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Amir Khan

Amir Iqbal Khan (born 8 December 1986), is a British professional boxer. He is a former two-time world champion and former unified WBA (Super) and IBF Light Welterweight champion.

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Remember the time when Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed branded Amir Khan an "ignorant deviant" a decade ago?
Looks like Jackie McNamara and Amir Khan had a kid
I have just downloaded the app and voted Amir Khan for the next trial. ***
Anthony Joshua responds to accusations of him sleeping w/ Amir Khan's wife
'Presence of some of the Greats' oh C'mon Stan 😄😄😄😄 slight exaggeration there bud. Amir Khan isn't Muhammad Ali and…
How we all felt over Amir Khan absolutely smashing his bushtucker trial tonight. Outstanding job 🎉🎊🎉🎊
Admit it, you never thought you would be cheering on Amir Khan tonight. Why would anyone want someone to fail anyway?
Amir Khan ‘Come back from losses stronger’ just like when he lost to Peterson then got KO’d by Danny Garcia... 🤔🤔🤔
As if Abbey thought Amir Khan was Muhammad Ali my god this girl lives under a rock
Richard Madeley has nerves of steel in trial Amir Khan wimps out of Richard you…
You know the next person to fight Amir Khan now it’s going to walk into the ring like Jake the Snake 🐍
Amir Khan leaving & telling the boys what really happened in the Bushtucker trial
Amir Khan is going to come back and tell Dennis Wise they’re only having rice and beans to eat because he failed the chall…
I hope Kell Brook carries a python in a sack for his ringwalk à la Jake 'The Snake' Roberts when he eventually fights Amir Khan.
Would definitely love to see Amir Khan be involved in a cross codes fight and take on Jake the Snake Roberts at next years wrestlemania
If I was Amir Khan's next opponent I would come in to the ring like Jake the Snake Roberts from WWF
Come on, your name's Amir Khan not Amir Khan't! 🐍 🐍 🐍. and take on Critter-Cal Rescue in tonight's
A few years ago, Amir Khan was saying he deserved to be fighting on the biggest stage, now he's famous for wanking on Skyp…
Who are your 3? Mine are Amir Khan, Stanley Johnson & Shappi Khorsandi. 😬
mad when Amir Khan does his first trial and it’s the boxing wall from total wipeout
Boris Johnsons old man will 100% be kicked off in a weeks time for racist comments at Amir Khan or trying to shag that To…
"Hi, I'm Amir Khan, a former Olympic boxing champion.". He won silver at the Athens games in 2004. 🙄
Dennis Wise & Amir Khan gonna stick out like a sore thumb with the rest of these lot. Never heard of half of them.
Amir Khan admits he made mistakes with Faryal Makhdoom
It’s a good thing that Chandra Taal is a little hard to reach.. or Amir Khan chose Pangong Lake instead of this lak…
Amir Khan regrets feuding with wife Faryal Makhdoom and publicly accusing her of cheating on him with Anthony Joshu…
Amir Khan's wife has revealed ALL on latest pregnancy
New post (Amir Khan wife pregnant: Faryal Makhdoom baby details) has been published on urbannews -…
A complete timeline of Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom's love-hate relationship
The REAL reason Amir Khan is going into
Faryal Makhdoom goes make-up free in Instagram clip after reuniting with husband Amir Khan
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Amir Khan to spill marriage details in jungle?
Dennis Wise is a rank outsider for Amir Khan is 10/1 to tkae the crown:
Good to see Amir Khan taking his boxing career seriously by going I'm A Celeb! . What a waste of talent he's been.
I wish Amir Khan would just concentrate on doing what he does best and that's be a world class fighter. Too much messi…
Ffs whats amir khan doing... some joke ting ... man said he got a fight coming up ffs
I recognise four of them but, aside from Amir Khan, I’d hardly call them ‘celebs’!
Amir Khan promoting young talent again!!.
Amir Khan getting his farewell to the jungle 🤣
Amir Khan is following Nigel Benn, Chris Eubank, David Haye into the jungle... ...this the worst route to go,. Don't…
Proper excited for the unlikely bromance of Boris's dad, Amir Khan and Dennis Wise
The full I'm a Celebrity line-up has just been revealed, and there are a few actual surprises
Thoughts on Amir Khan going into the Jungle??
AMIR A CELEBRITY? GET HIM OUT OF HERE! has joked that is taking drastic measures to avoid…
If your last name is Khan and you name ur son amir just why. Why. May as well call him John Smith.
Like Amir Khan didn't embarrass himself enough this year that he decided to go on I'm a celeb
Make Amir Khan do the skydive without a Parachute. Cheers
Nice to see Amir Khan on I’m a celeb , clearly the boxing careers over
I've only ever heard of Amir Khan, who are the rest?
I have no idea who half of these people are... but I cannot wait! Amir Khan is going to be hilarious.
Kell Brook “I will be voting for Amir Khan to eat kangaroo *** .
ICYMI: The line-up for this year's has been announced:
Well apart from Dennis Wise, Amir Khan and Fizz from Coronation Street I have no clue who the people are.…
Amir Khan would literally rather eat a kangaroos *** and have snakes burrow into his *** eye than fight again. Get in the sea you fraud.
Wow I don’t know who half these people are. (Names on the screen may have helped). Sw3 lady I assume…
It’s official: Boxer Amir Khan to be part of I’m a Celebrity
The jungle is for retired boxers who are going through bad times and crave attention... . Amir Khan now hit rock bot…
First pictures of the I'm A Celebrity 2017 stars in their jungle gear as Amir Khan and Rebekah Vardy head into camp…
Pictured: Amir Khan reveals jungle attire, admits phobia of spiders, snakes and heights
Amir khan in there while AJ snakes his mrs
Watch ITV bend over backwards to accommodate Muslim Amir Khan's "faith". Despite the fact he's apparently a boozing… featured in NBC s Science of Love
🐍 Amir Khan is ready for I wouldn't be so confident mate...
What has been shown in Amir Khan film PK? Is it not offensive for Hindus? Has he courag…
spin bowler Rashid khan break the stump of munaweera in
I&A Celebrity 2017: Full line up pictured for the first time together as Jennie McAlpine, Jamie Lomas and Am…
Rest In Peace to one of the greatest cut men in the history of Boxing . Rafael Garcia worked the corner of legends like…
Amir Khan says take generic drugs. Big B says branded are best. . Bollywood should resolve this fast. . My patients are co…
ANP's provincial president Amir Haider Khan is addressing the public gathering in Krak district. 12/11/2017
Who we wanted Amir Khan to compete against in 2017: Kell Brook, Danny Garcia, Keith Thurman. Who Amir Khan will compete agai…
Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom are back together and that's it, we can't keep up
Amir Khan takes £1.6million mansion OFF the market after getting BACK with wife Fayral
It is proved Bollywood is not part of nation . Just a business Hub. Amir Khan now . No res…
I recently read The Kite Runner by One question that bugs me is why did Amir’s father, for such a…
Amir Khan tipped for first round 'I'm A Celebrity' KO
My starting lineup:. Pete Wheeler(greatest lead off hitter of all time). Amir Khan. Pablo "the Goat" Sa…
Amir Khan stuck in the jungle thousands of miles away only means one thing for Fayal
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Amir Khan is back with pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom weeks after accusing her of cheating…
Don't be surprised if Amir Khan signs with Frank Warren in the near future 👀. Also, some rumblings that Tyson will…
▶Amir Khan brands mum-of-two 'sick' for revealing nude pic requests
Faryal Makhdoom Khan hints she's back with Boxer Amir Khan. 🤔
Faryal Makhdoom hints she has reconciled with Amir Khan after sharing cute family photo .
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom hints at reconciliation with Amir Khan via
Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom congratulated by fans as they reunite for family snap
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom does bridal shoot weeks after bitter split from Amir Khan
'Soul mate': Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan spark rumours after posting family picture | Daily Star. Shared from
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom teases reunion with Amir Khan with family photo on Instagram -
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom drops a huge hint she’s back with Amir Khan
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom reunites with Amir Khan for cute family photo via
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom hints she's back with Amir Khan in happy family Instagram snap
Faryal Makhdoom reunites with Amir Khan and their daughter in family photo: ‘We’re doing…
‘So happy’ Fans go wild as Faryal Makhdoom posts family picture with Amir Khan
Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan headed towards a reconciliation?
Amir Khan got Karishma pregnant in Raja Hindustani by merely smooching her. I almost swollowed a condom while trying to put it…
Pauli, why do you go on like your this great boxer? You got beat up by sam eggington and Amir Khan??
Why is Amir Khan calling out a retired boxer in Floyd Mayweather? You’ve not fought in a year pal. That puts you back in the chasing pack.
‘People are angry, they want answers’ in Grenfell Tower tragedy - Boxer Amir Khan to … ➜…
No I’m talking about the Boxer Amir Khan not the actor Amir Khan!
Amir Khan is an excellent boxer but consistently makes himself look stupid with comments like the Mayweather one 😂😂😂 Come on Mate 😫😫😫
British Boxer Amir Khan has promised to give unbeaten Floyd Mayweather a tough time if…
Amir Khan is delusional. Great boxer great speed but beating Mayweather? Don’t think so.
Boxing Update: Floyd Mayweather doesn't need this fraud masquerading as a Boxer Amir Khan so be weary of those boxing pimps out there.
Amir Khan is a good boxer ,but he aint close of beating Floyd Mayweather
Amir Khan probably most talented boxer ever but got the chin of a 7 year old
Amir Khan is a mad talented boxer. He has just been let down by decisions he made to wait for a big pay day against Pacman or Mayweather
British Boxer Amir Khan says will witness Pakistan vs Sri Lanka match in Lahore
Amir Khan is the best 'BOXER' Britain has, that's not even a debate!. Just a shame he is too inactive, he will regret it later on in life
Secret Superstar is a must watch super hit, Shah Rukh khan and Salman khan should learn from Amir Khan how to do good movies.
Eddie Hearn, Ricky Hatton, Amir Khan, Andrew Strauss, Nasser Hussain and Shane Warne all spring to mind for me 👍
Faryal Makhdoom opens up about the struggle of motherhood after Amir Khan split
Faryal Makhdoom reveals struggle of motherhood while her 'heart was breaking' over Amir Khan
So Arbab Amir Ayub has. He is family member of Arbab Zahir. Gulzar Khan was bureaucrat…
Security Guards of torture reporter 'Amir Saeed Abbasi' outside accountability court.
Amir Khan & Madhuri movie DIL was the worst showcase of treating college students badly.
I added a video to a playlist Do You Know ? Who are Amir Khan's Favorite Actor In Bollywood
Dussehra plus National holiday almost equal number of Holidays but Amir khan doesn't want to lose in front of Varun so chose Diwali. OK
I request Mr Hamid Ansari , Amir Khan and Shahrukh to please go to the Indian border of Myanmar and tell all...
Imran khan is a gaberr of Pakistan. One day he will change our minds,country, & history,. he is a good leader not a good dealer ,
Sir please send them to Pakistan or Middle East as Muslim in India are most afraid . ..ask Hamid An…
I saw recent trailer and I am eagerly waiting for movie. Honestly you are another Amir Khan (perfectionist) of Bollywood!✌️
Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom divorce: The story so far - Sunday Mercury
Amir Khan had some of the fastest hands iv'e ever seen in his day🔥🔥
I added a video to a playlist When Canelo Alvarez nearly KILLED Amir Khan
Amir Khan has been hit on the head too many times 😂😂
The entire family pledged to fully support Arbab Amir Ayub Khan in the upcoming By elections NA - 4 Peshawar !!!
Yeah, but that was only a few days after the Khan Shaykhun CW massacre. He fell back on his words, though.
Time to End Durand line & call it what it is. Aman Line. As it was Amir Amanullah Khan who made it an intl border. htt…
When he announced he was signing with amir khan I was worried, sadly the thrend has continued
I request Hamid Ansari , amir khan's wife & SRK to please go to border of Myanmar & tell all rohigya muslims that INDIA…
So Amir Khan is now hitting on Alyzeh Gabol? Smh. This dude has no chill.
Iron Amir", King Abdul Rahman Khan, massacred more than 500,000 people, 124 yrs ago today. Irony is we R p…
Amir Khan has given the final verdict on the Amir vs Faryal saga. After made her…
Genocide of people began from 1893 by Amir A. Rahman khan and continues to the present day.
So not only things are different for a woman, plus things also change with time. Remember Amir Khan? Misogyny…
He doesn't know it's his birthday today - Amir Khan 2017
Amir Khan has sensationally rejected the pleas of Faryal Makhdoom to save their relationship. Badre Logon Ki Bari Batain Bhai
Amir Khan has announced he will divorce pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom, despite her pleas for.
Faryal Makhdoom deletes pleading apology as Amir Khan insists he WON'T call off their divorce: via
Amir Khan announces he WILL divorce pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom despite her pleas: via
Amir Khan facing knockout divorce bill as pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom is set for 50/50 split of his £30mil fortune
It's fight time at the Manchester Arena, post fight coverage will be live on and Amir Khan also gav…
Faryal Makhdoom has taken down her pleas for forgiveness after estranged husband Amir Khan threw her apology back...
Amir Khan to divorce Faryal Makhdoom despite apology
Amir Khan to divorce Faryal Makhdoom despite apology via
Latest twist in Faryal Makhdoom-Khan/ Amir Khan split drama shows narcissism at it's best.  via Yep
Faryal Makhdoom apologises to Amir Khan's family in last bid to save their marriage
Amir Khan has the final word in spat with Faryal Makhdoom
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom goes back on apology to Amir Khan sending a clear message
Amir Khan confirms he is divorcing wife Faryal Makhdoom after she hints at reconciliation:
'Divorce still on': Amir Khan 'cons' humiliated Faryal Makhdoom into announcing reconciliation.
Faryal Makhdoom deletes apology to Amir Khan after being rejected by boxer -
'My unborn child doesn't deserve a broken home': Faryal Makhdoom announces she is BACK with husband Amir Khan
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I think Miguel Cotto, Austin Troutt and Amir Khan (though he does have a glass chin) would love to t…
Good question, why not fight Paulie Malignaggi or say Amir Khan?
Amir Khan looking forward to Canelo Alvarez-Gennady Golovkin battle for unified middleweight world championship
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom shrugs off marriage breakdown to focus on her and Amir Khan's…
Amir Khan's wife, Faryal Makhdoom is absolutely disgusted after the boxer's cheating s*x tape filmed just weeks...
Amir Khan's wife says their has been destroyed - who keeps only one copy of such an important document?! 🤔
Want a tour of Amir Khan's incredible pad? We love the gym! 💪 >>
This man is the wrong number Amir Khan talked about in PK!
Apparently Amir Khan is getting divorced turns out he's rubbish in a wedding ring as well
What Amir Khan said about Shan will make every Pakistani proud: via
If he is a nationalist he shud not accept amir khan funds at all
There r 2 kind of people . 1 Who have no prob w/ festivals. Like Amir Khan on Eid. 2 Who have prob w/ festivals. Like Amir Khan on Diwali
Amir Khan could lose a lot of money in his divorce from wife Faryal
Rhythm. A boxer like Amir Khan, who is blindingly fast, can be timed easier than GGG because he establishes a rhythm bu…
Here's how much Amir Khan faces losing to pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom in bitter divorce .
Im on it to witness amir khan and faryal's marriage problems
I already told you, fool. Conor is a bully. He didn't want NO fight with Brock Lesnar…
Amir khan also sends a cheque of 25 lakhs to Chief Minister's Relief Fund of Assam . thanks to Aamir khan .
Amir Khan did that, called out Conor in MMA. But Conor was scared.
Faryal Makhdoom to raise Amir Khan's baby 'without his support...'
MMA: Singapore's Amir Khan looks to extend winning streak in Shanghai
Good Job Sir, A grand salute.. it will definitely going to inspire others. Jay Hind
Amir Khan's wife Faryal set to get half of his £25m fortune in bitter divorce via
Has AMIR KHAN got the bottle to face ❓.
Amitabh charges 4 crores for 52 sec our beloved national anthem . Amir khan donates 25 lakhs for mumbai f…
Amir Khan back in camp looking sharp
Amir Khan's pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom could get HALF of his £25m fortune in divorce
Amir khan sends apologetic message to Anthony Joshua after claims of affair with wife are revealed fake
Amir Khan's estranged pregnant wife Faryal: I will raise our kid alone!..
How did Amir khan Get 2000Cr . With out having Fans ?. Only Alone China 1300cr For and here u are ta…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Watch the full v Amir Khan fight On Demand on our website 🖥 https:/…
Don't think I'll beat the last vine but I'll give it ago.amir king Khan you need a new trainer-call me htt…
you were stopped by Amir khan and koed in your last fight, said you would fight him 1 han…
Why Amir Khan never support coz he know if he does everyone sill celebrate Checkmate!!
Boxer Amir Khan may face divorce bill of up to £15m in split from Faryal Makhdoom
Please re read, i wrote "ppl who are getting help from his money" the…
But Y u stand in my Qs. It was between him & me. Y u bother evn if he d…
I m sure publicity is a cause here, but ppl who get help from his mon…
Although now estranged, Congrats to Faryal and Amir Khan on their baby news…
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom takes savage swipe at husband Amir Khan after revealing plans to raise unborn baby alone…
THIS is how much Faryal Makhdoom could get from her bitter divorce from husband Amir Khan.
Amir Khan faces £12MILLION divorce bill over break up with Faryal Makhdoom
Amir Khan faces knockout divorce bill with pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom set for HALF of his £30million fortune – a…
Divorce expert forecasts Amir Khan will lose £12m and custody of daughter :
Faryal Makhdoom to squeeze £12 MILLION out of Amir Khan in divorce bill
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom branded "childish" after awkwardly cropping Amir Khan out of her ...
Amir Khan 'could lose HALF of his £25m fortune' in divorce from pregnant ex Faryal Makhdoom
Please invite Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Amir Khan to sing the National Anthem tomorrow... this will help
Anthony Joshua steps out with mystery woman after moving on from Amir Khan rift
Anthony Joshua steps out with mystery woman on Spanish summer break after ending rift with Amir Khan over affair c…
Amir Khan's wife breaks her silence over their split to reveal messages between her and Anthony Joshua were FAKE ... - Daily Mail
Pakistani men mindset is ridiculous wherever they live they'll stay the same like Amir khan who cheated her wife and put false allegations +
Just came across this:- Amir Khan reveals his approach to training whilst observing Ramadan.
Amir Khan releases video CONFIRMING astonishing social media break-up with wife Faryal
How Amir Khan’s modest Muslim wife transformed from demure to vamp: Faryal Makhdoom
Gutted’ Amir Khan reveals he will now fly to US to train for next fight and that he can’t sleep
‘I’m here with my girl’: Amir Khan parties with an Instagram star in Dubai just days after splitting
Amir Khan’s estranged wife taunts him with photo of their daughter !
Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom posts defiant message vowing to 'move on'
Grim-faced Amir Khan returns to UK for first time since splitting from wife Faryal Makhdoom
my post has been deleted & he blocked my account also. So I want thru your channel this massage reached to Mr. AMIR KHAN
Quiz: Chris Pratt, Amir Khan or Roman Abramovich – which new bachelor is your type? -…
Amir Khan caught slipping with a thot in Dubai, if only he dodged the same way he did with the camera 😂 https:/…
Accusations of cheating tears boxer, Amir Khan and wife apart
Amir Khan touches down in Manchester... and he's still wearing his wedding ring.
Amir Khan is TRASH. Typical Pakistani man who thinks it's okay for him to do whatever tf he wants but judges his wife right a…
So I'm in a taxi and this taxi guy is a Pakistani. He is now talking to me about amir khan n Faryal Makhdoom and he thinks.. 1
Amir Khan’s estranged wife Faryal Makhdoom taunts him with pic of their daughter
.This Professor really made my day... LMAO ...🤣🤣 . He tagged Boxer Amir Khan instead of actor .…
We will show that people of KP are with says Amir Muqam.
Amir khans sister shows her legs frgt that the mum wears tight fitted clothes bu…
Amir khan has dismissed his Mrs the same way he did the people he run over!?
Amir Khan confirms wife cheated with Anthony Joshua
She's been banged more times than Amir Khan's headboard.
Amir Khan HITS BACK after partying with model babe claiming exFaryal "DROVE" him to it...
Amir Khan when he confronts Anthony Joshua and realises how big he is
Amir Khan realizing his wife left him and he can't beat up Anthony Joshua
Amir Khan Snapchats from a Dubai club as he parties
Great piece by on marriage break up of Amir Khan & Farhal Makhdoom!
Another twist in & story, Model who romped with Amir Khan says she warned her.
Faryal Makhdoom to Amir Khan:. "Do you see what I done, came with a brown guy, left with a black one!" 👨🏽👨🏿
Amir Khan reveals plans to get back in training after split with wife
Amir Khan says he is 'gutted' about split from wife Faryal Makhdoom and has not slept since their public ...…
Amir Khan says he is "gutted" about break-up with wife Faryal and has been struggling to -
Nice piece by in the aftermath of the Amir Khan marriage breakup
Who is Anthony Joshua? Boxing champ accused of relationship with Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom ~…
Amir Khan and wife Faryal Makhdoom 'to divorce' as he claims she cheated on him
Tyson Fury weighs in on the Amir Khan, Makhdoom and Anthony Joshua drama | Faryal
Faryal Makhdoom ‘tried to backtrack Amir Khan split for the sake of their child' via
Tyson Fury weighs in on Amir Khan, Faryal Makhdoom and Anthony Joshua drama Tyson Fury has w...…
Here's the lowdown on Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom - after boxer confirms they've SPLIT PESADO
Amir Khan reveals he is ‘GUTTED’ about break-up with wife and struggling to sleep.
I don't care whatever happens between Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom. Actually, that's their *** life, they've full right to take decision.
Amir Khan insists he and Faryal Makhdoom HAVEN'T been hacked and confirms they are splitting up: 'Everything I...
Amir Khan revealed the truth about his marriage
Who needs the Kardashians when you've got Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom.
Lingerie model who romped with Amir Khan behind his pregnant wife's back claims…
Anthony Joshua responds to Amir Khan's claims over wife Faryal: 'It wasn't me'..
Amir Khan's family PREDICTED bitter love split just months ago and are 'relieved' boxer has ended it with ...…
All the things Amir Khan 'gave up' for his wife Faryal Makhdoom
Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom shares cryptic 'arrogance' message from the Quran after 'trying to make up ...…
Amir Khan's family predicted bitter love split just months ago
Amir Khan's wife has undergone quite a transformation
Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom's relationship drama is the brown version of Rob and Chyna's drama 🤣
Amir Khan splits from wife amid claims 'she cheated with Anthony Joshua'
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Amir Khan has accused his wife of having an affair with Anthony Joshua in explosive rant
Amir Khan has CONFIRMES his split from Faryal Makhdoom
After Ayesha Gulalai comes Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom - to make sure you never have a moment of boredom on good old T…
Amir Khan confirms split with wife after claiming she 'cheated on him with Anthony Joshua' - Nehanda Radio …
This Amir Khan and Faryal situation is the Pakistani version of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna LOL. These gold…
Amir Khan and wife Faryal providing today's entertainment 😂
Amir Khan wasn't a bad person when you claimed that amirs sister called you "Michael Jackson" he backed y…
Faryal is nothing without Amir khan All this fame is just because of him 🙃
Paul Malignaggi has left McGregor's camp. Amir Khan's wife has apparently slept with Anthony Joshua. Boxing world has gone in…
Amir Khan in 10 years time explaining how his wife left him for AJ
How can a man say this is Amir Khan after finding out Anthony Joshua is linking his girl 😂😭😂 via
Anthony Joshua when Amir Khan sent for him.
“Tasha why is Amir Khan mentioning my name in all of this… You know I love you right”
Amir Khan and his misses still ain't got as many issues as Chris and Olivia tho
Amir Khan is defo going to overdose on double apple shisha after this break up
Amir Khan staged life for media appreciation biggest bore of the month. Go away khan take your nutty Mrs with you
Amir Khan and wife Faryal 'to divorce' as claims on social media say she cheated with Anthony Joshua
Amir Khan: Fight with Canelo is getting more attention than...
Tired of seein Amir Khan and Faryals drama going public all the time bruv, pair of embarassin clowns. Theyre like the Pakista…
Amir Khan after finding out Joshua has been linking his wife
Amir Khan when he found out been banging his Wife
Amir Khan's wife and Anthony Joshua were in the bed sparring like
Amir Khan can't spin AJ in the ring so he's gonna spin him on a track
The video response by Joshua was a killer! Read more about the story: .
When Amir Khan walked in on AJ and Faryal
Amir Khan targets March comeback as a loosener before facing Danny Garcia or
Imam introducing Amir Khan when he came to my local masjid: He is every Muslim's role model! We should all learn from him. Am…
this the only Amir Khan we can acknowledge from now on
Amir Khan's mum prolly messaging him right now saying "this wouldn't have happened if you got an arranged marriage like I to…
Wow. Amir Khan is wildin out and claims Anthony Joshua stole his Mrs. What's going on? . Issa heavyweight K.O 🥊😳 https…
Anthony Joshua needs to watch out you know. Amir Khan is out here getting hence.
Soo Amir Khan is the one athlete/celeb who flat out says he was NOT hacked... Respect.
Amir khan made an amateur decision in marrying a mainstream yat he wouldn't have had all this if he married his cousin Zain…
Man like Anthony Joshua is a legend he's managed to end Wladimir Klitschko's career and Amir Khan's marriage in the space of…
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