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Amir Hekmati

Amir Mirza Hekmati (born 1983) is an American who was arrested for allegedly spying for the CIA in Iran.

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Amir Hekmati describes his visit to the Michigan state Senate for Memorial Day services as "bittersweet."
For senate memorial day service, former hostage Amir Hekmati comes to lansing. Guest of
Great to have Amir Hekmati with me at yesterday's meeting in Flint!
Amir Hekmati sues Iran captors for alleged torture
Amir Hekmati discusses what stored him alive throughout captivity in Iran
Amir Hekmati discusses what kept him alive during captivity in Iran From Flint Journal
Overjoyed Marine Amir Hekmati is home. Met w/ his family while he was held in Iran & can now hug him
will Amir Hekmati need the Senate to pass a bill allowing him to sue for the torture they inflicted upon him?
Former US marine and game dev Amir Hekmati is suing the state of Iran, alleging that he was tortured during his 5-year detainment. - Jason
Iranian MPs speak out on Amir Hekmati's lawsuit: "it's a US plot to steal from
"Amir Hekmati of Flint said he was...whipped, given electrical shocks and forced to take addictive drugs" in Iran.
Exclusive: U.S. marine held in Iran suing for more than $10m. The attorneys representing Amir Hekmati, the U.S.
Amir Hekmati, from Michigan, was arrested in August 2011 while in Iran to visit his dying grandmother, and was accused of being a spy for
Former US Marine Amir Hekmati suing Iran for torture he says he suffered from Iranian guards
Amir Hekmati files detailing torture in Iran
supporters: Amir Hekmati needs your voice.
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Former Marine describes being tortured for over four years in Iranian prison | via
'It turns out Iran’s government was torturing former Marine Amir Hekmati for much of the 4½ years it held him hostage...
Amir Hekmati Files Suit as Other Dual Citizens Continue to be Targeted in . https:/…
Former US marine Amir Hekmati sues Iran for abuse he endured in prison
Amir Hekmati seeks damages from the Iranian regime for false imprisonment and torture. http…
Two Iranian MPs on Amir Hekmati’s Lawsuit Against Iran: US is to Blame
Amir Hekmati, a game developer who was jailed in Iran for four and a half years, is suing the country for torture.
Listening to Amir Hekmati 's song written by Mott Community College faculty Dr. Matt Packer. Glad you are home Amir. Glad I am here!
MT Amir Hekmati returns to Flint: 'I love this city'
FLINT, Mich. (AP) — The latest on the return to the United States of former Iranian prisoner Amir Hekmati (all times local): ___ 4:40 p.m.
Best friend speaks on Amir Hekmati's release from Iran
Greetings, Craig McMorris here...we'll have an update on Amir Hekmati on TV-5 News at Noon from Congressman Dan...
Amir Hekmati, the longest-held U.S. prisoner in Iran, received medical care, his family said http…
Iran hostage Amir Hekmati's sister, Sarah, to be guest at SOTU
.What President Obama owes Iran hostage Amir Hekmati and his family |
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.Perhaps more concern 4+yrs ago over Amir Hekmati & Saeed Abedini would've deterred Iran from other bogus arrests 2/2
I'll help, thier names are: . Amir Hekmati . Saeed Abedini . Jason Rezaian . Bob Levinson
WashPost is baffled by USG "passivity" on Jason Rezaian but fails to even mention Amir Hekmati, Saeed Abedini by name
American and Marine veteran Amir Hekmati has languished behind the walls of Evin Prison in for 1,500 days. ht…
Jason Rezaian, Amir Hekmati, Saeed Abedini and Robert Levinson (4 Hostages being held in Iran) unavailable for comment.
No excuse for not demanding release of Jason Rezaian, Amir Hekmati, Saeed Abedini, & Robert Levinson in deal
Obama & Senate Dems have said to Amir Hekmati, Jason Reznian, Saeed Abedini and Robert Levinson that their lives truly do not matter!
A Gotcha Question that sadly shouldn't be: Do you know these names? Rezaian, Amir Hekmati, Saeed Abedini & Robert Levinson?
At no point in this speech will SoS utter the names Amir Hekmati. Saeed Abedini, Jason Rezaian, or Robert Levinson.
American Amir Hekmati has been unjustly imprisoned in Iran for 1,449 days.
It must really chap his *** knowing that my son, uncles, brother and Andrew Tahmooressi and Amir Hekmati are all vets
Decorated Iraq War Veteran Amir Hekmati has been held political prisoner since August 2011.
"It’s time for the Hekmati family to be with their son & brother again."
This father needs his son. must release Amir Hekmati so he can return home to care for his dad. htt…
Congressman Dan Kildee to appear on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' to discuss Amir Hekmati
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Please have & Americans like Saeed Abedini,Robert Levinson, & Amir Hekmati released.
I bet Pastor Saeed, Amir Hekmati, Jason Rezaian, Bob Levinson would love to be able to watch the finals
Our USMC Amir Hekmati is being held by Iran. . Will You Speak Out for Amir? .
ICYMI: Wolf Speaks to the Family of U.S. Amir Hekmati held by
Iran is also holding Amir Hekmati, Bob Levinson and Jason Rezaian.
Presidential contender met with Amir Hekmati's family
Hey before you cave to Obama on Iran;make sure you get Robert Levinson, Amir Hekmati,Saeed Abedini,Jason Rezaian. Too much to ask?
A brutal reality Amir Hekmati has faced every day for 1,334 days http:/…
Sir, I wish to meet with you regarding the case of Amir Hekmati. I will make myself available.
While is in US will he visit Amir Hekmati's dying father? Would be
3+ years of a lack of information & attention to efforts to free Amir Hekmati
Thank you, Congressman for speaking on behalf of Amir Hekmati and others in Evin Prison, including Pastor Saeed Abedini.
Mr. President, did you broker release of 2 IIMPRISONED AMERICANS Pastor Saeed Abedini & Amir Hekmati, in your
Praying as you release prisoners today You would have compassion on Saeed Abedini, Amir Hekmati and Jason Rezaian.
So, some journalists attacked Sgt. Tahmooressi or still captured Sgt. Amir Hekmati and call them WHAT?
This is Amir Hekmati. US Citizen . Held prisoner in Evin Prison in Tehran. for the last 1,246 days. .
Please advocate for the release of Amir Hekmati. Falsely imprisoned in Iran Evin Prison.
The American Ppl fighting to get Amir Hekmati freed from Iran Jail.His only crime visiting his family.
We call on Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to release Amir Hekmati immediately on humanitarian grounds.
So happy to see the release of our fellow Americans. We pray Saeed Abedini, Amir Hekmati, Robert Levinson, & Alan Gross will be freed soon!!
This is Amir Hekmati.. USMC Iraq war vet held prisoner in for the last 3 years.
Amir Hekmati is another one of the Americans held by Iran. He served in our United States MARINES . With honor in Iraq
. Few know who Amir Hekmati is or that he served in the United States Marines,. deployed to Iraq and served w/honor
Amir Hekmati. Hopefully Obama won't ignore his mother's plea for his safe return as he has Sgt. Tahmooressi's mother.
Amir Hekmati has marked his 1,050th day Evin Prison. He also served in the United States MARINES.. Can you please speak for him?
Fight for Pastor Saeed and Amir Hekmati . Americans held by the Iranian Govt.. .
Andrew Tahmooressi, Amir Hekmati and Pastor Saeed.. all AMERICANS of Iranian descent... Our Admin is doing what to help them?
This HERO needs to be released! A Marine veteran held now for more than 1,000 days in Iran specifically told John Kerry last fall not to exchange any prisoners for his release because of the bad precedent it would set. Sgt. Amir Hekmati's story is just one of the many that PJM is covering as part of the Yellow Ribbon Project. Read, and hit "SHARE":
Here is the difference between Bergdahl and Sgt. Amir Hekmati. Semper Fi Marine.
Please bring Bob Levinson home.. Bring Pastor Saeed and Amir Hekmati home. Held longer by Iran than the 52 hostages in 1979
. Please pray for Amir Hekmati, Pastor Saeed, Kenneth Bae ,ZackShahin . and Bob Levinson. Each held prisoner and need to come home
The 3 Americans held by Iran . Amir Hekmati . Pastor Saeed . Bob Levinson . All held longer than hostages in 1979
Amir Hekmati is only 1 American of 3 HELD BY IRAN . Pastor Saeed & Bob Levinson are also held by IRAN . ALL HELD LONGER THAN HOSTAGES IN 1979
on memorial day, renews call on to release American veteran Amir Hekmati. "1000 days since Hekmati was un…
Supporters of Amir Hekmati are holding a vigil near the White House Monday to mark the 1,000th day the Flint Township man has been imprisoned in Iran.
Amir Hekmati who was an former US marine was convicted of collaborating with the US.
Statement from the Hekmati Family on the news of Amir's secret conviction: It is with a very heavy heart that we receive the news that our son and brother, Amir Hekmati, was tried, convicted, and sentenced to ten years in prison on the charge of "Practical Collaboration with the American government" in a secret trial in December. This conviction is unsettling specifically because Amir was born and raised in the United States and committed no crime, choosing only to visit Iran to spend time with his ailing grandmother. Prior to receiving permission from Iran to visit, Amir submitted his application to the Iranian interests section in Washington D.C. and openly provided his military history both as a marine, and a contractor. Amir was then assured that he would have no problems entering Iran with this history. The lack of transparency in Amir's case has made both defending him against these false charges and fighting for his freedom a path full of obstacles, road blocks, and unpredictable difficulties. In a ...
Police news: Family of Amir Hekmati release statement on secret retrial; Man wearing only underwear while scre...
Right now 2 American Veterans are being held in Afghanistan and Iran.. Amir Hekmati USMC . Sgt Bowe Bergdahl US ARMY
This is Amir Hekmati USMC Vet today marks 956 days that he has been held prisoner in Iran Bring him home
These are the 3 Americans being held by the Iranian Govt. Amir Hekmati, Pastor Saeed and Bob Levinson .
overturns death sentence of former marine Amir Hekmati via
Lawyer: Former Marine held in Iran secretly retried: Iranian-American Amir Hekmati was convicted of...
Amir Hekmati, U.S. born one-time game developer jailed in Iran since 2011 for allegedly engaging in
The lawyer said his client, Amir Hekmati of Michigan, might be freed after serving three years of his 10-year term, which would be in August.
Congressman Dan Kildee (MI-05) issued the following statement today after reports that one of his constituents, Amir Hekmati, a former U.S. Marine, has been secretly retried by Iran’s Revolutionary Court and sentenced to a 10-year prison term:
US Citizen and Marine veteran Amir Hekmati has been unjustly detained in notorious prison for 956 days.
"Releasing Amir Hekmati would be a tangible demonstration by Iran that it is serious about rejoining the global commun…
Did Amir Hekmati, fmr Marine imprisoned in Iran, have a secret trial? More abt him in my story
'commutes death sentence' of former 'Arizona-born Amir Hekmati convicted of working for CIA. Lawye...'
Amir Hekmati retried in secret in Iran, free my ***
The family of Iranian-Ameircan Amir Hekmati wants his conviction reviewed
Former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati secretly retried and convicted in Iran, sister says.
` Former US Marine ` Amir Hekmati ' has been Convicted and Sentenced to 10 years in Prison ' - ` Former US...
convicts ex-U.S. Marine again 'Former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati was secretly retried in and convicted ...'
Iran overturns death sentence of former US marine Amir Hekmati: Arizona-born Hekmati was convicted of working...
Amir Hekmati, game developer arrested by Iran on spying charges, sentenced to 10 years
Amir Hekmati, game developer accused by Iran of spying, sentenced to 10 years
God is an awesome God.. and there is power in prayer. Pray for Amir Hekmati, Pastor Saeed, Bob Levinson, Kenneth Bae and Sgt Bowe Bergdahl
In case you have forgotten here are their pictures Amir Hekmati, Pastor Saeed and Bob Levinson
Under secretary of State department Wendy Sherman call for return of Iranian origin Amir Hekmati accused of being a US spy during a hearing in Unit...
If you are a Christian, please remember these people when you pray; if you are not a Christian, then, just please remember them as Americans in captivity. ---Saheed Abedini, American pastor...prisoner in Iran. ---Kenneth Bae, missionary...imprisoned in North Korea. ---Bowe Bergdahl, Sergeant in the U.S. Army...prisoner in Afghanistan. ---James Foley, journalist...prisoner of the Syrian regrime. ---Alan Gross, contractor...prisoner in Cuba. (64 years old) ---Amir Hekmati, former Marine...prisoner in Iran. ---Robert Levinson, former FBI...prisoner in Iran. ---Austin Tice, journalist...prisoner in Syria. At this season of the year please pray for these men; mention them to your spouse and friends. They need to be prayed for as well as mentioned to serious minded politicians and people of influence in our country. with Nickie Stevens
Washington is abuzz about a Washington Post/AP ‘expose’ of an alleged ‘rogue’ group of CIA analysts who employed retired South Florida FBI agent Robert Levinson. He was in effect a CIA contractor to skulk out information and documentation on Russian Mafia drug dealings, Iranian terrorist and nuclear programs. See WaPo national security alert, “Ex-FBI agent who disappeared in Iran was on rogue mission for CIA”. Also see our recent Iconoclast post about Iranian imprisonment of former FBI Agent Robert Levinson, U.S. Marine veteran Amir Hekmati, and Iranian-American Pastor Saeed Abedini and release of Iranian diplomats and nuclear program scientists by our government. The expose on the Levinson disappearance on Kish Island on March 9, 2007 has all the elements of a byzantine plot in a Brad Thor thriller. The Levinson CIA expose appears to follow the apt turn of phrase the more things change the more they remain the same. Doubtless there will be new requests for investigation of the 2007 Levinson . ...
In August of 2011, while visiting Iran for the first time, Iranian-American Amir Hekmati was detained by Iranian authorities. He continues to languish in Iranian prison on false charges. Free Amir Hekmati!
The most detailed take yet on US ex-Marine Amir Hekmati, held in more than 2 yrs, by for
Following is a letter from Amir Hekmati, who has been incarcerated in Iran for more than two years on espionage charges, addressed to Secretary of State John Kerry.
Sherman asks Iran to release Pastor Saeed Abedini and Amir Hekmati, asks for Iran's help to find Robert Levinson, missing 7 years
"Jailed in Iran," my story about Amir Hekmati, the ex-Marine being held in Iran, is now online:
Congressman Dan Kildee spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives about his constituent Amir Hekmati, a former U.S. Marine and Flint, Mich., native, ...
Full details at Sept 29, 2013: Obama talks hostages with Rouhani. A "senior administration official" told reporters over the weekend that President Obama asked Rouhani about the fate of three Americans currently held hostage by Iran: Robert Levinson, Saeed Abedini, and Amir Hekmati. Sept. 26, 2013: When Rouhani met Ollie North. The original account in the Tower Commission report of the 1986 meeting in Tehran (with the Bible and the cake) referred to him only as "a senior foreign affairs advisor." Now a more complete picture of Rouhani's role in Iran-contra is emerging... Sept. 24, 2013: Quds Force chief said to be directing Assad's war in Syria. New Yorker magazine profiles Qassem Suleimani, the elusive chief of the IRGC's foreign expeditionary and terrorist Quds force, said to be providing strategic advice as well as manpower to the Assad regime. Sept. 23, 2013: Jailed dissident cleric smuggles out letter for UN General Assembly. Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Borujerdi, who was arrested ...
ISNA & MPAC Meet with the Iranian President (Washington, DC - 9/27/13) – On Tuesday afternoon in New York a group of over 50 American Muslim leaders met with Dr. Hassan Rouhani, the newly elected President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Among the leaders present was Imam Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America and Salam Al-Maryati, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. The leaders discussed areas of concern for American Muslims in particular, including the crisis in Syria and growing sectarian tensions worldwide. SEE: “Iran's New President Preaches Tolerance in First UN Appearance” (New York Times) Dr. Sayyid Syeed of ISNA opened the meeting speaking about the 50 years of successful Muslim American institution building that the leaders in the room represented. Syeed congratulated President Rouhani, and thanked him for his commitment to dialogue, while emphasizing the extensive interfaith and social justice activities of the Muslim American community. Imam Magid a ...
President Rouhani Sir. If this is your wish. Please grant the pardon of Amir Hekmati to show your commitment to peace.
Some moving photos of Amir Hekmati's family and friends
WHY SHOULD WE BE SURPRISED, REDUX?: THE ‘HISTORIC’ PHONE CALL WAS A HOSTAGE NEGOTIATION By Michael Ledeen, PJ Media, September 29th, 2013 - 3:21 pm advertised, Hassan Rouhani was the star of the week at the Great UN Circus. He knew it, and he treated his American hosts with arrogance and contempt, and was duly hailed as a peace-seeker [by America’s mainstream media]. He spent hours and hours with diplomats (just not American ones), with journalists, with academic apologists such as Gary Sick, as well as with anti-American rabble rousers like Louis Farrakhan; but he [insisted] he didn’t have time [to speak to] President Obama. No matter. When the Iranians told the White House that Rouhani could squeeze in a few words on the phone, Obama eagerly called him up, thereby giving the journalists and apologists the opportunity to use their prepared language about “historic conversation,” etcetera etcetera and so forth. Rouhani’s basic message was to say “you’d better be nice to me, or you’ll . ...
opus on Amir Hekmati, who naively asked authorities if he could go to Iran - and they said yes
Diplomacy is a good goal. But I would also like to see mercy toward activists. Stop the hangings. And free Amir Hekmati.
Suspected Iranian spy with Belgian passport held in Tel Aviv Israeli police and Shin Bet officers detained Iranian-born Ali Mansouri, aka Alex Mans, on Sept. 11 at Ben Gurion airport in possession of photographs of the US embassy in Tel Aviv. Under interrogation, he described how he was enlisted and run by the Al Qods clandestine brigade of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards for special operations against American and Israeli targets. Ali Mansour entered Israel on his Belgian passport in the guise of a businessman. He gained dual citizenship by marrying a Belgian woman and divorcing his Iranian wife. Mansouri admitted he was under orders to set up straw companies as a base for Iranian undercover activities. His handlers promised him a fee $1 million. This news item was released Sunday by the Shin Bet as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was on his way to the United States for a meeting with US President Barack Obama at the White House and an address to the UN General Assembly in New York. DEBKAfile: At lea ...
US citizen and former Amir Hekmati has been unjustly imprisoned in notorious Evin Prison for 761 days.
At least 3 Americans are detained or missing in Saeed Abedini, Amir Hekmati & Robert Levinson
Former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati was arrested in Iran, a country he hold duel citizenship in, back in 2011 while visiting his grandmother. He is accused by Iran
New York—President Barack Obama, in his phone conversation with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Friday, asked for the release of Iranian-American Pastor Saeed Abedini, along with Amir Hekmati, another American imprisoned in Iran.
News from US The United States and Iran took a historic step toward ending more than three decades of estrangement on Friday when U.S. President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke by phone and agreed to work on resolving global suspicions that Tehran is trying to build a nuclear weapon. The 15-minute call capped a week of seismic shifts in the relationship that revolved around Mr. Rouhani’s participation in the annual U.N. meeting of world leaders. The night before the two leaders spoke, U.S. and European diplomats hailed a “very significant shift” in Iran’s attitude and tone in the first talks on the nuclear standoff since April. Mr. Rouhani and Mr. Obama spoke while the Iranian President was in his car and headed to the airport to fly back to Tehran, with Mr. Obama at his desk in the Oval Office. Mr. Rouhani’s aides initially reached out to arrange the conversation, and the White House placed the call. The last direct conversation between the leaders of the two countries w ...
“Jailed in Iran: the story of ex-Marine Amir Hekmati, imprisoned in Tehran since 2011 ah, why Al Jez, dude
mentioned 3 Americans detained in during his call with : Robert Levinson, Saeed Abedin…
also asked Rouhani for release of 3 Americans, incl ex-Marine Amir Hekmati from my hometown of Flint
Ailing father of Flint man Amir Hekmati, captive in Iran, sends letter to Iranian president
(1 of 2) Amir Hekmati a former US Marine has been incarcerated in Iran since 2011 under suspicion of being an A…
Free & Deport. . Commented on: Jailed in Iran: The Story of ex-Marine Amir Hekmati | Al Jazeera America:
Can we move forward w/ when there are still US political prisoners like Amir Hekmati? weighs in:
We need to stand up for our own. Please read and support getting Amir Hekmati released by Iran.
Heartbreaking story.Jailed in The Story of ex-Marine Amir Hekmati via
Dear Mr President, in an act of generosity and kindness, please send American Amir Hekmati home safely, thank you.
U.S. urges to release Robert Levinson, Amir Hekmati, and
Common Sense Wildfire Prevention As a representative of a rural area blessed with abundant forests, and as a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, I have led the charge to establish policies that would improve public safety, protect our environment and put people back to work in our forests. This includes legislation I introduced in Congress earlier this year and which recently passed the House of Representatives, the Catastrophic Wildfire Prevention Act. My legislation will allow wildfire prevention projects to move forward quickly when the public is at risk. It also empowers the private sector to create much-needed rural jobs, resurrecting the timber industry as workers thin millions of acres of ever-thickening forests. Click HERE to read my op-ed in the Payson Roundup. Another Day, Another Attack Another day, another attack on the Second Amendment by the Obama administration. On Wednesday, the Obama Administration, through Secretary of State John Kerry, signed the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty. The ...
Please pray for the release of Amir Hekmati...
You show Great Strength of Character in a Time of Chaos and War. Can you grant Amir Hekmati his freedom? …
I am happy for the support shown for Amir Hekmati and Bob Levinson and Saeed Abedini. But...what about SGT Bowe Bergdahl held captive over 4 years? What about Warren Weinstein? What about Caitlan Coleman and her husband and the baby ? What about Colin Rutherford ?
It would be nice if you allow Amir Hekmati to return home. Please show mercy??
Senator Marco Rubio calls for release of Saeed Abedini & Amir Hekmati
Amir Hekmati is a US citizen and USMC veteran wrongly imprisoned in Iran. It is time for Iran to
A fascinating look at the case of Amir Hekmati, accused of spying for America in Iran, by
The ailing father of Amir Hekmati, a former U.S. Marine jailed in Iran, begged for the release of his son in an emotional letter to new Iranian President Rouhani. The letter was and-delivered to Rouhani’s delegation at the United Nations General Assembly.
The United States respectfully asks the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to work cooperatively with U.S. officials in efforts to help U.S. citizens Robert Levinson, Amir Hekmati and Saeed Abedini to return to their families after lengthy detentions.
Prayer vigils for Christian Pastor Saeed Abedin and Amir Hekmati held captive in Iranian prison for living out their faith in Christ and Robert Levinson who went missing in Iran in 2007 were held worldwide Sept. 26 to mark one year since his arrest, to call attention to his plight and to intercede on his behalf. More information about the vigils can be found at, where more than 600,000 people have signed a petition for his release. PLEASE CONTINUE TO JOIN IN EXERCISING OUR FREEDOM OF RELIGION HERE IN THE United States BY JOINING IN UNIFIED PRAYER FOR THESE PEOPLE SUFFERING SEVERE PERSECUTION FOR THEIR FAITH IN CHRIST.
Billy Graham Writes Letter to Iranian President on Behalf of Pastor Saeed Aimee Herd (Sep 25, 2013) "On September 26, the one-year anniversary of Pastor Abedini's imprisonment, thousands will attend prayer vigils in more than 70 U.S. cities, calling on your country to release this husband, father and servant of God. I join them by respectfully asking you to release Pastor Saeed Abedini from prison. Such an action would, I believe, have a positive impact in our nation, and might well be perceived by our leadership as a significant step in reducing tensions." –Billy Graham With the new president of Iran present at the United Nations this week, it seems like many are seizing the moment to address him regarding various concerns relating to his country and governmental operations. President Obama seeks to address him about Iran's nuclear status—and then there are those Americans who are being held in Iranian prisons. While family and lawmakers press President Rowhani for the release of former US Marine Ami ...
On Aug. 29, 2011, Amir Hekmati was getting ready to celebrate the end of Ramadan with extended family in Tehran.
Dear Brother Billy Graham, Can you also, write a letter for Our Michigander Amir Hekmati who is imprisoned in Iran to ask for the Iranian Gov. and Pres. to "Free Amir Hekmati " ? I saw and read your letter asking about that one Pastor to be released from Iran I though that maybe you could write a letter to Iran for Amir's Release too. Thank you Brother Billy Graham. I have faith in God and am praying that Amir can be freed too. God Bless You Brother. And thank you for an support or help that you can do in helping Amir Hekmati's release from Iran.
Praying for Saeed Abedini on this one year anniversary of his imprisonment in Iran. Also for Amir Hekmati, another American and U.S. Marine, imprisoned there. May God protect you, send His angels to comfort and care for you, and find a way of escape for you to come home.
Here's the part in the interview where /amanpour asks about Saeed Abedini: AMANPOUR: Secretary of State John Kerry has made a specific appeal to you and to the Iranian government, asking you to help three - free three Americans who have been detained for many, many years. And their families are desperate for news of them. They've given us interviews. They've spoken to us. They really are desperate for news of these people - Bob Levinson, who's been disappeared since March of 2007; Amir Hekmati, who's a 30-year-old jailed since 2011 and says on - on a coerced false confession; and Saeed Abedini, who's 33 years old and was jailed a year ago on religion-related charges.
Tom Wickham shares Thursday's big news from GM, Congressman Dan Kildee (pictured) talks about efforts to free Flint's Amir Hekmati from an Iranian prison, organizers for the local "Daniel Pearl World Music Day" and local efforts to solve the murder of Pablo Lopez on The Tom Sumner Program on Flint's News Talk 1470 WFNT Thursday beginning at 3 p.m. Plus power up with powerful talk and win. Stream Tom and co-host Andrea Sutton weekdays from 3-6 p.m. (Eastern) LIVE at
September 25, 2013, Washington, D.C. - Congressman Dan Kildee (D-MI) has launched a “Free Amir” photo campaign in Congress to raise awareness of, and call for the release of, Amir Hekmati, an Iranian American who has been detained in Iran since August 2011.
. The family of U.S. Marine veteran Amir Hekmati has a message for new president: Their American son is not a spy, has never been one, and he should be released immediately from prison in Iran. Share if you agree! — at United Nations. 92Like · · Share
Mom: 'Let my son come home' - CNN's Drew Griffin speaks with the family of Amir Hekmati, a former U.S. Marine who is being held as a prisoner in Iran.
Imprisoned in Iran as a CIA spy, Amir Hekmati refuses to be ransomed. Some background from CNN: [Amir] Hekmati joined the Marines in 2001 out of high school. He finished his service four years late...
The new Iran President has freed 80 so far. That is great! I hope he continues to review cases and includes Amir Hekmati very soon!
Amir Hekmati, the American-born son of Iranian emigres, traveled to Iran in August 2011 to visit his elderly grandmother. Like most second-generation Iranians, he applied for an Iranian passport, scoffed at his parents' worried admonitions, and set off for Tehran with the excitement of a young man n...
Watch CNN tonight at 7 EST for an exclusive piece on Amir Hekmati and his family.
Congressman Dan Kildee appears on FOX News to discuss his bipartisan coalition of 64 Members of Congress, who today called on Iran to release Amir Hekmati.
During this week’s United Nations General Assembly, Iran’s President Rouhani will address the UN in New York. This is a great opportunity for the newly elected Rouhani to speak to his position as a moderate and address Amir’s case. Help us to give Amir a voice as well. Please dial the UN Comment line at 212.415.4062 and leave a message calling on to release former Marine, Amir Hekmati.
IRAN: Prisoners’ Release Welcomed Ahead of Rouhani UN Visit " 'let's hope that president Hassan Rouhani will announce a 'national amnesty' for all the political prisoner, paving way to national solidarity, which IRAN needs at the moment "KAC Rouhani Should Continue to Address Human Rights Crisis (September 18, 2013) – The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran welcomes the release today of several prisoners of conscience in Iran, including lawyer and human rights defender Nasrin Sotoudeh. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani should continue to take concrete steps towards improving the urgent human rights situation in his country as he prepares to address the United Nations, the Campaign added. The Campaign calls for the immediate release of all prisoners of conscience, including two Iranian-Americans currently imprisoned in Iran for political reasons, Amir Hekmati and Christian Pastor Saeed Abedini. “When I was released, I did not sign for furlough. They told me, ‘You are free,’” Sotoudeh ...
U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee writes Secretary of State John Kerry asking to make returning Flint's Amir Hekmati from I...
Carl Levin: U R speaking 4 Amir Hekmati in Evin Prison. What about Saeed Abedini. US citizen who has done nothing wrong.
CNN's reports on case of Amir Hekmati: Family Pleads for Release of former Marine Imprisoned in
Amir Hekmati is an American citizen and former Marine and combat veteran that has been held in Iran's Evin Prison for over 500. In August of 2011,...
Art show to be held to bring awareness to Genesee County resident Amir Hekmati's detainment in Iran
my prayer for today is for Amir Hekmati, please join me.
Family, friends and community supporters came together for a Candlelight Vigil for Flint native Amir Hekmati. The vigil took place on Mott Community College’s south lawn on September 25 at 7 p.m.
Brother 2 Brother was honored yesterday to sing for a Candlelight Vigil for Amir Hekmati detained in Iran and his father, Ali Hekmati, who suffered both a stroke and the removal of a brain tumor. Check out the pics and take a moment to offer your thoughts and prayers for Amir's safe return to his family and Ali's recovery.
Dozens turn out for Candlelight Vigil for Amir Hekmati: A small crowd gathered on the Mott Community College cam...
Candlelight Vigil tomorrow evening at 7:00 PM in the plaza outside of the library at Mott Community College. Come and extend your support to the Hekmati family, for Ali Hekmati in the hospital in Novi, and Amir Hekmati imprisoned in Iran. Iranian officials will be in the U.S. this week. Let's make sure this plea for freedom gets heard!
Nearly one year ago, the son of a Flint couple was arrested in Iran. Since then family and friends have been fighting for the safe release of Amir Hekmati.
I helped translate some documents that made the Satanic Republic of Iran angry. I am proud to have done it. I personally did it for all those political prisoners who are dying under torture for no reason other than the creation of terror for the Iranian poeple living in Iran. I do it for the people of Kurdistan who have bee persecuted from the begining, and the Bahai'is who lost all their civil rights and many of their lives. I fight with all my strength, even when I am so exhausted that I can not even sleep, i fight in the memory of all those who were put in front of firing squads for simply reading an article, for those who believed in a free Iran and payed with their lives, for homosexuals in Iran who are considered non persons, and so many many more. all the lawyers, human rights activists, women rights activits, workers activits, journalists, bloggers.all the angels of Iran. I do it for Saeed Malekpour, Hamid Ghassemi-Shall, Hossein Derakhshan and Amir Hekmati who are Canadian and Amican citizens in ...
Amir Hekmati, former Marine, awaiting retrial for alleged espionage.
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