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Amish Mafia

Amish Mafia is an American reality television series on the Discovery Channel. The series debuted on December 12, 2012.

Lebanon Levi

"Oh I've seen enough Amish mafia, I could totally make it in Levi's gang" -Shane Collins
It wasn't Russian hackers who got Trump elected, it was the Amish Mafia.
On second thought maybe it was the Amish mafia.
"If anyone is worse than the Amish Mafia, it's the Butter Mafia". -
excellent courtesy of Xer0 (of Impure, B7 and the real AMiSH mafia.
When I was younger I really wanted to join the Amish mafia.
Matty's family is trying to get me to watch amish mafia. they really think it's real y'all
Vote on a living next to Amish or Mennonite mafia.
There is one pic going around that's fake w/ brown grass/cedar trees. This one is real buโ€ฆ
Im watching amish mafia and the lore is crazy
In an explosive interview, the former leader Arun Shourie hits out at PM hโ€ฆ
Interview | Anybody who opposes is immediately embroiled in cases: Arun Shourie httpsโ€ฆ
First he needs to drop that barber who cut his hair. Looking straight out the Amish Mafia.
It's official, the rankings are in, and Josh Kurtz has named Amish Mafia the 86th best show of all time
Bruh be lookin like Jimmy Nuetron mixed with the Amish mafia
2 words: Amish Mafia (scary badasses despite the silly beard & no-stache look) They control the market! .
Chad Brooks you said you liked Amish mafia ! Check this out ! Wow ! Way cooler if it's cool to watch weird church...
Why can't they put Amish Mafia on Netflix ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
Yet another show produced by the Hollywood elite. As a working class down home freedom loving American I only watchโ€ฆ
Obama's family looks like they're straight off the Disney channel, whereas trumps family is crossover episode of Thโ€ฆ
He looks like he belongs on the show Amish Mafia ๐Ÿ˜‚
and I are going to contact the Amish Mafia to help us buy a RV๐Ÿ˜‚
new cbc TV show coming out about Canadian Amish mafia
You should see... They have "reality shows" like Amish Mafia and whatnot on American television. Complete absurdity.
Watching Amish Mafia...thinking about buying a buggy
Apparently the shooter went to FBI HQ in AK and told them he was being fprced to fight for the Amish Mafia
the show about the Amish mafia makes me laugh because i live right near the Amish and they're such a quiet group of people
never heard of Amish mafia, they have a mafia?
Didn't know Post Malone was apart of the Amish Mafia
. The best phony show I saw was Amish Mafia. I live 30 minutes from there, What they have an illegal churning butter sweatshop?
Well once was Amish Mafia now I went to the Baby Face Gang!
btw, I suppose that Amish Mafia is now a relic of the past? What an amusing run that was!
Amish Mafia try to build something other than a barn - Goes as expected โ€ข /r/Eve
wouldn't Amish Mafia be more their speed?
I miss the show Amish Mafia.A bunch of weird Dutch kids fighting in corn fields and attacking horse drawn carriages. Best show TLCs ever had
Did I mention how the crazy employee told me the Amish mafia burned down his barn and killed his mom??
What a ripoff! Just let the intel agencies & the mafia take care of it like in '63.
Are you really promoting a TMZ special? Were there no Amish Mafia programs running tonight?
Remember that show 'Amish Mafia?' It was so fake. I wanted it to be real so bad, but it was so fake. LOL
We got chased out by the Amish Mafia
TV SHOW: Amish Mafia, Season 4 for $9.99(SD) [23% off] or $9.99(HD) [33% off]
ok but I also love breaking Amish and the mess that was Amish mafia
Just watch out for the Amish Mafia...
It's frustrating that Amish Mafia doesn't get the views and acclaim it deserves
Amish Mafia is now streaming on Take a look back at Seasons 1-3 with a subscription!
๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ™„ plus have they never seen Amish Mafia?
Watched a series on Amish, had their own mafia, Levi
chill son I got that Amish heritage. I'll get the mafia on ya real quick.
Never did the guys who clean Brice's house just shout "Amish Mafia"
What happened to the show Amish mafia?
what would you rather be part of, the KKK (yes it's still around today) or the amish mafia
Craig Mabbit is in the amish mafia.
Don't you dare offend my people you little non-believer. The Amish mafia have your details, you best be reading Romans 8:18 now...
Those pesky Amish Mafia guys are really getting brazen these days! ๐Ÿ˜‰
breaking amish. breaking amish: LA. breaking amish: brooklyn. amish in the city. amish mafia. return to amish. amish: out of order. amish renogades
Strangely wish that Amish mafia was on netflix..
Those Amish Mafia thugs are back at their shenanigans, this time, using a kid to deliver death as a wedding present!
We visit Pennsylvania for a few days and my parents start watching "Amish Mafia."
"have you ever seen 16 and married? . oh, nevermind. that's called Amish mafia."
The Amish mafia just pulled up on a snazzy *** coach bus...they probably got that loud
That was a spooky return to the lair. Looked like a Mafia funeral with an unwitting Amish girl closing the gate.
and having a guy from 30 minutes away starring on Amish Mafia
everyone from outside of pa thinks you live with the Amish and they're in the Mafia
omg do u know the Amish Mafia in Lan-caster?. Me:*face palms bc its not lan-caster &ppl think the Amish have mafias"
People asking if the Amish Mafia is real
Outsiders assume you are scared of the Amish Mafia.
should really put episodes of Amish Mafia.
Hey I use to watch the Amish mafia ..They throw down lol
They must have got carried away from watching the Amish Mafia on reality tv
Remember when Amish Mafia was a thing
What the Amish Mafia doing at my work they better make me some apple pie
I've been abducted by the amish mafia
About to go thru Lebanon/Lancaster I wonder where the Amish mafia is?
Happy birthday to the leader of the Amish Mafia, QB1, Steven, ChefBoy, and most importantly; Dad.
you're both wrong, it was the Amish mafia
The fact that I have a 33 day snap streak with dude from Amish mafia on tv. ๐Ÿ˜
Who wants to Start up an Amish mafia with me
Does it ever bother you that Amish Mafia is a real TV show?
My mom visited a jail and saw the guy from Amish mafia lmao
haven't you seen Amish Mafia on Discovery Channel?
I hope the Amish mafia steals your phone
I've also made the decision to join the Amish Mafia
I bought a shirt strictly because it says Amish country and I'm part of the Amish mafia
They find out what Jedidiah and the Amish Mafia did to Mrs. Yoder's Daughter.
AMISH MAFIA Esther Schmucker&ex Imir Williams wanted for assault โ€“ again
I didn't speak to these *** Same co that makes Amish Mafia so *** They still made show w/o my commentary. I win!!!
The entire Amish Mafia is at the airport
My friend lives where they film Amish mafia and she said it's actually fake. :(
I last shot one in Pennsylvania. Gotsta protect yourself against the Amish Mafia.
Nick Bonino looks straight out of the Amish Mafia
Just saw an all blacked out escalade pull into and Amish house 10+ buggies. Amish mafia?
All purpose parts banner
I live 5 minutes away from the guy who is apparently head of the "Amish Mafia" lolol
Esther from Amish Mafia is getting her own spin off show.
This cop doesn't want to mess with the Amish Mafia lol
We can't jump to conclusions, this could be the work of the Amish mafia.
I wondered if you were the same Jeff Hamilton in my Amish Mafia! Long story... Tell the rest of the gang I said hi!
Happy birthday ! I hope that the Amish mafia doesn't cut your beard off tonight!
You can collect cows farts in bags and light it up, then BOOM CHUNG POW RAKAKAKA. Thanks Amish Mafia. .
Why are we watching the Amish Mafia ?
lmao this stream chat is wild "Everyone knows that Pennsylvania is just Amish Mafia" "remember when Giroux grabbed that male cops *** " yes.
i like you on the tv show Amish mafia
Peyton: is that the Amish mafia? . Meredith: no . Peyton: oh I want to joint but I don't know who to talk to about that
my parents just told me they hung out with Lebanon Levi from Amish Mafia last Saturday night "he was alright, he said I looked young"-my mom
16. Ekmark was rumored to be a member of the Amish mafia. He has not denied this "rumor".
crips and bloods are the same as Irish Mafia, Italian Mafia, Amish Mafia etc
Amish fact of the day Amish Paradise by weird AL was filmed where the tv show Amish Mafia was filmed!!
ok thank you, what does it mean and my question on Lebanon Levi from Amish Mafia still stands.
hey while I've got you here, who is Eamus Catuli? Also, did Lebanon Levi from Amish Mafia make a town?
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