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Amile Jefferson

Amile Jefferson (born May 7, 1993) is an American college basketball player for the Duke Blue Devils.

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What do Duke's Grayson Allen, Amile Jefferson and more think of Thornwell and the Gamecocks? Hear it from them
Wasn't Amile Jefferson, Carlos Boozer's backup? How the *** is he still on the team?
him and Amile Jefferson are 27 hooping with 19 year olds
yeah at this pt he should unless he can turn himself into an Amile Jefferson type
Duke's Amile Jefferson on South Carolina: “When you play against a team that is hungry, you have to match that.”
Fifth year senior Amile Jefferson on his time at Duke and as a leader.
I have them losing to butler. Duke has too many shooters(and Amile Jefferson still) to lose when they're all healthy
Wondering how Kotsar will guard Amile Jefferson is easily one of the weirdest thoughts to ever pass through my head.
"When we are hitting like that, we are really dangerous, but we have to keep playing defense"—Amile Jefferson:…
Amile Jefferson has now played in more games than any other player in Duke history 149. Laettner & Singler had 148
"We had active hands on defense, getting deflections and blocks." Amile Jefferson
Blend of old (all-time Duke games leader Amile Jefferson) & young (Jayson Tatum) lead Duke over Troy.
With his 3 blocked shots, Amile Jefferson moves to 8th all time while at Duke. It was his 149th game at Duke which…
The most Amile Jefferson quote of my life.
Don’t know who Duke would rather have. SC crowd is loud, but Wojo knows Duke inside and out having played with Amile Jefferson.
Amile Jefferson-Duke will advance to the round of 32 finished with 8
Amile Jefferson in the locker after wins opening round
.asked Amile Jefferson about the damaged spot on the floor. Hilarity ensued.
Grayson Allen, Jayson Tatum & Amile Jefferson's faces from the bench in the background of this are EVERYTHING.
Amile Jefferson played in the Kevin Ware injury game
Rough on-ball defensive night for Amile Jefferson so far. Stopped moving his feet. Gotta buckle down
amile Jefferson will shut Jackson down and Kansas is screwed
also amile jefferson is older than andre drummond, bradley beal and MKG. top 10 draft the 2012 draft 👀😬
So, Luke Kennard had his worst shooting night of the season, Amile Jefferson struggled on D and Duke still won by 22.
Kennedy Meeks and Amile Jefferson been on Tobacco Road for *** near a decade
Today's starters for Duke—Frank Jackson, Luke Kennard, Matt Jones, Jayson Tatum and Amile Jefferson. Allen still coming…
"It’s time for everyone to grow up, buckle down and be men.”—Amile Jefferson:.
"You can’t help off Grayson, you can’t help off Matt, you can’t help off Jayson"—Amile Jefferson on Duke's spacing:. htt…
How long have Amile Jefferson and Matt Jones been on Duke?
Serious Amile Jefferson on his way to winning the Pete Newell award? He's been incredible in the post.
Jayson Tatum, Luke Kennard and Amile Jefferson combine for 75 points as No. 5 Duke takes down No. 21 Florida at MSG. http…
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Amile Jefferson is the new Perry Ellis. Feel like that dude has to be 30 at this point.
Spike Albrecht has to be the captain of the All-Senior team but Amile Jefferson is second
Duke announces that Amile Jefferson, Matt Jones and Grayson Allen are the 2016-17 captains. Repeat nods for Jones and Jeff…
Men's Basketball: Possible interconference challenge in MAAC's future: Duke's Amile Jefferson, left, and Luke...
Fab-Five plus Grayson Allen, Amile Jefferson, Luke Kenard and Matt Jones, one of the most talented teams ever?
Duke going win it all! 4 5 stars and Grayson Allen, Luke Kennard and Amile Jefferson.
If you look carefully at my Avi, it's me thoroughly explaining to Amile Jefferson how to defend Frank Kaminsky in a future Nat. Title. Game.
Why Amile Jefferson choking that dog😂...Why do they even have a dog
Amile Jefferson granted medical redshirt, will return to Duke.
with Amile Jefferson returning to Duke that has to help UK, right?
stars Grayson Allen and Amile Jefferson hanging out after the game, assuming to chat with former teammate Justise Winslow
Just saw Amile Jefferson and Grayson Allen at Charlotte Hornets playoff game Duke representing
Amile Jefferson got ruled eligible for a fifth season at Duke. This is great news. We lost a lot of defense when he went down.
Feels good to be able to use Amile Jefferson photos again. Been awhile. 😎
Amile Jefferson will play a fifth season at Duke
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Duke's Amile Jefferson receives medical hardship waiver, will be back next season
Amile Jefferson officially cleared to play for Duke in 2016-17 season
We're thrilled that '12 will return to play for for the 2016-17 season!
Amile Jefferson coming back to Duke decreases the chances of Duke getting Marques Bolden but Coach K will have to kick an…
[ESPN] Roundball chatter: Duke Blue Devils get stronger with return of Amile Jefferson: . Duke was alrea...
Roundball chatter: Jefferson gives Duke yet another piece: Each week, I'll write about the sport I love: coll...
Amile Jefferson and Harry Giles will start next year no matter what.
Amile Jefferson is officially eligible for 2016-17!
Some Duke fans here to cheer on the Blue Devils. The biggest cheer leader is Amile Jefferson.
Amile Jefferson in street clothes for tonight's game, still a great sign with him practicing this week.
Amile Jefferson still in street clothes
Apparently no surprise return for Duke's Amile Jefferson tonight. He arrived in street clothes courtside as teammates out for early warmups
Amile Jefferson in street clothes, walking boot as his team huddles courtside
Hearing some Amile Jefferson rumblings. Please let it be true. Duke would be peaking and getting healthy at a very opportune time.
Amile Jefferson cleared for live action?!?!?
Don't look now but Amile Jefferson will be back Thursday vs FSU for
Amile Jefferson might be back in action for Duke Thursday 😁😁😁
Duke will make Final Four if Amile Jefferson comes back
Is Grayson Allen hinting at Amile Jefferson's return? I know this is your squad. What do you think?
Is Amile Jefferson back for Duke? Would be huge addition if so. Were a top-5 team with him healthy.
Duke just beat UNC in Chapel Hill -- without Amile Jefferson and Matt Jones.
Duke's Allen just posted a photo with Jefferson and the caption "Milly"... Amile a go for Thursday night???
Duke inside sources: Amile Jefferson is cleared to come back into live action.
Brown: "Coach K said today that he expects Matt Jones to play against Florida State, but I think Amile Jefferson should just redshirt"
Let's imagine that game with Matt Jones and Amile Jefferson hmmm. Just wait until Duke's healthy, just wait.
we need Amile Jefferson back...are they telling you ANYTHING regarding a target return?! I can't find a thing on him.
I still can't believe Amile Jefferson had to sit out this whole season... We could've been so much better with him
Duke’s lack of depth caught up to it in a loss at Louisville today (by
Lol people think Amile Jefferson can control brice 😂😂 brice will make him look like he plays church league
"Not having Amile Jefferson takes duke out of the equation" -Jay Williams
Hey, Matt Jones and Amile Jefferson don't worry, this has been a great season with great player including you two Go duke!
If Duke had Amile Jefferson they'd be a borderline contender, but I'm not sold on them at the moment. Ingram & Allen only consistent scorers
Duke appears to have really turned a corner the past 2 weeks, but I'm now firmly in the "Amile Jefferson should redshir…
Stories from yesterday on North Carolina (Duke (and Indiana (
Hoop Thoughts on Diamond Stone, Amile Jefferson and why Shaka Smart is a better coach than I thought. Lots more! https:…
with a healthy Amile Jefferson how high is Dukes ceiling come March
I hope the real scoop with Amile Jefferson's foot injury is that he stomped his Wii U because he couldn't beat Champion's Road.
On top of Amile Jefferson being out, Derryck Thornton still can't crack the starting lineup.(Sigh). This is why I wanted Jamal Murray...
Duke senior forward Amile Jefferson has sustained a right foot injury and will be out indefinitely, school announces.
Okafor knew how to win with Justice Winslow, Tyus Jones, Grayson Allen, Amile Jefferson, Marshall Plumlee
Amile Jefferson is the most expensive F on tomorrow's cbb slate. I want to start 9 guards
but he loses to Mercer a seed with Jabari Parker, Quinn Cook, Amile Jefferson, etc.
Amile Jefferson has some company in double-double land...
My other favorite player in CBB right now? Amile Jefferson. He's had a double-double in every Duke game this year. 16&15 against UK.
will be in trouble if Marshall Plumlee and Amile Jefferson are still their best players in january. Not worried. yet
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How Amile Jefferson reacts to Kentucky making great plays is the best thing I've seen ever.
does Amile Jefferson slip into the second round, reminds me of Lance Thomas who went undrafted
Amile Jefferson might the best all-around player on this team. But if Grayson Allen & Brandon Ingram aren't Top 3, that's a problem.
Nice to see Amile Jefferson coming back for his 18th season at Duke
My All-Senior feel like they've played at their schools ten years team: . Spike Albrecht. Yogi Ferrell. Ron Baker. Perry Ellis . Amile Jefferson
BEYOND THE ARC: Amile Jefferson gets the game ball after his 3rd straight double-double:
maybe i'm dreaming but did Amile Jefferson eat against kentucky frontline
him and Amile Jefferson like 35 still in college g
"Amile Jefferson can pick up where Jahlil Okafor left off"
Ingram is talented; Grayson Allen didn't play well tonight but is good. Amile Jefferson & Matt Jones are solid IMO.
If Amile Jefferson and Marshall Plumlee are their top two contributors, Duke isn't gonna win too many big games.
Amile Jefferson gonna be that dude this year.
Marshall Plumlee & Amile Jefferson only ones puttin in real work tonight 💪
Bruh Amile Jefferson is like 34 years old
Senior Amile Jefferson turned in his third straight double-double for the Blue Devils:
And we get to ruin senior night for Amile Jefferson this year.
Well, Amile Jefferson played well. Guard play has got to improve. Still early in the season for a young team, we got this!
We saw how Duke was against NBA talent tonight. The verdict: not so good (outside of Amile Jefferson).
Amile Jefferson and Matt Jones are studs, upper class men kept Duke close. Ingram and Allen were no shows.
but plumlee is trash in the paint and at free throws your only hope in the paint Is Amile Jefferson and he's okay
Pretty brutal game all & all. Super happy with how Amile Jefferson & Marshall Plumlee played two seinors have came along way.
Amile Jefferson looks like an incredible player
If Amile Jefferson is your leading scorer you will lose plenty of games. Grayson Allen needs to wake up
Marshall Plumlee, Matty Jones and Amile Jefferson: 44 points, 25 rebounds. Rest of Duke: 19 points and 9 rebounds. Nope just nope
Amile Jefferson and Marshall Plumlee killed it tonight 😈 just wasn't enough for the win):
Dook loses by *** near 30 without Amile Jefferson and Marshall Plumlee getting a bunch of put backs. Be afraid, be very afraid
UK wins 74-63. Tyler Ulis leads all scorers with 18 pts. Amile Jefferson & Matt Jones with 16 for Duke
Never thought I'd see the day when Amile Jefferson looks like Dukes best player
with 6'9 Brandon Ingram on the wing and 6'9 Amile Jefferson in the post, I see Derek Willis and Marcus Lee at the 3 and 4
ACC Basketball blog: Amile Jefferson, Matt Jones practicing again for
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Amile Jefferson and Marshall Plumlee key to Duke’s success this year
no way is Amile Jefferson still in college. No way!
Duke has Luke Kennard, Amile Jefferson, Derryck Thornton, Marshall Plumlee and Brandon Ingram running plays on one side of the court.
Hear from Amile Jefferson on playing in the benefiting Wounded Warrior Project:
Coach K just announced Marshall Plumlee, Amile Jefferson and Matt Jones are tri-captains next year.
Amile Jefferson breaking out in Birthday Sex in the middle of class in honor of Jeremih tonight
Amile Jefferson regarding me and my boys passing a nalgene of oj and alcohol back and forth in class: "oh *** they turnin up too!"
Celebrating with Amile Jefferson and Matt Jones after we get out of this 10:05 though.
Amile Jefferson from duke on the left
amile Jefferson doesn't get enough in media but K fauns over him
This oldman on the bus was like . oldman:"i know you i saw you on tv" . me:" Really". oldman:"Oh yeah you Amile Jefferson's sister". really😑
Thornton is gonna step in for Tyus, amile Jefferson will probably be the 5. 4.Chase Jeter 3.Grayson 2. Luke Kennard
please check out my article on Amile Jefferson!. The Art of Sacrifice
Jeter and Jefferson are fun to have. Jeter will be the 5 defensively and the 4 offensively. Amile would flip with him.
Duke is also pursuing 5-star small forward Brandon Ingram, and have Amile Jefferson and Matt Jones returning. They'll be tough, once again.
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So lets talk about the time I visited Duke for my birthday and met Amile Jefferson and Grayson Allen
and if he goes to Duke, who is he going to take the starting role from? Matt Jones, Grayson Allen, or Amile Jefferson?
One more time for West Philly's own Amile Jefferson Ya dig. Game changed when they put him on the player of the year. h…
So far 25 has been treating me good! Went to duke and met Grayson Allen and Amile Jefferson! Now it's time for drinks in Greenville.
Difference between K and Gott? Amile Jefferson and others stay at Duke, while Kyle Washington and others leave NCSU.
Duke won't be short on bodies up front next year. Amile Jefferson & Marshall Plumlee back, Chase Jeter and Vrankovic in, …
*** you Amile Jefferson, Duke is so close to starting a whiteout and you have to go and ruin everything.
Grayson Allen will be fine once he's surrounded by some more All Americans. Plus Amile Jefferson is still there.
I feel so sorry for you if you really believe that.. Gotta start over Amile jefferson first
yea him, Matt Jones and Amile Jefferson I think. Luke Kennard coming in...they should be decent
My Duke boys have lost Okafor, Winslow, Tyus Jones, Quinn Cook, & Amile Jefferson. Next year is gonna be the biggest struggle
oh ok well hopefully he is at least like an Amile Jefferson
Grayson Allen, Luke Kennard, Amile Jefferson, Matt Jones, Semi, Chase Jeter with more recruits lol we good
Whole new Duke squad next year. Amile Jefferson, Grayson Allen, Matt Jones are the only ones back.
So right now, Grayson Allen, Matt Jones, & Amile Jefferson are the only sure things to start next year
SEASON REVIEW: Amile Jefferson struggled with inconsistent play through much of the season: http…
I have a few people I want to have a random cool convo with. Quinn Cook, Kendall Marshall, PatIsDope, Amile Jefferson, OutKast …
Lol"Hakim Warrick and Amile Jefferson got NCAA they get statues built on city ave?"
The defensive job 6-9 Amile Jefferson did for crucial stretches on Kaminsky was key to Duke's win. 7 rebounds, 3 block…
At least I got some type of rooting interest in this game...Amile Jefferson...friends central city ave's finest
Amile Jefferson '12 looks to join Hakim Warrick '01 as the 2nd alum to win an NCAA basketball champ.
I'll be hosting the next 4 hours on ... Gonzaga's Kevin Pangos and Duke's Amile Jefferson will join me.
Amile Jefferson and Grayson Allen are on for Duke, as Jones squared gets a breather. Plumlee's free throws give Duke an…
Matt Jones and Rasheed Sulaimon check in for the first time. Tyus Jones and Amile Jefferson head to the bench.
I love Amile Jefferson man plays so hard every play and does all the little things
ya boi Amile “Amile Jefferson first half MVP for Duke so far. 7 and 7.”
Great rundown of the basketball by Tyus Jones, but Karl Hess awards UConn the basketball anyways on an Amile Jefferson "charge."
Lost in the shuffle of Duke's strong early start is the play of Amile Jefferson. 8.9 PPG, 8.3 RPG. Underrated passer and defender. GLUE GUY.
Just saw the highlight of Amile Jefferson knocking down the 15 footer in the 1st half. Huge plus for the offense if he can show that range.
oh com on now. Amile Jefferson has over a 4.0 in college, while Tyus Jone and Matt Jones have over 3.6. Okafor might be dumb
Amile Jefferson keeps balls alive..thanks for that quote Seth
Cant say enough of how Quinn Cook and Amile Jefferson's improvement is vital. The youngins are good but oldies are the Xfactors
Jackson up to 25 points now. Matt Jones in for Amile Jefferson to help with ball control and the in-bounds play
Amile Jefferson may have renamed Jahlil Okafor Jahzilla, but I've renamed Tyus Stones.
How about that sequence for Amile Jefferson!!!
Amile Jefferson coming up big though. That's the veteran leadership that is gonna make Duke so dangerous this year!
Huge plays at both ends by Amile Jefferson.
Amile Jefferson might be most improved player for duke
That's three straight defensive stops by Amile Jefferson, if you're scoring from home.
love it when guards try to attack Amile Jefferson off of switches, literally never works
Amile Jefferson has that crazy eye going on
Duke goes small. Amile Jefferson playing the center spot
Amile Jefferson is a less athletic version of Alex Poythress.
Amile Jefferson playin defense like Spider-Man right there.
Nigel Hayes needs to be in the game. Amile Jefferson doesn't have a rebound yet.
I think that's why K was putting Jefferson on Kaminski. Amile can do a better job defending WISC big men on the arc.
If Amile Jefferson just hit a jump shot then this team can do anything.
Amile Jefferson is so good this year but he's the ugliest player in college basketball
Amile Jefferson really wanted to jack up a heat check.
Amile Jefferson is what everyone always wished Lance Thomas would have been. Instead of an insufferable douchenozzle with no J.
Amile Jefferson just nailed a 19' jumper. Duke is going win by 30
Amile Jefferson's game has improved so much
I know that Amile Jefferson is getting better. Love watching guys grow
Amile Jefferson! Love him, too. My kind of player. Lance Thomas 2.0
If that becomes a consistent part of Amile Jefferson’s game, look out!
If Amile Jefferson can actually start hitting that shot ...
Still can't figure out why Amile Jefferson went to duke
Bodies go flying as Amile Jefferson takes a hard foul. He hits a pair from the charity stripe before heading to the ben…
Duke will trot out the same starting five as usual tonight—Quinn Cook, Tyus Jones, Justise Winslow, Amile Jefferson and…
A change in the starting five. Senior Quinn Cook will start alongside Tyus Jones, Justise Winslow, Amile Jefferson and …
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Hear what Jahlil Okafor, Quinn Cook and Amile Jefferson had to say about Duke's season opener Fri. vs. Presbyterian: ht…
Senior Quinn Cook and junior Amile Jefferson were named captains for the 2014-15 season, the team announced today: http…
To me, servicable is like Amile Jefferson type. He's got a good size/mobility combo that is trouble for most college bigs
Nothing against Amile Jefferson, but I'd love to see Marshall Plumlee start with this team going forward.
Rasheed Sulaimon, Amile Jefferson, tyler thorton need to give up there scholarship at Duke. That Duke game was the worst performance I have seen Duke play since coach K had back problems in 1995 Cherokee Parks could play better these wack *** Marshall Plumlee needs to go in a gym learn how play in the post Go Watch Hakeem, Patrick , or even Kevin McHale cause yall are trash yall not going make it out the 2nd round of ncaa tournament. Harrison play bettter
Amile Jefferson, the teams’ second-year Forward, and the Freshman phenom Jabari Parker actually lead the team in rebounding.
I'm done these refs are ridiculous there's no way Duke can win this with refs making these types of calls... Rakeem Christmas can fake a spin into Amile Jefferson sending him on his *** and get the foul... Jabari Parker has 2 men hang on his arms in the paint for a layup, rebound AND A PUTBACK and gets nothing!?
Maybe the refs will call it when Rodney Hood & Amile Jefferson take 7 steps w/ the ball EVERY SINGLE EFFING TIME they touch it by then
Man it's the same story every year. Two people who can score, the rest of the team is a waste of space. I'm gonna rip into them all. Tyler Thorton, you start every game and average 2ppg. Enough said. Josh Hairston. Start every game, average 4. You have one of the biggest bodies on the team and you are a forward you are supposed to be the closest to the rim, the ball should be fed to you and you turn around and score. But what you actually do is fill a spot. How you get any playing time is a mystery to me. If it was any other team in America you wouldn't even be on the practice squad. Amile Jefferson you score one basket and you act like you just won the national championship, but you score like one of those a game. I won't touch on Rodney Hood or Jabari Parker because they are our only hope. The team as a whole could be scored on by a youth recreation team. I'm done. Sorry y'all
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Today from The Blue Zone... —Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey, a former Duke assistant, speculates that current associate head coach Steve Wojciechowski could receive a head coaching offer this spring: this week's stock watch, the market for Andre Dawkins continues to rise, but don't overlook the recent string of play by Amile Jefferson, either:
Jabari Parker ends with 23 points. Rodney Hood and Quinn Cook each had 14, Amile Jefferson with 11 off the bench and Sheed with eight.
I wish I could have a conversation with Coach K, because sometimes he puzzles me with his decisions. Your starting lineup *** What does Tyler Thorton do? He scores 1 point a game and he fouls out of every game. Meanwhile Andre Dawkins can shoot 10x better than him, he is taller and he can drive and finish. Next, why is Amile Jefferson even on the roster much less starting? You have a 7ft guy on your team that has played like 5 minutes all season. You can't tell me that a string bean like Jefferson can play defense better than Marshall Plumlee! Hello you are getting thrashed on the inside! You gave up 51 points in the paint against Vermont! You know why Plumlee is playing confused when he gets in the game? Because he never plays in games! He is a sophomore and I bet I have seen coach K court more than him. I always hear how coach K gets the most out of his talent, well these past few years I question that. Amile Jefferson was like the power forward in high school󾰕 that dude has zero skills in my book .. ...
It absolutely blows my mind that Marshall Plumlee, Josh Hairston and Amile Jefferson are the best big men Duke can get. SOFT!
Amile Jefferson will probably go down as my 3rd favorite Duke player ever... Behind Nolan Smith and Quinn Cook
All you see right now on fb is Mexico this Mexico that. Even the baseball off-season is more interesting to me than this "huge" soccer game. I'd rather find out who's winning the cy young award then who won a soccer game. The highlights of Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, and Amile Jefferson from lasts nights college basketball games are more exciting.
Tyler Thornton, Quinn Cook, Rodney Hood, Jabari Parker and Amile Jefferson. What a great line up tonight for Duke.
Jabari Parker, Amile Jefferson, and Rodney Hood all took in today.
THIS IS YOUR 15 DAY'S AWAY WARNING!..Coach K has officially announced his high octane take no prisners starting 5,..or at least his first starting 5 on this stacked an loaded Duke Squad..Check It,..Rasheed Suliamon,Jabari Parker,Rodney Hood,Amile Jefferson & Quinn Cook...yeah haters i know you thinking WHAT! THAT DON'T SOUND just think,Coach K still has in his arsonal at his disposal Tyler Thorton,Andre Dawkins,Matt Jones,Semi Ojeleye,Alex Murphy,Marshall Plumlee & Josh Hairston...Wowww yeah i know,.scary thought aint it...very scary thought.IT IS WHAT IT IS THOUGH :)
Duke team this year,Jabari Parker,Quin Cook,Rasheed Sulaimon,Tyler Thornton,Rodney Hood,Amile Jefferson,its gonna be a good year.
Lack of size but Marshall Plumlee is 7'0" and has put on 25lbs of muscle this summer. Amile Jefferson has put on 20lbs.
You can throw Semi in the mix with Jabari Parker,Rodney Hood an Matt Jones..this dude Semi has got crazy mad just think,these guys are joining forces with returning experienced an talent loaded Quinn Cook,Rasheed Suliamon,Amile Jefferson,Tyler Thorton,Alex Murhy,Marshall Plumlee an Andre Dawkins...just the thought of this team is epically scary,i'm excited every year for Duke Basketball but honestly in all my entire life as a Blue Devil fan i have never been as excited an more anxious to see one of our Duke Squads as much i am to see this mind blowing highlight reel stacked 2013-2014 season squad,.WOHH! GO Duke Blue Devils!!
Forgot to mention Sulaimon, Quinn Cook, and Amile Jefferson getting another year of experience
Kansas will be tough to beat this year. I think they are the favorites. Duke's season hinges on just how good Rodney Hood is, and just how big Amile Jefferson and Jabari Parker can play. If Hood can score like Coach K says he can, and Jefferson and Parker can effectively rebound and guard big men (not many in the ACC this year), then Duke will have a great chance at taking the championship.
has had 2 McDonalds All Americans in the last 2 years in Rondae Jefferson and Amile Jefferson.
. I think Amile Jefferson is the preferred starter at the 5, provided he can get a little bigger and hold his own.
LOL hanging out in the airport with Amile Jefferson and everyone treats us like celebrities
BREAKING: Amile Jefferson thinking of going pro. It may take 2 yrs, but he has started thinking about deciding about the choice.
solid recruiting and amile Jefferson we
Maybe, but I'm still going to deny him the pleasure, just like Amile Jefferson will deny his shots next year.
Duke will have a frontline next yr that features Marshall Plumlee, Josh Hairstom, Amile Jefferson. Not very formidable
S/O to Amile Jefferson and Rasheed Sulaimon the freshmen played a fantastic game
is Amile Jefferson... And which plumlee, it better be Marshall.
Marshall Plumlee in the game, with Amile Jefferson and Alex Murphy
Marshall Plumlee and Amile Jefferson in the game replacing Mason and Kelly. Curry nails 1-of-2 from the line.
This is for all you Duke dinner with Adam Swift at outback and Mason Plumlee and Amile Jefferson walk in! Very cool!
Any updates on the starting lineup for Wednesday? Amile Jefferson deserves it...
One thing that came out of the Priester drama? State football now has its own Amile Jefferson
Duke's Amile Jefferson poised for a breakout.
Amile Jefferson could be ready for an emergence
Amile Jefferson has really stepped up in Ryan Kelley's absence. Should be considered for freshman if he keeps it up.
rknone: DURHAM, NC - JANUARY 17: Amile Jefferson and Seth Curry of the Duke Blue Devils tangle with M…
I think Quinn Cook. Seth curry. Tyler thorton. (Plays good D and good on road. ) amile Jefferson and mason. Smart shots and rebound= win
ICYMI: A look at Amile Jefferson and Rasheed Sulaimon, Duke's freshman who stepped up in the GaTech win
Leandro Barbosa is committing fouls like he's Amile Jefferson. I mean half of that with love.
nah no cheating... I can easily be beat. I've yet to beat lilmsliz or amile jefferson.
Seth and Sulaimon getting they shooting stroke back and Amile Jefferson has been a stud since Kelly been hurt
Amile Jefferson at Duke looks like the real deal.Coach K is developing a strong bench
Before I leave Cameron, here's a quick note: Amile Jefferson the last two games: 40 minutes, 16 points and 14 rebounds.
Amile Jefferson is going to be a baller. Bench Josh Hairston already...
amile Jefferson was good on them boards!
Amile Jefferson showed a lot of promise tonight. Alex Murphy, too. Good signs …
Amile Jefferson is a gritty player to b so slim
Don't care much for Duke, but I gotta watch Amile Jefferson play.
Amile Jefferson 4 pts from a double double.
AMILE JEFFERSON! Just outfought 4 GT players trying to get a rebound! Take some playing time, sir.
Amile Jefferson sacrifices his body again to secure another offensive rebound, his 10th rebound of the game.
Agreed. Hope this puts to rest any notion that Hairston should be playing ahead of Jefferson. Amile is a LOT better right now.
So 1 more foul from Amile Jefferson and we get another video from right?
Amile Jefferson>>> shoutz out to putting me on him last summer!
Amile Jefferson reppin our city. lol
Quinn Cook= nasty. Amile Jefferson= SO PROMISING. Mason= Mason. Seth= Seth. Can't believe we're only down two when we so clearly miss the Kraken, especially on defense.
Amile Jefferson made a living running the floor like that in high school. Dangerous in the open court.
Amile Jefferson being one, and Marshall Plumlee being the other. We straight.
I wonder if Marshall Plumlee, Josh Hariston or Amile Jefferson will start
Duke's got a good bench we should be fine. Either Marshall Plumlee, Amile Jefferson, or Josh Hairston will step up for us.
Duke's lack of development of Amile Jefferson, Alex Murphy and, now, Marshall Plumlee is a real concern. Directly related to rebounding woes
It frustrates me to no end that Josh Hairston and Tyler Thornton get minutes over Amile Jefferson and Alex Murphy.
What's up with Alex Murphy, Amile Jefferson, and Marshall? Why they not playing?
And if none of that's going, Coach K can turn to a solid bench with Amile Jefferson, Josh Hairston, Alex Murphy, and Miles Plumlee
No action yet for Amile Jefferson or Alex Murphy yet this game. No MP3 in the second half yet.
uhh, you do realize Duke has Rodney Hood, Alex Murphy, Amile Jefferson AND Ojeleye comin in next year right?
BREAKING NEWS: Jabari Parker de-commits from duke heading to NC state and so is Amile Jefferson... Source: Keaton Derks
lol Duke was hype behind gettin amile k dont even play the man smh lol
With Plumlee taking a breather, Duke's offense stagnates. Amile Jefferson whistled for the charging violation with 7:48 left to play
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Amile Jefferson needs all of Hairston's minutes. All of them.
Amile Jefferson forces an Elon turnover with his relentless effort. Elon still winning the turnover margin though, despite committing seven
Nice defense by the rookie Amile Jefferson (on that possession. up 31-27 with less than a minute to go in the half.
The only thing athletic wise that's good out of Philadelphia: Amile Jefferson
Amile Jefferson in tha game now. He straight out of philly
So Amile Jefferson is regretting his decision right about now, correct?
Duke next year : Quinn Cook, sulaimon, Rodney Hood, jabari, Matt Jones. Still needs a big. Amile jefferson is good but not the best opt
Amile Jefferson might be in trouble. Bruh better step up or his spot will be GONE.
you will have solid front court with amile Jefferson and Jabari
Does Duke offer an online program that Amile Jefferson can take while he plays ball at Villanova?
plus Quinn Cook, Sulaimon (if he stays), Amile Jefferson, Marshall Plumlee, Murphy, etc. Loaded.
Saulimon, Cook, Jabari, Matt Jones, Amile Jefferson, Marshall Plumlee are all young and talented can't wait too see em play together
Amile Jefferson makes 4. And Semi Ojeyle is a *** of a 5th option!!
Where will amile jefferson transfer
y'all already signed a SF out of Kansas and y'all Amile Jefferson
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Here was Amile Jefferson’s hat. These things are just awful.
Amile Jefferson looked decent last night.. we bout 8 deep..9 if Marsh Plum aka MP3 gets healthy.
if Duke gets Parker, can NCSt get Amile Jefferson back?
his dad said he thinks it's down to duke and MSU. His mom wants duke. And mommy usually wins. Just ask amile Jefferson.
With 8 points, Amile Jefferson went from 289th on Duke's career scoring list to 277th
I wish that was the caption "Amile Jefferson decides to work on his mid-air karate as Duke pulls away from Cornell"
This might be my favorite hoops picture of the year. Chuck Liddy with a great shot of Amile Jefferson
Amile Jefferson and Rasheed Sulaimon look at their stats 2 freshman putting up crazy numbers
LOL Amile Jefferson's length was the sole reason he just brought that ball back inbounds. Impressive.
Nice dish by Quinn Cook to Amile Jefferson for the two handed dunk.
Amile Jefferson with the slam! Blue Devils on a 16-0 run. Coach K may have had a few words with the team at halftime. 57-30.
The 18th turnover from Cornell leads to a basket from the Freshman Amile Jefferson. 55-30 Duke.
I'm convinced Amile Jefferson can make a bank shot from any angle.
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