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American Taliban

John Phillip Walker Lindh (born February 9, 1981) is a United States citizen who was captured as an enemy combatant during the United States' 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.

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An afghani on the US forces: 'we all call them the American Taliban'
Daves an American Taliban Alex you've seen his beard and the way he orders woman around and his
This is the American Taliban/ISIL in action, right here in Phoenix, AZ. He's so beyond crazy that I can't believe...
It appears the American Taliban will be learning the Hard Way that this will NOT be jumping through their HOOPS! GIVE THE *** BERRY!
Is it another start of McCarthyism? An American with four decades of diplomatic career subjected to this kind of hum…
The Newsroom - Tea Party is the American Taliban: via
The American Taliban headed by Barack Obama are about to decend on Ferguson MO.
American Taliban... whom we accidentally elected.
What?! Russian man,who led Taliban terrorists, against American troops, in Afghanistan, is being tried in American CIVILIAN court?
You have No Idea how scared I am about this! F**cking American Taliban JUST WANT TO DESTROY US ALL!!!
. Taliban was American ally until 1995.Laden was nt n America was Indian enemy no 1 post cold war
UNPRECEDENTED: Obama brings Taliban commander to US for terrorism trial, Hamidulli pleads ...
Russian Taliban Pleads Not Guilty in American Court: He is the first U…
Cleaned acc't notifications of who advocated violence & support the & terrorism on
Fox News turns to one of the Duck Dynasty *** for ISIS commentary. I guess it makes sense to ask a cheerleader for the American Taliban.
* Unitarian Universalists can be justifiably described as American Taliban for doing this...
* American Taliban accuses a Unitarian-Universalist critic of
My new nickname is "American Taliban" it seems. You know how I know the lefties don't really think I'm a terrorist?. They …
Here’s a little background on the freed terrorists from a U.S. Senator who wants the Senate Armed Services Committee to conduct a hearing. “The five terrorists released were the hardest of the hard-core,” Senator Lindsey Graham tells the committee chairman in a letter requesting the hearing. “They held positions of great importance within the hard-core anti-American Taliban, including the Chief of Staff of the Taliban Army and the Taliban Deputy Minister of Intelligence. They have American blood on their hands and surely as night follows day they will return to the fight. In effect, we released the “Taliban Dream Team.” The United States is less safe because of these actions
Y'know something, the funnymental Christians who are in the Ohio legislature need to take their religious thoughts and ram them up the same orifice through which they defecate! They are trying to force ALL OHIO WOMEN to become pregnant whether or not they want to do so. How are they doing that? By attempting to outlaw the sale of birth control pills because they wrongly think that each and every time a woman has intercourse, a zygote is brought "to life" and birth control pills cause ABORTIONS. FURTHER, they want to outlaw all abortions EVEN IF IT IS FOR THE SAKE OF KEEPING THE MOTHER ALIVE. We're supposed to have SECULAR legislatures, not religious fanatics who are so damned stupid that they do not know what a woman's reproductive cycle is, nor what birth control and day after pills are. Let's turn the freaking clocks backwards, folks. This goddamned country is going to the American Taliban!
How is it not so *** obvious to our leaders that America is being played and setup for something so much more. Why would the Taliban keep this low ranking Sgt. for five years. Feeding him, clothing him and moving him around to keep his where abouts unknown. He shows no signs of torture or starvation for POW that's been held for five years by a group that has no link or understanding of the rules of engagement or the Geneva convention. They have shown in the past they would rather make statements by beheading their prisoners on video. This young Sgt had no value, no knowledge of strategic or tactical information to aid these barbarians. Last question, why has he not shaved off that beard he had grown for the last five years? I'll tell you ny thought! He deserted his post and has been training with the Taliban for the last five years. Not only did the *** release five high profile prisoners from Guantanamo, they brought home a trained American Taliban sleeper cell! Hey that's just my opinion ya know bu ...
Kirk Cameron: Christianity Will Win Its War Against GaysJonathan Higbee | May 14, 2014 The Anti *** Lobby has really ran with its 2014 strategy of "Help, our intolerant views are no longer being tolerant." You know the strategy has become a memo shared with all of the American Taliban when Kirk Cam…
Iraq was not responsible for 9/11...the Saudi Osama Ben Laden family was responsible..the only plane that was allowed to fly that day took the Ben Laden family back to Saudi Arabia...and almost all those who flew the planes into the world trade center were Saudi citizens. But who did bush attack? Oil rich Iraq. Courtesy of *** Cheney. ben Laden went to Afghanistan. Did Bush attempt to get him? NO! Why? because if he killed him, he wouldn't have an excuse to keep attacking Iraq. Who killed Osama? Seal team six by President Obama. Who got us the affordable care act - Obama. who saved our Auto industry? President Obama. what have all the Republicans done for the past six years? NOTHING except throw road blocks in front of our president. Yes the Republicans are the American Taliban.
Our media should identify and shame ''Ugly Americans'' like Cliven Bundy and his ATV buddies for what they are: the American Taliban.
American Taliban much? You people are flipping frazy. Libery isn't Timothy McVeigh. Go get drunk on reality & seek help.
South Carolina mayor fires *** police chief. Town rises up to support chief. American Taliban losing again.
Political consultant in Yee case, Keith Jackson, scores legendary defense atty Jim Brosnahan (of American Taliban fame) to rep him
One American was among the nine people killed when Taliban gunmen blasted at unsuspecting diners Thursday night...
Using 'tiny pistols hidden in their bulky shoes". One American among the dead.: Taliban Kill Nine at Luxury Hotel
American Taliban in your bedroom. HT David for the moniker.
"So if you’re crossing from northern Pakistan to Xinjiang, there’s a strong possibility you’re an American spy..."
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Without Pak or with a cooperative Pak that strove to demobilize the Taliban, it would have been all over via
J-Soc is also doing things knwn as American talibans with beards.thy do killings and blame goes to TALIBAN
I agree with u 100% American intel can't tell us everything b/c the Taliban watch our news.we know where the plane is
Sharia Law in the US, a New Jihad? Ted Cruz and the American Taliban's Civil War: The Tea Party, a… via
Carlotta Gall: "… the Pakistani Taliban and the ISI and Al Qaeda are all one thing" TNR
TParty really is anti-American-they are our Taliban. Too bad we can’t ship them off to Russia or Somalia
an American soldier is held captive for 8 years by the Taliban and he is found when the military raid the compound
This clearly shows how the American Taliban sneak in and screw up women.
If nobody does, he may be misinformed that the is American Taliban - says Will McAvoy in the Newsroom's S1 finale.
Carlotta Gall: Many people who know this stuff believe Pakistani Taliban & ISI & Al Qaeda are all one thing
isn't for any white American who commits acts of terrorism, it's for Muslims -a war on - Dennis Edney
.why do you refuse to show me the American game on is it because you're actually a sleeper cell for the Taliban? is that why?
When don't have the Taliban in American preventing women from receiving education, but we do have apartheid schools in ghettos which exist
'Dostum the Taliban Killer': Afghanistan's Pro-American Warlord . Reads like a movie script.
A large portion of it is. They call themselves Evangelical Christians. I refer to them as American Taliban
We have dreams, of the American kind. If you guys stay here, you might as well join the Taliban
"we got dreams of the American kind, if you stay here you can join the Taliban"
Absolutely, and that's how far they've come down into the gutter. They truly have become the American version of the Taliban.
Since the RWNJ Teahadhis in the House & Senate Along w/the American Taliban so love & admire Putin why don't they all just move to Russia
Where's the similar study for the American Taliban in the USA?
Think the American Taliban and replacing our democracy with a theocracy. REMEMBER: This is the person that John McCain and the Republican Party selected as their Vice Presidential candidate in heartbeat away from the Presidency.
They call them the American Taliban. Now if that isn't dark
1When the Governor proposed SB21, amulti-billion dollar tax rollback for the oil industry, he said itwould put more oil into the pipeline. However, new state projectionsshow continuing reductions in oil production.  Comments: Of course I want SB21 repealed. I find it outrageous that enterprises like Northrim Bank exclaim that nonprofits receiving grants from BigOil should act like they were paid off like legislators that are paid off. If BigOil thinks Alaska is an inhospital place to produce oil, they can go drill in the Crimea... 2 HB 77, the Governor’s proposal to streamline the permitting process for development projects by reducing the opportunities for public input, has passed the House and is now under consideration in the Senate. Some say it reduces Alaskans’ rights and will threaten water quality and salmon habitat throughout the state. Comments: Of course I think HB77 is as nearsighted and as disastrous for Alaska as SB21.  It came from same brain trust, didn't it?  It's apparently not eno ...
This guy is trying to defend the U.S gov't for not caring about civilian casualties committed during a "Taliban Raid" by American forces
We should call them for what they are.. The American Taliban.
ACTION ALERT: Sign the petition to American POW held by Taliban for 971 days...
An American soldier has been a captive of the Haqqanis (Taliban) 1585 days. It's time 2
We should get up and leave Afghanistan. They want us out…then leave. Leave them to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Save American lives.
American Taliban: working to end female autonomy, equal rights, birth control, and sex education in the name of Jesus. Because…
but he is still hero as he is anti-American. The same anti-Americanism makes many people pro Taliban.
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. . . Robert Reich states it simple enough for even a . member of the American Taliban (Tea Party) can understand...
Meet the American Taliban, same as the Taliban!
Nothing to see here... just fighting the Taliban American style
Exclusive: U.S. wants to trade American POW for Guantanamo Taliban commanders
U.S. ups offer to Taliban in effort to free Idaho's the only American POW in the world:
Amazing how American drones can derail talks but Taliban's drones like Ahrarul Hind, Ansarul Mujahideen can't.
Joseph Farah: *** "part of a religious cult" trying to kill First Amendment: Like many in the American Taliban,...
The Science of Tea Party Wrath via stop the American Taliban
6/02/2002.A federal judge ordered John Walker Lindh to be held without bail pending trial. Lindh was known as the "American Taliban."
Terry McAuliffe in Virginia seems to have squeaked by anti-choice, anti-contraception and anti-science nut job Ken Cuccinelli by 2 points. It's sad that a Clinton administration bagman was so unsavory that we didn't get a clear rejection of the American Taliban that is marketed under the Tea Party GOP brand. The lieutenant governor race didn't have that baggage, and a bigger culture warrior got whipped by 10 points by the Democrat Ralph Northam. I hope this doesn't portend a weak tea campaign (not as crazy/owned by the 1% as the GOP, again!?!) from Hillary in 2016, but she never impressed me as progressive (and Bill was only less destructive than the GOP, passing welfare deform, bank deregulation and NAFTA). Sigh.
The Tea Party is the American Taliban, To be vision is the promise of what you shall at last unveil,- John Ruskin
John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are the cancer in our country, called GOP American Taliban.
Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly are symptoms of a cancer in our country, called GOP American Taliban.
American Taliban: In tradition of Baader Meinhof, Shining Path, Golden Dawn &..Afghan Taliban! (More like 'em than oughta.)
they are the are the American Taliban. they will destroy the country just to spite Pres. Barack H. Obama.
Forget "American Taliban". The best description for the Tea Party comes from Senate aids who are comparing them to the COBRA KAI!
Two former Marines taking care of one of their own." Prospective terrorists", according to janet reno. "American Taliban" according to nancy Pelosi.
ARE THE WINDS OF CHANGE BEGINNING TO BLOW? I'm still huddled under the covers, but something is stirring outside. The news flow this week has been astounding, both political and economic, domestic and foreign, and even on the front of religion in Rome. It's hard to keep up. The next few weeks will be pivotal, starting with a momentous gathering of the UN General Assembly next week and possible meeting between Obama and Iran's Rouhani, followed by a partial shutdown of the U.S. government the next week and a potential debt crisis soon afterwards. Our own civil war with the American Taliban is coming to a head, for better or worse. The Pope is speaking out in an extraordinary way, never before heard, putting love of God, love of humanity and individual freedom above narrow doctrine. Putin has seized the opportunity to confront the American people with a new reality. The murderous and corrupt Assad regime is in the hands of Russia, Iran and the U.S.. Iran has declared itself ready to come to terms with the U ...
Remember John Walker Lindh? The so-called American Taliban? He will be eligible for release in four years.
Silly infidel. American Taliban will never allow that.
Or just trying to save the GOP from self destruction at the hands of the American Taliban.
Is there any wonder why we Leftists have taken to calling Republicans/the GOP/Tea Party “patriots” what they REALLY are The Ame…
The best description of the Tea Party has come from Aaron Sorkin's "The Newsroom": American Taliban.
Because the Tea Party *** have made the GOP a laughingstock. They are The American Taliban.
So & the Congressional GOP (aka "The American Taliban") are fixin' to take America over another fiscal cliff.
The "American Taliban" thing only happened on ACN, but then again Will said that, not some historical figure.
Ah yes. If you don't think like they do, believe what they do, the will purge you! That's the American Taliban Patriotic way!
and his AMERICAN TALIBAN have and are already, yelling, nuke em, nuke em...
And the American Taliban keeps eroding away at those and many other previously won progressive efforts. …
The same guys blaming Obama for "everything" have set US on a path of their jihad. THE AMERICAN TALIBAN
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Sad to see it so starkly displayed but you were SPOT-ON! No better description of today's GOP than "American Taliban"…
American Taliban will not stop The American Woman!! We're coming 2 an el…
the fanatical radical American Taliban handbook
Yes. Still terrible title for a book. This too: American Taliban: How War, Sex, Sin, and Power Bind Jihadists and the (cont…
.You're right, they do, but right now we're talking about the American Taliban, the Tea Party. :)
No kidding! Best ep ever too! Well, except for the one where Will called the Tea Party "the American Taliban: ;)
I entirely believed it would turn out to be payback for "American Taliban"
they want a Christian American Taliban. Truly they are outa their minds!
have a conversation I can. I just don't see the need for anger or exaggeration like I'm some American Taliban teaparty dude.
That is exactly what they want. American Taliban. Christian Theocracy.
"14 mos ago you went on the air and called the Tea Party the American Taliban.. I did. And?.. The Taliban resented it." -LOL, classic Will.
you are a member of this country's most embarrassing institution ..the American Taliban
Bible thumpers have become the American Taliban
; did a sweet takedown of Teabaggers in season 1 final episode, 'American Taliban'
Yet not a single jobs or infrastructure bill. The American Taliban
Negotiating with the American Taliban: Tea Party Republicans share six common perspectives with Islamic militants.
Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) is sad that he was pulled off the 9/11 anniversary coverage because he called the Tea Party the "American Taliban
Whoa, when did Will call the Tea Party the American Taliban? I missed that. (I didn't, but do remind us again.)
Today in 2002, "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh plead guilty to supplying aid to the enemy.
On July 15th, 2002: 'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh pleads guilty to supplying aid to the enemy and to (cont)
"You called the Tea Party the American Taliban." "Yes." "And then what?" "The Taliban resented it."
Part 1: Inside the FLDS, which has been called "the American Taliban." Part 2: Steed, 18 and starting a new life, found his FLDS education had left him unabl...
RAMADAN SONG. I just found this Ramadan song by Iranian comedian Tissa Hami and I had to share because it's just so funny: The Ramadan Song (to the tune of Adam Sandler's "Hanukah Song") Lyrics by Tissa Hami Put your turban on, here comes Ramadan So much fun-adan to celebrate Ramadan Ramadan is a tradition everlasting Instead of one day of presents, we have 30 days of fasting When you feel like the only kid in town without a menorah or tree Here's a list of people who are Muslim just like you and me Mohammad Ali prays toward Mecca So does Aladdin, and my sister's best friend Becca Kareem Abdul-Jabbar gives praise to Allah So does much of Africa but not Nelson Mandela When you're down on your knees, tired of praying on the floor Remember you were once joined by Tupac Shakur Who needs the Dreidel Song or Winter Wonderland? When you can sing along with the American Taliban (he converted) Put your turban on, it's time for Ramadan Jerry Lewis has a telethon, it's time to celebrate Ramadan Barack Obama, not a M ...
the Tea Party is the American Taliban!
Let me just say that every day is challenge for me, I am a passionate woman, I believe in the constitution and the bill of rights, so when I have an opinion I don't generally censor myself, sometimes because it is needed I will, but generally I'm a free thinker, a from the hip speaker and if you are offended by me that is more about you than it is about me. I posted about honor killings in Pakistan and said, or asked you all how long till we see this in America, Some of you took offense. Why? Is my question, why are you offended when those I was questioning are already snatching your rights from you? If you are a woman then they are in full frontal attack, why is it so hard for you to grasp that the American Taliban is real, it is here and it is alive, writing laws that will restrict you and I ladies from our own choices. Why is it so hard for you to see that just because those who do this honor killing in Pakistan are perhaps Muslim, that they are the different from, say the southern evangelist? Do ...
what an *** using Gods name in vain. He's got a special place in *** for sure. Tea Party: the American Taliban!!
Utility lawyer/regulator heckled by own staff He's the father of "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh
I didn't realize that NAACP bigwig Julian Bond stole his Tea Party as American Taliban line from HBO Newsroom...
The gun nuts have token to terrorism to get their message out. We truly have an American Taliban amongst us.
American Taliban?: North Carolina GOP Attempts to Violate the Constitution by Proposing an Official State Religion
Who is the real head of the American Taliban? Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, or Lindsey Graham???
For the record: even "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh would have had a trial in federal court had he not pled guilty
= American Taliban. they want to take our guns away. jim crow laws back in action by the left. that's their heritage
Report: Lawyers for American Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh ask judge to find prison in contempt
Lindh lawyers want prison in contempt: INDIANAPOLIS – Lawyers for American Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh a...
Be aware that the Tea Party -- aka the American Taliban, headed by Rick Santorum -- is taking notes.
Bryan Fischer, John Hagee, Pat Robertson... A lot of the far right Christians are the American Taliban as well.
It's good to see the American Taliban was well represented on Meet the Press by Ralph Reed.
Lindh lawyer to push for 5 daily group prayers: INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A lawyer who helped American Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh an...
No fundamentalist Christian like him are the American Taliban
Afghanistan remains like a bird with one wing -- women -- clipped. As long as the subjugation of women persists, our society will not be able to take off and move forward. Not only are women still denied their rights in Afghanistan, but also, in a cruel irony, the cause of women has been used to justify and perpetuate a brutal occupation of my country.
+ Clarke thought Bin Laden wd "boogie to Baghdad"—Who knew him better? Taliban? or the guy who oversaw the growing pile of American corpses?
Interesting reading for whoever's got the time.Thursday, March 7, 2013 Malaysia Invaded -- Hundreds of Terrorists Land on Beaches, Western Media Mute Tony Cartalucci Activist Post Hundreds of heavily armed terrorists have crossed from the Philippines and landed in the eastern Malaysian state of Sabah. Dozens are already dead, and the Malaysian military has brought in aircraft and armor to confront the audacious, bizarre invasion, scattering militants into the jungles of Borneo island. A seemingly headline news event, the invasion has been downplayed and spun by the Western media, many calling militant Al Qaeda-linked terrorists, an "armed Filipino clan." Image: Malaysia has called in air support and armor to confront a bizarre terrorist invasion in its eastern state of Sabah. The West's woeful, irresponsible coverage of a burgeoning region-wide destabilization, fits in nicely with its coverage of US-Saudi funded/armed terrorism around the world, including in Syria where US-funded terrorists of the so-call ...
We're here to give voice to those who don't want Christian Fundamentalists and Dominionists to dictate U.S. laws. That paper you pretend to like - the Constitution - backs us up.
So true. Maybe the puppet masters handed out the wrong scripts? Democrats seem to be reciting the republican lines these days.
But that would actually be awesome to vacation and join a rebel group like that rich asian-american teen who joined the taliban.
An American Journalist did a story on gender roles in Kabul, Afghanistan, several years before the Afghan conflict. She noted that women customarily walked five paces behind their husbands. She recently returned to Kabul and observed that women still walk behind their husbands. Despite the overthrow of the oppressive Taliban regime, the women now seem happy to maintain the old custom. She approached one of the Afghani women and asked, 'Why do you now seem happy with an old custom that you once tried so desperately to change?' The woman looked her straight in the eyes, and without hesitation said, 'Land mines'
Interesting dream. I was in Afghanistan with some Americans surrounded by Taliban Fighters and I had to become a mediator but won't find anyone among Talibans who can speak or they refused to speak English but me being only Muslim in the group they became friendly and was about to pray with them... I wonder what is the message.. Past, present or future? Is it here in my country or abroad?
Wingers on the left freak over me calling the ACLU the American Taliban and modern day Pharisees.
So we have arrested another Taliban member but American Taliban and crazy NRA members go free?
"He was a sniper, but also a humanitarian. You see that in the piece," said the sculptor, Greg Marra.
Well. I've ran 4 - 5 missions a day this week. Tomorrow we have 2. Seek & destroy taliban in the AO, and find & secure an American hostage
I remember when I heard this speech. I understood the gravity of the things in it. Then as the last couple of years have passed, I have seen, as you have see...
The United States Air Force Academy allowed for the promotion of Old Testament homophobia to be part of a sanctioned link out of the Air Force Champlaincy office equating homosexuality to kleptomania.
A new study by NYU and Stanford recommends the U.S. conduct “a fundamental re-evaluation" of the use of drone strikes which has led to 49 civilian deaths for every one known terrorist killed.
Cognitive nourishment for progressive thinkers.
We all know who the "American Taliban" really is, and it isn't atheists...
Though it hasn't yet been a full two months since Obama started his second term, what is your view on his performance so far? Has he started off on the right foot or does he have work to do? Tell us how you feel.
What terrifies religious extremist like the taliban are not American tanks, bombs or's a girl with a book! Thanks to Sofia Rana for this share!
North Korea is making another threat … saying it is ready to fire long-range nuclear missiles at the U.S. .. and Washington “will be engulfed in a sea of fire”. This comes after the U.N. Security Council issued new, tougher sanctions … trying to force North Korea to stop building its nuclear war program; it’s important to note that this time, China – North Korea’s main benefactor – supported the sanctions. Experts doubt that the North has mastered how to mount a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile capable of reaching the mainland United States. North Korea also has threatened to ignore the 1953 cease-fire that ended the Korean War. On that front, North Korea does have massive troops and artillery near the DMZ and could strike South Korea and American forces with little warning. Currently, we have 30,000 troops in the South.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Hm. Never looked at it from this perspective.
havent been on a while but will be back soon, the TALIBAN is going nuts in Byram, if you enjoy living like an American instead of a subserviant Iranian peasant do not come to byram!
What the government isn't telling you: NDAA's addendum--Federal offense. CISPA--Federal offense. Patriot Act--Federal offense. Homeland Security/NSA/TSA--MULTIPLE Federal offenses. The very EXISTENCE of the Patriot and Reaper drones, and any similar weapons--INTERNATIONAL offense, WAR CRIME. Do your duty. Remove those who adocate the continuation of these crimes against America and its people.
The state of Arkansas enacts the strictest anti-abortion law in the US, defying the governor's warning it would draw the state into litigation.
People, the President has ALWAYS had the authority to defend the US against "all enemies, foreign or domestic", as mentioned in the oath each and every member of the military takes when volunteering. Nothing has changed. Having drones makes no difference. The same fear-mongering could have been directed at fighter planes. Or tanks. Or Naval vessels. This all came out of the one American citizen who took up arms against the US by JOINING THE TALIBAN IN AFGHANISTAN, thereby becoming an enemy. It made ZERO DIFFERENCE that he was a US citizen. Think about it: were our soldiers supposed to let him walk among them, shooting US servicemen, while simply throwing up their hands helplessly because he was a citizen? Of course not. STOP ALLOWING YOURSELVES TO BE MANIPULATED BY RIDICULOUS FEAR-MONGERING.
Many of you have asked, and the answer is, yes, I do stand with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). It has been a long time since we have seen a filibuster like we did yesterday and I commend Senator Paul for his principled stand. He deserves to have his question answered from the administration.
Is it absurd to fear, as some of Sen. Paul’s colleagues charged, that the president will begin launching drone strikes on American soil? Probably. But the point is precisely that we live under an administration that is so unwilling to acknowledge meaningful limits on what they may do in the name of national security that it was an exercise in tooth-pulling just to get a public disavowal of an absurd scenario that the government’s anemic targeted killing “standards,” taken to their logical extreme, would not appear to foreclose. The crucial message we should take from Paul’s marathon oration, then, may be this: If it’s absurd to pose the question that inspired his filibuster, surely it’s far more absurd that we’ve arrived, after a decade of complacency about government secrecy and unfettered executive discretion in the sphere of counterterrorism, at a point where the question would need to be posed. Julian Sanchez The CATO Institute
The whole thing with Sen Paul yesterday would have been avoided if Holder had given a simple answer to the question about blowing up Americans on American soil. I don't know what the hold-up was about that. At the same time, McCain and Graham can kiss it.
Stephen Harper upset the Venezuelan government -- and Paul Dewar of the NDP -- when he dared wish them a brighter, democratic future on the passing of Hugo Chavez.
For Landon; "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a bible." -attributed to Upton Sinclair (however the origin of this quote is hotly debated)
some Obama supporters refute this claim? Political bias of the reporting aside, please tell me this is misrepresented. I know Obama is a cold-hearted despot who thinks he's a king, but if we aren't outraged that he might hypothetically drone an American to death, can we be outraged that he is literally sending a family back to a German prison for homeschooling? Come on, Obama supporters, tell me what's going on here.
Right watching the graham norton and seeing one direction going to some African country and it's the same thing every year it's all about some African country and how kids want education and how they have nothing and suffer from illnesses and it gets worldwide media just because some famous people have went over and brainwashed the public with these kids. I honestly hope something happens to make there dreams come true. But my point is that Pakistan has been set back 30-40 years due to floods there is 10 year old boys wearing the same clothes everyday looking after there brothers or holding there mam or dad who is basically dying because of some illness! Since 9:11 more innocent Pakistani children have died because of American drone attacks! Kids not even old enough to live there life kids that are having to dig a grave for there parents and brothers. makes me so upset every night to know thousands of innocent Muslim children and adults are dying every month because of American drone attacks. But today's ...
LONDON, (SANA)- The British newspaper The Times revealed that a largest shipment of weapons has arrived in Turkey to be delivered to the armed groups in Syria
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Steve Daines today released the following statement after Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced that Attorne ...
Do not be fooled by the modern day McCarthyism.
Teabag Senator Cruz has voted no on all Obama nominations of Brennan, Hagel, Kerry and Lew. This Cruz is an American Taliban Teahadist.
The Kentucky senator's brand of 'courage' springs from the same poisoned well as that of segregationist Gov. George Wallace.
Should a city worker, incited for a deadly terrorist bombing, stay on paid leave?
Afghanistan: U.S.-NATO to Stop Reporting Number of Taliban Attacks March 6th, 2013 Via: Wired: One of the major metrics for the decade-long Afghanistan war is seriously flawed. Rather than fix the problem, the U.S.-NATO military command in Kabul has decided that you simply shouldn’t see the data. Late last month, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) conceded that it misreported the 2012 statistics on Taliban attacks. Its explanation was that a data-entry error had discounted attacks reported by Afghan forces — so much so that a statistically insignificant change in the level of so-called “enemy initiated attacks” became a seven percent decline from 2011 levels. ISAF’s response, the Associated Press recounts, is to end public reporting on enemy-initiated attacks. It’ll still record attack levels, according to spokesman Jamie Graybeal, but it won’t publish any of the data it collects — all because it’s losing confidence in the veracity of its information. As Afghan forces tak ...
My son has really been pissing me off recently by using American words and phrases. He calls orange juice, "OJ", and repeatedly uses words like "awesome" and "dawwg". So, I thought, "Well if he wants to feel American, I'll help him do it properly." So I walked into his school today and shot him and six of his classmates dead. -Crippletron
It's official. I'm furloughed. Thanks politicians. I hope this helps off set the cost of one of your luncheons. No, no, Its OK. I know you work hard, don't worry we'll take this bullet too. I'm glad your all exempt the furlough. How would this country function without our "leaders"? Rest easy America. When my fellow officers and agents are experiencing our" extra day off" I'm sure one of these overpaid mouth pieces will take my watch
that's a bit warped surely fundamentalist Christians are the American Taliban?
It took Senator Rand Paul almost 13 hours to think and state a question different from the question previously propounded by the Senate to Attorney General Eric Holder. It took AG Holder 7 words to answer the question.
As with Posse Comitatus Act applies, No military, weapon, or equipment can be used against American citizens. even the stipulations (Changes) made by GQ Bush and Barry Obama are directly and specifically designated toward substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners, including any person who has committed a belligerent act or has directly supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy forces. (No where in there does it say The Pres has discretion, or has authority to commit military resources against American Citizens)
As rising tuition and mounting student debt makes prospective income a bigger part of choosing a major, humanities disciplines such as philosophy and history are under attack in favor of such fields as engineering and business, which are more likely to lead to jobs and salaries that justify the cost...
WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate confirms John Brennan to head the CIA.
So now the President and Future Presidents can kill Americans if they consider you "engaged in combat". Is that verbal combat? Is that combating governmental policies? Is that murdering innocent people? Because I'm pretty sure we already have a judicial system that deals with that. So what does "Combat" mean? It means the government has used a broad term so they can exploit a gray area just in case they decide to abuse their power.
The head of a school in the US state of Massachusetts says a student production of a play that retells the biblical story of Genesis with *** characters will go on as planned despite objections.
Hearing all the whining and crying over drones...Geeze Louise.. You'd think we doing this over nothing. Well I for one haven't forgotten 9-11-2001 and the 3000 people who died there some burning alive some jumping to their deaths & I'm proud to say I strongly support my President aggressively going after Al Qaeda. IMO Its the right thing to do.
APOCALYPSE ~ the word never spoken by Obama Is the word he spoke in every other sentence while describing the probable job losses resulting from Sequestration ~ according to every Republican in congress and every talking head on Fox .
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Here's a link to some US Army Manuals that may surprise you. Irt contains the military's plans for resettlement, and indoctrination of citizens. Ran acroos it searching for surplus items. It is a government publication. Skimming through it is enlightening.
According to Bryan Fischer, a Director at the Christian American Family Foundation, anyone who dares to try to keep a separation of church and state is now "the American Taliban." In this video clip of a March 4th radio broadcast of Focal Point, a show from the foundation, Fischer tries to connect a...
My view on Vishwaroopam: (1) Kamal recites in Arabic "rabbana aathina fiddunya..." when he was given permission by the Taliban to pray which means 'Oh! Lord give us the good in this world...". This supplication has no relevance to the situation from an Islamic perspective. (2) Mulla Umar's wife is shown chatting with kamal & kamal takes photos of her - This is the height of ignorance with regards to Islam. (3) Mulla Umar's wife is seen keeping her face open in front of Kamal and covering the face in front of Umar. Again a grave error! (4) When a man is hanged the verse of the Quran "zaalika bima kaddamat aydeehim.." is recited which means "this is what your hands have sent forth...”. This verse is speaking about the hereafter & has no relevance to the situation. This is also wrong because no Muslim will ever recite this verse while putting someone to death. (5) Showing Islamic prayer before every bombing is totally misleading people. (6) Taliban are shown as terrorists plotting bombs in America, which . ...
One smart lady here. Lisa Richards Marco Rubio wants illegals made citizens, knowing half lack education and skills and many are violent criminals--already being freed by Janet Napolitano--and cost the United States more debt, but Rubio wants to be the first Hispanic president, so he'll glue his lips onto the rear-ends of illegals, demanding they have pathway to citizenship, knowing most will live on welfare and refuse to assimilate as they demand we become bilingual. Rubio does not deserve presidency he is obviously courting. Furthermore, Rubio refused to filibuster with Senator Rand Paul, who stood up for our liberties and freedoms Obama is trying to sequester. ... Rubio, McCain, Graham and more shunned Rand Paul's filibuster, which was needed ad about time. Finally a conservative took to the Senate Floor and filibustered with facts and called Eric Holder and Obama out on their quest to place drones in US airspace giving rights to kill any American suspected of terror. And this has nothing to do with ki ...
THE POSSE COMITATUS ACT The Posse Comitatus Act is the United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) that was passed on June 18, 1878, after the end of Reconstruction and was updated in 1981. Its intent (in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807) was to limit the powers of Federal government in using federal military personnel to enforce the State laws. THE ORIGINAL PLAN AND IT'S DESIGN The original Posse Comitatus Act referred essentially to the United States Army. The Air Force was added in 1956 and the Navy and the Marine Corps have been included by a regulation of the Department of Defense. The United States Coast Guard is not included in the Act. (The U.S. Coast Guard was originally part of the Treasury Department, was later part of the Department of Transportation, and is now within the Department of Homeland Security.) This law is often relied upon to prevent the Department of Defense from interfering in domestic law enforcement The original provision was enacte ...
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) filibuster of the confirmation of John Brennan as CIA director.
Hey, remember the fat skater dude American Taliban guy? Oh for those crazy innocent days of yore...
Play nice with the Taliban, but American Citizens.not so much.
pr stuff." The ripple effects of the Goodbars / Torch The Spires show at Shindand Airbase in Afghanistan are still being analyzed by several US and Coalition intelligence agencies. Driving guitar riffs, bone shaking bass lines and explosive drum beats echoed throughout Herat Province. Before the show reached it's apex, UAVs flying surveillance routes detected Taliban fighters abandoning weapons caches to flee the area. Insurgents who've been pouring in for the beginning of the annual fighting season were picked up on satellite imagery in a mass exodus toward the border crossings of Pakistan and Iran. Al Jazeera reporter Ahmed Zafari interviewed several returnees who were "driven out by the voices of demons"; a clear reference to front men RJ Lubrant of the Goodbars and Dave Wrzos of Torch The Spires. Locals who sought refuge in the mountain caves near the airbase slowly re-inhabited their homes in the following days. Tribal leader Abdul Fattah spoke through an interpreter. "The Americans are helping by br ...
Why so little support for Rand Paul from the Liberals?! I suppose you don't mind your president using it to kill Americans without due process. But wait, what IF it were McCain, Romney or heaven forbid SARAH PALIN sitting in the oval office with that power. Any one of them could have been president this week. Is there even a Republican you WOULD trust to wield that kind of power? No? Then why no show of support for the his filibuster against the political machinery in DC? And don't tell me you were busy yesterday and did not hear about it. It was in the news, even if only barely.
Let's be honest for a minute: If Romney had won (shudder) the drone program would be exactly the same as it is now. The blustering by the GOP regarding Brennen is just that. If it was "their guy", they'd be silent. The drone program is the result of the slippery slope that true progressives were warning everyone about when Bush's torture doctrines became public. If your guy shreds the Constitution and amasses unprecedented power under the Executive Branch, why are you surprised when the next guy does it?
Rand Paul. *** The U.S. government cannot randomly target American citizens on U.S. soil or anywhere else. What it can do under the laws of war is target an "enemy combatant" anywhere at anytime, including on U.S. soil. This includes a U.S. citizen who is also an enemy combatant.
Naming the Dead is a project that aims to track and name those civilians and militants caught up in American's drone strike campaigns in Pakistan
If they would have been closer to the bomb when it finally went off, we could have a new Afghan show called "Two and a Half Men"
The following press release just went out: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 7, 2013 Quinnipiac Poll Shows Hillary Strongest Candidate in Hypothetical General Election Matchups HAMDEN, CT – A Quinnipiac University Poll released today showed that Hillary Clinton is the strongest general election candidate should she decide to run for President. Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, said in a press release: “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would start a 2016 presidential campaign with enormous advantages,” adding that she has left “a very favorable impression on the American people” following her decades in public service. Specifically, the poll showed that Hillary is the only Democratic candidate who polls ahead of all three tested GOP candidates: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (FL), and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (WI). Hillary is notably the only Democratic candidate polled who led Christie, doing so by 8 points. She also led R ...
I'm not an attorney, but I think it is ridiculous for the Obama administration to hedge their bets, keep their options open on use of drones in the country. If there is a Pearl Harbor type event, and their is an American cell aiding the enemy and a drone is the quickest way to fight back, just do it. Nobody is going to complain but to keep it open as an option legally as something you reserve the right to do, then it can be abused.
Pakistani Cleric's Suicide Bomber Comments Anger Afghans Tahir Ashrafi, head of the All-Pakistan Ulema Council March 05, 2013 Comments on suicide bombers, which may or may not have been made by the head of the All-Pakistan Ulema Council, have been making waves in Afghanistan. Tolo News, a private Afghan TV station, quoted Tahir Ashrafi, who heads the influential body of clerics, as saying that “suicide attacks are permitted in Afghanistan as long as American forces are present in the country.” Tolo News also quoted Ashrafi as saying: "Palestine is occupied by Israel, Kashmir by India, and Afghanistan by the U.S. So if the Muslims don't have the atomic bomb, they should sacrifice their lives for God.” But in a subsequent interview with RFE/RL’s Radio Free Afghanistan, Ashrafi said: “This is baseless and the liar’s place is at the bottom of *** ” In another interview with the Pajwak News Agency Ashrafi said: “I’ve never supported suicide attacks that cause civilian casualties in Afghanist ...
The drone strike policy should be of concern to everyone. Now, suppose you absolutely trust Obama. Will you feel so certain for every President that will follow and still have (and perhaps seek to expand) this power? Now suppose you don't trust Obama, then you probably already don't like it. The executive branch deciding to use drone to kill US Citizens on US Soil without judicial oversight...? Also consider how indiscriminate many of the past drone kills have been, that they often take out far more than one given individual. Who makes the call? What are the exact standards? Are we really willing for this to be a perpetual executive power? Do we trust all future Democrats and Republicans who might become President with this power? Hm.
Philip Zimbardo’s TED Talk on Abu Ghraib and “The Psychology of Evil” is up to 2,374,000 hits. Apparently people are hungry to know about the deep psychology of American foreign policy.
"..Since the making of my film, the West had to become militarily involved in Afghanistan as a result of 9/11. I believe that if we understood the Israelite psyche of the Afghanis, we would be able to make better alliances with the good guys and defeat the bad guys of that region..." The above quote is taken from the researcher 'Simcha Jacobovici' who claims (similar claims are made by countless other people over the centuries, even by the Pathans themselves) that the Pathans (Most of the Taliban are Pathans) of Afghanistan are Israelites. Simcha has hit the nerve when he writes that the real psyche of the Pathan must be understood. The West today is playing 'American Football' in Afghanistan. not Chess. It is the game of Chess and skills in embroidery that is needed not football or icehockey in Afhanistan. Simcha is a Jew himself and is Canadian. Remember, that no power on earth has ever defeated the Pathans. This is a historical fact. The present US and Western strategy in Afghanistan is futile and a .. ...
Why do Pakistanis love trading conspiracy theories? Because so many of them turn out to be correct.
AK47s to shoot down American drones? Why didn't the Taliban think of that?
righties, being intolerant, self righteous & willing to impose ur values dosn't make u morally superior. it makes u the American Taliban.
Funny, that's exactly what we liberal atheists think about the religious fundementalists for they ARE the american taliban
Rand Paul, member of the American Taliban. Out to destroy America at all cost.
American Want to Peace with Taliban Because taliban Won The Afghan War Now they Have Diplomatic Office in Qatar
.is the embodiement of The American Taliban.
Never really watch American idol, but I can tell you that they need to boot the taliban dude.
Face it, I don't trust this group not to okay a drone attack on an American conservative. They already call us American Taliban.
prev. controversy was about hitting citizens abroad (i.e. The American Taliban dude)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Maybe if an American is worried about being killed in a drone strike they shouldn't join the Taliban.
Insane TEAvangelist Bryan Fischer said: "You know who the American Taliban is? It’s secular fundamentalists...
The American Taliban strike again - Christ banned from public city council invocations.
"Patriots" is a term being co-opted by the Left to = American Taliban. Did you see HBO's News Room? How absurd!
AFA Director Bryan Fischer Calls Atheists ‘American Taliban’ (VIDEO) - you gotta believe in something to be one them
Creating the Tea Party, the American version of the Taliban, is another reason
Obama regime & media silent about an American soldier P.O.W. Held captive by the Taliban since 2009 SGT Bowe Bergdahl
Taliban. I do not think it means what you think it means...
because their agenda is no better than terrorism , Let them be known as " THE AMERICAN TALIBAN "
The American Taliban are alive and well in the USA: RWNJ Extremists who hate Obama more than they love their country.
So Taliban militants deserve a "safe zone" across the border to train, arm, & plan the deaths of American soldiers?
Some of the hyper-partisan Obamatons are having a hissy over RT--> "The American Taliban"
While this photo is chilling the American Taliban are fighting every day to control women, their choices, & futures!
Come on people. I am disappointed at the lack of comments on this posting where I called attention to the sermon by Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church of Tempe, Arizona. which is the closest approximation to being an American Taliban that I have heard. I did not listen to the entire hour so I am not suggesting that he wants to kill those who disagree with him. But otherwise, his understanding of the Bible and how women should be treated in accordance with the Bible is in lockstep with the Taliban. That is not an exaggeration. I am not attacking Christians, Jews or Muslims in general but I do wonder why so few of you have no reaction to this extreme message of subjugation of women. He believes that women should not work outside the home. He believes that women should not vote. Please do not compel me to listen to the rest of it so I can bring it to your attention. What is wrong with you? Perhaps you believe, rightly most of the time, that I am a fool and you can brush asi ...
Lindh Continues Defense of His Incarcerated ‘American Taliban' Son: The Mill Valley Seniors for Peace are hosting...
MT I'm not afraid of Sharia Law. I'm afraid of the American Taliban: Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner & Ted Cruz
A friend of mine recently posted a comment, which started:   Remember the good ol days when you knew for certain that everyone in Government was on “America’s side”? We didn’t always agree on details, but we all agreed that if there was even a hint that you were not a red, white and blue American, we’d run you out on a rail. Today, many things simply don’t make sense to me. Why would Obama appoint a lawyer who radically defends Terrorist to the position at our Department of Justice? Any higher and he’d have to be confirmed, which there was no way he would be. He’s too close to radical Islam.   The lawyer in question is Tony Walker, a former Federal Prosecutor that went on to work for a respected law firm, Morrison and Foerster and volunteered to serve as co-counsel during the prosecution of John Walker Lindh (the American Taliban).  According to press reports, Mr. Walker believed that Mr. Lindh was not a terrorist, but simply a misguided American that joined the Afghan/Taliban army to f ...
Hilarious in a shocking kind of way| Kamau Bell on imminent threats, drone toys, American Taliban girls, etc.
Exposing Ammar Amonette BismIllaah ir-Rahmaan ir-Rahiim. All praise is due to Allaah, Lord of all that exists. May He send peace and the highest mention upon His Messenger, his family, his companions and those who follow them in righteousness until the Day of Judgment. Amma ba'd: On January 30th, 2013, the Wall Street Journal published an editorial written by Ammar Amonette, a moderately famous Islamic speaker from Richmond, Virginia, called "A Courtroom Victory for the 'American Taliban,'" in which he recounts his testimony against our brother John Walker Lindh on behalf of the American Bureau of Prisons. Amonette begins, "A federal judge in Indianapolis ruled this month that John Walker Lindh, the American caught fighting with the Taliban in 2001, must be allowed to pray five times a day with fellow Muslim inmates at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Ind. Until the ruling, prison officials had - citing security concerns - allowed Lindh to pray in a group only once a week, with him otherwise raying by h ...
Poll Question. The American Terrorist that is known as the American Taliban, Adam Gadon (sp) has been used by the Taliban to make propaganda videos. Should ANY US President have the right to take him out? Ron
not as i expected.. a bit boring Fight scenes.. Afgan ... taliBAN eating with left hand.? Talibans taking still pictures of ladies ? don think so ! TaliBAN in Tamil Nadu ? wow !! great.. tamil Nadu police and intelligence .. "kadavul taan kaapatanum.. entha kadavul ?" similar to thasaavatharam climax dialog ? Film shows abt TaliBAN. nothing much. Muslims are being killed by NATO. that is true. Film shows some Talibans are killing and bombing. not showing all Muslims are terrorists. There is nothing to ban. But who created Taliban and gave them weapon ? it is not shown in any films.. so those who want to ban this film .. can you make a film about that ? and also are the killings done in Afgan really done by Talibans ? somebody need to do research. We depend on American news agencies. We don't know what is happening there.
Today In History!!! AP Highlight in History: On Feb. 5, 2003, Secretary of State Colin Powell urged the U.N. Security Council to move against Iraq, saying that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was harboring terrorists -claims that later turned out to be false. AP Photo On this date in: 1881 Phoenix, Ariz., was incorporated. 1917 Congress passed, over President Woodrow Wilson's veto, a law severely curtailing the immigration of Asians. 1937 President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed increasing the number of Supreme Court justices. Critics charged that he was attempting to "pack" the court. Read the original AP story 1958 Gamel Abdel Nasser was nominated to become the first president of the new United Arab Republic, a short-lived union of Syria and Egypt. AP Photo 1988 The Arizona House of Representatives impeached Gov. Evan Mecham, who was later convicted in the state Senate and removed from office. 1988 Panamanian military leader Gen. Manuel Noriega was indicted on bribery and drug traffic ...
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A Justice Department memo determined the U.S. government can use lethal force against an American citizen overseas if the person is a senior operational leader of al Qaeda or on...
By DAN CALABRESE - But don't worry, they'll be super-duper responsible about it. Remember when Democrats were concerned about violations of civil
MQ-9 Reaper drones have been used in targeted killings since 2007.
Truly shocked that more people are not up in arms about the drones - they openly say they are targeting American citizens - not hiding it at all. God help us all.
I hope they destroy each other. they are the American Taliban Ideologues. Demographics changing They know they cannot win. Truth.
This is a cut and paste... Cleaned up a little. We generally want to stay Apolitical... but this is a legit question in regards to troops. Play nice. From Russell Kuykendall: So how how is everyone doing. My question is: 1. How do Servicemen and ex-servicemen feel about our involvement in Afganistan? 2. Should we pull all our troops out and say Afganistan was A Bad Idea and we should have never got involved in the first place. 3. We did our part now the Afgans can fight their own fight. 4. Stay untill we kill every member Al-quida and the Talliban in Afganistan and Packistan. 5. Whose side is Packistan on?
Margot James, the first openly *** woman in the Conservative Party, said she thought her party needed to keep progressing or they would end up like the American Republican Party.
Vol.2, No. 36 The Rooney Report “All the News That Fits on One Page” Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013 National: That strange hostage-taking in Midland City, Ala. ended with the death of the kidnapper Jimmy Lee *** a 65-year-old Vietnam veteran. The boy he was holding in an underground bunker survived. The FBI says they entered the bunker on *** farm and shot him at a moment when they feared for the boy’s life. This started a week ago when *** boarded a school bus, killed the driver, and grabbed the boy. Ski Race: US ski champion Lindsey Vonn crashed today during the Super-G in Austria and was taken to the hospital with an injured right knee. Arms Race: Predicting that the next major field of battle will be cyberspace, the Pentagon has created a new Cyber Command to deal with computer warfare. The military is already figuring out rules of engagement, in particular whether the US would strike first if it thinks a cyber attack is coming. America has already used cyber warfare effectively, destroying Ira ...
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christian clown sign of the day: "God's love is unconditional as long as you are obeying Christ" and THEY will tell you what IS and IS NOT obeying
American Crossroads, a super PAC backed by GOP strategist Karl Rove, has launched a new effort to combat the recent trend of fringe Republican candidates who have won primaries with the help of outside groups, only to lose otherwise winnable elections. Named the Conservative Victory Project, Steven…
I received this from a personal friend (and devoted fan) who wishes to remain anonymous to protect her son. So I've altered the name, but nothing else. Maybe there IS hope for the next generation. The letter follows below. ~Vox Have something you might want to share on TLH. My son wrote a letter to Obama. "Dear Mr. President Obama, My name is Mike and I am six. I might be little but I know what 'shall not be infringed' means. I also know your rights are not above mine. you are president not king. There is a big difference. I know you wont read my letter on TV becuase i do not agree with you but I will pray for you . Prayers, Mike"
If you are not familiar with the story of the young Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai, please learn more. She is a phenomenal girl who was shot point blank in the head by the Pakistani Taliban on a school bus for her stance on education for girls. She is recovering and is not backing down. When I served in Afghanistan, seeing the little girls going to school was an inspiration. However, the actions of intimidation by the Taliban towards these girls, acid throwing and shootings, are truly despicable. Let's all send Malala a note wishing her well and thanking her for standing up.
    I WAS LIKE ANY OTHER YOUNG man running after making a living in a cheap world. I finished high school and then enlisted in the navy. I was in the navy for two years, oblivious to what was happening to my Islamic nation and caring for nothing but making ends meet. But I wasn’t happy. I was not feeling satisfied and an internal conflict within myself was brewing. That was until the day came when Allah guided me to the true path. I left my work and spent my time in the masjid. I began searching for opportunities of doing good to make up for my shortcomings towards my Muslim ummah for all of those long years. But I didn’t find what I was doing was enough.   The Muslim ummah needed more than just relief work and sponsoring orphans and widows. It needed to be saved from its enemies that were surrounding it. It needed those who would cure its deep wounds and I knew that could not be achieved except through jihad and preparation for it. That is when I decided to go to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ...
W/o checking, you think had more lines talking up the Harvey spot, or ranting about American culture?
Civil liberties groups have slammed the legal reasoning behind the Justice Department "white paper" by pointing out that it redefines the meaning of "imminent" threat.
When people like Oscar Grant can be killed without a 2nd thought on New Years Eve-for being drunk-why am I worried about American Taliban?
*Vishwaroopam: Reinforcing Global Communal Stereotypes, Namaz, Bombs & justification for the US Empire.* By Feroze Mithiborwala February 4, 2013 I was a little benumbed whilst watching this technically advanced, but socio-politically regressive movie. Kamal Hassan has lied to all of us when he had stated that this movie is his tribute to Indian Muslims & will make them proud. This movie had me even more worried than earlier! The message propagated all through the course of this slick production is basically – *“One Good Muslim, All the rest - Bad Muslims”*. The hero, Taufik is an Indian Muslim who saves the world, whilst the rest of the Muslims portrayed in the movie, are all committed to destruction & mayhem, all in the name of their religion. *This is the state of the world – Vishwaroopam.* Yet, let me categorically state that I do not support any cuts, or further censorship of the mobs, but will certainly strive to counter this movie & all like it – intellectually & on the ideological plane, ...
Discussing drugs in a class today, and I'm doing some googling, and found out that under the Taliban, heroin production was reduced 94% in Afghanistan (primary world producer). After American intervention, heroin production and exportation is at an all time high. Things that make you so hmmm
No choice accept dialogue with Tailban ? post your views
Document says lethal force is legal if the target is a leader of al-Qaida or an affiliate and poses an imminent threat.
Doesn’t Karl understand that the American Taliban is always right, and those who defy them are always wrong?
The confidential document provides the most thorough account yet of why the president thinks extrajudicial drone strikes on citizens are okay.
After the September 11th attacks, Capt. Matt Anderson, U.S. Army, left college and join the military. He enlisted as an 11B Infantryman and became a Scout/Sniper with the 25th Infantry Division shortly before deploying for a 15 month deployment to Iraq. He promoted from a Private First Class to Staff Sergeant in four years. He was selected to go to Officer Candidacy School. After finishing at in his class, he voluntarily served as an assistant S-3 in planning and operations for 1-66 Armor, part of 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division. Later he was given command of 1st Platoon, Bravo Company. 1-66 Armor was the first Heavy Brigade Combat Team to occupy Afghanistan. Their area of operation in the Arghandab River Valley was heavily contested and land mines were a constant threat. The Arghandab River Valley was regarded as the worst area in Afghanistan in 2010. Within the first two-and-a-half weeks, his platoon suffered 14 casualties, diminishing their manpower by half. His platoon helped with the identificat . ...
GLOBAL security and the world order are in the process of being re-jigged. The 2012 Chicago summit is one reflection and indication of this. America’s and Nato’s scheduled exit from Afghanistan which forms the grist and mill of the Chicago summit is most likely to herald a new global security situation. ‘Taliban’ may be taken on board and negotiated with, a semblance of normalcy and a political solution in accord with American preferences be implemented, Pakistan be dealt with and then an exit made. Overlaying this security situation and condition are the contours of a world order in which unipolarity is gradually giving in to a somewhat ‘loose multipolarity’ wherein the US appears to be viewing the rise of some emerging powers like India favourably and is consequently reviewing its alliance systems. Concomitantly, the European Union is still mired in a structural morass and unable to form and come up with a coherent foreign policy posture. And, collectively, the West, led by the US, coming ou ...
Isn't it shameful that in contemporary India, 3 teenage girls who simply wanted to sing have been forced to back off? Watch the Newshour tonight at 9.
The first half is awesome. The second half.not sure if I buy it. It's not about being Number One. But at the very least, food for thought.
So I didn't see this on regular news did you? Females will now be allowed in combat units Leon Panetta signed a memo on jan 24 allowing women in to now enter these previously restricted units, field artillery , engineers, armor and infantry . I'm all for equal rights for women and women can do everything a man can do BUT the man inside of me doesn't think a women SHOULD have to be on the front lines of combat!!!
that Devil Barack Obama has now made it legal to kill American citizens with drones.Can you imagine THAT ?? KILLING AMERICAN CITIZENS ,AS IF WE ARE THE TALIBAN...Wake up people Obama is not our Great Black Hope. He has done more harm to the American citizens than any other President in the past and probably in the future, can ever DREAM to do..Can you imagine the goverment using drones to put down protest in the near future.. That Devil Barack!!!
Wanna give my status up for a good mate of mine James Cairns who is currently undergoing on going treatment for his leg!! For folks that don't know him james got his leg shot/blown out fighting for our country in the never ending tour...please like and comment as he's fed UP in hospital I met him a few years back as I send regular cards out to soldiers that have been wounded, we stayed in touch as I have a few I never know who I'm writing to but this guy is tops! Please send him your respect thanks peps xxx
Damned if you do, damned if you don't. If drone kills American taliban, it's bad. If that American kills Americans, we should've?
You know how Islamists martyr themselves for 72 virgins... What if those 72 virgins end up being 72 nerdy guys? I mean they didn't specify man or woman... LOL! משה
I support the Democrat right to treat American farmers like the Taliban Drones for You
What are senior administration officials telling investigators?
Another example of how religion and science don't mix...
Let's just call the GOP what they are: The American Taliban. They support a rape culture, violence against women, and reproductive slavery.
A growing legion of Muslim men from the Mideast and Europe are scouring Syrian refugee camps in order to purchase underage girls, some as young as 12, as child brides, many of whom end up being sold for use in temporary “pleasure marriages.”
It's a dam shame that we are using the death of chris kyle to push for federal gun rescritions, I suppose its just like Rahm Emmanuel said never let a crisis go to waste, capitailize on fear and emotion. This is a shameless exploration of an American Hero.
PESHAWAR, Pakistan -- Taliban militants wearing suicide vests fired automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades at an army post in northwestern Pakistan in a pre-dawn raid Saturday, killing 23 people, including 10 civilians, officials said. Twelve attackers also were killed in the assault.
President Obama is attempting thru a series of Executive Orders to bypass long standing Consititional laws, Right and Protections to MASK THE FACT that Obama has already ordered and carried out the UAV Drone Assassinations of American Citizens. The young boy in Yemen wasn't a militant, not 'Al Qaeda', his Zio death sentence was simply his father was the American Taliban propagandist who Obama had drone assassinated earlier. Then went after his family and young SON. That entirely appears to have been a War Crime and a Crime against Humanity as well as against USA and International Laws which should have immediately begun impeachment proceedings against President Obama. Now President Obama is attempting to cover his tracks, only a UK citizen that was kidnapped under the Obama-Biden administration by the CIA, flown to a secret CIA torture prison inside Africa and seriously tortured has come forward to also provide evidence which suggests President Obama is guilty of breaking his own executive order banning t ...
MPs will vote today on historic proposals to legalise *** marriage amid intense and sometimes vitriolic lobbying on both sides of the debate.
Midwest farmers were outraged to hear that Lisa Jackson and the EPA were spying on ranches in surveillance planes. Rep. Tom Latham sent a letter to the EPA demanding answers on this controversial practice. In his letter Lathan argued, “No…
Story of Vishwaroopam Kamal haasan was a dance teacher in America. He was hiding his identity of being muslim from the starting but he goes for namaz to hide his face. This secret doesn’t remain secret after 20 mins of the movie. He’ve been caught on camera of a known person and he told his wife that Kamal Hasan is a muslim and pretending his family that he’s hindu. His wife has relation with some other guy but kamal hasan was unable to anything. But once it has been proven that kamal hasan is a muslim, his wife has got one reason to be separate from kamal hasan. But All of three(Kamal Hasan, his wife, and his wife’s lover) being caught by a terrorist group where Kamal Hasan has been identified as a raw agent… This was the first 40 mins of the movie….too slow and the most boring part of the movie. There was nothing against muslim and islam in this part of the movie. After being identified as a raw agent action starts and kamal hasan becomes a superman to fight the entire terrorist group and he ...
ok my friends !!! now here's the challange !!! who ever can translate this will get a $ 100. cash prize , see i know you guys been using google translate b.s alot !!! now google this ...lmao !!.you have to translate exactly word by word in english."monica" and "brande" you two are very especail so go ahead try this .here we go ..." AWAL ALLAH ALEEM, AALA ALAM JO DAHNI. QADIR PANHJI QUDRAT SI QAIM AHE QADEEM !! WALI WAHID WAHIDAHOO, RAZAK RUB RAHEEM, SO SARA SACHO DAHNI, CHE HUMD HAKEEM , KARE PAAN KAREEM JOROONH JUDH JAHAN JI ".mariana, javed, kashif ghallo. everybody i challenge you on friends !!!.so much of french b.s now translate this lol...
The smoking McNeils from Mabou may have to cough up $40,000 for smoking on a flight from here to the Dominican. The flight had to be diverted to Bermuda, and all the passengers put up a hotel for the night. Now Sunwing is looking at suing the family to recover the costs. Do you think the McNeils should reimburse the airline? Call Citizen Q 407-2100... vote yes or no and leave your comments.
the most wanted terrorists due to which the American freedom fighters attacked Muslim countries Afghanistan :- uranium,opium,lithium. mali :- Gold IRAQ :- OIL YEMEN :- the sea route LIBYA :- OIL they are so heartily supported by mujahids like Saudis , Qataris, karzai etc etc. I hope we clear about the terrorism now.
The Bush administration said it was committed to curbing the Afghan drug trade: “The US is the main backer of a huge drive to rid Afghanistan of opium… “ Pre 2001 invasion of Afghanistan by Bush, the Taliban implemented a drug eradication procedure - according to the Bush Administration, this was not successful because it reduced Opium cultivation by ONLY 95%! Nope, 95% reduction was not good enough for the Bush Administration because Bush was committed to 'RID Afghanistan of Opium'. So what do Bush's administration do? They restore opium cultivation and drug export to historical levels! And I still get some numpty's saying that the Taliban were flooding the world with heroin and America has done a great job in stopping them!
WASHINGTON - Nearly all of the insurgents battling US and NATO troops in Afghanistan are not religiously motivated Taliban and Al Qaeda warriors, but a new generation of tribal fighters vying for control of territory, mineral wealth, and smuggling routes, according to summaries of new US intelligenc...
The Black Hornet Nano Unmanned Air Vehicle measures around 4 inches by 1 inch (10cm x 2.5cm) and provides troops on the ground with vital situational awareness.
Indirect talks over Tehran's nuclear program will resume this month, Iran's foreign minister announced Sunday at a security conference in Germany.
A must watch movie - 'Vishwaroop’. In spite of all the controversies, stellar acting by ensemble starcast and no doubt Kamal Haasan is a great actor, but Rahul Bose requires a special mention here for his role. The dance sequence by Kamal Hassan, choreographed by none other than the great Pandit Birju Maharaj, is a class in it’s own self. But one thing that impressed me is the portrayal of short-grief of a Taliban/Mujahedeen fighter when his family is killed in an American attack. Here was an antagonist, who believed in shedding innocent blood and subjugating his family for his mislead beliefs, sheds tears of regret for not sending his brother and son to study outside Afghanistan. Although the grief was short-lived and as in most cases it is then vented out by plotting attacks on innocent people without understanding the real reason behind the blood shed. Last but not the least, it is imperative that if a producer and director believes in the story, the end result is usually a grand experience and the ...
R.I.P. Chris Kyle... The greatest/ deadliest sniper in the history of this great country. Everyone should read his book "American Sniper".
Hunam Sanctem - this is how an honest historical mind should work (and still that's very superficial): (A period ensues, between about 1830 and 1870, that really does transform the world.) What happens to the institution of slavery? Slavery was an ancient institution, manifested in different ways around the world for millenia. Today the world finds it abnormal and abhorrent. 1. Why the age of abolition in the first half of the 1800s, beginning in Britain? Plainly something remarkable was happening in human thought, in ideas about the character of common humanity. Political ideas about liberty and the rights of man play powerfully into this. So do religious beliefs, especially among fervent Protestants discovering and rediscovering personal paths to salvation during a period of real religious ferment in the early 1800s in Europe and North America. 2. The role of science doesn't necessarily help the cause. In fact, the early science on natural history and biology became a powerful force to indoctrinate and ...
"If christian's believe in the bible why do they not live their whole lives according to the bible?" - Jurne Azubiah
1. Fake story An American ship was drowned in sea near Vietnam and Vietnam WAR launched by Americans to have bases their and control the region . 2. Fake story Japanese were given free airspace to attack Pearl Harbor so that American people can be forced to join World War 2 . proved to be fake after 20 years . 3. Fake story RUSSIA from inside agents were encouraged to attack Afghanistan and Taliban and Mujahidees forces were used against RUSSIA to break it in stats and Americans become the super Power so call of this World. 4. Fake story weapons of mass destruction in IRAQ Americans attack for 2nd time and killed over a millions Muslim took control of oil and resources and contained Arabic region so that they can never be able to grow and rise against the super power. 5. Fake story of all times like told to all Muslim Umma 1400 years before Tow birds will hit tallest towers and then the whole World evil forces will be joined take over the World and they will join to destroy our Religion Islam . Malala sor ...
"I'm a vet with PTSD. I need help." "What you need most is to go to a shooting range. I know these things, I'm a licensed sniper."
in Insan numa Janwaroon se musalsal narmi kiyon ?
Pakistan plans to build a $30 million amusement park and outdoor activity centre on the edge of the northwestern town of Abbottabad, where U.S. special forces killed Osama bin Laden, an official said on Monday.
are VERY religious-fundamentalist even-American Taliban-dont forget-bible doesnt condemn slavery or stoning women-that's POLICY
This brave Daughter of Pakistan is big hope for Pakistan who is going in the hands of Taliban Fundamentalists and Saudi Sponsored Hafiz Saeed goups who want to change Quaid's pakistan into a failed state.
“Chris Kyle was a hero like all Americans who don the uniform to defend our country. Our prayers are with his family during this tragic time.” - Rand Paul
Afghanistan mission a total failure Date February 5, 2013 Hugh White As our troops leave Oruzgan this year, the province could slide deeper into the abyss. ‘The real reason we are leaving is ...
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