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Amish Mafia

Amish Mafia is an American reality television series on the Discovery Channel. The series debuted on December 12, 2012.

Discovery Channel Lebanon Levi

Had no idea Amish Mafia was still on tv
Watch him here before the final season begins >>
return is approaching. Catch up with full episodes to prepare >>
“Yes I'm part of the Amish mafia SO CUTE AHHH
protects your Amish Mafia and the Amish proper are protected by scripture!
“Wonder what kind of nutcase watches Amish mafia”my dad
Wonder what kind of nutcase watches Amish mafia
If they can send the Amish Mafia to buy a cabin via Railroad Alaska, I think that would be the Discovery Channel Singularity.
Can't wait for the new season of Amish Mafia
There is an Amish mafia, just let that sink in
Funniest shows have to be Amish mafia and beyond scared straight 😂
When I grow up, I want to run the Amish Mafia
There's a show called Amish mafia?!? And it's in its final season?!? My brain is melting right now. What happened to Discovery Channel?
Apparently there is such thing as an Amish Mafia
Caleb from Amish Mafia followed me on Instagram 😂
Im done with that dude its pathetic that he thinks he is someone. Ur fake dude, criminal record and all.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Amish mafia is an example of what's wrong with our society 😹
Im watching Amish Mafia. Gosh, im so into this show.
If you think the actors on Amish mafia are actually about u r dumb. You can't even take pictures of Amish people.
One of these days the bad guy should be the Amish Mafia.
are you exempt from the Amish Mafia 😂😂
there's a tv show called Amish Mafia. Amish on tv? You know I thought they shunned fancy things like electricity
join the Amish mafia then you can get featured on TV
Extreamly disapointed to hear that there is only one more season left for Amish mafia
I just found out that Amish Mafia is still on aannndd now I’m sucked back in…
Amish Mafia is about as fake as Bill Self's 'hair'
be careful, I saw that Amish Mafia show.
everytime a new season of amish mafia is on, i see faces of people on the newspaper saying they got jumped. You made yourself a target. Sad.
No such thing as Amish Mafia for those that watch the show..
Amish Mafia coming back on 😂😂 Can't wait to see the stupidity of this season 😅
you guys have the Amish Mafia, it's an unfair advantage
i can't believe there's an actual show called "Amish Mafia"
You might want to brush up on your before the last season airs.
'Amish Mafia' Season Will Be the Last: Discovery Channel's reality series Amish Mafia, which has come under at...
Living in the Midwest is dangerous! Turns out Amish Mafia isn't a fairytale. The Amish Mafia sells milk and eggs right down the road from me
I'm in Lancaster, now where's Lebanon Levi and the Amish Mafia?
Lancaster City Council approved a resolution backing the medical use of marijuana. I guess this proves the existence of the Amish Mafia
can we assume most white people are watching Amish mafia or think they left their x box on?
Action Bronson was on Amish Mafia at some point in his life, right?
Yesterday, thought being in the Mob/Mafia meant you were Amish. Sad part, so did
Narrator: "There is an Amish Mafia". Tv Screen: Four white guys with guys. Me: You mean four people .
The sad devolution of Discovery Channel via I knew Amish Mafia had to be made up
Sunrise and hot air balloon this am. I wonder of I'll see the Amish mafia today lmao
im so disappointed in Wilfred now im just gonna start watching Amish mafia
When The Amish Mafia aired I thought,. "OMG and they'll never get caught, who in the Amish community would be watching?"
he looks like one of those escaped Amish kids from that tv show Amish mafia
My favorite shows consist of only the highest in intelligence: Bar rescue, cops and Amish mafia.
Why James Harden look like he straight outta the Black Amish Mafia ?
Put a hit on me with the Amish mafia.
Pa. pols: End 'Amish Mafia'; join similar efforts by religious, and ... - Elected officials, from...
Didn't know about this re Amish Mafia program on Discovery.
I'm thinking about Trying out for AMISH Mafia!!
idk I am too I mean have you seen Amish mafia
Archon goal is one big war based on religion
. Archons hate unity and ppl getting along.
. Archons r trying to get all the religions to fight
Yup I have done nothing today I set out today, instead I am snug with Don watching Amish Mafia, and that is fine...
You will never kill the Amish mafia.
That's like saying watch Amish Mafia and get informed.
"Amish Mafia" - a bigoted portrayal of Amish, Pennsylvania official demand an end to show.
Prosecutor: Couple sexually abused 2 Amish sisters // Amish mafia? Where are you?
Aug 16 - the horrible tv show "amish mafia" might finally be cancelled: ...shoot scenes for the series Local f...
and chess metaphors keep going through my head as the Amish Mafia did too and you
1984 agreement between Venmo Lucas and Pennsylvania sets tone for 'Amish Mafia ...
LOL if theres an amish mafia then there has to be amish prostitutes and amish drug dealers right?
We have the Amish mafia on the train tonight
the Amish believe in the 'old way' of doing things, following God and polygamy just to name a few. Their Mafia are thugs.
So the Amish Mafia provide protection? *smh* how unoriginal
Ok, apparently the Amish Mafia doesn't exist :/
1984 agreement between Amish and Pa. sets tone for 'Amish Mafia' debate
stop watching Amish Mafia and visit Central Pennsylvania. Our Amish are real! :-P
Amish Mafia's Lebanon Levi and two henchmen headed to Clipper Magazine ... - Amish Mafia's Lebanon Levi and two...
Driving out to Lancaster today to begin my teaching assistantship in the Center for Talented Youth program! Keep a look out on the Discovery Channel, I may be on an episode of Amish Mafia!
I love all the Amish shows. Breaking Amish, Amish Mafia. Etc..
Hey Guys :) I'm Manda and I'm one of the admins to this Group! I love all things paranormal, gory, creepy, etc...etc. Some of my fave movies are: I spit On Your Grave (Remake), The Crow, The Saw series and Silent Hill. Also I am a HUGE TRUE BLOOD sad that their last season will be this year.also I am obsessed with anything having to do with Faeries. I'm 32 and I'm from Lancaster Pennsylvania. No I am not Amish nor do I know the Amish Mafia (Psst.none exists) I would love to hear any suggestions you guys and gals would like to see on here!!! I will do my best to keep you guys happy and content :) So HI EVERYBODY!
Hey everyone! I knew I wanted to go to Laurier for awhile now but I finally went and accepted it today! I'm really excited to meet everyone and make new frieds! Please add me and comment, I wanna try to meet people before I get there! Name: James, but I prefer Jaime because I always got odd looks for the name! Age: 18, born in February Hometown: Port Perry (2 hours from Laurier) High school: Port Perry High School Intended major: Concurrent Education Favourite music: I like Beyonce, Gorillaz, a lot of rap, Fall out Boy, City and Colour, Janelle Monae, Sixx A.M. Lana Del Ray, basically everything I'll listen to! Favourite movies: Anything horror! Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, 21 Jump Street, The Lorax, anything Disney, I'm really into documentaries. I watch more TV honestly! Favourite TV Shows: Criminal Minds, Game of Thrones, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, anything reality (Master Chef, *** s Kitchen, Amish Mafia, Ink Master) American Horror Story, The Office, Bob's Burgers anything honestly! Do you play sports: V ...
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