspector in Ayan case, Kamran Faisal and others?? Why Qndeel?
No one is safe here, neither as Qandeel Baloch nor Amjad Sabri. Sigh!
Rumours of Amjad Sabri's family being threatened are false: Sarwat Sabri: KARACHI: Brother of slain qawwal Am...
Imran Khan coming to Khi on 1st July will visit Amjad Sabri's family, edhi shb & will attened SKMCH iftaar dinner.
Imran Khan will visit Karachi on 1&2nd July.He will also visit Amjad Sabri's house&will meet Edhi Sab.
Chairman Imran Khan to come to Karachi on July 1st. Will visit Abdul Sattar Edhi & will also condole with Amjad Sabri's family.
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Chairman with Amjad Sabri family for condolence. Sharing pain together. Love shown to chairman
Fakhar Alam tried to become leader of artists by leveraging sad demise of Amjad Sabri but like his songs/acting/etc failing miserably
Kenza Saadi reflects on the death of sufi artist Amjad Sabri & the loss of art & poetry from Islamic traditions https…
My dear friend Kenza Saadi on the sufi artist Amjad Sabri... she is a beautiful writer!
Yeah. She had held Imran Khan responsible for Amjad Sabri's killing.
Tribute to the legendary Amjad Sabri on the walls of Karachi ❤️
Last message of Amjad Sabri in MAYA khan show
We welcome to Karachi. He will be visiting Amjad Sabri's family to share their grief.
Your gets away with murdering Amjad Sabri! Taliban Khan is Back!
All the officials and politicians visiting Amjad Sabri's home shouldn't forget these painful words from her mother. ht…
Wnt 2 pay my respects 2 Amjad Sabri's family.May his soul RIP. Irreplaceable loss.Killers shld've been caught by now https:/…
Waqas Ali Khan: Ch Sarwar visited Amjad Sabri family & invited his kids on Iftar.This is wt CM Sindh shud be ...
An image of late Sufi musician Amjad Sabri alongside a street in
Call of the city: The murder of qawwali maestro Amjad Sabri and the kidnapping of Owais Ali Shah, son of the ...
Last Message of Amjad Sabri showed by Maya Khan in a Live Show via
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As a tribute to the slain musician Amjad Sabri, a wall is being adorned in Pakistan v
Right before he was killed Amjad Sabri asked his assassin: "Why are you killing me? I have little children".
PTI Imran Khan your financial support to ttp who murdered innocent, soldiers, Amjad Sabri is your worst mental twist.
Amjad Sabri,. The man who wouldn't take money to sing in praise of Pakistan - The love of his life!We've lost a gem!. http…
Amjad Sabri went to Karachi jail to perform for Saulat Mirza?
Amjad Sabri, Muslim singer, has been assassinated by the Pakistani
Terrorists can murder Pakistani singer Amjad Sabri, not his music of peace | |
Amjad Sabri bowling to Shahid Afridi and Saleem Yousuf - Memorable moments! .
My Amjad Sabri soul r rest in peace...
still shocking, who and why killed Amjad sabri
Qawwali singer Amjad Sabri of the Sabri Brothers shot dead in Karachi. Now we know why Pakistani artists keep coming to…
Listen to Morey Angna MoinUddin Aaye Re - Amjad Sabri np on
I was shocked to hear the news of amjad sabri death 😪😥😰
A shapeless evil is picking off people from a kill-list: Pakistani Sufi singer, Amjad Sabri, shot dead in Karachi
The entire planet became a poorer place after the sad demise of the legendary Amjad Sabri. He was gifted by the Lord. RIP dear friend.
Our deceased friend Qawwal Amjad Sabri's name plates on his house in Liaqatabad
Assassination of qawwali singer Amjad Sabri in Karachi shows the closing of artistic and public space in Pakistan:
So many people at Amjad Sabri Shaheed's funeral! MashAllah. Shows how legendary he was
In a world full of Qandeel baloch,Someone killed a legend Amjad Sabri,i still cant believe this.
I live in Amjad Sabri" neighborhood.Too many people there at the moment.Ashksbaar hein bht yahan sub.
Taliban claims responsibility for the murder of qawwali singer
Saddened and shocked to hear the sudden death of renowned Qawwal Amjad Fareed Sabri. May his soul rests in peace.
He lived in 180 yards home.though he might shift in any posh area. Amjad Sabri never left his native home in…
KKF and Chiipa fighting who will carry dead body of Amjad Sabri. Just too much shame. Manjan keeps selling because we kee…
Horrific: "...if you want to defeat a nation, you have to kill the artists, thinkers, scholars and lovers"
Renowned Qawal Amjad Sabri killed in a targeted attack in Liaquatabad Karachi!!! "
Amjad sabri was the legend of qawali
did not receive any threats Now they are coming for U
Death of Amjad Sabri in Karachi is a death of beautiful voice. He always makes me weep through beautiful qualis and naats…
So sad about Amjad Sabri, Subahan'Allah he was taken away in the blessed month of Ramadan.
Overwhelming participation in Amjad Sabri's funeral. Hats off to you Karachi. You make us proud. Fe aman Allah!
Funeral prayer of leading Qawal Amjad Sabri offered in Liaquatabad. Visit:
Followers, fans of Amjad Sabri gather for funeral prayers in Karachi.
I was deeply saddened to hear the news of amjad sabri's passing.!. May Allah grant him the highest rank in Jannah...! Ameen
The number of people at Amjad Sabri's funeral is unbelievable! May he RIP.
Today an icon was killed: His name was Amjad Sabri
Police release sketch of suspect in murder of Amjad Sabri
celebrities mourn tragic death of Read More:
Deeply saddened to hear abt the assassination of Amjad Sabri (great Qawwal).Condolences with family.May Allah give him b…
RIP Ghulam Amjad Sabri - I hope this won't be the end of tolerant, courageous voices.
For Amjad Sabri. May Allah accept his last dua -Ameen
The brutal murder of the legen Amjad Sabri indicates that, we are failing in our battle against the evil & cruel elements…
Funeral prayers of Amjad Sabri to be offered, .
It took 45 years to make a qawal as accomplished as Amjad Sabri, and 45 seconds to gun him down.
I'm deeply saddened by the fierce murder of my friend and the Ambassdor of humanity. Shaheed Amjad Sabri. Deepest... ht…
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The sketch released by Sindh Police shows that Amjad sabri was killed by foolish :/. https…
- Amjad Sabri was receiving death threats: Uncle.
Hello extremists who don't like qawwalis and consider it blasphemous- watch tribute Qawwali mehfils to Amjad Sabri acr…
Grief, outrage in Pakistan after killing of famed Sufi singer
An overwhelming crowd at Amjad Sabri's funeral in Karachi. .
RIP Amjad Sabri. You can kill an artist, but art is eternal. Big loss for music globally
Legendary Pakistani Qawaal Amjad Sabri being gunned down is tragedy for music lovers all over the world. His singing move…
Bollywood mourns tragic death of Amjad Sabri
Never forget this scum blaming Amjad Sabri for Blasphemy link via
Amjad Sabri's posthumous Coke Studio appearance later this year would be a really emotional moment
This *** who accused Amjad Sabri of blasphemy and still has a thriving career
Amjad Sabri: Pakistanis mourn famed singer after attack - Pakistanis mourn Amjad Sabri, one of country's most f...
Its very sad.Amjad sabri was a legend.But who is responsible terorre in karachi only MQM .
QUOTE OF THE DAY:. BY:SIR.SHOAIB RANA. Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one!OK. (Plz pray for late Amjad Sabri)
Umer Sharif words about amjad sabri all people cry
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Assassinators of Amjad Sabri will be brought to justice: Pervez Rasheed.
Scholar Khannam Tayyaba quote Amjad Sabri that he is receiving threats
Panic wave again in khi. Yesterday CJ sindh's son kidnapped. Now this Amjad sabri shot dead
Amjad Sabri, Tragic departure! Not just sang wth me bt escaped death with me and my fmly on 10 April 2004 from a bomb blast…
Shocked and saddened to hear about the target killing of famous qawwal Amjad Sabri in Karachi. Talented musician and devou…
My mom just sent me this video of her singing with Amjad Sabri, his voice at the end is so subhanAllah
Incredibly sorrowed by the news of Amjad Sabri's passing. Grateful to have had the chance to meet him and enjoy his light and inspiration.
Are people actually confusing Amjad Sabri for ??
Amjad Sabri was live today morning. Listen to his emotional kalam which proved to be his last. RIP.
Extremely shocked and saddened by the murder of Amjad Sabri. He was one of my favorite qawwals.
Very heartbroken to hear the news of Amjad Sabri. Inna lillahe wa innailaihe rajeoon.
Today some kill Amjad sabri i dont know why . He born in ramzan before eftari and dead before eftari in ramzan
Funeral prayers of Amjad Sabri to be offered todayDunya
PK: Funeral prayers of Amjad Sabri to be offered today
The incident of Amjad Sabri clearly reflects a massive failure of national security and establishment. May be no...
I am very saddened by the assassination of Sufi singer Amjad Sabri
Amjad Sabri was not just a 'musician'. He was the most famous of qawwals - faith-based music that
Amjad sabri killed . Why would anyone kill an artist? What harm has he caused to anyone? I guess 1 more innocent life to add…
Former President of & President condemns targeted assassination of Qawwal ht…
Amjad Sabri was shot dead yesterday it's not only attack on an Artist but it's attack on Pakistan's NAP. Let's no get ter…
A journey towards resilience seeks more commitment & unity. These sacrifices will surely bring peace. A tribute to martyr…
Karachi is not the reason behind Amjad Sabri's death,its just we humans are becoming dangerous for each other,RIP Huma…
Famed qawwal Amjad Sabri gunned down in Karachi. He had requested security protocol due to threats but was ignored:-(
A sad, sad day. Rest in peace, Amjad Sabri, qawwal, shot dead in a target killing in Karachi today. Shortly...
Just waiting to see if Nooras like Surcharge Aziz of kanjar league will blame RAW or India on Amjad Sabri assa…
The Qawwali King Amjad Sabri has been Killed. May his Soul Rest in Peace.
Popular Sufi musician gunned down in Karachi by Taliban faction, Pakistan police say.
Terrible loss of Amjad Sabri. His voice touched so many hearts & souls across the globe. Let's not be numbed by these murde…
Former President condemns targeted assassination of Qawwal
Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajiun. Cnt believe the sad world we live in today. Amjad sabri,was just listening to u yester…
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Saddened to learn about the national loss. Amjad Sabri was the real 'National Asset', not his assissins. May his soul rest i…
Amjad Sabri Shaheed - RIP. Its a sad sad day for us. may ur killers and people behind them rot in *** forever.
has left behind a rich legacy of music that traces its lineage to Tansen.
Feeling sad for the new of greatest Qawall Amjad Sabri Sahib..!!
Renowned qawalli musician Amjad Sabri murdered in Pakistan
What a sad day for Pakistan, We lost legend like Amjad Sabri. Some killed by not following religion and some by followi…
Rest in Peace our beloved singer and inspiration Amjad Sabri. You and your family were custodians to almost 300...
Extremely shocked and deeply saddened by the brutal murder of Amjad Sabri. My heart felt condolences to his family.
Very tragic news... Amjad sabri is no more ...
Every time we lose greats as Amjad Sabri,pattern starts: politicians cry; public huffs & puffs;then back to normal until n…
Amjad Sabri killed in Karachi. The voice that embodied the soul of South Asian Islam has been silenced.
Inna lilahi wa inna rajioon. Another life has gone in the month of Ramadan. Amjad Sabri, you'll be missed
Amjad Sabri's last sufi song. After a few hours of this tv program he was shot dead by Islamists in Karachi.
Tragic . Amjad Sabri, Allah's favourite banda, has taken his golden voice with him to heaven. Quwalis will never sound the s…
Views of some renowned figures on the assassination of Read more:
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Strongly condemn the murder of Amjad Sabri, a legend who will b greatly missed. My prayers 4 his soul. Govt needs 2 find the…
Amjad Sabri, a beloved Sufi musician, is gunned down in Pakistan
Remembering Amjad Sabri: 5 of the legendary qawwal's most memorable performances
Offensive *** honour killings and nuclear materials to North Korea more drones: Amjad Sabri shot dead in Karachi
Pakistan: Sufi singer Amjad Sabri shot and killed in targeted attack by Taliban in Karachi |
Shocked at the murder of famous qawwal Amjad Sabri & his companions in Karachi. A complete failure of law & order & writ…
Pak bleeding.PML-N leaders after Amjad Sabri murder busy in planning unprecedented welcome of PM on his return..
Deeply sadden by Amjad Sabri Bhai's loss . You will always be my star . Shine bright from up there
The only time I met Amjad Sabri was when I was introduced by Sabeen Mahmud. Both have now been assassinated.
Rip Amjad Sabri, may your love for the Ahlulbait protect you in the grave, true a great loss 🙁
Amjad Sabri Sahb Pakistan will never be able to forget you. Thanks to Allah that Farhan Ali Waris is safe!
Listening to Shaheed Amjad Sabri's last words of Dua made me burst into tears. Indeed we belong to Allah & to Him shall…
Tribute to Amjad Sabri: the man who held his own against the tide of commercialized Sufi music
May Allah grant Amjad Sabri a home in Jannah. Pak enemies active to create chaos but thr designs will be thwarted IA h…
Amjad Sabri, killed today, had faced blasphemy charge after a TV news show played his version of a traditional Sufi son…
Folks from Sindh & Federal Govt who were responsible for the security of Amjad Sabri are performing a mere lip service on his murder. Shame!
Amjad Sabri in US presenting a rare blend of "Tajdar e Haram" in his Uncle and Father's style. Amjad Sabri.
Good initiative by the Pakistan High Commission -- Cultural diplomacy always good -- hosts Amjad Sabri in Delhi
Why didn't Coke Studio just get Amjad Sabri to sing Tajdar-e-Haram? Poor guy, first Adnan Sami and now Atif Aslam!
but honestly 1000 for Amjad Sabri is too much. I'd have considered if there was Abida Parveen or Rahat Fateh Ali
ATTENTION Qawwali lovers! Amjad Sabri is only two days away at Indus Valley. Buy your tickets NOW before they run out! Available at Espresso Shahbaz and IVS.
Just Luv this qawali . Ali Kay Sath Hai Zehra Ki Shadi by Amjad Sabri ! . Its just awesome !
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