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Amish Mafia

Amish Mafia is an American reality television series on the Discovery Channel. The series debuted on December 12, 2012.

Tristan Thompson Lebanon Levi Breaking Amish Discovery Channel

I've also made the decision to join the Amish Mafia
I bought a shirt strictly because it says Amish country and I'm part of the Amish mafia
They find out what Jedidiah and the Amish Mafia did to Mrs. Yoder's Daughter.
AMISH MAFIA Esther Schmucker&ex Imir Williams wanted for assault – again
I didn't speak to these *** Same co that makes Amish Mafia so *** They still made show w/o my commentary. I win!!!
The entire Amish Mafia is at the airport
My friend lives where they film Amish mafia and she said it's actually fake. :(
I last shot one in Pennsylvania. Gotsta protect yourself against the Amish Mafia.
Nick Bonino looks straight out of the Amish Mafia
Just saw an all blacked out escalade pull into and Amish house 10+ buggies. Amish mafia?
I live 5 minutes away from the guy who is apparently head of the "Amish Mafia" lolol
Esther from Amish Mafia is getting her own spin off show.
This cop doesn't want to mess with the Amish Mafia lol
We can't jump to conclusions, this could be the work of the Amish mafia.
I wondered if you were the same Jeff Hamilton in my Amish Mafia! Long story... Tell the rest of the gang I said hi!
Happy birthday ! I hope that the Amish mafia doesn't cut your beard off tonight!
You can collect cows farts in bags and light it up, then BOOM CHUNG POW RAKAKAKA. Thanks Amish Mafia. .
Why are we watching the Amish Mafia ?
lmao this stream chat is wild "Everyone knows that Pennsylvania is just Amish Mafia" "remember when Giroux grabbed that male cops *** " yes.
i like you on the tv show Amish mafia
Peyton: is that the Amish mafia? . Meredith: no . Peyton: oh I want to joint but I don't know who to talk to about that
my parents just told me they hung out with Lebanon Levi from Amish Mafia last Saturday night "he was alright, he said I looked young"-my mom
16. Ekmark was rumored to be a member of the Amish mafia. He has not denied this "rumor".
crips and bloods are the same as Irish Mafia, Italian Mafia, Amish Mafia etc
Amish fact of the day Amish Paradise by weird AL was filmed where the tv show Amish Mafia was filmed!!
ok thank you, what does it mean and my question on Lebanon Levi from Amish Mafia still stands.
hey while I've got you here, who is Eamus Catuli? Also, did Lebanon Levi from Amish Mafia make a town?
Whilst at a party someone told me Breaking Amish and Amish Mafia are staged. This is why socializing is scary! Let me just believe!!
Reporting that "White" shooter named Farook Syed ... so Democrats are frantically searching Amish Mafia & Southern Baptists.
the stables, Amish mafia is better and bader than some think
I have doubts about the authenticity of the events in the hard hitting documentary TV series, Amish Mafia. featured in NBC s Science of Love
so does that mean you will Benin the next episode of Amish Mafia?
My mom didn't believe me that I almost got jumped into the Amish mafia in the bathroom at Walmart...
never have to wear the Amish mafia dresses either πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
I'm currently seeing a guy named Oscar who believes Amish Mafia is real. I should have a TON of jokes for this!
I'm trying to get onto next seasons Amish Mafia
don't give in until you look like you're in the Amish mafia
Just added Sunday show (tomorrow) @ Bill and Babes Tavern in Winamac, IN A town long run by the Amish mafia...
The Amish Mafia is right behind him
How do I join the UC Amish Mafia team
and you people thought the Amish Mafia was fiction !
you're all wrong. We all know the Amish are the most dangerous. I've seen Amish Mafia...
I'm applying for the Amish mafia and I needed a photo for my application
Funniest part is you didn't miss by much. Ever seen Amish Mafia tv show?
Didn't figure it was the Amish Mafia.
I'm watching this amish mafia show lmao she's so fat her name is Mary I cannot like her whole neck is chin
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Miguel said his mormon friend who attends BYU has contact with the head of the Amish Mafia and he lets them watch tv... ***
The third one looks like the black Amish guy on Amish Mafia
Future's Amish mafia top hat. Pure swagger.
The Amish mafia duramax was at the lodge last night
it was fake tho don't worry guys. Nothing but love in the Amish mafia
but what about the Amish mafia they get pretty rowdy
due to my non Amish ways I was run outta town by Amish mafia
i guess you haven't seen Amish Mafia on the Discovery Channel i think ! lol
why is dressed up? Is he trying out to be on the next episode of Amish Mafia?
I'm gonna drop out of school and join the amish mafia
Congrats! I hope you don't run into the Amish Mafia guys though.
Well since it's October and that means Halloween soon to when we joined the Amish mafia last…
The cast of Amish mafia is in applebees right now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'll join the Amish mafia and be on that tv show and call it a life
Mr.Hawkings student teacher look like he just got out of the Amish mafia.
Tanos chicken tenders are made from Amish free range chickens. (Not Amish Mafia chickens)
are those the dudes that ran security for the dude in Amish Mafia?
I want to take my Mom to trick or treat in Amish country. Need to know what to tip the Amish mafia give prize to
they too afraid of the Amish mafia coming and smashing up their milk
Found a new "reality show" to watch:. Amish Mafia. All I can say is; they chose the wrong group to follow and… β€”
Sorry, too scared of the Amish Mafia.
I think the biggest danger facing America today is the Amish. Especially the Amish Mafia. Terrorism using horses.
Perhaps the Pennsylvania Governor who took on those thugs on "Amish Mafia" television show...
Saw Amish mafia and now captain jack πŸ˜‚πŸŒšπŸŒš
Either a programme about bridges or the Amish mafia
Can someone please tell Andrew Luck that he looks like he just got beat up by the Amish Mafia at every press conference?
Can't decide what to watch between amish mafia and repeats of bullseye...
David Butt just told me he was in the Amish mafia
Pretty sure I'm gonna have the Amish mafia after me πŸš—πŸ’₯
he looks like the guy from Amish Mafia.
Goodfellas and Casino were based off of the FBI files of the crime-ridden underworld of the Amish Mafia
The Amish mafia is run by Santa Claus
Amish Mafia stopped production after 3 members of the film crew were churned into butter for revealing mob secrets.
The Amish mafia is as big as the yakuza
retrieve my 7 chapters or I'm telling all 15 of my followers to create a Amish Mafia
yup can't do that. And I gotta have my bright red sports car. I could be Amish and go into the mafia. You wanna go with me?
Amish Mafia Quaker Man is having an MRE for supper. By choice. . I'm having leftover goulash that my…
I wonder when there going to make a new season of Amish mafia
I've seen a Midget Amish, Mafia soldier.. Now I KNOW I'm close to seeing it all!
Watching a show about the Amish mafia. . mafia. Amish. Nah
Please spread word of the Amish mafia to increase our brother and sisterhood of devoted saints.
Love. Death. Fresh baked cinnamon rolls. The Amish Mafia battle neo-Nazis, but they can't stop true love.
Empire is a faker show than Amish mafia yet no one cares I wonder why ..
Is that like some weird PA Amish mafia?
doesn't want to be churned to death by the Amish mafia.
Just met 5 guys from the amish mafia lmao
ALSO have you tried Amish Mafia?!?! sorry... this had turned into a reality tv thread...
does this mean he's in the Amish mafia
lol I just realized we go all the way back to Amish Mafia I think it was..
I think a Christian version of Girls Gone Wild, set in Idaho, would be kinda fun. Like the Amish Mafia show.
So Amish Mafia is a program. I am watching it now. I am also very confused by so many things on it.
Watching a programme on the Amish Mafia. Not quite sure how that happened.
I liked a video from AMISH MAFIA NERF WAR I'M READY
I liked a video from AMISH MAFIA PRANK CALL FAIL
I liked a video from Fake amish mafia threatens me again
Giving up on life and joining the Amish mafia.
I wonder if the Chrisley family have watched Amish Mafia. It is a scary show. Also, it is a true story.
I didn't know the Amish Mafia had this big an impact on the U.S economy to be even worth discussing.
Fresh Amish Food!! Looking for Levi and the Amish Mafia (@ Shady Maple Smorgasbord in East Earl, PA)
or actually it's because you joined the Amish mafia
The Amish Mafia was my show. Does that even still come on?
he just doesn't understand the Amish mafia life does he sam?πŸ˜‚
TLC literally only airs shows about wedding dresses, dwarfism, and the amish mafia.
the Amish mafia already kicked me out, I can't date any of them again
Just saw an Amish man get in a Mercedes. Must be part of the Amish Mafia.
In Lancaster, maybe I'll see the Amish mafia. Fingers crossed!
"I am Jebidiah, or Big Jeb, and I am here for the Amish Mafia casting call."
Amish mafia looks so good this year
cavs are first nba team to go on Amish Mafia
looks like a scene from Amish Mafia! 😩😭
Why is LaBron James having Tristan Thompson is son dressing like he's in the Amish Mafia .
actually Tristan looks like a character on the Amish mafia show
Okay Tristan Thompson looking like a cast member from Amish mafia
LeBron James & Tristan Thompson have joined the Amish Mafia.
Amish mafia? "LeBron: . ... We had so many opportunities to win this game and we didn't."
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Tristan Thompson post game looks like he's on Amish Mafia lol
Tristan Thompson has gotta be on next weeks episode of Amish Mafia thats the only reason he can be wearing that hat
Tristan Thompson looks like an extra from Amish Mafia.
People prob think there's a real Amish Mafia that needs FBI attention, which is why I need off this planet.
AND Amish mafia. I could feel the betrayal through the phone
No, I do not find the Amish Mafia amusing or entertaining.
"I've dispensed with the wasteful and inept Secret Service and gotten some ex-Amish Mafia to watch my back"
The Amish mafia just invaded McDonalds on blankenbaker
Moon Michelle Islands is gonna get killed by the Amish Mafia
I've never watched the Duggers or Honey BooBoo...I'm saving those brain cells to be killed watching Amish Mafia
Amish Mafia came out 3 years ago and is still going strong yet people are more concerned about stopping ISIS
Moritz believes the Amish are also members of the Mafia and that they have sex with animals
For those just tuning in. Drew and Jeff from The Amish Mafia have been recording podcasts every other week to...
have you tried applying for the Amish Mafia or Breaking Amish video crews?
shoddy. hating psych, arrested development AND Amish Mafia is sacrilegious. 2:00 is my least favorite time of day cause of you
I still watch it though. Amish mafia cracks me up.
Our Special Guest is none other than the Discovery Channel's of the 'AMISH MAFIA' and he's chosen the 'Melon' Carnival
The TV show is called Amish Mafia. It is, somehow, a reality show:
he's obvi a member of the Amish mafia
bite your tongue. He looks like he's in the Amish mafia
I'm "connected" in the Amish mafia if anyone needs help extorting churned butter money from a reluctant milk maiden or …
Does anyone know where the stars of Amish mafia r today.what happened to Levi and join?
I feel like I need to binge watch Amish Mafia when school is over
Return to Amish isn't as good as Amish Mafia, hands down.
Jeesh! That does sound like the Amish Mafia.
I actually wanted to part of the Amish mafia
I can be part of Amish Mafia tho..ctfu
I think john from Amish mafia is eating at this restaurant with a couple of "English" ***
Amish Mafia is slaying me right now πŸ˜‚
and that's how Amish Mafia becomes a show ;)
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Dalby looks like he would fit in well on the set of Amish Mafia.
I'm sending my first born son to the amish mafia
Reality TV: Just saw commercial for a show. What's next a show about an Amish Mafia? Who thinks of these things?
I suppose it could be 19 Bruce Jenner dwarves living in swamps, crabbing and lumbering as Amish mafia try to marry them
Yelawolf really gives off the vibe that he's in the Amish mafia or something.
Mafia with guests. The sheds light on the and She is a woman, so proud of her
Well Bachelor Chris and Witney broke up.I guess she actually didn't want to join the Amish mafia 😒
I liked a video from Amish mafia is fake and being threatened by the amish
I preferred Amish Mafia. Vetting was better. People are endlessly fascinated with subcultures, freaks, and foibles.
you're part of the Amish mafia aren't you
"You've been calling me Amish mafia all day!" -Mr. Verb
me and will lead you into the Amish mafia
Omg I waited forever for the Amish mafia to be on dr. phil 😍😍
So Amish Mafia is apparently a thing
Just found out my teacher is part of the Amish Mafia
Another pic from the weekend. My new nickname is Amish Mafia. I think this might have to be my new…
Sarah is star struck in the parking lot of Wegmans because we just passed Levi from Amish Mafia. πŸ˜±πŸ’πŸ½πŸ˜‚
Amish mafia has just traded and got austin graves
'Amish Mafia' cast member Mary Troyer(Mean Mary) speaks out on sexual abuse and being shunned
Watching a programme about the Amish Mafia what the actual flip
Decided I want to join the Amish mafia, the seem to keep it real
Why isn't Silicon Valley treated as Reality TV like Amish Mafia & Moonshiners?
I leave autumn for three days and she starts reading books about Amish mafia. Can't wait to be reunited πŸ’•
Amish mafia is the *** Wayne is a Badass no wonder Jolin called him a Turd Crazier than a Fox in a Chicken Coop
I know I'm taking a break from social media but the cast of Amish Mafia is on Dr.Phil.
I really miss you and have been re watching the final season of Amish mafia because I miss your face!
I found the Amish mafia here in Pennsylvania!!
All my friends are either Amish or Amish mafia
So now is on style to wear the pilgrims hat style, every one is rocking them, looking like the Amish mafia lol,...
saw a van full of Amish people broke down, either they took their goats with them, or its the work of the amish mafia. Probably amish mafia
So, my friend an I are joining the Amish mafia... does anybody else want to join in
Care to analyze the Amish lifestyle based on Amish Mafia?
Visiting Lancaster PA. So far many cows and no Amish mafia
Grandmother: "I saw something online where there were the Amish being chased by zombies.". Grandfather: "You mean the mafia?"
Just arrived in Lancaster, hopefully I don't get in an Amish Mafia turf war
but the Amish people can have a mafia β˜•οΈπŸΈ
mine too this is from the channel that brings us Honey Boo Boo or Amish Mafia let's talk hypocrisy SHAME ON TLC
the Amish Mafia don't seem very godly
There's something on TV called the Amish mafia
Dena from Amish Mafia was on Dr. Phil speaking at length about sexual abuse against women & children in that community w/o law enforcement
. I still can't get a follow from Mike? . Was it because of that Amish Mafia joke?
The Amish are installing our cabinets, so when I wake up tomorrow, my house will be like the Amish mafia 😳
Back at it again with the Amish mafia crew!!
We really let Amish mafia flourish on TV tho
can Julia shut up I just did not need to picture harry in the Amish mafia
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
WhyRu'z inciting animositymafia should be ashamed as a t.v. Network or should have said it's not real u'z should b prosecuted
Clearly you haven't watched that Amish mafia show. Full disclosure, neither have I. Ah, *** they ARE adorable! ☺
today we learned that Maria's family will be the next Amish Mafia and that she can't spell
hey Laura met someone from PA and they said Lanc is where the Amish mafia is
I dont watch Amish Mafia so I don't know really much a/b it. My mom loves it though! I am obsessed w/ the Mafia esp. the Italian.
Amish mafia? When's that back on? What do u think of Levi? I think it is a love take thing. He Loves them but money too. ??
you looked like you were a cast member of the show Amish Mafia
Amish mafia not the same without I think she needs a spinoff.
Amish mafia so lame without you and Jolin!!! Hope you two are hiding out together!!!
they're Amish mafia or Breaking Amish
is there really a show called Amish mafia? Is this real life?
I've just been watching the Amish Mafia and I feel like Rick would fit in perfectly.
Lmfao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ there's a programme on called Amish Mafia
Hibs game or amish mafia on discovery? Fkn amish mafiosa aw day long πŸ‘Œ n if yer answer was the fitba then shame on ye πŸ‘Ž
Amish Mafia rigging the buggie races! --
domain names
Kinda...I watched an episode of Amish Mafia and needed subtitles.
Today's the day! Amish Mafia star Levi Stoltzfus will be signing copies of his new book at 6pm! Who's coming?!
Amish Mafia is not in Lancaster PA, according to the presenter.
This Amish Mafia show is pure crap.
have u ever seen that show Amish mafia, I saw on there that theres town called intercourse PA, Blue Ball,PA, &virginville πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Joining the Amish mafia would be kinda active πŸ’―πŸš¨
I don't understand y maritime officials aren't notified. Jst like Amish Mafia, y are they allowed to blow up and burn stuff.
Right now several people are reading "Is TV's Amish Mafia True?"
Watching the Amish Mafia... These people are special but not on a good way.
It's 1000 times more likely you will be injured by an Amish mafia member than being injured by a Tsunami in Pennsylvania
We have found possibly the greatest show ever. Amish Mafia. Tearing down chicken coupes to teach each other lessons
Autographed amish mafia buggy by alan beiler - Full read by eBay
I should go to bed because MCAS in the morning, but this Amish Mafia episode of Dr. Phil is just too good.
Just joined the Amish Mafia. I'll be sleeping with the fishes...and the horses...and the donkeys and the cows--we all get along really well.
'Amish Mafia', why has this programme never made it to prime time
Amish Mafia is probably the weirdest programme I've seen... And I've seen some weird programmes
Actually really afraid on the Amish mafia you need to be educated for your safety
Watching the amish mafia, wow life is at a real high right now!! πŸ‘Œ
Class starts in five minutes and I'm here watchin Amish Mafia with no intentions of gettin up 😐
Submissive wives guide to marriage pisses me off just as much as Amish mafia does. But I can't stop watching.
My guilty pleasure is the amish mafia
To be famous on you need to be either a dwarf, weigh 600 lbs., have more than 12 kids/wives, or be in the Amish Mafia.
.the appropriation of the Amish mafia fandom is a sin
Watching Dr. Phil and he has the Amish Mafia guy, another Amish guy and a shunned Amish woman, in there. If...
Good seeing our dear friend Levi. aKA: Lebanon Levi from Amish Mafia.
Always wondered that on shows like 'Hillbilly Blood' & 'Amish Mafia.' Faux Reality. (BTW we got a new copy of β™₯)
show what Dr. Phil you are the man I'm going to mess Amish Mafia only because of you bud
Not enough people are talking about the Amish Mafia/Dr. Phil mash-up. This was a high-point in low culture.
Come out to Richland today and meet Lebanon Levi from Discovery Channel's Amish Mafia...we are at the Richland...
"Sometimes I get so mad I scream Amish mafia" - Avery Eckley
I still am waiting for if Amish mafia is on Hulu
Wait, it gets better...he just asked me for a big favor: to check if Amish mafia is on Hulu.
I'm calling out the Amish Mafia on Duffy.
A reality TV figure has purchased property in
ok- i have officially heard it all- i dont watch the Amish mafia? shows- but this commercial just popped on and i...
I can't take this Amish mafia people serious.
is that hat from the Amish Mafia collection?
Peedi trippen lolRT Why Peedi dressed like he in Amish Mafia?
Nerf guns don't kill people, the Amish Mafia does.
Well I guess Amish Mafia is more realistic than Breaking Amish...
Kimmel just walked off the set of Amish Mafia to rock with PacMan
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