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Amish Mafia

Amish Mafia is an American reality television series on the Discovery Channel. The series debuted on December 12, 2012.

Lebanon Levi Discovery Channel Lancaster County Duck Dynasty Breaking Amish Lancaster Pennsylvania

Narrator: "There is an Amish Mafia". Tv Screen: Four white guys with guys. Me: You mean four people .
The sad devolution of Discovery Channel via I knew Amish Mafia had to be made up
Sunrise and hot air balloon this am. I wonder of I'll see the Amish mafia today lmao
im so disappointed in Wilfred now im just gonna start watching Amish mafia
When The Amish Mafia aired I thought,. "OMG and they'll never get caught, who in the Amish community would be watching?"
he looks like one of those escaped Amish kids from that tv show Amish mafia
My favorite shows consist of only the highest in intelligence: Bar rescue, cops and Amish mafia.
Why James Harden look like he straight outta the Black Amish Mafia ?
Put a hit on me with the Amish mafia.
Pa. pols: End 'Amish Mafia'; join similar efforts by religious, and ... - Elected officials, from...
Didn't know about this re Amish Mafia program on Discovery.
I'm thinking about Trying out for AMISH Mafia!!
idk I am too I mean have you seen Amish mafia
Archon goal is one big war based on religion
. Archons hate unity and ppl getting along.
. Archons r trying to get all the religions to fight
Yup I have done nothing today I set out today, instead I am snug with Don watching Amish Mafia, and that is fine...
You will never kill the Amish mafia.
That's like saying watch Amish Mafia and get informed.
"Amish Mafia" - a bigoted portrayal of Amish, Pennsylvania official demand an end to show.
Prosecutor: Couple sexually abused 2 Amish sisters // Amish mafia? Where are you?
Aug 16 - the horrible tv show "amish mafia" might finally be cancelled: ...shoot scenes for the series Local f...
and chess metaphors keep going through my head as the Amish Mafia did too and you
1984 agreement between Venmo Lucas and Pennsylvania sets tone for 'Amish Mafia ...
LOL if theres an amish mafia then there has to be amish prostitutes and amish drug dealers right?
We have the Amish mafia on the train tonight
the Amish believe in the 'old way' of doing things, following God and polygamy just to name a few. Their Mafia are thugs.
So the Amish Mafia provide protection? *smh* how unoriginal
Ok, apparently the Amish Mafia doesn't exist :/
1984 agreement between Amish and Pa. sets tone for 'Amish Mafia' debate
stop watching Amish Mafia and visit Central Pennsylvania. Our Amish are real! :-P
Amish Mafia's Lebanon Levi and two henchmen headed to Clipper Magazine ... - Amish Mafia's Lebanon Levi and two...
Driving out to Lancaster today to begin my teaching assistantship in the Center for Talented Youth program! Keep a look out on the Discovery Channel, I may be on an episode of Amish Mafia!
I love all the Amish shows. Breaking Amish, Amish Mafia. Etc..
Hey Guys :) I'm Manda and I'm one of the admins to this Group! I love all things paranormal, gory, creepy, etc...etc. Some of my fave movies are: I spit On Your Grave (Remake), The Crow, The Saw series and Silent Hill. Also I am a HUGE TRUE BLOOD sad that their last season will be this year.also I am obsessed with anything having to do with Faeries. I'm 32 and I'm from Lancaster Pennsylvania. No I am not Amish nor do I know the Amish Mafia (Psst.none exists) I would love to hear any suggestions you guys and gals would like to see on here!!! I will do my best to keep you guys happy and content :) So HI EVERYBODY!
Hey everyone! I knew I wanted to go to Laurier for awhile now but I finally went and accepted it today! I'm really excited to meet everyone and make new frieds! Please add me and comment, I wanna try to meet people before I get there! Name: James, but I prefer Jaime because I always got odd looks for the name! Age: 18, born in February Hometown: Port Perry (2 hours from Laurier) High school: Port Perry High School Intended major: Concurrent Education Favourite music: I like Beyonce, Gorillaz, a lot of rap, Fall out Boy, City and Colour, Janelle Monae, Sixx A.M. Lana Del Ray, basically everything I'll listen to! Favourite movies: Anything horror! Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, 21 Jump Street, The Lorax, anything Disney, I'm really into documentaries. I watch more TV honestly! Favourite TV Shows: Criminal Minds, Game of Thrones, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, anything reality (Master Chef, *** s Kitchen, Amish Mafia, Ink Master) American Horror Story, The Office, Bob's Burgers anything honestly! Do you play sports: V ...
I rarely find the time to watch TV. It amazes me how shows like Amish Mafia, Lizard Lick Towing, Dog Bounty Hunter, SIster wife's, Naked and Afraid, and don't let me forget My Gypsy Life even stay on the air. I'm to the point that I can't hardly watch Pawn Stars anymore for being scripted garbage. They find the most extreme, mindless *** human trash, and try making it seem mainstream. I feel sorry for any group of people that they represent. For example, the naked "Mormon" guy from Pocatello that was just on the Naked and afraid show. These people make everyone else in the world wonder what kind of freaks the rest of us are. I guess that's why I don't watch much TV anymore. Gas Monkey Garage, Pickers, and the History/Discovery shows are about the only shows I can stomach any more. Currently watching the Animal Planet because nothing else is worth watching.
Heading to homlesville to see the Amish mafia talk about joining in can't wait to start my mini farm
Discovery Channel: Amish Mafia - Season 3: Shepherds' End Esther's double life sparks a crusade to eliminate English temptations from the Amish community.
Time to make the doughnuts with the Amish mafia!!!
I personallyy invite ANY Amish to come party with me and my band. Just so when the Amish Mafia come looking they can deal with ME and a GUN to the face. Fake *** tv show and religion
Yall been sleeping on Amish Mafia. This show is a trip.
Nice Small Town Security is back…If you have never seen this show, it's amazingly awkward and funny. It's one of my favorite shows. 1.Amish Mafia 1.Workaholics 2.Wilfred 3.Small Town Security My three most favorite shows
Yeah uhh where do I sign up for the Amish mafia?
Amish mafia is prolly the Corniest show on television
Thank based god Amish mafia is off tv
I don't know which show is worse, Deadliest Catch or Amish Mafia.
No fugg'n Amish Mafia are U serious??? Yolanda Dennis what the *** ..
They'll end up at the bottom of the Susquehanna when the Amish Mafia Dons test 'em by having them build a barn.
This is how they're going to catch the Amish Mafia one day.
The boys are fast asleep and I'm getting to catch up on Amish Mafia. Can't help but love it! :)
I don't care what anyone says , Amish mafia is a bad *** show ! They get crazy , and their morals are so much better then ours . I'm gonna turn into an Amish person.
Guys.I need my" fix" of Amish guys move to Colorado and bang it out here. ...would be great
what if I told u I hired u only to call u "Lebanon Levi", would that be some straight up Amish Mafia ish or Nahh...
Finally after two weeks gotcable back please help does anyone watch Amish mafia and if so what channel does it come on or is it already over for the season please help
The Amish Mafia is a tad bit scary 😳
I'm only watching HGTV right now because Tigers and Amish Mafia isn't on...can my little life take any more!
Does the Amish Mafia show still exist? I remember that was a thing and then, poof. It fell off the face of the earth. Good riddance.
All I wanna do is go home, eat quesadillas, and watch Amish Mafia.
Drinking a Twisted tea and watching Amish Mafia with Alburtis's own Lebanon'Levi aka Dicky Wall. The other Amish Aid members Alyssa and Tyler are taking the night
A few good shows im going to miss tonight because i have to be at work at 5am instead of 7am, Todd Chrisley, and if it is still airing, Amish Mafia.
lmao your new name is Amish mafia dress
wait sooo you pull the plug on the show but still endorse Discovery Channel stuff from amish mafia? Just asking loll
They need to get the Amish Mafia involved.
Oh yummy!!! Just watched the season finale of Amish Mafia.. Saying Jolin was offered to come back to his home town of Penn Yan to run aid there!! I'll be taking some road trips.!!!
Hey Amish Mafia you butt lickers go f*** yourselves!
Have heard our new neighbor is Amish or affiliated with the Amish. I wonder if he knows Lebanon Levi. and can get some Amish Mafia up in this town. and clean up the white trash across the road from me. and the juvenile ignorate kids that visit over there! Well.on second thought.I might need Merlin.he is more on their level of moron mentally!
we're stuck w/ Amish Mafia instead of this? officer in Amish drag catches alleged child predator
"Get that Amish Mafia dress outta here" LMAO
needs to man-up & take responsibility for took advantage of him? Ha! Read more:
Yesterday wore me out. The long hours and the kindness of everyone at work. Being Monday, everyone was in, Managers, Advocates, Change. Everyone stopping by to make sure I am okay. Such good people. I miss having a minute to pick on them. Filling Pat's in box, covering Robyn's desk with dancing kleenex, tagging an empty tray and putting it on the shelf when Debbbie thought all the work was done. I really don't like people to know how sensitive I am and good they make me feel with their caring and concern. There are very good people left and I know them; I work with them and I call them friends. Heather is enjoying this. I now answer the door and I am thinking about investing in a coffee pot and tea kettle. Oh, know, they thawed my frozen heart! Whoa, I thought the anxiety was bad when I had to walk out the door. It is a million times worse when I know I have to walk in the house and the TV won't be on Duck Dynasty, Ghost Adventures, Amish Mafia,...Heather did love Reality shows. I did get h ...
Am I lame cause I am extremely disappointed they ended Amish Mafia :( that was like my thing on Tuesdays lol I feel lame for watching it lol
Another easy day ..chilling with a cold beer then off to Lancaster Pennsylvania to see Levi Amish mafia.
If I got Esther Schmucker from Amish Mafia to come to mt union who would pay $10.00 to come see her? All the money would go to kids with Autism..
They could just call the Amish Mafia... Levi would take care of him.
With all the trash reality TV shows like Breaking Amish and Amish Mafia, I hope that the public does not view the Amish in a negative light. The Amish culture and strict rules such as shunning might be hard to understand but that is the reason they are still here. I see there are a lot of churches trying to persuade Amish members to leave the Amish and join their churches, like they have a handle on finding God ? I have met more so called Christians that are bigots and sinners then I care to mention. One thing about the Amish is that money and God are not intertwined like most churches are.
Those amish on the series Amish Mafia are the biggest hypocrites. They seem to not take responsibility for their actions. They screw up then blame it on non-amish just cause they don't want to seem like they are not following their over specific religion. I think the amish way is a massive cult. I am not being cruel on the subject nor do I think all amish are that way. I have meet some very nice amish people myself. I am only talking about the ones on that TV series.
Who needs the cops to get involved in this when you have the Amish Mafia. Lebanon Levi or Wayne The Amish midget...
Did you know there really is an Amish Mafia, here are some other facts about the Amish :
In this clip from the upcoming special "Amish Mafia: End of Days," we see how fame from the TV show has changed Esther from a "plain Amish woman" to a celebrity immersing herself in the dangerous "English" world.
I feel like I'm in the Amish Mafia with this coufie on.
I'm addicted to watching the amish mafia! But things are starting to get real on this show y'all. They be crazy! Lol
Don't get me started on Amish Mafia.
It's funny how Kevin Costner, Gordon Ramsay, Jay Paul Molinere, Amish Mafia, Hinder all follow me but some new actor blocks me! *** 😱
In Lancaster, PA.main goal is to befriend the amish mafia
Made a $20 bet that there won't be an Amish Mafia season 4...
oh no, it just hit me, today is Tuesday and there will not be a new "Amish Mafia" episode on tonight :( and there may not be any more EVER! I'm holding out hope that Lebanon Levi (or at the very least Merlin & 'Lil Wayne) will change their minds & come back for yet another season. If not, I'm going to have to really get on the ball to get my own show!! Or Brian Cromwell could get his own show & let me have a recurring role status ;)
One of the emails I got from a reader who came through my website. In this case, a case of mixed identity. I've never followed Amish Mafia, nor do I have any desire to do so. How does one respond to this disgruntled person? I enjoyed your show on Amish mafia UNTIL the Christmas show. How disgusting when Merle was talking to the children and if he really burned all the Xmas trees from the English man that was selling them. Then he belongs in prison! I live in Ohio and to think anyone more or less an Amish man could do all this on tv and NOT go to prison is a sin. I have to wonder how all this has hurt the sales in their community? My friends and I that always go there, all said if this man that is crazy is on the streets there, then we will shop elsewhere ,plus we have so many great places to eat around our town why would we go there and take a chance on getting hurt. So this show has done so much bad for the Amish, I'm sorry I ever watched it. Please keep Merlin in your community WE DONT want him thank yo ...
I was on Amish Mafia last week. Here is the clip:
My boss and co workers are raving about Amish mafia. Should I tell them it's fake? Lol
Amish Mafia S03E08 End of Days PROPER 720p HDTV x264-W4F TV Show Name: Amish Mafia TV Show Info: Untrusting of outside law enforcement, some Amish in Lancaster County, PA have for many years regularly turned to a small organized group of men for protection and justice. The 2006 School shootings...
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is it true Jon makes Amish mafia gang signs after every made FG? True or false? :)
I just finished editing down the clip from my Amish Mafia appearance. As soon as it's done processing, I will upload it to youtube and share it. :)
“Cops dress as Amish to target Pennsylvania flasher time to call in the Amish Mafia
WHY NOT JUST HIRE THE AMISH MAFIA:Cops go undercover in Amish garb to catch child flasher...
Here's the thing if this old Amish talking woman doesn't stop talking like she knows everything I'm going to make her Amish Mafia style
O no what to watch no more Amish mafia on Tuesday nights
today is my birthday. I don't feel another yr older, but I know instead of going out partying at the bars, I will be on the sofa with the hubby watching amish mafia, lol
Really concerned about the amount of explosions on this show w/ those bearded, deeply religious men. Is Amish Mafia produced by Michael Bay?
I literally DONT understand why my mom watches Amish Mafia :(((
I wish I was apart of the mafia. I prefer the Amish mafia, but I'm not picky.
How does one go about getting in the Amish Mafia?
Almost time for the season finale of swamp people!!! Tomorrow it's the same for Amish mafia
Nothing like this season of Amish Mafia ending with this weird dubstep song as the background music.
People die every day in Canton and no one care's but 2 horses die and thats all you see I get it it's sad but wow it was a trot bye shooting and i do believe that the amish mafia was invalved
amish mafia were all cute as anything…. all 3 of them. i liked alvin the best!! WOW cutie.
If I cross paths with the Amish mafia in Pennsylvania I am going to give that little runt a knee to the chin... Just because. Carry on
Ive been told like 5 times now that I look like I belong in the amish mafia or I look like an amish serial ok with it tho...
Well made it here now where's the Amish mafia
I spoke to Esther Amish Mafia on the phone to purchase a quilt. My caller ID said Esther Schmueker and it was the store the show Amish Mafia says she has and makes quilts. The quilts are beautiful.However she only wanted paypal or a money order as she doesnt take any credit cards,.I said mmm You cant dispute the charges if you pay by credit card so i told her in NY it sounds scammish to say I wait for your check to clear then Ill start to make your pillow quilt in 3 weeks. I had left a message there and that is how she got my number. She seemed nice and stayed on the phone for 20 min but wouldnt answer if the show is coming back.
just watched the Amish Mafia episode where the meth lab and moonshine shacks we were hired to blow up. Hilarious
Oh Amish Mafia, how you always suck me in!
I know this says commercials but I need to include the Amish Mafia, Hillbilly *** and the Wampus Frogman Man Bear Pig. Really! The 8 th grade education people have me shaving my beard and I know how to make traps that don't catch a *** thing!
Who wants to do some Amish mafia bashing.? Lol
It was a Blessing talking to Esther Schmucker from Amish Mafia!!!
Though Discovery has picked up a fourth season of its hit reality show Amish Mafia, one of the series' stars has hinted that she may not be returning when the show begins filming new episodes.
So I have a straight six mafia sticker on my front window and the Indian at 7 eleven asked me if I was in the Amish mafia. ***
OH, I wanna go!, See Amish Mafia ,Only in Lancaster - PA
Takin the Amish Mafia to O'town. Do ya feel me?
Does anyone else think Bubba Watson looks like Alvin on Amish Mafia?
Calling Lancaster, Pennsylvania to compare our pricing information with the Amish. I think I got ahold of the Amish Mafia. He sounded sketchy with that accent and all. Now he's got my cell phone, email and address. If I disappear, you know where to look for me.
Today 1st X I did my own dishes in yrs not so bad I'm a decent cook for a bachelor so not too bad being a little more domesticated day 1 w/o an aide. now time to cook, eat & take meds then I will catch up up on 1 episode each of 4 NBC series then *** sKkitchen and maybe Amish Mafia this afternoon I will work on the Model Answer for our Sports Law students involving Incognito, Martin & the Wells Report I have until about 4pm tomorrow to complete it Once that's done walking on the crutches in the apt followed by a shower Have a great day everybody God bless you all
New star of the REAL Amish Mafia. This is totally authentic, I swear I didn't even bathe before having these taken.
I used to love Discovery Channel! Now i turn it on and see shows like amish mafia and naked and afraid. Since when did ratings matter more than the science and knowledge end of it. I swear the stuff some people watch...
You can laugh all you want about the Amish Mafia, but we in Allen and Paulding county, we've seen the horrors.
Send Lebanon Levi and the Amish Mafia to scorn the English no shows !!
Screw and it's producers pissing of Lebanon Levi and ruining Amish Mafia
TV TONIGHT NBC - "The Voice" - Blake Shelton was just on Sunday night for 3 hours. Does he ever give it a rest? FOX - "Glee" - Tonight, the songs from the Broadway musical "Funny Girl." Way to stay current. CBS - "NCIS" - If you like rotting corpses on an autopsy table, this is the show for you. DISCOVERY - "Amish Mafia" - Levi turns out to be just as big a scum bag as I thought. MTV - "Teen Mom 2" - Why can't MTV go back to the more mature hotties of Spring Break? HGTV - "House Hunters International" - A couple moves from New York to Shanghai, so they must like crowd scenes. CBS - "Person of Interest" - It's a rerun so they better worry about holding our interest.
What now? Friday Night Tykes and Amish Mafia seasons ending, I have no other reviews to write at the moment. Amish Mafia has the season finale tonight. Since I was so behind on my reviews for them, I spent the past couple days catching up and will post reviews…
Watching Amish Mafia today.nowhere near a television!
My sister said let's watch Amish mafia and I said no that's anger management.
Amish Mafia is the most scripted show I have ever seen. If you believe it is real you're a complete ***
Alright keep the beard or shave it?. should I go gotee, foomanchoo, handle bars, amish mafia, mustache or just...
Carl we need a nice Amish mafia sesh
Watching Amish Mafia. Probably the most adventurous/mischievous show ever. I love it!
Long day over and back at the hotel. Strangely enough, arguing over Amish Mafia and what amish people can and can not do with the roomie XD
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I was at Sundance Rodeo an got to meet Jolin from Amish Mafia!
They need to put Amish Mafia on Netflix
How is Amish Mafia a show? I feel like its as practical as a mormon bar?
If the Amish have a mafia there must be a Quaker mafia!
What if any reality tv shows do you absolutely try your best not to miss? Mine are or were Jersey Shore(don't judge me) lol, mobwifes and Amish mafia ~la loca~
Only this lady gets all excited about the Amish mafia
Spent the whole weekend catching up on Amish Mafia
I swear I will call the *** Discovery Channel if they don't start putting Amish Mafia on all the *** time
If Merle loses his voice he could probably get a job on Amish Mafia.
I can't take the Amish Mafia seriously.
My town is so insignificant like the only thing my town is know for, is that Amish mafia was filmed here like jfc
Amish Mafia is actually like my favourite show 😂😍
Watching Amish Mafia. What a interesting show. Its in Comcast OnDemand if you want to watch it.
group message update: replace all the boys with cats. Amish Mafia is good! world domination. Roll a J?
in a world plagued with Honey Boo Boo, Amish Mafia, and Swamp People, thank you for trying to educate the masses with Cosmos.
Must be a prerequisite to become a country music star, tats, big ol gaudy necklaces and rings and baseball caps, pretty classy:) back to Bar Rescue, I wish honey boo boo or Amish Mafia was on.
Its def forsure them indiana boys are now on amish mafia *** yea and their some bad *** the baddest amish dude arounds name bear and he's a indiana boy ask any amisk of that name theyl tell u its best for u to just quit askin questions.
watchin Amish Mafia what about you love ? ☺️
Why tye tribbett and them commin out like some Amish Mafia?!!!
debate in the Moore house hold tonight: should I be allowed to go to a concert in Lancaster or will I be attacked by the Amish Mafia
if you like these Red October Roshes 👌🔥
No, Amish Mafia. Not been home long. I like a couple of their songs though. (Perry)
Watching "Amish mafia" for like two minutes last night.. really intense..
I just heard what sounded like a couple gun shots and seeing how I'm in Amish Country it was The Amish Mafia or One of the Horses Farted or it was a Drunk Amish driving his *** buggy and he just rolled it.
Hey, all of you - shut up and listen to me! The Amish Mafia is playing a show with SPONGE! And other awesome local bands such as Lucky 33 with whom I have a very deep and emotionally fulfilling relationship with. The show is Friday April 25th. You can buy tickets at or see me or anyone in the mafia for tickets. They are 18 doll hairs, 2 doll hairs less than at the door. that. You may now do whatever the opposite of shutting up is.
Just sitting here in langcaster PA. Listing to Amish Gangster rap langcaster is where the Amish mafia is
RIP Listen to the interview he did with few months ago
Hello world! How are you? Doing well I hear? ok enough of the smalltalk. My band is playing a show on April 25th! We're opening for a band known as Sponge at the Stockyard in Liverpool. Tickets are $18 dollars but that only means that we're going to give you your money's worth and make this show one THE BEST show we've ever performed. So if you want to spare some change and come see The Amish Mafia along with 6 other bands and Sponge, let me know and I can hook you up with tickets!
Nice drive along the Susquehanna river this afternoon after flying in over 3 Mile Island nuclear plant. No buggies on the road so no sign of the Amish mafia. However it is the Sabbath so stay tuned!!!
Obama says the debate is over. Amish Mafia is real.
I found both you AND John by going straight to the Discovery Channel and typing in Amish Mafia! You were both right there! :-)
Amish Mafia... The perfect example of how suspenseful music and a ton of cut-scenes isn't always enough to turn a train wreck into anything resembling decent TV.
how does Amish Mafia have viewership?
Oh my! Amish Mafia?!?! Really... I'm kinda glad I got rid of my television and cable!
Who else watches the show "Amish Mafia"? Morgan and I DVR it so we dont miss them .yeah we have no life lol.
I wish I was as cool as Amish mafia is real :(
Ever since I watched a marathon of Amish Mafia I question every horse and buggy I see
when is the amish mafia start filimg again? Do you live in lancaster
Amish mafia is hilarious... Dudes think they run the world 😂
Though a preview for the season 3 finale of 'Amish Mafia' appears to allude to the cast of the hit show quitting the series, Discovery appears to have confirmed that the series will in fact film a fourth season.
remember that one time you didn't like Amish Mafia though 😒
There's an Amish convention going on down the road I keep looking for the Amish mafia but haven't seen them yet
I was actually going to take a break from social media but then Jon had to go and question the authenticity of the Amish mafia
Watching Amish mafia and really?? Collecting cow farts in lagrange county indiana to blow something up??um yeah only around here right? Ha ha ha
The English world can't take advantage of us anymore.
TV: Download Finished: Amish Mafia - 3x04 - Joining the Flock
1. Not my self appointed nickname . 2. No one says that . 3. That's an awful name . P.S. Watch yourself I know the Amish mafia
~ Lol. I'm sorry, but everytime I hear that phrase "Amish Mafia" I can't help but crack up! What a fukin Klown Act! lol
Yes there really is an Amish Mafia.
We just saw an Amish Mafia guy in the what
I'll be shocked if Carmelo Anthony doesn't win Defensive Player of the Year |
My sister got a picture with one of the guys that's on Amish mafia 😂
Makes me laugh!, they gasp st a black guy, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there a black Amish guy in Amish mafia!!!
How many episodes of Amish Mafia do you think I have to watch before I can speak this Pennsylvania Dutch?!?!?!
Elvis Andrus looks like he should be on Amish Mafia with that beard.
What I learned from this week's 'Amish Mafia' via
So I had insomnia last night, couldn't fall asleep until 5.I watched 3 episodes of Amish Mafia.OMG...what a ridiculously stupid show! Have any of you seen it?
heard you're a big fan of Amish mafia???
Did not know the Amish Mafia is in Lagrange, Indiana. That is hilarious. Love it!! At least the justice system in LaGrange is not the only thing crooked !!
Had a great ride this morning. Rode out to Ephrata and met up with some friends. Hung out a while and did some riding in Amish mafia territory. And speaking of territories,, stopped at a place called the Olde Village Tavern & Inn and made some new friends who called themselves the Pagans. They were really friendly.
If this GPS is right and it takes me another 10 hrs to get to Indy from Nashville because of some traffic jam I'm calling the Amish mafia.
Found my new show that crazy you all gotta peep Amish mafia
Amish Mafia amuses me. They're such...vandals. Lol.
Is it to late to drop out of school and join the Amish Mafia?
In Arcola can someone point me to the Amish mafia?!
I bet the Amish mafia is after us now... :/
Did I really just see a commercial for "Amish Mafia"?!?! WTH? That's just crazy. Lol
Craig Groeschel looks like Merlin from Amish mafia
I do not always like it but after I adjust to it.. I know it is truth.. sometimes the truth hurts.. like realizing the fake book that was created to lead masses astray.. and the fake preachers that steel.. from you.. why are so many who follow this cult falling?? What is good is evil and what is evil is good.. it is actually reversed..we have to many jesus cults, the amish mafia. I could name a few but I won't.. you must understand on your own..And there is a fake holy spirit.. .. to many bibles for it to be true, and to many cults of jesus for it to be true, some that knock on doors, ect.. sorry if the truth hurts but you know it deep down, your mind is the one that needs changed. Your heart already know.. so please do not follow the fake holy spirit.. you will not get what you think you are getting. I am glad I stopped leading people down this road and excepted people for who they are.. people are worth so much more than a bible that says they are going to *** . also if you follow that book you have to ...
Amish afraid. very afraid
The man accused of severely beating one of the female stars of the hit show 'Amish Mafia' is in police custody. Imir Williams, 23, of Lancaster, was taken into custody this morning by members of the Fugitive Task Force and the Lancaster City Police
Off to see if there really is such a thing as the Amish mafia.
Anyone watch the amish mafia.. *** if that stuffs true, they r criminals...evil and act like they r devoted to there religion
Day 9 without you: woke up thinking about you.wondering if your missing me as much as I'm missing you.!?! There were a lot of things left unsaid and things said that made no sense but now that your gone it makes all the sense in the world.I don't know how to help your sister she's So lonely too.I just wish you could hold me one more time or fuss at me cuz I watch the same shows over and over.I don't have anyone to get excited about Amish mafia with me.I JUST MISS YOU SO MUCH! CATCH MY TEARS AS THEY FALL BABY! I LOVE YOU!
Alright.that's the last time I watch AMISH MAFIA before I go to bed!! Woke up and thought to myself: *** I tried to escape how many times?? I think some of it is rehearsed.but apparently not in my dreams. lolololol!
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Looking for the Amish mafia with Chris an Kristina Sutton.
Psalm 26:3 NIV for your love is ever before me, and I walk continually in your truth.can't sleep :/ watching the Amish Mafia...mind blowing.completely.
Lololol the Amish mafia girls cuss worse than me
Hmmm interesting!! Who knew, on top of there being an "Amish mafia ", those Amish have trained "carrier pigeons" to deliver drugs for them!!!
The boyfriend of "Amish Mafia" star Esther Schmucker is locked up in a Pennsylvania prison for allegedly using the reality star's face as a punching bag…
Jolin from Amish mafia is the biggest joke of a "bad *** I've ever seen. Give me three rounds in the ring with him Discovery Channel, I'd love to have my own show lol
Ok it's 2 in the morning and my love just got home about a half hour ago...I of course the being the "perfect " girlfriend that I am ...he gets the remote... and now only 13 minutes into Amish mafia I am hooked ! Lmao thanks baby, I love you too!
OMG.. Amish Mafia guys.. this is amazing lol
Watching Amish mafia with my trusty steed Smokey, and of course with popcorn with lemon and tapatio on it. Yum!
Me and my baby girl bella r laying here in bed watching Amish mafia she had her McDonald's cheese burger and dog food her is one happy girl like her mommy. We r happy happy happy
Trying to watch Amish Mafia, and an commercial came on. Now I wanna fap :/
I haven't had cable in a long time so I'm a little bit out of the loop. Amish Mafia? How did that happen?
Amish mafia? Is this really what I'm watching right now??
I wonder where I can go to audition for that show Amish Mafia? Ill roll with the mafia.. churn lots butter.. raise a barn on moday.. then I'll raise another!
Sitting here finally watching amish mafia and they were in lagrange, indiana. I knew they were different than other amish out there
Little Giant Ladders
Okay..I was flipping through channels on tv, and the show Amish Mafia came on..and this dude was driving a crysler 300. Uh...don't they shun technology?... 0.o
Can someone explain to me what a show like "Pawn Wars" is doing on the History Channel? Can someone also explain to me what the *** the Discovery Channel (supposedly an information and science channel) is doing showing "Amish Mafia and what that has to do with science and information? I mean what does it have to do with reality? After all reality shows aren't really real... See if you can answer intelligently and please see if you can not use "Ratings" in a sentence. I mean after all the cartoon channel isn't showing documentaries! Ha! Your turn...
Had a great time at sundance rodeo with family and friends. To add to it Jolin from Amish Mafia was there. Got to talk to him very nice guy. Kids got pics with him. Then seen him go back and talk to the bull riders. What a way to end a long week. Very cool night
Is it just me or is Amish Mafia like the greatest thing ever...
Dear God my mind is being destroyed, what is Amish Mafia?
All righty then, look who is on the pole for tomorrow's race. I'm thinking, Smoke, lead a few, or lead the most, or best, lead the last lap. ABJ ! I feel the sadness for all of the Gators Basketball fans. They came up a little short. I'm a fan of either kind of B-ball, but I know there are people that would even be interested in Gator field hockey. I took a field hockey team to a tournament a time or two. That was as much fun as watching paint dry. I did see a championship game postponed due to snow. That little (hard when it hits your shin) ball roll about three feet in an inch of snow. Oh, the ball is white. The game was the next day. My team lost. With all of my talk last night about going to bed early, I laid down at 0730. I wasn't alone. I found my friend Mark on at o'dark hundred, just getting in from a limousine charter. I miss driving, but I do not miss the paperwork and hours. I have always said (and will as long as I'm alive), "I am willing to drive anything, anywhere, any ...
How is it that Amish Mafia is still a show? What the *** Is Discovery Channel reaching? Or what?
I wonder when there going to open the books so I can join the Amish Mafia. La costra horstra
Keith Wolf, I am all caught up on Amish Mafia after a 2 hour mini-marathon! Now I even hate the english. We should convert! We would be the hottest, badass Amish dudes !
Dumbo the fat *** cop on Amish Mafia is annoying! Dumpy dumb.come talk to me. Go fight some real crime/criminals *** bag!
Thinking of joining the Amish mafia
Amish Mafia, the reason I do not have cable.
Amish Mafia. I really don't know what to think of it.
Yo this show the Amish Mafia is crazy I got hooked just watching 5 min of it need to catch up on this
I do not understand why my husband likes "Amish Mafia". He refuses to go see movies with subtitles because he doesn't like to have to read when watching a movie. But, it's okay when it's a reality soap opera...
It's Saturday night and I'm catching up on the missed episodes of Amish Mafia before the season ends on Tuesday. =)
Sitting here watching Amish mafia with the kids eating pizza then calling it early note been busy day but love it wouldn't change it for the world
At the crib washing clothes cleaning my room and watching Amish mafia just ordered some FOOD.
Not a fan of reality shows, but I got sucked into Amish Mafia tonight. Awful, but I have to see how this one ends. For hating the "English" and their ways, these guys have no problem driving modern vehicles. Or the cameras or anything very English.
Amish mafia better than a soap opera lol
I am so sleepy but I can't stop watching Amish Mafia lol
It's very funny to spend the day in Amish country and then come home and watch The Amish Mafia!!! LOL!
I'm completely obsessed with Amish Mafia! And I have no idea why.
The Amish mafia makes Lancaster County look like a bunch of *** people they need to take that show off tv fake as all get out I wish a buggy would run up on me ill brake his wooden spokes and take his horse lol
Watching Amish Mafia while I help my little one clean her room. What are you up to this lovely Saturday night? -*Kimber
there is no such thing as a real reality TV show. Amish Mafia is a joke .. You can tell it is so scripted I would like to get that Levi face to face and knock his fat *** out lol is nothing but a punk
Watching Amish mafia with my clients... hilarious
Wayne on Amish Mafia is tht lil thug!!
Amish mafia lolol Omg just as bad as grey singing episode
Bring the Amish mafia to Joliet or peotone it will straighten them out or better yet let's take a ride to Jimmys in the heights
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Amish Esther is flat out hopping mad in a rage !
Nothing makes me madder than the Amish Mafia. It's so ridiculous, I don't believe any of it for a second. (repeating myself)
Sitting here watching Amish mafia and they are off the chain. This chick just slapped the cowboy fire out her fiance (I think spit flew out his mouth(( team player)) and tried to get at the mistress. Get 'em girl! Lol just got real
I wanna be amish! And join the Amish mafia. Lol. These mfs are no joke!
We can't seem to get enough of Amish Mafia (yes, we know this show is just re-enactments). If your family 'does' t.v., what do you like to watch as a family?- Rose
So Jolin from Amish mafia is definitely here!!
I read a lot, and I was reading about the Heritage Foundation and wondered about their view on the Amish Mafia program and its false portrayals of this Highly Religious group, after all if they are defending Religious Liberty, certainly they would see this as an attack on religion equal to or exceeding the attack on Mr not a word... but I did read about how the ACLU is evil, but I looked further and read how the same evil people, the ACLU defended those students the Heritage foundation was talking about, but never any mention of this on the HF page. Some will corrupt the words of others and pollute the world with fear then they gain control. I do not fear the Heritage Foundation nor their allies, for my Covenant with the Lord is between I and him and no Man nor Priest nor Pope shall stand between me and my religion. Those that claim their Liberty is under attack I think want to take away Yours.Only if you follow their narrow vision is it alright. All Amish and Mennonites I have met were very Godl ...
WOW ! Spent about an hour and a half messaging Esther Shmucker an Amish women from the TV show Amish Mafia. We talked about spirituality. She belongs to the Amish Church while I belong to the Church of Rome. In what I learned from our conversation was that even in their simple life style, they still struggle to follow god and do his will. Here all along I always imagined it was easy for them. We agreed to be pen pals. Hopefully for a long time.
Amish Mafia filmed in Walworth County, WI. Guess I didn't know they were that hardcore here in Wisconsin..
I wondered why this Duck Dynasty marathon was so weird. Turns out I've been watching Amish Mafia.
Did you guys know that there is a show called "Amish Mafia"?
Levi, I'm pretty sure you can get the Amish Mafia for dummy's might learn something.
Okay Amish Mafia is such a load of crap
Bored bored bored to death. gonna watch teen mom snuggle up beside my big teddy bear and prolly tap out!!! I dnt think I'll make it to watch the new amish mafia tonight.. :-)
“After that behavior or Cast judgement >>
can you send the amish mafia after alex? I'm mad at him, thank you.
Has anyone seen the ridiculousness on tv called Amish Mafia? I can't take it.
watching Jolin Zimmerman- Amish Mafia the doctor that gave me my shots looks like Jolin He laughed when I told him that. Bet he watches Amish Mafia to ck it out
Well I've just wasted an hour of my life by watching Amish Mafia.
you got me hooked on this stupid Amish Mafia show!
Despite what Jon says, I know Amish mafia is real. Thank you and good night.
My wife wants to go to Lancaster Pa instead of the beach for vacation this year to stay with the Amish Mafia and Lebanon Levi.
Ok so I'm watching Amish Mafia (I literally don't know why) and apparently Ohio has very friendly Amish!!! And they throw wild parties!!!
I'm sitting here in the hospital watching amish mafia and the doctor is asking the guy next to me why they found coke in his system he says that his wife puts it on his waffles in the morning trying to make him sick dr. Says how long you been eating it guy says bout a week and what does my over medicated *** say.Sounds like a habit to me bro lol
Um. HUH@ John on Amish Mafia trying to be taken seriously but he is riding around on a red 2wheeled push scooter with a basket on the front! Get ya life...looking like a girl scout selling cookies :-/
Whatchin Amish mafia with Chase. poor mommy is up at the hospital. no kids under 12 allowed during flue season.
This Amish Mafia show is so fake its like a parody comedy
Is it bad that I watch amish mafia...
Is anyone watching Amish Mafia on Discovery right now? There is a teenage Amish kid that has a carrier pigeons bring him his drugs. He calls the Amish drug dealer and an hour later they show a pigeon fly into the kids window with a baggy!
I'm so bored I just caught myself watching Amish Mafia with actual interest.
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This is why I joined the Amish Mafia
It's never a complete episode till someone torches something on Amish Mafia!
I can't watch Amish mafia with my dad
Watching Amish Mafia. They're sending drugs via carrier pigeons and does anyone know some old man named "the bear" in Lagrange county?
Amish mafia is so fake it hurts to watch
Real or not real Amish mafia is addicting living around and knowing the Amish community your just like yeah ok
Cuttin ties is the first smart thing John has done
I'm gonna sit and watch Amish Mafia and do flash cards for Spanish...what has my life come to...
This *** on amish mafia needs to be punched in the throat
Did anyone else just watch the pigeon deliver marijuana ? - Amish mafia is hilarious -
My dad's so obsessed with the Amish Mafia. 😂
Oh great now we got the Amish mafia in Wisconsin. Those darn kids flying in their dope with their
Cats are tying dime bags of weed to carrier pigeons on "Amish Mafia" tho...this s*** is trash "reality TV" at its finest …
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