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Amir Johnson

Amir Jalla Johnson (born May 1, 1987 in Los Angeles, California) is an American professional basketball player for the Toronto Raptors of the NBA.

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we need to rebound better smh we need another big man Amir Johnson isn't a starter
trust me no one is worse than Amir Johnson of Boston dude is straight up awful
how would you feel about next free agency being Amir Johnson and Thabo?
Once more, preface, I AM NOT SAYING ANYTHING BAD ABOUT Isaiah Thomas. Here’s Amir Johnson with Thomas on vs. off
Honestly I was in the presence of Kanye & Drake and I met Amir Johnson in 2016 so like I don't think this year can be topped 👀
Latest NBA trade rumor: Boston Celtics to acquire Paul George from the Indiana Pacers in return for Jae Crowder, Kelly…
Amir Johnson doesn't shoot threes come on that's crazy how can he hit threes smh
and none of their Centers are better than Gortat.. Amir Johnson and Olynik aren't as nice
Last night in the 4th quarter Isaiah was on the floor with Jerebko, Amir Johnson, Rozier, & Jaylen Brown. He's gotta score it himself then.
and Amir Johnson has never been a 3 man
Amir Johnson been a 4 his whole career even at westchester high when I played him and Trevor ariza he's 6'11
15-26 and 9 threes pass to who Marcus Smart and Amir Johnson ?
Amir Johnson carried the Celtics to this win.
Al Horford lobs it up to Amir Johnson for the easy alley-oop dunk.
Celtics getting obliterated at the rim w/ Olynyk/Jerebko frontcourt. Amir Johnson is at the scorer's table
James Johnson is cheap & will sit on the bench, Amir Johnson is expensive & has to play - both useful in their role
Man, I really don't like Amir Johnson's game. No matter how hard I try.
Amir Johnson had an EASY layup or dunk but he did a hook shot...and missed 😑
which Johnson would you rather the Raps get back - James or Amir?
Amir Johnson at the line. He makes 1 of 2.
Amir Johnson with the hook shot. 10-2 run for Boston.
when Amir Johnson gives other players second chance opportunities, good things happen
Hustle play from Amir Johnson pays dividends again.
Winslow receives a nice hug from Amir Johnson on the offensive rebound.
I hate watching Amir Johnson play basketball
amir Johnson is a good one, high draft pick that keeps getting chances
late addition to the crappy player list. Luke Babbit and Amir Johnson
Amir Johnson has felt automatic from the FT line of late, he was horrendous there last year.
Amir Johnson at the line for Boston. He makes both free throws.
Big to big passing. Luke Babbitt had no chance on Amir Johnson
This *** amir johnson really had no points yesterday come on man
I'll give you Tyler Zeller, Amir Johnson, James Young and two second round picks. WHO SAYS NO?!?!?!?
stacked at pf/center too. Zeller, olynk, Harford & amir johnson. Maybe they want a str…
his Boogie article "celtics trade Amir Johnson, Smart and 1st round pick for Boogie" he must be out of his *** mind
Jae Crowder, amir Johnson, Brooklyn 17 and Celtics 18 would probably get it done, but not sure id do it.
4 Sure man smh then you can round out bench with folks like Jennings, Tony Allen(1yr), Taj Gibson or Amir Johnson etc
...and I don't see many players who can give the Celtics that push. An upgrade over Amir Johnson might be possible, though.
tbh I think Amir Johnson is the best pf in the league, don't @ me.
Who was Amir Johnson going to cover?
Al Horford doing his presser and Amir Johnson walks by, yelling, "Give me a shout out Al!".
Amir Johnson, Jaylen, Smart & one of the brooklyn picks. They're not shipping horford anywhere
Jaylen Brown starting for the Celtics, along with Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Amir Johnson and Tyler Zeller. Normal 5 for Washington.
Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Jaylen Brown, Tyler Zeller and Amir Johnson will start against the Wizards on Wednesday.
well when Amir Johnson and Jaylen Brown are your main rim protectors and shots are falling, anything is possible.
Big men's shooting 3's in the NBA is becoming a real thing now. Marc Gasol, Brook lopez , Anthony Davis , Amir Johnson and the list goes on
Marcus Smart and James Young are low key salty that Amir Johnson is better at shooting 3s than them
Amir Johnson cans his FOURTH trey of the night! He's a perfect 4-for-4 from downtown! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Amir Johnson looking like the King Darius(da-rye-us)
Tyler Zeller playing well next to Horford. Celtics should start him over Amir Johnson
Tyler Zeller started the second half for Amir Johnson on Thursday.
Tyler Zeller needs to be starting and Amir Johnson needs to have his role reduced once Olynyk is healthy.
Tyler Zeller starts the second half in place of Amir Johnson.
Lineup note: Tyler Zeller starts second half ahead of Amir Johnson on Thursday.
Amir Johnson on being 2 days away from opener: "Guys are excited. We’re tired of beating up on each other & we’re just ready t…
Jabari and moose for Jarebko, Amir Johnson and Smart?!?!?! Jabari for Russel?!?! These better be just rumors
Rumors: Danny Ainge willing to trade RJ Hunter, James Young, Jonas Jerebko and Amir Johnson for DeMarcus Cousins
I didn't even get that update but we still got Amir Johnson and I don't even want Blake I rather westbrook
Blake because upgrading Amir Johnson to Blake Griffin is more significant than upgrading Isaiah Thomas to Westbrook.
According to Blake Griffin to the Celtics for Amir Johnson, Avery Bradley & Nets 2018 Pick! 🤔☘
Also suggested Paul Millsap, Pau Gasol, Al Jefferson and an Amir Johnson reunion. You should listen.
People saying the call on Curry was rough. In 2012 Amir Johnson was suspended one game for throwing his mouthpiece
While some believe Noel is on the cusp of greatness I watched him get dominated by Amir Johnson and Robin Lopez.
Watch the top plays from Amir Johnson's 2015-16 season with the Celtics!.
I bet the Raptors regret letting Lou Williams and Amir Johnson go now
Boston isn't bad right now, so you add all those picks. Bye Sullinger, Amir Johnson, I think Marcus Smart should go too & James Young lol
Amir Johnson and Derrick Favors made more money than Steph Curry this year (without endorsements)... Think about that for a second
Amir Johnson with C's now after miss in 2005 draft
Amir Johnson is having himself a series
Amir Johnson and Jared Sullinger are the worst people to have on your team both lazy af and can't rebound as bigs smh sad af
Bosh, Oakley, Antonio Davis & Amir Johnson are some of great rebounders in history. Valanciunas' playoff record means something.
Newly signed John Holland (27) is the 4th oldest Celtics player, behind only Jonas Jerebko (29), Amir Johnson (28), and Evan Turner (27).
There's almost not a place for guys like Amir Johnson, Udonis Haslem, Reggie Evans, etc. Every team wants a stretch 4 that can
Amir Johnson pretending to work on post moves as he dribbles out clock, Larry Nance Jr. defends him wrong direction. ht…
Tarik Black just rejected Amir Johnson's shot back to Westchester.
Tarik Black exploded for the block on Amir Johnson.
breaking: Amir Johnson has played like Amir Johnson for the 8th season running
Do home teams get the calls? Amir Johnson was just thrown to the floor. Turnover Celtics.
So im in a straight yahoo points league chip final who do you like amongst tim frazier,mason plumlee ,amir johnson ,
9 minutes in and Amir Johnson is still constantly moving and defending all over the floor. I love this guy healthy.
Poll question of the night: Amir Johnson or Sully could have huge games dues to the Suns Injuries how will they do?
starting five will be Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Evan Turner, Amir Johnson and Jared Sullinger
2 game slate tonight Portland/76ers game Celtics/Suns I'm fading Len and sullinger at pf for Ed Davis and Amir Johnson ez $
finals over apr 3, Duncan Covington leuer Anderson pj tucker in FA. What to do with d will? Have Amir Johnson too for the nite
mind explaining smart reasoning a tad more? I feel like Amir Johnson is the play if anyone
who holds better upside and value. Teletovic with Leuer and chandler out or Amir Johnson?
Good morning. Value plays today, i hope are Danny Green and Dion Waiters. plus Valenciunas and Amir Johnson
Amir Johnson comes up with two blocks and a huge offensive rebound late to seal the victory over the Magic, 107-96.
Amir Johnson is forever the best snapchat follow.
Mickey O'Connor mowed down the kids with 10 ks. But they stepped up in the clutch. Johnson 6innings 6 H 1ER 6ks. Amir Khan 1-3 GW RBI
Amir Johnson stepping up for in Crowder’s absence
As I thought during the off-season, signing Amir Johnson has been HUUUGE and pivotal signing in the success they have experienced
Defense, impactful play of Amir Johnson, helping drive recent resurgence. (Sent from Metro West)
Left a message on Amir Johnson's Mixcloud profile
Remember that Amir deliveries to Smith & Johnson? Yeah...
Mitchell Johnson trolled an Indian fan who was mocking Amir. Ah, sweet justice :) .
It seems many fans have missed it. Take a look:
PK: Do you know how Mitchell Johnson trolled Indian fan mocking Amir?
Evan Turner with sweet dime to Amir Johnson for dunk (23/03/2016)
NBA. BOS 91 - 79 TOR. Amir Johnson just got an FT
NBA. Amir Johnson just got a rebound
Celtics beat Raptors, 91-79. Boston has won 16 of last 18 home games. IT4: 23 Pts. Amir Johnson: 11 Pts, 14 Reb.
he could easily get minutes from Zeller, Amir Johnson, Jerebko etc. when in shape
Amir Johnson and Jared Sullinger combined for 25 rebounds for the Celtics.
Raptors fan-favourite Amir Johnson stepping up for Beantown 
The way Isaiah Thomas and Amir Johnson work in tandem reminds me of a two-year-ahead version of Ish Smith and Nerlens Noel.
Lineup note: Kelly Olynyk starts second half ahead of Amir Johnson on Friday.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
And there's Kelly Olynyk getting the nod over Amir Johnson in the second half. Will be interested to see how Amir's usage changes.
Kelly Olynyk BOS started the second half over Amir Johnson on Friday
Kelly Olynyk starts the second half for Amir Johnson.
Tommy on Amir Johnson's questionable flagrant foul: "It mighta' been a foul, but not a flagrant foul!"
Amir Johnson is everywhere tonight. This is the best he's played in quite some time.
Amir Johnson pokes it away on the defensive end, then gets the feed from Jae Crowder for a transition slam!
Durant and Westbrook for Amir Johnson and David Lee. Consequence: The team is coached by Ricky Davis and run by Billy King forever.
Amir Johnson in game for Not hurt. Brad Stevens just elected to start 2nd half w/ him on bench - probably b/c Kelly Olynyk out.
Guess what Darrell Armstrong, Keith Bogans, Steve Novak, and Amir Johnson have in common
when I switched Amir Johnson and Tyson Chandler for Morris and Beverly 😤 back to the drawing board today. Will post LU
Amir Johnson takes it up high and down hard to give the Celtics the lead!
I like Amir Johnson from Boston or Jrue Holiday from NOPE, 2 guys I would be keen on getting
not hard. Amir Johnson, Bradley and 2017 Nets swap. If Cavs want Olynk they get Turner instead of Bradley. Those are good deals.
Raptors hold off Celtics in Amir Johnson’s homecoming (Eh Game): TORONTO – Amir Johnson returned to the Air Ca...
Favors, Hayward and their top-10 pick for David Lee's expiring, Amir Johnson and the Brooklyn pick.
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Amir Johnson still looks weird in green .
Tonight the Raptors vs. Amir Johnson & the Celtics at the Air Canada Center.
All time is Vince. Second is Lowry. Third and Fourth mo Pete and Alvin Williams. Fifth Amir Johnson. Sixth Jose Calderon.
But its hard to do that around an Amir Johnson, David Lee or Sullinger anchor as opposed to Tyson Chandler.
L.A. Knights trades Omri Casspi, Amir Johnson to Stairway to Kevin for PF/C Markieff Morris, Darrell Arthur
Amir Johnson, who scored 13 points, prompts Brad Stevens to say, "I just think he's getting more comfortable with us, playing …
Amir Johnson has become the Celtics' best big man (New Post)
put in Lee at Center- Crowder Forward - Amir Johnson at Power Forward - Evan Turner at Shooting Guard and Isaiah Thomas at Point
What a pass by Isaiah! Amir Johnson slipping around in the post like he's Tyler Zeller.
Isaiah Thomas just swatted the *** out of Taj Gibson oh my goodness! But they gave the block to Amir Johnson.
James Capers almost shook his head in disbelief when Derek Richardson called that slap foul on Amir Johnson.
Amir Johnson is back in starting line-up tonight in place of hot Kelly Olynyk. David Lee out with sore lower back.
David Lee OUT tonight with a sore lower back. Amir Johnson (foot) returns to starting lineup replacing Kelly Olynyk.
rotating injured forwards. Amir Johnson in, David Lee out for tonight in Detroit.
David Lee (back) is out tonight. Amir Johnson and Kelly Olynyk will both be looking to impress Brad as the PF slot could be open in future.
Amir Johnson back and will start. Olynyk to bench. David Lee (back spasms) out.
I liked Brown's upside as a scorer. Think with Noel-Bradley-Amir Johnson, the defense can stand.
With Sullinger and Amir Johnson out, the Celtics tonight will start Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, Kelly Oly…
Amir Johnson's status for Monday game uncertain
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope put Amir Johnson on the spin cycle!
James Harden, Brandon Jennings, Amir Johnson (Only cuz Jordan Farmar not in the league right now)
They had Landry Fields, Julyan Stone, Jose Calderon, James Johnson when he wore 0 and the best of all Amir Johnson ($100 each)
grange doesn't have access to big names. He's got guys like Amir Johnson on speed dial. That's about it.
Andrew Nicholson walks down the lane for an easy dunk. Brad Stevens immediately points at Jae Crowder and Amir Johnson as su…
Amir Johnson has 3 made 3's this season. RJ Hunter has 6. Evan Turner has played more than 400 minutes with 4 made 3's. …
No one talks much about them, but Amir Johnson and Jonas Jerebko have been extremely underwhelming. Not much contribution from them
Bradley's available but Stevens will go with same starters vs HOU: Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder, Amir Johnson, Jar…
So many more bigs stepping out this season. Amir Johnson, Kris Humphries.
Amir Johnson takes approach to ankle health via
is T Gibson or Amir Johnson better own than OQuinn? Thx
Monta Ellis put Amir Johnson on skates | Pacers vs ...
He could get an Amir Johnson contract at max
.has one of the most creative minds in the NBA, writes
...If we can get Amir Johnson, Marcus Smart and James Young and a couple 1st rounders they can have him and whoever else they want
Monta Ellis making Amir Johnson do the 2K ankle breaker animation out here 😂😂 . (Vine by TSL Videos™)
Monta Ellis turned Amir Johnson into a frozen statue with a crossover
Monte Ellis Nasty Crossover on Amir Johnson, Almost as Nasty as Tim Duncan’s Crossover! -
R.I.P. 💀. Monta Ellis just broke Amir Johnson in half.
Amir Johnson's beard almost fell off.
You've heard the defensive term for yrs from Celtics bigs: "Ice, ice, ice!" Now Amir Johnson explains what it means:
Monta Ellis' Crossover Had a Negative Impact on Amir Johnson's Ankles: Defense: never worth it.
just thought of another one --- on further review Duncan needs all the ballhandling Badges:
Someone get Amir Johnson a walking boot. .
Amir Johnson needs to abuse Chris Humphries in this game
Boston also switching up starting frontcourt, going smaller with Amir Johnson and Jared Sullinger.
Here's why the Celtics are already in love with Amir Johnson.. Related Articles:
I have a feeling it won't be long before the staring lineup is Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, David Lee, Amir Johnson.
he did this to begin last season too. Amir Johnson could've gotten a max off of him that day
are you higher on Amir Johnson or Rodney Hood on 9-cat H2H ??
David Lee & Amir Johnson both said that this is the best locker room they have ever been apart of
Amir Johnson can relate to R.J. Hunter trying to gain weight. His Detroit teammates used to call him "Thin Wallace," after Ben Wallace.
Watching Amir Johnson and Kyle O'Quinn go at last night was as close to '90s hoops as it gets. And that was in the preseason.
Amir Johnson shines in debut as Celtics starter
Johnson shows off improved skills in Celtics' preseason win
I liked a video Amir Johnson and Isaiah Thomas Combine for 36 Points
C&Fall at MSG as Stevens Tinkers with Lineups -
C’s fall at MSG in preseason tilt, but Stevens collects more data on lineup options:
So weird seeing Amir Johnson in a non jersey.
Toronto is goin to miss amir johnson
Amir Johnson struggled in a start on Friday with five points, three rebounds and one steal in 16 minutes
The Celtics, who nearly led from start to finish, down the Nets 109-105. Amir Johnson led the C's w/ 19 pts & 6 rebs
and then they have Amir Johnson who has one of the most obnoxiously bad contracts imaginable.
Amir Johnson skies high to catch the feed from Evan Turner and scores evading the block attempt.
Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets pregame notes: Amir Johnson will get 'good ...
I'd like to thank Amir Johnson's 5 turn overs and the teams new "talent" for tonight's loss..against the Knicks...
... David Lee, Amir Johnson, and Kelly Olynyk which kill whiteside and Anderson down low
Jae Crowder and Amir Johnson first people on the court standing up for their teammates.
Blocked By Melo: Amir Johnson fights to get inside and Carmelo Anthony swats the attempt from behind.
new starting 5 to start 2nd half. Thomas, Bradley, Turner, Lee and Zeller. Amir Johnson and Jae Crowder (both rest) won't return.
Amir Johnson P&R Roll PPP: 1.16. Isaiah Thomas P&R BH PPP: 0.94. They could be one of the best P&R combos this year. (S…
Amir Johnson, David Lee will start together as Brad Stevens continues to experimen...
Jae Crowder and Amir Johnson will sit out second half against NY. Not an injury thing. Just for rest.
Jae Crowder and Amir Johnson will not play in the second half, per Just rest no injury.
Amir Johnson & Isaiah Thomas combine for 36 in tonight's preseason win.
Also, teenagers combined for 23 Real minutes. Also, no Rudy or Jeff Taylor while Boston misses Amir Johnson and Evan Turner. Yeah, really OK
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Avery Bradley said Amir Johnson and David Lee make the Celtics tougher. "Amir plays SO hard."
Amir Johnson: "Guys are anxious to get after it. It's going to take some time to adjust to each other, but we’re definitely ge…
Hope to see the Raptors sign Anthony Bennett. I think he would be a great addition to the Raptors and as a replacement for Amir Johnson.
If Raptors can turn Anthony Bennett to be that player that does the dirty work like Amir Johnson,that would be a good pick up
Amir Johnson to Early impressions of Marcus Smart - "A pitbull!... He's relentless. I'll take him on my team any day!" …
Signing Anthony Bennett is good because he can't disappoint me more than Amir Johnson did
adding Amir Johnson and David Lee on top of the youngins we have is gonna be a lotta fun
Its sooo weird seeing amir johnson in a Boston Celtics jersey and wearing jheez
what do you think of the new additions? I.e David Lee, Amir Johnson.
Seeing Amir Johnson in Celtics gear made me so sad.
Amir Johnson says the Raptors liked Brad Stevens’ schemes so much, they stole a few of his plays last season.
Amir Johnson giving his two cents for rookies
"We're looking forward to taking it one game at a time...we're looking to win every runs deep, right?" Amir Johnson
Amir Johnson says the coaching staff actually stole some of Brad Stevens' plays last year. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Amir Johnson said the Raptors stole some plays from Brad Stevens during the season.
Amir Johnson said the Raptors stole a few plays from Brad Stevens last season.
Amir Johnson: "Once we get on the same page, I think this team is gonna soar."
Amir Johnson: Whatever coach Stevens has planned, I'll be able to adjust to it
Amir Johnson offered to bring the media a box of pizza, so he's going to work out well in Boston.
Still to come to the podium at Celtics media day: Amir Johnson, Isaiah Thomas, Evan Turner.
David Lee on Amir Johnson: "Those are the players you build with."
Don't know how much Amir Johnson will be working on his crossover this season but here he is
Amir Johnson, David Lee, Kelly Olynyk, Jared Sullinger, Tyler Zeller. That's a lot of bigs for the . Who does Brad Stevens start?
Orlando had Tobias Harris and Nicola Vucevic; Boston had Isaiah Thomas and Amir Johnson.
Drafted RJ Hunter, Terry Rozier and Jordan Mickey. Signed Amir Johnson. Traded for David Lee. All great moves
But, Amir Johnson and David Lee don't play with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.
Amir Johnson and David Lee are VERY similar to Serge Ibaka and Enes Kanter!!!🍀
Do u think we could see this as the starting 5?. PG Marcus Smart . SG Avery Bradley . SF Perry Jones. PF Amir Johnson. C David Lee
Amir Johnson is the only starter we lost. DeMarre Carrol, Cory Joseph, Scola, Wright, Powell > Amir, Lou and Vasquez
Who's Brad Stevens going to improve next? Amir Johnson? Perry Jones? . I can't wait to see. 🍀.
Amir Johnson, Elfrid Payton, Arron Afflalo, Terrance Jones & C.J. Watson all invited to Vegas to play in Thursday night'…
Amir Johnson, David Lee, Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart the rumored starting five for the per
Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe speculates that Amir Johnson and David Lee will start in the frontc...
"ohh your last name is johnson. Are you amir??? Cause you dont look like hansbrough"
Perry Jones, David Lee, Amir Johnson, along with Jae Crowder and Jonas Jerebko holding up their jerseys at the Cel… http…
Biyombo signed with the Raptors after 4 years in Charlotte to fill in for the departed Amir Johnson and Tyler Hansbrough.
Report: Raptors to renounce rights to Amir Johnson
Amir Johnson officially signed a 2-yr $03.07M contract with the GM Blazers
What do you think about additions of Perry Jones, David Lee, and Amir Johnson to our team?
I already miss Amir Johnson and the season hasn't even started yet...
When you realize Amir Johnson came to Boston because he didn't like being on the bad end of game winners
PF Amir Johnson (will wear number 90, never before worn in history.
Jae Crowder, Evan Turner, Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Smart, David Lee, Amir Johnson. Probably more it's not hard
hey Jonesy, listening to you on the radio,Price reminds me of Amir Johnson when he was with the raps, think he'll embrace the6!
raps lose vasquez, lou will and amir johnson to acquire demarre carroll,corey joseph and luis scola...Your thoughts?
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Boston Celtics forward Amir Johnson: 'I definitely know the fans will love me'
You know what nba player go demoted? Jared Sullinger. Celts brought in David Lee and Amir Johnson over him. 2 players sends a message
president Danny Ainge: We brought in David Lee and Amir Johnson because we want to win more games next year, win …
Perry Jones, David Lee and Amir Johnson are introduced w/ Jerbeko & Crowder in Waltham.
WATCH LIVE: introduce David Lee, Amir Johnson and Perry Jones at 3pm
I like Boston. Signed Lee, Crowder and Amir Johnson, and Stevens has another year of experience under his belt.
How you replace Brandon Bass with Amir Johnson and David Lee and get WORSE is beyond me lmao
Amir Johnson played for the Celtics once before: Earlier today, new Boston power forward Amir Jo...
Amir Johnson apparently has been a Celtic since the '90s.
Wonder what number Amir Johnson is gonna be.. 😗
I have a strong feeling that Celtics fans are going to really like Amir Johnson once they get to see him play.
The Boston Celtics have signed free agent forward Amir Johnson. Full release:
Amir Johnson, David Lee, Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley and Isaiah Thomas is a surprisingly decent starting lineup for the Celtics.
Celtics are pretty solid up front: David Lee, Amir Johnson, Kelly Olynyk, Jared Sullinger and Tyler Zeller.
Basically the Celtics turned Brandon Bass into Amir Johnson and David Lee... nice upgrade.
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Olynyk, Sully, Amir Johnson, David Lee, Brandon Bass. If nothing else at least we have big man depth now
*** Amir Johnson decent but lee does more
New Post: in which I look at Amir Johnson and Phil Kessel as they leave for other teams
From Sioux Falls Skyforce to big bucks for Amir Johnson
You do realize the celtics spent 12 mil on Amir Johnson ..
Amir Johnson got 12 million a year from the Celtics why shouldn't I chase my dreams bruh?
Sources: Amir Johnson agrees to deal with Celtics: By Adrian Wojnarowski 1 hour ago Yahoo Sports ... agreed to...
Adrian Wojnarowski / Sources: Amir Johnson agrees to deal with Celtics: Johnson averaged 9.3 points and 6.1 re...
Amir Johnson reportedly agrees to a 2-year, $24M deal with the Celtics
Amir Johnson now makes more money than Stephen Curry. Crazy day gets crazier:
Sources: Amir Johnson agrees to deal with Celtics
It's hard to defend Rozier, Hunter, Jerebko and Amir Johnson. Also hard to get excited.
You still think Danny's doing a good job? Rozier, Hunter, Jerebko, Amir Johnson, picks and $$$.
Amir Johnson has agreed to a two-year, $24 million deal with the according to Yahoo Sports Adrian Wojnarowski.
Amir Johnson's agreement with Boston will pay him $24 million over two years, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.
I know you're hiking, but congrats on signing Amir Johnson!
Free agent forward Amir Johnson has agreed to a deal with the Boston Celtics, league source tells Yahoo Sports.
We match Harris and chase someone like Amir Johnson or Brandan Wright or Ed Davis
Toronto is going to go Portis because Amir Johnson is better as an energy off the bench guy.
Alan Anderson, Tyler Hansbrough, Omri Casspi, Amir Johnson, Jonas Jerebko could be some good cheap FAs for them.
Only on NBA Live 10 lol. Two people dunking at the same time. Amir Johnson and Kurt Thomas.
Really? Marvin Williams, Amir Johnson, and Brandon Bass all before Monta Ellis? smh
Fields, Stiemsma, Hayes, Hansbrough, Williams, Amir Johnson all free agents. Probably all gone. So this team with change.
Here we go. Potentially last game in a Raptor uniform for Amir Johnson, Lou Williams, Landry Fields, Chuck Hayes, Hansbroug…
Release Chuck Hayes, Tyler Hansbrough, Amir Johnson, Landry Fields and pick up Tristian Thompson and Tyson Chandler and we are set.
Lou Will and Amir Johnson look like Nick Young and Robert Sacre these last 5-10 mins,
A combo of Brandan Wright and Amir Johnson might sound dull but we're talking Greg Monroe here. Even Stan Van is like "nah."
James Johnson is probably Clemenza (but my memory is hazy). Amir Johnson is obviously Tom Hagen.
Nolan Bushnell and James Earl Jones are eating generosity. Amir Johnson and Snoop Dogg have tennis elbow.
Keep in mind folks, the absence of Amir Johnson down the stretch / in the 2nd half was substantial as well. Game came down to 1 play/miss
DeMar DeRozan's 16 pts/10 reb & Amir Johnson's 13 pts/8 reb have the Raptors back to within 1 of the Pistons w/ 5:49 left i…
Wire: Amir Johnson starting again on Saturday - Amir Johnson | TOR
Patrick Patterson replaces Amir Johnson in the starting line up tonight vs. Golden State.
Shelly Dhingra asking Amir Johnson a wonderful question about social media, bullying and team work.
Amir Johnson isn't on a Max contract. And we already know about the foolishness Amir comes with. DeRozan a goof lately.
Feel kinda bad, Amir Johnson randomly asked for ride to Toronto hotel (Lowry, Hayes too). Was in hurry. Next time I got you
If the 2005 NBA Draft could be redrafted Lou Williams, Gortat, Amir Johnson, Brandon Bass, Monta Ellis, & Ilyasoa would be 1st round picks.
Marcus Morris, Tyler Zeller, and Barg over guys like O'Quinn, Bass, and Amir Johnson?
Lou Williams drops a dime to Amir Johnson for the JAM on
"David West for Amir Johnson and Landry Fields get it done!" Lol say wallahi where u read that cuz
The Raptors hold on to win 127-122 in OT. Amir Johnson and DeMar DeRozan combine for 50 points. Extending their winning str…
2005 was solid. Brandon Bass, Monta Ellis, Louis Williams, Amir Johnson, Marcin Gortat all in second round.
Eddie Winslow took it all the way down n laid Amir Johnson *** smh
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